Books Written by Billionaires – An Up to Date List

Reading books is one of the best ways to learn from incredibly smart people in every industry and field of work imaginable. Authors take up to years to crystallize their thinking and put their thoughts on paper. What better way to learn from billionaires than to read books written by them?

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Table of Contents

1. The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership by Richard Branson

With a current estimated net worth of 5 billion dollars, Richard Branson writes about his out of the box leadership style. The Virgin Way discusses Branson’s insight on listening, taking care of his employees, and doing business the “Virgin Way.”

2. Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School by Richard Branson

Branson discusses his experiences and how he tackles certain business decisions with his billion-dollar company. Learn how to lead by listening, enjoying your job, and business secrets from the man himself.

3. Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life by Richard Branson

This time, Branson discusses the life lessons he learned as he grew up and how he applied it to his corporation. He tells stories of his experiences and tells the reader how he overcame it and how they can, too.

4. Losing My Virginity: How I Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way by Richard Branson

In Losing My Virginity, Branson tells stories about his foray into the business world in different industries. He teaches the reader how to live a balanced life, while working hard to achieve the same goals he has.

5. Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography by Richard Branson

In this book, Branson updates his experiences since his previous books. He tells the reader about new experiences and lessons he’s learned as he grows, along with his business.

6. Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson

This time, Branson discusses Virgin’s achievements. The stories he tells about his company is also accompanied by valuable lessons that can be applied from the smallest of businesses to the largest conglomerates.

7. Reach for the Skies by Richard Branson

This books is far different from all the other books Branson has written. This tells the story of everyday things through the eyes of the billionaire.

8. How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It by Mark Cuban

This is the first book Mark Cuban has published. In this book, Cuban has collected all the information he learned and applied it so that the reader can understand how they can reach the same goals he has.

9. Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built A Company One Cup At a Time by Howard Schultz

In this book, Schultz discusses how he started Starbucks using methods that were meant to improve how people treated others. He writes about how it all began and how he achieved his status today.

10. Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul by Howard Schultz

Onward discusses Schultz return as CEO and how Starbucks recreated itself in the face of the recession. The books discusses both Schultz and Starbucks’ rising from a possible bankruptcy.

11. The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, Third Edition by Warren Buffet

This books is a compilation of letters written by Warren Buffet to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. In his letters, Buffet emphasized the importance of focusing on identifying good businesses as opposed to focusing on the market.

12. Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy by Bill Gates

This book is a collaboration between Bill Gates and Collins Hemingway. It emphasizes on the integration of business and technology and how businesses today must learn to adapt to the information age.

13. The Road Ahead by Bill Gates

This book is a collaboration among Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold, and Peter Rinearson. It describes a future significantly changed by information technology and information superhighway.

14. Bloomberg by Bloomberg by Michael R. Bloomberg

Bloomberg by Bloomberg is a story of Michael Bloomberg’s dismissal from Salomon Brothers in 1981 and how he proceeded to start one of today’s biggest media empires. It highlights how to build a company and keep it hungry.

15. Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel

Zero to One is a collaboration between Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. It is a compilation of notes taken by Masters from a CS183 class on startups taught by Thiel.

16. Call Me Ted by Ted Turner

Call Me Ted is an autobiography by Ted Turner and co-written by Bill Burke. It narrates how Turner turned his father’s billboard business into an international media empire, the creation of news channel CNN, and the merger between Time Warner and AOL, among others.

17. The First Billion Is the Hardest: Reflections on a Life of Comebacks and America’s Energy Future by T. Boone Pickens

In this book, T. Boone Pickets rallies behind natural gas fueling. It calls for more nuclear power plants, the use of natural gas in transportation systems, and the promotion of alternative energy, among others.

18. Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead of the Curve by George Soros

Soros on Soros is an interview-style narrative of how George Soros rose to become one of the most successful figures in the financial world today. On top of his financial success, he also talks about investing, global finance, and politics, among others.

19. George Soros On Globalization by George Soros

George Soros on Globalization tackles about various institutions that have failed amidst the ever changing global economy. But more than simply pointing out problems, Soros also provide probable solutions albeit quite intriguing ones.

20. The Crash of 2008 and What it Means: The New Paradigm for Financial Markets by George Soros

The Crash of 2008 and What it Means is George Soros’s account of the 2008 global financial crisis. In this book, he talks about its origin and proposes various policies to address it.

21. The Crisis Of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered by George Soros

In this book, George Soros attempts to point out where global economies went wrong and how their respective markets imploded. Soros dissects each collapse and reveals how it was caused by a combination of theoretical assumptions and human behavior.

22. The Soros Lectures: At the Central European University by George Soros

The Soros Lectures is a compilation of five of George Soros’s lectures at the Central European University in Budapest. His lectures center on economics and politics, as well as the general theory of reflexivity and concept of open society.

23. The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros and Paul A. Volcker

The Alchemy of Finance gives us a glimpse of George Soros’s decision-making process. In this book, Soros talks about current financial trends whether theoretical or practical and introduces the theory of reflexivity.

24. Direct from Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry (Collins Business Essentials) by Michael Dell and Catherine Fredman

Direct From Dell accounts for how Michael Dell went from being a freshman at the University of Texas to being one of the most prominent figures in the financial world today. It talks about his strategies and model for success to teach you a thing or two about growing your business.

25. Built from Scratch: How a Couple of Regular Guys Grew The Home Depot from Nothing to $30 Billion by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank

Built from Scratch is an account of how Home Depot rose to prominence. It talks about how Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, and their associates grew a business into 761 stores worldwide with $30 billion in sales all in 20 years.

26. What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

What I Know For Sure is a compilation of Oprah Winfrey’s articles in O, The Oprah’s Magazine. Winfrey writes about how her readers can become their best selves in a candid and humorous way.

27. Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a two-part book that showcases the lifework of fashion designer Ralph Lauren. In the first part, he talks about himself and his art while in the second part, he talks about his shows, collections, and campaigns.

28. My Life and Work by Henry Ford

My Life and Work is an autobiography of American entrepreneur and businessman Henry Ford. It also accounts for the rise of Ford Motor Company, identified as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the 20th century.

29. Today and Tomorrow by Henry Ford

Today and Tomorrow shares with its readers Henry Ford’s business philosophy. It gives you a glimpse of the life and work of Henry Ford and his contribution to the automobile business.

30. The International Jew by Henry Ford

The International Jew is a compilation of Henry Ford’s articles written and published on his personal newspaper The Dearborn Independent. Ford wrote around 91 issues on anti-semitic remarks and compiled in a four-volume publication.

31. Edison As I Know Him by Henry Ford

Edison As I Know Him is a reprint of the original and may contain flaws in the pages. Nevertheless, it is an insightful account of Edison’s life and work as witnessed by the author himself.

32. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

In this book, Ray Dalio shares his life lessons over the course of his exemplary career in the hedge fund industry. Dalio claims anything in life can be systemized, whether it is economics, management, or life in general.

33. Made in America by Sam Walton

Made in America is a candid narrative of how Sam Walton created what is now one of the biggest retail companies in the world, Walmart. In this book, we learn how modest Walton was as a person yet ambitious as an entrepreneur.

34. Am I Being Too Subtle?: Straight Talk From a Business Rebel by Sam Zell

Am I Being Too Subtle is a modern guideline for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors out there. In this book, Sam Zell shares some valuable tips in an honest yet humorous way from what he has done right down to what he has done wrong and what he learned in the process.

35. Random Reminiscences of Men and Events by John D. Rockefeller

In this book, John Rockefeller narrates his experiences as the oil revolutionist of the 20th century. It tells of his experiences in the oil business, as well as his business principles that any entrepreneur would want to know.

36. John D. Rockefeller: The Autobiography of an Oil Titan and Philanthropist by John D. Rockefeller

In this book, John Rockefeller narrates his life events, whether big or small. Here, he also narrates how he came to know various prominent personalities in the United States, which he values in his memory.

37. Quotations by John D. Rockefeller

Quotations is a compilation of quotes from one of the wealthiest and richest people who has ever lived. It aims to inspire entrepreneurs and businessmen to build their own financial empires.

38. Attack and Win in Business by John D. Rockefeller

In this book, John Rockefeller takes us deep into his way of thinking. It gives us a glimpse of the attitude that made him one of the most successful businessmen to date.

39. The Colorado Industrial Plan by John D. Rockefeller

This book includes a copy of the agreement made at the coal and iron mines of Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. Here, you will also find two of Rockefeller’s speeches, both delivered in Colorado.

40. John D. Rockefeller on Making Money: Advice and Words of Wisdom on Building and Sharing Wealth by John D. Rockefeller

John Rockefeller is known to be the wealthiest man to have ever lived. In this book, he shares some guidelines and tips on how to make money and preserve it accordingly.

41. Dear Father, Dear Son: Correspondence of John D. Rockefeller and Jr. by John D. Rockefeller

This book is a collection of various letters tracing the history of how the Rockefellers transferred fortune from Senior to Junior. These letters also showcase how the Rockefeller Foundation, Institute for Medical Research, and General Education Board, among others, came to fruition.

42. Lean In For Grads by Sheryl Sandberg

This book is written especially for new graduates who are looking to enter the workforce. It also includes additional advice from various experts on how to maximize your potential using your first job.

43. Lean In: Work, Women and The Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

The book focuses on empowering women in the workforce. Sheryl Sandberg uses her personal experiences in various businesses to teach other women how they can help themselves from personal to a universal scale.

44. The Art of Being Unreasonable: Lessons in Unconventional Thinking by Eli Broad

Eli Broad is a billionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. In this book, he offers unconventional methods of succeeding in both life and business.

45. Jimmy: An Autobiography by Jim Pattison (net worth of $6.9 Billion)

This is an autobiography of one of Canada’s richest businessmen. In this book, he shares a tell-all account of his faith, ideals, and why he always makes sure to do his best.

46. Birth: When the Spiritual and the Material Come Together by Shari Arison (female billionaire)

This book is an account of a female billionaire’s road to success and personal growth. It emphasizes the importance of marrying the spiritual and the material.

47. Activate Your Goodness: Transforming the World Through Doing Good by Shari Arison

The book is a guideline for doing good to both yourself and the people around you. To illustrate, Shari Arison provides her personal experiences and examples of those who have made a difference in doing good.

48. The Doing Good Model: Activate Your Goodness in Business by Shari Arison

The book is about combining both business and philanthropy in one platform. It encourages businessmen, leaders, and employees across industries to make a positive change in the world.

49. A Day of Good Deeds by Shari Arison

Shari Arison is a prominent businesswoman and philanthropist. This is her fifth book and geared towards children and teaching them how to do more good deeds in the world.

50. From Red Tape To Red Carpet And Then Some by Gina Rinehart

In this book, Australian businesswoman Gina Rinehart rallies behind the idea of cutting regulations to allow economic growth. It is a model popularized by India, which she thinks is applicable to her country to cut costs and raise living standards.

51. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by Phil Knight (founder of Nike)

This book a memoir written by Nike founder Phil Knight. It gives us a glimpse of the beginnings of Nike and how it proceeded to become one of the most iconic brands in the world.

52. The Wanda Way by Wang Jianlin (Founder of Wanda)

The book tells a story of how Wang Jianlin turned a $120,000 loan into a $40-billion fortune. It also tells the story of how the Dalian Wanda Group rose to become one of China’s biggest real estate developers and property owners.

53. Start Small Finish Big: Fifteen Key Lessons to Start – and Run – Your Own Successful Business by Fred Deluca (founder of Subway)

The book tells a story of how Fred Deluca turned a $1,000 loan into one of the biggest franchises in the world. To date, Subway generates over $3 billion from over 13,000 branches across the globe.

54. Always Fresh by Ronald Joyce (founder of Tim Horton, a doughnut chain)

Always Fresh accounts for how Ronald Joyce grew Tim Hortons into one of biggest chains in the world. In the book, we see how Joyce put importance in both freshness and quality in their products and services.

55. Simply Rich by Rich Devos (founder of Amway)

Simply Rich is an autobiography of Amway co-founder Rich Devos. In this book, Devos shares about his family, work, faith, and his core values rooted in his Christian upbringing.

56. Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People by Rich DeVos

In this book, Rich Devos gathers 10 positive phrases from the people he met along his journey to success. Devos claims these phrases to be motivational and brings about a positive attitude in you.

57. Believe! by Rich DeVos

In this book, Rich Devos offers four important factors that helped him attain success and fulfillment in his life. These are free enterprise, human dignity, God, and the American Way.

58. Compassionate Capitalism by Rich DeVos

Compassionate Capitalism may sound like a paradox but is exactly what Rich Devos believes to have contributed to his success. In this book, Devos emphasizes how capitalism and moral values can indeed work together to make a positive change in the world.

59. Hope From My Heart Ten Lessons for Life by Rich DeVos

This book shares the story of how a heart transplant changed Amway co-founder Rich Devos’s life. In this book, he gathers 10 motivational lessons he learned in the process.

60. The Snowball (Biography of Warren Buffett)

The Snowball gives us a glimpse of the life and work of the legendary Warren Buffett. In this book, we see his works, opinions, struggles, and triumphs, among many others.

61. Leading By Design: The Ikea Story by Ingvar Kamprad

Leading By Design is an account of the beginnings of IKEA and how it proceeded to become an industry leader. This book also reveals some insights on Ingvar Kamprad’s state-of-the-art managing skills.

62. The Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie

The Gospel of Wealth is not a book and is, in fact, an article written by business magnate Andrew Carnegie. In this article, Carnegie highlights the importance of philanthropy and how the wealthy should redistribute their surplus responsibly.

63. Winners Never Cheat by Jon Huntsman

In this book, Jon Huntsman talks about integrity and how it is important to succeed honorably. According to Huntsman, integrity is not only for personal gains but is also a business strategy.

64. Eat More Chikin by S. Truett Cathy (founder of Chick-Fil-A)

Chick-fil-A was a pioneer restaurant for boneless breast chicken sandwich located inside a mall. This book narrates Truett Cathy’s dedication to building his business while making sure he goes beyond monetary gains by funding a foundation.

65. Wealth: Is It Worth It? by S. Truett Cathy

Having raised without privilege, Truett Cathy made sure his success came with opportunities and responsibilities. This book narrates just that and other lessons he learned in the process.

66. How did you do it, Truett? by S. Truett Cathy

The book is an account of how Truett Cathy went from mom-and-pop diner employee into one of America’s most successful businessmen. It also includes lessons applicable not only to business owners but also to families and societies.

67. It’s Better to Build Boys than Mend Men by S. Truett Cathy

The book is a compilation of stories to serve as a model for adults to reach out to the youth. Here, Truett Cathy highlights various principles such as discipline, trust, and generosity.

68. It’s Easier to Succeed Than to Fail by S. Truett Cathy

The book is a narration of Truett Cathy’s simple beginnings from selling Cokes to neighbors to the owner of Chick-fil-A restaurants with over 400 branches. It also includes how Truett Cathy always makes sure to give back to others and the society.

69. The Generosity Factor: Discover the Joy of Giving Your Time, Talent, and Treasure by Ken Blanchard (author of One Minute Manager) and S. Truett Cathy

The Generosity Factor tells a story that will change your definition of success. It follows a young aspiring businessman learning an accomplished CEO’s principles for success and how it is important for him to give time, talent, and treasure to those who need it.

70. Netscape Time: The Making of the Billion-Dollar Start-Up That Took On Microsoft by Jim Clark

At a time when the Internet was just starting out, Jim Clark saw its potential and pooled together a group of people to create Netscape. In this book, Clark narrates Netscape’s rise to becoming one of the biggest browsers on the Internet.

71. Barefoot to Billionaire: Reflections on a Life’s Work and a Promise to Cure Cancer by Jon Huntsman Sr.

Jon Huntsman Sr. is a billionaire who endeavors to find a cure for cancer as well as plan to give away his fortune. In this book, Huntsman Sr. talks about his family, the responsibility that comes with wealth, and the reason behind why he wants to give away his entire wealth before his death.

72. The Gospel of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie

The Gospel of Wealth is not a book and is, in fact, an article written by business magnate Andrew Carnegie. In this article, Carnegie highlights the importance of philanthropy and how the wealthy should redistribute their surplus responsibly.

73. The Entrepreneur: 25 Golden Rules for the Global Business Manager by William Heinecke

The Entrepreneur gathers 25 golden rules any entrepreneur across the globe can use in order to succeed in life and business. William Heinecke delivers these golden rules in a dynamic yet practical way ensuring readers fully understand each and one of them.

74. The Entrepreneur: Twenty-One Golden Rules for the Global Business Manager by William Heinecke (it seems to be an older version of the same book)

The book lists 21 golden rules entrepreneurs have to live by in order to succeed in business. It is an earlier version of the current edition where William Heinecke added four more golden rules.

75. Steering Clear by Peter George Peterson

Steering Clear is a book dedicated to convincing the United States to finally address its long-term debt. According to Peter George Peterson, maintaining this debt will only diminish economic opportunities in the future. Pete Peterson was the former Chairman of Lehman and co-founder of The Blackstone Group, the largest private equity firm in the firm. He passed away in 2018 at the venerable age of 91.

76. The Business of Happiness by Ted Leonsis

In this book, business mogul Ted Leonsis shares six secrets to succeeding in life and work. According to Leonsis, these secrets not only make you successful but also happy.

77. Bailout Riches!: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar by Bill Bartmann

The book is about making money out of a financial crisis. Here, Bill Bartmann offers a list of where to get the best deals from the federal government to loan brokers.

78. Pizza Tiger by Thomas Monaghan (founder of Domino’s)

In Pizza Tiger, multimillionaire Thomas Monaghan reveals his secrets to a successful life. These include his personal qualities as well as his best business practices.

79. How To Be Rich by J. Paul Getty (Fortune named him the richest living American in 1957.)

Paul Getty, tagged as the richest man in the world, reveals his secrets for success in How to Be Rich. Unlike any other autobiographies, Getty not only shares his road to success but also answers the question on what to do with all of it.

80. How to be a Successful Executive by J. Paul Getty

This book is a collection of anecdotes in the life of business mogul Paul Getty. Here, Getty writes candidly of his own experiences, which can help any aspiring businessman out there to follow suit.

81. As I See It: The Autobiography of J. Paul Getty

This accounts for eight decades of the life and work of business magnate J. Paul Getty. Getty gets candid in this autobiography where he reveals how he amassed his fortune as well as shares some personal experiences with family and other liaisons.

82. My Life and Fortunes, the Autobiography of One of the World’s Wealthiest Men by J. Paul Getty

This is yet another autobiography of the life and work of J. Paul Getty. In this book, we learn how he got from the pages of the Oil and Gas Journal to the pages of Fortune where he was tagged as one of the wealthiest men in the world.

83. The Joys of Collecting by J. Paul Getty

The Joys of Collecting tells about Paul Getty’s passion for the art. The book includes anecdotes, paintings, decors, and his philosophy of collecting.

84. Ernest and Julio: Our Story

Ernest and Julio is a biography of two brothers who built the world’s greatest winery. In this book, you will read about success, a bit of family drama, and the American dream, among many others.

85. Charles Schwab’s Guide To Financial Independence by Charles R. Schwab (net worth of $5.3 Billion)

Charles Schwab is the owner of one of the largest banks and brokerage firms in the United States. In this book, he provides his readers a thorough guide to investing with his over 40 years of exemplary experience in the industry.

86. You’re Fifty, Now What? by Charles Schwab

The book is a comprehensive guide to assessing your financial situation in your 50s and determining what you need to make the future rewarding. In this book, Charles Schwab offers both advice and encouragement for those entering their 50s.

87. How to be Your Own Stockbroker by Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers yet another how-to guide to ensuring a financially-secured future. In this book, Schwab provides a step-by-step method to saving more in his capacity as the founder of the largest discount brokerage firm in the United States.

88. Charles Schwab: How One Company Beat Wall Street and Reinvented the Brokerage Industry by John Kador

This is an in-depth look at how Charles Schwab became a major influence in the real estate market. It also covers how he was one of the few people to become a top broker in the country.

89. Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman

In this book, Seth Klarman talks about value investing, which is an investment strategy with a long history of positive outcomes. As a result, Klarman claims that investors will most likely succeed with limited risks.

90. Dream No Little Dreams by Clayton L. Mathile

American billionaire Clayton Mathile writes about the events leading to the success of the Iams Company. He also talks about his stint at Campbell Soup Company and at Procter & Gamble.

91. Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett’s partner)

The book is a compilation of all speeches and talks delivered by Berkshire Hathaway Vice-Chairman Charlie Munger. Here, we will read about his investing thoughts and learn of his admiration towards Benjamin Franklin.

92. Boone by T. Boone Pickens

Boone Pickens is an American business magnate and financier. In this book, we learn how Pickens turned a small investment into one of the biggest independent oil companies in the world.

93. Fooling Some of the People All of the Time by David Einhorn

In this book, American investor David Einhorn argues how the 2008 credit crisis could have been avoided. He also calls for effective government regulation, free speech, and fair play.

94. The Startup of You by Reid Hoffman

The book is a collaboration between Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman and author Ben Casnocha. It talks about how you can manage your career amidst a very competitive environment.

95. The Science of Success by Charles G. Koch

Charles Koch is an American businessman and philanthropist. In this book, Koch talks about the philosophy of market-based management and a bit of Koch Industries’ decision-making process.

96. Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies by Charles G. Koch

In this book, Charles Koch talks about what good profit is really about. For Koch, good profit means creating value for customers that improve their lives through innovations.

97. Better India: A Better World by Narayana Murthy

In Better India, Narayana Murthy highlights two factors needed in order for India to become a progressive nation. These are values and good leadership, with a society working together for the greater welfare.

98. Compassionate Capitalism: How Corporations Can Make Doing Good an Integral Part of Doing Well (2004) by Marc Benioff (net worth $3.9 Billion+)

Compassionate Capitalism is both for new entrepreneurs and CEOs who believe that doing good in business and in the society go hand in hand. In this book, Marc Benioff talks about the possibility of any corporation to devote at least one percent of its revenue to the community it serves.

99. The Business of Changing the World: Twenty Great Leaders on Strategic Corporate Philanthropy (2006) by Marc Benioff

In this book, Marc Benioff and 19 other leaders reveal their philanthropic programs and how they benefit enormously from it. Here, you will read various inspiring testimonies about community-giving, its challenges, and its rewards.

100. Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry by Marc Benioff

This book is an account of how Marc Benioff and his team created one of today’s biggest software companies Here, Benioff talks about the new business technology they used as well as their philanthropic programs.

101. Habit of Labor: Lessons from a Life of Struggle and Success by Stef Wertheimer

Stef Wertheimer is a German-born Israeli industrialist and philanthropist. In this book, Wertheimer talks about his struggle growing up to becoming one of the greatest self-made industrialists in the world.

102. Man at a Machine by Stef Wertheimer

Man at a Machine is a story of how Stef Wertheimer’s vision became a reality. Displaced from Germany when Wertheimer was only 11, he proceeded to learn to trade and eventually became today’s most successful industrialist.

103. Red Zone: Cars, Cows, and Coaches by Red McCombs

Red McCombs is an American Billionaire who co-founded one of the biggest radio stations and billboards in the world Clear Channel Communications. In this book, he gives us a glimpse of his life and work as a businessman, professional sports team owner, and investor.

104. Big Red: Memoirs of a Texas Entrepreneur and Philanthropist by Red McCombs

Big Red is yet another autobiography of the life and work of American business magnate Red McCombs. In this book, McCombs talks about how he built his empire and the issues that plagued the auto industry in the United States.

105. The Education of an American Dreamer: How a Son of Greek Immigrants Learned His Way from a Nebraska Diner to Washington, Wall Street, and Beyond by Peter G. Peterson

Peter Peterson is an American businessman and philanthropist who serves as the Secretary of Commerce in the United States in the 1970s. In this book, he reveals how he rose to the top and the price he had to pay along the way.

106. Finding America’s Voice: A Strategy for Reinvigorating U.S. Public Diplomacy (2010) by Peter G. Peterson

Finding America’s Voice is a report on how the world’s opinion on the United States dropped after the war in Iraq. It highlights on how anti-Americanism has spread and become more dangerous not just in Iraq but across the globe.

107. Running on Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do About It (2005) by Peter G. Peterson

Running on Empty is Peter Peterson’s account of how the United States is in the state of deterioration especially on its finances. Peterson, however, also offers solutions to ensure a good economic future.

108. Gray Dawn: How the Coming Age Wave Will Transform America–and the World (2000) by Peter G. Peterson

Gray Dawn is a call for alarm by Peter Peterson. Here, he talks about how the world economies are aging and how this could lead to political and economic challenges in the future.

109. Will America Grow up Before it Grows Old: How the Coming Social Security Crisis Threatens You, Your Family and Your Country (1996) by Peter G. Peterson

In this book, Peter Peterson talks about how Social Security is spiraling down despite politicians assuring a trust fund. Here, he points out where payouts really come from and how we can prevent deficits in the future.

110. Facing Up: How to Rescue the Economy From Crushing Debt & Restore the American Dream (1993) by Peter G. Peterson

In this book, Peter Peterson challenges the Clinton Administration to do away from special interest groups. Here, Peterson also rallies behind rigid deficit reduction and strong support for new technologies.

111. Sharing the Wealth by Alex Spanos

Sharing the Wealth is a story of how Alex Spanos rose from his humble beginnings to become one of the greatest business leaders in the United States. Here, Spanos shares his strategies and insights on how to succeed in your career.

112. How to Smell a Rat: The Five Signs of Financial Fraud by Ken Fisher

How to Smell a Rat is Ken Fisher’s guide to identifying financial frauds. In this book, Fisher reveals which questions to ask in order to detect and avoid these scammers.

113. The Only Three Questions That Count: Investing by Knowing What Others Don’t by Ken Fisher

Ken Fisher is an American investment analyst and founder of Fisher Investments. In this book, Fisher reveals how you can be a good investor and profit from the markets by knowing these three key questions.

114. The Little Book of Market Myths: How to Profit by Avoiding the Investing Mistakes Everyone Else Makes by Ken Fisher

In this book, Ken Fisher reveals common market myths and misconceptions. Here, Fisher will teach you how to benefit from both short and long-term investments and other notes to become a better investor.

115. Plan Your Prosperity: The Only Retirement Guide You’ll Ever Need, Starting Now–Whether You’re 22, 52 or 82 by Ken Fisher

Plan Your Prosperity promises to be the only retirement investing guideline you’ll ever have to read. Here, Ken Fisher teaches you which strategies really work and which ones are myths.

116. Debunkery: Learn It, Do It, and Profit from It — Seeing Through Wall Street’s Money-Killing Myths by Ken Fisher

Debunkery is yet another account of busting myths about investing. Here, Ken Fisher shares why so many investors failed simply because they failed to check first whether what they know about investing is true.

117. Markets Never Forget (But People Do): How Your Memory Is Costing You Money—and Why This Time Isn’t Different by Ken Fisher

In this book, Ken Fisher highlights on how history is a reliable guide to becoming a good investor. Fisher argues that history does repeat itself and that investors should learn from their past mistakes because it’s usually not different this time.

118. The Ten Roads to Riches: The Ways the Wealthy Got There (And How You Can Too!) by Ken Fisher

In this book, Ken Fisher talks about various millionaires and billionaires and how they came to become successful in their own industries. Fisher also talks about how these wealthiest men took one of ten roads to get to where they are and reveals all ten of them.

119. Beat the Crowd: How You Can Out-Invest the Herd by Thinking Differently by Ken Fisher

In this book, Ken Fisher focuses on how contrarians usually get ahead of the curve. Here, Fisher shows us how a contrarian investor thinks and acts.

120. Battle for Investment Survival by Ken Fisher

Battle for Investment Survival is a classic narrative of the principles and concepts of good investing. Here, Loeb and Fisher describe investing as an infinite tug of war between bearish and bullish markets.

121. 100 Minds That Made the Market by Ken Fisher

In this book, Ken Fisher gathers biographies of various pioneers of the American financial history. He offers insights into investing and finance, which will surely help enhance your understanding of the markets.

122. How Google Works and The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet (formerly Google), 138th richest man in the world

The book is a collaboration of Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen of Google. Here, they address issues revolving around the digital age including teen indiscretion, cyberwarfare, and digital developments, among others.

123. Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons by Seymour Schulich (Net worth of $1.5 billion according to Wikipedia)

Get Smarter is a mentoring book written by Canadian businessman and investor Seymour Schulich. It is especially dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs in their 20s to 40s and shares tips and guidelines to make a decision, manage relationships, and choose a career, among others.

124. Grinding it Out by Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald’s)

Ray Kroc was an American businessman who joined the McDonald brothers in 1954 by opening his first franchise. In this book, we learn how Kroc changed not just the business but the entire industries through food service automation and franchising.

124. PAPA: The Story of Papa John’s Pizza by John H. Schlatter

John Schnatter is an American Entrepreneur who founded Papa John’s. In this book, Schnatter shares the story of Papa John’s and how it went from a broom closet store to a multinational chain generating over $3.7 billion a year.

125. Customers Come First: From One Small Shop to a Worldwide Network of Stores by Masatoshi Ito

Masatoshi Ito is a Japanese billionaire and is known as the king of Japanese retailing. In this book, Ito narrates how he grew his Chinese noodle restaurant from an eight-square meter rented space into a 4.5 million-square-meter store space.

126. The Heart Of Doing Business: Memoirs Of An Entrepreneur by Masatoshi Ito

In this memoir, Masatoshi Ito reveals his secrets on how he grew an empire post-Word War II Tokyo. Here, Ito discloses how he applies careful adaptation over innovation in his businesses, which include over a thousand retail establishments across the globe.

127. Am I Being Too Subtle?: The Adventures of a Business Maverick by Sam Zell

Am I Being Too Subtle is a modern guideline for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors out there. In this book, Sam Zell shares some valuable tips in an honest yet humorous way from what he has done right down to what he has done wrong and what he learned in the process.

128. Lui Che-woo: Creating Value: The Journey of a Self-Made Billionaire: The Authorized Biography by Lui Che woo by Lui Che-woo

Lui Che Woo is a Hong Kong-based billionaire with over 70 years of experience in various industries. In this book, Lui Che Woo shares the many challenges he had to face to get on top of the game.

129. Against the Odds: An Autobiography by James Dyson

James Dyson is a British inventor and founder of the Dyson company. In this book, Dyson talks about his struggles and the financial crisis he had to go through before inventing the bagless vacuum cleaner paving his way to success.

130. A History of Great Inventions by James Dyson

In this book, James Dyson gathers stories of various technological advances and inventions that helped shaped civilizations. In this book, Dyson talks about what inspired the modern umbrella, how the hovercraft emerged, and how the Internet truly came about.

131. Design by James Dyson

Design is a comprehensive book on the life and work of James Dyson. This part design manifesto and part catalog, this book explores the many inventions of Dyson including hand dryers, electric fans, and robotic cleaners.

132. Whatever the Odds The Incredible Story Behind DLF by Kushal Pal Singh

Kushal Pal Singh is an Indian real estate developer and CEO of DLF Limited. In this book, Singh talks about how he gave up his career in the Indian Army and plunged into business without any management background.

133. Lim Goh Tong: My Life Story

Lim Goh Tong was a Malaysian Chinese businessman and entrepreneur. In this book, we learn how he transformed Genting Highlands into one of the best casino resorts in the world.

134. Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman by Yvon Chouinard

Yvon Chouinard is an American billionaire, rock climber, and founder of Patagonia Inc. In this book, he shares the courage and persistence behind the creation of today’s most environment-friendly company on earth.

135. The Responsible Company: What We’ve Learned From Patagonia’s First 40 Years by Yvon Chouinard

In this book, Yvon Chouinard highlights how you can do responsible business through over 40 years of experience and knowledge of other companies’ environment-friendly campaigns. This book also accounts for Patagonia’s continuous efforts in becoming progressively responsible and maintaining its reputation as the coolest company on earth.

136. Billions to Bust and Back: How I Made, Lost and Rebuilt a Fortune by Thor Bjorgolfsson

Thor Bjorgolfsson is an Icelandic businessman and entrepreneur. In this book, Bjorgolfsson shares his rise and fall where he had to rebuild his company in the wake of the 2008 financial meltdown.

137. In for a Penny: A Business Adventure by Peter Hargreaves (founder of Subway, Net worth of $2.9 Billion)

Peter Hargreaves co-founded one of UK’s biggest financial services, Hargreaves Lansdown. In this book, Hargreaves breaks down what it takes to become a successful businessman and investor.

138. Powerhouse Principles: The Ultimate Blueprint for Real Estate Success in an Ever-Changing Market by Jorge Perez ($2.8 Billion)

Jorge Perez is an American billionaire and real estate developer. In this book, Perez outlines key factors to smart investing, golden rules for choosing and building property, and commandments in getting the best deal.

139. Threshold Resistance: The Extraordinary Career of a Luxury Retailing Pioneer by Alfred Taubman ($3.1 Billion)

Alfred Taubman was an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. In this memoir, Taubman reveals how he became a billionaire in spite of his dyslexia and how he changed the retail industry.

140. A Passion to Win by Sumner Redstone (chairman of Viacom)

Sumner Redstone is an American businessman and chairman of the National Amusements theater chain. In this autobiography, Redstone talks about overcoming struggles to build his media and entertainment empire.

141. Making It Big by Binod Chaudhary

Binod Chaudhary is a Nepalese businessman and politician. In this memoir, we learn about the man behind the famous Wai Wai noodles and his many ventures and collaborations in various industries.

142. Mochtar Riady: My Life Story

Mochtar Riady is a Chinese-Indonesian financial magnate who founded Lippo Group. In this book, we are taken into a world where personal philosophy and business success are merged together.

143. Everything is Possible: Life and Business Lessons from a Self-Made Billionaire and the Founder of Slim-Fast by S. Daniel Abraham

  1. Daniel Abraham created one of the most sought after products in the world. In this book, he cites the tips and advice he has collected over the years on how to become and remain a billionaire.

144. Peace is Possible: Conversations with Arab and Israeli Leaders from 1988 to the Present by S. Daniel Abraham

  1. Daniel Abraham is an American businessman and founder of Slim-Fast. In this book, Abraham shares 16 lessons he learned over the course of his 60 years in business including ensuring suppliers of profit and dropping theories when facts dispute it.

145. The Z Factor: My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time by Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra is an Indian media mogul and chairman of Essel Group. In this book, Chandra recounts his struggles growing up and the story behind India’s first private TV channel Zee TV.

146.The Billionaire’s Apprentice: The Rise of Indian-American Elite and Fall of the Galleon Hedge Fund by Anita Raghavan

This book tells the account of how Indian Americans rose to the 1% and. It also focuses on the controversial Galleon Hedge Fund case, spearheaded by prosecutor Preet Bharara against the billionaire Indian-American hedge fund owners. It offers a look into both sides of the story and how it all played out.

147. Dave Says Well Done!: The Common Guy’s Guide to Everyday Success by Rex David “Dave” Thomas (founder of Wendy’s)

Dave Thomas was an American businessman, philanthropist, and founder of fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s. In this autobiography, Thomas shares the story behind Wendy’s, his personal life, as well as some stories and what he thinks make them successful.

148. Not for Sale At Any Price: How We Can Save America for Our Children by H. Ross Perot

Ross Perot is an American businessman and former politician. He offers advice on  becoming involved in the political process in order to make everyone’s voice heard for the betterment of the country’s future.

149. Ross Perot: My Life by H. Ross Perot

Ross Perot is an American businessman and former politician. In this autobiography, Perot shares some tips and advice on how to build a business and grow as an individual.

150. A Business Handbook: Advice I Gave My Son by H. Ross Perot

Ross Perot is an American billionaire and former politician who founded Electronic Data Systems. In this book, Perot shares to the public business advice and tips the businessman also shared with his son.

151. United We Stand: How We Can Take Back Our Country by H. Ross Perot

Ross Perot is an American billionaire and former politician who ran for the presidency in 1992. In this book, Perot calls for all Americans to closely monitor the government and practice their right to demand results.

152. The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison: *God Doesn’t Think He’s Larry Ellison by Mike Wilson

The book covers the founding of Larry Ellison’s company the oracle as well as the tactics and strategies he used throughout his career. The author interviews Ellison, his friends, colleagues, and more to get the scoop on what it takes to be a billionaire.

153. Save Your Job, Save Our Country by H. Ross Perot

This book highlights the discrepancies of rights between Americans and Mexicans. Here, Perot points out their differences in wages, health benefits, and safety protections, among others.

154. The Dollar Crisis by H. Ross Perot

The book is a collaboration between American billionaire Ross Perot and Senator Paul Simon. Here, they lay down possible solutions to the most concerning economic issues in the United States.

155. Intensive Care by H. Ross Perot

In this book, Ross Perot targets the issues surrounding Medicare and Medicaid in the United States. Here, Perot offers an analysis and possible solutions to the issues concerning America’s health care needs.

156. Ross Perot Speaks Out: Straight Talking Answers to Today’s Tough Questions by James W. Robinson

The book is a collaboration between presidential candidate Ross Perot and Emmy Award-winning journalist David Frost. Here, they tackle various issues from federal deficit down to personal views.

157. Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel by Yvon Chouinard

Yvon Chouinard is an American billionaire and outdoor enthusiasts who environment-friendly Patagonia. In this book, Chouinard shares details information and graphics on the best way to catch trout.

158. 180° South: Conquerors of the Useless by Yvon Chouinard

The book is a documentary of the film 180-degrees South filmed by Patagonia surfer Chris Malloy. It also includes stories and images that inspired Yvon Chouinard and Chris Malloy to save whatever is left of the wild world.

159. Climbing Ice by Yvon Chouinard

The book is a collection of photos showing ice climbers in action. It also includes instructions and strategies on ice climbing, know about its dangers, as well as its safety measures.

160. 1,000 Dollars and an Idea: Entrepreneur to Billionaire: Expanded Edition by Sam Wyly

Sam Wyly is an American billionaire and philanthropist who is also a major contributor to conservative campaigns. In this book, Wyly shares his life and work in various industries including computers, retailing, and green energy.

161. The Billionaire Who Wasn’t: How Chuck Feeney Secretly Made and Gave Away a Fortune by Conor O’Clery

Chuck Feeney is an Irish-American businessman and philanthropist who plans on giving away his fortune before his death. In this biography, Conor O-Clery tells us the story about this elusive billionaire-turned-philanthropist.

162. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

This biography is an extensive account of Steve Jobs life and work through various interviews in the course of three years. In this book, we are taken into the world of the man known as the greatest innovator of our time.

163. Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh is an American entrepreneur and CEO of online clothing shop Zappos. In this book, we learn how Zappos hit the $1 billion mark in less than a decade and the lesson Hsieh learned in the process.

164. The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich

The book follows Facebook co-founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. Here, we learn how Facebook’s framework started in a Harvard dorm room following Zuckerberg’s hack into the university’s computer system.

165. The Mary Kay Way: Timeless Principles from America’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur by Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay Ash was an American businesswoman who founded Mary Kay Cosmetics. In this book, Ash writes about the inspiration and principles behind the success of one of today’s biggest cosmetics companies.

166. One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of by Richard L. Brandt

Jeff Bezos is an American billionaire and philanthropist. In this book, we learn about Bezos’ character and business strategy, which drove online shopping company Amazon to the top.

167. Oprah: A Biography by Kitty Kelley

Oprah is an American talk show host and philanthropist who happens to be worth billions as well. In this book, Kitty Kelley goes deeper into the life and secrets of Oprah Winfrey.

168. Letters to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders by Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett has made it a tradition to write letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders for over 50 years now. In these letters, Buffett writes about his methods and views on business and investing.

169. The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks

Howard Marks is an American investor and writer who founded Oaktree Capital Management. In this book, Marks outlines the keys to a successful investment and the risks that can make you lose your capital and career.

170. Find Your Lightbulb: How to make millions from apparently impossible ideas by Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a serial entrepreneur who built multiple businesses all from seemingly impossible ideas. In this book, Harris helps you become a millionaire out of a simple idea, drawing lessons from his 20 years of professional experience in the business industry.

171. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition by Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is an American business executive who founded the Abraham Group. In this book, Abraham draws from his own experience to teach us how to find or create new opportunities for business and other ventures.

172. The CEO Who Sees Around Corners by Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias

The book is specially written for CEOs and senior executives. In this book, Abraham and Dias share their theories and models that can help you lead your company to success.

173. The MasterMind Marketing System by Jay Abraham and Nightingale-Conant

This book teaches you how to maximize opportunities you already have instead of looking for one. Here, you will discover ways in which you can exponentially grow your income and success.

174. The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth In Tough Economic Times by Jay Abraham

In this book, Jay Abraham helps entrepreneurs and executives to identify whether their businesses are plateauing, which is often overlooked. Here, Abraham also offers tools they can use to get their companies out of that state and push it forward.

175. Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime by Bill Gates Sr. and Mary Ann Mackin

In this autobiography, Bill Gates Sr. writes about the various people and experiences he had over the course of his long and successful life. Here, Gates outlines the values and principles he lived by to get to where he is right now.

176. Elon Musk: Elon Musk’s Best Lessons for Life, Business, Success and Entrepreneurship by Andrew Knight

In this biography, Andrew Knight narrates how Canadian-American business magnate Elon Musk made his way to the top. Here, we learn how Musk worked his way through college and started his first business, which made him a millionaire before 30.

177. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

In this biography, Ashlee Vance writes about the life and work of Elon Musk from selling PayPal for $1.5 billion to his technical innovations through SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity. Here, we see Musk’s vision of a rich and far-reaching future through innovations and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

178. The Man from Zara: The Story of the Genius Behind the Inditex Group by Covadonga O’Shea

Amancio Ortega is a Spanish business tycoon who founded the Inditex fashion group. In this biography, O’shea introduces us to the man behind one of today’s biggest business success stories.

179. The Billionaire and the Mechanic: How Larry Ellison and a Car Mechanic Teamed up to Win Sailing’s Greatest Race, the Americas Cup, Twice by Julian Guthrie

The book is a story of how American businessman Larry Ellison and car mechanic Norbert Bajurin proceeded to win the coveted America’s Cup. Here, Julian Guthrie describes the design and building process of the boats and how these remarkable men raced them.

180. MARKET BASED MANAGEMENT The Science of Human Action Applied in the Organization by Charles Koch

Market-Based Management (MBM) is a management philosophy implemented in Koch companies across the globe. In this book, we learn how MBM offers real value to customers and society which, in return, help businesses succeed in the long term.

181. The Taste of Luxury: Bernard Arnault and the Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton Story by Nadege Forestier and Nazanine Ravai

Bernard Arnault is a French business magnate and CEO of LVMH. In this biography, we are taken into the world of Arnault, from his mysterious beginnings to heading the world’s biggest luxury-goods company.

182. The Bettencourt Affair: The World’s Richest Woman and the Scandal That Rocked Paris by Tom Sancton

In this book, Tom Sancton details the Bettencourt Affair that shook both L’oreal and the entirety of France. Here, we follow the story of Liliane Bettencourt who was the world’s richest woman until the infamous affair.

183. Shark Hunting Game: Girl of Tenfold Personalities by Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin is a Chinese business magnate who founded Dalian Wanda Group. In this book, we are immersed in the story of Huang Qi, a sex-addict with multiple personalities whose psychologist falls in love with one of her personalities.

184. Li Ka-Shing : The Biography by Anthony B. Chan

Li Ka-shing is a Hong Kong-based business magnate and philanthropist. In this biography, we are provided a glimpse of this elusive billionaire’s life and work.

185. Out Where the West Begins: Profiles, Visions, and Strategies of Early Western Business Leaders by Philip F. Anschutz and William J. Convery and Thomas J. Noel

Anschutz, an entrepreneur, discusses how other billionaires achieved their success. He cites the achievements of major payers who made the country what it is today in terms of economics.

186. Jack Ma: The Art Of Dreaming And Succeeding Extraordinary by Jamie Morris

This biography follows the life and work of China’s Steve Jobs, Jack Ma. In this book, we learn his humble beginnings and how he proceeded to build one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the world, the Alibaba Group.

187. Warner Bros: The Making of an American Movie Studio (Jewish Lives) by David Thomson

This biography is of the four brothers behind the Warner Brothers film studio. It tells the story of how it moved past its shaky beginnings and became one of today’s biggest entertainment companies.

188. The New Biographical Dictionary of Film: Sixth Edition by David Thomson

The book is an inventory of all the personalities involved in international cinema. Here, David Thomson made sure to include every personality whether they be contemporary, historical, elite, or esoteric.

189. “Have You Seen . . . ?”: A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films by David Thomson

The book is David Thomson’s collection of films, both old and perhaps forgotten. As a British film critic and author of over 20 books, Thomson lists his top films that will surely send us to our DVD players.

190. Television: A Biography by David Thomson

Film critic and author David Thomson provides his insights on the television. In this book, we learn more about the medium that killed the movie star.

191. Shoe Dog: Young Readers Edition by Phil Knight

Shoe Dog is especially written for young entrepreneurs who want to make it big like Nike co-founder Phil Knight. In this book, Knight shares his story before he built what is now a multibillion-dollar company.

192. Idea Man: A Memoir by the Cofounder of Microsoft by Paul Allen

Idea Man is a memoir written by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. In this biography, Allen narrates his beginnings, the conception of Microsoft, his recruitment of Bill Gates to join him, and how they proceeded to launch one of today’s biggest technology companies.

193. King Icahn: The Biography of a Renegade Capitalist by Mark Stevens

Carl Icahn is an American businessman and founder of Icahn Enterprises. Mark Stevens writes about the only biography ever written about Icahn and provides us a glimpse of the life and work of this successful financier.

194. Cold Steel: Lakshmi Mittal and the Multi-Billion-Dollar Battle for a Global Empire by Tim Bouquet

Lakshmi Mittal is an Indian steel magnate and CEO of ArcelorMittal. In this book, Tim Bouquet writes about the war between two of the world’s biggest steel producers.

195. One win nine losses by Tadashi Yanai

Tadashi Yanai is a Japanese businessman and founder of Fast Retailing where Uniqlo is a subsidiary. This autobiography tells the story of Yanai and how he proceeded to build one of today’s biggest retail companies.

196. Lee Kun-hees 27 Rules (The Secret of Samsungs Fast Growth by 300 Times) by Jin Bingwan

Lee Kun-hee is a South Korean business magnate and chairman of the Samsung Group. As an expert researcher of Samsung, Jin Bingwan gets up close and personal with Lee Kun-hee as he outlines 27 rules that led Samsung to the top of the industry.

197. Gina Rinehart: The Untold Story of the Richest Woman in the World by Adele Ferguson

Gina Rinehart is an Australian mining magnate and chairman of Hancock Prospecting. In this biography, we learn about Rinehart’s professional and personal lives, as well as her family, feuds, and the reason behind her rise.

198. Oil of Russia: Past, Present & Future by Vajit Alekperov

Alekperov, a Russian oil magnate, tells the story of how the oil industry started in his mother Russia. The book goes on to tell the story of how the current oil climate has changed and how it has affected businesses all over.

199. Entrepreneur Li Shufu’s Wisdom by Zhang Ming Zhuan

Li Shufu is the chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holdings and Volvo Cars. In this book, the author collects information of Li’s secret to success and how he became one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs.

200. The In-Memory Revolution: How SAP HANA Enables Business of the Future by Hasso Plattner and Bernd Leukert

Hasso Plattner is a German businessman with a current net worth of 12.7 billion dollars. In this book, he discusses the intricacies of SAP HANA and how it will help businesses in the immediate future.