Best Gaming Chair

The Devoko Gaming Chair is our pick for the best gaming chair, which has a swiveling function of up to 360 degrees, has a max weight rating of 300 lbs, is made with quality polyurethane for its outer texture, has a curved high back for comfort and has smoothly rolling wheels that don’t make a lot of noise.

Our step-up pick is the Furmax Gaming Chair and this one also has a swivel function, is made with polyurethane leather as well, and has a lumbar support. It can also be a nice desk chair or office chair but with a racing design and bearing a footrest.

The budget pick is the Homall Gaming Chair and this one is also made with PU leather, has a headrest for comfort and has an ergonomic design. It can also be an executive chair for offices and it has various colors to choose from. It also has a good lumbar support.

A Little Background

video games

Video games can be enjoyable.

Playing video games all day or night as a professional gamer who is most likely on Twitch or YouTube broadcasts can be exhausting. This is more likely so if you need to be able to access all of your gear without having to stand up and accidentally trip on something.

Sitting for hours upon hours of gaming can also take its toll on your body, and it might cause back and spine aches if your chair is not comfortable enough. Therefore, you may need a seat that has the functionalities that can satisfy you as a gamer.

gaming chair

Such chairs can be ergonomic and comfortable.

A gaming chair is different from various seats out there, but is quite similar to an office chair in terms of functionalities. For instance, its comfort factor is intended for more than 8 hours of playing video games (and perhaps sipping soda or chips along the way), so it needs to have a cool and comfortable feel when you sit on it for longer periods of time, especially in a hot climate country or area.

Another feature that could be present in this kind of seat that is not always found in other seats would be the protection against spills of water and soda. Being a gamer can mean that you may need gear that have some manner of waterproof qualities.

Different materials can make up a gaming chair. For instance, the outer parts can be made of leather, fabric, and other materials, while the inner workings could be made with plastic, wood, vinyl, metal or polyurethane. These materials should be in good quality if you want a chair that can potentially last for a very long time.

There are also specific gaming chairs that are meant for some consoles, such as the Xbox. There are also ones that have a wireless feature and other unique features that are not found in regular office chairs. But at the very least, all of them will swivel to make sure you feel comfortable with moving from one place to another without hurting the flooring that your chair is sitting on.

How we Picked

In choosing the best gaming chair, you should consider the following factors:

General materials: you can choose from fabric, leather, polyurethane and others for the cover, while metal, polyurethane, vinyl, plastic and wood are commonly used for the harder parts.

Upholstery parts: this involves the soft parts and the cover, such as polyester, polyurethane, cotton, leather and vinyl for choices.

Comfort: you have to consider the comfort level of the gaming chair. Most of the seats by DXracer formula are comfortable and some can be a rocker chair, too. A backrest can be a helpful feature for support as well, including those with high-density foam and a headrest pillow.

Color choices: a good gaming chair can also match the aesthetics of your gaming room in terms of color schemes.

Adjustability: this goes hand in hand in comfort, as it should have easy to adjust parts in terms of the seat height and the like. An ergonomic gaming chair will usually have height adjustment at hand.

Compatible system (s): chairs for gaming can be compatible with most video game consoles like the Xbox and the PS4, while others are more ideal for TVs and PCs. Most of them will be ideal for console gaming, anyway.

Additional features: there can be many additional features of a gaming chair, such as an mp3 player, a set of speakers and even subwoofers, wireless playback, a pedestal, vibration capabilities, reclining and many more.

Intended games: there are those that are designed mostly for racing, while others are for general gaming genres.

Our Pick

Our top pick is the Devoko Gaming Chair, which is made with PU leather, which is easier to clean, durable and may last for a long time when taken care of properly. Its lock-tilt adjustment allows you to keep it steady, stable and sturdy even for hours of gaming. There is no squeaking or clunking on the wheels and other parts, which is important for uninterrupted hours of playing video games.

The curved high back design helps to keep you comfortable all throughout your play-through instances and the chair is also very easy to adjust in general. It can also act as an executive office chair because of the really cool and stylistic design. It is quite stable that it does not rock or wobble due to the solid design. The headrest is also quite comfortable and you will find the recline angle adjuster very useful for rest and relaxation.

Its included lumbar support can be adjusted depending on your preferences, while the assembly is very simple to do. It easily reclines far enough for sleeping and it, of course, has 360 degree swivel rotation on the bottom. With a red and black color scheme, this seat works well even for guitar-based games and does not get in the way. With a racing style design, it has a max weight rating of 300 lbs per person.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

The only con but not a deal breaker with the Devoko Gaming Chair is that the arms are not capable of being flipped, but that’s okay for stability, anyway.

Step-up Pick

The Furmax Gaming Chair is our step-up pick, which has a more sophisticated design but nonetheless comfortable, being made with PU leather for the upholstery as well. It provides good lumbar support, which can be useful if you are tired after a day’s work and want to get into video games. It has an ergonomic design and a racing style in terms of its visuals. Of course, this seat has a swivel function like any other gaming chair out there.

With a stable nylon base, it will not easily cause accidents and imbalance, allowing you to focus more on whatever you are doing in the computer or console platform. What’s more, it can be rocked back and forth so that you can feel more comfortable with this unit, which can also function well as a normal computer chair. It also has soft lift armrests for better comfort.

It also has an adjustable backrest with angles from 90° to 180°  so that you can feel relaxed and pampered with it. The height range is 17.3 inches to 20.5 inches from the floor to the top of the seat so that you can adjust according to where you intend to place this seat. It also has thick padding for better support and its adjustable seat height makes use of a simple pneumatic gas lift system.

The included footrest can be flipped over so that you can simply flip it away when you don’t need it. This seat is at 310 lbs for its max weight rating and has a convenient tilting option. It also has a bucket seat for those who need it.

Budget Pick

For our budget pick, we chose the Homall Gaming Chair, which is a 360-degree swivel seat that allows comfort and durability at the same time. It can be rocked back and forth so it is ideal for those who want to feel relaxed in a seat. It even has quiet rubber casters so that it will not distract your current activities. It has also been orthopedically designed for those who have problems in their back and feet.

Made with wear-resistant PU leather, it is less likely to get ripped apart for the years to come, provided you maintain it properly. As for the size, it fits underneath a standard size desk, so you can also use it for office purposes. It can help relieve the tension in your head and neck as you use the computer or any gaming console due to the design. Its sturdy 1.8mm-thick steel frame is also pretty good as compared to cheap ones out there.

This seat can recline from 90 to 180 degrees so it gives you comfort all the way. It has an easily adjustable gas spring cylinder plus anti-oxidation protection to keep your seat rust-free. With various colors to choose from, if you sit on this chair, your back will not get sore from long sessions. It has also passed a 1,000-mile-rolling test for the casters.

Overall, this seat is good on your shoulders and provides sufficient lumbar support. With over 300 lbs of weight capacity, this seat is good for a 1 year warranty.

Best Gaming Chair made with PU Leather Upholstery

If you want quality PU leather upholstery to be your seat of choice, the SEATZONE Smile Face can be a great pick for you. It is made with a BIFMA and SGS approved gas cylinder system for lifting and adjusting the height of the seat easily. As for the cooling and comfort, this seat does not feel sticky when you start to sweat, which is a good thing for serious gamers out there who sit for long hours.

With an adjustable height from 43 inches to 47 inches, you can have it more tailored to your needs, preferences and your current setup. It also has swivel hooded nylon casters that are not very noisy at all – perfect for getting you focused and keeping you away from distractions. Its nylon chassis (base) is also quite durable despite being slightly lightweight.

It has a max weight capacity of 350 lbs, which is pretty good for a weight rating. It is indeed quite solid and sturdy in terms of materials that have been used, and the chair can be rotated in 360 degrees so it is quite flexible. This also makes it ideal for long time office or freelance work due to the comfortable but high density foam.

As for the rest of the construction, it has mesh on the cover for cooling comfort. Overall, if you had back pain because your previous chair is not comfortable, this is a good upgrade from that old chair.

Best Gaming Chair made with Memory Foam Upholstery

If you want something that is made with chopped memory foam, the BirdRock Home Adjustable can be a good choice. While other seats are made with PU leather, this one is made with memory foam, which can be comfortable for people who live in a colder climate and want a more conforming support for their seat, whether it’s playing video games or simply watching a movie. It provides an ample amount of back support as well.

This seat can be 14 different positions, which is important for maintaining comfort wherever you are and wherever you place this seat in. Because of the adjustability to multiple angles, you can expect great comfort whoever sits on it. Being made with soft plush fabric also maximizes user comfort overall while still retaining its shape very well.

It can be tilted up to 90 degrees and it is also quite easy to store when you don’t need it anymore. If you want a seat with a variety of options, such as for playing games and other activities like napping, coloring, reading and the like, this is a good choice. There is also an extra seating when hanging out together with friends and family. It is also a stackable seat to make it easier to store.

Best Gaming Chair that has Wireless Capabilities

If you want a gaming chair that has wireless audio transmission, the X Rocker 5143601 is a cool choice for you. It means that you can use it as a speaker and as a seat at the same time. It has a convenient side control panel, which has everything you need, such as the input and output jacks, bass adjustment and volume control.

Giving you full back support, this helps you to feel more comfortable no matter what task you handle. It has a smooth design and can be connected wither with RCA cable or wireless, so you can choose according to your setup.

It bears an ergonomic design which can help you relax, and it can be easily connected to an Xbox or PlayStation console. The setup is made with 2 speakers and a subwoofer, which can produce good audio for gamers.

Best Gaming Chair that is Ideal for E-Sports

If you are more of an e-sports person who goes to competitions or holds one for your locality, the GTRACING High Back can be a good choice for you. It is made with colorful PU leather with mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable despite sweating after hours of playing games.

The included head pillow is great to keep you as relaxed as possible when you rest your head for a while. The design of the seat can also keep your back straight due to the ergonomic design, thanks to the additional neck and lumbar support cushions. As for durability, it also has a metal frame that is less likely to get corrosion.

You can also choose your color from the options available so that it matches your setup or motif in the room very well. It also has a 5-point base so that it can be sturdy and stable at the same time, while maintaining its 360-degree swivel feature. Moreover, it has a 90° to 170° safety angle that allows you to adjust the seat depending on your levels of comfort.

This seat takes only 10 to 20 minutes to assemble so it can give you more time to relax or play games. It has over 330 pounds on its weight capacity so different people can potentially use it. The seat is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Best Gaming Chair that is Also for Offices

The BestOffice High-back Computer can be a good choice if you want a gaming chair that is also an office chair, with a back and bucket seat design.  It can support people over 300 lbs due to the durability of the seat, yet it has a comfortable head pillow for you to rest upon, which is greatly useful. It also comes with a padded armrest for you to experience better comfort.

The assembly is easy for this seat due to the very fact that the instructions are clear and simple to follow. It has a standard 360 degree swivel that works just fine, while keeping a modern style in terms of the overall design. It is also worth noting that the back and base panel can rock back and forth.

The vibrant color can be a good addition to any setup, while the soft PU leather can bring sufficient comfort and ease of cleaning.

Best Gaming Chair that has Speakers

If you want one that has speakers for convenience, the X Rocker H3 can be a good choice for you. It uses AFM technology for giving you a very immersive sound experience and it can also connect to your console, TV, music players and the like. It can be used for PlayStation devices, Xbox, Nintendo devices, Apple devices, disc players, music players and many more.

This device also has a radio wireless receiver for your convenience, while there are also vibration motors for adding to the bass experience. It uses 4.1 stereos for a better surround sound feeling. There are also adjustments for the bass and other aspects of the sound.

Best Gaming Chair that has a Footrest

If you want a seat in which the footrest that can be extended, the RESPAWN-110 Racing Style is a good choice for both luxury and comfort at a good price. Like many of our picks here, it has a racecar-style  and it has padded armrests to add to the comfort factor.

With its contrasting colors, it still maintains a good level of aesthetic depending on the type of room that you have. Its durability is meant for your intense gaming sessions and long hours of streaming, while the flexibility is thanks to the 360 degrees of swivel rotation. It also has from 90 to 130 degrees of reclining ability to make sure you feel pampered while sitting.

Giving off a professional look, the seat is at 275 pounds for its weight capacity, and is made with soft leather for comfort and durability. It also has a lumbar pillow for support and is quite easy to set up overall. It can help you to remain worry-free sitting for extended periods of time and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Competition

Other gaming chairs were not that good because they did not have a lot of comfort factor in them. It is important also for a gaming chair to have ease of accessibility with unique features that can only be found in such chairs and not just office chairs that look regular and less reliable for gaming.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of a gaming chair over a regular one?

swivel chair

Most of these seats can have a swivel feature.

A: In terms of seats, a gaming chair has the following advantages over a normal office seat:

  1. Back Support – this helps you to feel more relaxed even after hours upon hours of playing video games. Back support is something that normal seats cannot always provide due to the lack of an ergonomic design.
  2. Lumbar Support – for gaming for hours, you need support for your lumbar area, in which the ergonomic seat is able to give you in the best ways possible.
  3. Reclining features – most office seats cannot recline at all, so a gaming seat can be more applicable for this comfortable feature.
  4. Swiveling and tilting– most office seats can only swivel but not tilt at a good angle. The gaming seat can be ideal for both swiveling and tilting, which is essential to save your neck from problems when looking into different equipment in your gaming room.

Q: Do these kinds of seats come fully assembled?

A: Most of these seats do not come fully assembled. However, they will most likely have easy user instructions in the form of a manual when your order has been shipped to your doorstep. You can also search on YouTube or on online manuals on how to assemble them properly, or ask the manufacturer about it.

Q: What is the most common upholstery used for this kind of seat?

A: This seat type is mostly made with PU or polyurethane (faux leather), in terms of its seat, coverings and the like. There are also coverings in some parts, such as for the wheels, so that they do not scratch your flooring at all. If it has a cushion then it will also be most likely made of PU leather, as well as the armrests.

Q: Which gaming consoles can be supported by this kind of chair?

A: This kind of seat can most likely support the following consoles:

  1. PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  2. Xbox One
  3. PlayStation 3 (PS3)
  4. any console with an audio jack or RCA jack

Q: What are some of the most common gaming equipment that you need for a simple setup?


If you want to be a gamer, you will need equipment.

A: In order to make a gaming setup, you can have any of the following:

Laptop or tower/desktop, or console The computer itself is the most important thing to have in a gaming setup. Whether it is a PC or a console such as an Xbox or a PlayStation 4, the main system is the first thing you should go find first then buy.
Monitor The monitor should be at a good resolution so that you can be able to play video games in a more realistic setup due to the HD and 4K support of most consoles.
Gaming Chair While not really a first necessity, having a great gaming chair can help you to feel more comfortable in the long run when you sit for hours upon hours of marathons or runs.
Desk When you play for hours, you need to have a sturdy and comfortable desk to place your stuff on. It should also be waterproof or at least splash resistant should you be playing games while sipping soda.
Projector Projectors can be essential if you want to set up a live event in front of many people, or if you just want to enjoy a bigger screen to share with other people despite having a smaller screen or monitor at hand.
Optional accessories Some of the most common optional accessories that can vary between game setups and consoles include the following:

a. VR headset (for VR games)

b. steering wheel and brakes (for racing)

c. dance pad (for dance games)

d. gun controller (for shooting games)

e. motion camera (for motion detection games)

Q: Why are racing style seats ideal for video games and e-sports?

A: The design of the racing style seat is ideal for e-sports and video games in general because of its adjustability, the comfort, the ergonomics of the design and everything else in between. This is why many companies who sell seats for video games and e-sports offer them in a racing style for better ergonomics while playing games.

Q: What are the other uses of this kind of seat, other than for playing video games?

desk 2

Freelance and office workers can use this kind of seat.

A: There can be many other uses of this seat, such as with the following activities:

  1. Office workers – they can use this seat for a daily job in the office or in their workstation.
  2. Freelance workers at home – they can use this for their own home office or workstation.
  3. Business owners – those who have their own business can also use this in their own office or store.
  4. Those with back pain – anyone needing a good support if they have back pain could use this seat.

Q: How do I make sure that the seat I have matches with the desk that I have?

desk 3
This desk setup is a perfect match.

A: To know if your desk matches with the seat that you buy or have, you should know about the following factors:

Seat height and adjustability You have to know if the seat has an adjustable height. This is important as some seats cannot be lowered further and thus, will not work well with your given desk.

In the same way, it should also be in the right height even when you don’t have to adjust, so that you will not waste money on a too short or too tall chair.

Height of the arms The arms need to be in the right height to be in good condition with the desk. Having arms that are too high will make it hard for you to keep the seat into the receptacle of the desk underneath, which can cost some serious amount of space in your office or area.
Seat design and desk design Most of the time, you need to have a seat and a desk that matches together in terms of design. For instance, if your desk has a modern design or feel, it should be matched with a seat that is more modern in terms of design overall.
Seat color and desk color scheme The scheme of the colors should also blend well. For instance, if your color is black and white for the seat then it should be best matched with similar colors for the desk, such as gray, black or white, for a more minimalistic or modern feel.
Types of materials that are used You have to consider one that has a good set of materials and would match each other. For instance, modern PU leather of a minimalistic color may go well with glass desks or anything that looks modern.

Q: Can I use this kind of seat to watch TV as well?

This kind of seat can help you feel more comfortable when watching TV.

A: Yes, you can take this kind of seat to the living room, if you wish. It can have different adjustment abilities depending on its brand and design, but most will keep you comfortable like you are in a one seat sofa. This is important for the seniors and the elderly, or basically anyone who just wants to relax while they are watching TV or their favorite movies altogether.

Q: What are the benefits of a properly fitting desk for playing video games that matches your seat?

A good desk can give you more space.

A: If your seat for playing video games can match the desk, it has many benefits, such as the following:

  1. You get more room for your video game items, such as your monitor, your console, your external hard drives and everything else in between. Plus, you can also put stuff like your drinks, chips or maybe even your cat.
  2. It makes you feel more comfortable, in such a way that you don’t have to settle with an awkwardly designed desk that is too low for your seat. You should, therefore, consider the height of the entry point or receptacle of the bottom of the desk before you buy a seat.
  3. A good desk keeps you more organized, such as for arranging all of your setup items. It also means that you can find things easier than if they were placed in a smaller desk, with almost little to no room for organization whatsoever.
  4. It also does a great job for your back, spine and overall position, since you won’t be in an awkward position as we indicated in reason #2. It’s not just the seat that can make you feel comfortable, but the proper height of shelves is also important when looking towards to reaching certain game setup items.

Q: How do gamers earn profit when playing video games?

gamer 2

Gamers get fun, excitement, and sometimes cash.

A: There are a number of simple ways that gamers can potentially earn when playing video games, such as with the following:

YouTube Adsense In this method, gamers can upload their videos or a “let’s play” series to YouTube. Game play videos can be monetized like shows on TV in which advertisers pay YouTube to show ads on the game videos and YouTube pays the gamers in return.
Twitch Streaming Another great way to earn cash while playing video games would be streaming on Twitch, which was intentionally made for gamers. They can play video games while having a crowd funding source or they can apply for Twitch partnership.
E-Sports E-sports refers to tournaments of video games, whether online or offline, and are mostly held in malls or specific game areas around the world.

E-sports has emerged in the last few years and is still running popular today. Prizes are often in cash and the best players get to take home not just the grand prize, but the whole experience with players, a great game setup and a sense of pride and accomplishment to represent their hometown as if they are physical sports athletes or varsity players.

Q: Do these kinds of seats have Bluetooth?

A: Some of the more advanced wireless capable seats out there can have Bluetooth technology. This is important if they have speakers that are built into the unit. This can help you to enjoy the experience of the video game without having to hear it with the headsets all the time.

Q: What is usually included in the warranty of this kind of seat?

A: If you order and buy this kind of seat, it will usually have the following covered by the warranty policy:

  1. chair parts except the fabric or PU leather
  2. steel frame
  3. wheels or casters

Q: Is it important to pick the right monitor for the right desk and seat for video games?

A: Your seat for playing video games should match both your desk and your monitor. This is because of the following reasons:

  1. Monitors can have different sizes and aspect ratios, which can either improve or worsen your experience in the video game.
  2. Some older monitors are still in LCD, which can hurt your eyes for longer periods of time, so they should be in LED if you want better quality. Sitting too close to LCD for too long can take its toll on your eyes later on.
  3. Without a properly durable desk, your monitor could be at risk. A monitor should have a sturdy and reliable base to rest on to avoid the likelihood of accidents in your setup.

Q: Why should I not screw the parts of the seat too tightly?

A: Having screws that are too tight in most parts of your seat, when you are assembling it, can make it harder for you to take it out later on if you need to disassemble it for some reason whatsoever. You should consult the user’s manual as to which parts are supposed to be tighter and which ones need to be a little loose since it might need to be detached later on.

Q: What is the common weight supported by most of these seat types?

A: This kind of seat will support somewhere between 200 lbs to 450 lbs, but the most common would be seats that support from 300 to 350 lbs of weight. Having a proper weight rating for the seat is important so that you don’t break it unintentionally if someone else uses it.

Q: What are the different kinds of seat designs?

office chair

There are different seat types for different workers (or gamers).

A: The design of a seat, usually for office or for playing video games, can vary in looks depending on the intended usage, such as with the following:

Full back This one is ideal for supporting your head, shoulder, spine and back, as well as your neck. It is perhaps one of the best in terms of helping you to sit in a better posture if you have to sit in the seat for 7 to 8 hours in one day.
Mid back The mid back seat is ideal for those who work somewhere between 4 to 5 hours in one day. They are great for general support for your spine, lower back and shoulders.
Task design The task design is ideal for people who work while having to stand up more than once in a while, such as in an office setting. They are also one of the least expensive so they may not be ideal for long hours of sitting.
Ergonomic design The ergonomic design is also like the full back, but it is more intended for helping your blood circulation to be improved even for long hours of sitting. They also promote better posture because of the adjustable components and the armrest.

Q: Is it possible to order replacement parts of this kind of chair if I want to repair it by myself?

A: There are some companies who do offer sale of replacement parts if you need them. You just need to shoot an e-mail to the manufacturer and ask them if they do sell an replacement parts, such as wheels or casters, to help you fix your seats. This is important for those who have already past warranty seats.

Q: What are some common causes of lower back pain?

A: Lower back pain can be experienced by people who:

– are sitting too much in an office or gaming chair

– not seated in the right position, leading to a bad posture

– sits on a seat that is not too comfortable or ergonomic

Q: What pillows are included in this kind of seat?

A: This kind of seat will usually have two types of pillows: one for lumbar support and one for the neck or head support. This ensures that you will feel safe and secure when you sit down on this kind of seat and work your way through hours upon hours of video game titles.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, we believe that the Devoko Gaming Chair is our pick for the best gaming chair due to the easy swiveling function, PU leather material, quiet wheels that run smoothly and the ergonomic shape. All of these factors and features are highly important when you choose the right gaming chair for your needs so that you will stay focused on the game and not on the chair itself.