Best Civilization Game

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The Sid Meier's V our pick for the best civilization game, which is a complete edition and is meant for the PC as a digital title with strategies. This allows you to master the art of leadership and create the most powerful empire the world of the title. There are a total of 43 historical leaders that are playable in this specific title.

Our step-up pick is the Sid Meier’s Dawn and it gives you a streamlined form in terms of strategy and turn based moves and it is also a board title based off the original series. It incorporates a  lot of new strategies to play and is good for both new and experienced players alike.

The budget pick is the Civilization II Multiplayer and this one is a package that is not just for multiplayer mode but also for adding an expansion pack. It contains 2 expansion packs: fantastic worlds and conflicts in civilization. Both of them present a very good insight in the title itself.

A Little Background

Civilization is a series of video games made by Sid Meier, and has spawned many sequels and titles throughout the years. The civilization title has a good game play that is strategic.

This kind of strategy genre makes it more challenging for those who are playing, so that they will use their brains and not just their clicking and pointing speed. This kind of society building title will help them to achieve a sense of completion once they have done amazing feats in the title.

These kinds of titles can help with your management skills in real life. People who are taking up a management course or even something with relation to political science or are training to be a leader in a community, town or business company, may find the society building titles useful.

They might be able to help out people to develop their management skills and be more efficient when it comes down to laying down the affairs of the people and an entire nation.

The graphics in these titles have developed throughout the years. A good society building title should have a well developed graphics so that you can be able to scan all throughout the world places and the districts in the areas that you have rule on.

Added realism will make you feel totally immersed in the game, as if you are the person controlling or ruling the land or area. It will help you to address different kinds of situations found in a nation building scheme or format.

Each title has a different setting and characters. These settings emulate real life situations in which you have to go through tough trials as a leader and someone who manages the city or area. The settings can help you to figure out what to do if such situations happen in real life. The characters also play a vital role when it comes down to how you will have to manage the area or city that you are ruling on.

Various parameters are needed to be considered in order to raise a civilization. These parameters can vary in location, such as the climate, the food supplies,  material supplies, population, land area and others. These parameters and criteria must be taken into consideration with every decision that you make so that you will not compromise the safety and needs of the people.

To play the titles properly, you need a good amount of strategy. The strategies that you need to successfully bring about a nation to its fullest requires a good amount of spending the resources and maximizing the availability of your resources in general. The resources within each title will be limited, much like in real life, so you have to learn how to properly manage them, much like with what you do in titles like Minecraft.

How we Picked

In choosing the best civilization game, you have to consider the following:

Type of game: you can choose between the digital game or the board game. Sid Meier’s Civilization comes in 2 major formats: digital download or PC game, as well as the board game, which has also been a great thing for many players. The board game may have additional features that may not be present in the PC game, but both of them have their own respective players and followers to boot.

Version: the version of the society building title can have differences that may be because of upgraded features. These features can help you to become better in the game and it can also add more challenges to it. The unique versions of the society building title can help you to determine which setting or characters, or even theme, would be the best for you.

Operating system: the society building title should have an indication on what kind of operating system it is used for. It can either be Windows or Mac OS. In some cases, there can also be ports to the consoles for you to be able to play it properly. There can also be some differences when it comes down to these versions, however, so you have to know about them first.

Graphics: the society building title that you should have must have good graphics that will adapt to your native specs for your operating system and will present better graphics for the title and playing title. The graphics must not have a lot of lag and should be easily accessible with the menu features, the controls and all aspects of the playable title.

Realism: it should contain a good amount of realism to be a Sid Meier's society building title that will be worth the payment. It should have difficulty levels in terms of managing, which should be very good in terms of AI and playability, to ensure that the player will not get bored later on. Also, realism of the society building title adds more depth to any kind of title whatsoever.

Bundle or single game: the society building title can either be in a bundle or single package depending on how it was packed and how you want the title to appear. For instance, there are those that are bundled in a pack because these society building title will have special bonuses that can make them much more worth it to play all this time.

Physical or digital copy: you may also want to consider whether the society building title should be in the format of a digital download or one in the physical format. Digital formats may have different bonuses as compared to the physical formats so you should also take note of that. Physical copies can be in the CD format or DVD depending on the specifications of your computer or operating system or optical drive options.

Expansion packs: the expansion pack is an important aspect of any civilization game that is highly crucial to prolong the lifespan of the title. Each title may have a different expansion pack depending on the setting that was given for it. For instance, it can add new maps, new characters, new tribes, new resources and many more. Having an expansion pack ready for download or available for purchase adds more depth to the title itself.

Completeness of accessories or game pieces (board game): for the board game version, you have to know whether the title has a lot of accessories included, and if all the accessories or game pieces are onboard and are not missing anything. This is highly crucial, especially in a high quality strategy title like civilization itself.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Sid Meier's V is the fifth installment in the series, and you get to choose up to 43 of history’s most cunning rulers, which can help you to exercise diplomacy and leadership skills over your land or territory, as you also learn and are challenged to create a well-crafted plan for winning every battle you face. You will have to make your empire spread across land and sea with various ruling strategies and the like.

In addition to the political affairs, you can customize and enhance the religious groups that are in the title’s towns and areas. You can also make use of spies for surveillance purposes and for adding more depth and enhancement to your present ruling country or area.

It also works for DirectX 9 mode on it with Windows 10 so you will have no problem. It has a lot of packs available, including the Explorer’s Map Pack, maps of Asia and the Americas, and so much more.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Sid Meier's V has only one minor con, which is the fact that the multiplayer game might not be that good, but in that case, there are versions that have a multiplayer enhanced specific feature.

Step-up Pick

The Sid Meier’s Dawn is our step-up pick, which is a board game that has been based off the PC titles out there. It is a unique way of showing off your strategy and will be good for both new and experienced players. As a board title, it offers you a way of applying unique strategy opportunity depending on how you roll the dice and how you implement playing pieces, as you build, battle and trade your way to victory.

Whether you’re in ancient history to the modern era, there’s always a challenge because you, as a player in the title, can become some of greatest leaders in world history and you can implement your strategy depending on how you feel like it, with many choices and possibilities for you to tread on in the path to victory. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for each play to last, and the countless random maps makes the title more challenging.

Budget Pick

For our budget pick, we chose the Civilization II Multiplayer, which is a title that specializes the most in terms of multiplayer play. It has a total of 2 expansions: the fantastic worlds and the conflicts in civilization expansion packs. The online multiplayer and hot seat options will be loved by many players because it allows groups of friends to be able to challenge each other in terms of combat or even teamwork. It also has many scenarios added.

The AI of the whole title is very good and realistic, so that you will feel more challenged. It is a re-release of the original so that it will be improved in many of its aspects. There are also released patches that will allow it to run on Windows XP, so you don’t have to worry about an older computer. Even if you do have Windows 95, it will definitely work.

The variability of the functionality of the title is also just fine because of the upgrade from the original one. A mechanism called knowledge advances is also present, which can help for you to prevent enemies from attacking you.

Best Civilization Game as a Game of the Year Edition

The Civilization IV GOTY is a game of the year edition that is a special edition with many more other kinds of freebies, such as a DVD for the behind the scenes and a poster of the Tech Tree. It runs on most versions of the Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, 2000 and Vista. It only requires 256 to 512 MB of ram and at least 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor or anything similar.

With this kind of version, it allows you discover new land, sea and air units and many other in-game elements such as missionaries, civics, scales and many more. There are also many animals that can be used for a realism and a colorful world where almost anything is possible. It also has added features and tools to manage and expand your town or empire, to be much more powerful than the other nations out there in the title itself.

Best Civilization Game featuring Religion Management

If you enjoy something that has a religion management feature, you will love the Gods and Kings, as you can be able to manage a Pantheon of the Gods and make your own religion, so that your townspeople and empire can have something to hold onto and have their own culture present. There are also two new types of ships, including melee and ranged, which can be helpful for customizing on how you fight in your naval force.

There is also a balanced army composition in the title’s mechanics, which you will be able to customize and enhance as desired and as needed for every situation. You can also manage espionage tactics within the title itself. It has a total of 27 brand new units for you to use, plus nine wonders of the world you can choose for a decent location. When it comes to the buildings, you have a choice of 13 additions to the franchise.

Best Civilization Game for Espionage

The Beyond the Sword, abbreviated as BTS (not the Korean group, but yeah), is the title for Civilization IV, which offers you a lot of options for espionage. You get many new leaders, new scenarios and a total of 64 new buildings to choose from. There are also 5 various new technologies to choose from, which you can use to help enhance your performance in the title. Additionally, the unique and challenging scenarios can help add challenge in the title.

In addition to that, this is a 2nd expansion pack to the original title, which focuses on the setting of time periods after the invention of gunpowder, which makes the wars very much interesting as a whole. In terms of graphics, landscape art is also very pleasing and adding so much more playability would be the expansion pack and the modifications in the title itself.

Additionally, you can change your civilization while in the middle of the story because of the setting of the title, which makes it a good title to learn about history in the making.

Best Civilization Game for the Playstation 3

The Revolution Playstation 3 focuses on the history of Africa, America, Germany and China, and is a game that has been made for the PS3. It is also a free-for-all online because of the online features that are present in the PS3 console, which can be great for players, as they can battle as teams of 4 in each session. You can also build up more strength in your empire by combining up to 3 units in your army.

There are a total of 16 historical civilizations for you to choose from. You can gather up all of the new advantages throughout the ages and learn new technologies that can be used. Because of the cool modifications, it is a much more strategic and logical game then most CIV versions in the market today. Whether you are a veteran of the series or not, this one will not disappoint you due to the wide availability of settings.

Best Civilization Game for Conquest Scenarios

The Civilization III Complete can be a great choice if you want to challenge yourself with added scenarios for conquests. In this title, there are a total of 31 playable nations for you to choose from, as well as many multiplayer modes for you to play with your friends and colleagues. There are also a total of two expansions that are included in this title for you to enjoy and expand the game to its fullest content.

There are also many special abilities that you can make use during the times of war, and there is also an option of rebalancing of units for a better strategic opportunity. It has a total of two expansions in the title so that you can make the playing experience much more worth it. The title will also work well on various Windows versions, including 98, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (compatibility mode).

Also, establish relations with a rival nation can also be added challenge. The main storyline ends in the year 2050 AD and covers a lot of historical matter for you to tackle, so you are also learning about history in some way or another.

Best Civilization Game for the Xbox 360

The Revolution Xbox 360 is a good choice for those who have an Xbox instead of a Playstation and also do not want a PC game. It has a multiplayer mode that can handle from 2 to 4 people at once. There are also many downloads that are available for you to access within the title itself. The situations and the mechanics of this title are very addictive so it will be hard for you to avoid getting hooked.

The voice acting is also good and because the audio is in Dolby Digital, it will be a very realistic experience when you play the title itself in the console. It is a cheaper version that you will only find online and not in real stores. It comes with the disc and is a simple and straightforward version or port of the original Playstation 3 title, so it is a good choice for those who have the other console.

Best Civilization Game for the PS Vita

The Revolution 2+ is a playable title that has been made for the PS Vita, and is a unique and rare title for most people. Even if the original title is in Japanese, it can still run on any PS Vita that isn’t in the Asian region. There are also English subtitles that come with the title, so you can still be able to understand what is going on in the entire title and with the story and situations.

It has been originally released in July 2, 2014, and is under the genre of turn based strategy. It is also a spin-off of the original series and also has version for mobile phones, such as the iOS and Android, making it a mobile version of the well-known CIV game. All players have the equal opportunity to build a glorious empire that can transcend and will be victorious in every war and negotiations that they make with empires and nations.

The Competition

There were others that did not make it to our list because they were not that dynamic when it comes down to game play, and this is why they may not be that good when it comes down to excitement and realism.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different CIV titles?

A: The CIV titles that are released by Sid Meier include the following:

CIV Classification


Release date

Themes and features





Console or Mobile


Rise and Fall

Feb. 8, 2018

Golden ages

Dark ages




Oct. 21, 2016

Historical leaders like Roosevelt





CIV expansion

Beyond Earth – Rising Tide

Oct. 9, 2015

Seaside adventures


CIV spinoff

Beyond Earth

Oct. 24, 2014

Space adventures on a distant planet





Revolution 2+

July 2, 2014

Sequel to the original series

iOS, Android, PS Vita, PSNV (PSN Vita)


Brave New World

July 9, 2013

Tourism and culture aspects




Gods and Kings

June 1, 2012

Diplomacy aspects, religion and espionage



CIV spinoff


July 6, 2011

MMO spinoff

Browser title



September 21, 2010

New elements with a focus on turns






Sept. 23, 2008

European colonization





June 13, 2008

Focuses on revolution eras and is a console title

Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, iOS, Windows Phone


Beyond the Sword

July 23, 2007

Expansion pack to IV with added content





July 24, 2006

Concept of generals and war



CIV spinoff

CivCity Rome

July 24, 2006

City building title




October 25, 2005

Building a new empire with a simple UI





Nov. 4, 2003

Unique scenarios



Play the World

Oct. 29, 2002

Multiplayer inclusion




Oct. 30, 2001

Added new features for definitive cultures with better graphics



CIV spinoff

Call to Power II

Nov. 15, 200

Released by Activision



Test of Time

July 31, 1999

Focuses on turn based strategy with various aspects


CIV spinoff

Call to Power

March 31, 19999

Released by Activision




Fantastic Worlds

Oct. 31, 1997

Added dragons and mythical concepts



Conflicts in Civilization Scenarios

Sept. 4, 1996

Expansion pack for CIV II




Feb. 29, 1996

Second installment in the main series



PS, N-Gage

CIV spinoff


June 26, 1995

15th century turn based playable setting





CIV spinoff


April 17, 1995

Early implementation of online multiplayer




Jan. 1, 1991

First title in the series, originally released by Microprose



N-Gage, Amiga, SNES, Atari ST


CIV Online


MMO version of the original title for Asia


Q: Which CIV titles are the best of the best (and which are the worst)?

A: A certain website has ranked the following CIV titles to be the best among the best, as well as which are the worst of the worst:



Advantages (higher rank)

Disadvantages (lower rank)



1. Use of religion for influence and power

2. Introduction of espionage

3. Use of vassal states

4. Story and title play depth



1. Great expansion packs

2. Addition of Wonders

3. Merge unit types to form an army

4. Visual style is very good



1. Revamping the user interface

2. Espionage has been simplified

3. Reintroduction of religion use

4. Polished coding and mechanics



1. Nostalgic pixel graphics

2. Two awesome expansions

3. Great animations were presented

4. Strategies are quite challenging


Call to Power 2

1. Great user interface

2. You can automate units

3. Futuristic units up for grabs

4. Patches have improved AI



1. The original classic title

2. Very nostalgic pixel sprites

3. Focuses on negotiation strategies

4. Simple and straightforward



1. Has fair graphics and animations

2. Great soundtrack with nostalgic vibe

3. Isometric perspective

4. It is also a classic title title


Call to Power

1. Not as good as the pure CIV titles

2. An imitation of the original CIV titles

3. Not very good user interface

4. Implementation of mechanics was not well thought-out

Q: What other titles are like the CIV titles?

A: If you liked the CIV titles then you will also most probably like the following titles as well:


Themes and features





Console or Mobile

Stronghold HD

City building



Real-time strategy

Castle building


Rise of Nations

Territory building








City building

Collection of resources



City building

Cold war

Online title

3D graphics

Open world


Command and Conquer

World war

Real-time strategy



Combat and battles




Empire Earth

Real-time strategy

Resource collection

Army units




Tropico 4


Real-time strategy

Tropical islands

City building

City governance



Xbox 360


Imagine Earth

Real-time strategy


Space themed


Supreme Commander


Defense building




City building




Xbox 360



The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth






Xbox 360

Caesar IV

City building

Ancient Rome






Command and Conquer: Red Alert

Real-time strategy


City building




Elemental: War of Magic

Turn-based strategy



Resource management




Q: What is a 4x title?

A: A 4x title is an acronym for a strategy video title title that stands for the following:

1. Explore – this refers to how the person will have to explore the area in order to get resources and survey the people’s wants and needs, if they are governing a certain area, nation or empire.

2. Expand – this allows you to expand your territory depending and based on what your achievements are and how much population you have.

3. Exploit – it will allow you to exploit other nations and potentially conquer them in the process.

4. Exterminate – it will allow you to exterminate enemies of the state and other nations who want to start a war with you and take your pride as a leader.

Q: What are the benefits of strategy titles?

A: Strategy titles, in any form, such as with CIV titles, can have the following benefits for you:

Keen observation

Observation skills and visual learning can be enhanced with strategy titles.

Logical reasoning

You can also enhance your thinking and reasoning for making decisions.

Problem solving

This is because every decision you make can have an impact in a title.

Memory and concentration

You also learn how to memorize certain patterns and be more attentive.

Q: Are there benefits to video titles as proved by science?

A: Yes, there are many scientifically proven facts that prove that video titles are beneficial to people (with links to each of their studies):

1. It helps with problem-solving skills.

2. You become better with motor skills.

3. The military can use them for strategic thinking.

4. You become fast with your response rate.

5. In some cases, you learn to socialize.

6. You may even use it to reduce urges to do your vices.

7. If you’re depressed or stressed, video titles may help.

Q: Can children benefit from strategy titles?

A: Yes, there are many benefits that can be gained with the use of strategy titles for children:

Memory and concentration

Their memory and concentration on a certain topic will be enhanced.

Establish relationships

They become closer to playmates and even to parents.

Creativity and ideas

They begin to think outside of the box.

Decision making

They learn how to make decisions on their own.


They learn how to play well with others.


They learn how to be patient when it comes down to title elements.


They learn the lesson of being a good sport.

Q: What’s the significance of studying history?

A: History is a big part of CIV, and these are the importance of learning history:

1. To prevent or reduce future mistakes

2. To look at how our ancestors shaped our present culture and trends

3. To look for past opportunities that might become useful in the present

Q: Since CIV is a title about leadership, what are the ways you can improve your leadership skills in any field?

A: Leadership, in any field, is a crucial skill. This is why your CIV title might prompt you to get started with the following leadership skills in order to become successful in the title itself:

Define your mission, vision and objectives

Know what you want to do from the start, and work on it.

Nurture your gifts

Make sure you know what your best points are, and improve them.

Add a touch of passion in what you practice

You should be passionate if you really want to rule over a nation.

Align your decisions with your moral values

Make sure your decisions are well thought so they will be aligned with your moral values.

A good leader is a good follower

You should set an example to the citizens.

Be positive as much as possible

You should have a positive attitude to others.

Make concrete plans

You should not make unrealistic plans.

Work on your communication skills

This is important when negotiating with other leaders.

Be a motivation to others

You should know how to cheer up and motivate other people.

Learn from your mistakes

You should be accountable for your errors.

Keep studying

That doesn’t mean you’ll need to earn a master’s or a doctorate – it just means that you need to learn from different aspects and sources, such as from the advice of a friend or colleague.

Q: What are the common problems that players may run into when playing the CIV title?

A: Common problems that you may run into if you are playing the CIV title would be the following:

TMI or too much information

If you ever encounter the Research Tree, it could be too tasking to find what you want in some versions of the title, because you are bombarded with too much information. Most CIV titles do have a lot of parameters in terms of decision making.

Random battles

Making assaults can be tricky in the title because when you send certain units, it might not always be a good idea depending on the nation or city you will be attacking.

Loading times

Especially with the older versions of the title, CIV titles may take a longer period of time in terms of loading screens, usually because of too much stuff going on.

Decision making

This is probably the most difficult thing that new players or non-players might find with CIV titles. Unlike Total War, CIV focuses heavily on decision making, which can be tough. It is like those dating sim titles but with a lot of parameters to consider in making your decision to win over nations.

Q: What are the educational benefits of playing Sid Meier’s Civilization title?

A: There are certain educational benefits of playing or getting into Sid Meier’s Civilization title, such as the following:

1. It may help in logical thinking.

2. You can be able to make decisions better.

3. People may learn to budget or plan ahead with their given economical state.

4. It teaches the pros and cons of getting into war with other nations.

4. You also learn how to conserve natural resources.

Q: What are the qualities of an effective leader of any nation or empire?

A: If you want to be president of a country, or be the boss in any CIV title, here are the qualities that you (or your player character) should posses:


The ability to make wise decisions.


To be courageous in terms of battle and firm decisions.

Love for the poor

To be compassionate towards the less fortunate.

Unifies people

Ability to unite people when they are at war with each other.


Transparent with every good intention plan for the people.

Firm decision making

They are independent and stand up to their own decision.


They know how to respect others.


One must learn to accept his or her mistakes in order to be a true leader.

Selfless love

They give their 100% for the nation.


As we all know, action speaks louder than words.

Passion and commitment

They prove to be truly committed to the country.

Strategic planner

They know how to think before they act.

Q: What’s the importance of budgeting your resources in a title or any situation?

A: The CIV title also prompts players to budget properly to maintain their status as a leader of a nation. Here are the reasons why budgeting in any economical class is important:

1. You will know your wants versus your needs.

2. You may have additional savings for other projects and matters.

3. You can potentially use the spare budget for generating more income.

Q: If you’re a leader or an executive in any company or empire, what are do’s and don’ts in general?

A: CIV titles require you to be a respectable leader, in which case you also need to act like a CEO of a company or a board director, other than being a king or ruler. Here are the things you need to know with the do’s and don’ts of leadership:



Promptly and respectfully inform executives for meetings or negotiations

Become disrespectful to lower executives

Make sure you have a substantial agenda for a meeting

Read committee report out loud

Keep your meeting’s minutes

Come unprepared for the meeting or negotiation

Q: Why are simulator titles great for people?

A: Simulating titles have the following benefits:

1. Cooperative playing style in online titles

2. No risks involved because it’s a simulation

3. Titles like that are interactive

4. Some of them have great realism on story drafting

5. Achievements can make you feel motivated

Q: What are some important beginner skills to help you build a good nation in CIV?

A: To help you become better in CIV, here are beginner skills that you need to practice first:

1. Plan your city accordingly depending on your nation.

2. Look for the amenities that will please the people.

3. Be more strategic with resource management.

4. Make sure housing is given priority for the civilians.

5. Take advantage of trading posts for added resources.

6. Prepare your military forces earlier in the title.

7. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each leader in the title.

Q: Which unique features did the CIV titles introduce?

A: Different CIV titles focused on the following features:

a. Research and technology

b. Use of religion for influence

c. Negotiation with different world leaders

d. Creative use of the Research Tree

e. Espionage or spying

Q: What are the differences between CIV and Total War?

A: There is only one basic difference with CIV and Total War:

CIV focuses more on decision making, causing an influence to other people and maintaining a nation as a whole. It is less on the battle side, so it might be less in action for some people.

Total War, on the other hand, focuses more on battles that lasts many turns. Total War is basically about war and CIV is basically about Civilization, just like their titles tell them.

Q: What are the pros and cons of multiplayer online titles?

A: Multiplayer titles have their share of pros and cons:


- self-confidence

- socialization

- teamwork

- excitement


- time consuming

- health hazards due to prolonged gaming

Q: Is it possible to use CIV for educational purposes like Minecraft?

A: Yes, CIV devs (Firaxis and 2K titles) have been planning to use CIV to help educate students in terms of strategic planning and history lessons. The education version, named CivilizationEDU, will be available in the fall of 2017, making it quite similar to Minecraft’s Education Edition, which can act as a learning tool for students.

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, the Sid Meier's V our pick for the best civilization game, due to the choice of 43 world leaders and the realism of the title so you can master the art of leadership, war strategies and enhancing your own homeland with imposed rules and regulations to help make the best out of the available resources out there.