Best Food Storage Container

The Rubbermaid Easy-Find Lids Food Storage Container is our pick for the best food storage container. Versatile, microwaveable, spill-proof and washable, this has the best of many worlds.

Our step-up pick is the Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven-Safe Container Set.

The budget pick is the Misc Home Compartment Food Storage Container.

A Little Background

A food storage container is more commonly used at home or during a picnic. In most cases, food storage containers can be used for work at the office to grab home cooked meals and then eat them later and retain their freshness even at the office or the workplace.

Bento boxes in Japan are known as lunch boxes which are prepared meticulously in containers with dividers or compartments. Today, a lot of food storage containers have an airtight seal and waterproof qualities to house in soups and the like and to keep the food from spoiling.

How We Picked

What exactly do you keep in mind when choosing the best food storage container?
First, consider that it is good at locking your food without spoiling it. This is the most important thing to know in a food storage container so that you can keep perishables such as spaghetti and anything with a tomato sauce on it.
Second, make sure it is food-friendly and food-grade in material. It should be BPA-free so that it will be safe for food items and will not cause the plastics or material to harm your foods.
Third, it should be very easy to use and open/close. Other than being airtight and leak-free, the food storage container should be very simple in its operation.
Fourth, the container should be durable at the very least. It should be okay to use with microwaves, ovens, freezers and dishwashers alike.
Last but not the least; it should be in various sizes for different meals and foods. Usually, a food storage container package is made of many sized containers for small and big foods – usually for picnics or for lunch boxes at work or in school.

Our Pick

Rubbermaid Easy-Find Lids Food Storage Container

Our best food storage container is the Rubbermaid Easy-Find Lids Food Storage Container. With this container, you can have less clean up with this food storage container and it has a lot of extra features with the durability to perform your kitchen tasks.

Year after year, you will find that this food storage container is a great container that performs so well and is also problem-free for its components. Quite powerful and versatile and more durable than the rest, the food storage container is hailed mostly for lasting durability and its components.

With a generous capacity, one will be so pleased with this food storage container and its functionalities take your mind off the hassle of the kitchen. A great addition to any kitchen due to its portability, the food storage container works just as well as pricey ones.

With this price, you can be happy for your home or space with this container for its design and functions. With a low profile design, it can last for a few years and it is a great step to meal planning due to being durable and functional.

The simplicity of the functions makes this food storage container super reliable without the mess at all. It also makes breakfast easier and it is made out of the highest quality of materials possible. As an innovative food storage container, it just looks good and works well and it is very easy and great to use.

As a 42-piece set with red lids, the food storage container is shatterproof and it also maximizes storage capacity in the long run in a very convenient way. The lids snap together so it is easy to use. It is durable with no problem with leaking at all.

It can keep your cabinets organized and the container bases are all great and oven-safe. With a a clear base on each container, the lids fit very tight and you can find the right lid easily with this set of food storage container to simplify your life.

The clicking lids into the bottom help you find the lids easily and the square shape adds an innovative touch and is great for meal prep. The set comes in different sizes such as the 0.5 cup (5), 1 1/4 cups (5), 3 cups (3), 5 cups (2) and 7 cups (2), all with red lids.

All of the food storage containers are easily washable and can be used for everyday storage of food. As a high-quality product, it can freeze well and you will love the sizes. You can use the small snacks and the graduated sized containers to your will and you can put them in the fridge and the freezer just fine.

Have your food items easily identified with the sturdy containers as part of your compact storage. You can put salad dressings and more food storage as you want to with the stacking design. The lid fits multiple bases and the food storage container set can be used for camping, too.

Working with a range of temperatures, the food storage container is thick and you can get a tight seal. It can be used in the household and is an excellent item for food storage. With durable container walls, you can’t beat the price with this food storage container.

Put it in the dishwasher at the top rack without problems as they are spill proof and washable for everyday storing and everyday use. Your refrigerator and the container keep things fresh as you can nest and stack the containers.

You can even use the food storage container in a microwave. These are great containers for lunch which are airtight and easy to clean. Put them freezer and the lids easily snap together. These food storage containers can be in your pantry and are dishwasher-safe.

When you pack salad dressing, it gives a tight seal so you couldn’t be happier. It is also BPA-free so it is safe. They stack well, being made of thick and sturdy plastic to keep temperatures cooler for better food storage. With a square shape, it is a great and durable set.

This batch of containers doesn’t leak at all and you will never experience a soapy taste. The food storage container gives you better organization for food items.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some cons but not really deal breakers to say about the Rubbermaid Easy-Find Lids Food Storage Container include the fact that some microwave ovens might slightly damage it at super high temperatures, so take extra precaution when using it in the microwave. This is given anyway for everything that is not made out of glass.

Step-up Pick

Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven-Safe Container Set

The Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven-Safe Container Set has multifunction properties that will leave you very happy as our step-up pick. During storage, it also gives you easy cleaning and it is simple so you will be so happy with it.
As a perfect tool with a modern touch for quick and easy food storage, it makes cleaning so easy due to its properties. It ensures peace of mind holding contents and you can worry less about food prep time. With many additional features, the food storage container gets you in the right direction.
Whatever your menu will be, the food storage container will be awesome with simple cleanup and the multitude of options to enjoy delicious food. It can keep ingredients fresh and is oven-safe. It is also eco-friendly and is composed of environment-friendly materials such as silica, soda ash, limestone and others, free of other harmful chemicals.
It is microwavable and comes with easy latching lids. The food storage container is odor-free and is great for any cool chamber. It is airtight and all the sizes are perfect. The food storage container will take no space at all and is also leak-proof.
Ideal for its stack ability, microwaving is a breeze with the food storage container. Also, it will not leak at all and is BPA free which very nice. It can bring more convenience to the kitchen with its easy wash and recyclable property.
Stacked with a nested form easily, you will be pleased with the quality as the food storage container does not contain harmful materials. In different sizes, these are wonderful and the containers are glass with plastic lids. Putting leftovers is easy to meet your storage needs with these containers.
They are very secure and the glass is thick. At 18 pieces of stain-proof food storage container, it is a good assortment for freezing containers. With 9 containers and lids, you can microwave them easily and it seals easier and tighter than other containers.
These are great for storage and they come in various sizes from 0.7, 1.5, 1.6 (square and round), 3.1, 3.3, 3.5 (2) and 6.3 cups sized containers. With a glass design to easily identify the content, the food storage container will look great in any kitchen.
The food storage container comes in different sizes and types and is made from durable and heavy glass. They are BPA free and with great functionality for fewer dishes to wash. It will meet your everyday needs such as being heated in a microwave without any issues at all.
As a set of glass containers that are liquid resistant, the food storage container can be your step to eliminating food waste. The flexibility of these oven-ready food storage containers is great and they can be your containers for leftovers.
As air resistant food storage container especially for the price, they are transparent and clear to see the contents. The seal is excellent and will meet your storage needs. With these containers that are FDA approved, each of them makes life much easier.
In addition, the glass is not fragile and solid and it can be your greatest food storage ever. They’re very sturdy and can match those in the food industry. It can be washed in the dishwasher and can be used for some food storage that you need.
You can even turn them upside down or stack them in the freezer for baking goods. In the food industry, they are great. Just don’t put the lids in the microwave.

Budget Pick

Misc Home Compartment Food Storage Container

The Misc Home Compartment Food Storage Container is very easy to use as a budget pick and it really works every single time. It really meets expectations and is simple to use. With this food storage container, you will have no problems at all.
With its capacity, the food storage container gives you easy cleaning and you will also love the price for this food storage container. It is quite easy to use and it works great. Moreover, so many people say that it is so easy to use and it does an excellent job as expected.
Part of your kitchen handy tools and accessories, the cleanup is easy with the food storage container and it takes up very little space. Going strong for many years to come, the food storage container is simple to use and is also easy to open and is definitely worth every cent for a great price.
With 2 compartments, the food storage container is also stackable and has been extensively tested by SGS as a leak resistant container for your meal prep needs. Made of the highest quality materials, the result of the food storage container would be easy and healthy meals.
These containers are with confidence for your convenient food storage needs. You can easily heat them in the microwave lid-less and they are durable. Measuring 9 x 6 x 2 inches each, each of the food storage containers is strong enough and it only takes a couple minutes to clean.
Being BPA-free, the food storage container can help you save meals anytime with the best materials possible. You will also love the 2 compartments and the reusable plastic that has been certified and tested by governing bodies on this food storage container.
You can keep a sandwich or use the food storage container for future meals as a great food storage container. You can also store them in the freezer and they are durable so much as expensive ones out there for your food preparation needs.
As a microwave safe food storage container, it also gives you no leaking at all and can be ideal for salads and fruits. They are sturdy and are all dishwasher-safe. You can take cooked lunch to work or to your fitness journey. Moreover, the seal is really good with the airtight lid.
You can use them as take home bento boxes or as a meal prep bento box for your healthy lifestyle or school/work/gym purposes. You can use them for portion control diets and save more money on leftovers as well.
Made of food safe materials, you should know that the lids snap on securely with the food storage container. You can use it as a bento box and plan meals ahead of time. One of the easiest lids to open in the market, the food storage container helps you save money as a convenient lunch box.
Wonderful for weekly meal planning, these are perfect as a fast and easy solution to save time. As a 20-pack food storage container set, you can prepare meals with portion control as well. It is such a great deal to have a reusable smart lunch box set to stay organized.
It also saves space and is good for your diet and fitness. You can change your lunch and dinner strategy with this set of food storage container to have great plans for these containers which are conveniently sized. You can use it for meal prepping and maintaining fitness and nutrition.
If you want to cook at home and prevent making a huge mess in the kitchen then these food storage containers are your key to easy meal prep and eating good meals with 20 sets of containers and lids.

Best Food Storage Container for Cereals

Biokips Cereal Container Airtight Watertight Keeper

With two pieces in one package, the Biokips Cereal Container Airtight Watertight Keeper is quite convenient to use and lock and it handles fruits or vegetables just fine. The food storage container can be kept inside a refrigerator and it is a great cereal container.
With any change of temperature and even liquids, the food storage container really keeps ants out of the pantry and is also airtight so your food is perfectly safe. You can put in delicate ingredients in the food storage container and it is also easy to clean and watertight.
As a space saving food storage container for storing food, the food storage container is a neat cereal keeper in the pantry to keep your items clean and dry. You can use it in the cupboard and it can take up to 16.9 cups of any item such as rice or flour, which is equivalent to 135.5 oz.
The freshness will be kept by such a great design of a food storage container. In addition to that, the material is sturdy and the construction is convenient. The container is indeed great storage for cereal and is a must-have if you have a lot of cereal at home.
This container is a great food storage container that will save money for you in the long run. It is a well designed container and it is truly 100% airtight. The food storage container also keeps cereal fresh and it takes temperatures from -4° f to 210° f.
As one of the great storage containers out there that is watertight, the food storage container is ideal for kids who are always hungry for cereals. You can use them to store cereal and can also be used for all your food items.
It is of high quality and it won’t spill your liquids. You can use it in place of drawers and is made out of BPA-free plastic. As a great cereal storage that is space saving, you can even put the food storage container in the fridge as it is food-safe.
With excellent space saving capabilities, any food item such as tea and other snacks as well as coffee and the like can be stored. You can put items in the freezer easily as the food storage container is quite hygienic for those who love to organize the kitchen.
Use it in pantry and it easily holds kitchen staples. You can even use them in the microwave with the 4-sided locking system. Ideal for beans, cereal, legumes, nuts, sugar and the like, the food storage container has a silicone seal that works.
Ideal for any workshop, office or school, the food storage container is well made and it doesn’t keep small pieces stuck. It seals airtight and watertight and is made of durable construction. Great on the counter, it saves you many leftovers for the office and also around the house.

Best Food Storage Container for Countertops

OXO Good Grips POP Container Big

With a capacity of 4.0 quarts (and other choices of sizes), the OXO Good Grips POP Container Big is a great set of crystal clear containers. You will be pleased using it in the kitchen as a great food storage container with an airtight seal.
It has rounded corners and it also looks beautiful lined up. As a space-efficient food storage container, it can be easily opened and closed with a press of a button. It is also BPA free and it can de-clutter your kitchen in a breeze.
The food storage container will seal flawlessly using the popup button to keep the bugs out and the fresh food in. With a clear siding mechanism, the food storage container is useful in any motor home or camper as well. It has a neat handle and with airtight lids as well.
You will love this container as it conserves space. You can easily lift off lid and it will keep your items crisp and fresh with great ease. It is stackable with a modular stacking system which makes for great value and quality as a form of stackable storage.
It gives you optimal countertop cleaning as a neat food storage container that comes in a variety of sizes for organizing the pantry just fine. The food storage container works well for your dry storage needs and they stack nicely for your pantry organization.
The container corners of the food storage container make this container one of the best food storages ever. You can keep flour and similar items and seal it with the silicone gasket with the press of a button. Any storage space will do with this neat and reliable food storage container.
As a dishwasher safe item, the food storage container is proud of its push-button mechanism and its airtight sealing. The design of the container also allows for easy pouring. You can just easily hand wash other parts to keep your pantry clean and organized.
You can use the food storage container with powdered sugar and you can also keep other fresh foods with great clarity and a tight seal. This container can help you organize your countertop with its sleek design, keeping the freshness with an ideal size.
It can keep your dry foods just fine and can handle other baking items. You can get a close at hand foods and keep 5-lb bags of anything such as baking powder in the containers with maximum space efficiency. You can simply hand wash easily and you can fit flour and ground coffee.
You can see the contents of whatever you put there such as sugar. You can keep your cupboards organized with this food storage container and store nuts and the like. Great for use for a box of cereal with no issues at all, it gives you maximized space efficiency for dry goods and the like.
Store it in the garage or use it to fill up with cookies. Your kitchen will be organized with this food storage container. You can even put baking soda (just make sure you label it) or use it in other places such as the sewing room for buttons and other storage needs.
You will love that it is BPA-free and you can keep snacks easily at the play room. It also keeps out UV rays and you just need to get a thorough cleaning for it. You can place it in so many places due to the square and rectangular shapes.
Also ideal for crafting supplies as well as beauty accessories, the food storage container will also keep toys and items for bathrooms or in the garage.

Best Food Storage Container with Vents

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce-Saver Food Storage Container

As a 2-piece set, the Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce-Saver Food Storage Container is a great food storage container that is shatterproof and perfectly sized for the common needs. It works like a veggie drawer and comes as 1 small container (2.5 cups) which can fit in the refrigerator.
Ideal for use on foods to prevent spoilage, the food storage container is dishwasher safe and it comes with a sturdy lid that keeps the moisture away. The circulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide are maintained to give an optimal environment for your food.
The food storage container is easy to use and it also has 1 large food storage container (17.3 cup). Great for greens such as lettuce, the food storage container keeps produce fresh and can also nest for easy storage. It is also able to store fruits and berries with great ease.
It also separates produce from moisture and can give you up to 80% longer life for your food. It is NSF-certified and you will see and taste the difference with this food storage container for crisper produce versus store packaging.
The food storage container is dishwasher safe and it can keep fresh fruits and vegetables with its elevated crisp tray. Ideal for fruits such as grapes, it uses fresh vent technology and can keep fruits such as strawberries fresh with the lifetime lid filter.
It also regulates flow of oxygen and can keep spinach leaves fresh as well as berries and lettuce. You will be very happy with this food storage container due to its regulation of carbon dioxide. You may need to buy these containers if you want a rack in the bottom and a storage mechanism for spinach and kale.
With the ideal produce environment at hand, you can put it in the refrigerator and the filter never needs replacing. The food storage container promotes circulation and is BPA-free and BPS-free for food standards. With a crisp tray for leafy greens, it handles whole veggies, too.
For that fresh produce, the food storage container keeps moisture away and it actually works for a space saver food storage mechanism that is kept away from moisture to reduce spoilage. It can keep your veggies fresh and comes in small and large containers.
With fresher produce, you will be pleased with the results of the food storage container along with the lid filter to keep items fresh longer. Regulating the flow of oxygen, you have less to worry about your fruits and veggies as the food storage container lasts a lifetime.

Best Food Storage Container that is Freezer Safe

Prep Naturals 50 Food Leakproof Containers

With a deep freeze function, the Prep Naturals 50 Food Leakproof Containers is fully reusable as a food storage container that you put into your freezer. As one of the best food containers with a premium look, its heavy duty plastic works very well and its leak proof lids are great.
Giving you a perfect taste for food, the food storage container easily washes on the top rack without risk. Containing 25 oz, it is simple and effective to use and is BPA-free. It is a freezer safe container and safe for microwave use.
They are pretty tight as food containers with plenty of room. They are freezer safe and are organic. As a leak-proof container, the food storage container gives you kitchen convenience as plastic meal storage that can make a tight seal with a long life.
Food will retain their taste with the meal prep containers as a set of 50 rectangular 25 oz containers. All are leak proof and you can use them for leftovers. You can put them in the freezer or microwave and they have a square design.
Ideal for all occasions, the food storage container makes organizing easier and preparing meals a breeze. It is stronger than ever than most competitions out there and the containers are see-through. Made of food-grade plastic of heavy duty, it is dishwasher safe.
One of the best food containers out there to make your life so much easier, it is made of BPA-free plastic. Moreover, these are perfect as a great food storage solution with room to spare. They are very durable and stackable and they stack really nice.
The look and the design of this food storage solution are great. It is microwave-safe for a serving or two. It is blatantly an easy choice and is also freezer safe and it holds approximately 3 cups of water. The taste and freshness of your garden harvest will not be affected.
The food storage container seemingly lasts forever and can be kept in your fridge. You can conveniently stack them for meal prep needs for your favorite foods. The airtight lids of the food storage container are great as well.

Best Food Storage Container for Sugar

Prep Solutions Progressive Brown Sugar Keeper

Ideal for sugar and similar grains, the Prep Solutions Progressive Brown Sugar Keeper is a great keeper for your favorite foods as a neat food storage container that works amazingly well. It is functional as a sugar keeper and can take up to 2 pounds.
It is a great product and a fun kitchen tool for your brown sugar. One couldn’t be happier with this perfect brown sugar keeper that measures 5 x 6 inches because you get no bug problems or ant problems in the kitchen.
It works fantastic with its hinged lid as a neat keeper and a food storage container that ensures that sugar is fresh. As an inventive solution, the terra cotta insert is integrated. With a simple design for a brown sugar keeper, it can also keep varied types of bread.
The food storage container works just great and brown sugar is kept fresh in it for a more convenient solution for food storage that is easy to use. You can even use dark brown sugar as the lid opens easily on this food storage container when used properly.
For the super meticulous food prep expert, the food storage container can cater to the widest range of ingredients. You can open it with one hand and it is also ideal for the avid baker. Moreover, it still works great for a long time of use and has a silicone seal to keep the ants away.
It gives such a good seal and an airtight protection such that it is one of the best prep solutions out there. With 1.5 quarts capacity, the food storage container can fix rock hard brown sugar with many ways to improve. It has room for your pantry items and is BPA free.
One of the best kitchen tools for powdered sugar, you will love having a special place for sugar and powders as the food storage container is completely tested to tackle traditional tasks. It is a great brown sugar keeper plain and simple and it is also dishwasher safe.

Best Food Storage Container that is Microwave Safe

LIFT 2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers

The LIFT 2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers is a set of prep containers for your lunches and are stackable and are compact. They are certified BPA-free and easily adjust to your good portion meals.
From the freezer to microwave, the food storage container is reusable and is leak resistant and lightweight. It is easily washable on the dishwasher and absolutely wonderful for the on the go prep needs.
As a microwavable food storage container, for the price, you can’t beat it for its higher life cycle, saving huge batches of food. These food containers will leave you very pleased as they microwave beautifully.
You can prepare your meals ahead of time with this 7 pack set. They are easy to clean and come with 2 compartments with no leaks at all while packing. Each at 28 ounces, you can put meals in the freezer as they look awesome for meal prepping.
With safety and good portion out meals, it is ideal for meal preppers or for some leftovers as it is BPA-free. They are of great quality and are fully reusable for the leftovers. Made of CFC safe materials, it washes easily on the top rack of the dishwasher.
As a versatile food storage container for your meal prep diet, it has a solid seal on the lid and is FDA and CFIA approved with no problems at all. It is toxin-free, environmentally sustainable and great for handling macro portions and portion controlled meals.
Moreover, the food storage container is free from phthalates and other toxic additives. It is air tight and can also work as seed-starting containers.

Best Food Storage Container for Portion Control Diet Plans

FIXBODY 7 Piece Portion Control Containers

For portion control diet, you can depend upon the FIXBODY 7 Piece Portion Control Containers which contains 2 orange containers for dressings and seeds at 2 tablespoons and 1 yellow container for carbohydrates at 1/2 cup.
Subsequently, it also contains 1 blue container for healthy fats at 1/3 cup, 1 red container for proteins at 3/4 cup, 1 purple container for fruits at 1 cup and 1 green container for vegetables at 1 cup in the set.
The containers are all food safe and give you an easy meal prep solution to take control of your meal. It also has a complete guide for proper diet and is also top rack dishwasher safe. You will love this portion control system so you can prepare meals without measuring.
With a free 21-day PDF planner, you can eat the right foods with this freezer safe set for the perfect portions. With a recipe e-book for free, you get no worrying about eating more or less with these sturdy containers for the perfect lunch.
Along with a body PDF tracker, these are beautiful looking containers made of high grade quality and with the perfect sizes that are leak proof. They save time and effort and all in all create a great portion control system to control portion sizes.
Each at the perfect size and microwave safe, they can be your ticket to your fitness goals, which is awesome. Each of them is also color-coded for your 21 day series diet plan. You can also plan your meals in advance with the containers.
Each of them is easy to clean with proper time and effort and they are also conveniently label-coded. They are less expensive than other products out there and are made of polypropylene. To achieve your weight loss goals, they go with your exercise system well with a number of different snacks for weight loss made easy.

The Competition

Other food storage containers are not BPA-free and have threats of harmful chemicals that may go into your food. Some of them also do not have enough airtight properties to keep food fresh and leak-free and spill-free. Some of them can only be used in the freezer and not in the microwave.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are plastic-based containers still popular among the food containers out there?
A: Let’s face it – all of us are already aware that using and producing products from plastic is cheaper and more versatile in comparison to glass and steel. Plastic is easy to carry to work or to school and takes only a small capital to mass produce in comparison to expensive steel and glass containers.

Q: What foods are typically kept in an airtight sealed container?
A: Many foods can be stored in an airtight container to keep them fresh. Foods such as salads, cheeses and cold meats can be put in an airtight sealed container to keep it fresh. Some smoked fish and pasta will also be okay to put in such containers for use later on.

Q: Why is it more economical to spend on food storage containers over buying food from the stores or commercial establishments?
A: Nothing beats the good old way of home cooking because of its freshness, authenticity and great preparation that you are aware of. You may not know what goes inside that fried chicken when you buy it off a fast food chain.
However, if you buy chicken at a local grocery store or farm then cook it yourself and put it in your airtight container for consuming later, you can save more in the long run and you’ll be sure of the ingredients. People who want to avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate) or want to go for a strict diet with specific tastes and ingredients may want to cook at home then prepare food using containers to take to the office or to school or college.

Q: In storing food in the fridge, what should go to the top shelf and to the bottom shelf?
A: Food preparation can be a handful and troublesome if you don’t know what you’re doing, and this is why you would also want to know how to arrange your fridge so that everything will come as planned.
The top shelf is usually filled with meat, cheese and leftovers while the bottom shelf is ideal for cold meat and raw foods that are still going to be cooked later on. You should do this so that the raw juice of the meat will not fall down to your last night’s leftover and possibly contaminate it.

Q: Why is it necessary to put labels on food containers when stocking and stacking them in the pantry or in the kitchen?
A: Food items can get confusing and labeling them properly can help you get your things more organized. For example, corn starch and baking soda may look similar but they are different.
If you use different kinds of oils (palm oil, corn oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.) for cooking then you definitely need to label them as well to avoid confusion. It also avoids stalling in the kitchen so you can work faster to put which grocery item goes where.

Q: Should you switch from plastic to glass containers for food storage?
A: People could switch from plastic to using glass containers for food storage. However, it is something personal and depending on your needs , however, it can be wise to switch to glass if you are a bit meticulous with your food safety, as some lower class disposables can have low quality plastic that is not BPA-free (not food-grade material), which can be bad for your food items.
If you do want to consider glass, it does save you a lot of money because it is quite durable and does not warp in the oven or microwave unlike plastic. Glass can be recycled and can be heat-resistant. The only downside is that when it breaks, it wounds people. On top of that, it can be a bit heavier and pricier than plastics.

Q: Is it safe to use metal for food containers?
A: We all know that tin cans such as sardines exist in the market today. Metal can be okay for some food items such as canned goods, bottle tops and the like but they should not stay for too long or they may react with the food.

Wrapping It Up

To put it all together, the Rubbermaid Easy-Find Lids Food Storage Container is our best food storage container if you are looking for a great way to prepare lunch, pack a picnic, take food to work or school and/or preserve foods and leftovers from last night’s meal and dinner.