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The living room is one of the most important rooms of a house. Many things can be done here. For example, guests often sit on the sofa while chatting with or waiting for their friend or colleague to arrive. Guests and homeowners often do business in the living room because it is like a receiving area for all of the people who come to any house for a visit.

Essentially, a living room is like the key point of a house because it will be the first impression that may last for a long time. This is why a living room should be kept super clean, neat, clutter-free and comfortable, both for the guest and the homeowner. A living room should have a ton of space and beauty added to it because it will be the first thing that the guest will see.

In another usage of the living room, it is also often the bonding room of most families. For instance, they watch TV or play video games together, or grandparents can sit by the fire and tell stories to children during the winter months. The living room indeed is the center of attention in any house and this is why it needs to shine more than the other rooms. And to accomplish that, you will need a set of the best living room products, which includes various living room furniture (chairs, sofas, coffee tables), accessories (rugs, shelves, curtains) and the like.

Best Pellet Stove

The best pellet stove is an elegant addition to any living room, especially during the winter. Our pick can heat homes up to 2,200 square feet easily and is extremely energy efficient.

Best Massage Chair

A great addition to any living room, the best massage chair will help you unwind after a long day at work. Our top pick provides a great full body shiatsu massage and is very easy to use.

If you are short on space in your living room and want something more compact, consider getting the best neck massager.

Best Convertible Sofa

Sofas are the most important thing to have in any living room setting. They provide your guests and family members with comfort and ease while sitting or lounging at the comfort of the living room. In fact, no living room is complete without even a simple sofa around.

Our best convertible sofa where you can sit comfortably is the DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon Gray. This sofa has a modern design and the whole thing is backed by chrome metal legs for stability. The sofa is currently available in faux leather and in linen with various color designs and it can be paired with a lounger for maximum sleeping experience. This convertible sofa has a split back design.

Perfect for any living room setting, the DHP Emily Convertible Futon can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. When it comes to the sizes, the seat height is 15 inches while the overall width of the sofa is 70 inches with a 32-inch chair back height. Very easy to assemble, you can be assured that comfort is greatly provided by the foam and polyester filling. Overall, if you want the best convertible sofa then you should get the Emily Convertible for your living room now.

Best Smart TV

TVs have evolved considerably over the past decade. The best smart TV now allows you to surf the Internet, live stream channels and shows otherwise not available via your local TV networks, and can even be used as a gaming TV. We think this pick is extremely value for money.

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If you would like to save space and have your TV mounted, get the best TV wall mount or best TV stand.

Best Home Theater Projector

Do you enjoy the experience of watching movies at home? The best home theater projector and best home theater power center will make this a reality. Our pick can fill a 100-inch area with great clarity and vivid colors, and calibrates focus and brightness well to ensure the optimal viewing experience.

If you want to try watching 3D movies at home, get the best 3D projector.

Best Portable Air Conditioner

During the times when your regular air conditioner breaks, having the best portable air conditioner is a godsend. Our pick is powerful, versatile and easy to move around, and cools any room extremely quickly.

We also reviewed the best evaporative cooler for comparison.

Best Bladeless Fan

The best bladeless fan covers a large area, is easy to clean with no blades, and is a stylish addition to any living room.

For other types of fans, check out our picks for the best ceiling fanbest window fan, best pedestal fan, best oscillating fan, best floor fan and best tower fan.

Best Energy Efficient Space Heater

Our top pick for the best energy efficient space heater stood out in our space heater reviews. It can be mounted on the wall, runs at only 750 watts on its low setting, and is extremely energy and space efficient.

There are many different types of heaters we have also reviewed: the best electric wall heater, best radiant floor heater, best oil filled heater, best kerosene heater and best infrared heater.

Best Coffee Table

Suffice to say, no living room setting is complete without at least a small table for coffee, snacks, books, magazines, a floral arrangement or centerpiece and the like. Coffee tables are highly important and even Japanese low sitting rooms have their own version of the coffee table.

Perfect for any small space living rooms, dorms, apartments, condos, guest rooms and the like, our best coffee table for all of your small to large gatherings is the DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table. This is a modern and sleek coffee table and is very lightweight but durable due to its hollow core construction.

When it comes to setting it up, the coffee table by DHP is relatively easy to put together with no tools necessary. When it comes to the construction and the design, it is very simple to clean because of its wood grain finish. The coffee table is currently available in black, espresso, white and natural color finishes.

The coffee table by DHP has dimensions of 17 by 39 inches and its scratch-free surface is made with MDF laminate finish so it is a very reliable coffee table to consider for any living room space. You can be assured that with the MDF Parsons Coffee Table, you will get a sturdy, long-lasting and space-saving table for any living room setting.

Best Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are the best things to have if you’re on an apartment, a condominium, a dorm, or any home with relatively small amount of space. If you want the best sofa bed for your living room then you can go for the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress/Sofa Bed. It is an ideal sofa bed that will surely spice up your living room and provide an emergency sleeping space for guests.
When it comes to durability and material, the sofa bed is made from high density foam which is CertiPUR-US foam so you can be assured of its high quality. The sofa bed is currently available in Twin XL and Queen Sizes.

This awesome living room furniture is the best sleeper sofa for all-purpose entertainment – playing video games, watching TV, reading books, among others. It is also a space saving living room product that is ideal for apartments, dorms and other small spaces. The Milliard Folding Mattress/Sofa Bed sits 9 inches off the floor. When it comes to the comfort factor and durability, the sofa bed’s cover is made from 100 percent polyester and encased in a 3D mesh cover. In fact, the cover is also machine-washable so maintenance is a breeze with this sofa bed.

The mattress foam has a thickness of 4.5 inches when it comes to its durability on its bed function. Overall, the Milliard Mattress/Sofa Bed helps keep your guests comfortable and can be used while on a trip or during camping or on mobile homes.

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Best End Table

End tables are the best way to have your cup of tea much like a coffee table, except that they are designed to be placed near the end of a sofa or chair, which makes them like a side table or snack table in the sense. For our best end table, we chose the Coaster 900280 Snack Table Burnished Copper.
It is a traditional and authentic looking end table that is perfect for snacking. When it comes to its looks, the scroll design makes it a perfect addition to most living rooms. When it comes to the measurements, this snack table is fit for any living room setting and stands at a height of 22 inches and has width of 9 inches. What’s more, when it comes to the material, the Coaster Snack Table has a burnished copper base so it will be very durable and sleek in its design.
Ideally, this is the perfect snack table for any guest in the living room. It is also relatively easy to move around at only 4.5 pounds while the top is made from highly durable wood material. As a whole, you would want the Coaster Burnished Copper Snack Table for serving tea and biscuits your guests conveniently.

Best Reclining Sofa

If you want to relax on the best reclining sofa for therapeutic purposes or just to get comfy, you can go for the 3-Seat Sofa Double Recliner Black/Brown Bonded-Leather. It has been made and upholstered with high density foam for the best comfort possible. What’s more, the sofa’s overstuffed arms add to the chair’s comfort.
At a glance, this reclining sofa is a perfect addition to living rooms with the elderly or just for total relaxation after a hard day’s work. It is currently available in brown and black colors. However, do note that only the end seats have a reclining feature, but this is typical for most reclining sofas anyway.
The seat dimensions are 21 by 19 by 56 inches while the recliner has a total height of 64 inches. And in addition, the overall width of the sofa is 73 inches. The Double Recliner Black/Brown Bonded-Leather requires a bit of assembly and is made from plush bonded leather for extra comfort.

Best Arm Chair

Available in 5 different colors, the Poly and Bark Organic Armchair (Set-of-2) is our best arm chair fit for your living space and designed to keep you comfortable. This is a set of 2 chairs that will add spice and comfort to any living room setting. Its durability is unquestionable due to the cotton and polyester fabric combination.
When it comes to the materials, the wood frame and brown hazelnut leg gives it an authentic and sturdy finish. It also has a high back design with contoured arms for maximum comfort while the high density form also adds to the comfort of the armchair set. The armchair also contains finely upholstered twill fabric. When it comes to the measurements, the seat height is 18 inches while the arm rest measures 8 by 6 inches. The individual chairs measure 25 by 28 inches each while each backrest stands at an 18-inch height. Overall, this is the armchair set to have for your living room’s completion.

Best Rocking Chair

Arm chairs are loved by generations of people and have always been a staple chair for the elderly where their grandchildren sit along with them. Rocking chairs provide a sense of comfort and exercise for the retiring person.
An ideal traditional rocking chair that will help you relax, the Coaster Southern Country Plantation Porch Rocker is our best rocking chair with a traditional, authentic but comfortable design. It requires some assembly and stands at a height of 38 inches.
Given an oak wood finish, the Coaster Plantation Porch Rocker is a great rocking chair to consider. When it comes to its overall design, the rocker has a comfortable, firm and contoured seat for maximum comfort. This comfortable and rustic rocking chair has a weight capacity of about 300 pounds. Your grandma or grandpa will definitely love this rocking chair.

Best Curio Cabinet

When it comes to the best curio cabinet for any living room setting, you may want to try the luxurious Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet. It has been made of oak, oak veneer, MDF, tempered glass (5 mm thickness), metal and mirror (3 mm thickness).
This luxurious but space-saving curio cabinet is a great addition to any living room. In addition to that, the design is two stacked cabinets. On its design, there are 3 glass shelves that are adjustable including 2 fixed shelves. In fact, stability is upheld due to its non-tipping hardware.
Having a beautiful design, the curio cabinet’s interior edges measure 13 inches on the long part while 5 inches on the short part. On its measurements, the base cabinet height is 24 inches and the upper cabinet height is 36 inches while the shelf has dimensions of 10 by 13 inches.
Available in mahogany and golden oak designs, the Southern Enterprises Curio Cabinet comes with a 25-watt light bulb (type F) and a power cord which spans up to 9 feet so your curio cabinet lights up luxuriously. This curio cabinet, like most others, only requires some assembly and you are good to go.

Best Living Room Rug

Rugs and area rugs are often designed to help you keep comfy during the winter and it is especially used in cold countries up in the north. Rugs also add a touch of aesthetic to any home setting, especially if you want to aim for a beautiful and modern design or whichever type of motif you want. The Well Woven Echo Shapes Circles Rug is our ideal living room rug due to its large size, which measures 5 by 7 inches and its great design and material.
A great living room rug, the Well Woven Circles Rug is currently available in other sizes. This room rug has a ton of various designs and patterns that can fit your living room space. When it comes to its maintenance, the rug is specifically easy to clean and is totally ideal for modern designed living rooms. It is also in fact fade-resistant quality makes it stand out for years and it does not shed so you get a maintenance-free living room rug. In addition to that, the soft plush texture makes it comfortable. The rug is also made of 100 percent jute backing so it is safe for all types of wood floors.

Best Storage Ottoman

Ottomans are also an ideal living room addition due to the fact that you can rest your feet on them or sit on them while some can even double as a storage for items to help de-clutter your home space. Made from sturdy E1 MDF construction which gives you a stable and comfortable sitting, the SONGMICS Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman is our best storage ottoman for your living room.
This storage ottoman has a storage capacity of 660 pounds. When it comes to the construction, the seat is sponge padded so you get a super cozy seating platform. And because of the slim design, it does not clutter your living room and it doubles as storage for shoes, toys and many other items. In fact, the surface is faux leather finish in 2 different colors with a tufted top and high quality stitching.
For its safety, the corners are also curved so it’s safe for kids. What’s more, the stylish design makes it a great addition to any living room setting. When it comes to the size, the SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottoman has a length of 43 inches. In fact, it also makes a great storage ottoman for any RV or mobile home or small room as the height is just right for any leg resting position. Moreover, it can even become a coffee table using an ottoman tray. Adding to that, the bottom material is made from oxford fabric so it is really comfortable and durable at the same time.

Best Window Curtain

We are sure that most living rooms are sure to have windows to add breathability and ventilation as well as style to any living room that will receive guests. The 2-Piece Solid White Sheer Window Curtains is our best window curtain package. This 2-piece window curtain set is a great way to spice up any living room.
In terms of size, each curtain measures 60 by 84 inches and colored white. On the material quality, the 2-Piece Sheer Window Curtains were made from 100 percent polyester material. No need to worry about cleaning as the curtain set is machine washable so it is easy to maintain. It is also supported by rod pocket panels that measure 1.5 inches.
Bearing a very beautiful design and a stylish and luxurious feel despite the simplicity, these window curtains have an elegant design that will add to any living room setting.

Best Window Blinds

Window blinds (or colloquially venetian blinds in some countries) add style and a modern look to any house and are ideally placed on homes with strong and hot climates to ward of harmful UV rays. If you want the best window blinds, you can depend on the Magne 40-Inch Vinyl Mini Blind, which is a set of window blinds that you can simply attach to any window within minutes without the use of tools, adhesives or screws on attachment.
The window blind package has 1-inch slats and its drop measures 40 inches. Because of its versatile design that is easy on the eyes, it calls for a great window blind for any living room. It has a width of 25 inches and is perfect for any living room or office setting. Moreover, it does not leave holes or marks behind because it is a magnetic set of window blinds.

Best Roller Shade

The Coolaroo Exterior Cordless Roller Shade is a great window roller shade that will help protect your living room space from the harmful rays of the sun and is our best roller shade for those who have bigger glass windows overlooking downward hills or a perfect landscape view.
When it comes to its efficiency, the Coolaroo Roller Shade can effectively block 80 percent of RV rays and will help you save up on energy costs up to 40%. It will be a totally rewarding roller shade for any home due to its usefulness and quality. The fabric material, as well as the other components is weather resistant so it stays sturdy for a long time while the knitted fabric makes this living room shade highly breathable.
In addition to that, the roller shade also uses a smooth cranking mechanism which requires no chains or cords so it is very safe to use and operate. Available in 8 by 6 feet and other sizes, the Coolaroo Shade helps reduce glaring without darkening a room due to its light filtering knitting. It is also highly resistant to fading, mildew and molding so you can expect it to last for the years to come.

Best Bean Bag Chair

A great way to remain cozy in any modern living room setting, the Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair is our best bean bag chair for your living room. This bean bag chair is available in a multitude of colors. It uses a microfiber cover which has a child safety zipper and a protective liner. What’s more, the cover can also be machine washed for easier cleaning.
Ideal for 3 by 4 feet of living room spaces, the Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair is a greatly renowned comfortable bean bag chair to consider. It greatly supports just about any weight or shape of whoever sits on it. As for the content, it is filled with virgin urethane foam that is extremely soft but durable and springs back to normal and does not go flat.

Best Decorative Pillow

Available in 5 designs, our best decorative pillow is the Cotton Linen Square Decorative Throw Pillow which is a decorative pillow that measures 18 by 18 inches. Built with comfort and style in mind, the decorative pillow has a soft cushion cover while the blend linen makes up its cloth material so it is guaranteed to last for a long time. Also, the cover also has a convenient zipper.

Best Artificial Flowers

Every coffee table needs a centerpiece such as an artificial flower or a house plant. But if you want to go maintenance-free with your living room setting, you can go for the Nearly Natural 1281-RD Rose with Vase which is our best living room artificial flower.
This realistic looking artificial flower set comes with a clear vase and is totally ideal for most coffee tables for any living room set. The item is also available in white roses and totally makes a great centerpiece for any table. It is an ideal focal point for any living room. The pot measures 5 by 6 inches and the bouquet includes 9 to 10 roses in total.

Best Fireplace Grate

If you have a fireplace in your living room, this is an ideal fireplace grate that will surely last for a long time due to its heavy cast iron construction – the Panacea Products Corp 18″ Fireplace Grate. It measures 18 inches in its length and has a design of 4 hexagonal bars. With a convenient design and durable build, it gives great log support and helps to keep your fireplace burning longer. Get also the best fireplace insert so you can keep your house classy.

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Best Digital Keyboard

Many living rooms also have musical instruments, be it a piano, violin or best electric guitar. If you want something more compact that can be put away if not needed, consider getting the best digital keyboard. Our pick has many amazing features, allows you to switch intensity modes and sequences up to 10,000 notes.

For the more advanced, consider also the best audio mixer and best karaoke machine.

For great sound quality, get the best stereo receiver and best double din head unit.

Best Picture Frame

The Americanflat 11×14 Black Picture Frame Wall-Mount is our best picture frame for any living room and is available in black and white frame colors. It can display 8×10 pictures including a mat or 11×14 without a mat. This simple yet high quality picture frame is a great addition to any living room. It comes with its entire needed wall mounting materials.
This picture frame is very reliable, straightforward and simple in its design. It is hassle-free and does not require assembly and is ready to hang. The glass front is very sturdy – you can put up portraits, prints and other memorabilia onto this neat frame to showcase it in your living room. The easy opening tabs make it easier to access while the glass front has a thickness of 2 mm which helps to protect your photos. In addition to that, the white mat is acid-free so your photos are safe throughout the times. The Americanflat Picture Frame Wall-Mount is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Best Wall Shelf

An innovative living room shelf that fits on any corner of the house, the Danya B. Large Corner Wall-Mount Shelf is our ideal wall shelf which measures 48 inches tall. It is very easy to set up and hang because it contains all of the needed mounting hardware and is available in a multitude of colors. Made from laminate and MDF material for durability and sleek design, it is a truly remarkable wall shelf.
Perfect for putting figurines, picture frames, candles, memorabilia and the like, it is ideal for modern designed homes. A must-have for any small-spaced home living room, it attaches with only two nails or screw on both sides. It is a super space-saver shelf designed to improve your living room.

Best Floor Lamp

A floor lamp that will add beauty to any living room, the Ikea 101.398.79 69-Inch Floor Uplight Lamp is an ideal floor lamp for any living room. It has a modern design and a sleek look. With an elegant slim design and beautiful setting, the lamp uses an opal light bulb for even lighting.
With this cool floor lamp, the shade diameter is at 7 inches while the power cord spans at a length of 6 feet. The base diameter is at 10 inches while the lamp stands tall at 69 inches. What’s more, the body is made of sturdy metal that has been given a powder coating finish. In fact, all you need for maintenance is a dust cloth to clean the lamp. As for the materials, the shade is made of polypropylene while the base is made from ABS plastic. In fact, other types of light bulbs may work as well with this floor lamp.

If you live in warm climates, get the best mosquito killer to help you get rid of the pesky mosquitoes.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the tips on improving your own living room?
A: According to Dwell , the architecture must be complementary and properly furnished. You can hire an interior designer so everything is arranged in order without cluttering all of the spaces available. In some cases, circular seating adds depth to any living room.
Mirrors also help to add more depth to any living room so you should add them if your living space is not too big compared to other houses. In fact, you can also add stacks of magazines, books and others for guests to read and enjoy. Artworks and home decor add spice to any living room setting.
Lighting also helps to beautify any living room. In fact, lighting is also a form of art other than furniture arrangement. Also, carpets and rugs should complement the whole furniture setting and room setting as well. Do make sure that the living room is a place where you will feel comfortable all in all. Overall, get your living room organized with de-cluttering shelves, cabinets and the like while curtains and draperies also add accent to any living room.

Q: What are the typical uses and purposes of a living room?
A: According to Wikipedia , living rooms are like reception rooms in which guests are served. Most living rooms contain essential furniture such as coffee tables, lamps, chairs, rugs and even fireplaces in other places. Living rooms can also be a personal space for the family or whoever lives in the house and is often a center of conversations and get-togethers. Bonding time can also occur in a living room. However, not every living room looks the same – it depends on the climate, the size of the house and the cultural traditions of the area or country you are in.

Especially if you have children at home, getting some jigsaws and the best lego sets will make your living room a lot more inviting to the little ones.

Wrapping It Up

To put it together, a living room is a very important place in the house so you should improve it by getting the best living room products that will add comfort, style and aesthetic value to your home.

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