10 Amazing Benefits of Food Steamers

Steaming is the healthiest cooking method and more and more people are gearing towards steaming food nowadays. Food steamers are very versatile and easy to use. It saves so much prep time in the kitchen and at the same time offers a lot of health benefits. Here are 10 amazing benefits of using a food steamer at home:

Cooks food fast and easy

One benefit of using food steamers at home is that it makes the cooking process so fast and easy. You don’t need so much time in cooking your favorite food. Food steamers locks in steam which cooks the food in just a few minutes.

Needs little supervision

One great advantage of using food steamers is that it needs minimal supervision compared to cooking food over the stove or oven. It doesn’t require you to check on the food once in a while and worrying about food getting burnt or overcooked. Food steamers often come with a timer so you can avoid over steaming.

Locks nutrients in and retains natural vitamins and minerals

The most amazing benefit of food steamers which most people find really important is its ability to preserve the nutrients and minerals of food. It locks in the flavors and vitamins of the food naturally and at the same time preserve its taste through the process.

Keeps the structure and color of food

What most people love about food steamers is that they retain the natural colors of food most especially vegetables. Cooking over stove or high heat can make vegetables lose their bright colors and tends to make food brown and dull. Food steamers keeps the structure, texture and color of food being steamed since it only let steam cook the dish.

No oil needed

Since food steamers only use water for the whole cooking process, you don’t need oil or anything compared to cooking it in a pan. You won’t have to worry about food drying up as the moisture is being retained in the steamer that keeps food moist and wet.

Healthiest cooking method

Food steaming is considered the healthiest cooking method as it does not lose the vitamins and minerals of food. It does not make the food dry, and at the same time, does not require additives or artificial flavorings while cooking. You can cook food in a food steamer without adding oil, salt, sugar or soy sauce.

Saves time, money and energy

Since food steamers cook food fast and easy, it enables one to save time, money and energy in using it. Steaming food saves energy as you can cook different kinds of food all at the same time. You save time, effort and energy when you can place multiple ingredients on different steamer trays. It saves you money because you don’t have to use other ingredients and at the same time cooking simultaneously can save electricity.

Less Mess and Clean Up is Easy

Aside from food steamers being easy to store, they are also easy to clean. They are much less messy when used as you don’t have to worry about oil splatters and other sauces sticking on the trays. Food steamer trays are dishwasher safe or you can also hand wash it.

Cooks all types of food

One nice benefit of using food steamers in cooking is that it can cook all kinds of food. You can cook meat, fish, vegetables and even dessert with a food steamer. The options are limitless and you don’t have to worry about how you will cook it because steaming food is so convenient and easy.

Lowers Cholesterol

Cooking food in food steamers helps lowers cholesterol. That is mainly because you don’t have to cook it with oil. You can rely on the water or steam to keep the food from drying. Since no oil is added to the cooking process, you don’t consume added fat or those saturated fats that contributes to high blood and cholesterol. Steaming food is the healthiest and most natural way to cook your food.