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If you quickly want to know what to get for your office, this guide will get you there. Decorating your office for the first time can be tedious, but having an office that looks organized and productive, just like you home, can make a huge difference in the way tasks are completed. That’s why our detailed guide will help you purchase the right kind of furniture/equipment for the right reasons. From basic chair and desk to useful appliances and safety tools, our best office/furniture list gives you exactly what you want for the ideal office space. Whether you’re new to office-decorating or you feel like refurbishing the entire look to make it look for functional and productive, these interesting recommendations will inspire you to get more 21st century and efficient with the way you handle your professional life for you and for your team. There are many useful furniture/equipment designs in a lot of different purposes that can compose a good-looking and professional office space. We’ve highlighted the top 20 that you should definitely purchase, regardless of the size and purpose of your office.

Best Office Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair is a muscular office chair to have with an impressive lumbar support plus it provides fully adjustable arms and size. If you’re looking for a mesh chair that’s a classic chair to accompany sweaty sitters, this is the best office furniture/equipment for you. We all know office work means tedious work that involves lots of moving around and if your office lacks proper climate control, it can mean more humidity and the officers are expected to run hot all day. With this comfortable mesh office chair backed by Aeron’s continued success, the Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair makes a simple and smart pick on the market. It features 3 different sizes that provide comfort to all kinds of sitters, and these chairs come with fully adjustable arms, graphite frame adjustable padded arms, and a tilt limiter for added comfort. This ergonomic office chair might be an expensive guess to you, but it’s comparatively cheaper than all the ergonomic chairs on the market. Lastly, backed by super reliable casters and pneumatic cylinders, the Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair is the best office chair to buy.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you may want to consider the best gaming chair instead.

Best Gaming Desktop

If you are a gamer, our pick for the best gaming desktop and best gaming laptop will appeal to you. The XtremeVR GXiVR8020A comes with a 1 TB hard drive and runs on a powerful Intel i5 6402P Quad Core / 2.8 GHz processor.

If you are more the XBOX fan, get the best XBOX steering wheel instead.

Best VR Headset

The best VR headset in our opinion in the Oculus Rift, which fits nicely for games and movies alike. This is professional grade with a 2160×1200 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate, has a great sense of presence, and very realistic visual output. Get ready for an immersive experience each time you use this.

Best Traditional Desk

The OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk With Pullout Keyboard Tray is a sleek and sophisticated traditional desk, specifically designed to accompany versatile features such as the pullout keyboard shelf, bottom storage shelf, and a durable material build. The compact and lightweight construction of the OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk With Pullout Keyboard Tray makes it the most convenient desk for small or large office spaces. The pullout keyboard adds far better utility and personality to the desk than any other traditional desk on the market. We know how important it is to keep office spaces clean and tidy, all the time, which is why this best office furniture/equipment features a smooth and versatile working area for workers to keep their laptops, stationery, and other essentials in a productive manner. Moreover, it also helps build good office morale that helps workers tackle the day’s tasks more efficiently. The desk’s bottom storage shelf gives users plenty of clearance space to store a PC tower, CPU, printer, or any other general storage item for daily usage. Plus with such impressive construction and durability, no matter how many things you choose to keep on the OneSpace 50-1001 Stanton Computer Desk With Pullout Keyboard Tray, it will always look neat and feel lightweight.

Best Workstation

The Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Workstation is for those you are messy workers and have the maximum number of creative responsibilities to take care of. Usually, with a workstation is often occupied by the “creative” lot as they need more space to brainstorm on new ideas and create new stuff in general. A workstation that provides such additional space to work, without making the room look overcrowded is a good deal for anyone. It features a pure wood desk top with a curved “L” shaped desk that makes it multi-purpose and convenient to use. As a reviewer, we take into account the complete hand-finishing and authenticity of a product, and it is safe to say that this best office furniture/equipment looks sophisticated and reliable. For easy assembly, this workstation comes with all the necessary tools and hardware that only takes 30 minutes or less for assembly. Moreover, the sturdy frame and appeal of the Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Workstation gives it an architectural look that may even up your office game and motivate your team to get work done faster and more productively. Also consider our recommendations for the best computer desk.

If playing music to the best sound quality in your office is your thing, check out the best surround sound system we have come across.

If you record podcasts or work with audio visuals frequently, consider getting the best condenser microphone.

Best Portable Laptop Tray

The Furinno Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Portable Bad Tray is a blessing for some facing severe back problems and an exciting gift for those who spend hours and hours in front of their laptops, at a stretch. This multiple-angle adjustment laptop tray is light, strong, and durable that provides you full control regardless of where you’re standing or sitting with it. Moreover, with its spring locking technique you can secure and adjust the height anyhow you want and the tray locks in its place without any fluctuations. This best office furniture/equipment works on innovative geometric functions, providing portability, adjustability, and flexibility anywhere you want. So, you don’t have to go looking for an elevated place to place your laptop on anymore, all you have to do it place it on this impressive laptop tray and it provides exceptional support and portability on any leveled platform for standing. It also features a 360-degrees angle adjustable joint locking system that is ideal for travelers and light enough to carry around. The foldable characteristic makes it impressively portable, something that many laptop trays fail to offer.

Best Office Trash Can

The AmazonBasics Mesh Wastebasket is quite basic yet important office furniture that you might require in large numbers for a larger office space. This black metal-finish mesh trash can is made of durable steel wire backed by sturdy and long-lasting metal base and solid edging along the bottom and top rim. Moreover, with its cylinder-like shape and 4.5-gallon capacity, it is perfect for office spaces. This cylinder shape resists unexpected denting and tipping, plus it lets your trash breath, giving it a sophisticated appeal- the kind that only offices possess. With subtle transparency, you know what’s in the trash can and how long it can sustain before until you have to empty it again. It works well without a garbage bag, and frankly it looks much better without one. Since it’s made with solid steel mesh, it is easier to clean and maintain for years and years to come. It is a clean-looking and sturdy trash can with the appropriate dimension that’s not too small or too large. All-in-all, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and reliable office trash can on the market, especially when you’re purchasing in bulk, the AmazonBasics Mesh Wastebasket is the best office furniture/equipment to buy.

Best Paper Shredder

The Fellowes Powershed 79Ci Jam-Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is a heavy-duty and secure paper shredder with features that boast of an office-like atmosphere. The SafeSense Technology keeps this innovative shredder at the peak of its performance as it immediately stop shredding when the hand touches the sensor that’s located on top of the shredder. This best office furniture/equipment can shred for 20 minutes at a stretch followed by a 30-minute cool down period of 100% shredding performance for the next batch. Backed by a 6 gallon bin and a solid 5-year cutting warranty, the Fellowes Powershed 79Ci Jam-Proof Cross-Cut Paper Shredder has the shredding dimension of 16 sheets of standard paper at once. It even shreds CDs/DVDs, credit cards, staples, paper clipped documents, and junkmail. With 100% jam proof technology, it features 3 levels of advanced jam prevention with its patented Jam Proof System. Moreover, the cross-cut shredders and comparatively secure and reliable than strip-cut shredders and proven to be faster in performance than micro-cut shredders. Other impressive features include a pullout bin system, SilentShred technology, and more importantly, Energy Savings System for 100% efficiency.

Best Projector

The ViewSonic PJD5155 LightStream SVGA Projector is every office’s count. It keeps your team well-informed and creates a productive yet professional air of team-coordination. This projector features a Super Color technology that delivers superior colors with better contrast for clear viewing, even in bright offices. There’s a ready HDMI input with choices of 5 versatile usage scenarios, so you’ve got everything you want in one innovative piece of equipment. Another impressive feature of the ViewSonic PJD5155 LightStream SVGA Projector is intuitive surface that comes with a reliable tactile keypad, top lamp door, and an optional cable management system for added support and flexibility. If you’re looking for a user-friendly projector with advanced features, this is the best office furniture/equipment for you. Its autovisual features are cutting-edge and redefined, plus the connectivity options can be accessed by anyone in your team so you don’t need the “technical” guy to set up the station for you. Admittedly, the ViewSonic PJD5155 LightStream SVGA Projector delivers excellent sound and video quality, even with its energy-saving Dynamic Eco feature to reduce power consumption by up to 70%- a feature that’s incomparable with other office projectors on the market.

Best Sewing Machine

If you are into sewing, our pick for the best sewing machine is what you need. It has a curved needle that allows you to really get creative with your stitches. It is also very compact and easy to fit into your work room or home office.

Best Laminator

The Scotch TL901C-T Thermal Laminator is a perfect laminator to get for your office if you know what a laminator does and why you need one for your office. You want a laminator that works with suitable temperature consistency and can be used to laminate photographs, documents, important letters, etc. effortlessly. This best office furniture/equipment features 2 versatile heat settings for 3 mil and 5 mil pouches with a ready light indicator that glows bright as soon as the laminator is ready to use. The Scotch TL901C-T Thermal Laminator is made with 3M quality and durable, intelligent construction that can laminate up to 9-inches wide. Laminators come in handy when you have important documents lying around that need to be well-protected all the time, and that’s why this best laminator features an innovative laminating system that is cleverly designed for convenience. For quick laminating, this best office furniture/equipment heats up in just 3-4 minutes using a combination of solid thermal pouches for letter sized, legal sized, and other such paper sized laminations. With simple-to-use functionality, you won’t find such an impressive laminator that is portable, sleek, and compact to carry around wherever the tasks take you.

Best ID Card Printer

The Complete ID Card Printer Bundle is the best all-round office ID card printer that’s fast, efficient, and long-lasting. The best part about this ID card printer is that it includes everything that is required to make Photo ID cards with solid compatibility with Windows and MAC. Upon arrival, you will find 100 blank PVC cards, full-colored Magicard YMCKO Ribbon in 100 prints, a SoftBadge Creator TMSoftware, Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer, and a printer power cord with a USB cable. Such a best office furniture/equipment comes in handy when you’ve got a bunch of new people joining in as it just takes minutes to make and print an ID card. The concept of ID cards promotes productivity and better teamwork between office departments. And when you get to select from a wide variety of styles and patterns, you can make the cards look more personalized to match your office’s professional identity.

Best Wireless Wi-Fi Router

The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router is a practical and robust Wi-Fi router that features an automatic signal management system with extended Wi-Fi capability to reduce dead spots and maximize internet strength, even in large offices. This is the best wireless router for a large team of internet-users as its supportive connectivity and signal strength is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The best benefit that comes with a Wi-Fi router is both better connectivity and monitoring between multiple devices. And with remote access to manage your network from, users can enjoy additional features such as Network Map, AirPrint compatibility between printer and smartphone, EZ Mobile Connect, and Ultra-Fast file transfers.

It works on 1GHz Dual Core Processor that delivers 600+1300 Mbps Speeds, this impressive router is ideal for offices and business set-ups. Lastly, upstream and downstream is smooth and cost-effective and the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router requires very less upkeep for long periods of time. For support, the Open Source Support is always available on the web so you don’t have to waste time improving its range and performance.

For additional Wi-Fi capability, considering getting the best WIFI range extender.

If you want the best combination of cable, modem and router capabilities, the best cable modem router combo will come in handy.

Best Filing Cabinet

The Lorell 16872 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet is a stable filing cabinet that accommodates letter-size hanging files effortlessly, plus with comes with a decent safety lock for safekeeping important documents. It is made with durable metal material with a smooth suspension layout with 3-quarter drawer extension. The well-finished suspension and embossed drawer fronts make this best office furniture/equipment look extremely appealing and sophisticated for an office. There’s enough room to store lots of files while the roll caters hold the cabinet pretty comfortably that users can move around for convenient use. It’s a great investment for the money as it keeps all your document and miscellaneous items stored away neatly and comfortably so your office doesn’t look unprofessional and messy. With three separate compartments, you can organize the documents according to intent, importance, or even in alphabetical order. Having a filing cabinet in your office makes a big difference if you want to experiment with different looks, and thanks to this cabinet’s roll casters, you will find it easy to transport it from one room to another, during emergencies.

Best Monitor

For the best viewing experience, consider getting the best ultrawide monitor, which comes with multipurpose viewing settings and powerful surround sound features. Outstanding for a movie or video gaming experience at home. If you are a gamer, the best gaming monitor will be handy.

If you value versatility and want a monitor that you can move around occasionally if needed, get the best portable monitor.

Best 3D Pen

This is a fascinating piece of equipment. Our pick for the best 3D pen heats plastic to just the right temperature, then hardens upon coming out of the pen. It allows you to exercise your creativity in a very visual, three-dimensional manner.

Best Surge Protector

The Belkin 8 Outlet Office Extended 12-Foot Cord Surge Protector comes from a trusted and popular brand that uses damage-resistant housing and expert power filtration system for minimal impact and energy-saving efficiencies. This best office furniture/equipment is well-protected with 8 surge-outlets, each feature a sliding safety cover to keep users out of harm’s way. It features a right-angle plug with ‘Protected’ and ‘Not-Grounded’ safety indicators. Ideal for office spaces, it comes with a 12-foot long heavy-duty power cord with 3550-joule energy rating. The protector’s housing is impressively durable and damage-resistant that keeps you away from dust, fire, and rust. A well-built surge protector features immaculate electrical and energy-saving efficiencies when you’ve got multiple devices to connect it with. It makes your office look more organized and saves maximum energy consumption by distributing all of its outlets in a convenient and safe manner. Moreover, the Belkin 8 Outlet Office Extended 12-Foot Cord Surge Protector features a ceramic arrester that protects coaxial cables in cable box conditions while ensuring open and consistent line connections. Keeping you away from unexpected power spikes or storms, this impressive equipment detects and responds well to all your device’s power needs.

If you need power on the go, use our pick for the best portable power bank.

Check out also our pick for the best electric baseboard heater.

Best Printer

The Canon MX922 All-In-One Printer is a reliable all-in-one office product that houses a photo printer, scanner, copier and fax. It features expert wireless capability that’s quick, efficient, and long-lasting. Let’s start with its unpacking capabilities, even though this printer is bulky, it’s simple and effortless to assembly with instruction laid out quite comfortably for most people to understand and follow. After set-up, the printer works efficiently, thanks to its Dual Function Panel and 30-Sheet Duplex Auto Document Feeder. This best office furniture/equipment features an innovative and highly intuitive design that allows faster printing and its fine cartridge strength yield high quality photographs and other documents. A printer is the most fundamental equipment that every office must possess, and more importantly, they help you scan and print important letters, applications, etc. in seconds. Another impressive feature of this printer is its Super 3G Fax technology and Mobile Device Printing for a super-fast connection for your important printing transfers. Backed by a one-year limited warranty, the Canon MX922 All-In-One Printer runs for more and consumes very less energy. Featuring Wireless LAN, AirPrint technology, Google Cloud Print, Wireless Printing, and Mobile Printing, the Canon MX922 All-In-One Printer is the best office furniture/equipment that automatically prints of both sides of the page without you having to manually load them one page/side at a time.

Our picks for the best wireless printer and best label printer will come in handy.

For the home classroom, consider getting the best document camera so your students can see your writing projected as you write.

Best Shelf Organizer

The ClosetMaid 420 Cubeicals 8-Cube Organizer is everything you need in a shelf organizer. It provides sufficient storage space, some with back panel for an appealing look. You can place this horizontally or vertically in your office so it fits your office space in the best way possible. The best part about a cube organizer is that it eliminates clutter overload and makes the office look for welcoming and spacious. ClosetMaid has been working with expert interior decorators to understand the impact of clutter and its distressing effects on professional productivity and found that the more spacious an office, the better the worth ethics. With this best office furniture/equipment, you can organize your essentials to make it look appealing while adding a few special pieces that liven up your office space to reflect on your brand personality. That’s why a shelf organizer is so important: it helps keep your safe modern and efficient with everything kept exactly how it’s supposed to be kept, and not in a haphazard manner. That just calls for unproductive and distressing working environment.

Best File Sorter

The Fellowes 72112 11 Sections Desktop Organizer is a convenient way to organize files to maximize storage and de-clutter the desk. Everyone needs the right type of office equipment to organize their desk and make it look less messy and more productive, and the only way to do that is with the help of a file sorter. And frankly, a file sorter helps save time when you’ve got too many files scattered on the table and only one to fetch as soon as possible. The best part about this best office furniture/equipment is that is holds about 200 pages on each slot and it doesn’t tilt towards the side even if one slot is occupied. The legs are pretty sturdy and made of quality materials to last for a really long time. The Fellowes 72112 11 Sections Desktop Organizer is a great desk file sorter at a reasonable price, for daily use. It is a lightweight file sorter made with non-marring plastic feet and “vari-spaced” wire design so you have full access to your files from all the angles.

Best Desk Organizer

The PAG Steel 6-Part Mesh Desk Organizer is an all-encompassing desktop organizer that allows users to, efficiently, distribute and maintain their daily essentials such as stationery, papers, paper clips, post-its, keys, the best graphing calculator etc. in a creative manner. The attractive design and color of this best office furniture/equipment makes it extremely convenient for your office, plus it’s a great trend-setter if every table features one. It features back document slot, two pencil holders, left and right shallow supply holders, and a notched slide-out supply drawer for support. We like the concept of desk organizers because they help teammates nurture their working space in a creative and encouraging manner. Gone are the days when messy meant efficient; now it’s cleanliness next to creativity. This can make a great alternative to a messy desk drawer and instead you can use your desk drawer for large documents and tools such as a hole-puncher, staplers, device chargers, etc. What looks to tiny to store anywhere can conveniently be stored in this desk organizer.

Best Label Maker

The DYMO LabelManager 160 Hand-Held Label Maker is a unique hand-held label maker with one-touch fast-formatting keys and a QWERTY-style keyboard and a large LCD display. It comes with 6 versatile font-styles, 8 text-styles, and over 200 symbols and clip-art images. The best and most impressive feature of this label maker is that it holds a last-label memory so you don’t have to create the format again and again. For battery efficiency, it features an Auto-Shutoff function and for better portability, it features a compact and lightweight body. This best office furniture/equipment ensures that you get your labels out in time and in the correct format. For office use, a label maker can help you organize your documents and/or help you allocate various tasks that involve lots of paperwork to different members of your team. This benefit is quite interesting when you need something professional-looking and handy to carry around while you’re multi-tasking between things. Just a simple input there and you get your customized label format in seconds and you’re labeling all your important documents and files efficiently.

Best Smoke Detector

The First Alert 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm is our to-go option when you’re searching for a reliable smoke detector for your office. It features Tamper Resistant Locking Pins and a loud 5dB alarm that is powered by a 120-volt AC power with 9-volt battery backup that helps keep the smoke detector working consistently, regardless of power shortage. There are different kinds of smoke detectors on the market, and based on our extensive safety research, the First Alert 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm is the best office furniture/equipment that works better than the rest, especially for corporate office spaces. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the First Alert 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm has an open-mounting design for effortless installation with decent battery compartments and quick replacement components during emergencies. The tamper proof feature helps keep the smoke detector tamper-proof by locking the battery and the unit in place and the test silence alarm doubles as something you can use to quickly silence the alarm and/or test its efficiency.

Conversely, if you are looking to make some cigarettes in your office, get the best cigarette rolling machine.

Best Fire Extinguisher

The Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher is the smartest office equipment you could possibly purchase for an office. It is recommended by the NFPA for supplementary fire protection and they’re also UL rated for basic home use. Backed by a 6-year warranty, it is rust-resistant as well as impact-resistant, thanks to its nylon handle. You want a fire extinguisher that comes that’s user-friendly and durable, especially if you’re looking for quick access. And this multi-purpose equipment comes with an easy-to-read pressure gauge that tells you exactly when the extinguisher is charged and powered so you can use it efficiently. It helps fighting basic fires for fabrics, plastics, wood, inflammable liquids, and other electrical equipments easily. Perfect for emergency use, this best office furniture/equipment features everything you’d need for an emergency back-up safety tool for an office. Lastly, the sure-grip handle and operating lever make it the most reliable and safe extinguisher on the market.

Best Surveillance System

The Amcrest HDSeries 720P Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera System is a smart and cost-effective device to cultivate a healthy and unthreatened office environment. It features a stunning 720p video quality at 30 frames per second with superior recording and playback feature with the help of its microSD card. It works effortlessly through Wi-Fi as it does through FTP Upload or even Could Video Recording. You can keep an eye on your customers and employees on live video while having superior control over your recordings wherever you are. It features an impressive Enhanced Zoom feature that allows users to pan and tilt the camera to get a view of the entire scene effortlessly. Moreover, with its two-way audio communication, you can hear crystal-clear on your computer or smartphone and say anything you like through its innovative embedded speaker and mic. The Amcrest HDSeries 720P Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera System also houses a cutting-edge night vision function, thanks to its 12 IR LEDs that provide night vision video up to 32-feet of range. There’s nothing more you could ask for from this best office furniture/equipment in terms of surveillance and better security.

Best Telescope

Have you read The Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawkings and wanted to check out the galaxies he writes about by yourself? Get the best telescope we have come across, the Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope. Use this at home or bring this along on road trips for an amazing star-filled experience.

Wrapping it up

Everyone needs a good list of furniture/equipments to purchase before they welcome new employees and begin work. And to find pragmatic solutions for your office needs, we found out a number of products that will help you complete your office from scratch. They’re specifically made to suit versatile office spaces; also they add more personality to the entire look and feel of the space. It’s always important to have the right kind of stuff that makes sense for the space and with our researched list, you will. All of our products help minimize office clutter, a dilemma that many office owners have to overcome with time and patience. The way only one can improve the quality and feel of their office space is by adding new and modern furniture/equipment to promote a productive working environment and help boost team morale. To do that, you need to find the right kind of furniture for your office and the best way to do that is look at a few inspirational ideas, examples, and videos about keeping the workspace clean and creative. With smarter investments, you can really the way your office looks for the long run. With the help of our review, you will understand what to buy first and why as our expert recommendations range from convenience to safety to better etiquette.

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