Best Winch

The Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch is a highly efficient and low consumption winch that features a sealed 1.6 horsepower permanent magnet motor with a dynamic brake system and mechanical load holding integration. Belonging to the popular Superwinch ATV Terra Series, this is the best winch on the market tough and durable enough to pull through with high torque and increased stability. It comes with a 3-stage planetary drivetrain with oil pocket bronze bearings along with a freespooling clutch with ergonomic control. After much research we finally settled on this best winch that’s powerfully built and at the same time comes with a lifetime warranty. This best winch is designed to pull weight quicker and more comfortably, even in heavy mud or any other challenging terrain.

The Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch takes into account why any particular winch may be used for the long run. That’s why it features versatile contributions such as compatible mounting bold pattern, circuit breaker protection, and a durable sealed solenoid. The construction of this best winch is comparatively much more rugged than the conventional winch, plus it also offers an impressive release mechanism that’s easy to operation under intense pressure. Equally important is this winch’s high performing ATV power that delivers the promise of superior sturdiness and strength to pull out of any tight spot. Its compatible 4-bolt pattern ATV winch mount is fit for almost any demanding haul while its weather-resistant high-torque magnet motor establishes an easy connection to your vehicle battery. In the event that of a power failure or surge, the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch includes mechanical load holding and dynamic braking system to minimize wire rope slippage for added safety. Seeing these impressive features, it’s safe to say that this is the best winch you will ever come across in the industry, especially when you’re looking for powerful and durable performance.

Designed by the most technologically sound manufacturer, WARN, this is the best winch anyone could ever find and utilize to the fullest in the industry. The Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12 its specifically developed for those looking for a limit-pusher winch with two times the durability and faster line speed than any other conventional winch on the market. We won’t deny that apart from being the most dominating, it is also the most expensive bet on the market, but when did you prioritize money over quality when all you are in dire need of is superior performance. This best winch comes with a remote controlled clutch, Advanced Wireless Remote that reads motor temperature and two other accessories for added convenience. It also features an 80ft wire rope and roller fairlead that is capable of pulling exorbitant vigor without giving you a hard time. A big plus for the Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12 is that it’s corrosion-resistant and waterproof so if you’re planning on using a winch for several years, this is the best winch to get.

It’s a blessing to feature a product that can balance both quality and price in the most effective way ever. If you’re looking for a compact, all-purpose winch that fits your budget, don’t look further than the Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV Winch. Featuring a far better durable and quiet-operating winch with a low amp, permanent magnet motor, and a 3,000 lbs pull capacity, this best winch is everything everyone needs. Apart from the charming performance, it’s one of the safest and most reliable winches on the market that takes up no more or less space than a professional-grade winch. You get versatile performance options, incredible construction, and impeccable durability with the Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV Winch. It is best suited for casual ATV snowplow application and even for some serious ATV sport vehicles that demand long-lasting and perfect performance on stage. This best winch is especially trusted by professionals for its portability and permanent roadwork, so if it’s the most affordable we see no regrets in buying it sooner!

What is winch made of?

A winch isn’t complicated- it’s just a mechanical piece of equipment with a powerful and durable motor that you can attach to your vehicle when required. Here are some of the basic features of the best winch that we’ll refer to moving forward.

The motor is the most important part of the winch. It drives the gear, which pushes forward the drum in the line to pull the load in an efficient manner.

The cable is such that extends forward away from the winch into an anchor point. The cable of any winch needs to be extremely durable as the diameter and length of it counts that aspect greatly.

The fairlead is the mouth of the winch where the cable extends out and finally, rolls back on the drum when winching at an angle. There are two primary types of fairlead: hawse and roller. The former one has an oval-shaped opening while the latter one features a rectangular opening.

Gear Train
This is the second step in the overall operations of the winch. Once the motor gets power, it sends energy to the gear train where it converts into a mass of hauling power. The most common type of gear train is a planetary gear train which accommodates multiple spins, resulting in fast and more efficient operations.

The only way one can use the clutch is by either physically stepping on it to change the gears or with the help of a remote. The clutch is responsible to disengage or engage your gear train for optimal performance.

Remote Control
This is how you interact with the winch. Winch remote controls have multiple buttons for appropriate winch operation. The most advanced ones are the wireless kind, while the commonly used ones are wired. Both are gaining more momentum and are developed in a more cost-effective manner to improve performance make the winch a safe tool to operate.

What you should know before reading on

For first-time owners, we recommend that you make use of an easy-to-install and durable winch that won’t cost you an exorbitant amount. There are many versatile winches out today that are capable to sustain for longer and intense pulls. It’s important to know some basic information about the overall functionality of winches and their safety measures before you read on about each one of them in close detail. Instead of diving straight in the deep end of the pool, we ensure that all of our recommended products are safe to use. They don’t have a reputation of power failures or sudden construction faults as we understand how potentially dangerous a winch can be and if gone wrong, it can cause some serious damage to you and to your vehicle. For that reason, our expert team advises winch owners to always wear gloves while operating a winch. This is for the safety from the winch’s cable which can, over time, tear skin as easily as it can cause steel splinters. Another key measure to adopt is stay an appropriate distance away from the two points during winching, especially a great distance away from the winch’s cable. Picking the best winch involves careful consideration and comparison of what’s already popular and powerful. With a machine such as a winch, you should have enough information to then determine which one is right for you.

Our best pick: Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch

Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch

So long as the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch remains, it’s always going to be the best winch on the market. Developed by the toughest materials and dynamics, this beast features a 4-way fairlead for cable type winch or blue aluminum hawse for synthetic rope type winch. For superior strength, it is made of 12-strand synthetic rope or steel cable for line, plus an all steel planetary gear 2x wide than any other winch with oil pocket bronze bearings. We found that the motor functions great and extremely quiet with a durable gear and a complete mount kit. If you want a winch that takes less time in understanding how the dynamics work and more time on actual operation, then the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch is perfect for you. Moving forward, the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch has received a rating that exceeds IP67 which only means one thing: it’s resistant to dust, water, snow, and mud, plus it can withstand in deep water for over 30 minutes without giving in. Another key point to remember is that this best winch comes with two options for pulling, which is either a steel cable made with galvanized metal with 4-way roller fairlead or synthetic rope with blue hawse made of anodized aluminum that is capable of riding through 7,000 lbs. Both of these powerful lines are more than 15 m in length which is considered to the ideal length for winching operations. To improve overall quality of the latter rope, it’s also coated with special Samthane coating so you don’t have to face the common wear-and-tear during challenging operations. Let’s talk a bit about this best winch construction’s permanent magnetic motor with an energy-efficient mark. We found that this motor has an impressive amount of pulling power that is efficient and much lighter to handle than expected. It possesses durable coating that can withstand almost any weather condition without compromising on your battery power in a cost-effective manner.
To sum it up, the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch is frankly an overwhelming product on the market with a much-appreciated roadwork globally. And it always makes a comeback no matter how tough the terrain or the pull or weather conditions are.

Our upgraded pick: Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12

Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12

Moving forward, the Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12 is our most extravagant, but valuable pick on the market. It has an impressive advanced wireless remote for the clutch that features charging with either a USB charger or charger adapter. It also comes with an exceeding IP68 rating to deliver unmatched durability and greater control during winching operations. The Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12 is smart gear, no doubt about that. Its symmetrical design stays current with the universal vehicle style for it be more suitable and convenient for the long run. Its black satin finish and stainless steel hardware are extremely durable to even resist corrosion, with its strong aluminum body that adds more stamina to the complete winch package. Another impressive advantage of this best winch is that it features an innovative convertible control pack that can be moved around and mounted separately from the winch effortlessly. What’s significant about the Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12 is that is has a very high 12,000 pound pull capacity with 80 feet of aircraft-grade wire that adds even great stamina to the winch. You’d be surprised to know that it is the only winch on the market with the Advanced Wireless Remote Controlled Clutch that controls the overall operation of the winch, plus the clutch. You get clear communication of the winch motor temperature and the vehicle’s battery charge level; the two most basic settings that all you would do anything to acquire otherwise. About this best winch’s high torque motor: it features a high-performance package with efficient amp draw, stronger and faster gear train, effective line speed, and a steel sleeve-in-drum brake design that, in plain hindsight, doubles the durability and maximizes the performance of the winch. This results in a 20% increase in line speed and 2 times the resistant to the common wear-and-tear of the winch.
All these impressive qualities make the Warn 92820 ZEON Platinum 12 the best winch for driver-assisted vehicle recovery. Backed by a lifetime warranty and an additional one-year warranty on electrical components, this best winch is perfect for those looking to splurge a lot more on something superior.

Our affordable pick: Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV Winch

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV Winch

When buyers are compelled to purchase a winch under the wire, it’s always worthwhile when you come across something that’s both cost-effective plus high-performing. The Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV Winch is that worthwhile choice today. It features a Sealed 1.2 horsepower permanent magnet with 1-stage planetary gearing and sealed solenoid and circuit breaker protected. Upon arrival, it is super easy to assemble with a simple mechanism that manages to make long pulls for long periods of time. It comes with 50 feet of durable wire rope, a 4-way roller fairlead, a wired handled remote with 12′ lead and a freespooling ergonomic clutch. As long as this best winch is reasonable priced, it caters to all winching needs such as durability, rugged construction, versatility in controls, and more importantly, comfortable handling. For that purpose only, this best winch features a 12′ handled rubberized remote switch that offers a comfortable distance between the user and the winch during use. Moving forward, it also comes with mechanical and dynamic braking and 100% automatic load holding to eliminate wire rope slippage. Plus, it features a sealed solenoid and circuit breaker protection that guarantees no quick stopping of the drum, and consistent electromagnetic power in any weather condition. So you get the picture of how reliable and responsible this winch is that it caters to all possible touch-points for an efficient winching experience. Other important feature includes its two-year limited warranty and the genuine promise that all the mechanical and electrical components are free from usually-occurring defects found in other conventional winches on the market.
As a result, the Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV Winch is perfect for professionals as much as it is ideal for casual users alike for every sort of winching need, small or big. With this compact and durable winch, one might expect much simpler operations considering its affordable price, but that’s not the case with this one. It is designed for fast, efficient, and more importantly, easy winching operations- doesn’t matter for how long and where.

Best winch for the money

Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II

The Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II is next in line as our best winch for the money after our budget-friendly pick on the list. This one features a 4.5 horsepower sealed series wound motor with a permanent connection to the vehicle battery. It even comes with a heavy-duty all-metal 3-stage planetary gear train and a lever-action freespooling clutch for impressive disengagement and manual controls. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to winching because this best winch is for the money as much as it is for the newbie. What’s better than a valuable winch that doesn’t believe in compromising on a powerful pull capacity, stability, and more importantly, durability just because it has to be for everyone? With this best winch, you get dynamics that are so powerful yet so standard that you wouldn’t crave for anything else. It has a 8,500 lbs pull capacity, 94 feet durable steel wire rope and a hawse fairlead and rubber remote with a 15 foot switch cord, all to bring in more depth and minimize on that’s too complicated to bear with. Even though it features versatile accessories good enough for a standard winch for the money, we noticed that all the different parts are so perfectly synced together to deliver an incredibly powerful winching experience for years to come!

Best hydraulic winch

Mile Marker H10500 Hydraulic Winch

The Mile Marker H10500 Hydraulic Winch is one of those highly-complex speed winches that have some serious winching standards approved by Humvees in the US Military. So you know how powerful and promising this best winch actually is for a hydraulic winch on the market. If you’re starting from scratch, then you should know that Mile Marker is one of the top winch manufacturers on the market that caters to professionals and weekenders alike. The Mile Marker H10500 Hydraulic Winch features an integrated solenoid valve and freespooling clutch for action-packed dynamics. Moreover, it features a corrosion resistant and reversible mounting construction that can also be used underwater for long periods of time. What’s significant about this hydraulic winch is that it will run for an impressively long time with an engine so powerful at full speed that it does not even damage the power steering pump at all. With the Mile Marker H10500 Hydraulic Winch, you can pull 10,000 pounds as easily as you can 50 pounds. The overall structure of this best winch is in clear connection with each of its mechanical components and 2-speed motor that make this the most reputable hydraulic winch on the market. Other features include a remote control switch method, mechanical lock, an adaptable detachable recovery system, and galvanized aircraft cable rope for a solid pull.

Best manual winch

i-Lift Equipment WH25 Hand Winch

The i-Lift Equipment WH25 Hand Winch is a hand winch for portable pulling. It features a self-locking brake that guides users to minimizes instability and add more convenience in the overall winching operation. Moreover, we also picked up that this best winch has a 2,500 pound pull capacity with a 30 feet cable, providing a solid pull and holding action through-and-through. It even features an automatic friction brake that is designed to prevent runaway load effortlessly. The i-Lift Equipment WH25 Hand Winch is perfect to use when you have to pull away from tight spots easily. Since it’s a portable manual winch, you can use it for versatile purposes anytime and with its unlimited power deliverance that’s also cost-effective and efficient, you don’t have to worry about power shortage or failure under any circumstances. It’s heavy-duty on safety as it locks from both sides pretty comfortably, and saves a lot of lifting and pulling which can be used day in and day out. The overall quality of the i-Lift Equipment WH25 Hand Winch is top-notch with a few imperative features to keep in mind for versatile pulling and lifting circumstances. You’ll definitely sleep easier after knowing that you have a well-controlled and powerful piece of equipment to take you through the day without hassle and discomfort.

Best powered winch

Warn 87800 M8000-S Winch

The Warn 87800 M8000-S Winch looks good, functions comfortably, and won’t break away that easy. While it’s a strong unit with no less favorites than an professional-grade winch on the market, you’ll find its adjustability, performance, and durability quiet impressive. It is made of a wound high-torque speed motor with an improved line speed and pull capacity. It comes with a ballistic nylon sliding sleeve that provides superior rope safety when up against abrasion and the common wear-and-tear. What we loved most about this best winch is its rubberized ergonomic pistol-grip remote control handle that allows for more safe distance between the user and the vehicle during winching, plus it is weather and mud resistant. So you don’t have to worry about operating your winch from inside closed spaces in order to avoid water or unstoppable weather. The rope we found is 100 feet of Warn Spydura synthetic rope that boasts of extra durability. Other features include the 3-stage planetary gear train, outstanding control box, and superior weather sealing on the overall construction of the winch. To sum it up, the Warn 87800 M8000-S Winch is the best winch on the market that’s powered and ready to pull great strengths consistently, regardless of the weather condition. If you’re looking for fast operations since you like to be more time-efficient, this is the best winch for you.

Best bumper-mounted winch

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch

The Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch is the first of its kind with a 6.6 horsepower amphibious motor and 3-stage planetary gear system. With a unique 500 amp solenoid and a sliding ring gear mounting clutch, this best winch is the only powerful bumper-mounted gear you’ll find anywhere. It comes with a 9,500 pound pull capacity with a fast line speed and strong pull consistency. It carries an IP67 rating, capable enough to outperform other expensive conventional winches on the market. We found that the magnets are well in control and sturdy in the control handle and they come with a roller fairlead exclusively, a feature that all other bumper-mounted winches don’t offer. One of the most common reasons why buyers switch between winches time and again is because they give up due to excessive water exposure; keeping this in mind, the Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch is dominatingly waterproof with double the pulling power, if needed. If you want something that doesn’t yell out only the most basic qualities, but in a monotonous and reoccurring framework, then this is the best winch for you. It’s economically priced, durable, reliable, and more importantly, powerful enough to satisfy your powered winching needs.


Below is a list of 3 closely-competitive winches that we find to be powerful alternatives to the ones we discussed previously. It’s always good to have a complete list of versatile products in the industry for you to make an informed decision. Buying a winch is the next big thing to do after you are certain that you wouldn’t have to replace it much sooner expected.
1. Superwinch-1510200-LP1000-Winch
Superwinch 1510200 LP1000 Winch

Our first competitor is the Superwinch 1510200 LP1000 Winch. It features a 5.1 horsepower weather-sealed series wound motor with a 10,000 lbs pull capacity. For abolsute pulling strength, it is made of a steel wire rope with heavy-duty latched hook and rope thimble. For an entry-level user, this is the best winch there is, thanks to its automatic load holding and mechanical braking system and level shift freespooling clutch. This best winch doesn’t fret even during challenging winching operations, and features a fantastic rope protection add-on for fast line speed and pulling consistency. Rest assured, the Superwinch 1510200 LP1000 Winch is a reliable, durable, and equipped gear that will last for many years.
2. Smittybilt-97380-X20-8-Winch
Smittybilt 97380 X20-8 Winch

Our second competitor is the Smittybilt 97380 X20-8 Winch. It features a 5.5 horsepower series wound motor with a 4,000 pounds pull capacity. It comes with 3-stage planetary gear reduction that grants more control and convenience to its users. It even includes a 12 feet remote control, and 4-way steel roller fairlead, designed to treat the overall structure of the winch just like it deserves to be treated. Moreover, this best winch has a Dyneema SK-75 constructed synthetic winch rope which won’t splinter or get damaged due to heat or common weather conditions. As long the Smittybilt 97380 X20-8 Winch is available, it stands undefeated in its versatile safety checks.
3. Master-Lock-2953AT-DC-Portable-Winch
Master Lock 2953AT DC Portable Winch

Our last competitor is the Master Lock 2953AT DC Portable Winch. It features a 12 volts DC power supply with solid 6,000 pounds pull capacity. This best winch has a powerful design equipped with a parallel-shift gear for efficient pulling. What we loved most about the Master Lock 2953AT DC Portable Winch is its versatile pulling capacities: it can pull 5,000 pounds through water, drag items up to 2,000 pounds, and pull a maximum of 6,000 pounds for vehicles on land. Another key point to consider is that this best winch comes with battery cables, remote control, back-up hand crank, and safety hook to maintain its overall reputation as a decent portable winch. You will also find it convenient to carry around with the help of its carrying handle that’s placed right in the winch housing.

Wrapping it up

It’s hard to go wrong with the best winch as all feature their own unique persona and purpose, but having extensive knowledge about one can really help buyers in making the correct purchasing decision to them. This also results in more purchasing power over to users instead of the product itself. The Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 Winch ranks as our best winch on the market followed by our best upgraded and best budget winch list. It doesn’t matter what you need your winch for as long as you find the best one on one of our recommendations, and rest assured, that particular one will have you covered for years to come. Each best winch included on this complete list has an impressive rating online with abundance of powerful features, most of which that we have highlighted for your better understanding. With such a versatile variety of winches on the market, the only criteria to consider before buying a winch should be your budget. We have compiled a unique list of winches of all ranges from most affordable to most expensive, so you can find one that suits your budget in a matter of seconds rather than hunting for a suitable one for hours. If you find yourself bored with research and helpless when out and about to find the best winch on the market, this detailed review will help you find the winch of your dreams!