Best Basketball Hoop

For our top pick, we’ve chosen the SKLZ Pro Mini for the best basketball hoop. It can be easily set up for playing anywhere due to being portable as a wall-mount equipment, which measures 18 x 12 inches. It is also shatter-resistant in its polycarbonate material and is glow in the dark for night use.

Our step-up pick is the Lifetime Youth Impact for those who can afford a little bit more. It is resistant to bad weather, corrosion, rain, and any elements outdoors. It has a telescoping height adjustment from 5 to 7 feet so you can adjust according to your needs. It also has a folding rim for convenience.

However, for budget savers, we suggest the Spalding NBA Slam for you. It is ideal for beginners and the youth as it is modeled after the official NBA game backboard. It is a wall-mount style that has a breakaway rim design that will make it durable for the many games to come, and for practice purposes as well.

A Little Background

basketball hoop

A basketball hoop is the main goal of the sport.

A basketball hoop is a kind of sporting equipment that is used in any basketball game. It is where the players attempt to shoot the ball in order to score for the team, whether it’s two points, three points or depending on the rules of the game.

There are three kinds of basketball hoops: portable, in-ground and wall-mounted. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

The portable one is ideal for ease of taking down when no longer needed. Portable ones are set with the simple backboard, the hoop, the net and a tall pole with a base at the bottom. The base may also be modified by adding sand or water so that it stays in place and does not topple over. This is especially the case if you have strong or heavy players who will play the game and make dunks.

The in-ground one stays for a long time and is ideal for official basketball courts as well as neighborhood game or sports areas. In-ground ones are more ideal for slam-dunking, as they have no chance of toppling over depending on how they are set in the ground. These are more suitable for outside areas where walls and higher areas may not be available for installation of a hoop. They tend to be very durable.

The wall-mount one is ideal for those who do not have a pole but have something like a tree or a higher area, such as a wall, to attach the mounted hoop onto. Wall-mount ones are a little bit cheaper but they can also be expensive if you intend to install one in a gym since most of those will be made of tempered glass and quality steel and aluminum for the backboard material.


A good backboard material can make it durable.

The backboard material of a basketball hoop can be made of different materials, such as acrylic, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, glass and polycarbonate. Each of these materials also has their own pros and cons.

Fiberglass seems to be the most durable of all because it can withstand harsh temperatures. They will have to take the most abuse from players. Fiberglass is the same thing that has been constantly used for boats. Therefore, they can take harsh sunlight, UV rays and other elements of the great outdoors without easily breaking like brittle plastic. Fiberglass is the ideal choice for street basketball as well as for official gym basketball.

Glass can be a bit delicate and are more ideal for indoor use. They should also be made of tempered glass so as not to easily break during plays. Tempered glass is durable but at the same time expensive, so it should also be taken into consideration for budget-savers. Glass is definitely more aesthetic and clean-looking than plastic, as it is a lot easier to clean, but can be dangerous if you do not have tempered glass.

The edges of the backboard are made of aluminum material, at the most common production method, so that it will be durable and lightweight at the same time. Aluminum is a great material because it is easily shaped to the desired finished product unlike stainless steel, and is quite cheaper than stainless steel as well. However, stainless steel is a lot more durable despite the price. Stainless steel may be used for gyms and stadiums.

kids teens

Kids and teens may have different capacities for this sport.

Such hoops can also have distinct age groups, such as for adults, for teens and for children. Kids who just want to play basketball and learn at a young age may want a simple hoop in their backyard. For teens and older players, they may want a more professionally-designed hoop to practice their dunk and lay-up skills upon. They should also have something that is ready to take abuse and is quite durable without breaking the bank.

Whether you have a child who is a budding basketball superstar or if you’re a seasoned athlete who wants to practice at home, a sturdy, reliable and easy to install basketball hoop is definitely something you should invest on.

How we Picked

In choosing the best basketball hoop, you need to take note of the following:

Materials used for the backboard: acrylic, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, glass, and polycarbonate are among the materials that could be used for the backboard. Aluminum is mostly used for the sides of the backboard, while acrylic is used for adding colors, such as for children’s hoops. Glass is usually used for the headboard itself, but needs to be tempered glass in order to be durable for rough plays. Fiberglass can be expensive, but it is very durable.

Style of basketball hoop: there are three kinds of basketball hoops: portable, in-ground and wall-mounted. All of them have their pros and cons. In-ground ones are mostly seen on outside gyms and locations, while indoor locations tend to have more of the wall-mounted types. The portable ones are ideal for kids who just want to play the game and practice shooting.

Ideal age group: will your child be using it? Will a seasoned athlete be using it? Are you a hobbyist or a varsity player? It depends on who will use it, and this may affect the budget that you need to spend on it. More durable backboards are needed by players who need to practice dunks and layups while for kids, it can be a simple setup that’s usually made of composite or acrylic pieces for the backboard.

Durability: the durability depends not just on the materials that have been used, but also on how well the parts go together. The materials should be of a quality grade and the assembly of the screws and the backboard should go well as per instructions. If you want to use it in an outdoor space then it should withstand the heat of the sun. Durability should also be taken into consideration if it will be used by seasoned players.

Ease of installation: an easy to install basketball hoop is one for the keeps, especially if you will have to travel far and wide, assembling and disassembling the hoop every now and then. This is also important if you have kids and want to set up the entire thing in a breeze for them to play on it. A decent set of instructions must be included in order for the basketball hoop to stay sturdy after it has been assembled.

Included freebies: this is most commonly the case for children’s basketball hoops. They will usually have freebies like extra basketballs, additional nets, and the like. These extras may not be as durable as ones that you would buy separately from stores, but at least they can be ideal for beginners who just want an all-in-one package at hand.

Warranty: especially for pricier basketball hoops that are often in-ground or for gym and university varsity player use, warranties might be available so that you can feel assured that any manufacturer’s defects can be taken care of.

Our Pick

For our top pick as the best basketball hoop, we decided on the SKLZ Pro Mini as a great suggestion, since it already comes with included door mounts for you to install it on the fly. This makes it more convenient, especially if your kid wants to practice right away. Its 8-loop net is also downright durable and does not get you caught up in the net at all. It has been made with a shatter resistant backboard for durability.

Ideal and perfect for shooting even when you’re at home, it has a portable and easy install design. Even when you just install it to any door at home, the door will close properly due to the fact that it has been designed in a convenient way. At 18 x 12 inches for the backboard, it has hooks help protect the door so it does not get in the way of your indoor space as well.

Perfect for playing indoors, the backboard is at least 1/4 inch thick but it is still durable when you use it. The mounting system is adjustable so that you can adjust depending on your preferences and who will use it. The unit includes a glow in the dark mini basketball so you can play even at night. Made with a quick and easy mounting system, its 9-inch diameter for the rim makes it a good size for playing.

The SKLZ Pro Mini has also been made with a breakaway design and spring action, which are both important when looking towards the ability to dunk while you hook over a door.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

While not really a deal breaker, the SKLZ Pro Mini has an included basketball that may not be as durable as if you’d purchase a basketball separately, but that is given with any kind of hoop package anyway.

Step-up Pick

As for our step-up pick, we chose one that has more functions and durability, the Lifetime Youth Impact. Its included backboard measures 32 inches so it is pretty wide to say. The bottom base can be filled with sand or water at up to 10 gallons so that you can keep it sturdy, just like with most bottom base designed basketball hoops out there. There is also a telescoping height adjustment for the ease of adapting to your height.

It also comes with a full-size rim that will help you practice on a close to regulation size equipment. What’s more, it is also worth noting that the net design prevents getting caught, which can be helpful for all ages, especially those who play rough on the court. Its pole adjusts from 5.5 feet up to 7.5 feet so you can vary the heights depending on the user. Its powder coated steel can easily protect against corrosion and elements.

The 3-piece steel pole has a sturdy design that will also keep it portable when setting up in smaller spaces. You can also use sand for colder climates on the bottom if you don’t prefer water. Its 0.5-inch steel rim has been designed to take abuse while its high-density polyethylene will not easily break through rough slam dunks and bad weather.

This basketball hoop is even great for kids due to the 15-inch folding rim and the simple design that can help your kids enjoy a straightforward game of basketball. It may withstand a storm due to its stability and portability while its assembly will not be too difficult at all.

Included in this hoop package is a nylon net for all weather conditions and can stand up to any player abuse. What’s more, if you put it out in the open, the graphics do not fade under the UV rays of the sun. The unit is backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Budget Pick

The Spalding NBA Slam is our budget pick, which measures 18 x 10 1/2 inches on its polycarbonate backboard, which is pretty okay for kids. It has a good 1/4-inch scale of the official NBA game backboard so your children will be playing on something that looks authentic.

If you live in an apartment, this is a good hoop of choice with its 9-inch diameter steel breakaway rim for added stability while making layups and dunks. It can be easily assembled and attached with rivets and it can be placed anywhere due to the breakaway rim design and portable build that fits well on most doors.

You can also expect this hoop to have the capability of dunking and it has a rubber basketball included (4 inches). It is easy to install over the door without hurting the door at all and has everything and the ball as well as some assembly tools.

Best Basketball Hoop with an Angled Pole Design

The Spalding Pro Slam may be a good choice for you if you want something that has an angled pole design for added edge. It has a polycarbonate backboard at 54 inches that is pretty big and almost regulation sized so that players who are seasoned athletes or those who enjoy the game a lot can practice on a more professional scale.

With a breakaway rim to help you master your dunking skills, the Spalding Pro Slam has been created for recreational play but it can also be used for some professional game practices. Its angled pole design is unique among the other basketball hoops out there so it is one of those you might want to try. It can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet so you can adjust to whoever will use the sporting equipment.

To make it easy for you to transport this item, there are rollers on the backside of the base. It is also remarkably heavy enough to stay in place so that it will be stable and durable during dunk moments. It has a 34-gallon base that you can fill in with anything you like. Most of its parts are weather-resistant so it is an outdoor-ready hoop.

You can easily set this unit up in 1 hour or so due to the straightforward instructions. Added to the steel pole construction for durability, the post is 4″ in diameter so it is pretty tough against bending and it does not tip over when dunking. It is backed by a one-year warranty.

Best Basketball Hoop with a Base that can be Filled

The Lifetime Pool Side is a great hoop to consider that has a base that can be filled for added stability. It has a shatterproof fusion backboard at 44 inches that are wide enough for most players. Made with three designs: blue fusion, white fusion and white impact, you can choose according to your color preferences.

It can be raised close to regulation height and can be perfect with teenagers who want to practice outdoors. It has UV protection for the graphics so it will not easily fade, while the base goes about 36 inches deep so it is pretty good for its depth. The polyethylene frame adds to the durability without sacrificing the mobility of the entire sporting equipment.

The Lifetime Pool Side has 1/2-inch braces for the rim so that it will be sturdy in case you want to do some dunking. It has a 2-piece round steel pole as well for added stability and durability so that it stays put no matter what playing style you do. It is also powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

With a 27-gallon base that you can fill up with water or sand, it has a weather-resistant finish for outdoor use. It assembles pretty easily so you can take less time from it. The unit also has a 5/8-inch solid-steel ring for the rim for added stability.

Best Basketball Hoop for Kids

If you want a basketball hoop for kids, the Step2 Shootin’ Hoops may be a good choice. It has simple adjustments of 48, 60 or 72 inches for the center pole fixture so it can adapt to your child’s growing needs. It has built-in cup holders for the base for drinks so that your child can put them there without misplacing them while staying hydrated for any game.

Made ideal for kids, it can be a good sporting equipment or entertainment toy for pre-schooled children as a toddler hoop. It also comes with an authentic woven net that will not get the ball stuck at most. It is also easy to adjust for growing children and has a break-away rim so it can take most dunking moments.

It is also simple to adjust up and down (unlike other brands that have a brittle telescoping adjustment) depending on your needs. Included in the package is a 6″ basketball, as well as a stable base, can be filled with water or sand.

Best Basketball Hoop that has Wheels

For a basketball hoop that has wheels, the BCP Portable Kids may be a great choice for you. It stands 29 x 22 inches for the backboard, with an adjustable height of 76.5 to 97.5 inches for your needs. It can be a junior basketball hoop and can fit even most smaller balls for children.

Made of heavy-duty steel, it has been tailored to moderate abuse and physical play, which makes it great for kids from 3 to 8 years of age. It is also made with a polyethylene panel that will not easily crack or fade through sunlight or frequent use. You can also install it in an indoor court and it can be easily portable as well at only 17.6 lbs.

The shortest setting is about 5 feet off the ground for this sporting equipment. It is also simple to adjust to lower heights for younger children. You can go for up to 10 feet in height when extended for the pole of this sporting equipment.

You can also fill the base with water or sand depending on what’s available. It is easy to get in and out of garage due to its wheels and portability, and it also features an all-weather nylon net for rain resistance and UV protection.

Best Basketball Hoop that is an In-Ground Style

For those who simply want an in-ground style that will last for a long time, the Pro Dunk Diamond may be a good bet for you. It has a 12 x 8-inch one-piece pole that can be easily set to the ground of a large area or court, depending on where you intend to place it.

The equipment also comes with a complete padding set so that the players will not get injured by any part of the basketball hoop or the backboard itself. It has a 1-inch outdoor safety backboard that is of high impact so that it can take a most dunking, lay-up and various shots and action-packed rough play in the team sport. With a 5-foot overhang height, this can help most youth players as well.

Made with a stainless steel hardware for added durability, it has a 1/2 inch thick backboard made of tempered glass and measures 72 inches. This adds more stability and can help your basketball hoop to last longer than it should. It is also a 72″ x 42″ regulation size backboard with added protection against rust due to the galvanized steel components.

Perfect even for competitive players and athletes, it has a thick 5 gauge pole that will not easily end. It is also adjustable between 6 and 10 feet and it comes with a free basketball, which can be sufficient enough for casual players.

Best Basketball Hoop that is a Portable Style

Measuring 33 x 50 inches on its backboard, the Silverback NXT Portable may be what you are looking for you prefer something that has a portable style. It has a breakaway rim so it is dunk ready as a basketball hoop, with a 7.5’ to 10’ height adjustability so that it can adhere to various players of different heights.

At the bottom base of this sporting equipment, there is a drain on the bottom so that you can easily drain water or sand out of it in case you don’t need it anymore. With a 26” overhang for an added edge for players, it is almost gym quality in terms of durability and looks, making it ideal for intermediate to advanced players, or for youth and college level.

It has six-inch increments in terms of its adjustability while its steel connections can help in terms of making it sturdy against the elements and rough physical play. It is also made with polycarbonate material so it will stand up to most playing styles and hot weather. Its wheelbarrow design allows mobility and its backboard material does not shatter like glass. You can easily put it together in 90-minutes or less.

Best Basketball Hoop that is a Wall-Mounted Style

If you want a shatterproof polycarbonate backboard within a wall-mounted style basketball hoop, the JustInTymeSports Wall Mounted could be a good choice for you. It has a measurement of 18 inches for the rim and mounting surface distance, which is sufficient for most players out there, especially youth and teenagers.

It is not hard to install as a basketball hoop and it also has a 12 x 18 inches backboard that is also backed by a 1/4 inch thickness for better durability against breakage. Its breakaway rim at 9 inches so you can slam dunk all you want and not have to worry about the JustInTymeSports Wall Mounted toppling over. The whole thing can be attached with the brackets included.

As a sporting equipment, it is a single stud mount mechanism that can be set at home, especially in your bedroom or in your living room. It provides a very solid construction and it has all the required mounting hardware included.

The Competition

There were other basketball hoops that were not cut out for the competition because they lacked durability in terms of material construction and they also had poor instructions on how to set them up. It is important for any basketball hoop to be durable because a lot of players will most likely abuse it in the middle of the game.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who invented basketball?

A: The sport was invented by Dr. James Naismith to give the YMCA boys of Massachusetts in 1891 a good game to play during the winter season. The objective was to shoot the ball in one of the baskets (which did not have holes at that time) to score against the opponent team.

Today, basketball has been celebrated throughout the world and is a sport loved and cherished by many, such as those who are avid fans of the NBA.

Q: What are the different drills in basketball?

A: A drill is a kind of exercise that helps you condition your body and mind for a specific sport. Drills are formulated by physical fitness experts in order to tone your mobility and agility, as well as other skills that may be specific to your sport. Basketball drills may include the following:

  1. Warm-up – this drill is important so that you will not get injured when you step right into the court. It protects your muscles from shock and fatigue.
  2. Defense – these can help you improve your defense in terms of the basketball game itself. It will help you to block most shots or to gain an advantage over your opponent in terms of control.
  3. Shooting – this pertains to drills that are more for helping you to shoot properly with great accuracy. They should be done in variations so that you won’t get bored out of just one drill.
  4. Rebound – to help you perform a successful rebound in the game, it is important that you should also have good rebounding drills. For instance, fast contact and speedy approach are crucial when making a rebound, so those are practiced in drills.
  5. Partner – this helps you to improve your teamwork and partnership with the rest of your teammates.
  6. Passing – this helps you to improve your passing skills so that you can also maximize your teamwork with your teammates.
  7. Offense – this practices your ability to play on the offensive during a match. It can also contribute to the team’s score so that you will have a great purpose in the team.
  8. Strength and conditioning – this can help so that you won’t get easily tired in a match and you won’t shoot or throw weakly during the game.

Q: What are some important skills that a basketball player must possess?

A: If you want to be able to play this sport properly then you should have the following skills honed:

Strength Strength is needed to pass the ball, make great throws and shoot perfectly. It is also needed in order to run or keep the offensive or defensive whenever needed.
Agility You have to be agile when you play this sport because it calls for accuracy without sacrificing speed, as it is a game that is fast-paced.
Speed Speed is part of agility so that you can be able to make passes, throws, and assists very quickly to gain an advantage over the opponent team.
Teamwork Teamwork is something that could be missing if you have gotten too good in the game. Therefore, you should work on team building first if you are new to a team.
Endurance Endurance is needed in this sport because there will be a lot of physical violence while playing it since it is a game of physical strength and speed that can go on for hours.

Q: Why is tempered glass preferred for the backboard material?

tempered glass

Tempered glass does not break into pieces easily, unlike regular glass.

A: The backboard material must be durable and should withstand shock and breakage. Normal glass would not be able to keep it safe for players if it breaks, while tempered glass is sturdier and can be ideal for rough physical play without compromising safety. Tempered glass is more preferred by many manufacturers and players out there.

Q: What are the different types of basketball strength training?

strength training

Strength training is important to make powerful shoots and assists.

A: When we say strength training in this sport, we could refer to the following different types:

Absolute strength This refers to how much force your muscles can be able to take at a given time or situation.
Muscular power This combines the strength of or your muscles with speed and agility for your every movement.
Muscular endurance Endurance is very important in any sport, especially with basketball, so that you can be able to perform assists and shoots without falling into fatigue sooner.

Q: What are agility drills and why do I need them in this sport?


Agility is the combination of speed and strength/power in the court.

A: Agility drills can help you to survey the court at a better speed so that you can rush in on the defensive and make quick movements, leading to a score. There are many agility drills that you can try so that you can improve your footwork as well as your vertical movements at the very most.

Q: Do you need special shoes for this sport?


Special shoes for the sport may be needed for safety and traction.

A: Yes! There are specific shoes that are made for this sport because they have great traction when you are playing on a slippery court. Such shoes are different from your regular rubber shoes due to the fact that they can help you jump vertically to catch the opponent’s ball and perform blocking, passing and shooting in a more agile way.

Q: What makes a basketball hoop stand out from the rest?


A good and playable basketball hoop may withstand the tests of time.

A: There are many factors to consider as to why a basketball hoop could be better than the competition:

Good price As one that is not very high or low in price, it should have its great features without breaking the bank.
Ease of playing You should have one that is simple to play with and does not compromise safety at all times.
Structure and durability You have to make sure that whatever you set up and play on will be durable for dunks, lay-ups, and rough physical play.
Materials used A good basketball hoop would be something that is also strong enough to withstand bad weather, constant pushing, and sunlight.
Size and adjustability Most of them will be adjustable in terms of height with a telescoping pole. For wall-mounted types, it should also be easy to assemble. It should fit well in your intended area, whether it’s your bedroom or a gym/court.

Q: Do trampolines also have a basketball hoop?

A: Yes, children’s trampolines may also have a basketball hoop at the very most. These are special types of trampolines that are big enough to become a play area for your kids. These hoop setups are also usually much safer than the regulation-sized ones and are more catering for the youngsters due to the safety features present.

Q: Is it possible to order parts online in case I want to fix my hoop system?

A: Yes, many manufacturers like Spalding offer replacement parts online so that you can have a DIY fix for your system without having to buy another unit. This can save you a lot in terms of money and effort, especially if you know how to fix your hoop system.

Q: What makes a hoop system withstand bad weather conditions?

A: The following features should be present in order for your hoop to withstand bad weather:

Galvanized Anything that is galvanized will be immune to most corrosion problems during the rainy days.
Stainless steel This concept is the same as with galvanization but will be pricier but more durable.
Thick pole A thicker pole will be much more durable against a storm or bad weather.
Larger base capacity The heavier the base you can fill with water or sand, the more stable it will become.

Q: If a tempered glass backboard gets broken, will it be covered by a warranty?

A: Most policies by manufacturers say that the tempered glass is not included in the warranty policy. Therefore, you just need to make sure that the tempered glass backboard is durable and will not take too much abuse from players who may use it.

Q: What’s the difference between adjustable and fixed height systems?

A: Both systems are applied to the pole’s nature, and can have the following differences:

Adjustable This is more ideal for growing kids as well as if many players of different heights are playing.
Fixed height This is more ideal if only you or a person of similar height will be using the system.

Q: What are some other common basketball equipment?

A: This sport is very famous throughout the world because it does not need a lot of equipment for you to play it easily. Among the only equipment, you’ll need are the following:

  1. A basketball
  2. A hoop
  3. Special shoes for the sport
  4. Knee pads for protection
  5. A court, whether indoors or outdoors

Q: How do I install an in-ground equipment? What are the ways?

A: There are currently two common ways to install this kind of in-ground sporting equipment:

Driveway or pavement This can be installed within the concrete or asphalt ground, such as in the playing area or court outdoors.
Behind the driveway This can be installed within soil, sod, grass or dirt. It is usually pricier than pavement installation.

Q: How long can a pavement installation last?

A: That depends on the size and construction of the hoop itself. Most will take about 1 week or so if there is concrete that is needed to be dried. The first part is to dig a hole, then position the pole and then put the concrete in. After it dries, you then assemble the rest of the parts.

Q: How much flex do I need for a breakaway rim?

A: That depends on your playing style, but the following would be a good rule of thumb:

135 lbs Ideal for casual and residential play
150 to 180 lbs Ideal for professional and collegiate play

Q: How tall should a rim be situated from the ground?

A: The regulation height of a rim should be about 10 feet – this is recognized for all levels of this sport, from high school, college and professional players. Kids who can’t reach such heights yet may want to have a hoop that can be easily adjusted to a lower level first.

Q: What is a gusset and why is it needed in the hoop?

A: A gusset is a kind of steel piece that connects the base plate and the pole. The gusset is crucial to adding stability to this sporting equipment. If you want a lot of strength for the whole equipment that would be set in a community where there will be a lot of slam dunkers, the gusset should be durable.

Q: How do you make it to a basketball team successfully?

try outs

Participating in local tryouts help you gain experience.

A: If you ever want to try and be part of the dream team, here are tips that might be helpful for you:

  1. Participate in your local tryouts.
  2. Observe the other players and their style, and develop your own.
  3. Pitch your skills to your team coach.
  4. Always pay respect to your coach, as he/she knows what’s best for you.
  5. Put a lot of confidence in yourself and in your skills.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the SKLZ Pro Mini would be a great pick for the best basketball hoop due to its ease of setup, glow in the dark action, decent measurement of the backboard and shatter-resistant design. It can favor those who play outdoors, especially in the late afternoon or even at night, so that they can easily see where the hoop is located.