About Jen Reviews

My name is Jen and I am the Editor in Chief of Jen Reviews. If you have tried searching the web for the best reviews for any product, you have probably (like me) been incredibly frustrated with the many automated sites out there that generate gibberish with little to no value add. There are all kinds of brands introducing new products every month, but few sites actually provide useful information to make sense of it all.

I am a work at home mom of four who spends a lot of time scouring the web for the best products for every member of my family. My husband Jon is obsessed with tech gear and power tools, while my children love anything outdoors, be it trampolines or swimming pools. Each article will be well-researched, well thought through and a labor of love. You will find that each article’s word count is typically upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 words. My goal is to recommend only the best product to you and to give you the one-stop resource you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Here are the product categories we cover:

  • Bedroom – Alas, the room we spend at least one third of each day in. Primarily for sleep and sex. You need the best pillow, mattress, best air purifier and air conditioner to make this a comfortable room to live in.
  • Bathroom – Having a great shower everyday is truly a luxury. I dinged many five-star hotels for this reason.
  • Kitchen – Where the food gets made. Keeping it clean and tidy is key.
  • Home Office – If you work at home, you will understand the importance of investing in the best office chair and other office equipment. It will protect your back and health in many ways.
  • Cleaning – Nothing impresses me more than a clean home. Especially for those of you with kids, keeping the house clean can be a real chore and next to impossible for some.
  • Living Room – The place to relax and have family gatherings. The best sofa and carpet here will go a long way.
  • Home Gym – For those of you with the luxury to have your own home gym, you will want the best home gym equipment that does not take up too much space. We review the best treadmill, elliptical and more.
  • Lawn and Garden – My kids love to spend time outdoors. Be it the best trampoline, swimming pool or more, look no further.
  • Tools – My husband spends an inordinate amount of time playing with power tools. This is the Man’s abode.
  • Appliances – Without these appliances most modern homes would not function. You need the best smart TV, best air purifier, and more.
  • Security – To keep your family safe and secure, and simply to provide some peace of mind, investing in home security systems also make a lot of sense. The technology has improved day by day, and you can find all kinds of smart systems that will make your house intruder-proof.
  • Gifts – From Christmas to wedding anniversaries, for mom and dad and more
  • Books – We also compiled the best books to read¬†according to some of the world’s most successful people.

Jen’s Top Pick

This product would be my top pick for each category. Products that fit the bill typically are excellent all-around. You will not go wrong if you buy this product.

Jen’s Step Up Pick

This product would often be even better than my top pick, but the price point might be out of reach to some. If you simply want the very best product in the category and budget is not a concern, this would be the product to go for.

Jen’s Most Value For Money Pick

This product is for those of you who simply want the most affordable, barebones product that still does the basics well. There will be no flashy features or amazing design, but this product would definitely give you the most bang for your buck.

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All the best on your journey. Cheers to you and your family’s health!