About Jen Reviews

Jen Reviews was founded in December 2014 by Jen Miller. It is the authority on everything home – it is the unwritten manual that many of us wish existed when we scratched our heads over how to smoke meats without a smoker, how to get rid of bed bugs or what is the best shower head for dogs.

The site was born out of frustration: when moving homes in 2014 and doing research on what appliances and furniture to get for her new home, Jen was bewildered at the maze of low quality, generally unhelpful information out there that took hours to filter through. Many sites simply paraphrased / summarized other sites and added only to the proliferation of useless content.

Written Only by Experts with Domain Expertise

All our writers are experts in their particular niches. Our team includes former Olympians, dietitians, pastry chefs, certified dog trainers and more. Their personal experience, talent and extensive knowledge allow them to write helpful articles that comprehensively address every major consideration and pain point. Each piece of content is painstakingly researched and edited before we hit the publish button.

Step by Step Photos / Videos

We believe showing is more helpful than telling. Many of our guides include detailed step by step photos / videos to guide you with each step along the way. Each article is a labor of love – you will find that each article’s word count is typically upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 words.


Where possible, we use data to guide our content and recommendations. We run experiments to test the best products against one another and verify manufacturers’ claims about everything from battery life to clean air delivery rate.

Constantly Updated

As we learn of new techniques or products, we constantly update each article to ensure the content we provide is consistently the most up-to-date out there.

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Home Sweet Home! Cheers to you and your family’s health.
– Jen Miller (Editor-in-Chief)