Best Field Hockey Shoes

If you have the appropriate shoe, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional field hockey player, you get to improve your performance and decrease risk of serious injuries. Out of all the best field hockey shoes we’ve tested, the Asics Men GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe is a reliable and best-selling performer available today. It is the best field hockey shoes, designed to provide better traction and promote the natural motion of your feet for no injuries and better flexibility. You want something strong that allows enough room for natural movement, but not so much that it doesn’t hold down well for speedy performance. The Asics GEL-Rocket 7 is a sturdy, tactical, and unique performer that is grippy, lightweight, and impressively durable. Go for this model if you primarily need something to affect your game for good.

In terms of providing warmth and a better grip, the Asics Men GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe is the ideal choice for you. You can’t beat its design to any other traditional field hockey shoe on the market, thanks to athletic synthetic quality and molded-EVA midsole. It is comparably low-priced with an innovative patented Trusstic System Technology that helps alleviate the pressure of the sole for better mobility. As far as field hockey shoes go, these are the best field hockey shoes we’ve come across available in versatile sizes and appealing styles. For balancing, comfort, and better traction, you want the Asics GEL-Rocket 7. Not only do they immediately boost your performance, but they also are less likely to rupture or cause sore feet after a long day’s training. If you want the option of professional design and durability, Asics GEL-Rocket 7 is a clear winner for our top pick.

A more expensive option for the best field hockey shoes on the market, the Adidas Zone Dox Men Hockey Shoe are impressively breathable, athletic, and durable to wear. It is a lightweight, sleek build, and fast performer with an impressively grippy outsole. Its most striking quality is the fact that it’s made for speed and proper strategy. So mobility comes easy for as long as you’ve mastered your techniques well. For people who quickly want to know what to get, this best field hockey shoes is an excellent choice for them. After considering all new and upgraded options on the market, this one offers the most well-rounded package, including SPRINTFRAME construction and a durable synthetic upper frame for better performance. Overall, for improved agility and support, you’ll never feel short of direction and better grip with the Adidas Zone.

Finally, if you prefer something very less expensive, get yourself the Asics Women Gel Upcourt Shoe. They’re supersoft and comfortable, made with some of the highest-quality materials in the industry. Being an affordable pick on the list, there are many benefits these best field hockey shoes offers to its users. It has the most precise construction, better performance compatibility, and is equipped with better fitness and agility-specific features for professionals as well as beginners. If you do your best to stay on top of prices and features, you’ll find the Asics Women Gel Upcourt Shoe to be the most comforting and supportive pair of best field hockey shoes in the industry. Doesn’t matter whether you want to master a new technique, train relentlessly, or wear them for competitive sport, these will get you through.

What to look for before buying

Buying the correct footwear for field hockey requires a certain advanced degree of knowledge, instead of just settling for something that fits your budget. Choosing the wrong athletic shoes for yourself can lead to many problems like serious injuries, inability to perform your best, and even aching heels after playing. The first thing to do before buying the best field hockey shoes on the market is to look at the most significant features of one. This helps you make the correct decision, plus it improves your overall game and consistency in performance. Following are the factors that make a good field hockey shoe in the industry for all kinds of players.

When you consider the surface you’ll be playing on, starting with better grip or traction is important to boosting performance. You don’t want something that’s either too aggressive or too basic that will end up damaging the pitch.

If you want your shoe to look after your ankle, feet, and knees, you need to make sure they’re support them well. For better shape retention and consistent performance, supportive athletic shoes are more important. It also helps in movement, eliminating the risk of immobile feet that otherwise can cause some serious injury to your spine via the joints.

Even though some of the best field hockey shoes are pricey, they’re incredibly durable too. And anything short of durable is not acceptable in the world of field hockey. The construction quality and cushioning technology of the shoe must work together to ensure more ruggedness and speed in performance. That’s what makes a durable shoe rank the highest in durability.

This includes rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems. Good quality field hockey shoes comes with better shock absorption capabilities to improve your overall game and keep your feet warm and happy. This also help in initiating quick lateral movements and sprinting without the presence of post-game aches or blisters.

Our best pick: Asics Men’s GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe

Asics Men GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe

The Asics Men GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe offers exceptional value and distinguished performance for a lighter and more durable feel. Made with superlative technology, these best field hockey shoes are far and away the best for better traction, structured direction, and strategy. With its Trusstic system, it is engineered to impressively influence and alleviate the weight of the sole for better flexibility and mobility while you play. Serving the kind of traction and strategy a field hockey player requires on the pitch, these best field hockey shoes are specifically designed for athletes who train for quick lateral movements.
Our experts were surprised by just how well the Asics GEL-Rocket 7 combined smart dynamics and precise performance with rugged construction that can handle anything you throw at it. It is well insulated for versatile playing conditions and weathers. It offers excellent shock attenuation, thanks to the Forefoot Gel Cushioning System. It also contains slightly more natural rubber content than conventional field hockey shoes on the market, to make on-court playing more strategic and powerful. The lightweight mesh upper synthetic overlays and cushioned footbed of these best field hockey shoes are nothing short of extraordinary. This results in more grippy performance on the pitch, comfort and flexibility are huge advantage to go with.
You no longer have to sacrifice between a practical and good-looking purchase for professional sports anymore, with excellent ruggedness, durability, and efficiency, the Asics Men GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe performs better than best to keep your feet warm, flexible, and pain-free.

Our upgraded pick: Adidas Zone Dox Mens Hockey Shoe

Adidas Zone Dox Men Hockey Shoe

The Adidas Zone Dox Men Hockey Shoe is an upgraded field hockey performer, designed to target forwards in play. Field hockey shoes often endure the most hits and punches, which is why buying the most comfortable, yet rugged ones are the best solution for you. With a more rugged style and performance, these best field hockey shoes offer better than adequate traction, suitable for both learners as well as proficient players in the industry. It boasts of a low-profile heat-reflecting layer that keeps your feet warm and comfortable even after intense play. These best field hockey shoes are well-worth the price you pay.
When you think you want overall comfort, better strategy, and sweat-wicking performance, you can’t beat these unconventional performers in the industry. It offers a lightweight synthetic upper and an enhanced new outsole, particularly designed if you want to make split second decisions on the pitch. The SPRINTFRAME technology construction and grippy outsole are some of its best features, so far. So, if you’re looking to dig into something extravagant in price and deliverance, the rugged design of the Adidas Zone Dox won’t disappoint you.
As professional field hockey players in the industry, you know right from wrong, but when it comes to buying fresh new sports equipment to play your best- it’s hard to choose one out of so many options. Once you closely glance at what these best field hockey shoes have to offer to everyone, you’ll instantly realize why it’s the most breathable and supportive shoe prevailing in the industry.

Our affordable pick: Asics Women’s Gel Upcourt Shoe

Asics Women Gel Upcourt Shoe

A high-ranking and best-selling performer online, we like the ways of the Asics Women Gel Upcourt Shoe for somebody looking for the best field hockey shoes, but on a low budget. Some call it a road-runner because of its durable synthetic and gum rubber sole, while some prefer this over all else, specifically because of its rugged grip and durable construction. If you’re looking for a great shoe on a bargain, opt for these best field hockey shoes that are warm, flexible, and supportive for outdoor use. It’s a cheaper option for women as opposed to some of the poorly-constructed options we’ve come across. This one provides a good arch support, promotes better strategy in performance, and allows quick lateral movements while you play. For the price these best field hockey shoes are unbeatable, thanks to rearfoot gel cushioning system and APMA seal of acceptance. The latter means that these best field hockey shoes offer certified and sealed deliverance after having got the approval from a podiatric medical association for its design and ergonomic structure. The overalls snapshot of the Asics Gel Upcourt is of positive customer ratings, highly recommended expert reviews, and as advertised performance. For the fit, performance, and comfort, we love how these perform for novice and beginners.
If you’re doubtful to buy something so affordable, let us tell you that these best field hockey shoes are the most comfortable and flexible shoes, better than any other similarly-priced pair could be. The Asics Women Gel Upcourt Shoe are best all around- a clear solid option for those looking for something less expensive than our main and upgraded pick on the list.

Best pick for the money

Adidas Performance Men Kanadia 7TR M Trail Shoe

After our main pick, the second solid option overall is the Adidas Performance Men Kanadia 7TR M Trail Shoe. It is lightweight, durable, and cushiony for performers who need their sport shoes to be rugged and professional. The best way to determine the worth of any field hockey shoe is to personally know the kind of traction it has to offer between the surface you’re using it on. Along with this, if your shoe lacks the kind of durability required for quick lateral movements as much as for long-continued performance, it’s time you replaced it for something more rugged and efficient. These best field hockey shoes provide a simple arch support, they’re also less expensive, and they’re made of lightweight cushioning insole and TRAXION outsole for enhanced grip in all directions. You’ll love this upgraded version for sport use as well as daily use. They hold up comfortably well and can withstand the constant wear and tear of competitive playing on the pitch. The look and lightweight construction of these best field hockey shoes, the stitching and fabric for highly resistance, and air mesh upper comfort makes the Adidas Performance Men Kanadia 7TR M Trail Shoe king of the castle.

Best indoor field hockey shoes

Adidas Youth Field Hockey Shoes

Designed for both men and women, the Adidas Youth Field Hockey Shoes is an ultra-lightweight and supportive field hockey shoe. If you’re looking for something durable for indoor training, get these best field hockey shoes on the market. They’re diehard performers that we’d recommend to everyone looking for ruggedness and simplicity in design. They’re also harder to break, especially if you want to wear them everyday, giving you less time to choose alternatives after a few months’ use. Moreover, if you’re unsure about other picks for indoor field hockey training, you’ll definitely want to go with these best field hockey shoes in order to perform better with precision. It is engineered with a synthetic upper to work on its high-scale durability that pushes to lock out must and moisture. The grippy outsole promises a supportive grip and a comfortable feel so you don’t have to compromise on anything and focus on what’s really important- that is your technique. Plus the molded style and rugged insulation is highly waterproof and dust-resistant so cleaning and upkeep are as simple as ABC. While other indoor field hockey shoes are made with weaker and less efficient materials, the Adidas Youth Field Hockey Shoes is the best you can get at a great price.

Best unisex field hockey shoes

Dita Gold Rush Unisex Field Hockey Shoe

The Dita Gold Rush Unisex Field Hockey Shoe is a classic pick at a good price, designed for both men and women. It’s a better option for those who’re looking for a more versatile prevalent pick on the market. That said, the performance and design of these best field hockey shoes are of great significance that’ll keep you warm and comfortable for as long as you wear them. Equipped with an innovative Easy Bend System, the overall style and performance of the Dita Gold Rush is beyond compare. This unique performance technology ensures you’re comfortable and warm, while you prepare for quick lateral movements and shifts on the pitch. One of the most important aspects of any field hockey shoe is its ability to allow greater movement and warmth without causing any serious injuries during play, and that’s exactly what this efficient performer has to offer. Available to you in versatile colors, we’d primarily recommend this to anyone looking to buy a broader option for both men and women. If you want to progressively improve and track your field hockey techniques, the most precise performer for you has to be the Dita Gold Rush Unisex Field Hockey Shoe. We love to stay up to date with the most upgraded models on the market, so all things considered, these are the best field hockey shoes to fit.

Best field hockey shoes for men

Adidas Performance Men Turf Hog LX Low Shoe

A better recommended option for men, the Adidas Performance Men Turf Hog LX Low Shoe is a stealthy performer made with durable synthetic and a breathable coated leather and textile upper. They’re super comfortable and don’t require a fixed break-in period, especially when it’s for field hockey. These best field hockey shoes provides solid support while maintaining a lightweight and durable build. In terms of traction, strategy, and efficiency, we think this performer ranks the highest for men. Considering how well they know their techniques and performance style, players are more used to something that bodes well with their personal preference rather than they having to adapt to their shoes’. After researching every field hockey shoe we could possibly find, factors such as adaptability, flexibility, and durability are most important factors to look for in a pair. And only after comparing these best field hockey shoes to other similarly-priced models, we know which shoes are best for men. Even if you’re on a budget, you can find the Adidas Performance Men Turf Hog LX Low Shoe to be the most comfortable and supportive shoes that make your feet happy day in and day out. They’re super breathable too, which is where the no-tie elastic laces, EVA cushioned midsole, and foam lining come into play.

Best field hockey shoes for women

Asics Women Gel-Hockey Neo Field Hockey Shoe

Finally, our second solid option for women, the Asics Women Gel-Hockey Neo Field Hockey Shoe is perfect for traction as well as strategy. In fact, they’re designed for strong field hockey enthusiasts, made with state-of-the-art materials and technology. If you wish to enhance your performance with speed and agility, that is to promote total fitness and health, this is the best choice for you. The Impact Guidance System is expertly engineered to enhance ideal foot’s movement and also enhance shock absorption while you make quick lateral movements on the pitch. To counter shock upon every landing, the durable Solyte adds extra comfort and support, better than any other women’s athletic shoes we’ve come across. To make the shoes more breathable and efficient for women, the Asics Women Gel-Hockey Neo is made with all natural and durable materials. The cleated rubber outsole and GEL technology in the rearfoot helps ease any serious injuries, shock, and ensures quick recovery from faster movements. However, the only drawback to these best field hockey shoes is that they sometimes get too hot on the pitch on really hot, sunny days. It’s nothing to worry about, but based on our customer research, some have pointed out its disadvantage for daily use.


After eliminating low-grade performers on the market, we are left with 4 highly competitive performers for serious consideration. All our recommendations are supportive, durable, and offer some of the best and most unique features to field hockey players who are just looking for something valuable. Whether you have experience in shoe shopping online or you don’t, getting through these competitive performers can do you more good than anticipated. Plus, including certain winners from popular brands, we wanted to recommend only those best field hockey shoes that resonate with the crowd better than the rest.

Asics Women Gel Lethal MP6 Field Hockey Shoe

Our first competitor on the list is the Asics Women Gel Lethal MP6 Field Hockey Shoe. It features a full-length CMEVA midsole with a sturdy midfoot Trusstic System for all-day comfort and support. As an athletic field hockey shoe, it’s important that these best field hockey shoes offer good cleat action, making it the most comfortable and efficient competitor for consistent performance. If you’re compromising on performance over price for something that works for all techniques only to cause some serious damage to your feet, someday, you’re going at this all wrong. There are excellent choices out there for any competitive player, and they’re suitable for powerful performance even on a daily basis. For better flexibility and cushioning system, we’d recommend these best field hockey shoes to everyone. For consistent cushioning and better shape retention, don’t just perform with these shoes, maximize your overall deliverance. You can enhance and correct your mastered techniques, make quick lateral movements, and recover from them more effectively. We think the Asics Women Gel Lethal MP6 Field Hockey Shoe offers the best combination of warmth, traction, support, and durability. And for people who don’t have time to research and test out all possible options out there, the quickest way to buy what’s best is to buy these field hockey shoes on the market.

Asics Women Gel Blackheath 4 Field Hockey Shoe

Our second solid competitor on the list is the Asics Women Gel Blackheath 4 Field Hockey Shoe. They’re similar to our main pick in terms of comfort and flexibility, providing a good arch support and cleat action. If you’re tired of experiencing excessive pain after competitive playing, it’s time to replace to something better and more tenacious than your current pick. Made with natural leather and supported by a synthetic sole, these are one of the best field hockey shoes to buy right away. The insulation is excellent, it’s lightweight, and offers better cushion support than expected. For the price you pay, there’s nothing that comes close to this competitor, for better mobility. Generally speaking, you need something strong and highly-durable to reduce shocks and recover much faster from quick lateral movements. And based on what we found, these best field hockey shoes offers the kind of innovative technologies that’s missing from most competitors we’ve found online. They’re gripped well and are most comfortable to run around in. They fit better and much faster than the rest, especially if you’re looking for the best field hockey shoes for women. Lastly, combined with its natural materials and durable design technology, the Asics Women Gel Blackheath 4 Field Hockey Shoe is more protected and shielded from dust and moisture than the rest of the competition.

Asics Women Gel-BK Heath 5 Field Hockey Shoe

If you want to do better than all of our previous picks on the list, go with the Asics Women Gel-BK Heath 5 Field Hockey Shoe. These best field hockey shoes offers the best balance of warmth, resistance, and practicability than we’ve ever seen. It helps improve speed, agility, and direction of movement for as long as you’re well-versed and seasoned with the different techniques in field hockey. For a beginner, these may be the best sort of field hockey shoes ever made, and for a more proficient player, these are best to experiment with. Even though it’s not our main pick on the list, we appreciate what it has to offer to its users. Working perfectly well to retain shape and form, it reflects heat to strike a perfect balance between support and flexibility. The best field hockey shoes that accommodate most feet, the Asics Women Gel-BK Heath 5 Field Hockey Shoe offers rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems and an innovative Trusstic system for better stability and consistency in performance. This helps players to enhance foot movement, shift body mass more comfortably, and reduce stress on ankles. Lastly, it features Raised Gradient Heels which is engineered to reduce immensive pressure on lower limbs, so any sort of serious damage is out of question.

Asics Women Gel Provost Low Field Hockey Shoe

Our last, but not the least competitor on the list is the Asics Women Gel Provost Low Field Hockey Shoe. It comes with a synthetic build, rubber sole, and foam-padded collar for maximum gravity performance and consistency in strategy. If there’s anything we love about these best field hockey shoes, it’s the way it help direct maximum performance on techniques that link with both speed as well as agility. The rearfoot GEL cushioning system helps ensure your feet are well-protected and cushioned for quick lateral movements and ability to perform consistently. For classic style and comfort from an athletic shoe, the Asics Women Gel Provost is the ideal choice for you. These are breathable, durable, and stable with solid cleat action. For practicing slides, quick shifts, sprints, etc. we couldn’t find a better match for you. These best field hockey shoes can take a solid beating, if they have to, and still emerge in a good condition for daily use. Based on some of the customer reviews, they’re the most comfortable shoes some customers have ever worn for playing competitive field hockey. They’re incredibly adaptable, helpful, and considerate. We’d highly recommend these best field hockey shoes to anyone looking for great fit and price. When you experience good traction and stability, more than what you expected, you’d want to choose the best of the best instead of settling for what’s cheaper.

Wrapping it up

For anyone who values simplicity and speedy performance, the Asics Men GEL-Rocket 7 Shoe is our top recommendation on the list. As experts, we are bound to think like both your personal coach and as a professional trainer to bring you the best of the best field hockey shoes on the market. After our research of more than 20 performers, we looked for only those with a unique construction technology and precise performance. If getting expert information and advice on what’s best for you seems like a far-fetched pursuit, our extensive guide will help you make a decision more effectively. These recommendations provide an immediate feedback about how they’re suitable for you. A performer designed to do all for both beginners as well as professionals is something we’re desperately looking for in this extensive guide. Taken together, you’ll benefit more by glancing through all of our recommendations as opposed to contemplating for days about which best field hockey shoes you should get. If you’re more curious about the way your shoes perform, it’s always advisable to be satisfied with customer ratings on all large retailer websites as well as other review websites without spending too much time comparing. No matter which of these options you choose, the most important aspect of shopping for the best field hockey shoes online is to feel more active and motivated to perform better. In general, proper equipment, starting from professional shoes, is important no matter what sport you play, and no matter whether it’s field hockey or some other challenging sport.