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We have delved deeper in search of the best vacuum sealer and ended up with FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealer. Food Saver Games Saver Deluxe Vacuum sealing is a good bargain for a secure air-tight seal that has an extra-wide sealing strip. It has easy one – touch controls and powerful suction coupled with a stronger vacuum. The vacuum sealer is industrial and comes with an integrated cutter. It is a wonderful Vacuum sealer that provides ease of use and reliability.

The Best Vacuum Sealer: Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing

If you are looking for an ideal air – tight seal, we recommend the Game Saver Deluxe , the unit has settings for Moist/ Dry food for optimal sealing. It’s awesome for those who buy in bulk for there isn’t time between vacuuming and has excellent power. The built-in cutter ensures there are no crooked bags. Hence, there is minimal wastage of bag material.

Once you’ve packed the bag, you just insert and the Game Saver senses and sucks the bag empty and seals automatically. The Crush-free instant seal ensures the protection of delicate food during the sealing process. You can use the attachment for keeping coffee beans airtight and fresh for an extended period. It marinates food in minutes. Above all, the Game Saver has a sleek look, a safety latch and is user-friendly.

Step–Up Pick: Food Saver 4840 2-In – 1 Automatic sealing system

If you like the bling of Chrome, and won’t mind spending more, the 4840 is your vacuum sealer. You get a 2-in-1 automatic vacuum sealing system with a bonus inbuilt retractable handheld sealer for jarred foods. It also has a starter kit, Heat Seal, and Zipper bags. It has a button that allows you to seal instantly. If you are sealing delicate items like cookies, you can simply pause the vacuum to prevent them from being crushed. It is an excellent product that has an attachment that enables sealing of zipping – top bags with vacuum valve holes. The Chrome face is appealing and much easier to clean.

Budget Pick: Food Saver V2244

Food Saver V2244 is compact in size and consistent in performance. However, it is not well placed for commercial use but can stand to be counted when it comes to family use. The unit lacks storage bag features. It has accessory port and hose vacuum seal canisters and ably marinates food instantly. We recommend this unit for those who have a modest budget and need a simple unit that is highly efficient for home usage.

What you should know before buying

There are many brands of vacuum sealers on the market. In our research, we came across different varieties of Vacuum Sealers with many unique features and capabilities. They also vary in appearance and technological sophistication. We identified that there were two models of vacuum sealers, i.e., countertop models and hand held models. Countertop models occupy more space and are more durable and have stronger suction compared to the handheld models. We found robust and powerful almost industrial units highly recommended for commercial use and also simple ones ideal for family home use.

Before purchasing a vacuum sealer, we recommend you take into consideration the following factors:
1) Volume of food
The amount of food to be preserved indeed points to the kind of vacuum sealer purchased. Are you buying in bulk? If yes, then you need a powerful unit that can seal plenty of packages fast. If your frequency and quantity of usage are small, then a simple equipment can successfully take care of your needs.

On the same breath, a consideration of the number of pouches that you intend to be sealing per shift is necessary.

2) Price
You should consider your budget when you plan to buy a Vacuum Sealer. There are equipment’s in the market that go for less than a hundred dollars whereas, there are others that cost hundreds of dollars. You must know your budget and then ensure you receive value for your money by choosing an efficient, durable and air – tight sealing equipment.

It is invaluable to find out whether the price of your desired vacuum sealer includes a starter kit and other accessories. If not included, ensure you know your total cost before purchasing.

3) Efficiency of the equipment
Before purchasing a vacuum sealing equipment, it is wise to carry out a comprehensive research on a variety of equipment’s to find out which one is most appropriate for your needs. You should find reviews from customers who have purchased and used your product of choice before. The fact is that when purchasing a vacuum sealer, you have to know whether it supports different speeds. You will need different speeds for the different type of bags. Photographs and heavy duty bags require slow speeds while other items require fast speeds. Find out whether your desired machine supports generic bags or whether it requires a particular type of bag. A machine that requires a specified kind of bag will be expensive.

4) Availability of space
It is paramount to consider how much space you have available for the equipment. There are equipment’s that are small and compact while others are large and occupy a lot of space. If you intend on moving around with your gear, then you should consider buying a lighter unit. It is prudent to consider whether your desired gadget is a table top or a free – standing unit.

What is vacuum sealing?

Vacuum sealing also referred to as vacuum packing or ROP (Reduced Oxygen Packaging) is a process of removing air from a package thus limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria and evaporation of volatile components. It works on the premise that oxygen is a requisite component that aid reactions in foods that result in quality deterioration. Vacuum sealing involves the packing of food in air – tight pouches. A vacuum sealer sucks all the Oxygen together with moisture thus preserving food. It is a safe and hygienic method of preserving food because, during the removal of air, most harmful microbes, molds and insect infections are also removed.
Vacuum sealers can also be used to seal other items like letters, artifacts and prevent them from dust. Vacuum sealing is economical, and the method helps extend the shelf life of food for between three and five days.

How we picked

Set on a mission to identify and recommend the best vacuum sealer, we carried out rigorous tests on various units. The tests we took were very specific and geared towards establishing the price of the unit, the quality, durability, reliability and reviews from customers who have used the machine before. Our aim is to give you invaluable tips to help you understand the weaknesses inherent in various models and the strengths to be found in our recommended models.

Our pick: Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing

Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Sealing
Jen’s Top Pick: Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing

We settled on the Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Food Sealer as our top pick. The model is a table top model that is compact and appealing. The machine is reliable and delivers spot – on sealing. It is efficient and ideal for heavier jobs. We liked the removable drip tray that collects all food spillages during the sealing process. The drip tray is easier to withdraw and clean and has an anti-bacteria ingredient that checks the growth of bacteria. The machine is fully automated and comes with easy to use interface. You can choose either manual or automatic sealing. The unit allows you to select the speed and has an option for manual or automatic sealing. We were impressed by its options for dry and moist settings. Above all, it has light indicators located on the top of the machine that makes the user aware of the status and progress while sealing.

Compared to other models that we tested, we found Game Saver to be more superior. It is an almost industrial machine with excellent power, a built-in cutter that can cut extra parts of the seal plastic bags. Bag cutters are instrumental when it comes to cutting. They allow the user to cut comfortably bags to his or her desired size. We noticed that the machine keeps a wider strip so that when it seals, it leaves a layer of added protection which ensures that the seal is air – tight and guarantees longer preservation period. The machine has bag storage facility that is convenient for storing bags so you can retrieve them quickly whenever you want to seal. It is endowed with a strong motor and gives an excellent seal. The unit is fast and effortless to use. Built with a sportsman in mind, precisely for hunters and fishermen, the unit is durable and can handle longer hours of continuous use. This model has the capability of sealing other items such as jewelry, badges, socks and much more other, unlike other comparable models which only seal foodstuffs.

The Game Saver is convenient and works with little noise. The machine is automated and fully hands-free. You just press the button, and the machine registers your command, senses and sucks the bag in automatically and seals your package. What we found to be interesting with the Game Saver Deluxe is that when the sealing is complete, the motor automatically stops running.
The Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe is what we can confidently refer to as a near perfection vacuum sealer. The equipment has unique extra features that raise it above other equipment of the same price. The price is also reasonable given the service the equipment offers. We highly vouch and recommend the Game Saver Deluxe for all you out there.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

Some reviews have complained about the Game Saver being somehow larger in size and a little bit heavier which is a point to keep in mind. We think the larger area allows you to keep a lot of food. The in – built tray and storage accessory compartment is instrumental and convenient for it helps to store the gadgets thus avoiding losing them. When we tested the Game Saver regarding heaviness, we conceded that it was a little bit heavier than the other food savers of the same price. But, it is not that heavy to the point that one is not able to move it around. Moreover, the advantages of this unit compared to the lighter ones of the same price outweigh the minor cons. We strongly feel that the Game Saver still beats its competition hands down.

Step-up Pick: Food Saver 4840 2 – In – 1 Automatic Sealing System

Food Saver 4840 2 - In - 1 Automatic
Step-up Pick: Food Saver 4840 2 – In – 1 Automatic Sealing System

Our step up pick Food Saver 4840 2 – In – 1 is another great equipment from the food saver series. The chrome look is eye catching, and the feel is good when you touch it. Let’s call it a “sleek machine.” It is a suction type vacuum sealer that’s fully automated. It weighs 10 pounds and comes with a start –up that comprises one 11″x10″ Rolls, 2 Gallons of Heat-Seal Bags, 3 Quart Heat-Seal Bags, 3 Quart Zipper Bags and 2 Gallons Zipper Bags.

The unit Offers both internal and external sealing. The machine has a built-in retractable handheld sealer that is instrumental when using zipper bags. It has a removable drip tray which makes cleaning much easier. It has a dishwasher safe. Food Saver 4840 comes with a built-in cutter.

The unit has an automatic bag detection feature that senses the bags and automatically begins the sealing process. We also noticed while testing that the unit was able to detect and differentiate between moist and dry foods and interestingly, it adjusts to the best settings for sealing the appropriate food. It also stops automatically after drawing all the air.
There are complaints from users who say that the unit is not heavy duty and that it stops after sealing ten to twelve bags and resumes after cooling. Our test which is collaborated by many other reviewers and users out there proved that the Game Saver could seal up to twenty bags without cooling interval. Many users also complain that it is not that effective when it comes to sealing and packing liquids.

Our verdict is that the Food Saver 4840 is a machine with many features, but the price is high compared to the able Game Saver Deluxe. The price makes economic sense in the long term for you will save a lot of money by buying in bulk. Many reviews content that it is a superior performer.

Budget Pick: Food Saver V2244

Food Saver V2244
Budget Pick: Food Saver V2244

It’s been rated as the best seller more than once. Many people like the unit for its humbleness and work efficiently and fast. The unit is manual and highly durable and comes with a one year warranty. It does not take up too much space and can store food of any kind. It measures 5.9 x 10.6 x 17.7 inches and is available in black and white. Food Saver V2244 starter kit consists of 1 Food Saver Heat Roll 11 in x 10ft. 2 Food Saver Heat – Seal Pre – cut Gallon – Size Bags, and 3 Food Saver Heat – Seal price – cut Quartz – Size Bags. There is no bag wastage which is a significant challenge associated with automatic units. The motor operates quietly compared with other models that are known to make lots of noise. It is great for maintaining taste, color, and texture.

The unit has a drip tray that checks excess liquid during sealing and prevents spillages that could make your counter messy. The outer surface is easier to clean.

Some reviewers claim the unit is bulkier and heavier which is a challenge for users who intend to move regularly. It also doesn’t work on vacuum sealer bags. The food saver V2244 is not an automatic machine and as such can’t sense the bags nor even detect wetness or dryness which is a big minus. Having said that, the food saver remains an excellent machine for those not willing to spend a lot, but none the less likes to preserve their food efficiently.

Best Vacuum Sealer for Sportspeople: Food Saver Professional Vacuum Sealer

Food Saver ProfessionalVacuum
Food Saver Professional Vacuum Sealer

This machine designed with a sportsman in mind. Its design is rugged thus best suited to handle the toughest of jobs. It’s a manually operated machine with an extra – wide sealing strip that creates an air- tight seal. It has an extra-large drip tray and a removable dishwasher. The unit has a roll holder and a bag cutter. It marinates food in minutes. Our opinion is that Food Saver Professional is a sportsman vacuum sealer.

Best Vacuum Sealer for Wet Bags: Vacupack Elite

vacupack elite
Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer

The Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer is an expensive, sleek, high-quality stainless steel residential style vacuum cleaner. It was designed in Italy and upgraded in the US. It can seal a wet bag without a bag failure. Vacupack Elite has a crimping heat bar that easily seals wet bags with no sweat. The unit has a powerful pump and motor that is protected by diversion water trap. Granted, it’s the leading residential style vacuum sealer. It can seal between 35 – 60 bags per session. The machine comes with Vacupack Sous Vide bags from Italy, a 2-year service contract, and 5-year warranty.

The Competition

We have lined up other Vacuum Sealers of equally good quality and functions just in case you are unable to get our recommended only picks.
Food Saver V3835 Automatic Vacuum  Seal
Food Saver V3835 Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Food Saver V3835 Vacuum Automatic Sealer is another high-end machine from Food Saver. The unit has two vacuum seals. It has a starter kit with 11″x10″ Heat Seal Roll, 3-Quartz Heat-Seal Bags, 2 – Gallon Heat – Seal Bags and one accessory. This machine has fully automatic operation with two vacuum speeds. The equipment has space saving vertical designs, crush free instant seal, big cutter and convenient roll holder. The machine has a 5-year warranty. We recommend it in case our first picks aren’t available.

Ziplock V 151 Vacuum Sealer System
Ziploc V 151 Vacuum

The Ziplock v 151 Vacuum Sealer is 3.9 stars rated with 100 customer reviews on Amazon is a high-quality vacuum sealer of Ziplock quality. It weighs 4.3 pounds with dimensions 9.8×17.5×17.5. It has one – touch and instant seal, a powerful motor and a led indicator that changes color to indicate function. The price is good for a machine that is capable of giving you a long service. Compared to V2244, we believe that it is a little bit inferior but can be a better substitute.

Cuisinart Vs - 100 Vacuum Sealer System
Cuisinart Vs – 100 Vacuum

Cuisinart vs. – 100 vacuum sealer comes with a secure locking system, simple three – button operations, instant seal feature for delicate items. It has compact stainless design and weighs 3.4 pounds with Dimensions 14.9 x5.2 x 2.9 inches. The unit includes two 11 – inch by 10-foot rolls, two 8-inch by 10-foot rolls, vacuum hose, and a sizeable bag cutter.

Vac Master PRO 260 Suction
Vac MasterPRO260

Vac MasterPRO260 is an impressively designed vacuum sealer. Though a little bit noisy, the motor has more power. The machine has an internal cooler fan that ensures it never heats. It is user-friendly and built to last. We were impressed by the seal foot print on the bag. It’s arguably double that of Ziplock and Food Saver brands. Conversely, if the seal foot is large, the machine is big in size and occupies large space. Vac Master is best for those who have more space. We were also impressed with Vac Master Customer service. We called in, and our call went through immediately.

Food Saver V3240 Vacuum
Food Saver V3240 Vacuum

This automatic machine works for any food situation. The Food Saver V3240 is powerful, efficient and works flawlessly. With this new food saver model, unlike the older one, you do not need to keep the button depressed to seal, you just press ones. We liked the fact that you can stop the vacuum process anytime, meaning that you can seal without vacuum. This unit competes with Food Saver V2840. The offer includes a starter kit comprising one roll and three heat seal bags which enable you to get started immediately you purchase while also saving some money. It has an option of Dry/Moist which allows you to seal better dry foods and liquids. It is a very reliable equipment that you can go for if our recommended picks aren’t available.

Food Saver Game Saver FSSL38100
Food Saver Game Saver FSFSSL3810-000

Another cool vacuum sealer from Food Saver. This vacuum sealer is automated with two vacuum speeds. The machine has Moist/Dry functionality that allows for maximum use. The unit fitted with a removable dishwasher – safe, drip tray, a reusable dishwasher that allows for easier cleaning. It has a roll holder and an inner bag cutter. It’s a suitable machine but highly priced compared to our only picks.

Food Saver Game Saver Silver Repetitive
Food Saver Game Saver Silver Repetitive Sealing

The Food Saver Game Saver Silver Repetitive Sealing vacuum sealer weighs 11 pounds. It is desirable for repetitive, heavy use and has the potential to seal 25 bags in a row. It has a built- in roll storage and comes with comfortable carrying handle. It also has a drip tray, built – in storage and a cutter. It is a durable machine that is easy to use and very efficient. The machine comes with (according to their website) a limited lifetime warranty which they define to mean that it extends to one year past the date on which the product model in question discontinued.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use this model to seal mason jars or does it just seal canisters?
A: Yes, Game saver is capable of sealing, but you have to buy the attachments for the jars.

Q: Is it good for dehydrated items?
A: It is good on dehydrated items, but you have to make sure you carefully watch the sharp edges.

Q: Are the sealing gaskets replaceable?
A: No, if they spoil, they can’t be repaired because the sealing jar is not replaceable.

Q: Can Game Saver Deluxe Vacuum sealer seal many items consistently?
A: Yes, in our test, the Food Saver Game Saver proved that it has the necessary stamina. In our test, we sealed over twenty-five bags continuously.

Q: Does Game Saver Deluxe have a manual option?
A: Yes it does. On the far right of the unit, there is a button marked “seal,” with the word “Manual” above. You can use the machine manually.

Q: Does it work well sealing moist foods like corn?
A: Yes, as long as you follow the explicit directions. There are also specific instructions for moist and delicate foods.

Q: How wide is the vacuum?
A: The width of the sealing channel is 11 – ¾” and seals up to 12.”

Q. Does Food Saver Game Saver has an internal cutter?
A. Game Saver has an integrated cutter.

Q. Can this machine prevent liquids spilling inside?
A. Game Saver has an inner drip tray that takes care of spillages.

Wrapping It Up

Investing in a vacuum sealer pays off in the long run. Vacuum sealers preserve food which would have otherwise gone to waste thus saving a lot of money. According to our research, we found The Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe to be the champion. It has a lot of helpful features. Above all, it’s durable and reasonably priced. The V4840 is also a top notch machine save for its pricing which is higher compared to our top pick.

For those who have no problem spending more on a sleek machine, then, V4840 is your gadget. Our budget product Food Saver 2444 is a best seller. Many people like it because of its capability and price. It has a high number of reviews which a test to the fact that it is a good sealing machine but can never compete with our top up or even our step-up pick. The vacuum sealers that we lined up as competitors are equally good vacuum sealers.

Customer service is of utmost importance because if you run into problems with your equipment, you need a quick response. Food Saver has an excellent customer service, but we were highly impressed by Ziplock, their response was prompt.

Our research revealed that vacuum sealers are growing fast in popularity as a result of the many advantages associated with them.

Food Saver brands are highly popular with many buyers compared to other brands such as Ziplock, Cuisinart, and Vac Master. Food saver also has very many different models on the market thus giving consumers a wide range of choice.

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