Best Home Office Desk

The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is our best home office desk, which is made of tempered glass so it is still safe when it breaks. As a good desk for many purposes, it offers just the right amount of desktop workspace as an L-shaped table desk with a modern look and design. It is great for your home office needs.

Our step-up pick is the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk and being very easy to setup, the home office desk has all hardware included for you to simply put it together. The home desk comes in three pieces for easy assembly so you don’t have to worry about that. Like our top pick, it has been made out of tempered safety glass to make it safe.

The budget pick is the Altra Owen Retro Desk Sonoma Oak/Gunmetal and it easily creates space for your working needs and has a unique accent due to the legs. You can work on the computer even in small rooms with this home office desk. Moreover, it can also be placed in your child’s room for studying. It uses oak from Sonoma for the table top and has a slim profile design.

A Little Background

Working from home nowadays is a lot more fruitful because of online negotiations, easy file sharing and various connectivity options that were not present in the past. Working and collaborating can be done online much like in the real world, and chatting with officemates and co-workers can also be done through video call. Home-based employees have a lot of time in their hands and this is why more and more people get into that kind of field.
Getting groomed is not a problem while you’re at home, compared to being at the office having to wear makeup or perfume, since cosmetics can be a bit pricey at some point. As a freelancer, you can also choose how much work you want to handle if you’re a freelancer instead of a fixed 8-hour office worker.
In addition to that, working from home is also beneficial for employers, since they don’t have to find a suitable spot to work on, such as an office rental, which can cost a lot. Moreover, because you don’t have to spend time on transportation, it also gives the company a lot more productivity in the process, which also helps both sides gain more money.
Working at home is like having a long distance relationship with someone – you may not see him or her every single day, but that shouldn’t change your feelings. It’s all about faith and trust. Many home-based jobs do not require an employer’s presence, as they are mostly computer-related jobs, because all you need to do is to pass documents or chat with your client and you’re good to go.
Home-based work has many benefits, such that you can finish up those marketing reports while watching over the kids playing tag outside, ensuring that they don’t play too rough. Spending time with the family or with friends is a good advantage of working at home, especially if you have a lot of work to do at the office, which you can also work on at your home desk.
Having a good working spot is important for any employee or freelancer, since it will be the deciding point whether he or she will stay in your company (or in your project) or not. Having an ergonomic desk at home also makes you feel more at ease and flexible, so you can add various items to it to get your stuff organized better.

How We Picked

Whether you work at home or maintain a home office, here are some criteria for choosing the best home office desk picks for you:
Design: you should decide whether the home office desk should be designed for a small or large space. Most corner-style desks and L-shaped can be used for tight spaces while rectangular ones can be the best for medium to large spaces. Having a properly designed office desk is important because it allows you to work freely without a lot of space restraints and it will also fit easier into your intended area.
Dimensions: do not forget that a home office desk should have the right dimensions because that will determine if it will fit in your intended space or area. You should measure your space first before you go on and buy a home office desk so you won’t have any worries of having to move a lot of furniture.
Material: do consider what material you want the home office desk to be made out of. The most popular is the wood type, but this can be a bit more expensive than plastic ones, which are ideal for budget savers. There are also exquisitely designed glass home office desks and bamboo made ones for those who are going for a native theme. Metal home office desks are ideal for those who are working on electronics and the like.
Weight capacity: some home office desks only allow a certain amount of weight in it, especially glass made desks, or else they will eventually break and the material will come apart. Be sure to know if a home office desk is rated for a certain weight if you want to place a computer desktop or laptop on it.
Finish (wood): if your home office desk will be made out of wood, it is important to know its wood type and finish. Most desks will have walnut or mahogany finishes while some can have oak, cherry, espresso and much more, depending on your preferences and the style of your room, so that it complements the other furniture in your house or area.
Drawers, trays and organizers: considering a home office desk that has enough organizers for you to use is important, especially if you have a lot of work at hand and you have a lot of items that you need all the time. Having more drawers means you can put more items and separate them better. Organizing a desk is important for any kind of work because it gives you more productivity in the process.
Intended use: do know if the home office desk will be used in a specific field of work, such as for computer desk work (programming and writing) or for other uses such as gaming or music production, which may need a different sized home office desk.
Color: it is also important for a home office desk to have the right color that you want or need, depending on your room style, especially if you want a plastic or non-wood desk or organizer. Most of these desks come in cool colors, which allow you to add more spice to your home office or home work space, especially if you want it to look creative.
Wheels: most home office desks can have wheels so that you can easily move your desk without having to lift it up, so as not to strain yourself. This is important if you often redecorate your house or move your desk aside for a 30-minute aerobic exercise or yoga to keep yourself healthy even when indoors.

Our Pick

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is our best home office desk which has a sleek and stylish design, for all of your home improvement needs. It also has a raised monitor shelf so you can see your work at a good viewing level.
With this home office desk, there is no need to put the keyboard tray on because it comes assembled. Moreover, the fact that this table is a glass desk means that it is very aesthetically pleasing not just for you but also for visitors and other family members. Likewise, it can be customized to your needs.
Conveniently, like most home office desks, the keyboard tray slides out so you can easily turn it into a computer desk for your home office or bedroom. It is also ideal for corners due to the L-shaped or corner design. Being made with strength and durability, it fits most home spaces at 60 x 24 x 37 inches.
The metal frame of this home office desk ensures that it will not easily topple down even with big monitors, keyboard and the like. What’s more, there are also suction cups to ensure the stability of the home office desk.
When it comes down to the clearance, the home desk measures 24 inches from the floor for the keyboard table and 24 inches for the solo table with a raised monitor shelf. The welding joints have reinforced plates to make the home office desk as steady as possible.
You also get lots of room for your items due to its design and the black powder coat finish won’t be coming off anytime soon. It takes about 1 hour alone when it comes to setup time. The home office desk comes with spare bolts and its tempered glass measures 6 mm.
It has a completely reversible for its design so you can move it from one room to another without the worry of rearranging it. With instructions that are straightforward on setting it up, it also comes with display shelves and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk may have a couple of flaws but they are nothing to worry about, such as the fact that because it is made out of glass, it can be fragile if you have kids around and can leave fingerprints, but this is the case for all glass-made home office desks out there.

Step-up Pick

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Our step-up pick for the best home office desk would be the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk which has a polished design so it looks aesthetically pleasing. You can organize the things with this home office desk due to its ingenious L-shaped design which will complement any home office out there.
The beveled design of the home office desk makes it safe and the abundant work space also enables you to multitask with your other gadgets and papers other than your computer. It is also a good contemporary desk for other purposes such as studying or reading the bills.
You also get plenty of clearance for your legs with this home office desk so you can feel at ease while working or doing your projects. What’s more, it can be separated into 2 desks due to its L-shaped design. In addition, you can also put in multiple monitors with this awesome and sturdy home office desk.
The steel frame of this home office desk holds it together so it won’t easily topple down. Measuring 51 x 29 x 20 inches, its angled glass edges make it safe and stylish. Moreover, it has been given a powder coat finish so it can last for a long time and will complement nearly any room due to the stylish black glass.
You get a very professional, simple yet attractive design out of this home office desk for your home job needs. It also has a convenient sliding keyboard tray to turn it into a computer desk with a sturdy design even with a thin set of legs. The materials used for this desk are long lasting such as the CPU stand.
With extra screws along with the package for possible repairs, the home office desk combines glass and steel for an exquisite looking home furniture that is ready to be assembled. The safety glass makes it stylish yet functional and the assembly is easy and takes about 20 minutes or so. With instructions included to guide you, the desk can also hold makeup and tools.

Budget Pick

Altra Owen Retro Desk Sonoma Oak/Gunmetal

The Altra Owen Retro Desk Sonoma Oak/Gunmetal would be our budget pick because of its simple but unique design. It is a retro style desk for a throwback theme for those who want a touch of simplicity and functionality for a home office on a budget.
With plenty of room for a computer set or a laptop or notebook, the home office desk is perfectly sized for most apartments, dorms, condo units and small rooms. The 4 stylish legs have a hairpin-style design and are made of metal. It has a mid-century design that will fit just fine for a small room.
Take note that the unique hairpin legs aren’t flimsy at all – they are the home office desk’s selling point and will last longer even if the table top needs to be replaced afterwards due to coffee spills.
You can also use the home office desk as a makeup or vanity table other than for office work. The table also requires minimal assembly so you can be able to use it right away. It may complement with your other home décor due to its design and its ample size of 40 x 19 x 26 inches.
The driftwood looking finish makes it attractive as well and it can also be a console or side because for it looks great due to the minimalist yet authentic design. Added to that, the table top is smooth so you can work on it with great ease. The small and minimal look makes it a great accent to any home as well.
The home office desk is quite simple to assemble in about 10 minutes and it also works best with dark wood furniture in your home or area. If you are looking for a smaller desk or for a budget option then this is a considerable choice. You can also put it in the family room for entertainment purposes, such as for home theater setups and the like.

Best Home Office Desk Made of Wood Material

Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left/Right-Facing Corner Desk

If you are looking for a home office desk made of wood material then you can try the Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left/Right-Facing Corner Desk, which has enough side drawers for organizing your files, folders and other office or work-related items that you may need.
Giving you more leg room at the bottom, this L-style desk is considerable if you want a simple and practical solution for a home office desk. Likewise, it allows you to sort out your files and folders just the way you want it. You also get a hollow core to store more items such as a tower PC.
The reclaimed wood style makes it unique in its design and you can also organize papers and books just the way you want it with this home office desk due to the ample amounts of storage parts. In addition to that, it can be faced left or right so you can have no problems when setting it up on any room.
It has an attractive looking finish which can last for a long time and it also has a ton of compartments for you to use, so it’s great if you keep a lot of folders, notebooks, office supplies and the like. As a functional home office desk, you can use it for your computer setup and it will hold the weight just fine.
When it comes to customization, two of the shelves are adjustable in this home office desk so it can be tailored to your personal needs. Being an easy to assemble desk for a PC tower, desktop or even a laptop or notebook, it is a good addition to your home office and to add a contemporary style to it.
The whole desk assembles in 48 x 30 x 60 inches of dimensions so it is just right to store office supplies and many other items you may need for your home-based work, office or projects. It is heavy and stable so it can hold not just computer sets but also other gadgets with extra storage and space to spare.
With a dark taupe color finish, the home office desk can hold many things such as a lamp yet will not sacrifice your free work area in the middle. It is also available in white, natural and cappuccino finishes and you can also add a bookcase to it.

Best Home Office Desk with an L-Shaped Design

Ashley Signature H410-24 Home Office Desk

The Ashley Signature H410-24 Home Office Desk is an exquisitely made L-shaped modern designed home office desk that is relatively easy to assemble and has a streamlined metal base that looks slim and chic but won’t topple over, even when you put heavy things such as a computer monitor.
Measuring 30 x 51 x 61 inches, it’s a good home office desk with a total of two configurations for you to choose from. This allows you to set up the desk into any kind of space at home, whether it’s in an unused closet, up in the attic, under the stairs or anywhere else you can fit your desk into.
It can also fit into almost any space possible and it only has minor assembly required. You may also add some picture frames and the like and place it for a bedroom and for studying. This makes this home office desk also applicable for students of any educational level or those reviewing for an license exam.
It works well for a computer set or laptop/notebook and it has a modern style which can be either left-handed or right-handed. It has been given a sleek white finish so it’s an L-shape designed home office desk that works well if your office space has a need for white furniture.
With its metal base to keep it sturdy, the work area for this home office desk is really spacious and it has a good weight limit of 250 lbs, which allows you to even mount multiple monitors if you’re setting up a desktop computer for it. The powder coat finish also allows it to stay durable and sleek for a long time.
Giving you a good amount of desk space with all the functionality you may need, the surface is made of tempered frosted glass for safety purposes. Having tempered glass for a home office desk is important because it makes it less prone to breakage while still retaining the style.
In addition to that, three monitors may fit in a row if they are just the right size, which is ideal for multitasking or for games. This makes the desk also appropriate for gamers as well as home studio producers. The home office desk has just the right amount of workspace and it only needs a bit of assembly required so you can use it right out of the box.

Best Home Office Desk with a Floating Design

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage

The Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage is a uniquely designed floating home office desk that can be mounted onto the wall at any height that you desire. You can keep personal items inside the ingeniously-designed shelves – perfect for any home office setting that packs a lot of visual appeal.
This desk uses a metal hanging rail mechanism to mount it onto the wall of your choice. The laminated composite wood makes a good desk material for durability while retaining design. You can add your favorite books to this home desk and you also get a cable and wire management system for it.
Measuring 30 x 19 x 42 inches overall, the home office desk has a neat top shelf for your other needs such as picture frames and the like. You can easily keep your desk organized with this table which has a stable work surface for your laptop work or DIY projects as well. It can hold many picture frames as well.
You can choose from white, espresso and black finishes for this home office desk to complement your home décor. It also comes with many side compartments to add to your storage needs. As a wall mounted home office desk, it can save you a lot of floor space while it maintains a unique presence.
There are 2 removable shelves each in this desk system for you to easily organize items and get your work done in no time. Being stylish yet classic in its looks, it is also built for speakers and computer systems so you can optimize your space without having to worry about setup as it is easy to install.
This home office desk takes about 100 pounds of max weight capacity, which is sufficient for carrying most electronic devices and desktop computers, as well as notebooks, laptops, tablets and the like. The home office desk is backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Home Office Desk for Gaming and Entertainment

Atlantic 33950212 Curved-Front Gaming Desk Pro

If you’re into gaming and want a home office desk to suit your needs then you can try the Atlantic 33950212 Curved-Front Gaming Desk Pro which has an elevated shelf. It is a good console and PC desk to consider with enough drawers to put your favorite games and gaming equipment.
This is an ideal home office desk to have if you’re a YouTube or Twitch gamer who wants to get things organized, especially your games, yet retaining a small footprint, especially for small apartments and the like. It can fit 32-inch monitors and it also has a nice charging station.
You also get a cup holder so you can conveniently get refreshments during games. The front facing desktop has a curved design to make it easy to view your screen. Moreover, installing a dual monitor system would be okay and a breeze to setup on this desk.
The home office desk also has a wire storage drawer so you can organize your cables just fine. It also comes with 2 controller hooks for easy accessibility and storage and it also fits speakers with a size of up to 6 x 5 inches. Likewise, it also has a convenient headphone holder for your gaming headphones.
You can keep all of your electronic gadgets well-organized with this home office desk along with its wire management system. What’s more, the carbon fiber laminated desktop has a charcoal color finish to give you a sleek look that might complement your PC’s lighting effects.
With an elevated flat panel for your monitor and a spacious lower table for your laptop or desk work, the home office desk only takes a bit of assembly. The charging stand really helps a lot not just for gamers but also for office workers at home.
Great for those who have a dedicated game room, it also has a rear power strip holder and speaker trays to organize electronics with a tough of personal customization. The steel cross leg design in black also makes it sleek in design while the game storage compartment keeps your games organized and easy to access.

Best Home Office Desk for Students and Studying

Convenience Concepts Modern No-Tools Student Desk

Giving you an easy assembly, the Convenience Concepts Modern No-Tools Student Desk is a great home desk for students as well as for those who need a nice office desk or home office desk. It is perfect for small spaces and with no tools required, it is simple to put together and may fit in any room.
It has a good amount of working space yet retains a modern looking design. This little desk has lots of storage space and has enough shelves for you to fit your notebooks and other student materials. It is a considerable desk to have in a dorm room because it is economical and durable.
You can also use it in an apartment due to the just-right size of 47 x 15 x 30 inches. With poles made of stainless steel, it is great for a minimalistic design and a desk for any student, bringing you years of good use. What’s more, it is super easy to assemble at less than 10 minutes long and you also get white, pink, espresso, blue and black colors to choose from.

Best Home Office Desk with a Sliding Keyboard Tray

Sauder Beginnings Cinnamon Cherry Computer Desk

The Sauder Beginnings Cinnamon Cherry Computer Desk is a considerable home office desk for you if you want a sliding keyboard tray. It has a total of 2 draws with metal runners that glide easily for the tray and has enough compartments for gadgets, art supplies and other tools or items.
You can get the job done with the spacious workspace and its 3 shelves are adjustable. You can place it beside your bed as it only measures 40 x 20 x 34 inches, making it great for an apartment yet with ample storage options so it makes a good use of space in your home.
The table can also function as a writing desk and can also fit a vertical CPU tower. There are also safety stops for the keyboard tray to avoid jamming. It can function as a work desk and it is easy to put together. With enough room for a mouse and a keyboard, it is an inexpensive computer desk which is given a cinnamon cherry finish.
In addition, the elevated shelf for your printer and your computer monitor makes it convenient not just for office work but also for a gaming setup. Being functional and compact, it also comes with hidden storage options for you to keep different items in safely.

Best Home Office Desk with a Stand-Up Design

Stand Up Desk 40″ Black Workstation

If you want a standing desk for burning calories then the Stand Up Desk 40″ Black Workstation is a good choice. Given a powder coat paint finish, it promotes better posture and you also get height choices of 24, 32 and 40 inches for your comfort needs. In about 30 minutes, you can set it up due to its simple but effective 2-tier shelf design.
With a ton of space for you to work on, it gives you a good viewing height along with the health benefits such as weight loss and good heart health. The desk passed ANSI and BIFMA standards and comes with a keyboard and mouse holder. Moreover, there are furniture casters that make it mobile, which measure 3 inches, with a total of 2 locking brakes to set it in place.
The desk can take a large monitor and has 1 inch adjustments for lower and upper shelf heights. You also have black, wood and dark walnut finishes to choose from and it can also work for a gaming PC (tower CPU).

The Competition

Other home office desks did not qualify in our list because they didn’t have a lot of sturdiness and there were also defects on the design of the legs. Most of them also had lack of compartments, which is crucial to any home office desk for de-cluttering your work area.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do more and more people work from home?
A: The biggest perk to working at home is that they can setup their own office as they want it to be. Home-based people, such as consultants, lawyers, accountants, or even translators, tutors, writers and the like, can all build their office depending on their wants and needs. For instance, if you feel like your company desk is a bit too small, if you have more space at home then you can buy a bigger desk with all the bells and whistles.
Q: How can working from home save money?
A: Working from home usually involves less spending than being in the real world. For instance, you can just settle with whatever you have in the fridge or order pizza instead of going to fancy restaurants that tempt you with their delicious food. Second, you don’t have to worry about transportation fees, uniform and other things, because you’re at home. Q: How can a home office benefit your family or folks at home?
A: You get to spend more quality time with the kids if you have a home office or if you work at home. Employees who are already employed somewhere yet want to be able to work from home can also set up their own office to bring them closer to both the family and the workspace.
Q: Why does an ergonomic desk matter to any employee, at home or in the office?
A: An ergonomic desk is a specialized desk that doesn’t prompt the employee to slouch or be in bad positions, which can result to back and neck pains and the like. Having these kinds of proper desk designs can be a great thing for any person who works at a desk, because it helps them relax yet get energized for their work.
Q: Why do some employees prefer a standing desk or stand-up desk?
A: The stand-up desk is a new way to keep you healthy even while you’re in the office or at home. Having a standing desk means that you have to stand all the time while you are working, so it is leveled higher than a regular sitting desk.
The main objective of a stand-up desk is to reduce sitting time, since sitting all the time is kind of unhealthy, especially if you work on longer shifts (or OTs for that matter). Employees who don’t have a lot of time to do some aerobics may need to have a stand-up desk instead to keep them healthy.
Q: Can working at home decrease your productivity?
A: It depends on many factors because any kind of work will be done easier if the employer and the employee come to a mutual understanding, whether online or offline.
If you think people can sit idly while at home and forget about their next report to their boss, even office dwellers may sometimes goof around and chitchat instead of working on their PowerPoint presentation. It’s all about the employer and the employee and not the place or physical presence.
Q: What jobs can be done while at home?
A: There are plethora of online jobs that can be done at home, such as: programming, blog and article writing, graphic design, language tutor, technical support (online), social media marketing, SEO-related jobs and so much more.
Q: Are home-based workers happier than office workers?
A: Most home-based workers will surely be happier than those working at the office, since they get all the perks such as being with family and friends, writing a sales report in their PJ’s while drinking coffee in the morning, or listening to the radio whilst coding a website.
Home-based workers may sound like being aloof and antisocial but it’s actually a good thing, since you have more flexible time and you can hang out with family and friends without boundaries on schedules and without having to file a leave, since you can just directly chat your employer for any delays). This means you can plan your vacations better and actually lets you socialize even more, since you have more free time in your hands.
Q: How can employers and employees maintain a good level of connection?
A: There’s Skype calls for those employers who want to monitor and talk with their employees if they want to. Back then, people always thought that having remote employees would mean less power on overseeing their actions, but with Skype and various mobile working services, employers and employees can establish a good level of connection so as not to lose sight of their projects together.
Q: Are home desks okay to use for kids?
A: Yes, a child going to school will definitely benefit from having their own study desk at home because it will help them get their homework done faster, better and more accurately. It also helps them organize their books and other school items better and they can be more motivated to study for advanced or upcoming lessons.
Q: Is it okay to add pillows or support cushions to your home desk?
A: Yes, a good health practice is to add pillows to your chair or a wrist cushion, so that you won’t suffer from wrist-related injuries and back pains in the future.
Q: Why should a home desk be filled with natural lighting?
A: This is so your eyes are relaxed , especially if your work involves really small items or text such as writing articles, programming and the like, and you have to spend hours and hours in a desktop or laptop computer working on your stuff. In addition, having an LED screen is a lot better than old LCDs, because they relax your eyes better.
Q: Why should you organize your home or office desk?
A: Organizing a desk space can make you more productive in the long run. You should put papers that go together in one spot so you can have a de-cluttered work area for your computer and the like. Your desk will look cleaner and you will have easier time to look for the item you need if you have an organized desk.
Q: Why should your work area or home desk be away from your bed?
A: Having a home desk away from a bed eliminates the temptation of falling asleep and forgetting about your work or missing the deadline. It also brings out the work area more aesthetically if someone visits your room.
Q: Aside from school work and office work, where else would you need a desk for?
A: If you have a music studio at home, you will need a good home desk for placing your computer, instruments and the like. A home studio should have a pretty big desk since you have to fit your keyboard and speakers as well, and have room for other things such as a mixer.
Q: What miscellaneous items can I add to my home desk to make it stand out and be creative?
A: You can try adding accents such as bookshelves, picture frames, flower or plant pots and maybe even more compartments. This is aside from office desk staples such as pen organizers, white boards and cork boards.
Q: What’s the ideal location for setting up a home desk?
A: It should be in a breathable place where you feel relaxed, such as near a window. This is because putting a home desk to a wall also makes you feel cramped in terms of spatial value. Don’t position it in front of a door to avoid getting startled by someone from behind, especially when you’re busy working on something.
Q: Can you fit a home desk into a small space house, apartment or condo unit?
A: There are many ways to build a space-saver home office desk, such as in a closet, up in the attic, under the stairs, on your bedside and so much more.
Q: How do you stay focused while working at home?
A: It depends on what keeps you focused , because different people have preferences. Your desk should be situated in a place where no one will be able to disturb you. Some people will be focused with music but some will be distracted, depending on the nature of their work. Usually, people with work that requires a lot of thinking skills, such as article writing or programming, will need a lot of focus versus editing photos.
Q: Why should I organize the wires in my home desk?
A: The wires in your home desk can be tangled if you connect a lot of stuff to your computer, such as a printer, a UPS and the like. Having wire organizers can help a lot so they don’t get in your way.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is our best home office desk due to its metal frame, aesthetic and durable tempered glass and convenient L-shaped design.