Best Massage Chair

The Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is our best massage chair. Among its neat features is that it has reclining action and it also comes with a foot rest that is heat stretched. The massage chair gives you a guaranteed full body shiatsu massage and greatly relaxes your mind and body to reduce fatigue and ease your muscles from stress using the built-in power rollers.

Our step-up pick is the Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair and it gives you a thorough full body massage. It also uses a zero gravity mechanism and is available in 3 different chair colors. It is certified and registered under FDA as a totally safe and high quality massage chair.

The budget pick is the Therabuilt Apex Portable Massage Chair Black and it has been made with super thick foam to provide the user the best comfort possible. It is also easy to carry around due to the light weight and the cushioning fabric is made from PU leather. The foam has a thickness of 3.5 inches for extra comfort.

A Little Background

Massage therapy is very popular among those in the work force, even since ancient times. Whenever people have back aches and shoulder pains, all they needed to do is to go to a massage therapist and get instant healing and recovery from their body pains and aches, especially when they have spent too much time in rigorous work and stressful day and night jobs. Even today, when most of us are spending office jobs and sitting arched at the computer, back aches are most likely to happen to us.
Therapeutic massage has its many benefits. Whether it is on a physical level or on a mental and emotional level, you cannot deny the fact that many people and experts around the world do clam that therapeutic massage has always been a part of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle in order to keep your body in shape and reduce pain and aches from your muscles. This is because our muscles tend to overwork themselves when we are faced with great challenges. In the same way, muscles that have been stiff through hours of sitting or standing might also start to ache and this is why we also need a massage, no matter what profession we work on.
Physically, massages are great for rejuvenating sore muscles and tired backs. The most common problem that a person faces that makes him or her want to go through a massage spa or therapy session is because he or she has a back ache. In addition to that, the shoulders, arms, hands and neck areas could also have been experiencing severe aches and soreness or stiffness and this is why getting a massage is beneficial to alleviate and relieve those pains.
Mentally, massages also help soothe depressed and anxious people who may be tired of their work. Aside from working on our body physically, a massage therapy can also help relax the mind and soothe your inner self. People with depression, anxiety and other mental disorders could definitely benefit from the rejuvenating effects of a massage therapy, whether it is done on an automatic chair or manually.
However, not every person has enough time to go to the spa for a relaxing massage. People nowadays have been busier due to the changing demands of the global market. The problem with our society today is that we are forced to double or triple our work and daily job efforts so we can cope with the economy because earning for a living is never an easy task, especially with today’s technologies and economic crisis and problems, especially for poor countries. Hence, not many people have the pleasure to go to a spa to get an authentic personal massage on their backs and shoulders, which is also often pricey when it comes down to budget expenses.
This is why massage chairs have been invented for extra comfort on the go. A great innovation, massage chairs work the same way as massage therapists except that they are typically just machined chairs. These special chairs make use of kneading rollers and air bags that help simulate the same pressure as a massage therapist so that your back aches and shoulder pains can be alleviated with a similar massage technique, as most of these chairs have been preprogrammed to various types of massages so you can just enjoy and relax as you sit down.
Many commercial establishments offer free or paid massages for certain fees. The good side to a massage chair is that you can just go to a spa or massage chair station and get an inexpensive massage therapy for a couple of bucks. However, most people, who want a fully customized massage experience, or people with very special needs and health issues, might still be advised to go to a real massage therapist for safety purposes.
In fact, you too, can have a massage chair at home. While this is a big advantage for some people, it is not for those without much budget, since an automatic massage chair is highly expensive for its price. However, since it is a one-time purchase (with a few on maintenance perhaps), you can actually save more in the long run on budgeting. It is just like owning a car and maintaining it instead of boarding the bus or train and commuting on public transport.

How We Picked

Choosing the best massage chair got us referring to the following guidelines:
Massage chairs should be highly dependable when it comes to material quality. This is highly important because you would not want a massage chair that is too flimsy in material and too stiff for comfort. This is especially essential if you want to have a spa business or beauty parlor business in your locality and you are just starting out – you should keep your clients comfortable and well-positioned.
Flexibility and adjustability is important for any massage chair so that it can cater more clients. Aside from reclining abilities, a massage chair that has a zero gravity feature is also an ideal massage chair to consider, although that also makes it a bit pricier so always check on your budget first.
The comfort quality of the massage chair is also considered. Most massage chairs will be made from polyurethane leather on its texture while some on real leather – it depends on what fits your budget and how often will the massage chair be used. Ideally, you would definitely want a comfortable massage chair with thick foam padding.
If the massage chair is automatic, it should have many rollers and air bags for superior comfort. The rollers and air bags should be strategically positioned all over the massage chair. Different massage chairs have different alignments but overall they should generally fit any client and their body shape and can also be highly adjustable to fit any frame size.
The massage chair should also have a variety of massage programs on its functionality. From kneading to rolling to shiatsu massage types, the massage chair should have a selectable control panel so it will definitely feel like you are in control of your comfortable session.
A space-saving massage chair is something to look forward to. Whether it is for home use or for commercial use, a massage chair that is ergonomic and space-saving in its design is definitely worth buying.

Our Pick

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

For our best massage chair, we chose the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. This awesome massage chair greatly relaxes your mind and body to reduce fatigue and ease your muscles from stress using the built-in power rollers. As for the features, it comes with a foot rest that is heat stretched and it also has reclining action for added comfort. Ideally, this massage chair gives you a guaranteed full body shiatsu massage and is available in 3 different chair colors.
As for the chair’s functionality, the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair has a built-in neck massage features that help alleviate stress in the neck area and pressure points. In addition, the roller system has an intelligent heating feature. In fact, more than 30 built-in air bags are included in this roller massage chair.
With the Electric Massage Chair, you can choose between different massage programs that are fit for your preference and needs. What’s more, the heating roller system also conforms to the contours of your back for added comfort. On construction, the lower part of the chair has a total of 20 bags.
Consistent and convenient, the tailbone area can be reached using this roller chair so it has a wide massaging range, which sets it apart from most massage chairs. This chair helps improve leg posture, flexibility, relieves muscle pain and other pains and it also has various standard massage functions such as shiatsu, rolling, kneading, compression and percussion, all for different purposes.
Take note that the massage chair has a weight limit capacity of 250 pounds. In addition to its features, it also has a vibrating massage feature for the buttocks. It has been made with real leather material while the double air bags also help massage the thighs, calves and arms. Also, the control panel is easy to use so you can choose the intensity level of the massage. The function on air massage is also adjustable so you get absolute comfort. The massage chair is backed by a warranty of 1 year.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only known flaws for the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is the fact that it might not cater people over 6’2” or below 5’5” too well but they can still use it somehow.

Step-up Pick

Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you are ready to spend for a zero gravity massage chair then look no further than our step-up pick, the Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair. It uses a zero gravity mechanism and is certified and registered under FDA. Currently available in 3 different chair colors, the Real Relax Chair gives you a thorough full body massage and it helps relieve 8 massage points so you can sit comfortably for a full and complete massage experience.
A hassle-free chair to set up and is very space-saving, this chair has a total of 35 air bags in various parts such as the legs, seat cushion, shoulder and arm parts. On the construction, the foot rests can be extended further for taller people while the feet soles will benefit from the roller massage. In addition to its features and parts, arm massage is a breeze due to the pulsed massage. In fact, air squeeze, heating and vibration is included in its seat cushion massage part.
As for the functionality, you can choose from two automatic massage pre-set programs so you can just sit down and relax. The Real Relax Zero Gravity Chair has an elegant and clean design. In addition to that, the leg massage part has a telescopic mechanism. In fact, both shoulders have air bags as well and fully wrap your shoulders as it massages and relaxes you.
A great zero gravity massage chair to consider, the Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax is rated for use on 120 volts 60 Hz. As for moving it from one place to another, since it is a heavy duty chair, the whole chair weighs 166 pounds. It runs on 100 watts of power but it runs very quietly compared to other massage chairs. Moreover, massage airbags on the arms part have a 360 degree action and is embedded seamless. The Massage Chair by Real Relax is backed by a warranty of 3 years.

Budget Pick

Therabuilt Apex Portable Massage Chair Black

Made with super thick foam to provide the user the best comfort possible, our budget pick is the Therabuilt Apex Portable Massage Chair Black which has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is super lightweight at only 18 pounds and is relatively easy to carry around due to the light weight. Also worth noting is that it includes a carrying case.
Colored in a sleek black finish, the inner foam has a thickness of 3.5 inches while the cushioning fabric is made from PU leather. The Therabuilt Massage Chair is made with a black metal frame for extra durability and it uses a screw and twist knob to adjust the height for different users. On the features, the face cradle has high adjustability. Backed by a warranty of 1 year for manufacturer’s defects for the frame, the face cradle is backed by a 3-month warranty.

Massage Chair with Wheels

Preferred Care 0174 Recliner Series Tilt-in-Space

For maximum flexibility on the go, you can check out the Preferred Care 0174 Recliner Series Tilt-in-Space. The wheels / casters add mobility to this reclining massage chair and this chair has a pink and cream color finish. It can be tilt and adjusted for comfort on the go. Also, the reclining mechanism adds to its flexibility, ease of use and comfort for the client.
The massage chair measures 35 by 30 inches overall and is a great addition to any massage parlor, spa or salon. An inexpensive reclining and swiveling massage chair for its features, the Preferred Care Tilt-in-Space is a great solution to mobile massage chairs.

Best Lightweight Massage Chair

Master Massage Bedford Lightweight Massage Chair

For our best lightweight massage chair, we chose the Master Massage Bedford Lightweight Massage Chair. The lightweight feel and design makes it a great portable massage chair to consider for any practitioner, therapist or spa. The massage chair includes a carrying case for on the go massage therapy.
Durability is reliable with this massage chair because of its aircraft-grade steel frame that does not add up to its weight. Also, the chair has a total weight of only 15 pounds so it is super portable. In fact, rusting is also prevented due to the electrostatic powder coat finish so your massage chair will stay active for a long time, scratch-free.
On the construction, the small cell multi-layered foam makes up its cushioning so it is comfortable and durable at the same time. Also, because it is a massage chair, it is resistant to oil and water. In fact, it is also eco-friendly because it does not contain CFC and harmful chemical. The reinforcement is a denim-like material and the upholstery is made from polyurethane for durability on the go.
This awesome massage chair by Master Massage comes with a layered pillow made from memory foam for extra comfort. What’s more, the included face cradle is adjustable up to 6 ways. Ideal for spas, home therapy, malls, and offices and virtually anywhere due to the space-saving design, the carrying case has a luggage style so it is easy to handle.

Best Reclining Massage Chair

iJoy-2310 Recline Relax Robotic Massage Chair

For a truly reclining massage chair, we chose the iJoy-2310 Recline Relax Robotic Massage Chair. It is a relaxing massage chair that reclines up to 180 degrees with the angle highly adjustable and it comes with a total of 3 automatic massage programs for your relief and enjoyment. The first program helps to relieve sore muscles while the second program is ideal for stress therapy and the third program targets your back pains and helps in maintaining a good back position.
The chair’s seat width spans at 18 inches and the chair uses up to 4 standard massage techniques including: rolling, percussion, kneading and compression. It also has a vibration feature for extra relief. The iJoy-2310 Massage Chair is endorsed by and recommended by the WFC or World Federation of Chiropractic as a great massage chair for alleviating back pains. Moreover, the space-saving design is ideal for any home or spa use. The chair is super ideal for back massaging.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you are looking for the best zero gravity massage chair then look no further than the Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. The heating therapy of this massage chair is very helpful for after surgery patients and people who definitely need a trip to the spa. Moreover, the reclining action makes this massage chair super comfortable.
When it comes down to the design, the space-saving feature of this massage chair makes it ideal for any home or commercial use. In addition, the L-track design is also unique among other competitor chairs. The well-renowned zero-gravity feature is among its best points because you or your client will get the best relief possible as you relax and receive a massage.
On safety, this reclining massage chair is also FDA-approved for safety and comfort and is also registered as a medical device. The shoulder airbags have a double layer construction while the zero-gravity feature has a total of 3 levels. In addition, the massage chair also has an automatic yoga stretching function which makes it unique.
As some of its features, the dual foot rollers help provide leg massage an comfort and are also detachable and washable for easy maintenance. The chair also uses computer body scan technology so it is a fully automatic full body massage chair and something that might require a lot of budget on. Backed by a warranty of 3 years for parts and labor, the Kahuna Massage Chair comes with an easy-to-read user’s manual.

Best Stool Massage Chair

Dr. lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Massage Stool

A small and inexpensive way to massage on the go, the Dr. lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Massage Stool is a simple yet effective massage chair. This portable massage chair can be virtually used anywhere, especially for offices. It is available in 4 different styles and colors and has a total of 6 casters / wheels for mobility and flexibility.
This saddle design swiveling stool massage chair helps you to gain comfort on your spine and back. In fact, your safety is guaranteed due to the seat cushion that has an anti-exploding plate attached to it. It does not create noise due to the rubber coated wheels which make this unique massage chair applicable for office environments.
On material, the polyurethane leather material on the saddle top has a soft feel and yet it is resistant to scratching, oil and water so it is definitely built with massaging purposes in mind. The stool measures 15 inches across on the bottom and 17 inches on the top. Also, the seat is adjustable from the heights of 21 inches up to 27 inches on its front tip. Looking at its design, the center part is adjustable from 18 to 24 inches while the back part of the seat runs from 19 to 25 inches.
The Dr. lomilomi Massage Stool is also low on maintenance due to its waterproof and oil-proof material. What’s more, the base is made only with chrome plated steel for extra stability and durability. The chair does not require any additional tools in setting it up and is perfect for easier transport due to the light weight. It is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Ideal Massage Chair for Pedicure and Foot Spa

LCL Beauty Hydraulic Lift Pedicure Unit

A complete massage chair that is perfect for any spa that offers pedicure and foot spa and foot massage services, the LCL Beauty Hydraulic Lift Pedicure Unit comes complete with a bubble massage foot bath that is super easy to clean and maintain. It uses a hydraulic lift for seat height adjustment at up to 7 inches in adjustability on its height.
On its features, its massage function can be water-less or with water for convenience. It also includes an additional stool aside from the chair, foot rest and foot bath. Moreover, the seat cover has a cross hatch stitching design so it looks very elegant, especially if you want to use it on your spa or salon. The foot bath has various functions, including bubble, massage and heating so your customer or client can experience a fully personalized foot spa or massaging therapy.
All of the 3 functions can also be simultaneously applied or individually activated for total convenience. The seat height ranges from 21 to 28 inches while the leg rest measures 9 by 10 inches. When it comes down to convenience, foot rest can be adjusted as well, from 21 to 31 inches.
In addition to its features, the foot bath uses 100 stimulating nodes so that your feet soles can be relieved of pains and aches while the design of the foot bath makes it convenient to fill up with tap water. For its unique feature, the included foot bath also has a large massage ball for the most convenient foot massage experience. Moreover, the foot bath also has an internal heating element to keep your water’s temperature the way it is. The foot bath tub is also removable. This massage chair combo is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ideal Massage Chair for Salon and Barber Shops

BELLAVIE Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair Black

For salons and barber shops, we picked the BELLAVIE Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair Black. It has total reclining action which makes it ideal for salons and barber shops (and even tattoo shops) and not just on massage centers and spas.
The hydraulic mechanism makes it easy to adjust and the height is adjustable from 30 to 34 inches. In terms of adjustability, the seat can be reclined up to 150 degrees for your best comfort. It also has a swiveling capability as well as a locking mechanism so your client stays in place while you work. Specifically, the swiveling feature allows the chair to swivel up to 360 degrees for extra comfort and convenience.
On size, the whole massage chair measures 17 by 20 inches. The massage chair uses only premium leather material so it is a very authentic massage chair that is also relatively easy to clean and maintain. The chrome base is very wide so your chair is assured of stability while the foot rest is also designed to keep your client properly seated in comfort.
The BELLAVIE Reclining Hydraulic Chair uses a hydraulic foot pump that is chrome polished to easily lift or lower the chair into any position you want. The foot rest measures 12 inches and also has a reclining action while the back rest of this massage chair measures 16 inches. Moreover, it also includes a convenient salon gown as a freebie.

The Competition

Massage chairs that we did not pick were quite questionable when it comes to their durability and stability. Comfort and style are among the top criteria that we considered when choosing an ideal massage chair. The ease of use and the features of the chair are also important.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the advantages of getting a chair massage?
A: According to WebMD , a chair massage is truly beneficial when it comes to on-the-go relaxation. Often, a chair massage can last 15 to 20 minutes. The benefits of getting a chair massage include relief from back pains, shoulder pains and any muscle pain and stress on the neck, hands and arms. Generally, massage chairs vary in style and a lot of them are automatic and most with reclining, swiveling and other features.

Q: What are some of the tips to consider when getting a chair massage?
A: According to Massage Magazine , if you want to start a chair massage business, you have to be persuasive towards people. As a matter of fact, you have to let them experience the benefits of a chair by offering a free massage. Most establishments such as malls are most likely to offer you a free massage on their reclining massage chair so you can all the while experience comfort on the go.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it all up, the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is our best massage chair when it comes to on-the-go massage therapy and relaxing and soothing your muscles after a hard day’s work.