Best Field Hockey Goalie Equipment

Go with our independently chosen pick for the best of the best field hockey goalie equipment on the market, the Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask. If you want a reliable and qualified field hockey gear for goalies, after extensive research and comparison, we consider this one to be the field hockey goalie equipment for most people. Our panel of experts also agreed that it outperforms similar competitors of its kind, offers a wide variety of impressive features, and is more durable and rugged than most comparable equipments on the market. It is tough, licensed, well-featured field hockey goalie face mask built for the extreme challenges for street hockey and used for all kinds of games. It’s easier to fit and offers great protection for a lower price than the remaining competitors.

The Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask is made of durable high-impact ABS plastic. It is well-cushioned and protected, certified for field hockey, ice hockey, and any other type of “pluck” play. You can also use this best field hockey goalie equipment for street hockey, if that’s what you’re looking for. Another striking quality of this goalie face mask is its impressive graphic which consists of all important NHL team colors and logos, so the style and look of the mask won’t disappoint the way you perform. The adjustability and durable-finish engineering of the Franklin Sports GFM 1500 is a bit hit for when buyers are looking for a solid plastic frame with metal wire working for a goalie face mask. As the best field hockey goalie equipment, we think this one is a clear winner that’ll illuminate your collection and bring out the best in your game.

If you individually don’t know what to get, especially when you know field hockey goalie equipment can be expensive, opting for a complete field hockey goalie package is the safest and most comforting alternative. The Slazenger Field Hockey Goalkeeping Premium Academy Set has left many players satisfied by offering comparatively inexpensive, but collectivity upgraded equipments such as kickers, leg guards, chest pad, gauntlets, etc. for an excellent value. Just so you choose the right alternative to some of the higher-grade models on the market, this full field hockey goalie equipment set makes everything seem straightforward and uncomplicated. Individually, these equipments perform with utmost determination and ruggedness relying on expert research and testing. In addition, this complete can also make a great gift for field hockey goalies, with the only exception of a standard goalie helmet.

The best field hockey goalie equipment for players with a prudent eye, the Easton Catchers Throat Guard is a basic, but rugged guard for any catcher or goalie’s mask. It’s equipped with specific durable and adjustable features that are common with the way field hockey goalies perform on the pitch rather than just wearing a strong face mask. Like most safety gears on the market, this best field hockey goalie equipment provides maximum protection and stability for intensive playing. It is impressively thick, rugged, and sturdy to take a beating without the player feeling a thing. We think it is a valuable buy for the price with simple-to-do attachments and adjustability features. For the majority of people looking for solid and inexpensive field hockey goalie equipments online, the Easton Catchers Throat Guard works well and costs less.

Why we picked

Field hockey is one of the world’s oldest sports. There are many reasons why we picked to find the best field hockey equipments for a goalie, primarily. No one guide with an all-encompassing equipment list for each player could possibly explain to you the importance of a goalkeeper in field hockey. They require a whole new guide because of the way they perform and their significant influence in the game. Above all else, a goalie has the function or responsibility to either make or break a game. With proper protection, gear, and defense technique, they can alter the way other players perform under any circumstance. They can minimize damage done to the game or maximize other players’ strategy for better performance. In simple words, out of 11 players, a goalie is the only player that stands alone. So any minor mistake or misstep can cause a major turnover, which is why the goalkeeping is a respected and highly-regarded position in field hockey, or any other sport you could think of. To help you get started as a goalie, buying the right kind of equipment is the most important thing because a goalie must want as much protection as possible to prevent serious injuries. As a goalie, you need a helmet, throat guard, chest protector, bored shorts, pelvic protector, leg guard, a goalie stick, and so much more. And buying the best field hockey goalie equipment, you’ll need to consider the following pointers.

After this, you must make sure you’re buying from a popular and certified brand name, because you don’t want to risk your safety over something as biased as cheap pricing. Buying a full set of field hockey goalie equipment can be a challenging task for some, but once you know what to get, finding your right kind of style isn’t as perplexing as you thought it to be.

Our best pick: Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask

Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask

If you look at all our top 3 picks on the list, the Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask works well, as a complete package, with our upgraded field hockey goalie set and our durable throat guard. We have already established that a field hockey goalie is the most important player in the game with the most responsibility to boast of. To be both mentally and physically prepared to perform better and more responsibly, it’s imperative that all of the goalie’s field hockey equipment is on-point and durable. Because any one mistake can cause a serious setback to either make or break the game. Being the best field hockey goalie equipment, the Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask is a professionally certified, rugged, and strong face mask to take shots off more than a couple of times, even in a frame of 2-3 minutes. It’s designed to take a solid beating, thanks to the durable, high-impact ABS plastic, adjustable elasticized quick-snap straps, and chrome finish welded steel cage. Moreover, it also features a full-coverage adjustable back plate that’s ideal for making quick adjustments without having to exhaust even a few significant minutes during training.
We’d recommend this best field hockey goalie equipment to anyone bold enough to call himself or herself a diehard field hockey fan, with correct goalie technique and strategy to offer.

Our upgraded pick: Slazenger Field Hockey Goalkeeping Premium Academy Set

Slazenger Field Hockey Goalkeeping Premium Academy Set

Of all the individual models we tested, the distinction for the best performing field hockey goalie set goes to the Slazenger Field Hockey Goalkeeping Premium Academy Set. It consists of all durable and sturdy equipments for most people headed for the goalkeepers’ position in the game. These equipments are stable, sturdy, and well insulated to block out any deficiency or performance flaw that might affect your overall game. In fact, while many buyers rely on individual field hockey goalie equipments to get the best price and performance as a bargain, buying a complete goalkeeper set, especially for beginners, is the best bet you could ask for! It’s more intuitive, adaptable, and easy to handle right out of the box. This best field hockey goalie equipment is a senior goalie’s set with kickers, legguards, gloves, a chest pad, and a lightweight holdall for excellent protection and durability to boast of.
Overall, we think it is impressively lightweight and sturdy to play in, moreover, it’s an excellent value for the money, regardless of it being the most expensive but best field hockey goalie equipment on the list. For better kicking, angles, and stretch, the Slazenger Field Hockey Goalkeeping Premium Academy Set is a significant buy to stay focused and smart.

Our affordable pick: Easton Catchers Throat Guard

Easton Catchers Throat Guard

Different skill sets demand different kinds of sport equipments, however, if you want something extremely safe and rugged for maximum performance, the Easton Catchers Throat Guard is a solid choice for you. This throat guard feels light and sturdy, even though it’s impressively strong and durable for protection. It is the right fit and of great caliber for a goalie, depending on what works best for you. This best field hockey goalie equipment feels comfortable, stays put, does most of the challenging work to protect you from would-be serious injuries, and they come in a strong insulated holding for long term use. As a result, you get a tenacious and flexible throat guard to go with your super durable face mask, to suit all your saves that don’t break your game. It also features adjustable nylon ties that are impressively rugged and engineered for challenging performance. The 4.5-inch length is a perfect fitting size for almost all players, for the ideal throat protection for any mask.
A quality throat protector for the price, the Easton Catchers Throat Guard should be your must-buy and best field hockey goalie equipment to provide the maximum protection. With easy attachment and safety standards, it is one of those most comfortable and reliable equipments you’d want to have in your collection before you’re set for a match.

Best field hockey goalie stick

Harrow Festival Field Hockey Goalie Stick

As a field hockey player, you are required to demand much more stability and potency in performance. The Harrow Festival Field Hockey Goalie Stick is the best field hockey goalie equipment that survives the challenging beatings and constant hits that are extremely common in field hockey. We’re confident that this goalie stick can take what you throw at it. Plus, based on what we found, you can get nearly a year or two year’s worth from such a valuable buy. It is a durable composite stick with a professional J-zig zag head shape, perfect for those looking for affordability and performance. This best field hockey goalie equipment is durable, lightweight, and progressive for better goal line coverage. For long-continued performance, the Harrow Festival Field Hockey Goalie Stick is double reinforced and wrapped in a Kevlar sleeve, offering an impressive and a comfortable handle that gets you on the right path. For tough, durable, impact resistance, and technique managing that helps you keep safe and mobile, this best field hockey goalie equipment is a solid choice that works fantastically.

Best field hockey goalie bag

OBO Wheelie Goalie Bag

The OBO Wheelie Goalie Bag is our second best field hockey goalie equipment constructed with rugged cordura nylon and heavy-duty wheels for holding weather-beaten gear. It also features a telescoping handle and adjustable straps, the most ideal choice for when you’re looking for a strong, sturdy, and flexible goalie bag on the market. In general, depending on a good durable equipment bag is the only way to safeguard your gear from a variety of stressors such as dust, moisture, rain, and other external elements. If you’re willing to a little extra for the convenience, getting the best kind of supportive equipment on the market is the only solution for you. Many of you are looking for something muscular to safeguard all your goalie equipments, so when you’re being active while you play, being considerate for all your equipments is also a must. The OBO Wheelie Goalie Bag is specifically designed for protection as it supports both internal and external compartments for large safekeeping. With a sufficient build, it is engineered to withstand for a longer time than most comparable models on the market.

Best field hockey goalie gloves

STX Field Hockey Anchor Goalie Gloves

If you’re currently using a pair of gloves that aren’t specifically designed for intensive play, we recommend the STX Field Hockey Anchor Goalie Gloves. They’re a strong, durable, and a reliable alternative to all other types of gloves, being more specific to goalkeeping tactics. After our extensive research in field hockey equipments, including goalkeeping, we recognized a similar pattern that field hockey goalies require more performance-tailored equipment than the rest of the players in the game. Since the goalkeeper is the most important person to account for, they need something impressively durable and strong to go with. Something that’s supportive and rugged enough for intense performance, while being lightweight and portable enough for transportation. This best field hockey goalie equipment, on the other hand, is an impressive buy for many reasons. It works best across the board, it includes a left hand blocker and a right hand glove constructed with durably lightweight high-definition Polymer. For better finger placement and strategy, it comprises of an ergonomic finger-placement on the glove to promote better grip and control. Overall, we think the STX Field Hockey Anchor Goalie Gloves is an all-rounder when it comes to hand control and comfortable gripping features.

Best field hockey goalie kickers

STX Field Hockey Anchor Goalie Shoe Kickers

Another impressive and best field hockey goalie equipment to add to your collection, the STX Field Hockey Anchor Goalie Shoe Kickers are designed for powerful performance and better resistance. They help you keep safe, mobile, and focused on your technique, rather than confused and uncomfortable to perform better. If you’re looking for something supportive as much as performance-enhancing, these goalie shoe kickers are the best choice for you. The rugged, lightweight high-definition Polymer construction, durable straps, and protective and snug fit are ideal for the kind of kickers professional goalies look for in the industry. Moreover, if you’re looking for something that stays in place, is durably firm, and long-lasting, nothing outperforms the performance of the STX Field Hockey Anchor Goalie Shoe Kickers. Without putting your body at risk, it offers the best quality build, precise control and protective functions, and the kind of lightweight comfortability most people long for in field hockey. As a goalie, one of your main functions is your defense, so to have something as strong as this best field hockey goalie equipment is ideal for outstanding performance.

Best field hockey goalie pelvic protector

OBO Cloud Women Pelvic Protector

A pelvic protector is one of the most important and influential performers on the market. With the kind of equipment most goalkeepers demand for better performance scalability, the OBO Cloud Women Pelvic Protector has to be on the top most ‘gear-to-buy’ list for you. With the purpose of better protection and flexibility, this pelvic protector is far better than most comparable models we’ve come across. It’s constructed with high-density foam, softer inner pads, and an adjustable waistband, so you get a comfortable fit while excellent protection of the pelvic bone, digestive, and reproductive organs. Available only in a single size, this best field hockey goalie equipment is a for-sure winner among the rest of the competition. Lots of scope and protection, this flexible pelvic protector makes the best all-round equipment for most players. It is designed with careful consideration and research, something that most advanced players will appreciate. Moreover, as opposed to the way other pelvic protectors work, the OBO Cloud Women Pelvic Protector is easy to carry, can withstand incredible amounts of abuse, and they’re better accessible for long-term use.

Best field hockey goalie bored shorts

OBO Yahoo Bored Shorts

Designed to protect the upper legs and inner thigh, especially the inner thigh, the OBO Yahoo Bored Shorts are the perfect kind of stability and protection you need for field hockey. It’s a versatile built shorts because it features a soft inner foam and stronger and more hard outer foam for better tailored protection. This dual density foam is extremely advantageous for maximized protection and resilience. They’re designed for you to feel comfortable, while, at the same time, make it difficult for any forceful or hard-hitting penetration. As field hockey players, you don’t know what kind of play you’ll experience and indulge in a day, which is why this is the best field hockey goalie equipment for you to rely on. Most other protective wear lacks the kind of supportability and durability for long-continued performance, and that’s exactly what the OBO Yahoo Bored Shorts is designed to do away with. It delivers all the core features that goalies find important, while they don’t overreach to make the shorts too uncomfortable or firm to wear. Our final verdict on these best field hockey goalie equipment is that it’s a solid buy for people looking for more stability and protection for a game that’s so unpredictable.

Best field hockey goalie chest protector

Bauer Youth Prodigy 2.0 Chest Protector

Whether beginner or intermediate, you will need a solid chest protector to maximize your game and avoid any serious injuries. A chest protector like the Bauer Youth Prodigy 2.0 Chest Protector covers your chest area, shoulders, stomach, abs, and sides. It also includes plastic elbow caps, specifically designed for goalies. Despite the limitations of a chest protector, this best field hockey goalie equipment offers ample coverage, which is perfect when you’re looking for better rebound control and flexibility. There’s always room for movement and lateral transitions when it comes proper field hockey gear. With its ultra-durable nylon body, velcro strap adjustments, and padded mesh liner, this is one of the top choices for a higher-grade chest protector on the market, specifically for goalkeepers. It also features mid-density shoulder floaters and molded poly caps for that extra punch of protection. Where unpredictable resistance is required, superior coverage and performance of the Bauer Youth Prodigy 2.0 Chest Protector is exactly what goalies need for any game. It’s a bit more robust, twice as more durable than most comparable models on the market, and finally it performs a little bit better than other goalie chest protectors that fall in the same price range as this one.

Best field hockey goalie leg guard

Youth BodyShield Leg Guard

After a strong chest protector, the next best field hockey goalie equipment is the Youth BodyShield Leg Guard. For a player whose focus is more on the defense, you’ll love how well this leg guard performs. It is designed for maximum impact protection for the legs, shins, and ankles. Made with high-performance and resistance polyurethane material, specifically optimized for better impact and shock absorption. This best field hockey goalie equipment fits well, is durable, and offers tremendous amount of protection. If you need something impressively accessible and simple to strap on, the Youth BodyShield is an excellent choice. It adapts well to your body, allowing you to make fast and swift movements. Plus, its durable body features an extremely sleek design to maximize protection of both the leg and the ankle. Available in 3 youth sizes and 2 adult sizes, the Youth BodyShield Leg Guard is a unique protective gear for field hockey players, especially for goalies for maximum defence technique. With good compression, moisture wicking, and fit, nothing beats down what this best field hockey goalie equipment can do for players on the pitch.

Best field hockey goalie compression sleeves

RFS Professional Grade Compression Sleeves

Whatever type of exercise or sport you’re playing, compression sleeves are one of the most important and go-to equipment for being active. They reduce discomfort, alleviate nerve pain, and more importantly, they improve playing performance by reducing unwanted leg pain. The RFS Professional Grade Compression Sleeves is our safest and best choice for compression sleeves. It’s the solid solution for goalies experiencing leg cramps, on a daily basis especially during defensive playing. If you want to keep those unwanted leg cramps and aches away so they don’t distract you, it’s time you chose this best field hockey goalie equipment as your saviour. Made with superior materials and comfortable fit, the RFS Compression Sleeves are the right equipment for your training. It gets our overall recommendation, thanks to its durable and sturdy design that is extremely comfortable for nearly all of its reviewers. It has somewhat a lightweight, effortless, and durable feel whether used for training or on-the-pitch competitive playing. We recognized it offers on the run wear that everyone enjoys. Offering nice quality and professional compression, the RFS Professional Grade Compression Sleeves is exactly what you need to keep your legs warm and flexible.

Best field hockey goalie mouthguard

Redline Sportswear Mouthguard

Once you’re all geared up with the right leg guard, chest protector, kickers, and pelvic protector, the next thing you need is a durable mouthguard. The Redline Sportswear Mouthguard has the extra bit of technology and built to provide impressive protection to teeth, gums, and lips during challenging contact sports. It is customized mouthguard with a unique design to allow easy breathability during competition. This best field hockey goalie equipment has a redesigned look and feel to avoid unwanted rubbing when you’re working out. Moreover, to keep the mouthguard safe and hygienic, it comes in a well-insulated vented case. One of the most pressing concerns of any mouthguard is fighting away bacteria, and that’s a very uncomplicated and easy fix for the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard thanks to its BPA free and Latex free POE material construction. In the end, if you want a mouthguard that’s safe, fits easily and well, stays put, and is comparatively easier to clean, the Redline is your best choice. So unless you need some extremely universale, for goalies, this best field hockey goalie equipment is the best there is without any flaws.

Best field hockey goalie jock

Bauer Reactor Senior Goalie Jock

The Bauer Reactor Senior Goalie Jock is our last contender for the best field hockey goalie equipment on the list. Offering professional level protection, strong resistance, and fair stability, this best field hockey goalie equipment is a solid solution. Made with a super-strong lining of thermo max, it offers incredible moisture wicking to help you stay comfortable throughout your game. For maximum impact absorption, it also features an injection molded cup. The jock’s medium density foam abdominal pad helps restrict mobility for a more safe and secure game. Anything that helps you remain comfortable and alleviates any serious injuries is a good thing. Which is why the Bauer Reactor Senior Goalie Jock is our best field hockey goalie equipment for players with maximum defense capabilities. For professionals, this equipment is a far and away the only solution in this category, especially when it’s stability and affordability that you’re looking for.

Wrapping it up

Better versatility is one of the main reasons why we chose to include so many options as the best field hockey goalie equipment on the market. We picked the Franklin Sports GFM 1500 NHL Team Goalie Face Mask as our best most reliable pick for those buyers who quickly want to know what to get. For a sport as challenging and unpredictable as field hockey, you’d still be spending hours on the internet to find something worthwhile and better tailored for performance. With our extensive guide, including over 10 best possible outcomes for goalkeeping, plus a straightforward way to showcase them based on price, purpose, and convenience, we know what’s best to include in your collection and what to avoid. If you need some help researching what to get and why, all of our recommendations are unique, versatile, and with lots to offer to professional goalies in the industry. Field hockey goalie equipments are for those people who want to excel at something instead of settling for what’s already out there, being used by others. With our collection of kickers, throat guard, pelvic protector, face mask, chest protector, goalie bag, etc. you don’t ever have to feel miserable lugging around so many unwanted and unhelpful gear, ever again. Once you know what you want, even if that’s different than what somebody else wants, you’ll most likely find our recommendations the most straightforward. And we think that a lot of you would probably want the same things as some of the professional field hockey goalies in the industry, which is why this guide is so specific.