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Gaming chairs are an excellent way to enhance any gamer’s gaming experience, and the best one to get for efficiency and price would be the X Rocker 5127401. This chair contains 2 built-in speakers, wireless audio transmission, headphone jack, side control panel, and it’s compatible with nearly all gaming systems. The price is also great for all the features that come along with this chair. Sure you could pay a budget price but you won’t get all the same features and you’ll end up with just a fancy looking piece of furniture. In the future you will probably wish you had just spend a little bit more money to get more out of what you paid for it.

Any gamer would love this chair. It’s not only it’s cool features that make it desirable, but also its ergonomic design. This chair is designed for convenience and also comfort. It’s not the only gaming chair out there, but it beats most. Since it’s compatible with nearly all systems it would be great for any of your gaming needs.

Do you have a PlayStation? Check. Do you have an Xbox? Check. There are even chairs that are designed for PC gaming. So whatever gaming system you find to be the best, this chair will suit all of your gaming needs.

If maybe you’re thinking “This sounds good, but I was kind of hoping for more features” then you could also check out the X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1. This chair has great sound quality with built-in speakers to the left and the right of the head rest. One of the coolest features that this chair has is its vibration motors that are designed to sync with the bass tones of whatever game you are playing. This feature alone will give you a more interactive experience. Not only does it work with your gaming experience it works well for watching movies and even listening to music.

Now let’s say you want a great chair, but you want to save on money. Or maybe the above chairs are out of stock, and you don’t feel like waiting for the next shipment to come in. This next chair is called the X Rocker 5143601 II. This chair sits low to the ground. Most people prefer to be more elevated, but everything ultimately depends on each individual’s personal preference, and also the way that their T.V. and gaming system is set up.

So if this is something that seems interesting to you then this could be your chair. It also has a foldable construction making its storage and portability highly convenient, not to mention its vinyl upholstery which makes for much easier cleaning. Although you’re spending less, you’re still getting a great quality chair.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Chair for You

First you have to ask yourself whether or not the chair that you’re currently using is adequate for your gaming desires. If you decide that it isn’t or maybe you’re just curious to see what else there could be, then that’s when you should start checking out different gaming chairs and styles. For most people a big thing needed for making this decision is price information. Well the price range varies quite dramatically, but if you’re trying to find a quality chair and a good price then you’re looking at just a little over $100. Once you’ve decided upon an amount of money that you want to spend, then next you need to decide what kind of features you’re looking for in a gaming chair. There are many different chairs with many different functions available so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that fits your needs.

There are also options out there for less than $100 but these chairs don’t usually have any audio or wireless hookups and are meant mostly for comfort. If you want something that’s going to pay off in the end, then you may just want to spend the extra few dollars required to get a good quality chair with cool and useful functions. Gaming chairs are great. You just have to want it in order to make it happen. If you think that the chair you have now has been working for you then think again.

Maybe you haven’t even realized that your sitting experience could be any better. Maybe you didn’t even know the idea of a sitting experience even existed. Well it does and with certain improvements in your sitting arrangements it could very well be the difference between you winning that round or losing it. Does the chair that you’re currently using for gaming leaving your body feeling uncomfortable or achy after long sessions of gaming? We never really put too much consideration in the type of chair we sit in when we play games and then when the games are over we are left feeling sore or weak from standing or sitting awkwardly. Or maybe our neck feels strained from having to look up or down without any help from your chair, and we’d be crazy not to mention the back pain and aches from constant sitting and staring up at your T.V. screen.

What’s worse is that after prolonged periods of time sitting in a regular chair it will start to damage your back, especially for children. Children that are gaming need a chair with good back, neck, shoulder, and elbow support so that their growing body doesn’t get negatively impacted in the long run.

Health Benefits of Using a Gaming Chair Over a Regular Chair

I’m sure you’ve been told that sitting for long periods of time can be unhealthy and bad on your body, but let’s face it: you’re a gamer and you probably sit for long periods of time. This is why you should consider the health benefits of using a gaming chair as opposed to using a regular chair. With a gaming chair there is much for back support since the ergonomic design helps prevent slouching, which is the most important health benefit. Ergonomic is actually derived from the Greek words “ergos” and “nomos”. “Ergos” means work and “nomos” means the natural law of. So ergonomic literally means the natural law of work.

Most chairs aren’t designed to be sat in for long periods of time so the back support just isn’t there. Most chairs offer back support, but is not designed for relaxation. With these chairs you can sit in a relaxed position without compromising your back and spine support. Most people would believe that sitting is relaxing, but in reality it puts plenty of stress on the back. The entire weight of the upper body is put onto the buttocks and thighs. Not only is the weight an issue, but also sitting for long periods of time is also hard on the extremities because gravity pulls blood to the legs and feet. The reason that this is a problem is because it makes the return trip for the blood to get back to the heart difficult and slow.

Also with most gaming chairs the tilt and swiveling capabilities makes it better on your neck. It’s not good for your neck when you are constantly straining it to look up at a T.V. screen. With a gaming chair this would not be an issue any longer. The arm rests on the chair also give you elbow support and shoulder support. You probably never knew how important the chair you’re using is.

Is your chair designed ergonomically? Consideration for an ergonomic chair is definitely a must. Let’s also not forget that a gaming chair is just plain comfortable. These chairs are also great for kids because they help prevent back pain and they protect the spine. If kids are playing games a lot and using regular chairs, then over time it will being to affect their back and spine. With these things in mind, the health benefits seem like a no-brainer.

FAQ About Gaming Chairs

What systems are these gaming chairs compatible with?
They are compatible with nearly all gaming systems such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Smart Phones, Tablets, Wii, and anything that uses RCA cables for its sound input.

Do these gaming chairs connect to HDMI?
In order to connect to HDMI, you would need to get an HDMI converter. Amazon offers combination deals that include the HDMI converter for just a little more. Be sure to get this with the chair otherwise you will have to wait to use your HDMI devices with it.

When using the chair will sound also come out of T.V.?
All sound will come from the chair, unless you configure it to come out of both.

If you purchase a wireless model chair, do you also have to purchase the wireless kit?
No. Wireless model chairs come with everything needed to use wireless capabilities.

Are these chairs safe to have around small children?
Yes, they are safe to have around small children, just be cautious of any electrical wires. There aren’t many small parts with this so it doesn’t present any choking hazards.

How do I clean these chairs?
Use warm water, soap, and bristled brush to clean. And then use a sponge with cold water in order to rinse. Be sure to use only alkaline cleaners to remove hard to clean stains.

How These Chairs Were Decided

All the chairs listed were studied and reviewed in order to meet certain requirements. Some of the requirements include: Is it priced reasonably? Do the functions included on the chair seem relevant to most? Are the functions on the chair worth paying extra for? Is the lack of functions on the chair worth paying less for? Are they safe for children? What were the ratings of each chair and the amount of customer satisfaction reported for each chair as opposed to customer dissatisfaction? Add on several hours of research and then you get how these chairs were decided upon and made conveniently available for you.

These were the most commonly used questions in deciding which chairs were best. Of course there are many gaming chairs out there and some people may prefer certain chairs based on design or color or some other aesthetic purposes. The chairs that were chosen are appealing to the eye, but they also have good functions and are compatible with most gaming systems. These chairs are meant to satisfy all of your wants rather than just a few.

Why We Chose the X Rocker 5127401

xrocker5127401 top pick

The reason the X Rocker 5127401 was chosen as the best was because of its balance of functionality and price. This chair will easily satisfy the eager gamer and the assembly is so easy that it won’t cause you any stress or irritation. With its built in speakers and subwoofer the chair will make you feel as though you yourself are in the game. For this particular chair the speakers are located on both sides of the headrest so that you will feel immersed in the sound. The game-play will become much more interactive.

Or maybe you just want to relax and possibly read a book. This is always fun, and don’t forget it’s relaxing. You can connect your phone or other MP3 device to this chair and play some relaxing music while you enjoy your reading experience. As you can see, this chair can be used for much more then gaming. You can even use it while watching a movie in order to get closer to the movie. With this chair’s Ergonomic design, you can be sure that you’ll always be comfortable while using it.
It also only weighs 46.6 pounds so it’s fairly easy to transport. The upholstery is made from heavy duty vinyl and is very easy to clean and maintain.

This chair would be perfect for children as a gift or for any adult gamer as well. There are no age limits to these chairs.

Flaws in Our Top Chair Picked

The biggest issue most people have, seem to be about the height of the chair. While some say it’s too short, others who are just as tall or taller say it is fine for them. So this honestly comes down to the way you sit and how hard it is for you personally to get comfortable. If you are somebody who feels like it’s difficult to get comfortable no matter where you are, then this chair (and probably everything else you use) is going to be uncomfortable. Also the chair does need to be plugged in.

The radio receiver also needs batteries in order to operate and it goes through them pretty quickly. So maybe think about investing in rechargeable batteries in order to save on money. This will be useful for the chair and any other battery operated things in your home. Flaws are to be found in any product that you buy for any reason. Perfection (especially with material products) is going to be nearly impossible to achieve.

Something that seems common to most gaming chairs is that this chair is also not compatible with HDMI devices unless you buy the HDMI/RCA converter. Amazon offers package deals with these items so it’s not entirely inconvenient.

The More Functional (But Also More Expensive) Gaming Chair

xrocker51092 spider 2.1 runner up pick
X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1

If you’re looking for more features and more comfortability, then you may want to opt to go the extra mile for the X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1. The coolest feature of this chair by far would be its vibration motors. With this awesome feature you are able to feel more like you are in the game. The assembly for this chair is quite easy also and will not require more than 30 minutes of your time in order to complete.

This chair also has 2 speakers and a subwoofer which will give you a total 2.1 sound immersion experience. The chair uses the open space inside of it to amplify the sound in order to give you a more enjoyable audio experience. The chair is 51 pounds and the seat stands 2 feet 5 inches off the ground. The weight capacity for this chair is 250 Lbs. This chair also enables you to connect to other chairs so that you can listen to the same game, movie, or music with other family members or friends, making this an interactive social experience.

Flaws With the More Functional Chair

A flaw with this chair is that it cannot connect directly to any HDMI devices. Although this may seem like a setback, Amazon offers an item combination with the chair that you can buy containing the HDMI converter. This will allow you to convert RCA to HDMI. Another flaw is that it only comes in one color scheme which is black and red. The design though is still appealing to the eye and this doesn’t seem like it would be a deal breaker for most.

This chairs wireless capabilities apply only to its radio receiver, the chair itself needs to be plugged in. Once it is plugged in it may make it difficult to swivel around without kicking the cord. This will not be a problem if you keep the cord low to the ground.

The Cheaper (But Still Great Quality) Chair

xrocker5143601 ii Budget pick

So if you’re looking for a gaming chair, but want to spend a little bit less of your hard earned cash then you may be interested in the X Rocker 5143601 II. Since this particular chair does not have a stand that it sits on it weighs less, therefore making it more portable. The speakers on this chair are also located on either side of the headrest making the sound experience more absorbing, and there is even a personal headphone jack in case you needed to lower the overall noise level.

The control panel is located on the side with easy controls for volume, bass control, and input/output jacks. The exact weight and height are 27.8 inches tall and 47 pounds. Since the construction is foldable it makes it easier to store and move around. It’s vinyl covering makes it easy to clean. Since this chair sits on the ground you also have more rocking capability.

With the arms on this chair you can flip them up if you feel that your gaming requires you to have more arm space. This floor rocker chair supports more weight also at up to 275 Lbs. This is nearly as cheap as you can get without sacrificing your audio and wireless functions in your gaming chair.

Flaws With the Cheaper Chair

The biggest flaw in this chair is that it sits pretty low to the ground. This may not be an issue for all depending on how low you want to sit and where your T.V. is positioned. Although this chair sits low to the ground, its ability to rock back and forth will protect your neck or back from getting achy or sore. Another flaw is that you cannot swivel in this chair, but if you spent less on this chair then some functions would have to be sacrificed. This chair is also not HDMI compatible without the HDMI converter.

This chair is also said to be wireless, but the chair itself actually has to be plugged into a wall. This isn’t a big deal unless you’re short on outlets. This chair also does not have any other color options, but it’s design looks cool and the colors (black and silver) would match most rooms.

Other Chairs Designed for Specific Gaming Needs

Now you may have noticed that we haven’t mentioned anything about PC gaming. The reason we haven’t done this is because the chairs made for PC gaming are a totally different ball game.

There are many different PC gaming chairs to choose from such as the giantex high back
Giantex High Back
. This chairs height from ground to seating area is 18.11 inches when lowest, and it supports up to 55 Lbs. of weight. This chair does not have any electronic functions or capabilitites.

Arozzi Enzo Series

Arozzi Enzo Series chair weighs 33.1 pounds. It is designed for home, office, LAN party, Dorm Room, or any other place you want to play on PC.

merax high-backThe Merax High-Back is the cheaper of the three PC chairs that I have listed. It comes in many shapes, sized, and colors. The backrest is large and designed to support the entire back, and the arms, seat, and pillow are thickly padded for extra comfort.

gioteck RC-3

There are many other chairs and brands that are in competition with the X Rocker series such as the Gioteck RC-3. This chair has a cool color scheme and design, but does not have the same functions as the X-Rocker series. This chair does have 2 speakers and a convenient fold up design making it easier to store.

imperial international
Imperial International
is very cheap and affordable, but does not offer any electronic functions or wireless capabilities. It comes in 3 different colors and is made from durable microfiber.

Akracing Ak 7018
The Akracing AK-7018
is another PC gaming chair that supports up to 396 pounds. This chair is much more expensive then the rest of the PC gaming chairs that I listed.

cohesion xp 2.1

There is also the Cohesion XP 2.1 which is cheap and affordable. This chair unlike the other cheaper chairs does have speakers, but does not have swiveling capabilities or vibrational motors.

The biggest problem with cheaper chairs though is that most of them don’t have any wireless hookups or speakers. They are just designed to sit comfortably.

Ace Bayou 5121001 ABC

An example of this is the Ace Bayou 5121001 ABC. Now this chair is available in many different colors, but it does not have any electronic functioning.

volair sim universal

They also make specially designed chair attachments for simulating racing or flight gaming such as the Volair Sim Universal. Now this feature is really cool because it makes you actually feel as though you are driving or flying the vehicle in the game that you are playing. The biggest flaw with this chair though is that it is expensive. I don’t personally feel that spending that much money on a chair would justify this feature, but if you feel like this is something that is worth the price it takes then go for it.
As you can see there are many types of gaming chairs and some of the ones listed are: racing chairs, gaming rockers (which sit low to the ground without the pedestal attachment), and pedestal gaming chairs. They even make beanbags designed for video gaming, although these do not have any audio or wireless capabilities. Even with any other competition in the gaming chair industry, X-Rocker brand chairs lead the race with the largest selection of products and also the best quality in products.

More FAQ

Do I really need a gaming chair?
Well of course that would depend on you, but if you want something that’s better for your body and more comfortable and convenient then most chairs, then I would say yes.

What comes along with a wireless kit?
Transmitter, RCA cables, and a receiver. Be sure to get batteries because these are not included. The type of battery varies depending on which chair you decide to buy.

Is the seat height on chairs adjustable?
No they are not. And this seems to be the most critical thing to most, so be sure to keep your height in mind when purchasing a specific gaming chair.

Can a headset for gaming be used with the chairs?
Yes, but you may need to follow special instructions in order to get it up and running.

How long has X Rocker been making gaming chairs?
X rocker has been making gaming chairs since 2005 and they have the highest ratings and customer satisfaction.

How much weight do these chairs support?
The chairs with pedestals support 250 Lbs. While the floor rockers support 275 Lbs.

Will I look cool if I used this chair?
Well honestly, you shouldn’t be worrying about looking cool, but yes you will.

Final Words

Now that you’ve read about the X Rocker 5127401, the X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1, and the X Rocker 5143601 II I hope that you’ve been able to come to some type of decision. And if you haven’t then you have time to think about it. We personally would stick with the top pick since its price isn’t too high and it has many convenient features and uses. Since many people are going to be concerned with money and price, be sure to order online since it’s usually cheaper if you do it that way. If you’re a serious gamer, then a gaming chair will definitely enhance your experience.

Whether you want a large, small, 2 speakers, 4 speakers, on the ground, or a raised seat, there are many options out there. We feel that you will also agree that the X Rocker 5127401 is the way to go. And if you do not agree then that’s ok too because these chairs are all designed to meet different peoples’ personal preferences and tastes.

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