Best Fishing Kayak

The Lifetime Youth 6-Feet Wave Fishing Kayak is our best fishing kayak. Great for some lake paddling, you can easily go back to the kayak while you are on the water. With a twin fin design, the fishing kayak is also blow-molded for durability with the ergonomic cockpit design. It is also okay for adults with the weight limit considered and is made of high density polyethylene.

Our step-up pick is the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in Kayak and the fishing kayak also easily skims across the water and it has a couple of adjustable foot pedals for comfort all the way. The seat is 17 inches wide and the kayak also has a high back support. Most kids and parents can use this fishing kayak just fine as it measures 10 feet in length.

The budget pick is the Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak and with a back rest, the vinyl is puncture resistant and is of heavy duty. The included oars measure 86 inches as the fishing kayak is fun to use. The kayak measures 20 x 36 x 123 inches and it has two separate air chambers. A great introduction to kayaking, it packs rigidity with its grab handle.

A Little Background

A fishing kayak has a couple of slots for fishing rods and other fishing gear. The structure of fishing kayaks differ from tandem kayaks or even regular kayaks.
The reason why some fishermen and anglers use a fishing kayak instead of a regular kayak is because of the size, comfort and accessibility that is specifically tailored to the needs of fishing. Getting yourself and your fishing partner a nice and sturdy fishing kayak is a good investment if you fish a lot.

How We Picked

When it comes down to the choice of the best fishing kayak out there, you should take note of the following factors first:
Size: you should consider the size of the kayak in dimensions so that you have more room for you and another fishing partner plus the fishing gear and the fish you caught. If you are expecting to catch more fish or bigger fish then it is the best to get a bigger sized fishing kayak.
Max weight recommendation: the maximum weight recommendation of the fishing kayak is important to know so that your boat will not easily tip over. You can also know how many people can ride on the fishing kayak, but it is usually from 1 to 3 persons.
Accessibility features: the fishing kayak should have a lot of accessibility features, such as a rod holder or slot for a rod holder, some compartments for fish and fishing gear and many others. It should also hold gadgets such as a kayak fish finder with a slot for it just fine.
Material build and durability: the fishing kayak should be made of sturdy materials for it to withstand the test of time. A good material to use for the fishing kayak is fiberglass, like on most boats, because it is both lightweight and durable at the same time, which is perfect for a kayak.

Our Pick

Lifetime Youth 6-Feet Wave Fishing Kayak

Our best fishing kayak is the Lifetime Youth 6-Feet Wave Fishing Kayak. With enough buoyancy, the fishing kayak also boasts ease of entry and exit with a lightweight yet durable build. What’s more, you will feel steady and safe while on the water with the design of the fishing kayak which features an uncluttered deck.
While it is designed for kids, it is also okay for adults and it assists in tracking. Being safe and stable, the fishing kayak is ideal for ages 5 and up and is also great for recreational kayaking. It is easy to use while paddling on the water and it has a weight capacity of 130 lbs.
With self-bailing scupper holes, the fishing kayak has UV protected components to withstand all of your summer activities and fishing adventures. The fishing kayak has a paddle strap and it is also lightweight at 18 lbs for more fishing activities.
You can use the fishing kayak on rivers and it spans up to 6 feet in length. It is perfect for kids and it also has molded finger handles for easy carrying. What’s more, the seat is molded on this fishing kayak so it stays in place. You can use the fishing kayak for waterways and similar bodies of water.
There is no need for a backrest on this fishing kayak and it is also easy to drain the cockpit area. With a sturdy plastic material, it packs strength and durability yet it is easy to store.
Being light enough to carry, the fishing kayak has multiple footrest positions and it is easy to tow. Moreover, it has molded paddle cradles and it gives endless fun for kids. Great for accommodating different size riders, the fishing kayak is available in lime green and orange colors.
Great for lakes and ponds, the black double-sided paddle included in this fishing kayak is nearly effortless to paddle with. The kayak is easy to transport and is nice and stable. Kids can use it with adult supervision and it is backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Among the short cons but not breaking the deal about the Lifetime Youth 6-Feet Wave Fishing Kayak include the fact that there are reports of damaged units, but this is depending on the seller that you buy the kayak from.

Step-up Pick

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in Kayak

Our step-up pick for the best fishing kayak is the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in Kayak. Made with a hard shell material, the fishing kayak is sturdy and it is easy to transport. You can use this at the beach and it can also be an ocean kayak for fishing with enhanced stability overall.
Also great for surf riding, the fishing kayak comes in high visibility colors so any angler will feel at ease while fishing at dawn or in low visibility. It has a swim-up step so you can easily get on the kayak while on the ocean or lake. This fishing kayak is currently available in 5 colors and it has good balance. Also great for salt water use, it tracks well in water so you get great maneuverability.
The kayak weighs 40 pounds and has a storage container for your fishing gear such as your water proof camera, flashlight, GPS, fish finder and the like. You can use the shock cord deck rigging for your needs. The fishing kayak is very comfortable in its features and durable due to its polyethylene construction.
Great for the recreational kayaker or the angler, the fortiflex polyethylene of this fishing kayak is rugged, of high density and is UV stabilized. You can even add a fishing rod holder to keep it quite stable and to not lose your rods.
You can also mount a electric trolling motor on this kayak so you can speed things up. Moreover, the plug is easy to use in this kayaking fishing vessel. It will also fit dogs given they fit in the weight limit specified. Moreover, the seat is elevated so you stay dry while you are boating.
The foot pedals are easy to move and it is great on a lake. Also, locking the kayak is easy with its mechanisms such as the nice broad beam. With a max weight capacity of 250 pounds, the fishing kayak can be used at the beach and the foot pegs have several positions.

Budget Pick

Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Our budget pick is the Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak. The fishing kayak has a convenient storage hatch and the open cockpit is large for ease of maintenance. Being super durable, you can use the fishing kayak on calm bays.
Velcro strips make up the fishing kayak and its rugged vinyl construction. Boston valves help inflate it easily. With aluminum oars, it has an adjustable inflatable seat and a safety grab line, making it comfortable for anyone to use with up to 400 lbs of weight capacity.
The fishing kayak has directional stability and has a high output air pump for ease of use and comfort. This inflatable boat also has a removable skeg. Moreover, re-entering is easy in this lightweight and compact fishing kayak with 15 to 20 minutes in setup time.
Giving you increased visibility, the fishing kayak is a snap to assemble and the paddles can be broken into 3 pieces for easy transport. Made of 30-gauge material and a bright yellow color for easy visibility, the 2-person kayak won’t flip when you go back to the kayak.
Inflating or deflating is a breeze with this fishing kayak. You can also cross smaller bodies of water with this kayak. Its I-beam floor provides stability. It weighs 31.13 lbs and comes with a repair patch kit. Greatly applicable for lakes and mild rivers, the fishing kayak has a storage case which can also hold drinks such as beer.
It is not bulky and it comes with paddles. Great for kayak fishing, this kayak has a couple of thigh pads for comfort. The fishing kayak can also work well on a slow moving river and the foam seat is deluxe and is adjustable.
As a very stable kayak, it has a couple of carrying handles for easy transport, making it very easy to move while you are in the ocean or even at the shore. You can use the fishing kayak greatly for lakes and keep yourself hydrated in your fishing trip with its water bottle holder.

Best Fishing Kayak that has a 2-Person Configuration

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Made with an 18-gauge PVC construction, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak is a great kayak for tandem fishing and is durable enough for that task. It will have enough room for your fishing gear and it is also easy to maneuver. It is lightweight for easier portage and the fishing kayak also has an adjustable padded seat.
Great for active water conditions, getting in and out is a breeze with this fishing kayak due to the design and the adjustable foot braces. Ideal for most anchor and chain sizes on the storage compartment, this sit-in kayak is very maneuverable.
Made with a polyethylene design, it has a reverse chine feature as well. Being sloped at the end in its design, the fishing kayak allows you to paddle and maneuver in a very convenient way that will not cause fatigue.
As a great kayak for a beginner, you can keep your food and drinks in the compartments. The adjustable foot braces keep you comfortable. Great for any water enthusiast or angler, it has convenient gear storage as well as a drain plug for emergency purposes.
Great for hands-free fishing, the fishing kayak is easily maneuverable and you can get back to shore easily with it. You can also add a trolling motor with this rugged kayak with its tough nylon cover. This 2-person fishing kayak has a couple of mesh pockets. It can also be used in a camping trip.
The weight supported is up to 470 pounds on this fishing kayak which is applicable for lake use or any still water. You can also find some trolling motor fittings in this durable inflatable kayak. It will work well in rivers as well and it has a drain plug for convenience and safety.
Made with 1000d tarpaulin bottom, the fishing kayak weighs 40 lbs when inflated. It has a couple of holders and you can adjust your pole angle easily. With plenty of pockets, the fishing kayak has an 840d nylon cover for you to take care of your gear and your kayak.
With d-rings, you can take the fishing kayak to a fishing pier or lake. With a PVC design, the fishing kayak is a great boat for relaxing and fishing at the same time. You will find it a comfortable kayak that is also safe for its airtight system and reliable for its 1-year limited warranty.

Best Fishing Kayak made of PVC Material

AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2-Person Kayak

Our most ideal PVC made fishing kayak is the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance 2-Person Kayak and you can use the fishing kayak in a waterway or the lake and similar bodies of water. Made with an 840-denier nylon build, it can be taken to vacation trips and has great tracking capabilities.
You can take it to the lake or to the river for fishing. The fishing kayak has some adjustable quick set rod holders and is durable with protection from punctures. You can enjoy paddling with this kayak as the thick tarpaulin bottom keeps it stable.
Being easy to inflate and deflate, the fishing kayak is very stable and it has multiple air chambers. It can be used in beaches and it even has paddle holders for preventing paddle loss. It is a wide kayak and if a chamber is punctured, one chamber can stay inflated.
Keeping it in an RV is a breeze because of its easy storage. The fishing kayak also has a water-resistant coating and is made out of polyethylene along with stainless steel hardware. There are bladders inside the tubes and the floor and there are also 3 air chambers for dependability.
The fishing kayak is quite lightweight and can take any moderate white water action and bring the angler comfort. The fishing kayak is also quite low profile and easy to transport. It is compact with its polyethylene material as a 2-person kayak that is inflatable.
With 4 bottom fins, this portable fishing kayak has fore and aft spray covers as well as grab handles. It also comes with a strap for carrying and it has 2 Boston valves that are easily inflatable. Its PVC construction is semi-rigid and is of heavy gauge.
You can fit the fishing kayak in the trunk of your car with ease. The components of the fishing kayak will not corrode at all. It weighs 36.3 pounds and it is great for most paddling enthusiasts and anglers with a roomy design. The fishing kayak has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.
It also measures 12 feet in length and on the bottom, there are tri-laminate reinforcements that are durable. As an inflatable kayak that is stable, it has great back support and great buoyancy. Moreover, the seats are comfortable in this fishing kayak.

Best Fishing Kayak that is Inflatable

Advanced Elements AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak

The Advanced Elements AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak is a great inflatable kayak for lakes due to its nylon hardware that is durable to give you safety on the water. This fishing kayak is great for moderate white water and it has a quick inflating and deflating action.
Made with a highly visible orange color for safety, the fishing kayak has low drag and has been built with tough fabric and a solid build. The drain hole is threaded and is equipped with a plug in this kayak. You can even use the fishing kayak on a calm river and it also has comfortable neoprene elbow guards for long hours of fishing. You can use it on yachts and it is easy to maneuver.
This fishing kayak has aluminum ribs and it can be used on lake and streams. With good tracking or moving in a straight line without turning, the fishing kayak has a sturdy bow and stern. With enough leg room to move freely, you can go fishing on small lakes in this kayak that is easy to inflate and deflate.
With improved tracking than ever before, the fishing kayak measures 15 feet in its length. It can also be an extremely good workout for those who want to go out in the wilderness yet go fishing.
The backbone installation is optional in this fishing kayak. It is also a great inflatable raft and is easy to inflate. Being very comfortable, you have enough room to stretch out in this fishing kayak with 3 seat locations. You get no fear of capsize with this kayak which is sufficient for the needs of the casual white water kayaker.
You just need to attach the seats on this fishing kayak and it is also highly compatible with most pumps and paddles. As a conventional looking kayak with a high support, it has a width of 32 inches and has a max weight capacity of 550 lbs. Moreover, the kayak is watertight and has adjustable padded seats.
You will enjoy fishing in this fishing kayak as it has an inflatable mat at the bottom for comfort. Great for fishing and practicing your skills of paddling, the fishing kayak measures 56 lbs of weight. You can enjoy hours of paddling but with comfort with this kayak. Moreover, you can attach some zip-in decks for avoiding water in the boat.

Best Fishing Kayak with a Sit-On-Top Configuration

Useful UH-TK219 12-foot Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak

The Useful UH-TK219 12-foot Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak is our great and ideal sit-on-top kayak for fishing. With 3 layers of materials, the fishing kayak can be used for either paddling solo or tandem. You can also enhance your paddling technique in this very wide kayak.
Being easy to inflate, the fishing kayak can also be used for kayaking solo. It also has a tubular I-beam floor in its construction. Great for use in a lake, its UV resistant coating ensures durability. Inflating with a hand pump is easy with this fishing kayak which will also work in salt water. Perfect for camping, the inflatable seats are movable and removable in this kayak.
This fishing kayak is a 3-person kayak at the most and all sides have carrying handles for easy lifting off the water and to the RV, motor home or vehicle. The fishing kayak is so comfortable to sit on and it only weighs 70 pounds.
With 4 flush mounts, the fishing kayak provides stability and it can hold up to 440 pounds of weight. The fishing kayak also has 2 bungee paddle parks and a rear cargo storage area for keeping all of your fishing gear. The two aluminum paddles are lightweight and are easy to paddle with.
You can even mount a trolling motor on this fishing kayak so you can enjoy fishing while kayaking for the whole family or by yourself or with a partner. Trolling motors help this fishing kayak be more ideal for high-speed fishing. With 2 cargo hatch areas, the fishing kayak is also applicable for solo fishing.
Any angler can go exploring onto any fishing spot with this fishing kayak which includes 2 deluxe kayak seats. There are also rear storage pouches for storing your gear for fishing. What’s more, the fishing kayak is seemingly impossible to tip over due to the construction and stability.
With 2 paddle rests for ease and comfort, you can use this kayak for solo, tandem or 3 people fishing. The beam measures 34 inches and the fishing kayak also has 3 adjustable rod holders for your convenience.
It is even able to accommodate a dog as an inflatable kayak that is convertible. It does its job well for long distances and for sightseeing. Moreover, can be paddled by one person easily and comes pre-assembled for you.

Best Fishing Kayak for Bay Fishing

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 Fishing Kayak

Our ideal fishing kayak for bay fishing is the Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 Fishing Kayak. The bungee tie down system works as intended and you can stow paddles while fishing with the rod holders. Giving you a stable ride overall for kayak fishing or for trolling, the fishing kayak is great for its balanced seating as well as its amazing traction.
You can even have the fishing kayak stored in a motor home. With 30 minutes of set up and take down, the fishing kayak is easy to use and has great puncture resistance. There is also a carry duffel bag included for ease of transportation. As a hard shell kayak, it can be used on bays and similar bodies of water for fishing.
If you would like to begin kayaking then this is the kayak to go for a fishing trip with. It is very comfortable and it pumps up very quickly for easy setup and unfolding. With 2 sealed hatches, you can fish with it in a bay as a dependable kayak that comes with a paddle that is easy to maneuver the kayak with.
The fishing kayak also comes with 4 carrying handles for easy transport. You can adjust the seat very well so it fits a lot of comfort preferences. It has built-in foot rests for your comfort and setting in up is a breeze as well. It is a great beginner kayak with a rear cargo storage area.
The kayak measures 9 feet in its length and 32 inches in its width and is very comfortable. You can use the tackle storage for your fishing gear. The high density polyethylene has been roto-molded and there are also straps to keep fishing gear secure.
With a weight of 46 pounds, the 4 fishing rod holders have caps and have a flush mount design. With a capacity of a 300 pounds, the fishing kayak comes with paperwork in case you need to register your kayak. With plenty of stability, the kayak is easy to store in your garage using a pulley system.
Moreover, it fits coolers and crates and it is also for the experienced kayaker and angler. Fishing is easy with this fishing kayak as it can withstand strong winds. In addition to that, the paddle storage is easy with the 2 bungee paddle parks.

Best Fishing Kayak with an Electric Pump

Sea Eagle SE370K_P Pro Package Inflatable Kayak

If you want a fishing kayak that comes with an electric pump then go for the Sea Eagle SE370K_P Pro Package Inflatable Kayak. Accommodating any posture possible, the fishing kayak can be used in saltwater because it is compatible for both oceans and lakes.
There is also a bungee tie down system in this kayak which helps in keeping fishing gear secure. Great for maneuvering onto any lake and storing extra gear, the kayak for fishing is superb in stability. Being NMMA certified, the fishing kayak can easily fit on the back of a SUV for storage purposes.
Made with very sturdy materials, the fishing kayak is surprisingly lightweight while being sturdy. It inflates in 8 minutes so you can go fishing right away. You can use the fishing kayak just fine in heavy currents and the like. It has a single strap design and it has a self-bailing drain valve, which other fishing kayaks do not have.
Being quite stable, the fishing kayak comes with two paddles. This fishing kayak is also quite portable. The paddles can disassemble into 4 pieces for added portability. This is an inflatable sport kayak for fishing in which the seats are inflatable for ease of control.
As a versatile boat on the water, the fishing kayak has 3 deluxe valves have a one-way mechanism. Moreover, because of the middle part, a third person could sit as well so it is very economical. With a cigarette lighter adapter option for inflating with a pump, the fishing kayak can survive well on a choppy day with stability.
Moreover, the fishing kayak is not easy to tip over at all and the inflatable spray skirts are lashed down. In addition to that the kayak can be stored folded and has a couple of skeg protectors. You can even depend on this kayak for vehicle use in inflation.
With two seats included, the fishing kayak works for motor mount boats that are inflatable as there is an electric pump. It is easily manageable with one person and is quite comfy and safe overall, even in very windy situation.
The repair kit comes with the kayak will definitely help you in emergency purposes. With a carry bag as well as a 9-foot power cable that is quite long, the fishing kayak is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Best Fishing Kayak with a Single Person Capacity

Old Town Canoes Vapor Recreational Kayak

If you just like to fish solo then the Old Town Canoes Vapor Recreational Kayak is just for you. This is a single-user kayak for fishing and it has a skid plate for you to use. The kayak measures 10 feet by 28.5 inches and it has a set of comfortable thigh and knee pads for all-day comfort and ease.
Great for quiet water paddling, the fishing kayak feature a paddle holder that has already been installed in the kayak. It also has a drain plug for emergency purposes. You can take the fishing kayak to lakes and various bodies of water and it will be easy to maneuver.
Made of durable polyethylene material, you can even use the kayak for fishing at ponds. With an open cockpit design for durability, the fishing kayak can even be used on slow moving rivers with great care. Moreover, the cockpit measurement is at 19.5 x 48 inches in this kayak.
In addition to its features, the stern day well gives you easy access to items for fishing. The linear polyethylene has a single layer construction and is highly durable. With carry handles, the fishing kayak can take on many lakes and is a great kayak for beginners. It is currently available in sunrise and cloud designs for your choice of colors.
With a glide track foot brace system, this recreational kayak is okay in its size as the weight is at 47 lbs. being easy to use, the comfort flex padded seat is adjustable. You can use the fishing kayak just fine as long as you follow the capacity of 275 to 325 lbs.
The fishing kayak has a seat adjustment for your convenience and you can install butterfly racks. For all day paddling comfort, this lake kayak is equipped with many features. It also tracks decently and has foot pedals. Moreover, the cockpit rim has a paddle rest in this fishing kayak for comfort and ease.

The Competition

Other fishing kayaks did not make it to our list because they lacked in durability, safety features, accessibility and the like. It is imperative that a fishing kayak should have all the necessary features to keep your fishing activity or adventure as safe and ad fruitful as possible.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is kayak fishing and how is it different from regular boat fishing?
A: Kayak fishing is simply angling while you are paddling so it is more of a challenge than your average boat fishing. You need to paddle while you are catching fish so you have to maintain a sense of balance or go fishing with a partner. Kayak fishing is considered a very popular fishing sport among anglers.
Q: What makes kayak fishing popular?
A: Kayak fishing is popular because it is of the excitement that you feel when you are paddling and catching fish at the same time. It is also a form of a healthy exercise, especially for those who love the great outdoors and want to spend some time for a workout even while fishing.
Q: Why does a fishing kayak need rubber insulation?
A: The rubber insulation acts as a dampening pad to keep the kayak as quiet as possible. In this way, you will be able to catch more fish with a stealthy kayak paddling action.
Q: Is it okay to straddle on a kayak while fishing?
A: Yes, straddling is a good way to balance the kayak , especially if you have a kayak that measures 30 inches or less. Stability is the key to a successful kayak fishing trip so you can try to straddle if you can so you will be able to struggle with big fish without capsizing.
Q: Why do you need bug spray while kayak fishing?
A: A bug spray can protect you from getting bitten by mosquitoes while you are fishing and paddling. Mosquitoes can cause dengue and other insects can distract you while you are struggling with a bite, all the while balancing your kayak so as not to tip over. Make sure that a bug spray is at hand in your fishing kayak.
Q: Can fishing kayaks be used by kids?
A: Yes, fishing kayaks can be a great bonding time between kids and their parents, especially fathers and sons or even siblings, friends and other close people. You just need to consider the fishing kayak that is fit for use with kids based on the total weight capacity and the safety features for it to be used by children just fine.
Q: Why should I learn to cast in a one-handed way in a fishing kayak?
A: You need a one-handed cast so that you can focus also on keeping the kayak as balanced as possible while you cast the line towards your target fishing spot. You should not depend on the kayak’s stability but rather practice on your balancing and casting techniques to have an effective kayak fishing experience.
Q: Should I bring a two-way radio while on a fishing kayak?
A: Yes, if you plan to be far away from shore as much as possible, you can bring a two-way radio, as most oceans or bodies of water do not have mobile phone signals or internet connection signals, so bringing a two-way radio is a great means of communicating during an emergency. You can also bring a whistle, a personal beacon or some other signaling device in case you get stuck in the middle of the water.
Q: Is kayak fishing applicable for catching bass?
A: Yes, bass fishing can be done with a kayak with the proper fishing technique and stealth. Kayak fishing for bass is advantageous because kayaks are great for small fishing spots such as lakes and the like, in comparison to bigger boats. Any place that is tough to reach is where the fishing kayak can work best on.
Q: What kind of fishing kayak should I go for when I want to go for saltwater fishing?
A: You can go for a sit on top kayak over a kayak that has a sit-in design. Sit on top kayaks are great for saltwater fishing because they offer you a lot more space than regular and conventional fishing kayaks out there. These kinds of kayaks are also easier to balance on, which makes them safer for ocean fishing.
Q: Why should I use a leash for my kayak paddle while fishing?
A: Like using a regular kayak, you should tie up your kayak paddle with a leash so that you will not worry about losing it in the middle of the water. This is quite common sense but some people tend to forget it, especially if they go fishing every now and then. Make sure that the leash is also of high quality so it does not snap with the weather.
Q: What kind of a life jacket or PFD should I wear when kayak fishing?
A: You should definitely wear a PFD or personal floatation device or a life jacket but it should not restrain your fishing access and flexibility. Make sure it does not get in the way of your casting and paddling. Having pockets on a life jacket or PFD is also applicable so that you can get instant access to your fishing gear and tackle.
Q: Should I install a GPS or sonar unit on my fishing kayak?
A: A GPS unit or sonar unit such as a fish finder will definitely help on your fishing kayak for you to find more fish. It also helps you navigate an unfamiliar place in your fishing spot, in case you get lost and don’t know where the shore or land is located. It also tracks the fish that are present in your current fishing spot so that you will spend less time with guesswork and catch fish whenever there are signals.
Q: How long should a fishing rod be when you want to do some kayak fishing?
A: For a fishing kayak , an ideal fishing rod length would be somewhere along 5’10” to 6 feet. You would want something that is of medium action but you can experiment depending on your fishing skills and the kind of fish you want to go for.
Q: Why do you need a rod holder on a fishing kayak?
A: A rod holder is very essential in a fishing kayak because it keeps your fishing rod in place and out of danger of getting lost or stuck somewhere. Especially if your fishing rod is quite expensive as well as your fishing reel, make sure you invest on a fishing rod holder to keep it secure and mounted onto the fishing kayak. Most fishing rod holders are made from some sort of plastic or poly material and is easily mountable. A rod holder also helps you feel at ease when not fishing.
Q: What kind of footwear should I use while kayak fishing?
A: Kayak fishing requires warm footwear such as neoprene socks that are guaranteed to keep you dry. Neoprene socks and anything that is made of neoprene will be great for you to keep yourself warm out in the water with your fishing kayak. Also consider footwear that will protect against punctures and sharp objects if you ever get off your kayak onto the shoreline.
Q: What kind of kayak paddle should I have when kayak fishing?
A: You should go for a lightweight paddle that is manageable and will cause less fatigue. Try to go for a kayak paddle that is about less than 20 ounces in weight so that it will not get in the way of your strength while you are kayak fishing. Especially if you are a beginner with kayak fishing, you should not use heavy paddles with your kayak.
Q: What species of fish will I be able to get from kayak fishing?
A: In kayak fishing, you may find a number of fish species such as flathead, minnow, bream, jack fish and many more. However, this depends on the kind of lure you use, the fishing spot you go to, the kind of rod and reel combo that you use and the season of the year that you go fishing in.
Q: Is it okay to do some kayak fishing in cold weather?
A: It is definitely okay to do fishing in a kayak even when it is cold, provided that you are determined to do so. You can survive fishing with a kayak in the cold if you easily know your escape route or plan. Leashes and straps are great ways to easily get back on land when you fish in cold weather. Keep in mind that you should also wear the right clothes and pack a lot of layers. Anything that is waterproof and insulating is a great clothing practice for kayak fishing.
Q: Why should I bring sunscreen while kayak fishing?
A: Don’t think that because you are moving in a boat , you will not be prone to sunburn. The sunlight can be easily reflected in the water, which can still reach your skin and cause sunburn. Sunscreen helps protect your skin if you want to spend a lot of hours fishing out in the sun.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Lifetime Youth 6-Feet Wave Fishing Kayak is our best fishing kayak which works the best for kids but can also be used by adults.