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The thing about manual sharpeners is that they allow you to see the pencil tip during the sharpening process. But they don’t offer speed like the X-ACTO ProX Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener. Nor do they prevent oversharpening, which this best electric sharpener does in the most efficient manner. Thanks to the technology that stops the cutter automatically once the pencil tip is sharp enough. And you don’t even need to worry about noise as the electric motor is quiet. So here’s the solution to achieving safe and rounded points.

But if you wish to purchase a highly advanced model, look no further than the School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener. This step-up pick is quite effective as it offers fast speed. The tiny beast is equipped with automatic-stop mechanism and blades of helical steel to provide the best tip. Also included is the large-size shavings receptacle. So you can remove it to empty the shavings easily.

And if you’re working on a tight budget, you can rely on the performance and affordability of the Laneco Battery Operated Electric Pencil Sharpener. Since it’s battery powered, it has a compact design, which means portability. The high-quality tool has the ability to offer uniform, smooth cuts with maximum ease. It consists of an integrated safety feature that automatically stops the operation when you remove that shaving tray. So it’s not just the affordable price tag that speaks volumes.

A Little Background

The first electric pencil sharpener invented and used, on a large scale, was back in 1940. Powered by a simple electrical motor, the invention proved useful for pencils that had too long a tip and weren’t compatible with manual stationary tools.

This proves that you no longer have to use a manual sharpener because with a best electric one- you can quickly sharpen all your pencils and other writing instruments. This impressive shift in the way homes, schools, and offices use the simplest of stationary is making lives easier. So what makes an electric pencil sharpener the best practical choice for everyone?

This article focuses on the best electric sharpener picks that you can use as a part of your stationary kit for sketching. This upgrade in functionality and efficiency will enhance the way you work. And that is exactly why you should be consider investing such an all-purpose and valuable product.

This product is best for all kinds of users; the multi-tasker, artistic worker, and the patient worker. So if you find yourself writing or drawing on a piece of paper, don’t let a manual sharpener interrupt your creative process.

The general mechanism of a best electric pencil sharpener are as follows:

You place your pencil inside the entry of the tool. Inside the best electric pencil sharpener, there is a sharp metal blade tilted at a certain angle so as to provide a pointy tip once the sharpening process is complete. This metal blade shaves off the wood and graphite once the pencil is inserted.

The only way you can kick-start the sharpening process is by pushing the pencil in the entry. There’s a small button at the end of that tool which allows the motor and the blade inside the tool to begin sharpening.

As for the power source, you will come across 2 common types: corded and battery-powered. The former source allows a simple electrical outlet, owing that a best electric sharpener uses not more than 120 volts and 2 Amps as its power source. (1)

How We Picked

Even though buying any best electric sharpener is basic, you need it to get the job done in an effective and efficient manner. This means you need to know more about the features that allow you to do that. This product may be backed with the most straightforward motor and metal blade your investment is safer and more assured when you know what you’re buying. (2)

That’s exactly what we think about the best electric sharpener. That said, we’ve tested and reviewed 10 best items on this list. Now, it’s your turn to find out more about how we did it.

The best price range for an electric pencil sharpener is between 9 to 40 dollars. Typically, higher-priced models are heavy-duty with a variety of skilled features. On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest in a lightweight model, look for a budgeted price range, somewhere between 10 to 25 dollars. A best electrical sharpening model comes with extra mounting properties on your desk, wall, etc. This requires you to shell out a few extra dollars for the added convenience.

What’s a best model good for? A handy electric sharpener is best for a lot of purposes. This includes sharpening art pencils, soft lead, water color, pastel, and colored pencils. You don’t want to buy a model that gets clogged when sharpening colored pencils. This is because electrical models are prone to shaving more than required, especially if the writing material is too soft or gullible.

Which is best- a battery-operated or corded? This is an important feature to consider because it determines how convenient the model will be. Models that are battery-powered rank the highest on portability than the latter. While corded models offer incredible power and speed than battery-powered models.

With battery-operated models, you can carry it anywhere you like without worrying about consistent power. Some models come with an efficient battery indicator that lets you know when it’s about to run out. On the other hand, a corded model limits where you can use the model and how. So if you have a drafting table for all your creative work, a corded sharpening tool is essential. However, corded models are way more effective and powerful to use than its counterpart. So choosing between the two is simply a matter of preference.

Some best electric pencil sharpeners come in a variety of sizes. This depends on what kind of a user are you. For example, if you work with both big and small art pencils, buying a model with multi-purpose and varied-sized holes for sharpening is important. If not, then there are plenty of options made for either big or small sizes. The former offers more heavy-duty models than the latter. That said, for a best price, finding a lightweight and handy varied-sizes model is no problem at all. Just as long as you know what use you have for it.

Looking for features beyond price, size, and power. Features such as storage, blade replacement, warranty also determine the lifespan and quality of a best electric pencil sharpener. If you expect to use a model on a day-to-day basis, these features can come in handy for general maintenance and repair.

The best warranty, in this case, is extremely vital as it allows the manufacturer to cover any damages within the extended period of warranty. Storage is best for portability and you know how many times you have to clean out the shavings before using it again. Lastly, blade replacement ensures you can use the metal sharpening blades for a long time without the risk of damaging your pencils or even getting cut. All these factors need to be carefully considered as a part and parcel of making a purchase.

Our Best Pick

The best electric pencil sharpener is one that comes with a heavy-duty working mechanism, right? So that’s exactly what you get with the X-ACTO ProX Classroom Electric l Sharpener. The electric motor is heavy-duty, which means you can sharpen as much as you like. Plus, the operation is silent, which is a huge plus point.

What’s more is the addition of 6 different slots. These allow you to work with different sizes. And you get a large storing area for the shavings too.

As for safety, there’s the unique Flyaway cutter technology. It stops the sharpening process once the tip is ready. And the tip will be ready, thanks to the helical steel equipped cutter that performs exceptionally well on the first try itself. So if you wish to save time and effort, you know what to pick and why.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

The motor has a pretty strong and sturdy quality to it. But the sensor responsible for starting the motor is more sensitive than it should be. It tends to grab the pencil too early and aggressively. So you might have to deal with a few stubs and off-center points.

Best Step-Up Pick

The School Smart Vertical Sharpener is the right tool if you want sharp points. The product features top quality blades built using helical steel. Another remarkable inclusion is the automatic stop technology. What it does is check the sharpness. Once the desired result is achieved, it stops the device from working. This brings safety into the picture too, doesn’t it?

And what about the useful shaving receptacle? The sufficient size of the thing makes cleaning less frequent. And you’ll also be quite thrilled to know that the exterior consists of non-skid quality rubber pads. So stable operation is just what you should expect in this case.

Best Budget Pick

For an option that’s high performing and affordable, nothing fits the bill better than the Laneco Battery Operated Electric Sharpener. The little yellow and black monster sharpens in seconds. But it’s the presence of many practical features that makes it best for office, school, and home applications.

Moving on, the detachable shaving tray acts as the invaluable safety feature. Once you remove the tray, the tool ceases to function. This way, unwanted injuries get prevented. Also a part of the device is the battery powered working mechanism. And there’s no need to worry about battery life either.

This particular option is proof that you don’t need to spend big bucks to achieve smooth, uniform cuts. And for all types!

Best Electric Sharpener for Artists

This cordless version uses four AA batteries. So you can use the device anywhere on your long journey or in school. Apart from its impressive cordless functionality, you might also appreciate the stainless steel designed cutter. It does an excellent job at sharpening in the smoothest manner. So it’s the delicate working mechanism that makes the product a bestl pick for artists.

Moreover, the compact design is extremely practical. As for the tray, it allows you to remove and discard the shavings without a worry. It has a simple structure and features that work quite seamlessly. And that’s the best part!

Best Electric Sharpener for Colored Pencils

Not all models have the ability to deal with different kinds of pencils. But this is something you don’t need to worry about with the TripWorthy Electric Sharpener. The working mechanism is built to deal with all types irrespective of their size.

But what’s even more compelling is the automatic stop safety feature. It doesn’t allow the tool to get the blades running even if one component is removed from the body. As for performance, the product delivers perfectly sharp results.

Plus, the sharpener is lightweight and battery powered. In that case, it’s comfortable and easy to use. Apart from being user-friendly and durable!

Best Electric Sharpener for Office

For office use, you want something that offers options for points. These include sharp edge, medium point, and blunt tip. With that in mind, nothing beats the performance level of OfficeGoods Electric/Battery Operated Sharpener. You can achieve the desired result only with the push of a single button.

What else is equally remarkable? Without the shadow of a doubt, it’s the three-way powering ability. You can fire it up using the USB cord, AC adapter, or batteries. So versatility is what this option delivers in abundance. Also, feel free to sharpen colored or any other type/shape of pencils with the thing.

For Home or School

Allow me to point out that the ImiKas Battery Operated Sharpener is the safest pick on the list. That’s because it’s supplied with an automatic stopper that halts operation once you remove that shaving tray. No wonder it’s perfect for children!

The power sources include batteries, AC adapter, and USB cable. Even the sharpness setting offers three options (sharp, medium, and blunt). As for the size and weight, the tool is not a problem in that department either.

And the most important part responsible for performance is the helical steel designed blade. It produces an evenly-distributed, smooth point. So you can work with both hard and soft colored pencils.

For Heavy-Duty Applications

The components that make this little beast powerful enough to handle heavy-duty sharpening is the blade design and motor. The high-quality helical steel equipped blade and large-scale motor perform exceptionally well. Then there’s the automatic reset feature, which eliminates overheating.

Plus, don’t expect a loud noise when the device is doing its job. And in terms of expectations, you also get a large shaving tray for easy and less frequent cleaning. In all, it’s a streamlined and well constructed tool capable of delivering quick, seamless results.

For All Sizes

The Bostitch QuietSharp Electric Sharpener has a design that offers as many as six holes for different sizes. On top of that, the product is packed with thermal overload functionality and tamper-proof switch for safety. So what does that mean? It implies that the device automatically shuts down that motor once you remove the large shaving tray.

Next in line is the unique technology that prevents oversharpening. It’s called the tip saver feature. Another praiseworthy characteristic is the oversized base for extra stability and security. And let’s not forget that the working mechanism is not only fast but quiet too. So all aspects are well taken care of!

For Quick Sharpening

As far as speed goes, nothing ranks better than the LINKYO Electric Sharpener. It has the ability to sharpen any blunt pencil in less than only three seconds. And you got nothing but the exceptional helical blade to hold responsible for that.

The manufacturer has also paid close attention to averting potential problems. No wonder the product has an anti-skid type silicone material base. So it won’t move during the sharpening process. You might also value the automatic-jam release feature. This way, you don’t have to deal with jammed bits.

So to sum it up, to achieve a rounded tip in less than three seconds, look no further than this particular option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do best electric pencil sharpeners cause less breakage than manual models?

A. A best electric pencil sharpener is good when you need to sharpen an expensive set of drawing material. And you can’t rely on a manual tool as studies suggest that manual sharpening can lead to more breakage and pencil reduction than what is necessary.

Imagine, for a second, that you’re holding an artist-grade exclusive drawing pencil. And past experiences indicates that your hands often grind average-sized pencils a bit too roughly. Buying a heavy-duty, automatic, and electric pencil sharpener is what you absolutely need. Manual sharpening tools are best used for makeup pencils and crayons.  

On the other side of the coin, research tells us that less expensive drawing materials are prone to breakage unless you opt for a high-quality, best electric pencil sharpener.

Q. What’s the best way to troubleshoot an electric pencil sharpener?

A. There are many aspects of troubleshooting a model. Read further to know about the best ways of troubleshooting in case of a minor setback. (3)

A humming sound and lack of blade rotation: When your best electric pencil sharpener is producing a noticeable humming noise and the metal blade isn’t rotating once a pencil is inserted, it can mean that your model is mechanically blocked. This is very common amongst high-powered model and can be fixed quickly.

To fix the problem, make sure the shaving storage of the model is emptied. Sometimes, a crowded shaving receptacle can cause the left-over shavings to move toward the rotating blades and block them from functioning at high power.

Also make sure the accessible internal parts of the sharpening tool such as the cutter carrier, cutter, and gear or motor are free of any pencil shavings. The best way to remove blocked shavings is to tap each side of the sharpener and face is toward a dustbin. And let gravity to its job.

Once this is done, the sharpening tool should automatically work as expected.

The electric pencil sharpener sharpens only one side of the pencil: This is also known as off-center sharpening which is a very common defect in automatic models. Under normal working conditions, the cutter and internal blade are centered precisely around the pencil to shave all sides. But, it may be due to external factors, that the sharpening tool is unevenly centered. Here is how you can fix this problem:

If you’re using multi-sized materials, make the you’re inserting the right size pencil for the right size electric sharpener hole. An incorrect size will most definitely result in uneven sharpening.

While inserting the pencil, do not press it in any particular direction. This applies to either up, down, left, or right. Applying even a little pressure on any one side of the pencil can result in unevening sharpening.

In the same manner, do force the pencil towards the sharpening cutters. Allow the internal blades to effectively shave and sharpen the drawing material.

The sharpening metal blades are cutting too aggressively: This may be the outcome of worn-out and feeble cutting blades. If your electric pencil sharpener is operating rough, check the cutters, motor, and other gears of the model. You can even remove the shaving receptacle and storage and check the internal cutting blades for any rust or damage. Only a polished and durable metal blade will give 100% effectiveness in operation. And because of the graphite and wood shaving, that same blade is very likely to lose its efficacy unless taken best care of.

Wrapping It Up

There are so many best brands available on the current market that it becomes difficult to select the best electric pencil sharpener. And with the difference in the shape and size of pencils, only a few models are best for all kinds of pencils. One such option is the X-ACTO ProX Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener.

The product allows you to work with a large quantity and all sizes. The phenomenal cutter system is engineered to deliver precision along with durability. And it works exceptionally well when it comes to automatically stopping the operation once the pencil becomes sharp.

And to make the experience better, the motor is heavy-duty for consistent performance. Not only that, even the exterior is tough enough to resist damage. The non-skid base, in particular, keeps the device in place while also reducing noise.

Additional advantages include the XL receptacle and automatic reset functionality. The former enables easy, less frequent cleanup. And the latter prevents the possibility of overheating.

In all, it’s a user-friendly tool best for classroom, home, and office applications.