Classic Vegan French Toast Recipe

Commonly known as an indulgent breakfast food, French toast, or “pain perdu”, is actually a dessert in France. Although the origins of French toast is not entirely clear, some say

Garlic Naan with Cilantro

       Indian dishes can often be a bit intimidating due to their long and exotic ingredient lists. I I often skim through Indian recipes, drooling over the delish sounding

Crumbly Vegan Sugar Cookies

Buttery, crumbly and sweet, these vegan sugar cookies are the perfect accompaniment to almost every situation and taste amazing when paired with coffee or cacao drinks, as the aromatic bitter

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake Recipe

I love a good cinnamon roll, whether for my 4 o’clock afternoon coffee or simply any time of the day. However, the elaborate work that goes into those fluffy rolls

Daikon Radish Greens Kimchi

Kimchi has always been an acquired taste. It’s one I, personally, acquired once I hit my teenage years when I would crunch on bites of spicy fermented cabbage leaves in

Mexican Rice with Chicken Drumsticks

One of my favorite elements when eating at a Mexican restaurant has always been rice. It’s just a tomato infused side, but without it the entire plate seems incomplete! That’s