Best Sewing Machine

We spent 70 hours sewing all kinds of patterns on 10 kinds of material to come up with Jen’s top pick for the best sewing machine: the SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine. This sewing machine impressed us with its versatility – it can even handle paper crafting and is able to store thread and needles discretely. It handles appliqués as well and can also be used for scrapbooking. As a reliable sewing machine, it has a free arm and is great for seaming. It is compact, taking up no more space than necessary, and very durable.

Our step-up pick is the SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine and with 600 built-in stitches, it has a direct button stitch selection and you will not be disappointed at all. It has a single-welt cording foot and is an excellent choice for your needs. The 13 1-step buttonholes are fully automatic and it has a drop feed mechanism to make the perfect seams. With a mirror imaging feature, it has a buttonhole under plate and it can make beautiful edges as well.

The budget pick is the Brother XM2701 Lightweight Full-Featured Sewing Machine and handling various weights of fabric, it goes well with domestic thread spools. It has an operation manual and it has various included accessories in an accessory bag. Handling thin or delicate material, it is a great machine with an adjustable dial. Quite easy to use, it is an awesome machine that has been designed well with an extra spool pin.

A Little Background

A sewing machine is a machine that it used to mainly sew material – mostly made by dressmakers, tailors and seamstresses – to get the job done faster, more accurately and finer than being done by hand. It can have a wide variety of spanned target users: some are for beginners, for advanced users and some are also targeted for special sewing needs.

How We Picked

In choosing the best sewing machine ever, it is important to look at the following:

Level of user experience – the sewing machine should adhere to the level of user experience, whether you are a beginner at sewing or a professional seamstress, dressmaker or tailor.

Features and stitches – the features and the stitches of the sewing machine should be all great and should be fine with the diversity and the flexibility.

Ease of use – the ease of use should be considered in the sewing machine so that it will be okay for both beginners and advanced users.

Durability – the durability of the sewing machine should be outstanding so that it will be used for a longer period of time for your money’s value overall.

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Our Pick

SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Our best sewing machine is the SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine and this adorable yet precise top stitching sewing machine has a really easy stitch selection. It can handle cotton very well and it has a lot of great safety features. It can be used for your usual garment sewing and it can handle most beginner projects.

With all other essential features, you can quickly select your stitch in no time and make alterations just like you wanted them to. With all the included accessories, mending is a breeze and knits are super easy. You can even do paper crafting in this machine.

You can store other supplies conveniently in this sewing machine and the needle threader is so easy to use. The top loading bobbin system is convenient and the zigzag stitch works as it should. Having a 100-stitch mechanism, it is ideal for decorative sewing and it has an endless buttonhole and it has a total of 10 presser feet.

Very easy to use, it gives you skip-free sewing and it allows you to monitor the bobbin thread supply. Ideal and perfect for crafting, the thread-down position is excellent and the machine has an illuminated workspace with a long-lasting bulb at 100,000 hours life span. For sewing efficiency, it has a neat threader for the needle and you can perform satin stitch just fine.

Quilting is great and you will be perfectly happy with this basic machine for styling purposes.

The included accessories are provided for ease of use. You can create buttonholes just fine and it has an easy LED display screen with incredible speed control. Performing a straight stitch just fine, it is ideal for fancier stitches and it has an automatic stitch length and width function straight stitch.

It runs much quieter than other machines and it also has a clear bobbin cover. You will find it easy threading your machine and it has a programmable needle up/down. The quality of construction is okay and you can just starting sewing with this electronic auto pilot sewing machine with a gathering foot.

The bright LED work light is dependable so you can create a ruffle at will. You can even sew without the foot pedal and it has convenient free arm storage on board. With many presser feet, it can perform embroidery as you wish, creating elegant garments at will. The stitches are really pretty and it comes with 10 presser feet for your needs.

You can adjust maximum speed easily and even do a quick backstitch with this sewing machine. Overall, it’s affordable and it has a darning plate. As a 110 volt machine, it has an overcasting foot and a blind hem foot and it also has many features to boot.

For the price, it has an array of features like the freehand embroidery foot and over cast functionality which makes sewing easier. It has 6 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes and an included screwdriver and instruction manual. The power cord spans at 69 inches in length and the machine is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Even as the best sewing machine, the SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine does have some minor flaws such as the fact that it is a 110 volts machine so it may not be used internationally unless you have a converter.

Step-up Pick

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine

Our step-up pick for its value is the SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine due to its great features. Also for your crafts, the sewing machine is reliable. It has been individually tested for quality and it has a neat higher foot lift overall. With alternating or walking presser feet, the feed dog can be changed on this industrial sewing machine and it has an easily modified needle plate and foot. It is an excellent machine and the professional’s choice and you will love this machine as it is so quiet overall.

The touch screen is great and you can make a professional finish with this sewing machine. The stitch elongation is just fine and the automatic thread cutter is excellent for a really nice machine. It can make decorative stitches and has features beyond compare so you can customize your projects better. Its automatic needle threader is fine and the buttonholes are better than most.

Even with warning animations, you can use it for quilting and it has a slow sewing speed option for your needs. With an automatic stitch length and width feature, it has a bias binder foot and it also has a braiding foot. This computerized sewing machine can go through all layers of your work material. The needle up/down button is very convenient and you love the little patterns.

Startup is a breeze with this machine and it also has a hard cover for your needs. The free arm is quite functional and the extension table is very usable. The included accessories are all complete and it even has a programmable needle that will ensure you that the stitch quality is excellent. The thread cutter is fine and it has a total of 19 presser feet.

With great stitch editing capabilities, it has tremendous amount of stitches in high quality. With its LCD screen, it is easy to operate with an easy threading system. With accessories included, it automatically trims upper and lower threads as needed and it has a top drop-in bobbin system.

Ideal for different stitches, it has a quick and easy setup and can use a lot of different feet. Its overall durability is excellent and it has an automatic tension feature. With 600 built-in stitches, this is a really nice machine overall with the LED light for ease of working.

A powerful sewing tool, it has an extension table so you can start the next seam right away. The elongation function is very powerful and the digital information advisor is unique. With 5 different fonts in the system, it comes with bonus accessories. The high presser foot lifter is also considerable and it has a hard cover. You get a ton of project possibilities with this machine.

Budget Pick

Brother XM2701 Lightweight Full-Featured Sewing Machine

Our budget pick is the Brother XM2701 Lightweight Full-Featured Sewing Machine and it works on all types of fabric. With a dual top-stitching look and a differential feed, it has snap on feet for your decorative and constructive needs with a blind stitch foot. This machine has included accessories to achieve a professional finish for easy handling. As a perfect companion machine, it is great for a budget sewing machine.

A good sewing machine, it has a quick-set top drop-in bobbin and it is also catering to advanced sewers for a wide range of projects and material. With 27 unique built-in stitches on board, it gets the job done. Turning the dial is quite simple with this machine and it has all the accessories needed.

One can achieve blind hem stitches finely and it is also easy to use and is reliable for selecting your stitch. You can make zigzag stitches just fine and you can even see if you are getting low on thread with this reliable machine. The needle threader works great and it can give you creative potential with its stretch stitches. It can sew denim material well and it has a neat automatic needle threader.

Surprisingly lightweight, it has a 1-step auto-size buttonholer and it has a built-in needle threader. You can work on sleeves with its easy threading system and it has a 3-piece needle set. With a twin needle, it can make perfect buttonholes and the bobbin is wound easily.
With 6 included quick-change sewing feet, it has a jam resistant bobbin and it is a versatile machine with great bobbin control and buttonhole system. With a clear plate over the bobbin, it has an easy stitch selector and it works right out of the box.

You can attach a zipper finely with this lightweight machine and you can even work on pant legs easily. With its button sewing foot, you can perform zigzag stitches well. Coming with an instructional DVD, it has great ease of use with its top drop-in bobbin and it has neat auto-sized buttonholes.

The LED work area is brightly lit and it also comes with a bilingual user manual. It also has a narrow hemmer foot and blind stitch capabilities. As a full-featured machine with button sewing feet, it is backed by a 25 year limited warranty.

Best Sewing Machine with a Free Arm Feature

Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sewing Machine

The Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sewing Machine is a great free arm sewing machine with heirloom stitches and it sews steadily with ease of use. With embroidering stitches, this sewing machine is great and the needle threader is amazing. You can practice stitching with 25 built-in stitches as it is easy to operate.

The free arm accessory storage is great and the top drop-in bobbin is functional. The custom-sized buttonholes are functional and all of the stitch patterns are good. With 5 accessory presser feet for quilting, it goes through layers of material and anything you could sew with the foot pedal.

The quality of this machine is okay for decorative stitches. If you’re looking for a new machine with a decent needle threader, the flexibility of this machine is great even for shirt sleeves and children’s clothing with its thread cutter.

It performs at whatever speed you want and is jam resistant with a basic setup and workspace illumination. With an easy stitch selector and an easy to wind bobbin, this portable machine is easy to use with auto bobbin winding so you can start sewing right away.

Ideal for everyday sewing, it comes with a needle set and is easy and fun with a 1-step auto-size buttonholer. You can easily sew hems and threading the needle is okay. It comes with a bilingual user’s manual, a power cord accessory pouch, powered at 110 volts and is backed by a 25 year limited warranty.

Best Sewing Machine for Travel Use

SINGER 5400 Sew Mate Sewing Machine

With an easy threading system, the SINGER 5400 Sew Mate Sewing Machine can make sewing a breeze and its darning plate is useful as a heavy duty metal frame. It can also be a free arm sewing machine and it has an automatic needle threader. It has the right stitch for your horizontal threading needs with precise sewing as a time saver.

You will love this machine to create perfectly sized buttonholes and cosplay outfits and also to personalize projects. The stitch length and width settings are automatic and you can use heavy weight fabric as well. Excellent for a beginner adult, it boasts features for precision sewing such as 8 essential stitches and an easy threading system.

With the durability, you couldn’t be happier with its 60 built-in stitches and needle plate. Great for hard to reach areas, it has an automatic presser foot pressure and an automatic needle threading. With 8 essential stitches, it reaches up to 6.5 mm stitch width and has fully adjustable optimum settings.

Those with passion for sewing can work on this regardless of fabric type. Its 8 stretch stitches and automatic needle threader are both great and in perfect alignment. You will love this sewing machine and it seems like a great machine to move with your fabric. It is so easy to use with its all-purpose foot and this machine is very intuitive for every sewing project.

With 40 decorative stitches, you can adjust the bobbin tension. It will be going strong for years and the stitch width and length are both adjustable for embellishments. With a 5-minute start, it has 8 stretch stitches and a free arm. If you’re looking for a nice machine, this is the one. The 4 1-step buttonholes are fully automatic and it has an automatic tension and a high presser foot lifter.

With a free online owner’s class, it has 40 decorative stitches and a push-button stitch selection. Likewise, it’s very light weight and with an automatic reverse function for a great little machine with everything you need. You can easily select your desired stitch as the needle size is from 16 to 18.

Take it with you as you travel or for every day projects. With rigid support you’ll be sewing in no time. The heavy duty metal frame is on the interior and you can get the correct needle and settings with this sturdy machine to get started. It remains still all the way even sewing over multiple layers. Easy threading makes this a great budget sewing machine. With skip-free sewing even when sewing denim, the needle threader works well and it has accessories included.

Working on a moderate speed, it has overall durability is great. With a pack of needles, it has a zipper foot, an instruction manual and works at 110 volt systems. With a quick start guide, it has a 25-year limited warranty.

Best Sewing Machine with Quilting Capability

Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing/Quilting Machine

The Laura Ashley Limited Edition Sewing/Quilting Machine has neat sewing feet and is a limited edition machine with great stitch settings. With 11 sewing and quilting feet such as quilting feet, you can make accomplishments with this machine and you can see your stitches on the LCD screen display.

With built-in fonts, this sewing and quilting machine has a quilting foot for that final touch. It can do basic monogramming and works for thick seams with medium weight fabrics. The oversized table is great and this computerized sewing machine and quilting machine will work with no problems with bobbin tension.

Making elegant buttonholes, it is an affordable machine that can save a lot of time for creative home sewing. It has everything you need and is ideal for home décor with its easy needle threading system. If you quilt then this is a great machine. It can handle heavier weight fabrics with 155 built-in stitches.

You can make extra stitches and redecorate your home with this machine and its 1-step auto-sized buttonholes at 8 styles are among of its lots of features. You can make your own decorator fabrics and it has an accessory bag. With buttonhole stitches, it has 55 alphanumeric stitches and it is very easy to learn for larger projects. Working through layers of satin, it has over cast stitches and has a set of designer accessories.

You will love this machine if you are budget-minded and you can use it for decorative sewing. It keeps the fabric from fraying with the extra wide table. Make zigzag stitches easily with this not too heavy machine with computerized functions. The total workspace will be 33% larger than most and its basic monogramming is useful.

The heirloom stitching is very smooth for your window treatments and the alphanumeric stitches are great. With 135 stitches, you can make unique and personal designs that are consistent such as king-sized quilts for the interior designer in you. It is large enough with its foot controller and is reliable with a super bright work area. With the accessory feet, the directions are very clear and the easy threading of bobbin and top thread saves time. It has an operation manual in English and Spanish and a 25 year limited warranty.

Best Sewing Machine for Denim Material

SINGER 3223G 23-Stitch Petrol Sewing Machine 

With a total of 23 built-in stitches, the SINGER 3223G 23-Stitch Petrol Sewing Machine is a great start and the machine is easy to use. It is also easy to thread with its all-purpose foot and 6 essential stitches at your fingertips.

As an all-around machine it can be used for home economics class. With 7 stretch stitches and easy threading, it is so simple to use and is made with a heavy duty metal frame. With 9 decorative stitches, it sews beautifully and is good for the beginner. Choose the stitch you want on this great machine with its 1 4-step buttonhole that is automatic.

For those just starting out, setup is a breeze and it can handle both thick and thin fabrics. Beginner sewers will think that this is a simple machine and they will love the machine with its adjustable stitch length and width. It has a lot of different stitches as a good little machine and it has the important extras for your strong seams.

Ideal for adding buttonholes, it has an automatic bobbin winding system for easy threading. As an inexpensive basic machine, the stitch length adjustment is very easy to use and it comes with all the threading instructions. With snap-on presser feet, the buttonholes are made easy for skip-free sewing.

The zigzag width is adjustable and the 4-segment feed dog system is helpful. All instructions are clear and the zipper foot does its job with multiple layers of bulky fabric. It is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

Best Sewing Machine that is Ideal for Crafting

nex fhsm-508 free-arm mini sewing machine

The nex fhsm-508 free-arm mini sewing machine is great for beginners and is a great beginner machine with a good learning curve for DIY sewing and everyday sewing projects. It comes with accessories and all kinds of things to make your sewing experience great. With double thread, you will be very happy due to the easy to adjust the setting that will meet your different needs.

With double speed, the initial setup is okay and the simple stitch guide is great. The forward and reverse stitch buttons are okay and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. The quality is good with ABS casing and button holing. The foot pedal is okay and the unit is lightweight for multifunction sewing, hemming and portable use.

A good starter sewing machine, it can save space and it can seam. It is fully equipped as well. For work space illumination, it has a light bulb. It can make quilts and is very worth buying for pillows. With an automatic thread rewind, it can make doll clothes and is a multi-purpose sewing machine with an adjustable zigzag width for perfect tight stitching.

With 12 built-in stitch patterns, it has high and low speeds so it sews sleeves just fine. It uses DC 6v or battery (4 AA batteries) and has an adjustable stitch length and auto winding. It can sew stretch fabrics and can go in reverse with the foot pedal.

You will be very pleased with this easy to carry unit. It is easy to operate the machine and it has low noise. For your home sewing projects, customize stitches well with its tension adjuster. The flat bed mechanical configuration will help you and the drawer is included along with 2 extra needles.

Transform old clothes with this machine with a thread cutter and a hand switch or foot pedal for any clothing. The foot controller is great and making a lock stitch is a breeze. With thread spools for crafting, you can make unique clothes as the sewing thickness can go up to 2.5 mm. With a built-in sewing light and a stable operation, it works well on quilting and through six layers of thin denim.

Including a measuring tape, it uses a 14 needle system number and is great for your home décor. With a built-in carry handle, it is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Sewing Machine with Computerized Features

Juki Excite Hzl-g210 Computerized Sewing Machine 

The Juki Excite Hzl-g210 Computerized Sewing Machine has variable speed control, LED lights to work your way and an automatic needle threading system. It can work on quilting projects with great stitch placement. It has easy pattern selection and is okay for bigger projects and the like. It has a presser foot, sensor buttonhole and a bunch of other accessories. With a 2-year warranty, you will be satisfied by this wonderful sewing machine with a hard shell carry case. It also comes with spool caps, 4 bobbins and an over cast foot and various accessories to get started.

Best Sewing Machine with a Drop Feed Mechanism

JanomeMOD 50 
Janome MOD-50 Computerized 50-Stitch Sewing Machine

The Janome MOD-50 Computerized 50-Stitch Sewing Machine has a total stock of 50 stitches, a free arm feature and a backlit display in LCD. It can perform any locking stitch, reverse stitch and the like with its 7-piece feed dog system. The bobbin has a clear cover so you can see when you are running low on thread. It has total convenience with its features such as three 1-step buttonholes. With an easy threading method, it is backed by a solid warranty of 25 years (limited).

The Competition

Other sewing machines did not match our criteria because of the very fact that they lacked a lot of things in terms of durability, reliability and overall functionality as a sewing machine. It is important to know the basic facts about the sewing machine and whether it is worth buying.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some beginner tips for sewing?
A: According to Serger Pepper, you should rethread if you think something is wrong and you should also start the few stitches by the hand before moving onto the machine itself.

Q: What benefits will sewing bring to you as a person?
A: According to The Sewing Directory, it can give you positive thinking, a sense of accomplishment and it will enhance children’s eye and hand coordination and will get them to pay attention to more details in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it all up, the SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is our best sewing machine for all your sewing needs, whether basic or advanced.