Best TV Stand

We looked at a wide variety of TV stands varying from industrial to traditional to modern, and we found that the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand is the best TV stand to use for most people. It is a contemporary design TV stand that is capable of accommodating a flat screen TV up to 50-inches with a solid weight capacity of 60 lbs. With this impressive unit, you get both open and closed storage for all your TV entertainment essentials such as surround speakers, gaming consoles, music players, DVD players, TV guides, etc. The TV stand is fairly simple to assemble and it features an attractive color to showcase your entertainment section and lighten up the ambience of your living room. The Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand is listed as the top bestseller on Amazon, plus it is listed as Amazon’s Choice for a sturdy and good-looking TV stand on the market. We especially like the way this unit is designed as it keeps all the essentials within reach from the TV and the solid construction and durable coating makes it last longer than anticipated.

The Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand features attractive chrome accents with a wire management section in the back of the stand to keep all your cords in a neat and tidy manner. This helps reduce jamming or frustration when you’re switching between DVD players and gaming consoles. Moreover, the open shelving storage in the center eliminates overheating issues, and you also get plenty of space to store your essentials from consoles, TV guides, and A/V components, etc. To keep all your consoles and players neat, it is best to have a TV stand that features both open and closed storage, like the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand. This helps homeowners maintain the level of sophistication in their home, while making the entertainment section presentable and organized. As reviewers, we found that most niche buyers look for a subtle, yet durable TV stand as it becomes the center of attention in any home. For that purpose, this best TV stand is engineered with laminated MDF and particleboard with powder coated metal accents that make it look extravagant and contemporary.

If you want something expensive, the Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand is the most outstanding unit in class. It offers an off-the-floor design for any flat screen TV up to 60-inches. This best TV stand comes in a state-of-the-art and attractive design, something that most people would stand gawking at for minutes just to admire its beauty and usefulness. Consider this minimalist unit as a gift to your home, if you’re in need of separate and less space-consuming TV stand for your TV and other important storage essentials such as books, DVDs, music CDs, etc. The Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand comes with hidden wire management, 3 spacious compartments for A/V components and a long-enough bottom shelf for media. It is MDF constructed for durability with ample of space and stamina to hold up 165 pounds effortlessly. Based on our research, such an impressive build isn’t possible to buy unless it is not off-the-floor mounted. When a unit is wall-mounted like this best TV stand, it brings with it a set of burdens that this special unit doesn’t adhere to.

If you want something cheap, buy the Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand for its breakneck and uncomplicated design. It is a smart buy for those looking for something that’s not too expensive, but doesn’t compromise quality to get there. This best TV stand is a rare find, according to some of its users, because it is hardly ever found in retail stores. It offers simple height adjustments and a felt pad on the base for better protection against scratches. The Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand is a well-balanced and expertly engineered TV stand that can hold up to 42-inch TV and 66 lbs weight capacity. You can use this TV stand on tabletop platforms as a sturdy and long-lasting alternative to punching holes in your living room walls for a wall-mounted stand. It makes a great alternative to other kinds of TV stands, especially when you want something simple, but effective.

What to look for in the best TV stand

Ultimately, the quality and appearance of a TV stand decides how good you want your living room to look. And we truly believe that the d’cor in your home determines the way your home functions on a daily basis. Stuff like a good couch, a dining table, and a good TV stand builds the foundation of how you enjoy movies and other recreational activities in your home. A good TV stand for your home must possess the combination of a few significant features and to inspect each before purchasing the best TV stand is the right way to purchase a new unit for your home.

The first thing to look for in a TV stand is the type: there are many ranging from wall-mounted to tabletop to hutch TV stands. If a particular kind of TV stands resonates well with your needs, then that should be your priority. It is easy to get flattered by a well-engineered TV stand, but it’s of no use when you’re looking at so many other benefits such as space, storage, size, etc.

The second feature to look for in a TV stand is the material: we recommend either a wood or metal material one as they are the most used and trusted ones on the market. Wood TV stands are more traditional, while metal TV stands look more modern and industrial. Both boasts of their own set of qualities and benefits.

The third feature to look for in a TV stand is the style, sometimes, most buyers often overlook style for type as that is much less confusing for someone looking to buy for the price and not for the convenience of style. For different styles, you get traditional, industrial, contemporary, modern, rustic, and such relevant choices to choose from.

Cable Management
Many TV stands offer decent cable management holes at the back of the unit to keep it well-organized and tidy. If you ask us, this feature is a must in every TV stand because that way you get maximum utility, especially when you have one of the open shelving TV stands.

Last, but not the least, the storage of any TV stand features ample of benefits if you’re looking for a convenient and long-lasting TV stand on the market. Some feature closed shelving compartments, while some only open. We recommend buying those that feature both kinds. They are more versatile and popular ones used by many in the industry.

Our best pick: Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand

Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand

Some of the best elements found in an ideal TV stand can be seen in the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand. It is a solid TV console that is engineered to stick fast to flat panel TVs up to 50-inches. We were in search of something valuable, durable, as well as customer-friendly, and to our surprise, we found this best TV stand that is recommended by so many other expert reviews websites and is the bestselling TV stand on Amazon with over 2,500 positive customer reviews. The Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand offers spacious storage that is both closed and open to accommodate consoles or players that are central to your TV. Every home features a primary section in the living room that becomes the entertainment center for the family to spend some quality time in. This section makes up a TV on a reliable TV stand and stuff like a DVD player, gaming console, music player, surround speakers, etc. Such a setup is possible with the best TV stand, such as the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand. It offers a wire management setup to organize all cables and cords neatly, at the back of the TV. Plus, the entire TV stand is powder coated with a durable material for longevity, and the shining metal accents and gloss make the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand look attractive. It is made with the most reliable material that is engineered wood and due to its 60 lbs weight, it requires two people for assembly. Another impressive feature of the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand is its storage shelving: it offers 2-doors of which 1 is an adjustable shelf and the other is a fixed one with enough space for games, DVDs, etc.
Overall, as basic as the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand is for most people, it is the best TV stand too. It offers the perfect balance between price, quality, and sturdiness, and that’s exactly what niche buyers look for in the best TV stand on the market.

Our upgraded pick: Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand

Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand

The Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand is a gripping wall-mounted or floating TV stand that doesn’t require any floor support to stand firmly. It space-saving as much as it is comfortable for homeowners looking for a reliable and sturdy setup for their flat panel TV and other suitable electronics such as a DVD player or gaming console. This best TV stand comes easy as far as assembly and maintenance are concerned, and for storage, it accommodates 3 upper compartments and one wide media compartment that can store up to 93 CDs or DVDs. This much storage space is enough for most home entertainment sections. If you’re in for something minimalistic and well-designed to reduce overcrowding, buy the Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand. It is designed to look neat and clean even if you have a lot of stuff stored on it. Moreover, the Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand is made with laminated composite wood that is CARB-compliant, which means that this best TV stand is durable for the long run. This unit is a steal because it boasts of both utility as well as design, something that not many sturdy TV stands can offer. Moving forward, the Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand features an innovative metal hanging rail mounting system with wire management slots position at the back to keep everything organized. If you’re doubtful of this TV stand’s mounting ability, let us tell you that according to our customer research, we found that many loved how comfortable the stand looked once assembled with all the necessary equipment. Lastly, if you’re worried about the time when you wish to repaint your living room walls, this best TV stand can easily be dismounted to take the shelf down; and you don’t need a professional to do that for you.
This extravagant buy is a confident one because of its impressive features and durability. If you want something extravagant, we recommend the Black Altus Plus 58-Inch Floating TV Stand.

Our affordable pick: Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand


Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand

In search for an affordable and simple TV stand, we found the Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand. This works the best as a tabletop TV stand if you want something firm and industrial to go with your flat screen TV. If you think that it just functions as a stand, then you’re wrong. It comes with proper height adjustments, a felt pad on the base that eliminates surface scratches, and it also lets users keep the cable box under the TV to avoid overheating instead of placing it on top of it. A cost-effective and reliable alternative, the Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand gives you more space on your tabletop than any other TV stand on the market. And at such an inexpensive price, this best TV stand is the perfect deal to steal right away! Backed with decorative plastic covers, this TV stand offers the optimal height and viewing level for your living room so you don’t have to shift your TV from one angle to another to get the perfect viewing experience. Since the height is adjustable, depending upon the TV size and the distance and angle between the TV and the seating arrangement, the Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand is as flexible as you want it to be. You can hold your flat screen TV upright and solid rather than balancing it on unstable surfaces that give in after a few months. The legs of this TV stand are powder coated for maximum durability and it features a comfortable display width of 14-inches and height of around 27.5-inches. Made of rugged metal, the Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand can withstand minor movements for the perfect TV experience, plus it offers long-lasting support for all kinds of flat panel screens of up to 42-inches.
Overall, the Atlantic 42-Inch Table Top TV Stand is exactly as advertised with an impressive customer feedback. It would be hard to replace once you’ve gotten accustomed to its simple, yet effective design and support, especially when it is so affordable.

Best Console TV Stand

WE Furniture 58-Inch Wood Console Storage TV Stand

If you’re ready for a console TV stand, buy the WE Furniture 58-Inch Wood Console Storage TV Stand. It features a textured matte finish with MDF composite frame material that’s durable and has a charcoal metal finish. It is made with a durable and high-quality laminate that ensures reliable longevity to fit all of your media equipment and TV comfortably. It will accommodate flat panel TVs up to 58-inches and has a maximum shelf weight capacity of 75 pounds and otherwise 250 pounds overall. For better storage capability, this best TV stand features adjustable shelving for A/V components, accessible holes at the back for wire and cord management, and 2 sturdy shelves for other equipment or electronics. For us, this best TV stand came down as the best console TV stand with at a generous price and backed by a long warranty. From adjustable shelving to cable management, the WE Furniture 58-Inch Wood Console Storage TV Stand features all important settings for the niche buyer, plus it helps them maintain an organized entertainment section for when guests come over. This best TV stand also doubles as a top shelving stand as it is available with a removable mount.

Best Wall Mounted TV Stand

Black Altus Wall Mounted Console TV Stand

A wall-mounted TV stand is an uncommon buy for most people because it an off-the-floor unit that comes with many weight capacity limitations. But the Black Altus Wall Mounted Console TV Stand is an exceptional buy because it offers impressive weight capacity for flat screen panels of up to 50-inches. Plus, it has ample of space to accommodate media and other electronics that complete an entertainment center in most houses. The Black Altus Wall Mounted Console TV Stand is minimal in design, but extremely effective and reliable in deliverance. It serves up 2 generous storage compartments for all your electronics as well as a lower shelf for all your DVDs or CDs. Backed by a solid 5-year warranty, this best TV stand is reputed to stand against the tests of time far beyond just its 5-year warranty. Your TV can rest comfortably on this TV stand, plus you don’t have to worry about finding relevant space for your remote control, speakers, guides, etc. if you have them. The best part about the Black Altus Wall Mounted Console TV Stand is that it’s simple solid and realistic enough to purchase. It can easily be mounted and dismounted and it comes with the require mounting guidelines about hardware, etc. that a buyer must refer to for extra support.

Best Swivel TV Stand


Universal Tabletop Swivel TV Stand

The Universal Tabletop Swivel TV Stand is thoughtfully engineered and priced right for a tabletop swivel TV stand. It is a unique and modern swivel TV stand that fits 32-inch TVs to 6-inch ones. It is fairly universal to use and easy to set-up once you’ve read the manual and are aware of the preferred direction of the TV. The Universal Tabletop Swivel TV Stand can hold up to 80 pounds and is high enough to accommodate a video game sensor or a sound bar in front without blocking the view. It is a highly-functional TV stand that we love especially because is swivels smoothly on both sides, left and right, up to 45 degrees. It comes with a solid, durable glass base that is impressively thick and keeps the overall design intact and sturdy. This durable glass is black 8mm thick tempered safety glass with a black piano finish coating that grabs most of the attention. If you’re facing issues with your dull-looking and poorly-balanced swivel TV stand, it’s time you buy the Universal Tabletop Swivel TV Stand for your benefit. Because when it comes to electronics, you don’t want to act cheap and let poor quality take control.

Best Tabletop TV Stand

VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Tabletop Stand Base

The VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Tabletop Stand Base is a positive winner in nearly every feature it comprises of. Its thin and sleek design may look incompetent to you, but it isn’t. The black matter finish and style blend in with the ambience, providing homeowners a comfortable approach to TV safety and support. This is the best TV stand for all mounting options from wall-mounts to tabletops to floating or even hutch TV stands. It is made with stainless steel with solid padded feet for better protection and aesthetics. Moreover, the VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Tabletop Stand Base accommodates flat screen TVs up to 55-inches and a total maximum weight capacity of 70 pounds. It boasts of height adjustment, secure feet padding, and decorative plastic covers for convenience as well as versatility in both function and appearance. The assembly is also impressively simple and quick: all you have to do is place your flat screen towards the flat surface of this best TV stand and align it with its reliable mounting holes on the back of the screen. For quick and long-lasting TV elevation, this best TV stand is the most dependable buy on the list.

Best Hutch TV Stand

Sauder Large Hutch TV Stand

The Sauder Large Hutch TV Stand is the perfect combination of display, function, and applicability. It comes with 7 adjustable shelves for maximum storage space with 2 versatile cabinets for close-at-hand organization. This best TV stand accommodates 95 pounds of TV weight with just enough space for major TV brands on the market. It gives users more space than they need to gorgeously display electronics and other equipment for show and utility. Even though it features so many shelving space and TV space, it is fairly lightweight, but not so much that it isn’t sturdy to sit leveled for years. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the Sauder Large Hutch TV Stand is one of the best hutch TV stands ever made that might look a bit too challenging to assemble, but it not. The overall material coating of the Sauder Large Hutch TV Stand is durable and scratch-resistant, and we noticed now issues with the adjustable shelving system and even stability. It displays all your essentials in a neat and organized manner, plus the appealing finish makes the TV stand look more sophisticated and expensive than it actually is. That’s the sort of deal you wouldn’t get from many units on the market today.

Best Industrial TV Stand

Modern 3-Cube Media Entertainment Center TV Stand

Have a specific style in mind? The Modern 3-Cube Media Entertainment Center TV Stand looks industrial with multiple levels of storage for perfect display and convenient organization. It is sturdy enough to hold flat screen panels up to 40-inches and 80 lbs. Moreover, given its storage cubes shelving system, we found that it is the best-looking TV stand on the market. It is a space-saving alternative for most buyers looking for open storage area. Flaunt your CD collection or books comfortably on this best TV stand as it accommodates all kinds of essentials commonly found in homes. This unit is made of durable wood composite and plastic that lasts long and provides 100% support and balance. The multiple levels of storage provide versatility for homeowners to store different items like picture frames, books, and other items that might look attractive on an entertainment center. Lastly, this best TV stand takes hardly 5-10 minutes to setup and is fairly lightweight to move from one room to another, just in case you’re relocating to a new home. All these impressive features in one compact, industrial TV stand provides the kind of functionality most often overlooked by many other conventional TV stands on the market.

Best Modern TV Stand

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Teir Wide TV Stand

If you really want a TV stand that looks great and comes with reliable shelving support, you should go for the Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Teir Wide TV Stand. It is a sturdy TV stand that requires no assembly and comes with stainless steel support poles that will never rust. For the shelving, it features a wood grain finish design at 3 different storage levels with an additional benefit of easy wire management for organization. This best TV stand can accommodate flat screen panels up to 42-inches and 85 pounds. The laminated particleboard is super durable and sturdy for long term use, and the stainless steel clad poles provide that extra support and modern appeal to the entire unit. You can easily display your flat screen TV and other audio or video components such as DVD player, speakers, gaming console, and even your CD collection on the Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Teir Wide TV Stand. It is abrasion-resistant, crack-resistant and rust-proof for a very long time. And considering its maximum weight capacity, we’re hoping that you stick to this best TV stand for as long as you have a TV to spend some quality time with. For the ultimate viewing experience, buy the Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Teir Wide TV Stand.

Wrapping it up

All things considered, the best of the best TV stands is the Altra Carson 50-Inch TV Stand which offers a roomier and sturdy base for all kinds of audio and video component, along with the 50-inch flat screen TV. It is a bestseller in its category on Amazon, which makes our pick even more convincing than the rest. Following our best pick, we have compiled a dependable list of relevant products that only boast of positive ergonomics and aesthetics than any other unit on the market. They are 100% reliable and price-proven to perform for stretched periods of time, something that not many customers find when they’re not presented with multiple choices to compare. Comparison and versatility are two very different concepts, but when purchasing a best product on the market, especially online, they’re substantially complementary to each other. As reviewers, it is our responsibility to present reliable products that, according to the product’s feedback, are long-lasting, durable, and safe to use. We looked over many editorial reviews and customer feedbacks of each of our recommendations and we could not find any major fault in any of them that can butcher its conduct and quality. We have compiled a list of products that are otherwise hard to track down, unless you have the support of an expert reviewer of sorts. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to keep you well-informed about the different features and forms of the best TV stand so you are more likely to purchase one that doesn’t disappoint after a few months.