Best Ice Machine for Knee

The Artic Pain Management is our pick for the best ice machine for knee, which can be great for local cold therapy and can give relief to joints and muscles. It is very effective and easy to use and it is lightweight and portable.

Our Top Picks For Ice Machines for Knee
It is very portable and lightweight to carry so you can use it almost anywhere.
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Step-up Pick
Can be used for healthcare purposes or injuries. It can provide you with continuous cold therapy for when you are injured or have swelling joints.
Can be used for cryotherapy and physical activities. Also great for pain management.
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Our step-up pick is the Kit Cold Rush and it can also help your joints to feel relieved. It comes with a knee pad and can cover a person’s leg part easily. It can give you continuous cold therapy and can be great for those with surgery recovery problems.

The budget pick is the Aircast Cryo Cuff and this one also comes with a knee pad. It is not motorized and it is great for resolving tissue damage using cryotherapy. It can be used for recovery, sports injury, rehabilitation and other pains.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top Picks for Ice Machines for Knee

Our PickOur Pickjenrtbl-table__imageArtic Pain Management
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Great for local cold therapy
  • For joint and muscle pain
Step-up PickStep-up Pickjenrtbl-table__imageKit Cold Rush
  • Can be used for healthcare purposes
  • Comes with the knee pad
  • Has a whisper quiet operation
Budget PickBudget Pickjenrtbl-table__imageAircast Cryo Cuff
  • Can be used for cryotherapy
  • Can be used for physical activities
  • Great for pain management
  • Great for compression & cooling therapy
  • Can be used for surgery recovery
  • Has a whisper quiet operation
RUNS QUIETLYRUNS QUIETLYjenrtbl-table__imagePolar Products Active
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Warranty of 6 months
  • High efficiency
BEST FOR SURGERYBEST FOR SURGERYjenrtbl-table__imageARS Aqua Relief
  • Can give relief to your hands & feet
  • Has an intuitively designed cooler hose
  • Only weighs 5.7 lbs
BEST FOR ATHLETESBEST FOR ATHLETESjenrtbl-table__imageGame Ready FAB13-2500
  • Great for athletes
  • Great cold compression system
  • Uses pneumatic compression
BEST FOR SHOULDERSBEST FOR SHOULDERSjenrtbl-table__imageOssur B-232000010B-232000016
  • Has a shoulder pad
  • Great for post-surgery recovery
  • Lightweight
WITH AN AIR PUMPWITH AN AIR PUMPjenrtbl-table__imagePain Soother Reusable
  • Temperature resistant
  • Retain coldness for a very long time
  • Very simple to operate
BEST PORTABLEBEST PORTABLEjenrtbl-table__imageSimplyJnJ Cold Therapy
  • Comes with extra compression properties
  • Great fit for most people
  • It has a coverage of up to 24 inches

A Little Background

Ice Machine for Knee1

Knee pain can be very excruciating and can have several reasons why it can happen to you. It’s a matter of survival for most people who try to bear the pain. This kind of pain can halt you from doing daily activities such as walking and running. It can affect your job or school activities as well as other things that you usually are doing.

Many remedies are available out there for painful knees, and they are easily accessible. Ice water packs are the most traditional way of healing an injured knee.

The objective is to put an ice-cold and soothing sensation to the injured knee. Similar to how you would treat a fever with an ice water pack, the same concept is applied to help calm the part of the body that is injured, so that it will support itself regenerate and heal faster so you can do other things later on free from injury.

Nowadays, individual ice machines for knees can be bought so that it can automatically generate ice therapy. These machines are innovative because they don’t have to depend on you to keep supplying the ice water source for the knee injury to subside. They can be a little costly, but they are essential for teams and athletes who exercise or play sports on a daily or weekly basis.

It is vital that if you are an athlete, you should consider getting enough rest. Break times and resting times are just as important as your workout or intense periods.

Knee injuries may also be the result of a workout program that is too intense for you. Make sure that you don’t overdo any physical activity, and you should also base it on factors such as your age, health condition, gender and other things.

Do know that to avoid injuries for your knee, later on, don’t overdo exercises that mainly involve your legs and knees, such as cycling or running. Some older people are more prone to arthritis, muscle pains and joint pains. This is why you may also need to take into consideration a good workout that is much better for your state of health so that you won’t get injured later on.

How we Picked

For the best ice machine for knee, here are some criteria you might need to look into first:

Size of the pack included: the size can vary depending on the size of your legs. Therapy machines can also be adjusted at times and can vary depending on your needs. The pack should be made with the right size so that it will neither be too short nor too long for you to wear around your knees. Keep in mind that all people have different knee sizes, so it pays to know about these criteria first.

The capacity of ice making: you also have to know how much ice water will the machine be making in the long run or at a given time. More ice means more power consumed, so be wary of this.

Intended type of knee pain: there can be many types and causes of knee pain, one of which is due to athletic reasons or due to a rough sport or physical activity. Either you got hit by someone or something during the game, or you overused your legs too much, and this took its toll on your knees. Some also have other reasons like joint pains or day to day accidents like falling off the stairs, slipping and the like.

Ease of usage and directions: you need to consider therapy machines that have proper user instructions so that it will be easier to use for anyone. Therapy machines are kind w emergencies, and therefore, it should be simple and straightforward in its controls to avoid a hassle in using it.

Use for other parts of the body: do consider a knee machine that makes ice for the rest of your body. It would be awesome to have a multipurpose tool so that you can use it for many other injuries you could have in emergencies.

Warranty policies: the warranty policy should be just right with enough period for you to return the ice machine for knee when something goes wrong beyond your control. It should indicate which parts are covered by the warranty policy and should have contact details on where to get the warranty.

Our Pick

Like our top pick, the Artic Pain Management has a pad size of 13 x 24 inches and comes with this included pad. It is very portable and lightweight to carry so you can use it almost anywhere without a lot of worries. It cannot be easily interrupted due to the continuous system that is employed in its design as an ice-making machine.

Great for local cold therapy for injuries and the like, the machine can be used for joint and muscle pain as well as other pain relief needs. It is not too noisy, so you can sleep even with its running course. You can also use it if you are recovering from any kind of surgery possible. The cold water can be maintained from 6 to 8 hours or so. There is also an internal pump and comes with excellent insulation.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

While not a dealbreaker, the Artic Pain Management can be hard to find a pad for, but this is only a minor issue.

Step-up Pick

The Kit Cold Rush is our step-up pick, which can be used for healthcare purposes or injuries. It can provide you with continuous cold therapy for when you are injured or have swelling joints. It can also help those who have just gotten past surgery and the like so that their body parts can potentially heal faster. It can also help those with joint pains and the like.

If you have inflammation in your body, then this is a great machine to have. It comes with the knee pad that is ready to use, and it can run for up to 6 hours continuously. It can give you longer cooling times, and it has a whisper-quiet operation of only 30 dB so you can sleep soundly while you are using this kind of system to relieve your joints from pain.

Budget Pick

The Aircast Cryo Cuff is our budget pick, which can be used for cryotherapy or using ice to recover your joints and muscles. It can be used for sports and physical activities that are too intense in which you will require something to fill your injury. It is great for pain management as well as for recovery in any kind of surgery out there.

You can also reduce the risk of tissue damage with this kind of portable and handy system. It has a universal fit so it can fit most people and it can also be worn on either leg. It can also help you recover from hemarthrosis and other similar injuries. It is not motorized, but it can keep cold for long hours for your needs.

Best Cold Therapy Machine for Knee Joint Pains

For joint pains, we think that the Ossur Device U.S.A. is a great pick because it can help your joint pains to feel at ease. It can also be used for surgery recovery as well as other inflammations in your body. It is continuous so it can be used for a longer period without having to refill it again with ice or cold water.

It has a whisper-quiet operation at 30 dB so that you can use it even when you are sleeping. It can operate for up to 6 hours, and it only weighs 4.6 lbs, so it is quite portable. It is great for compression and cooling therapy, and it has a locking lid so that you can take it with you wherever you go and not have to worry about spillage and leaking.

Best Cold Therapy Machine for Knee that Runs Quietly

The Polar Products Active works well for various parts of the body, other than your knees and legs, such as your elbows, limbs, calves, back, ankles and shoulders. It is very comfortable to use because of everything you need to get started already installed in the system. It is a nice ice making therapy system that runs quietly for you to get enough rest along the way.

The high-efficiency pump ensures that the cooling capability is not diminished throughout the usage. It only weighs 5.5 lbs, so it is very portable to carry. It has a timer for up to 30 minutes, and its cooling capacity is up to 9 quarts. Its elastic belt spans up to 44 inches, and its bladder is a u-shaped design. A warranty of 6 months backs it.

Best Cold Therapy Machine for Knee for Surgery

The A.R.S. Aqua Relief can give relief to your hands and feet, as well as on sore muscles and joints. It comes with connections for booties or a therapy pad and has an intuitively designed cooler hose. It can also be used for diabetic patients, and it comes with hose couplings. It has a universal therapy pad so it can be used with any kind situation and any part of the body.

It brings excellent pain relief, and it only weighs 5.7 lbs, so it is not too heavy to carry around. The tubes have a range of about 4 feet, and the H.C.P.C.S. code of the cold pad is E0218. It can also help athletes as well as those who regularly exercise.

Best Cold Therapy Machine for Knee for Athletes

The Game Ready FAB13-2500 is great for athletes and comes as a control unit, which includes an A.C. adapter as well as a hose for connecting, which spans up to 6 feet of length. It weighs 8 lbs, so it is more suitable for stationary team spots where you need a lot of power to give support and ice therapy to injuries.

It is a great cold compression system that can be used not just for athletes, but also for those who are injured on their preferred physical activities. It uses pneumatic compression for its operation and penetrates deep into the skin and muscles to repair tissues. If you want to contact the seller for warranty policies, call 800-431-2830.

Best Cold Therapy Machine for Knee also for Shoulders

The Ossur B-232000010B-232000016 works not just for knees but also your shoulders due to the inclusion of a shoulder pad. It can give you continuous cold therapy, and it is also great for inflammations caused by injuries or for post-surgery recovery. If you have weak joints or injured joints and muscles, you can count on this kind of system.

It is lightweight at only 4 lbs, and it is quiet at only 30 dB. It can help you recover for more extended hours because it can stay operational for up to 6 hours. It is more than just something that makes ice – it can treat your body and joint pains.

Best Cold Therapy Machine for Knee with an Air Pump

The Pain Soother Reusable comes with an air pump for ease of use when it comes down to making your knee injuries go away. It is temperature resistant, so it will not get affected by outside factors. It can retain coldness for a very long time, which can lead to better pain management for your body parts. It can stay cold longer than 1 hour or so.

It is also effortless to operate and has excellent coverage for most body parts, especially for your legs. It is exceedingly usable for sports injuries, muscle strains, physical activity sprains and the like. It has a one size fits all design so you can use it without having to worry about sizing.

Best Cold Therapy Machine for Knee that is Portable

The SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy is a great choice for a portable system, which can be used for recovering after surgery so that you can heal your body part much better. It comes with extra compression properties so that you can be able to use it with great ease to heal your body part. It can also be used for patients who have arthritis as well as other foot and leg injuries.

It can also be used for those with sprains and strains, as well as those with inflammation in their leg parts. It comes with a ready to use an ice pack, and it has a coverage of up to 24 inches. It can have an excellent fit for most people due to the universal size, and it allows for longer times of treatment due to the retention of the ice.

The Competition

Others were not in this list because they lacked decent instructions on how to use them, and also did not generate the right amount of ice water to help cool down a person’s injured knee.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What temperature should be set for icing injuries?

A: The best setting temperature for when you are icing injuries is from 1.7 to 3.5 degrees Celsius or as much as 9 degrees Celsius, depending on the severity of the damage.

Q: What is cryotherapy?

A: Cryotherapy is a kind of therapy that makes the use of cold to help regenerate your body and heal over time. It has been a method that has been used for years, although only in experimental parts.

Q: What are the dos and don’ts of leg part injuries?

A: Most people follow things with leg part injuries, but others just don’t care. Here are some do’s and don’ts for leg part injuries and how to handle them:


1. Do exercise with weight training, flexibility exercises, cardio, swimming, walking and the like.

2. Do use the R.I.C.E. or rest, cold, compression, and elevation method when you are injured.

3. Do consult a doctor or physician with what is the best solution for your problem.


1. Don’t feel shy with walking aids for when you are injured.

2. Don’t keep too much weight to avoid stressing your leg parts.

3. Don’t forget to use handrails on staircases to prevent falling.

Q: What are some misconceptions about leg part replacements?

A: Most people think about things with leg part replacements, but if you have second thoughts, here are misconceptions that you might come across:

1. “Leg part surgery can take time.” Sometimes, leg part injuries get worse and harder to repair if you prolong the time of waiting.

2. “Only younger folks can have a leg part replacement surgery.” Not actual, even those 60 years of age or older can have leg part replacement surgery.

3. “You need to lose weight first before leg part replacement surgery.” Not always the case, because you can still lose weight later on after the surgery because you can move better.

Q: Can I ice my knee too much?

A: Yes. Use ice water or an icing machine for the knee for new injuries, unless your doctor advised differently. Ice therapy shouldn’t be applied for more than twenty minutes at a time or eight times per day. Too much ice therapy will restrict blood flow and could cause frostbite. Ice water is used to dull pain and reduce swelling. Ice therapy works better when the injured leg is raised.

Applying ice therapy with ice packs is a much cleaner ice therapy system as homemade ice packs made with water regularly melts back to its original water state and become messy.

Q: How long do you use the ice machine after knee surgery?

Knee surgery ice therapy is different from a typical knee injury. The doctor will give his preferred treatment therapy system, which could range from active ice with ice packs to using an ice therapy machine. An ice machine for knee after surgery could be rented, and they are straightforward to use. The machine usually comes with a cryo cuff which would use a cold system for the ice therapy, which is not as severe as ice packs and can be placed in the problem area for much longer.

Although most doctors will recommend intervals of 2-hour lengthy therapy on the icing machine for the knee, patients have used the therapy machine in the past for as long as overnight.

Q: How often do you ice a knee replacement?

A: As with the icing machine for knee, doctors will recommend the therapy periods for knee replacement. The ice therapy machine is easy to use and therapy periods for a knee replacement could last longer as water can be used to replicate the cold rush ice provides, but with less intensity. The pain from a knee replacement will take longer to heal which could take months, which makes a knee ice machine a good investment as the easy to use therapy system uses a cryo cuff system with water.

Active Ice therapy shouldn’t be applied for more than 20 minutes at a time or eight times per day. Too much ice therapy will restrict blood flow and could cause frostbite. Ice is used to dull pain and reduce swelling. Ice therapy works better when the injured leg is raised.

Q: What is the best cold therapy machine?

A: The best ice therapy machine is the Ossur cold rush therapy system. The ice therapy machine is motorized and can be used continuously for up to 6 hours. The Ossur cold rush ice therapy system operates at 30 decibels and can be used for a variety of therapies which include the knee, shoulder or universal pads. This ice therapy machine was reported for having decreased surgical recovery times.

Wrapping It Up

Depending on the nature of the injury, any ice therapy system will be beneficial as cold is ultimately what the doctor ordered. Therapy machines are easy to use. As for therapy machines, they all differ in cost depending on whether they are motorized or not, what noise their motors make, which could affect your so much needed rest. The ice therapy machine that suits your budget will be the one for you.

In the long run, we think that the Artic Pain Management is our pick for the best ice machine for knee due to the cold retention, lightweight design and its ease of usage as a system that can induce cold therapy to anyone who is injured.