Best Extended Mouse Pad

The regular mouse pad does not allow much room to maneuver making you howl in frustration over being unable to use the mouse as best as you want. This is especially true if you are a die hard gamer.

Gaming requires special skills as you close in on a target or want to perform prefect rotation. The restricted space in the mouse pad can be a big turn off when you are excited about making an epic move but are left with dealing with the insufficient space in the mouse pad. An extended mouse pad space can help you.

And if your work requires high level precision, a normal mouse pad would just delay your progress making you yearn for more space, control and precision.

Don’t worry extended mouse pads are just what you need to step up your game or work to the next level. They are also perfect for other routine tasks you perform in your computer.

A little background

Even if optical mouse and laser mouse models in use now have eliminated the need for a mouse pad, the pads are commonly in use still. Mouse pads were created during 1980s, when it was found that the use of mouse varied based on the surface it was used on. For instance, the mouse worked smoothly on a glass table whereas an oak desk posed severe difficulty in using it properly.

After plenty of efforts directed towards creating mouse pads from Formica and other similar surfaces, McDermand the inventor of the first ever commercial mouse pad pounced upon polyester. He created the mouse pads under the name Moustrak. The mouse pad helps in better performance of the mouse, reduced the wear and also keeps the underside rollers clean. In short, it enabled better precision, speed and comfort. Soon mouse pads became the norm in relation to some of the important computer accessories you need to have.

Although optical mouse does not need a pad, designers, gamers and others who use the mouse, frequently prefer the mouse pad. However their regular size posed some difficulty in using the mouse. Thus extended mouse pads were designed. These afford more room for the mouse allowing you to use it over a wider area. With a best extended mouse pad, your work and gaming experience gets a big boost. The additional space and comfort pave the way for an enjoyable experience.

What Is An Extended Mouse Pad?

The extended mouse pad is a great accessory to own, if you spend a major part of your day with your computer. Irrespective of whether you are a workhorse or diehard gamer, you can definitely expect an improved performance by changing your regular mouse pad to the extended design. The additional space that a best extended mouse pad provides together with the smoother working surface make you work efficiently. This is the reason there is a slew of such mouse pads marketed by big brands.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on choosing the best extended mousepad so you get to own the perfect mouse pad that meets with all your specific requirements.

How To Select The Best Extended Mouse Pad?

Hunting for the best extended mouse pad can become a tedious chore, if you do not know beforehand the requisites you should look for. So here are some pointers to help you:


This is the first and foremost concern when you shop for a best extended mouse pad. Ensure the product you choose has the appropriate space needed. The space you want depends on the items you will be placing on it. Some people prefer using the keyboard and mouse on the mat.


The thickness decides the comfort factor. It should be sufficient enough so your hands are comfy while using the mouse.

Circular shaped cushioned Mouse pad

Easy To Maintain

A best extended mouse pad is one that is easy to clean. Maintaining a clean dust free surface is one of the important factors that help maintain the longevity of a product. A product that is machine washable would be best.


The surface should be smooth for better control of your mouse. Further ensure the edges are properly stitched. This will avoid fraying of the edges after a few washes or even just using the product for some time can damage the seams.

Mouse pads made of microfiber or textile weaved materials are ideal for durability of the product. Further the back support of the pad is also an important consideration. A rubber layer underneath that is of anti-slip design is best for stability.

Why Do Gamers Prefer An Extended Mouse Pad?

For gamers the basic set usually includes top quality peripherals such as gaming mouse and keyboard. The mouse pad requirement is based on the different gaming you opt for, the way you organize the desk, the space present and the other functions of the keyboard and mouse in addition to gaming.

More Maneuvering Space

The extended mouse pads are popular among gamers because you can find the pads in different sizes. This enables them to choose a best mouse pad that helps them maneuver the mouse freely in contrast to the regular mouse pad, which is around 5 inches only.

Provide Adequate Protection

The working surface such as your desk can be protected from scratches and wear with the help of a good quality mouse pad.

Better Performance

Thicker extended mouse pads offer a cushioned and smooth place that is best as a convenient resting place for your arm and also levels off the tiny imperfections your desktop has.

And the cushioning effect also works towards absorbing vibrations that occur as you hit the keys on the keyboard.

Good Stability

Since in gaming you use rapid hand and wrist movement, it is important for the mouse pad to provide the stability needed for accurate gaming and comfort too. A product with a firm gripping or non slip type of base is ideal.

Lift Off Distance

The LOD (Lift off Distance) is the height at which the mouse will stop its tracking function. Thus this is an important criterion to note. A low LOD is ideal for tracking in gaming.

A high LOD is ideal for multiple surface tracking, but has the drawback of more tracking time when rapid movements are used.

A wider or extended mouse pad is ideal for gamers and other individuals who use broader movements of the mouse. The larger space eliminates restricted movement space. However for those who use minute and rapid movements of the cursor will need a smaller dimension only.

What Are The Features Found Commonly In Extended Mouse Pads?

Here are the common features you can find in a best extended mouse pad that help in choosing the right one.


Size is an important feature in a best extended mouse pad and is the first factor you should look into. It is easy to select from different dimensions based on the model and brand available in the market.

A larger dimension is best preferred. But you have to consider the space present for the mouse pad before you choose the dimensions.

For the thickness, some may prefer a thicker mat while other a thinner one or some in between. The thickness ranges from 2 mm to 6 mm for cloth or plastic mats.

Materials used

Standard models of mouse pads are usually made from rubber composites of lesser density. The composite is covered by a fabric layer.  In case of top quality mats the construction included multilayers including rubber, glass, plastic, aluminum or other high tech fibers. These are made for smooth tracking.

Durable Construction

Since mouse pads are subject to repeated wear and friction, it is best to select mouse pads that are made of cloth or hard rubber. Best extended mouse pads do not fray and the stitched edges are reinforced for comfortable and long lasting use.

Additional Features That Improve User Experience

Some mouse pads have certain features added on to enhance user experience and efficiency. Here are a few of them:

Dual Sided Pads

Some extended mouse pads are made with two sided function. One side is smooth in texture for gliding at high speed and other side is textured for better accuracy of movements.

Backlit Mouse Pads

While this is not a common feature, for those who favor fancy lights in their keyboards, monitors and everything related to gaming, LED lighting in the pad adds fun to use the mouse pads.

Extended mouse pad with hard surface

What To Avoid While Shopping For An Extended Mouse Pad

While the choice of a mouse pad depends on personal preference, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it relates to selecting the best mouse pad.

Reflective Surfaces

Avoid using reflective or glossy surface. Optical mouse does not work well on reflective surfaces. You can consider laser mouse for reflective surfaces, but these are not good for matte surfaces.

Surface Area

The surface area of a normal extended mouse pad is 10 by 10 inches.  A dimension lesser than this restricts the movement of mouse making you hit the keyboard or lift the mouse to move it further.

Speed And Control

A rough and resistant surface restricts the space and movement of the mouse. You will not be able to move or stop it as easily as in a non-resistant and smooth surface.  This is particularly true when you are using a heavy mouse.

Finer Details

The mouse has a highly accurate sensor system on its underside that works properly only on a surface that is detailed and spacious. Avoid using a surface that does not provide you with precise movements you need.

Weight Of The Mouse

A heavy mouse needs more force as even the slightest movements get negated. A mouse pad with low amount of friction provides better traction, which is needed for good control.

Top 10 Best Extended Mousepads

Now that you have got a good idea about what a best extended mouse pad is, here is a list of our best extended mousepads:

Our Pick

This mouse pad weighs 1.6 pounds and has dimensions that include 36 inches x 12 inches. The mouse pad is 5 mm thick. It is capable of holding the keyboard along with mouse. It is also easy to maintain with its machine-washable feature. The thickness is about 60% more than the normal mouse pads.

The glide of the mouse pad is optimal ensuring proper tracking and avoids any stuttering that is caused by uneven surface.  It is easy for users to do micro adjustments. The price is affordable.

The large size makes it easy to fit mouse, keyboard and other desktop items comfortably.

Precise and smooth tracking makes it ideal for hardcore gaming including shooting and fantasy games.

The sturdy mouse pad is of top quality non fraying material with strong grip rubber base ensuring you get the best performance out of your mouse pad.

Best Extended gaming nonslip mouse pad

For users who are looking to improve their computer work or for gamers who want better experience, the Vipamz offers a good choice. It is durable, waterproof and suitable for all types of gaming.

The size of the pad is 36 inches x 12 inches and the edges are professionally stitched.  The extended mat can accommodate a keyboard and mouse. The design includes wrist support for cushioning the hand and preventing it from cramping.

The thick padding ensures optimal speed as well as control is maintained. The rubber base with anti-slip features prevents the mouse from moving or slipping. The low cost makes it a good budget pick.

The construction is quite good with tight stitches on the border, which are attractive to look at and also improve lifespan of the product by protecting it from deforming and other damage. The easy to wash feature is an advantage. The packing is quite appealing making it a great choice as gift for friends or family.

Best Extended Mouse Pad For Quality

This mouse mat measures 36 inches by 11 inches by 0.12 inches. Ideal for computer users and gamers, the mat provides good control. The smooth surface made of cloth is comfortable to use and has space needed for mouse and keyboard.  The base is made of rubber of non-slip type. This eliminated unwanted or sliding movements. The anti-fraying type of stitches in the frame help protects desk surfaces from damage.

The machine washable feature ensures you need not be concerned about the pad getting dirty. The quality build, and smooth surface texture and effective edge stitches make it a good choice that not only offers a convenient performance but also help increase mouse life. The logo interfering with the performance is a minor hitch barring which the Glorious mouse is as good as its name.

Best Extended Mouse Pad For Ultra-Convenience

This mouse pad offers the best convenience of the mouse pads reviewed in this list. The dimensions of the mouse pad include 27.6 inches in length and 11.8 inches in width. The thickness is .2 inches.  The size offers sufficient space for mouse and keyboard. The surface is ultra-smooth providing best performance.

With top quality stitches on the edges to prevent fraying, you can be assured of a longer lifespan with this mouse pad. The surface is designed for working with any type of mouse including laser and optical mouse.

The rubber base firmly grips to any surface it is placed on, ensuring you use your mouse without hassle.  The powerful control, firmly gripping rubber base, optimal space and durable design with anti-fray stitches are just right to make your experience a convenient and effective one.

Best low cost extended mouse pad

For comfortable and affordable mouse pad space, Pecham extended mouse pad is an ideal choice. It easily allows space for mouse and keyboard with sufficient moving space needed for the mouse.  The mouse pad is thick and large promoting a smooth surface for tracking. The smoothness also enables better control over mouse movement.

The dimensions include 780 mm x300mm. The thickness is 3mm ensuring it is slide proof. The surface is waterproof thus you need not worry about damage to the pad from spilled liquids. Further it is also easy to wash. The stitches are of good quality so you need not worry about them fraying after some time. Other than the edges curving mildly, the high quality, good performance and convenience available at low cost makes Pecham our budget pick.

Best professional extended mouse pad

If you are looking for a stylish mouse pad that is good on space too, the Corsair gaming pad is an ideal choice. Designed especially for gamers, the extended mouse pad is ideal for computer users who prefer better control and precision in their mouse operation.

The exclusive feature in Corsair mouse pad is its weaved surface that helps meet with all important requirements in a mouse pad namely tracking, accuracy and control. Further it also hides dust, scratches, and stains much better than the ordinary mouse pads.

The dimensions include 930mm by 300mm by 3mm. The large space is more than sufficient for placement of mouse and keyboard. The mouse pad is made from natural rubber ensuring it grips firmly to the surface of your desk.

You will not have to worry about the pad moving with every mouse movement you make. With superior quality and efficient features, Corsair mouse pad is an ideal choice to consider particularly for gamers especially if you are not worried about the expense.

Best efficient extended mouse pad

Combaterwing extended mouse pad is a good choice to consider for its efficient and simple design. The tracking surface is very smooth ensuring you get the control, speed and accuracy you need. With a firm and non-slip base made of rubber, the pad does not shift when you use it.

The rubber additional offers protection for the desk as it prevents scratches forming on the surface due to the tracking movement of the mouse.

To prevent spills from staining the mouse pad surface permanently, waterproof coating is provided.  With reinforced stitches holding the edges together you can be free of worries concerning the durability of the pad.

Best lightweight extended mouse pad

Eligoo mouse pad is a lightweight product that provides comfortable space for your keyboard, mouse and everything else that you have on your desk such as writing pad, phone etc.  The mouse pad is just 2mm thick making it easy for you to take it anywhere and use.

The outer surface is designed to provide quick response to the mouse movements and better precision. The under surface has a firm grip design consisting of rubber base.

The entire pad has waterproof coating. The reinforced edges prevent fraying of the edges. Furthermore the mouse pad is easy to maintain as it is washable by hand or washing machine.

Best Portable Desk Extended Mouse Pad

The Liebird extended mouse pad is made of spacious dimensions that include 31.5 inches in length, 11.8 inches in width and 0.1 inch in thickness. The space allows easy placement of both keyboard and mouse. The design enables easy fitting on desk, table and glass surface.

The mouse pad is an ideal choice for use with computers, tablets, gaming systems and televisions. The mouse pad has a good quality rubber base of non-slip design.

The stitching on the edges is very professional. This feature and the waterproof coating on the pad helps to make it withstand prolonged use and cleaning without fraying, wear and tear.

The world map image on the pad is a good feature that makes working on it interesting as it enables imparting some geographical knowledge to the user.

Best Extended Mouse Pad For Gamers

The Spigen A103 extended mouse pad is of very large dimension that includes 36 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 0.15 inches in thickness. This makes it pretty large for maximum movement of the mouse. Hence it is ideal for gamers involved in rapid action games.

The space allows for faster glides and good control.  The surface also improves the speed of movement with its silky texture. Maximum durability is ensured by the stitched edges.

The material is also easy to wash. It can be rolled up and taken anywhere.  The quality surface and dimensions enables consistent and good tracking movements.

What are the different types you can find in Extended Mouse Pads?

There are three main types present in extended mouse pads, namely hard, hybrid and soft mouse pads. Soft mouse pads are made of cloth. The preference of one over the other depends on the user convenience. Hard mouse pads are made of plastic, glass etc. Hybrid as the name suggests is a blend of the two.Let us see about these three common types in more detail.


Made from different varieties of cloth fabrics that are blended together to form the required hardness. These pads can be coarse or smooth.

The smoother ones are usually made for gaming as they help in faster gliding of the mouse with very little resistance. Fast paced video games need this type of surface for quicker movement. The coarse variety is for best accuracy. The rough outer surface helps to ensure your movements are precise.

These are cheap, washable and provide better control for the user. And the material offers the best comfort. The downside of using a soft material is the edges fray easily. These are less durable too.


These have a smooth surface mostly. This enables easy glide of the mouse. Hard mouse pads predominantly feature smooth surface but with slight variations. The materials used for the hard surface include aluminum, plastic and certain metals.

These are durable and provide easy glide feature. Cleaning is easier and you will not find any cable drag. Some types have RGB lighting too.

The downsides include expensive price and being very cold to touch due to the hard surface. The hard metal surface also wears off the under surface of the mouse fast. And most importantly this is not available mostly in extended or larger dimensions.


Keeping in mind the positive points and downsides in each of the above two types, you may prefer the hybrid type. This mouse pad has the durability of hard type but retains the flexibility present in the soft models.

You can find best hybrid extended mouse pads made of cloth, plastic or silicon. The surface is coarse or soft based on the type of product you buy. The expense is more due to the hybrid material. If you are looking for precision and fast movement, the hybrid variety is the ideal choice to consider.

How is surface of mouse pad related to its performance?

Mouse pad surface decides the level of performance the mouse can produce. For instance, a rough or coarse surface is ideal for precise mouse movements.

On the other hand, if you are fixed on fast paced moves, you need to have a smooth surfaced mouse pad. This allows the mouse to glide easily and elicit the rapid movements you need such as in gaming.

Which feature decides the tracking quality of a mouse pad?

With a good quality mouse pad it is possible to get a good tracking performance. Most importantly it should provide a sturdy base, if you are looking for precise movements.

A rubber base is ideal choice when it comes to mouse pad base material. Some products use Silicone as the base.  You need to ensure the product you buy has a good grip and non-slip design.

What is the optimal thickness of mouse pad?

The thickness varied from 2mm to a maximum thickness of 6 mm. Some people consider 2 mm as too thin and 6mm and above as too thick. The optimum thickness is around 3 mm.

The thickness basically depends on individual preference in most cases and is not a major deciding factor.

But sufficient thickness will provide you a cushioning effect, which is needed if you are spending most of your working or leisure time in front of your computer.

Is warranty important?

Even if mouse pads do not cost much, especially the basic models, warranty is a significant part to look for in a best extended mouse pad. With a proper warranty you can ensure your get the right product as sometimes the mouse pads may be delivered in damaged condition or the edges may fray within a short time.

Expert extended mouse pad shopping tips

Before you shop for a best mouse pad here are some expert tips that will help you make your selection the right one in every way:

Desk surface

The desk surface you are going to use the mouse pad on should be considered first. While mouse pads stick reasonable well to most surfaces, they are not so accommodating on other surfaces.

Wooden desks usually suit well for most extended mouse pads. If it is a glass surface, only mouse pads made of rubber bases work properly and not mouse pads made of other materials.

Pick a fitting mouse pad

The sensors in a mouse work well only with certain type of mouse pads. If you are using a mouse that is designed for gaming, its sensors work best when you use mouse pads with hard surfaces. The sensors usually of laser model work well in hard surfaces. On the other hand, if you are using a mouse with optical sensors, a cloth surface is best.

Desk size

If you are intending to get a best extended mouse pad, make sure your desk size can accommodate the mouse pad easily.

DPI of your mouse pad

The Dots per Inch (DPI) of your mouse is high, you need to select the mouse pad that offers better accuracy.  On the other hand, if the DPI of the mouse is low, you need to choose a mouse pad that has higher surface area. This is because there will be more gliding of the mouse on the mouse pad.

How To Maintain The Mouse Pad?

To elicit the best performance from your mouse pad, you have to maintain it properly. Just as you clean your computer, you need to clean the mouse pad regularly.

If it is a mouse pad made of cloth you need to wash it once in a month. If it is a hard surface mouse pad, you need to clean in two or three times a week with a damp rag. Dry the mouse pad fully prior to using it.

Vital Factors To Remember When Buying A Mouse Pad

You need to understand that hard and soft mats provide identical performance. The difference lies in the type of material used, the size, glide and accuracy offered. Ensure the thickness is sufficient enough to keep your hands from tiring while using the mouse.

Hard mouse pad

Machine-washable facility is another desirable feature. Perfectly stitched edges offer better lifespan. A smooth mouse pad offers better control while sensitivity is another significant factor to consider.

For higher sensitivity, you need to go for microfiber or textile weaved material. And a rubber base with strong grip is important for the mouse pad to function perfectly. And ensure the mouse pad is free from forming wrinkles. With wrinkles the precision will be sorely affected.

How Different Are The Extended Mouse Pads From The Conventional Mouse Pads?

While best extended mouse pads offer great comfort, performance and function, they are a bit expensive than the conventional mouse pads. Gamers and for those who need precision in their work, the extended mouse pad improves performance and dexterity. The laser and optical mouse models used nowadays solve many of the problems that the conventional mouse models had in relation to control and accuracy.

While these do not need a mouse pad for functioning, many people find the mouse pad a habitual item that they cannot do without. They offer the dual purpose of protecting the desk surface and improving the performance of mouse.

And these are best mouse pads that offer a definite improvement when compared to tracking on any surface as with an optic or laser mouse.  Even if you use rapid swipes of your mouse, these offer tracking of high precision. Without a mouse pad there will not be sufficient friction resulting in inability to stop and start the movements accurately. Pointer precision is thus lost.

If you are looking to improve the performance of your mouse you have to look at how flat and rigid the surface is in comparison to the conventional mouse pad surface. With insufficient space to move as in the conventional mouse pads your performance will be highly restricted.

While using an extended mouse pad, high end computer users and die hard gamers can be assured of best experience due to the uniformity as well as texture of surface.

How To Decide On The Best Extended Mouse Pad?

The choice of extended mouse pad depends and on how often and how intensely you use it. If you use the mouse several hours a day, it would make sense to choose a best mouse pad that reduces the strain on the wrists.

While the average user does not need a high end best mouse pad, if you are aiming at more control and precision even with occasional use an extended mouse pad is a great alternative. The extended mouse pad offers better precision, glide and texture enhancing your activities making it a good investment.

Wrapping it up

Since their introduction to the computer scene in 1969, mouse pads have made it easier for the mouse to perform effectively.  With a huge variety of mouse pads available now in the market ranging from different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and quality you can easily be overwhelmed by the choice before you. With our best extended mouse pad guide you are sure to find the right mouse pad for your work or play.

With mouse pads that have custom printing done on them either with product logos or family pictures that include pets, children or cartoon characters, the mouse pads offer a great addition to the work or gaming environment increasing the entertainment and efficiency quotient by several notches.

Our best pick of Reflex Lab extended mouse pad offers a great blend of optimal features including accuracy, control and stress free handling. With sufficient padding to avoid cubital or carpal tunnel syndrome the mouse pad is not too expensive making it an ideal choice of both hard core work and gaming activities.

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