Science-Backed Guide to Choosing the Best Car Accessories (+13 Car Maintenance Tips)

Did you know that car accessories like steering wheel covers and car grilles are fashioned onto cars for functional reasons?

At first, cars included car accessories to make a statement about the car or to draw attention. However, now accessories have become a requirement to drive a car because they provide a necessary function. What once was an added feature to the car has now become a standard item on most cars.

The types of accessories can be categorized into two groups: interior and exterior accessories.

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Slip-Proof Tire Jacks

It always seems like a creepy feeling when you jack up a car and slide underneath it or even if your arm is partially underneath the car. One little slip of the jack and a ton of metal will come crashing on you. Obviously, you will sustain injuries.

A study shows that spanned for a little over a year, almost 5,000 people were admitted to the emergency rooms across the country for injuries from a car jack malfunctioning. Injuries varied, but in several cases the jack slipped out from the car. A suggestion is to buy a slip-proof tire jack so that it grips the floor as you fix your car. Another suggestion is to test try the tire jack without getting under the car. Create movement with the car and the tire jack to determine if it will hold firm.

Best For: People who have smooth textured garages

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Underinflated tires are quite easy to detect while driving down the road. A clomp-clomp sound indicates a flat tire. It is surely an inconvenience to have to change a flat tire on the side of the road at any time of the day or night. However, it is even more inconvenient when tires are overinflated. Typically, overinflated tires are more difficult to detect, but they provide added damage to the tire without the driver knowing it.

Tire pressure monitoring systems on lighter vehicles were included on a study to determine what percentage of inflation is being detected on all four tires of the car. Of those cars, over half of them carried overinflated tires whereas a little less than half of the cars contained a tire that was considered underinflated. With this information, it would be best to install a system on your car that monitors the tire pressure.

Best For: People who do not have a spare tire

Identifiable High Traction Snow Chains or Tires

Snowy and icy weather presents a problem to those who live in climates that present such dangerous road conditions. Snow chains have been around for many years, but not all snow chains will prevent a vehicle from sliding across an icy road.

In the 1990s, a standard was created concerning tires that could be detected by the consumers in stores. These tires can endure the treacherous conditions caused by large ice storms. Likewise, another standard shows that a symbol will be added to the product showing that these tires will provide traction in such tough wintry conditions. Suggestions include obtaining high traction snow chains or tires that can be identified by the snow symbol located on the product for those people who live in cold icy locations.

Best for: People who live in cold climates

Running Lights with a lighting Conversion Kit

Usually drivers will turn on their headlights during the rain, darkness or dusk. Occasionally, drivers will spot a car or truck with its headlights on during the sunny daytime. It may seem unusual and waste of energy to being doing that. Yet, a study concluded that running lights at all times that the car is in use can decrease the chances of severe car crashes. In this study, cars ran their lights at all times of the day and night which resulted in a 5% decrease in crashes for cars approaching in the oncoming direction. Other statistics from this study include almost a quarter decrease in oncoming motorcycles crashes. Simply put, the suggestion is to run the lights at all times the driver is in the car. In order to install these lights, a lighting conversion kit may need to be purchased.

Best for: Safe drivers

Long-range CB Radio

CB radios seem to be a thing of the past. It seems like in today’s time, people can just get on their cell phones and see what weather or dangers lie up ahead on the road. However, this is not always accurate especially if the danger has just occurred. Years ago, CB radios were used by truckers, or anyone who had a CB radio in the area so that they could communicate about incidents taking place up ahead on the highways. Today, they can still be more beneficial than the cell phone. An eyewitness account can be quickly and accurately relayed to approaching drivers through the CB radio. One news story revealed that a driver’s life was spared due to communication from a CB radio about a tornado in the area. Using a long-range CB radio, the driver was able to avoid this life-threatening problem. A long-range CB radio would be beneficial for people who travel long distances.

Best for: Long distance travelers

Cargo Boxes

Shipping cargo or even transporting cargo in a small truck or car can create many problems for the driver. Frequently, cargo will shift during transport if it is not secured down or jam packed into the space of the vehicle. More likely than not, a strap or other device is used to try to prevent such movement which could eventually damage the inside of the vehicle.

Statistics have shown that recently smaller trucks carrying cargo has increased by over 25%. With these statistics, cargo supply companies are needing to meet the challenges with this increase of shipments using smaller vehicles. So, if you are shipping goods in a smaller vehicle, it would be helpful to go to these cargo supply companies for a cargo box since they are trying to meet the needs of the consumers.

Best for: People who transport goods in their cars

Car Stereo with a Kill Switch or alarm

Car stereos have always been a common item stolen from cars by car thieves. However, over time these thefts have dropped by about 50% over the past several years. A study shows that new technology that is being installed in new vehicles or can be purchased to be installed in older models prevents such thefts of car stereos.

One car thief who was interviewed in an article states that usually car thieves will not be able to steal a car stereo with a kill switch inside the car or a car alarm. Once they detect the switch or alarm, they will move on to the next vehicle. Therefore, your vehicle is saved. Install a kill switch or a car stereo with an alarm to prevent your car stereo from being stolen.

Best for: People who like to listen to music in their cars

Car Battery with a Charge Indicator

Without knowing, a car battery can instantly stop working. Someone could be in a hurry to go into store to quickly purchase a carton of milk hoping to get back home soon only to find out that her car battery has died. There was no warning. It just instantly stopped when she tried to start her car again. It may seem like an easy problem to fix. If another customer at the store has jumper cables, he or she could restart the battery. Yet, this provides an inconvenience and may take some time to locate the person with jumper cables.

Statistics show that each car battery usually lasts between 36 to 60 months of use. But, how many people remember when their car battery was installed. Having a car battery with a charge indicator would prevent people from being stuck for hours waiting for the battery to be restarted.

Best for: People who live in extreme temperatures

Cleaning Your Car

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Best Carburetor Cleaner
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Best Motor Oil
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Best Car Scratch Remover
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Best Car Wash Soap
The Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo is our best car wash soap as it cleans up tough dirt, contaminant[...]

Diesel Fuel Additive with a Cetane rating of 40-55

With diesel vehicles, adding a substance in order to have the same gas mileage as well as function in the same capacity. That’s easier said than done. Yet, a study was conducted with diesel engines. The study used a cetane rating with this product. When they used this diesel fuel additive with a rating of 40-55, that provided similar gas mileage over the course of about 2,000 miles with the truck functioning adequately. For better efficiency in running the truck, the rating would need to be higher. However, the study showed that with these higher ratings comes differences in fuel mileages. A suggestion for consistency would be to use a diesel fuel additive with a cetane rating of 40-55.

Best for: People who drive diesel vehicles

Fuel System Cleaner for Engines

Like all devices and machinery, they can get dirty. They can get so dirty that they will stop performing. It is easy to forget how many miles or rotations the devices in our cars work. Plus, these devices encounter wear and tear, weather problems as well as the environment that we put our vehicles through.

A study showed that an engine with hundreds of thousands of miles on it will make over five hundred million movements or rotations. The system needs to be cleaned in order to make those movements. A suggestion would be to use a fuel system cleaner specified for that device whether it be an engine or other mechanism on your car.

Best for: People who put a lot of miles on their cars

Fuel Injection Cleaner with 10% or Lower Concentrations

It is apparent to see when the outside of a car gets dirty, but the inside mechanisms that run our cars are a little more difficult to see with our eyes. Therefore, a fuel injector cleaner is needed to clean the fuel injectors. One expert suggests use a cleaning product and combine 48 milliliters of this product to the device for cleaning the injectors.

After adding that, pour unleaded gasoline to the top of it which will create a 10% amount of this mixture which is what is recommended to be used in order for this cleaning system to be effective. Using 11% or more of this mixture will not make the injectors cleaner.

Best for: People who drive their car for many miles.

Car Audio

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Best Car Amplifier
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Double Din Head Unit that produce 50-65 decibels

Teenagers and even adults like to listen to loud music. However, the loud music can distract them from their driving. These distractions can lead to car accidents. Therefore, it would be helpful to have sound that is clear. Usually, if there is static or the sound is difficult to hear, the first thing the driver does is turn up the volume.

A study showed that teenage girls were given a simulation while listening to either no music music based on the number of decibels. Then various road signs were displayed in front of them. The girls in various levels of sound playing had to figure out what they should do. The amount of time it took to make the decision by each girl was documented. The study suggests to listen to 50-65 decibels at the most in order to not be distracted by noise while driving.

Best for: People who like to listen to music in their car

Installed Double Din DVD Player

Many children get bored sitting in the back seat of the car. They get noisy and whiny. In recent times, car manufacturers have been installing televisions and DVD players into cars so that the children and other passengers can be entertained while on long road trips. However, older models do not have these systems. They can be purchased and installed into these older models.

A news report showed that the DVD players that are easily strapped to the back of the front seat headrest can be dangerous. Even traveling slowly, the straps of the DVD player can become apart from the front seat and hit the backseat passengers injuring them severely. Recommendations would be to install the DVD player by a professional to the car itself or buy a car that already has the DVD player installed.

Best for: People who have children

Double Din Navigator Unit

Have you ever gotten lost? Of course, most people have. Prior to the introduction of the GPS systems today, people were forced to use hard-to-read old maps to find their way. One wrong turn into a dangerous area and the visitors could be in peril.

A true story several years ago where a family got lost had tragic results. When a family took a wrong turn and ended up in a desert hot area of the state, they left their vehicle and walked on foot. They were never seen from again. They most likely died from exposure to the harsh hot weather.

If the family had a navigation unit, they might have been able to stay on their path to their destination. The more information a navigation unit can provide the driver, the better. In this case, a double din navigator unit would have a larger screen making it easier to determine the next turn.

Best for: People who get lost easily

Full length Windshield Cover

It may seem like a windshield cover is bought and used for convenience purposes, but this cover can increase visibility when riding to work. Even after a driver cleans his window of ice, any moisture left on the windshield can refreeze while the driver is driving down the road.

A recent true news story revealed that a woman drove either without removing the ice before driving or it refreeze as the woman drove down the road. Since her vision was obstructed by the ice, she failed to see a high school girl crossing. The woman hit the girl causing injuries to the high school student.

A windshield cover should completely cover the windshield. A lose cover that flaps open can still freeze moisture onto the window that fails the purpose of having the windshield cover. Instead, it is suggested to use a tight windshield cover that is full length and can wrap tightly around the mirrors or in the door.

Best for: People who live in cold climates

Tested Motorcycle Battery

Just like a car, a motorcycle’s battery has a lifespan as well. Problems can arise from a motorcycle battery where it stops working by losing power. Losing power during a motorcycle ride can have deadly consequences for the driver and passenger. A motorcycle injury is much more serious since the riders do not have any surrounding metal to protect them.

An expert in motorcycles studied motorcycle batteries and has learned that these batteries can lose power during a ride. He explains that the latest models of motorcycles tend to have a bigger problem with the motorcycle batteries malfunctioning. A suggestion would be to purchase a motorcycle battery that has been tested to withstand the power if it is on a newer motorcycle.

Best for: Riders of new motorcycles

Car Fresheners intended to be used in Cars

People have a tendency to spray air fresheners in their homes when they smell rotten odors in their rooms. Usually, smaller spaces are more likely to hold in the bad odor than larger rooms. Now, you can imagine how an awful smell in a car can linger for hours.

A study was conducted to determine that people use air fresheners in about a few hundred million homes. Air fresheners would help for the smelly car since the weather plays a part in contributing and holding in the car’s odor. However, spraying a traditional air freshener that was made for the home may not be the ideal solution. You don’t want the freshener to overpower and be too much of a smell. Therefore, people should use a car freshener that is intended to be used in a car.

Best for: People who have stinky cars

High-Quality Windshield Wipers

A rainy day can present many problems to the average driver as she drives down the road. It seems that using worn-out windshield wipers always leave a smear of rain impeding your vision and the smear seems to always be right on the windshield that is in front of your eyes. Usually, drivers don’t keep track of their windshield wipers and don’t realize they need to be changed until it is raining.

About ¼ of the drivers are using windshield wipers that are worn–out or torn. This causes many problems and does not give a clean line of visibility down the road. High quality windshield wipers are needed for the wipers to completely fit the windshield.

Best for: People who live in rainy climates

Car Road Trips

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Off Road Tires Used for their Intended location

For those adrenaline junkies who love to ride in all-terrain vehicles in the wooded and rocky areas, they need a vehicle that has its parts that function efficiently. Tires are especially important since these vehicles are ridden roughly through bumpy land.

Even though these vehicles are designed for harsh wear and tear, these vehicles are still easy to crash due to improper tires. A study shows that about ¼ of the off road crashes is due to tire problems. So, consider the terrain that you will be driving the vehicle on as well as the quality of the tires. Make sure that the tires that are bought for that vehicle will be used on that terrain.

Best for: People who like to use off-terrain vehicles

Heavy Duty Tow Bar

Not all vehicles especially older models have a tow bar installed. This can help save lives for other drivers on the road. Even though its purpose is to tow another vehicle behind this vehicle, having a tow bar attached gives a barrier between this vehicle and the ones behind it.

A study conducted found that those vehicles that were in the study and had a tow bar attached to them decreased the probability of having a crash where the car’s hood may slide underneath the back of the larger truck or car. A heavy duty tow bar would fulfil the purpose of the tow bar as well as prevent underride crashes.

Best for: People who tow vehicles

Police Scanner Apps

Years ago, many people had a police scanner installed or placed inside their car to keep track of the police patrolling the area. Sometimes, drag racers would use these police scanner to determine if nearby police officers would stop them from drag racing.

However, not all reports that cross over the police scanners are true. A news story after the Boston Marathon bombing revealed that the journalists in the area should not believe or report the information that is coming across their police scanners. In order to get more up-to-date information, an app using a police scanner may have more accurate information.

Best for: People who speed

Covered or Safe CB Antenna

CB antennas can be helpful for the CB radio to be productive, but they also present a danger to someone who comes in contact with the antenna and electricity. The likelihood of this happening in a car is rather slim, but it is still necessary to take some precautions.

Years ago, three news stories revealed that eight men were killed when their antennas came in contact with the electrical lines around their house. Having a covered CB antenna as opposed to an exposed one may prevent anything like this happening again. Cars rarely come in contact with electrical power lines, but it would depend on where someone parked their car.

Best for: People who want to communicate to know what is happening on the roads

5th Wheel Hitch for heavy duty towing

With the increase of SUVs being bought as a part of being the family automobile, more people are learning that they can tow a recreational vehicle or motorhome for vacations. Rarely do you travel down the highway without seeing a truck or SUV towing a storage or recreational vehicle down the road.

Nevertheless, a study shows in the past 2 ½ decades, almost 500,000 drivers or passengers sustained injuries in a vehicle that was towing something or by a vehicle that was towing something. In most cases, the swaying created problems. However, there were other reasons for the crashes. If the towing vehicle came attached with a heavy-duty towing device, there might be less likelihood for swaying or crashes. A suggestion would be to install a 5th wheel hitch for this heavy duty towing.

Best for: People who do heavy-duty towing

Heavy-Duty Winch with secure holding

Generally-speaking a winch is usually seen on decks to wind rope or string around. Yet some are seen on vehicles like boats. With any type of winding movement especially those that go fast can lead to injuries. In the early 2000s, a study found that about three injuries from winches every 12 months was occurring just in a certain industry. A heavy-duty winch may make it more difficult to wind allowing less time to cause an accident. In a boat, many people are running around and not paying attention to the winch near the side of the boat, with a heavy-duty winch it would take more effort to wind up the rope. Having a secure holding after the rope or string is wound on the winch would also decrease accidents.

Best for: Boaters

Motor Oil

Once your oil light comes on, you are in trouble. This usually means that your oil is dangerously low to the point that it might affect your engine. Knowing what motor oil to get is important. Not all oils are the same.

Best for: People who change their own oil

Authentic Car Scratch Remover

The last time an object scratched a car, it was lengthy in size. Whether the scratch to a car is done intentionally or accidentally, they seem to leave large scratch marks. When someone places an item on top of his car, he pulls it off the roof only realizing later that he scratched his car. This is typical. Very few people have control over the length of the scratch since nobody wants scratches on their car.

If you are leasing a car you need to keep it as spotless as possible. Yet, wear and tear are going to take place including scratches. The expert claims that usually if the scratch is smaller than a credit card, you don’t have to worry about it. However, so many scratches are longer than that. A car scratch remover may be necessary. Some of the removers only paint over the scratch and do not remove it completely. Therefore, get an authentic car scratch remover.

Best for: People whose cars get scratched a lot

OBD 2 Scanner with Scan Tools

Going to the mechanic can be very stressful especially if you don’t know anything about cars. You are at the mercy of the mechanic. If the mechanic is not honest, they may overcharge you. A study asking people who took their car into a mechanic was conducted. Almost ¾ of the people claimed that they were worried that they were charged more for work that might not have needed to be done or the mechanic just charged more than what it should have cost. A little less than half of the people stated that they knew that they were charged too much money for the service and they are definite about this. A scanning diagnostic device that is in your car could tell you what is wrong with your car. The OBD 2 Scanner with Scan tools would prevent these problems at the mechanic. You would already know what is wrong. The scan tools are more efficient than other options.

Best for: People who do not trust mechanics

Specific Car Wash Soap

Instead of going to the car wash, it only takes several minutes to wash your car in your driveway. Simply a bucket of water and car wash soap is needed. Car washes use specific car wash soap that is intended to be used on cars. Using this type of soap will reduce the streaking and problems compared to using dish liquid soap.

Washing your car by yourself instead of a car wash can save you money. The average amount of money spent on a car wash is $15 for the full-service type car washes that you usually see at a gas station. If you wash your car twice a month at a tunnel car wash, you spend about $360 per year. You could save this money by using car wash soap and water by hand.

Best for: People who like to have a clean car

Long-range Remote Car Starter

Obviously a remote car starter is usually used during the winter. Nobody wants to half to turn on their car early in the morning and coldly sit in the car waiting for the car to warm up. The alternative would be for the driver to start the car and then run back inside and wait. However, there is a risk that someone could take off with your car considering it is unlocked and the keys are in the ignition. A solution to that is the remote car starter.

Environmentalists might enjoy knowing from this study that starting the car before driving away with it can reduce the car emissions by about 1.8%. Since some people are many feet away from their vehicle, a long-range remote car starter would be necessary in order for it to be productive.

Best for: People who live in cold climates

Easy Installing Brake Controller

A brake controller is necessary when a car or truck is towing another vehicle or trailer behind. This mechanism provides a braking system to the back towed vehicle. Even though regulations require certain small trailers to have brakes, some of them do not.

Install a brake controller on vehicles that you will be towing behind your vehicle. If you are renting a trailer to tow, be prepared to install your own. It is recommended to have a brake controller that is easy to install.

Best for: People who tow frequently

Class A Car Amplifier

A car amplifier can be added to a car in order to increase the sound of the music you are listening to in the car. Long periods of time listening to loud music can be detrimental to your hearing.

Listening to music over 70 decibels can cause permanent damage to your hearing. If you still want to listen to loud music, it would be best to listen to the product that promotes the best quality. That way, you aren’t just turning up the volume due to static. Class A level of amplifiers produce the best sound.

Best for: People who like to listen to music

Use Independent Tire Dealers from Car Tires

Ever few years car tires have to be replaced due to wear and tear. However, sometimes an incident can arise like picking up a nail in your tire or running into a deep pothole. Things like that can puncture or damage your tire forcing you to purchase another tire. Since tires are bought in pairs, it is best to do your research before walking into a tire store. 

Best for: People who do not replace their own tires.

Car Accessories

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Full Coverage Pet Car Covers

If you have a pet, your car probably remains covered in smelly dog hair. Seat covers can prohibit that recurring problem. However, not all seat covers are the same. Some are mesh and only cover half of the seat whereas others cover the bottom part of the seat, the seat back and the back of the front seat.

When dogs lose hair, they can remain trapped in the seat of a car. If a ride is given to someone who is allergic to dogs, they will struggle with the dog hair left on the seat. 15% of people suffer from a dog or cat allergy. Therefore, it would be best to find a pet car cover that fully covers the back seat.

Best for: Pet owners

Washable Newly Designed Car Covers

Even if you don’t have a pet or transport a pet, seat covers are needed to give a greater appeal to the interior of your car. Frost’s article selected several types that include full sets of seat covers for different types of people and cars.

For the avid television and hunter, seat covers can come decorated with popular television characters and designs. This best products website relays that the most popular ones include Star Trek, camo and chevron patterns.

Many parents allow their child to eat food in the car. Knowing that children are messy eaters, having a washable car cover will make it easy to keep the car clean.

Best for: People who have children

Rubber Floor liners

Rubber liners that include a lip around the edge to catch the dirt and water are the most popular types of floor liners. As a matter of fact, a study was conducted spending months testing floor liners and mats in which they came to their conclusion that rubber liners work best. Rubber liners that include a lip around the edge to catch the dirt and water are the most popular types of floor liners.

After spending months testing floor liners and mats, we concluded that the best are those made of rubber. It should include a lip around the edge. The lip prevents spillage over the sides. Another study shows that a house has thousands times more bacteria than a house. Being able to take out the rubber floor liner and wash it off will help keep the car clean and germ-free.

Best for: People who may track mud into their cars

Silent Car Alarms/Pagers

For a while car alarms seemed to work to deter people from stealing or getting to close to their car. In some cases, it does help bring attention to car thieves trying to steal a car as long as the people in the neighborhood listen to the car alarms. Some people get irritated by the noise especially when the alarms go off frequently or accidentally. The majority of New Yorkers are more irritated with car alarms then think they are helpful. Therefore, a silent pager or silent alarm that only signals the owner of the vehicle may be your best bet.

Best for: People who live in an unsafe area

Battery Kill Switch

Even if you are far away from your vehicle, your car can be stopped by you if have a kill switch installed. One type of kill switch is the battery kill switch. Since there are other ways to disarm or stop a vehicle, there are other types of kill switches including ones that halt the ignition.

Kill switches do prohibit certain car thefts, but it depends. If the thief can see the type of kill switch that has been installed, then he will also most likely know how to deactivate it as well. Then the kill switch is worthless. It is best to hide the kill switch so a battery kill switch would be best hidden under the roof of the car.

Best for: People who live in an unsafe area

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Another way to recover a stolen vehicle is to install a vehicle tracking system. Once the vehicle is stolen, the system will allow the driver to detect the location of the vehicle. Having a GPS tracking system will enable the owners to quickly track and to get their car back in a matter of minutes.

Best for: People who live in an unsafe area

Shift Knobs Covers for Manual Transmissions

Shift knobs can be bought in almost any automotive parts store and are accessories that are placed over the top of a gear shift. However, certain shift knobs are more popular than others. However, not all cars have a stick shift any more. Since a lot of cars now have an automatic transmission, a shift knob is not in their car.

A popular sports car with seven-speed manual transmission would get slightly better mileage than the automatic car of the same brand and model. Another study found that almost 450 brand new different makes and models of cars are being sold with either type of transmission. Therefore, shift knob covers for manual transmission are still being purchased.

Best for: People who own a car with a manual transmission

Back of the Front Seat Organizers

Whenever parents place their children into the back seat to go on a trip, they fear their children will cry and be annoying due to boredom. A bag or box could be placed in the middle of the back seat filled with activities, but that would fall over and take up too much space. 

25% of Americans want to be neater including in their car. Instead of putting a box or bag in the back seat, it would be neater to put a caddy hanging on to the back of the front seat for their children to store different toys and things for their children or themselves.

Best for: Neat people

Sturdy Running Boards

Running boards provide support by extending out away from the car to help people get into the car. The fit of the running board to the car needs such a good fit that it should seem like it came with the car. With the baby boomers getting into their elderly years, this large group of the population need to be able to step into the popular SUVs that are becoming the family cars. This would provide safety for the elderly person to step into the car. A study shows that 25% of senior citizens in America fall each year. Having this sturdy running board would allow an extra step to get inside these taller vehicles.

Best for: People whose riders may be elderly

Bull Bar Guards

If you have a large car or truck, a bull bar may need to be installed on the front of the vehicle in order to prevent bumping into things. This bar provides a shield between your car and another vehicle. A study shows that the shape of the front part of a vehicle can contribute to the severity of a car accident. A bull bar can be installed in the front of the car so that it will decrease the likelihood of having injuries should a car accident take place at the front of the vehicle.

Best for: People who live in crowded areas

Adaptable Bike Rack

Installing bike racks on car has become popular with many families. Riding bikes is a common hobby for many people. However, for the avid bikers they would prefer to ride on biking trails that may not be close to their residences. They need some way of transporting them. There are over 40 million bike riders. Therefore, they need a bike rack on their car to move their bikes to the desired trails. Not all bike racks can fit onto any vehicle. However, some bike racks area adaptable to almost any vehicle type.

Best for: Bikers

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spots seem to be a problem. Drivers must take their eyes off the road and turn around to check for any cars in another lane. This can be a problem. Lane changes are causing car accidents due to failure to check the blind spots.

A study reveals that almost 10% of the car accidents was because of a blind spot problem when people were changing lanes. One of the best mirrors to get is one that is for the blind spots. It is recommended that a glass mirror on the blind spot mirror will increase visibility of cars in the blind spot.

Best for: People who do not always check their blind spots

Brightly Colored Antenna Toppers

Antenna toppers are cute and fun, but they can also be helpful. If you park your car in a crowded parking lot, it may be difficult to find your car when you return to the parking lot. However, if you have an antenna topper, then you will most likely be able to spot your car by looking for this colorful topper.

A survey was taken of over 100 shoppers as they were leaving a store. About half of them stated that they couldn’t remember where they had parked. This seems to be a frequent occurrence. However, if you had a brightly-colored antenna topper that you could easily identify, this would make it simple to spot your car in a crowded parking lot.

Best for: People who park in crowded parking lots

Car Maintenance Tips

1. Do not display car alarm stickers on your car. Each type of car alarm has a specific way to disarm it. If a thief sees the car alarm, he or she will know which type of car alarm has been installed on the car. Then he or she can deactivate it having that information.

2. Consider material when buying steering wheel covers so that it is easy to grip. Even though many people purchase steering wheel covers based on their appearance, car owners should also consider the fabric it is made of. Leather and other durable material will make it easier to hold onto the steering wheel.

3. When purchasing the automotive covers and guards, the car owner should make sure it fits the make and model of their vehicle. Sometimes, these products can be cut or altered to fit that type of vehicle. However, some of them can’t be fitted, so it would be smart to research the brand that will fit their car.

4. Determine the purpose of the seat covers for the car owner’s car prior to the purchase. People buy car seat covers either to make the interior of their car more appealing whereas others want the covers to perform a specific function. Usually seat covers are bought so that their car seats stay clean.

5. If a car owner is in store for an antitheft device to be installed on their car, they would save money if their car already has a device already installed on it. Some of the newer models already have a kill switch installed in them.

6. Watch out for the license plate covers. Typically license plate covers are bought and installed to make the back of the car more appealing. However, some of them may cover part of your registration sticker. This will cause problems if you get pulled over by the police.

7. If you are installing exterior side mirrors, the product information may state that it is easy to install. Yet, most mirrors require you to remove the door first before installing the mirrors. So, make sure you are capable of removing a car door.

8. Make sure the floor mats will fit your car. Durable floor mats that are made from a rubbery material may be difficult to cut or alter, so research and choose the floor mat that already fits that make and model of your vehicle.

9. It is recommended to replace the emblem on a car with the correct emblem if it should fall off. For some reason, people have a tendency to either put two emblems on or they put the wrong emblem on their car. This can make it confusing or misleading to police officers. It may seem like you are trying to alter the car in some way.

10. An antenna topper may make it easier for you to spot your car in a crowded parking lot, but it will also help others identify your car as well. Sometimes, people will ask friends or colleagues to retrieve something from their cars, having an identifiable antenna topper will help them find your car.

11. Sometimes, certain bumper stickers are not allowed on cars. It would be beneficial to research about the laws and ordinances pertaining to the acceptance of the bumper stickers in your area. Some of the bumper stickers that have been questioned include those that have offensive words or police stickers.

12. Grilles have become popular recently and manufacturers have designed grilles for either function or appearance. So, make sure you are researching about the grilles for your intended purpose.

13. When buying floor mats, consider the type of material you want those mats to be before going shopping. Some mats are made of fabric whereas others are made of rubber. The rubber mats need to fit the car because they may be difficult to adjust. Fabric mats may be more difficult or time-consuming to clean.