Chicken Korma Recipe

Chicken is easily one of the easiest and widely available meat proteins out there. Roasting, grilling, barbecue, and shredding it into pieces to add to a multitude of dishes can be absolutely great, but after a few times, it often can feel a bit redundant with the same old recipes to work from. That’s when … Read more

Pan Seared Tilapia in Saffron Sauce

Fish is one of the most healthy proteins we can grace our tables with, but unless you’re fortunate enough to live on the coast it may be hard to come by. Tilapia is one fish that doesn’t allow that to keep it from our plates! For those who aren’t familiar with tilapia, they are white-fleshed … Read more

Black, White and Pink All Over Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Tossing together and stirring up a bit of flour, sugar, butter, and chocolate along with a few other ingredients has always been the basis for a particular mouthwatering treat; chocolate chip cookies. These beloved cookies are a childhood favorite and are a nostalgic experience for anyone that has crossed the threshold into adulthood. But what … Read more

Norwegian Waffles with Orange Syrup

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson brought the first waffle iron to the United States? The year was 1789, and on his return from Europe, the founder brought back a ‘fancy’ French waffle iron to America, and proceeded to throw waffles parties, which became known as frolics! While Jefferson brought in the first waffle iron, … Read more

Classic Vegan French Toast Recipe

Commonly known as an indulgent breakfast food, French toast, or “pain perdu”, is actually a dessert in France. Although the origins of French toast is not entirely clear, some say that the earliest mention of French toast can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire. Extremely easy to make; all you need … Read more