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Low-Fat Virgin Chicken Marsala Recipe
It’s time for some Chicken Marsala. Oh yes, this dish is simply delectable and also a superb amalgamation of Italian[...]
Slurpingly Good Soy-Braised Oxtail Recipe
Oxtail has always been an ingredient I was reluctant to work with. Maybe it’s the size of the bone or[...]
Authentic Chicken Enchiladas Recipe
I currently have little sprouts of tomatillo plants growing on my balcony here in Barcelona. Not many locals know about[...]
Tangy Chickpea Samosa Recipe
Samosa is an appetizing Indian snack and loved by everyone. Served as a quick treat at homes and parties, this[...]
Egg and Smoked Ham Salad Recipe
When you need a quick meal after work, or the fridge is looking a bit barren after a big weekend.[...]
Chocolate Peanut Butter Lovers’ Decadent ‘n’ Chunky Nutty Oatmeal Recipe
If you’re like many people, you probably save the decadent breakfasts for the weekend, right? After all, that’s when you’ll[...]
Seafood Salad With Orange and Honey Dressing
This is a gourmet and fast salad to make! The shrimps and scallops are coated with an orange and honey[...]
How to Cook Ground Beef
When we say weeknight favorite, nothing beats a classic recipe that contains ground beef like tacos, nachos, meatballs, sloppy joes,[...]
Banana Nut Bread Recipe
Not only is banana bread a great way to use up any bananas that are slightly over ripe but it[...]
How to Make Scalloped Potatoes
Did you know that every year enough potatoes are grown worldwide to cover a four-lane motorway circling the world six[...]
Authentic Carnitas Recipe
One of my favorite Mexican dishes is pork carnitas. Many restaurants have varying methods to prepare and cook this tasty[...]
How to Smoke Ribs in a Charcoal Grill or Oven
There is nothing quite like a rack of perfectly smoked ribs to go with a warm summer day. Many people[...]
Traditional Homemade Lasagna Recipe
This recipe is the most popular among all our friends and family. We get asked to make it for holidays[...]
How to Prepare Delicious Slow Cooker Salmon
Salmon is a very versatile fish so you can use several modes of cooking to prepare it.  In this recipe[...]
Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken Thigh Recipe
This Mediterranean chicken thigh recipe is light, filling, and easy to make. A few weeks ago, I desperately wanted to make[...]
Smooth Guacamole Recipe
How do you like your guacamole? I love mine smooth! I think I made an inner vow to eat everything[...]
Homemade Steak Burrito Recipe
‘All I want is a burrito’ says my husband whenever we are trying to figure out what to make for[...]
Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe
When I first got married, I quickly learnt that my husband is a HUGE bread lover. He comes from a[...]
Slow-Cooker Citrus Chicken Tacos Recipe
At least weekly, my husband and I crave some form of Mexican food. Having grown up in California where there[...]
How to Cook Couscous – Spicy Lime Couscous Recipe
Spicy Lime Couscous When I was talking to my mom about my grocery list for the week, she didn’t believe[...]
How to Make Hot Wings
Deliciously hot and irresistible. Who wouldn't want a bite of hot wings? A spicy yet deliciously good piece of wings,[...]
How to Make Chicken Salad
The salads were already being enjoyed since ancient Roman times but as times progresses, salad became more complicated and recipes[...]

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