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Best Fishing Kayak
The Lifetime Youth 6-Feet Wave Fishing Kayak is our best fishing kayak. Great for some lake paddling, you can easily[...]
Best Basketball Shoes for Men
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Best Table Tennis Table
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Best Electric Skateboard
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Best Shuffleboard Table
The Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table is our best shuffleboard table which comes with a storage in the leg cabinet part.[...]
Best Pool Table
The Mizerak Dynasty 6.5' Billiard Table is our best pool table and it comes with a set of billiard balls,[...]
Best Tennis Racquet
After 80 hours of testing and checking with the pros, we conclude that the best tennis racquet for most players[...]
Best Longboard
After combing all top-rated longboards on the market, we draw to a conclusion that the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta[...]
Best Football Cleats
The adidas Performance Men's Filthyspeed Football Cleat is our pick for the best football cleats. For the material, it has[...]
Best Football Gloves
The Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves is our pick for the best football gloves and it contains 2 gloves per package.[...]
Best Lacrosse Helmet
The Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet is our best lacrosse helmet which is strongly ideal for sport players under the[...]
Best Outdoor Basketball
The Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball is our best outdoor basketball and it is a real replica of the[...]
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Best Aviation Headset
The David Clark H10 13.4 Aviation Headset is our best aviation headset and its placement of the microphone is very[...]
Best Running Headphones
The Sentey Travel Ls-4231 Running Sports Headphones is our best running headphones and it can be used by a lot[...]
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Best Badminton Shoes
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Best Squash Racket
You don’t need to be a crackerjack at squash to benefit from the features of the Prince TT Sovereign Prestrung[...]
Best Squash Shoes
To stay up to date with sport shoes can seem like a tedious job to take on, but not anymore![...]
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Best Bamboo Longboard
Gliding around the city quickly and in style are both equally important and the Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard[...]
Best Baseball Pitching Machine
The JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball/Softball is our best baseball pitching machine which can easily throw balls up to 25[...]
Best End Loaded Softball Bats
The Easton Raw Power Scott Kirby Bat is our best end loaded softball bat and the softball bat is meant[...]
Best Fastpitch Softball Bats
The DeMarini Female 2015 Vendetta Fastpitch Bat is our best fastpitch softball bats for its quality. This fastpitch softball bat[...]
Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves
The Mizuno Premier GPM1403 14" Softball Glove is our best slow pitch softball gloves and the softball glove is made[...]
Best Slowpitch Softball Bats
The Louisville Slugger Vapor Slowpitch Softball Bat is our best slowpitch softball bat which has a barrel with the size[...]
Best Softball Bats
The DeMarini 2014 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Bat is our best softball bat as this fast pitch softball bat has a[...]
Best Softball Pitching Machine
The ATEC Power Streak Softball Training Machine is our best softball pitching machine which is very useful in a lot[...]
Best Basketball Knee Pads
The Morris Honeycomb Antislip Basketball Knee Pads are our best basketball knee pads and these basketball knee pads come in[...]
Best Athletic Shoes For Men
The New Balance Men's 541v1 Running Shoe is our best athletic shoes for men. Furthermore, these athletic shoes for men[...]
Best Athletic Shoes for Women
The Mizuno Women's Wave Catalyst Running Shoe are our best athletic shoes for women and the overlays of the athletic[...]
Best Basketball Shoes For Women
The Brooks Women's Ghost 9 Running Shoe is our best basketball shoes for women. They are so stylish that they[...]
Best Jogging Shoes for Men
The Reebok Men's Run-Supreme 2.0-Mt Running Shoe is our best jogging shoes for men and the sole part of the[...]
Best Racquetball Shoes
The Ektelon NFS Classic-II Low Racquetball Shoe is our best pair of racquetball shoes and these racquetball shoes are ultra[...]
Best Running Shoes For Men
The Nike Men's Flex 2016 Running Shoe is our best running shoes for men and a lot of comfort levels[...]
Best Running Shoes For Women
The Asics Women's GEL Noosa Running Shoes is our best pair of running shoes for women due to its great[...]
Best Soccer Shoes for Men
The adidas Men's Goletto V-FG Soccer Shoe is our best pair of soccer shoes for men which are traditional lace[...]
Best Soccer Shoes For Women
The Nike Women’s Tiempo Legend Soccer Cleat is our best pair of soccer shoes for women which are highly stable[...]
Best Tennis Shoes For Men
The adidas Men's Barricade Court-2 Tennis Shoe is our best tennis shoes for men which are also very minimal in[...]
Best Tennis Shoes For Women
The ASICS Women's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe is our best pair of tennis shoes for women due to the very[...]
65 Best Tennis Drills
The game of tennis is widely believed to have started thousands of years ago. One theory is that monks played[...]
Best Airsoft Gun
We were surprised by just how well the Elite Force Umarex 1911 TAC Gen3 Airsoft Gun combines its smart, professional,[...]
Best Paintball Gun
The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Basic 3Skull Paintball Gun Marker is the most absolute paintball gun around. If you’re willing[...]
Best Paintball Mask
If anyone asked us what’s the best quality paintball mark on the market, we’d tell them to buy the Virtue[...]
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Best Wrestling Shoes
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Best Binoculars With Camera
For birdwatchers, nothing quite compares to the visceral thrill of eyeing a rare breed of bird through a pair of[...]

Sports have been around since the beginning of time, when people wanted to have a leisurely activity to test each other’s physical skills and mental capacity. Sports have always been rigorous and risky when it comes to health and safety, and this is why, over the years, many sports have developed to the changing needs and demands of today’s world.

Sports are also very advantageous even as a casual thing because it gets you physically fit and helps you stay motivated. Some people also see sporting as a form of relaxation and unwinding from their day jobs and stressful and boring lives.

Many competitive sports require a lot of safety gear because things will definitely get bloody on the battlefield, especially for high contact sports like football, soccer, basketball and others. Sporting goods are available in just about any corner of the world, but the big question is, are they good enough for the game and do they comply with the standards laid down by the sport associations?

In this article, we bring you some of the best sports equipment that you may need to get your hands on if you want to get started on a certain sport or want to train yourself.

Best Intermediate Basketball

Basketball is a sport that is played by two teams, and is one of the most popular sports in the world today due to the fact that it can be played virtually anywhere, especially on places with hot climates. It can be played indoors or outdoors and requires a lot of tenacity, focus and quick reflexes. To be able to enjoy basketball thoroughly, you need a high quality basketball with tough material.
Our best outdoor basketball is the Spalding NBA Street Basketball which measures 28.6 inches (size 6) and is the official NBA Street Basketball. When it comes to its overall reputation, this intermediate basketball was designed for the tough world of street play, as this basketball is truly reputable and remarkable sporting equipment.
When it comes to its looks, the Spalding Basketball gives you a great grip in every play due to its wide channel design. Durability is not a question because the cover is perfect for outdoor performance. We all know that street ball is never an easy sport due to the harsh sun and rough ground and this basketball is built for that kind of environment. So if you absolutely love basketball and often play outdoors then the NBA Street Basketball by Spalding is the best intermediate basketball to get.

Best Youth Basketball

Basketball comes in two levels – youth and professional. The youngsters, often kids who attend summer clinics, may also be highly active when it comes to this rigorous but fun indoor and outdoor sport. For that, specific basketball sizes were made for youth play. In this case, we picked the best youth basketball, the Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Youth Basketball.
It is a basketball that is specifically designed for youth and kids. When it comes to the material, it is indeed super lightweight at 25% less compared to other youth basketballs which add convenience to kids in helping them practice shooting and rebounding and other basketball fundamentals. Having a lighter basketball is important for beginners and kids due to their smaller frame compared to professionals.
As for the quality, the Spalding Rookie Gear Youth Basketball is a truly high quality youth basketball to consider for its price. Available in standard brown and multi-color, the basketball for youth measures 27.5 inches. In terms of material quality, the basketball has been made from composite leather that is highly durable to take on tough games but gives comfort to the players. So if your kids love to play basketball then you should definitely give them the Rookie Gear Basketball by Spadling.

Best Basketball Hoop and Goal

Any basketball system is never complete without a goal and hoop. If you cannot afford to always play indoors on a gym or if the local street basketball area is currently occupied, you can set up your own basketball system at home with the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Basketball System which is our best basketball hoop and goal combination which can be used for both practice and serious play.
The best basketball hoop is a complete system that you can take indoors or outdoors so it is a truly versatile basketball system. When it comes to the material build, this basketball goal is truly one of a kind as the backboard is made from polyethylene (HDPE) and is impact-resistant, unbreakable and measures 44 inches.
In terms of its flexibility and adjustability, the Lifetime Basketball System has a telescoping mechanism so you can adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet in increments of 6 inches, which is perfect for growing kids and teens. In addition to its durability, because of its weather resistant overall build, it is perfect for outdoor basketball for general use.
When it comes to the Amazon verdict, the Pro Court has been a crowd favorite for most basketball players and enthusiasts because of its quality and portability. When it comes to its standing mechanism, the base can be filled with up to 27 gallons of water or sand for stability on the go, eliminating the need for cementing this basketball system to the ground.
On its construction, the black rim is made from solid steel measuring 18 inches with 1/2 inch steel braces and also includes net hooks, a 3-piece pole and a standard 50-gram net. The rim’s durability allows it to take even the harshest dunks so you can use it for the many years to come and can accept a wide range of player skills. This basketball system is currently backed by a warranty of 5 years.

Best Table Tennis Table

They say you don’t know what a good table tennis table is until you have played on one. And it is true – the best table tennis table makes a difference.

Check out also our pick for the best air hockey table.

Best Trampoline

A great way to unwind while exercising your entire body at the same time, the best trampoline is suitable for young and old alike.

Best Golf Bag

What makes the best golf bag? From looks to functionality and durability, just about everything counts.

Best Football

Football is a rugged sport and is also considered as one of the most rigorous yet thrilling spectator sports in which almost every country in the world are on the edge of their seat with every game, much like basketball, baseball and soccer. Footballs used in the game must be super tacky in their texture to avoid slipping and for players to get a better grip. Therefore, when it comes to the best football, we chose the Wilson NFL MVP Football for our list.

This tackified football is the official NFL football so you can be sure that it is of the highest quality possible and meets regulation standards. On the material of the football, it has a multi-layer lining so it performs better in terms of durability and shape. When it comes to its other features, the moisture control and air retention is improved due to its 3-ply bladder.
The Wilson Football is a truly sturdy, durable and outstanding football to consider and is also an iconic character in the movie Castaway. Made from tackified PVC material covered in a firmer texture as well as deeper pebbles, this standard high quality football is something that will be loved by any athlete of any skill level.

Best Football Helmet Cover

Because of the fact that football is a rugged and harsh sport, safety gear is a must for every player and the most important of all of these is the helmet. The part of the helmet that protects the player and the other players from further injuries is the cover and this has to be particularly soft, impact-resistant and durable all at the same time. When it comes to the best helmet cover, we turned to the Guardian Protective Helmet Cover (EA) for its high quality.

This helmet cover fits all types of football and lacrosse helmets so it is a breeze to set up on any of the said helmet types. It is an ideal helmet cover that can significantly reduce impact up to 33 percent so your safety is definitely guaranteed. In addition to that, this helmet cover can insulate both in hot and cold weather. A one size fits all helmet cover, the Guardian Helmet Cover is available in black, silver, red and camo designs.

As for its connecting mechanism, the helmet cover uses 4 elastic straps to connect with a face mask. What’s more, when it comes to the material, the soft shell makes it comfortable to wear. So far, this helmet cover is approved by NFHS for high school practice and official games.

Check out also our pick for the best lacrosse helmet, best football gloves and best football cleats.

Best Longboard

Do you enjoy skateboarding? The best longboard or best electric skateboard will be a great way to get started.

Best Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport mostly played by women but can also be played by men in some occasions. It is a high intensity sport in which players must protect their bases and can be played both indoors and outdoors, with beach volleyball being the most rigorous of all due to the extreme weather conditions. But when it comes to the best volleyball for any game, you can depend on the Wilson Official AVP Outdoor Game Volleyball for its quality and durability.

When it comes to how it was made, the hand sewn construction of this 18-panel volleyball makes it super sturdy and authentic. This ball is also the official volleyball of the AVP. On the construction and material, cover is made from premium composite microfiber leather material. When it comes to quality, you can’t go wrong with this volleyball.

An ideal outdoor volleyball, the Wilson Outdoor Game Volleyball fits all of the standards and specifications of AVP and can also make a great ball for beach volleyball due to its unprecedented durability and quality. In addition to that, due to being composite in its material, it has less moisture absorbency and resists dirt better so it is easier to clean so maintenance is a breeze.

Best Volleyball Net

Any game of volleyball is never complete without a proper net, often just tied to two poles at each end or to any tree or freestanding item around any vicinity. The net serves as the divider between the two sides or the two teams and is a very important part of volleyball, even on practice games. We chose the Mikasa Competition Volleyball Net as our best volleyball net.
When it comes to versatility, this volleyball net is the perfect companion for any volleyball game setting, whether on your backyard, at the beach or university because it is made for both indoor and outdoor use. The size is a standard which measures 32 by 3 feet. The net is very durable. As for the material quality, the netting is made from polyester (knotted polyethylene) while cable is made from aircraft steel. In addition to that, it has a 1.6 mm twine size and a mesh net which measures 4 inches. You can’t go wrong with the Mikasa Volleyball Net as an ideal net for any type of volleyball game.

Best Tennis Racquet

For the tennis fans, getting the best tennis racquet makes a huge difference. Our pick will help you maximize shot power and performance.

Best Soccer Ball

Soccer (called football in some countries, confusing it with football, which is then called rugby instead) is also one of the most favorite spectator sports in the world today, much like football / rugby. Soccer balls have a traditional look of pentagon shaped designs in black and in white background. When it comes to the best soccer ball for both kids and professionals, we recommend the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball.

This soccer ball is a world standard when it comes to the game as it has the traditional looks and panel accents of a regular soccer ball. With a sturdy build, this awesome soccer ball retains its shape and air due to its butyl rubber bladder, making it highly durable to withstand the test of time and game play.
When it comes to the material durability and comfort, the cover is made from synthetic leather which makes it comfortable and soft to touch. In addition to that, this cover material also adds to its overall durability. It is a standard size 5 soccer ball (for ages 12 and up) but also available in size 4 and 3 for younger kids. All of the panels have been machine sewn on the ball and it also has a wound bladder lining for added protection.

Best Swimming Goggles

Swimming is more than just a life skill or a hobby – it can be a rigorous sport that requires a lot of physical and mental activity, and is one of the hardest sports out there due to the fact that you are fighting your way against the pressure of water. Whether it’s for casual or professional swimming (or even triathlon events), you can depend on the AEGEND Clear Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles as our best swimming goggles due to its unique anti-fog feature.

This set of swimming goggles protects against UV rays and fogging so you stay true to your swimming performance. Highly reliable, it is an set of swimming goggles that are easy to put on a take off due to the buckled straps and does not risk pulling your hair by accident.

On the material and durability, the frame and gasket are made from a flexible silicone so you stay comfortable. In addition to that, for better visibility under and over the water, the lenses are very clear and wide and are made from polycarbonate material. Having a great material build and reliability, it is a truly reliable set of swimming goggles.

When it comes to its unique features, the shatter proof quality makes it durable for the toughest swimming conditions. As with most anti-fog swimming goggles, just do not wipe it (let it air dry) because this can damage the anti-fog material. The AEGEND Swimming Goggles includes a protective case and is backed by a warranty of 12 months. Like we said, aside from general swimming competitions and casual swimming, it is also ideal for triathlons.

Best Swim Cap

A swim cap is a requirement for professional swimming but in general swimming, it is also a necessity so that your hair stays away from the water. For our best swim cap, we chose the Speedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap. It is very stretchable for extra comfort on its material. In fact, this swim cap does not snag your hair when taking it off so it is a hassle-free swim cap on the design.

What’s more, this swim cap is highly tear-resistant so it can endure many competitions (or casual swimming). Available in 13 different colors, the Speedo Swim Cap is a great swim cap to consider. It is also a one-size fits-all swim cap for most teen and adult swimmers.

Best Hockey Skates

Ice hockey is another popular competitive sport that is, of course, played during the winter. When it comes to the best hockey skates, we chose the Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate for comfort, flexibility, durability and performance in any game.

On the unique features, this hockey skate is Thermodable and anatomical in its design. It also uses a TUUK stainless runner and a Lightspeed pro holder. Adding to that, it also uses a TPR outsole. This hockey skate set has many potentials for a great sporting equipment in hockey. On the material quality, the quarter is made with premium nylon as well as a microfiber liner. Overall, it generally provides the player with more powerful strides and support for the heels and ankles.

Best Figure Skates

Figure skating, unlike most competitive and rigorous sports such as ice hockey, requires more of gymnastic, rhythmic and showmanship skills as well as extreme flexibility, grace, balance and audience impact. When it comes to the best figure skates, we chose the American Athletic Shoe Lined Ice Skates.

These figure skates are very easy to clean and the sizing is not a problem because it is just like shoe sizes. With a reliable build and a flexible and comfortable feel, the skate set ships with plastic protectors for the blades.

When it comes to durability and comfort, the boot material is made from PVC and the skates provide multi-layered support for your ankles. What’s more, the blades are made from nickel plated steel and many not need sharpening for general figure skaters. Built with a hollow ground design, these are ideal figure skates for rink skating, entry-level or pond skating. Also, the padded tongue is form fitting and padding is a full quarter for additional comfort.

Best Badminton Racquet

Badminton is a casual but sometimes serious sport that is often played outdoors and sometimes indoors and many people can play the sport due to its easy rules. Our best badminton racquet is the Yonex Badminton Racket Nanoray Series and this best badminton racket has an isometric head shape.

It includes a full cover and is available in assorted colors. The frame is undeniably durable. The racquet is very sturdy in its build and in addition to that, the shaft is made from graphite material as well. Overall, this racquet is a high-tension and a pre-strung design and is ideal for all levels of playing, including beginner, intermediate, casual and professional level players. Check out also our reviews of the best badminton shoes.

If you play squash, read our best squash racket and best squash shoes reviews for our take on the squash gear you need for the courts.

Best Shuttlecock

Racquets for badminton go along with a sturdy, reliable and flexible shuttlecock. For that, we picked the Yonex Mavis 350 Medium-Speed Plastic Shuttlecocks which is an ideal shuttlecock set for any tournament, backyard game or practice.

The package contains 6 shuttlecocks per tube. The advisable temperature is from 11 to 21 degrees C for storage. The shuttlecock is critically acclaimed and very reliable for all levels of badminton playing. Do know that these are medium speed shuttlecocks made from durable but lightweight nylon material. Overall, each shuttlecock provides an accurate trajectory and a quicker recovery.

Best Billiard Rack

Billiards may not be a serious physical sport but it focuses more on estimating and tactical planning and is also a casual game played by most people in clubs and such. We picked the Eight Ball Billiard Rack Oak Finish as our best billiard rack. It is a standard official size 8-ball triangle billiard rack and comes with reinforced brass corners over a durable oak finish. A truly reliable billiard rack that packs style and functionality in just one package, it measures 11 by 13 with a 1.25 inch thickness and has a very classy design to set it apart from regular billiard racks out there.

Best Billiard Ball Set

Our best billiard ball set is the Empire USA Deluxe Pool Ball Set and this complete set of standard 2 1/4 inch billiard balls are made of high quality poly resin. It has a total of 16 standard sized balls with each of them polished and calibrated for performance and perfect pool play and it is a truly remarkable standard billiard set that can be used for professional play or even on casual play. Perfect for casual or serious, it is backed by 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Check out our pick for the best pool table and best shuffleboard table.

Best Sport Canoe

Canoeing is also considered a competitive water sport as well as a recreational activity for some people. When it comes to the best sport canoe, we chose the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS 15.6-Foot Canoe. It accommodates up to 3 paddlers and is an canoe for sporting or for casual recreation.

It can be used as a manual paddling canoe or use its electric trolling motor to move across the water. The center seat has a dry storage and a built-in cooler. The canoe is available in 3 various colors and is very durable in its build. The canoe measures 15 feet across and comes with fishing rod holders so it is convertible from a sporting canoe to a fishing canoe. It has a width of 40 inches and is capable of carrying weights up to 800 pounds in total.

The hull is made from Fortiflex polyethylene that is UV resistant and rugged on its design and the whole canoe weighs 95 pounds. It is backed by a warranty of 2 years on the parts and the hull.

Best Canoe Paddle

For our best canoe paddle, we chose the Caviness Marine Twin Stripe Paddle and this canoe paddle measures 3 feet and 6 inches in its total length. The blade measures 6 by 16 inches and the paddle uses a palm grip type. With a sturdy build and material, both grip and throat shaft parts measure 1 1/4 inches while the paddle has been treated with cross grain end lamination so that the paddle blade butt quality is highly improved. It also has a wedge insert.

Best Baseball

A set of two standard sized baseballs measuring 9 inches in its circumference, the SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs is our best baseball set. This baseball set is ideal for young players as a first baseball. It is indeed very soft and safe due to its cushioned construction and its reduced impact. With a very sturdy yet comfortable feel, these make ideal training balls to reduce fear of impact among young players.

Best Unicycle

Looking to train your cycling skills? Consider getting the best unicycle and show off to your friends and family.

Best Baseball Bat

Baseball is also another highly anticipated sport. Our best baseball bat is the Louisville Slugger WB180BB-NA Natural Baseball Bat. Available in different lengths, from 32, 33 to 34 inches, it has been made with ash wood that is performance grade and given a natural finish. Also, this awesome baseball bat is a standard and favorite among most players of various skill levels. It is a great classic baseball bat for practice and sporting.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can sports benefit people and students in general?
A: According to MU Health Care , sports teach someone the value of teamwork, determination, focus, hard work, self-esteem and many other values. At a young age, children who often play sports may have the chance to develop better academic skills due to the fact that their minds are trained for memorization and repetition and this helps them asses both their assignments and their game strategies altogether in a similar manner.

A lot of athletes become more determined and positive thinking in life as long as they constantly play the sport. Sporting also presents a rewarding and self-fulfilling experience of achievement of goals in life. Whether you are a team or a solo player, sports can definitely help you believe in yourself. Aside from its mental benefits, sports obviously help keep you physically fit.

In some cases, sports act as an outlet for stress by letting loose through physical activity. Sports also help assess your social skills and may help you meet new friends. So generally, many people really appreciate sporting as a very beneficial way of entertainment and exercise at the same time. Consider also getting the best pedometer to help you keep track of your sporting activities and calories burned.

Q: What do kids need to keep in mind before starting any sport?
A: According to Safe Kids , make sure they get a medical exam first so that they are deemed fitting for the sport and do not get exhausted or faint during the game. You should also inform the team coach if your child has some minor health issues. Always start a warm up and stretching program before any game so that sport injuries can be avoided.

Make sure your children are safe out in the field by wearing the appropriate sporting gear such as helmets, knee pads, shoes and the like. It is important for any athlete to get hydrated every 20 to 30 minutes or so. Always make sure that athletes get enough rests and breaks from games and practices to avoid the risks of injuries. You should also tell them to slow down a bit if they are overusing themselves in a game. Coaches should be highly responsible, knowledgeable and reliable when it comes to the safety and conditions of the athletes. Parents should also be responsible for sporting kids.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap it up, sporting equipment doesn’t always have to be expensive to be useful. It just needs to be comfortable, safe and durable to withstand the test of any game and rigorous playing. The best sports equipment are just around the corner if you look well enough and they will help you to be at your best shape in any game and in any playing field.

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