Best Infrared Heater

If you want a reliable and tenacious infrared heater for versatile uses, the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater is the one you should buy. This best infrared heater is the hidden gem among other substantial performers that often take over the limelight. After a long time into our research, we discovered that this heater goes beyond what other heaters have to offer, especially for those who need something that works faster and in an efficient manner. The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater is extremely rare and powerful as the heater works comfortably with low and high heating settings of 4,000 and 9,000 BTU per hour. It works spaces of up to 200 square feet with 100% energy efficient power supply. This best infrared heater features a clean burning and safety lock mechanism with its auto shut-off integration when it either tips over, detects low oxygen levels or functions on unstable pilot lights.

The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater is a lightweight heater that can be used in porches, patios, garages, tents, homes, or even in workshops. It emits zero chemicals in the air that can be extremely hazardous to your surrounds as well as the overall quality of the heater. Perfect to use even during emergencies, you won’t find any unexpected defects or lack of personality with the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater even if you take it out of the box during storms. They make life much easier and simpler, especially for long hauls in a single room. Another important point to consider is that this best infrared heater heats up quickly and efficiently, making the most out of an uncomfortable situation, especially when you have no electricity where you’re at. One of the best qualities of any important product must be that they make a reliable and durable companion during emergencies when nothing else seems to be working out correctly, this best infrared heater is one such device with a gem of a quality. It helps keep the heating situation under control with its single control start knob with hi-low heat settings.
As for our most expensive product on the list, the Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater finishes off as the best infrared heater on the market. It features an indoor and outdoor heat source with no hazardous UV rays emission, plus it is portable enough to transport from one room to another. It also comes with a certified waterproof rating and full heat generation technology for efficient and cost-effective heat distribution, especially for longer hauls. What we loved the most about the Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater was that it is capable enough to be mounted to a patio ceiling as it functions with an included remote control. Though it costs an extravagant amount, it is worth the investment, as it offers the ideal combination of usage, heating setting, and temperature control interface. If you’re looking for an upgraded model with which you can control the temperature remotely, this is the best infrared heater for you.

Finally, for the budget-conscious buyers in the industry, we have the Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater that’s extremely reliable and state-of-the-art to make a comfortable personal heater in the industry. This best infrared heater includes smart technology mounting for optimal temperature control. Additionally, it comes equipped with energy efficient technology with 2 versatile temperature settings of 400 watts and 800 watts. Even the lowest temperature setting is sufficient enough to keep you warm for long periods of time, which means that this best infrared heater is built powerfully for those who require a heater to offer efficient, but well-grounded heat. Other features include tip-over safety switch, overheat thermal cut-off safety switch, and a cold housing enclosure.

What is an infrared heater?

Infrared heaters are designed to primarily increase and then sustain an appropriate temperature in the room it’s situated in and it also keeps your surroundings warm for long stretches of time. They are responsible for providing 100% reliable warmth without reducing the oxygen level or humidity in the room. According to our research, they make a far better and healthier option for long term use, especially if you’re looking for a heater that’s more reliable, energy efficient, and powerful. Infrared heaters come in many different styles and with a wide-ranging set of powerful and safe features to keep it intact and dominating for years to come. A good infrared heater ensures better quality heating, quite operations, and added longevity for conscious buyers in the industry. When it comes to infrared heaters, safety is a major benefit for users as it features a cool-to-touch enclosure, safety shut-off switches to prevent serious fires or any other damages, and more importantly, they are pet and children friendly. When speaking of portability, you will find infrared heaters with zone heating complexes and compact frameworks that guarantee to cost you hours in installation and mobility from one room to another. According to our most loved product’s specifications, the best infrared heater for an individual buy can mean many things for single-room heating to whole-home syncing, and even supplement heating. The catch to finding the best infrared heater for you is to combine the best features and excellent build quality into something you would find affordable and worthy of investment in the industry.

Why do you need the best infrared heater?

The best part about shopping for the best infrared heater online is that you get to compare different innovative models according to their unique performance features and build quality to decide which one suits you the best. And when it comes to reviewing the best products in the industry, our team of experts have done a superb job at compiling the most dynamic and convincing products for the money, performance, purpose, and objective for our readers. Given our extensive research, we have a clear understanding of how efficient and beneficial an infrared heater is for most people. Since most heaters come with a built-in temperature control setting, they have become extremely portable and user-friendly to use for a really, really long time. It gives users more control over how warm and pleasant they want their room to be without wasting too much energy or multiplying their heating bills, as time passes. More importantly, infrared heaters are relatively quiet and smooth than other heaters on the market. They can be used for long periods of time in any corner of your house or commercial property without any disturbance. Moreover, they’re also designed to blend in perfectly with their surroundings because of their compact and lightweight shape and design.

Our best pick: Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater

The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater makes use of reliable propane gas with a heating scale of 4,000 or 9,000 BTU per hour for a room of up to 200 square feet. It runs on a 1 lb. cylinder that is capable of connecting to a 20 lb. cylinder. This best infrared heater is the perfect solution for heating spaces as big as 200 square feet, thanks to its expertly engineered body and innovative temperature controls. The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater also comes with a versatile range of safety features that adds more comfort and sturdiness, especially during emergencies. What we loved the most about this best infrared heater is that it’s insanely portable and cool to function for longer hauls. Many conventional infrared heaters become hot to touch and carry around after long hours of use, but this heater is the true exception. It comes with an oxygen sensor that adds more protection and stability to the overall construction quality of the heater, making it less heated during intense operations and more cooled-down and touchable all the time. If you require an infrared heater in a room with sufficient ventilation, the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater is the one you should definitely consider as it doesn’t generate any sort of smell or noise in a well-ventilated room. As a matter of fact, this beast performs twice as good in a well-insulated and ventilated room for longer hours. This portable heater is a fantastic product to buy for all kinds of people as it covers the major essential factors one might expect from a typical infrared heater. Other features include a swivel regulator, fold down handle, a Piezo igniter, and single control start knob. With the help of its accidental tip-off switch, you don’t have to worry about the serious damages as this heater automatically shuts itself off whenever it accidentally tips over to the side.
To conclude, you can enjoy years of complete satisfaction and superior performance with the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater and with its ODS integration, it makes a safe and reliable model in the industry.

Our extravagant but valuable pick: Muskoka 1500 Walt Infrared Watt Mount Heater

Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater

The Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater offers immense flexibility for a long-performing heater as it also yields an extremely convenient and stable remote control for added comfort. This best infrared heater is reasonably well-maintained and equipped for long future use, yielding a comfortable temperature over a wide area. The remote control that comes with this heater features 3 versatile temperature settings that are High, Low, and Medium, plus the Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater includes an adjustable wall mount bracket for simple flexibility and convenience. The Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater makes the perfect household and commercial infrared heater with an outstanding consumer rating online and an impressive heat area coverage. It is culpable enough to support faster-heating process for extended periods of time and features an easy power pass-through without any accidental damages. Perfect for outdoor gatherings as well as indoor warmth ambient, this best infrared heater features a perfect combination of powerful characteristics and controls for strong and intense heat, even in the winter! Some people found this beast to be much better than propane heaters, while some said that they had never used such a powerful infrared heater ever. With its remote controller setting, consumers also found the Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater to be the most comfortable model on the market. So, if you really think about it- the extravagant price doesn’t stand a chance in front of the impressive features that this best infrared heater has to offer. The creators behind this innovative product have carefully engineered the heating control and maintenance bit in a way that it only yields surprisingly good heat coverage and a well-distributed and maintained room temperature.
Known for strong use during challenging and hard environments, the Muskoka 1500 Watt Infrared Wall Mount Heater is ideal for deck use, patio use, for BBQ parties, and even during sudden emergencies. And with its impressive 650 square feet coverage, there’s nothing more to ask for from this best infrared heater.

Our budget-friendly pick: Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

The Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater is quite an affordable and impressive heater on the market with a wide-ranging selection of powerful features and enduring components. It features a cool touch housing and super quiet operation, ideal for those looking for a simple, yet highly efficient infrared heater in the industry. The Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater is a decent, inexpensive heater with a hassle-free temperature control setting of 400 and 800 watts, and however many consumers have found the lowest temperature to be suitable enough to warm up a decent-sized room, some have found that the highest temperature yields “out-of-this-world” warmth. This impressive appliance also comes with a few innovative safety features that add more stamina to its overall performance value and durability. With the exception that this best infrared heater doesn’t come with a built-in thermostat, there’s nothing to be concerned about the Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater, especially when it is fully equipped to suit your ideal room temperature settings for more than 6 hours in the day. You can use this best infrared heater outdoors as well as indoors to maintain that level of stability between its lightweight, durable, and appealing body design. One of the best conveniences of the Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater is that it doesn’t come with a fan which means that it is steady, doesn’t cause sudden wind shifts, and lastly, it can be placed anywhere you want. The heating elements engineered inside this best infrared heater are expertly designed to reduce unnecessary clogging and resistance due to constant usage. Conventional infrared heaters find it difficult to sustain for longer periods of time as they slowly give in to excessive air clogging and other heater part failures, but the Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater passes over this custom.
Based on our extensive research, the Optimus H5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater is the ideal product to purchase if you’re searching for an affordable and reliable heater with a popular background of positive consumer reviews and high manufacturer ratings.

Best infrared heater for portability


Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

The Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater is the most portable heater we found that heats faster than competing heaters. It combines an innovative dual heating system with PTC and Quartz Infrared Element that keeps the room efficiently warm during harsh winter months while keeping a check on your heating bill. What makes this best infrared heater the most portable heater on the market is the attached wheels for easy mobility. You can easily take this heater to different sections of your home or office space for a warm atmosphere without worrying at all about the transportability. Many conventional infrared heaters aren’t capable of handling excessive movement from room to another, which is why they get damaged much sooner than anticipated. With the Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, you don’t seem to have that problem anymore. With its compact and lightweight design, you can easily wheel this heater around and it won’t produce any sort of heating element noise or buzzing or creaking sound while transporting. With the High Velocity Low Noise Blower, this best infrared heater increases proper heat distribution to a comfortable room temperature without producing any noise- like those other heaters on the market. It even comes equipped with a 7-inch blower to generate high air pressures and preventing air blockage inside the heating element.

Best infrared heater for supplemental heat

Duraflame 9HM9273 Livingston Electric Infrared Quartz Heater

The Duraflame 9HM9273 Livingston Electric Infrared Quartz Heater is a freestanding heater that offers comfortable supplemental heat while maintaining the natural humidity and without drying out the room’s air. How this best infrared heater works is provides your home with the perfect warmth in zones because of its portability and energy efficient behavior. The Duraflame 9HM9273 Livingston Electric Infrared Quartz Heater gives you more control over your heating temperature settings because then you can place the heater in different rooms for heating with its own specific temperature setting. This is for when you don’t want the entire house to have the same room temperature. This is also for those looking for a versatile thermostat function that can drastically save money on otherwise extravagant heating bills. Moreover, this best infrared heater is extremely safe to use, especially if children or pets are around. It features a Safer Plug which consistently monitors the heater temperature and if there is a chance of overheating, this plug automatically shuts off the heater to avoid any serious damage. Other impressive features that are deemed to be extremely useful for most consumers are the digital display thermostat for accurate reading and remote control for added convenience.

Best infrared heater for fast heating

Lifesmart Air Commander Infrared Quartz Tower Heater

The Lifesmart Air Commander Infrared Quartz Tower Heater offers both strong and fast heater speeds for a reasonable price. It features an extra-long metal wrapped in infrared elements that is powerful enough to heat large rooms in a more efficient way. With its oscillating louvers, which are the innovative cooling fans, the Lifesmart Air Commander Infrared Quartz Tower Heater distributes cool air immediately to maintain the humidity in the room. The heating element is enclosed in a wood cabinet that comes with a cooling coated exterior that won’t overheat, even if the heater is on for a long period of time. Moreover, this best infrared heater has 3 energy saving settings with an Eco Setting that is responsible heating to a comfortable room temperature using only 500 watts. So you see how efficiently this heater performs without wasting too much energy. After heating, the temperature feels extremely balanced from ceiling to floor, plus its accurate thermostat allows for striking heat retention while its continuous fan movement for a balanced room temperature. Most of the infrared heaters we tested that offers such fast and efficient heating do not come equipped with such impressive features such as the a large and user-friendly remote controller, digital thermostat, and dual timer setting that allows users to set the heating operations for up to 12 hours straight, without any disturbance.

Best infrared heater for large rooms

Lifesmart 6 Element Infrared Heater

The Lifesmart 6 Element Infrared Heater is a safe and reliable infrared heater suitable to run in extra-large rooms. This best infrared heater works in such a way that it automatically powers the heater on and off to maintain the desired room temperature. Moreover, if power fails, the Lifesmart 6 Element Infrared Heater automatically goes to a stand-by mode with a sudden shift of power as soon as the electricity comes back on again. This feature is specifically essential for large rooms as there’s more energy consumption and heating element exhaustion at work to heat up a large room than a comparatively smaller one. For added protection, this best infrared heater features a washable air filter which is enclosed in a metal cabinet that is cool to touch. With the E Z Glide casters, the Lifesmart 6 Element Infrared Heater circulates heat evenly throughout the room and with its 3 versatile energy saving setting- it provides efficient power consumption and money-saving for longer hauls. According to our extensive research, the qualities that make a heater the most reliable one on the market it how easily compatible and straightforward its build quality is to different weather circumstances, and we assure you that this best infrared heater is one of the most self-reliant and cost-effective solutions to heat extra-large rooms in a matter of minutes!

Best infrared heater for quiet operations

Homegear Pro 1500 W Infrared Heater

The Homegear Pro 1500 W Infrared Heater runs on a dual heating system combining Mica and Quartz Infrared Heating Tubes. It is well-equipped to efficiently heat up to a 1,800 square feet room with 3 useful heat settings from eco to high. With its unique blower fan, this best infrared heater provides maximum heating processes without producing any noise or buzzing sounds from the heating element. Plus, with its Eco mode which is an energy saving heating mode, you get impressive temperature control and heat retention for long stretches of time without wasting any energy. For added convenience and comfort, it features a low power mode of 750-watts which can be handled by an innovative remote controller and LED display for easy monitoring. You can use this best infrared heater for versatile purposes such as pre-heating, plus you would be surprised to know that there isn’t any other silent operating heater in the industry featuring such a proficient temperature control and energy consumption rating- most other conventional infrared heaters don’t even come close to this best infrared heater in that and many other aspects. The Homegear Pro 1500 W Infrared Heater counters the humidity as well as the dryness from the air while maintaining a warm and pleasant room environment for long stretches of time.

Best infrared heater for heat circulation


Lifesmart Infrared Fireplace Quartz Heater

The Lifesmart Infrared Fireplace Quartz Heater comes with easy installation and a versatile range of heating options that is responsible of conveniently distributing heat across any room in a quiet and efficient manner. This best infrared heater uses 3 commercial grade quartz infrared elements that product comfortable and balanced heat across the room, plus with its stylish oak stain Mantle surround quality, this heater is extremely cool to touch with no overheating complaints. It comes with E Z Gliders and a quiet scroll fan circulation that evenly distributes the heat in a more efficient and realistic manner. One of the most appealing qualities of the Lifesmart Infrared Fireplace Quartz Heater is its realistic display of a real fireplace with or without heat. The overall enclosure of this heater is comfortable and compact to fit anywhere you want, plus it even comes with a remote control to set the heater to whatever temperature you want, without having to regularly check the heater as this impressive beast automatically shuts off by itself once the desired temperature is met. It’s the perfect infrared heater for when you require space-heating that looks good and performs impressively.

Best infrared heater for energy efficiency

Smart For Life Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Infrared Heater

The Smart For Life Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Infrared Heater yields great performance capabilities with a lot more heat generation and proper heat circulation across any room. The heater works powerfully in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner, providing a comfortable temperature without overheating or producing any aggressive sounds during intense operations. Other safety features include an innovative tip-over switch and an over-heating switch that automatically shuts off the heating elements during an accidental tip-over to the side or an overheated enclosure. Additionally, this best infrared heater features 8 quartz infrared elements for maximum performance coupled with full metal heat exchanger oil and 3 versatile energy saving settings that masters the art of perfect heat circulation while maintaining an environmental friendly atmosphere. How this heaters works is it efficiently balances the temperature to first heat the room temperature and then sustain it during brief intervals. With the Dual Timer Setting feature users can keep the heater running efficiently up to 12 undisturbed hours. Plus, with its digital thermostat and convenient remote control you can proficiently monitor the heater from time to time to provide you with 100% reliable and natural warmth.

Wrapping it up

The best infrared heater that beats the competition in terms of performance, build quality, and safety is the Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Infrared Heater. It features a strong and reliable heating system coupled with incredible safety standards for complete satisfaction and stability. It is the best infrared heater for those living in cold environments or for those with a high demand for heaters in commercial or household properties for a more comfortable environment. Unlike many other heaters on the market, these heating systems are power efficient, cost-effective, and dominatingly protective. Following our best pick on the list, we have presented a well-research list of relevant and superior models on the market that are backed by an impressive background of happy consumers and a powerful manufacturer. We understand that each infrared heater has its own unique feature and customer appeal, but compiling a suitable list for our readers fulfills different consumer demands simultaneously. To conclude, our extensive review and expertise highlights all the important aspects of an infrared heater as much as it features our most loved and exclusive models on the market for most people.