Best Automatic Cigarette Roller

Automatic Cigarette Roller1
The Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine is our pick for the best automatic cigarette roller. It is able to make king size and smaller sticks at 100 mm in size. It is made with heavy duty metal on most of its parts.

Our step-up pick is the Powermatic 2 Plus and it is also capable of both regular and 100 mm sticks. It is made with a good gear quality so it can produce without sacrificing speed.

The budget pick is the Powermatic Mini Injector and it has a portable design, which can make both 100 mm sticks and king sized ones. It also has tools like a brush included.

A Little Background

A cigarette roller is a kind of machine that makes cigarettes out of raw materials, such as paper and tobacco. It is machine that automatically rolls a single stick and then makes a finished product with the right size of materials. Not all machines are sized the right way so you also have to pick the right paper size as well as the amount of tobacco to put in it, otherwise the stick will look awful and out of shape.

Despite their ill health effects, it is no doubt that cigarettes are still a thing for many people. Because we are all aware that nicotine and other harmful substances like carbon monoxide, TSNA and tar are still present in each stick, you should be aware and smoke responsibly (or alternatively, try e-cigarettes). But in the world today, some people still like the traditional taste of natural tobacco, anyway, so it is really hard to kill the industry of stick making.

Some of these sticks do not really contain tobacco, but may also contain other medicinal herbs, as prescribed by their doctors. In certain countries like in America, some herbs like medical cannabis are used specifically for health conditions, such as those with autism and other brain disorders. However, many countries in the world still restrict them, so be careful if you do take these sticks worldwide, or check the laws regarding them to avoid getting caught in jail.

One thing that you should consider with rolling your own or RYO methods is the fact that it can be adjusted depending on the width that you want. While most of these machines are based on trial and error, it can be a fun activity for those who don’t have a lot to do at home or want to make a living by making their own sticks and potentially selling them, especially if you have raw materials at cheaper cost.

The main benefit of having a RYO machine is that it will help you pick the ingredient that you are actually smoking. While this doesn’t actually kill the nicotine if you do still want to smoke tobacco anyway, it makes you able to choose carefully the quality of the tobacco that you want to smoke, as most mass manufacturers put lots of unhealthy chemicals that add up to the nicotine and carbon monoxide.

In the long run, the expenses you are spending on a RYO system versus going to the store and buying a pack or stick is actually cheaper. This is because many laws around the world have absolutely high taxes on sticks because of their high demand and ill effects to people’s health. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy store brands and make your own, the RYO system is a great way to go.

How we Picked

In choosing the best automatic cigarette roller, here are our criteria:

Adjustability and sizing: you can adjust the stick maker for your intended sizing needs. For instance, some will go for a 70 mm stick while others will go for a king sized stick or a 100 mm or 110 mm stick. It also depends on whether you want a custom sized stick or whether you want something with a longer or thicker (or shorter and thinner) stick depending on your preferences.

Type of cigarette: you should also consider what kind or type of stick you want to make out of the machine or device. For instance, some people would want regular tobacco ones but some will also want to make herb based sticks out of it. Usually, this depends on the laws on your state or country but most people will use them to make tobacco sticks, anyway.

Speed: the speed is an important factor to consider because of the fact that you may need to make a pack or stick in minutes instead of having to wait for a long time. This makes more time maximized for you to do other things other than make your own sticks.

Housing: the housing should be durable and will not easily break down when you use it for many production periods. It should be made out of metal or stainless steel so that the components will not give in to the test of time. The housing and the inside should also be easy to clean from debris of the tobacco or the paper.

Our Pick

The Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine is our top pick as an RYO or roll your own apparatus. It is made to take most sizes including 100 mm and king sized ones. It is very easy to use due to the handle and mechanism and it is made with heavy duty metal on most of its parts.

The spoon is shorter so it is easier to reach and the chamber is made from stainless steel so it will not have corrosion and transfer it to your sticks. The lever action injection can be adjusted to match your preferred size of stick and you can use it for both filtered tubes and tobaccos. It is backed by a limited warranty of 1 year.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only short con but not a deal breaker with the Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine is that the parts aren't all made of metal, but it is great for the price and durable, still.

Step-up Pick

As our step-up pick, the Powermatic 2 Plus has a good quality for the gear so it makes it easy to make sticks on the fly with minimal effort and great speed. The motor is also of good quality so it helps in adding speed to the production with less jams possible due to the added 25% in power.

You can make most stick sizes in this machine, from regular to 100 mm sized ones. It can also work for a pipe tobacco and it produces quality sticks each time that you’ll never figure out which is store-bought and which is an RYO stick.

Budget Pick

The Powermatic Mini Injector is our budget pick, which comes with accessories such as a cleaning brush. It is a great RYO or roll your own machine and it is made with a portable design so you can make sticks anytime and anywhere. You can also choose between king size and 100 mm sized sticks.

If you want to upgrade your old hand injectors, this is a portable solution to your problem. It is also non-electronic so it does not make the tobacco waste itself into powder, so it also saves the lifespan and quality of your produced sticks.

Best Automatic Cigarette Roller for Beginners

The RHX 70mm Machine is a great choice for beginners because of its simplicity. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be a great RYO gadget due to its unique texture and ease of operation. Acrylic makes up the body so it is lightweight to carry around for most people.

If you want to take it with you to another house and roll your own sticks, you can definitely count on this kind of machine. It is also more on the trial and error side but is still beginner-friendly, nonetheless, and can quickly make anything in 1 minute.

Best Automatic Cigarette Roller for Tubes

The Tomasar Hand Operation can be used for tube sticks, 100 mm sticks, regular and king sized ones. It is small and portable and can be carried with you anytime and anywhere. The finish is also durable so you can take it with you without the fear of getting damaged.

The metal construction allows each stick to be made with quality finish, while the hand operation is also easy even for beginners. The wide platform also makes the process simpler and hassle-free without sacrificing quality and speed.

Best Automatic Cigarette Roller made of Stainless Steel

The Quality Home Machine is made with stainless steel so it can potentially last for a very long time.  You can not only make your sticks out of it right away, but you can also store them on the go. It is made with a size of 3 x 3 inches and is quite discrete in its design.

Each stick is made with a consistency that is much like the store brand. It also makes your sticks quite fast and without sacrificing the quality of each. If you want a durable case as well then this is a great thing to try.

Best Automatic Cigarette Roller that is Portable

Also a durable case and stick maker, the Bangood Metal Case is portable and yet durable at the same time. It can make a great gift for someone who likes to do RYO sticks and packs or is having a business of a MYO or RYO stick.

The cloth axle has 2 holes and you can also experiment with the sizing of the stick that you want. The mechanisms are all good and you will get less jams with each of the processing of the sticks.

Best Automatic Cigarette Roller for 70 mm Sticks

The Zig Zag Tin works well for 70 mm sticks and it is made with a metal case so it is very durable. You can use it for tobacco and filtered tubes and it is also very fast. It can be adjusted on the size and the length can also be tweaked depending on your needs.

You can use it for making herbal sticks and you can also use it for paper that is smaller than 3/4 rolling paper. It uses a similar mechanism as a classic joint but works well and fast.

Best Automatic Cigarette Roller for 110 mm Sticks

The Groupcow Case SM160 works well for making 110 mm sticks and can be used while on the go due to the portability and durability of the silver metal case. It measures 5 x 3 inches and it has a very intricate detail and ornate design on the top of the case. It can roll not just tobacco but also filtered tubes as well.

Best Automatic Cigarette Roller that is Electric Powered

The Wang Tong Injector is a great choice for those who want an electric powered one. It can be used for both filtered tubes and tobacco types. It is powered at 110 volts and it can make an entire pack of 20 sticks within minutes.

It can make 8 mm tubes out of its design and it has density levels of up to 5. The mechanism makes it easy to clean and to use so you can maintain the machine without compromising on the stick making quality for each batch – which is also great for making your own business.

The Competition

Others were not in our list because they lacked in durability as well as flexibility to make lots of sizes for your needs. They were also not very easy to operate, especially for beginners into the RYO business and hobby.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a roll your own smoking stick?

A: A roll your own or RYO smoking stick is a handmade or automatically made, mostly homemade, smoking stick that anyone can make at home with an automatic smoking stick rolling device. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of potential chemicals that most mass manufacturers include in their packaging and sticks.

Q: What are the benefits of a roll your own smoking stick?

A: Rolling your own smoking stick has the following benefits:

1. You know what you are going to smoke. Because you know what goes inside your smoking stick, you will know that it is safe and comes from a reliable source, such as a marketplace in your locality or a local plantation.

2. It has less chemicals so it reduces the risk of death. While it is still dangerous to the body due to the nicotine amount, it helps you minimize the other additives that mass production companies tend to use while they are producing their smoking sticks.

3. Making your own smoking stick is actually a way of relaxing your brain. It is a pastime that people can make into a hobby or even a business, so that they don’t get bored at home. People who have retired and mostly spend their days smoking will likely enjoy rolling their own smoking sticks.

4. You can also limit the tobacco or herb you want to put in. In case you don’t want too much tobacco or want a substitute for tobacco, you can definitely alter the content of your smoking material so that you can customize it to the way you want it to be.

5. They are cheaper in the long run compared to store bought brands. You can spend up to $160 per month with store bought brands, but with a RYO system, you can definitely spend only around $80 or less because of the cheaper expenses.

6. It may help you lose weight in general due to the loss of appetite. It may help a little if you feel like you want to shed pounds, but make sure that it is not getting in the way of your general health, as it can still trigger asthmatic attacks and other respiratory problems.

7. Neurological diseases are less likely to happen to RYO smokers. Because you roll your own, you will have more choices when it comes down to the kind of herb that you put in your smoking stick, hence lessening the chances of neurotic chemicals getting in your brain.

Q: What are the differences between cigars and smoking sticks?

A: These two types of smoking sticks have differences, such as the following:


Smoking stick



The smoking stick is usually thinner in size and in diameter.

The cigar has a fatter appearance, making it hard to hold for small people or short fingers.

Typical use

Smoking sticks are commonly found in the masses because they are cheap and can be bought at a cheaper price. You can also roll your own if you don’t want to buy from the store.

Cigars are commonly found on rich communities because they tend to be higher in price and purer in content, hence you will most likely find them in those gangster movies as well.


They are usually cheaper but can still be costly if you bought them per stick. Usually, the RYO ones are cheaper because you only spend a fraction of the total cost of what people buy from stores.

Usually, cigars are expensive and can only be bought by those with well-off backgrounds. They tend to be a status symbol for rich men.


The tobacco used is finely made so it will fit on a smaller diameter than the cigar.

The cigar is usually made out of thicker tobacco, hence it is more substantial and pricier.


Smoking sticks have a shorter lifespan and this is why they are cheaper and easily accessible.

Cigars have a longer lifespan due to their process and their raw materials being specially made and preserved.


The smoking stick has a filter in the paper that is used to make it, usually made for ventilation.

The cigar does not have this kind of filter when it comes down to production.

Q: What are the concerns of going with smokeless tobacco?

A: Smokeless tobacco, also known as chewing tobacco, is a kind of technique in which you don’t smoke with sticks, but instead, you chew tobacco for the same purpose as smoking. Here are some concerns associated with it:

1. Most brands will contain a lot of sugar, which can ruin your teeth.

2. They actually have the same chemicals as a regular smoking stick.

3. They may also ruin your overall gum and mouth health.

4. Spitting can cause germs to spread all over.

5. Mouth and larynx cancer are more likely to happen with them.

Q: What are the different chemicals contained in a smoking stick?

A: Most people don’t know all of the chemicals contained in a smoking stick, but here is a breakdown of most of them:


This is the main ingredient in tobacco that makes the smoker feel high and calm. This is what makes it very addictive for most people.


This chemical is used for insecticides and preserving woods.


It can be used for dyes, pesticides, explosives, textiles and plastic materials.


It is usually found on some household products, and sometimes used for preserving dead bodies.

Carbon monoxide

We all know that this is poison to your body, especially when engulfed in large amounts.


This forms a sticky mess within your lungs, thereby potentially causing some sort of cancerous threat to your body.


It is used as a pesticide for controlling mice and even lice, back in the world war era.

Hydrogen cyanide

It is used for pesticides, dyes, synthetic fibers and even plastics.

Q: What are the ill effects of smoking to your body?

A: Many people aren’t aware of what might happen to their health if they keep smoking. Here are some of them:

1. Heart diseases – you can definitely have some manner of heart disease if you smoke too much.

2. Stroke – aside from a heart disease, the risk of stroke can also be high.

3. Lung cancer – this is the disease that is most associated with frequent smoking.

4. Pregnancy and birth problems – you can also have potential miscarriage with this kind of activity.

5. Teeth and mouth problems – most people who smoke or quit tend to have bad breath problems.

6. Risk for cataracts – this can form especially in old age.

7. Lack of immunity – you will get sick more often with smoking.

8. Rheumatoid arthritis – this affects those in their late 40s or 50s.

9. Type 2 diabetes – this can also increase the chances of diabetes among people.

10. Sperm count for men – this is bad news for men who are trying to get with the ladies.

11. Lack of sexual capability for men – just the same, it also brings lack of energy for lovemaking.

12. Decreased bone health – because it gives arthritis, it also has effects on bone health.

Q: What are some of the most ideal herbal alternatives to tobacco?

A: If you want to smoke or make an RYO stick at home or anywhere, but don’t want to use tobacco because you want to quit smoking or want to use it for medicinal purposes, here are alternatives that you can try:


This herb comes from South America and it is great for producing a sense of euphoria and some aphrodisiac qualities, so it is helpful for couples.

Blue Lotus

Found in the River Nile, it is great for couples as well due to the sedative capability. It has been used in Ancient Egypt for a long time.

Wild Dagga

Also called leonotis leonurus, this herb is similar to regular cannabis but is more structured to tobacco due to its less psychoactive effects.


It is also called mullein and can be great for having a lighter flavor and smoke. It is good for clearing your lungs, helping with sore throat and can be used as a herbal remedy.


The passion flower can be euphoric in its feel and it is not that strong so it is great for some mild smoking.


For anxiety and stress, you can smoke away with skullcap without the ill effects of nicotine. It is a nice sedative.

White Lotus

It is great for those who want to experience a sense of euphoria as well and is quite similar to the Blue Lotus in many ways.


This kind of herb is great not just for cats, but also for humans. It is great for adding relaxation to your feeling while not being toxic at all.


This kind of herb is a mix of various herbs like hazel leaf, papaya, eucalyptus and mint. It is a great alternative that is both healthy and natural.


It is also used in the kitchen but it can also get you in a high and relaxing state. The effect can vary depending on the type of sage that you are using.

Q: What makes up a herbal smoking blend?

A: Instead of just regular tobacco, most DIY or RYO makers can actually make something that is a combination of both regular smoking products and herbal ones. In this case, here are the things that can make up the herbal smoking blend:

1. Carrier – these are also known as the base herbs, and they are usually the lighter ones. It usually comprises of 2 tbsp of the whole recipe. You can use any of the following as a base or carrier herb:

a. red raspberry

b. damiana

c. mullein

2. Support – the supporting herbs are the ones that will have certain effects on your body, usually beneficial. They usually comprise of 1 tbsp in the recipe, and can be any of the following:

Beneficial for the nervous system

Beneficial for your respiratory system

a. skullcap

b. damiana

c. rose

d. catnip

e. mugwort

f. passionflower

g. hops

a. marshmallow

b. thyme

c. lobelia

d. hyssop

e. horehound

f. mullein

3. Flavor – these are the ones that you can use for added flavor to your mix. They usually comprise of 1/2 tbsp of the mix (spices and powdered seeds may require 1 tsp), so that they have a specific taste and don’t taste too bad, such as the following:

a. anise

b. lavender

c. monarda

d. angelica

e. spearmint

f. peppermint

4. Body – this refers to the heaviness of the smoke that is created by the herbal blend, and is an optional thing for most smokers and beginners. You can use any of the following for added thickness to your blend:

a. blackberry (root or leaf)

b. willow bark

c. uva ursi

Q: What are the two types of rolling papers?

A: The two types of rolling papers are the following:

1. Rice paper – this is also known as the most common type of rolling paper due to its ease of access. However, it can be tricky to make sticks out of it due to the texture of having low friction so its grip is not as easy as it is to put compared to hemp paper. It is made with natural ingredients although some commercial brands do have other ingredients as well.

The only problem with this is that if it is of low quality, the smoke will only last short periods of time due to the construction. However, if you purchase quality rice paper then the smoke can last for a very long time, which makes it an advantage.

2. Hemp paper – this is a kind of material that is used for eco-friendly purposes, and the fact that it is made from hemp. It is good with its taste and can have a better grip so it is more preferred by beginners in an RYO system. It also makes use of only plants and not trees.

Q: What different sizes of rolling papers can I choose when making my own sticks?

A: If you want to roll your own smoking sticks then you can check out the following sizes of papers:

Size name




Single wide

68 mm to 70 mm

34 mm to 36 mm

They are the smallest paper sizes and can be used without a filter. They are also cheaper and can be used easily by those beginning in rolling.

One and a quarter

76 mm to 78 mm

45 mm to 48 mm

It is the standard size and is the most widely used of all sizes. They are easy to roll and are neither too small nor too big for anything you roll onto it.

1 and a half

76 mm to 78 mm

60 mm to 62 mm

They can hold more content inside and are great for those who don’t want the double wide but want to fit more herbs.

Double wide

76 mm to 78 mm

Up to 88 mm

They are basically double of the standard product that you often smoke. They are also the tallest in terms of height and they can be packed with a lot of herbs or tobacco.

King size

100 mm to 110 mm

55 mm to 60 mm

They are the biggest size so far for most smoking sticks due to the length and width proportions. They are great for adding more herbs within one single smoke. They also last longer than other paper sizes.


Up to 16.4 feet

60 inches to 62 inches

This is a custom paper that you can cut in whatever length and width that you want. This is helpful for those who want a specific size that is not listed in the common sizes.

Q: What are the different rolling styles to choose from?

A: Rolling a smoking stick takes more than just a single roll – there are actually styles that you can choose from to enhance the unique design of your smoking stick, such as the following:

1. Regular joint – this is the most common form of making the joint, but you can also find many different ways of sealing it or doing it quickly.

2. Pinner – also called the pin joint, this is a method that is best used for those who want smaller amounts of smoking material inside their smoking stick.

3. Dutch Tulip – this one is creatively designed so that when it burns, it looks like a tulip. They can be used on smoking sticks but the end result is like a cigar burning.

4. Inside Out – this process can help eliminate the excess carcinogens in your tobacco or smoking material. The idea is to keep off excess paper when you roll the whole thing.

5. L-shape – this one is like the regular joint, but slightly more extended, and is thus used for those who want an extra length.

6. Cross – also known as the 3-headed joint, they can be tricky when it comes down to rolling them, but nonetheless, they look cool!

7. XXL – for those who don’t want to keep changing smoking sticks, you might want to try rolling an XXL so that it will burn longer.

8. Blunt – this refers to the style that makes the use of tobacco leaves rather than just regular roll paper. They are a little tricky and requires some moist wrap.

9. Twin Sisters – they are made sideways and are basically 2 joints that can be smoked together in both ways. They can be used by those who want two at a time.

Q: Is it okay or safe to smoke green tea?

A: Because more and more people are getting into herbal products such as green tea, there have been speculations that smoking green tea can have good effects to your health.

Green tea does have good effects, such as a calming effect (as with any tea) as well as a potential for fat loss or reduction. However, there are still yet to be claimed scientific proof that it is safe and okay to smoke. Nonetheless, with the evidence so far, it is somewhat safe.

Q: What are the different kinds of alternatives to smoking sticks?

A: When people want to quit smoking, they evidently call upon the following alternatives:

Vape or e-smoking sticks

Vape is the most common smoking cessation product because it has less nicotine.

Herbal smoking sticks

This lets you choose your herb product in place of tobacco.

Nicotine inhalers

They let you consume less amounts of nicotine.

Gum and patches

They are also a common smoking cessation product.

Q: What are the key differences between vaping and smoking?

A: Vaping (using e-smoking sticks) and smoking have their differences, such as the following:




Chemicals present

Vaping only harbors the following chemicals:

a. nitrosamines

b. acetaldehyde

c. nicotine (depends on the user)

d. propylene glycol

e. vegetable glycerin

Smoking harbors the following chemicals:

a. nicotine

b. ammonia

c. hydrogen cyanide

d. carbon monoxide

e. nitrosamines

f. lead

g. arsenic

h. formaldehyde

i. benzene

j. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


Vaping has a hazard of exploding batteries due to being electronic. It can explode while using, during charging, using spare batteries or while storing or transporting.

Fire hazards always list smoking as one of them. Many people can die from a smoking building and the fact that randomly thrown smoking sticks near a gas station can result in an explosion is a big threat.


The average cost for vaping is roughly only $720 per year.

The average cost for smoking is roughly about $3,000 to $4,000 per year.

Q: Which countries in the world have the most number of smokers?

A: There are many countries in the world that have the most number of smokers, such as the following:


Number of smokers (average)





















Q: On the flip side, which countries enforce very strict smoking bans?

A: While there are countries with a lot of smokers, there are also countries that enforce very strict laws against them. If you are a frequent smoker then you should avoid the following countries for its very strict smoking bans:


General rules / Penalty

Costa Rica

Smoking ban on all public vehicles and places, with no smoking areas


Smoking sale ban and smuggling ban, no bail imprisonment of 3 to 5 years


Smoking ban on all public places and vehicles

Saudi Arabia

Smoking ban on all government spaces, public places and prohibits minor sale


Smoking ban on public and indoor workplaces, removal of “mild” and “light” on packages

Q: What are the things you should do and things you should avoid when helping a person to quit smoking entirely?

A: Quitting is always a tough thing to do for someone into the habit. However, you should take note of the following notions and dos and don’ts:

1. Supply them with candies or veggies they can chew as an alternative.

2. Respect and don’t try to rush the person who is trying to quit.

3. Encourage the person that he or she can do it.

4. Ask them how they feel so that they can feel less tension.

5. Get them into productive hobbies like sports or outdoor adventures.

6. Remove all instances of smoking, such as from visitors and ash trays.

7. Clean anything in the home that smells like smoking stick.

8. Learn that it is not easy to let go of a habit, much like a close friend.

9. Don’t use harsh words because they will only get back into the habit.

10. Don’t give unsolicited advice unless the person asks you.

11. Do know that quitting right off the bat is not good (much like crash dieting), so it’s okay to have “slips” of 1-2 sticks before finally quitting to avoid their bodies to react violently.

12. Help the person be reminded of the reasons they want to quit smoking.

13. If they fail or have a relapse, encourage them and tell that it’s okay to try again.

14. If you do smoke, make sure you hide every trace of smoking from the quitter.

15. Also, if you do smoke, you might as well want to quit along with your friend.

Q: What are the do’s and don’ts of cigar smoking?

A: Smoking a cigar has some specific rules that you need to follow in order to smoke efficiently:





Take off the cellophane wrapping to avoid burning plastic.

Don’t take off the ring band it can make the wrapper loose.

The tip should be cut with a sharp cigar cutter.

Don’t use scissors because they are not that sharp.


Use a wooden match, torch or butane lighter.

If you don’t want residue in your cigar, don’t use wick lighters.

Hold the cigar at an angle of 45 degrees.

Don’t hold the edge that is cut over the fire because it can make it burn too hard.


Puff slowly depending on your preferences.

Don’t rush puffing because this will consume the cigar too quickly.

Add your favorite high class liquor or some coffee.

Nothing restrictive – it’s all up to you!


Put your cigar on the ashtray and it will basically turn itself off automatically.

Never extinguish it like a regular smoking stick because of the debris.

Q: What are some common misconceptions about smoking?

A: Smoking has its many cons, but it also has some misconceptions, such as the following:

Myth # 1: “If I smoked for years, it will be hard to quit.”

- Anyone can quit if they have the guts and the will to do so!

Myth # 2: “Smoking makes you look cool.”

- It does the opposite – it lowers your appetite, gives you bad breath and makes you look haggard.

Myth # 3: “Smoking helps me lose weight.”

- You may be losing appetite but you’re also at risk for lung cancer. There are other ways to slim down.

Myth # 4: “Only lung cancer can be caught by smokers.”

- You also have to worry about heart diseases, inability to produce sperm and the like.

Myth # 5: “Smoking helps me relax.”

- While it does feel that way, its long term effects can be bad, because of lack of energy and breathing problems that can potentially occur.

Myth # 6: “Only a few sticks is okay.”

- One stick is never okay because each stick can have up to 2 mg of nicotine. There are other harsh chemicals that might be present in each stick as well.

Myth # 7: “Filtered menthol is safer.”

- While it does lack nicotine, it also prompts you to inhale deeper, causing tar and carbon monoxide to go into your system much more.

Myth # 8: “I’m the only one hurt in smoking.”

- Ever heard of secondhand smoke? It’s a thing – and it can give your children respiratory problems.

Myth # 9: “Chewing and cigars are safer.”

- They are actually deadlier, because chewing can give you mouth cancer while cigars can give you more heart problems.

Q: Can smoking sticks really make me lose weight faster?

A: Don’t get your crash diet hopes up – while it does make you lose your appetite, according to many studies like this one, it also has negative effects on your body, such as reduced energy, reduced sperm count, cardiovascular disease risks and many more.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, we think that the Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine is our pick for the best automatic cigarette roller due to the heavy duty metal that protects most of its parts without sacrificing the quality of the sticks that are produced. You also have the power to produce different sizes of sticks.