Best Cargo Box

The SportRack SR7018 Vista XL Cargo Box is our best cargo boxes as they give you the best price you will find and its rear opening is sturdy and durable. Perfect for the price, it can be used on multiple trips for easy access as it makes removing easier. The box holds lots of items and it can be mounted in any position that you wish. Easily stow it away from traffic or for road trips. It is rather large but with no noise for those who need the extra space.

Our step-up pick is the Thule Force Quick-Grip Cargo Box Black and if you want to fit in skis and snowboards, it fits 6 to 8 pairs of skis and 3 to 4 boards with a max ski length of 173 cm. Its mounting system has a dominant design in winter conditions and many additional features. You can attach the box to the rack easily. It is easy to grasp with a volume of 16 cubic ft or 453 liters for effortless use. It comes with two keys and can be setup in less than 5 minutes. As a great cargo box, it pushes air away on the edges of the lid with no hanging over the windshield.

The budget pick is the Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box and you can keep all you gear dry with this easily accessible box through downpours and the like. No noise comes from this box and it lets you carry lots of gear and it even has a license plate adapter. With better mileage and locking functionality than most, it has all the necessary components. It is quite durable with full license plate visibility and no issues with dust. It is fully compatible with various hitches and has full weight capacity as a hitch mount cargo box.

A Little Background

A cargo box is a great space saver for those who often carry large items such as golf clubs, skis, snowboards, sleepers and the like. It can save you a ton of space when it comes down to getting a better rear view while you are driving across the miles. It is important for any cargo box to be super sturdy, reliable and easy to mount or dismount whenever needed.

How We Picked

In choosing the best cargo boxes:
Consider the durability of the cargo box. The durability or sturdiness of the cargo box should be put in mind and it should also not make too much noise while you are driving.
Make sure the cargo box is easy to mount or dismount. The cargo box should be relatively simple and easy to set up on the rack, as quick as 5 minutes or so.
The cargo box should have a ton of space that you can use. The cargo box is something that should save you a ton of precious space – especially for those who go along with their dogs or pets.
The cargo box should be easy to set up. Frustration is very likely for a cargo box and this is why you need a cargo box that is straightforward with its design and its features.
You must also know if the cargo box fits by measuring its dimensions. It is very crucial because you must know if it will fit your car’s roof mount or hitch mount.

Our Pick

SportRack SR7018 Vista XL Cargo Box

With ABS construction, our best cargo boxes would be the SportRack SR7018 Vista XL Cargo Box with size and quality. It is also very light and durable and with great ease of use for rear loading. Not a single issue is found in this cargo boxes and it’s huge and UV resistant.
For the price and size, it is great. The box opens from rear and it is easy packing the car with this XL sized cargo box with no road noise at all. For the price, it is greatly waterproof with a great rear opening. It can be mounted on the roof of an SUV with a good size. It stays totally dry as a cargo box for a family of 4 and the arms that keep it open are safe. It is also easy to secure the shell.
With quick release functions for happy campers, it is easy to install with no problems at all. With a good hardware mounting system and locking mechanism, you get zero problems. It is wide and tall enough with a quick on/off feature. It holds double the cargo than most with no water inside so you will not be disappointed as it is easy to install. It includes a lock and is ideal for cabin transporting with plenty of room to spare. It adheres to massive hail storms and keeps secure contents all the way.
This really doubles your cargo space with great quality even during rainy seasons. Keep bags of clothes within the box as it is well worth it for the locking mechanism. With an easy install and fitting, it opens from the back s you need not worry about placement. You can store it in the quickest amount of time and mounting is incredibly easy. This box comes with everything and it can handle soft items and not spend the extra money – just provide cross bars. You’ll love it all the way.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some minor flaws to know about the SportRack SR7018 Vista XL Cargo Box include the fact that you may need to buy separate u-bolts at a local hardware store that will best fit your roof rack.

Step-up Pick

Thule Force Quick-Grip Cargo Box Black

Our step-up pick, the Thule Force Quick-Grip Cargo Box Black, is diamond-textured and has great reduction in drag. At 74 x 36 x 16.5 inches, it has value and space with its aero skin lid. The convenience for every user is there as the weight limit is at 110 lbs or 50 kg. It is durable with great mounting capability and is simple to use in many applications for its aerodynamic shape.
With raised grooves and plenty of room and storage space, the front and center position is great as it cuts through the air. For any rack configuration, it handles lot of bulky items. Weighing 39 lbs, this is a professional and tool-free box. One could not be happier when the lid is open as it s very quiet during trips and has a dual side opening. With a quick-grip mechanism as one of the key conveniences, it utilizes aero skin technology and gives vehicle fuel efficiency.
With an oversized secure lock, ABS plastic of 5 layers makes it durable for highways or country roads. You can pack in duffle bags and the box is closed securely. It is durable for the toughest weather conditions and is a no brainer with the secure lock technology and dual-side opening as it locks on both sides. It keeps items secure in rainy days and has easy loading and unloading. It is adjustable and comes with mounting hardware.
For your next trip, open/close on either side of the vehicle with this box that will leave you really satisfied. The installation of the box is easy as it is a top choice to bring more items. It locks with no problem and fits thule rack systems. With an aerodynamic shape, it is ideal for any cross country road trip with a smoother air flow. Sliding it forward or back is easy when you mount it on round bars. Highly dependable and durable due to the box’s floor grooves, it fits most factory racks with its locking functionality and dual hinge openings. As a great piece of equipment, this cargo box is neat.

Budget Pick

Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box

The Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box is our budget pick with 4 supplied knobs and is ideal for snow sports or for moving across the country. With 8 cubic feet of storage, it fits most factory racks and fits 2 golf bags. You can easily attach your rooftop box and get more interior space such as carrying camping gear. It has 4 to 6 holes in the base and is pretty good even for water sports gear and golf clubs.
With a lot of flexibility, it handles rack crossbars of 23 5/8 inch with 32 1/16 of maximum spacing. It is UV resistant and okay for driving in the rain with the side-opening design. Removal takes 5 minutes only and it is great at keeping moisture out. Its passenger-side opening system allows for easy loading and the ABS plastic is impact-resistant. As an innovative box with a threaded knob, it gives you easy unloading to meet your needs such as the single side box opening.
You can put in fishing gear and it mounts easily so it is extremely easy to use with your active life. It does the job well and there’s no need to buy additional brackets. With removable roof racks, fit in small items with its mounting system. Drive during snow with this box on factory roof racks as it is the perfect size for major trips with a secure hold. It measures 54 x 15 1/2 x 25 inches and works well during rain and storms and it is also built to last with years of durability.
Ideal for camping gear, it gives you easy access to gear with a neat grey color finish. Fitting well onto your roof, you may be able to do it yourself and you will be very happy for the quality and weight of only 16.1 pounds. It assembles easily and is lightweight enough as a rooftop cargo box that works as advertised. If you want performance that matters then this is the cargo box you need. It only requires significant assembly and has two cam locks with keys.
It can be easily removed from your rack and is sold at a reasonable price. If you need to conserve space then this box is great with its locking system for small loads or to store things. Fitting well on thule base racks, it works for small vehicles and it has a sheet of vinyl hole covers. With included straps and all necessary mounting hardware, you get a very good value for the money.
Ideal for family trips, this compact roof box can be easily installed in any rack in minutes through the u-bolt or knob mounting system. A nice and solid cargo box to take to the beach, it allows 110 lbs of cargo per box and has a lifetime limited warranty.

Best Cargo Boxes for Hitch Mount Purposes

Thule 665C Transporter Combi-Hitch-Mount Cargo Box

The Thule 665C Transporter Combi-Hitch-Mount Cargo Box is a neat hitch mount luggage box ideal for your camping equipment and the like. It gives you less wind drag and fits on most 1 1/4 inch hitches and a minivan. Most people will have a good experience with the cargo box with its full featured performance. It also fits well on 2 inches receiver hitches and has great cargo capacity.
Installation is a snap with this 50.5 x 24.3 x 23.5 inches box which fits class ii or iii hitches. Functionally very nice, installation is less than an hour and it has a light assembly. With 13 cubic feet of storage capacity, it fits well on the back of your truck with its overall design, assembly and installation. It also seals very tightly and it holds 150 pounds of gear.
With a pretty straight forward design, it gives you easy access and easy installation with no leaking whatsoever. The box tilts down easily when opening and keeps shut while driving with the 1-key lock mechanism and easy assembly. You gain easy access to the rear of vehicle with the side door opening. It is ideal for tailgate parties and it does not obstruct the view. It also does not badly affect gas mileage at all and the tail lights are pre-wired with power from a wire harness plug (4-pin).
It holds a large amount and has a hard shell for snowstorms survival during a trip. With UV resistant construction, you can store bulky luggage items and it even has included lights that work just as advertised. As an ideal storage solution for a family of four, it is a waterproof cargo box for any weather conditions with its locking mechanism. Stowing your gear is a breeze as it also fits beach supplies with the included liner.
Easy assembly makes this a great box. With an easily accessible height, it is also easy to tighten everything down such as the stinger assemblies. Ideal for an SUV with the additional features, it opens without tilting the hatch back. With all the mounting hardware included, it is perfect for long-haul vacations. It has a user’s manual and a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Cargo Boxes with a Gloss Finish

Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box

Available in gloss black and pebble black finishes, the Thule Atlantis Series Cargo Box is the solution for limited space for cargo with a capacity of either 12 cubic feet or 16 cubic feet. It can solve the space problems and can fit 2 large suitcases. Very sleek as a cargo box on long road trips, you’ll be more than happy for the aerodynamics of the cargo box and the attractive design at 22 x 14 x 28 inches of dimensions. You can pack away and travel with cargo easily with the aerodynamic design.
Bring a couple of duffel bags with the extra space and it is very quiet, easy to take on and off and is ideal for smaller items. It is easy to install and/or remove and can take all the bulky items as it is significantly slimmer for your next big trip. It works beautifully with the internal bracing as part of the mounting system. It is more than enough for the large storage and for a Highlander and for a family of 4.
It is extremely large and without much of a drag at all as it minimizes wind noise. Ideal for a road trip, it uses reinforcing ribs and is given a glossy silver or black. Saving fuel economy with extra external space, you get tons of space inside.

Best Cargo Boxes with Dual Side Opening

Thule Sonic Dual-Side Opening Cargo Box

With an aero nose design, the Thule Sonic Dual-Side Opening Cargo Box takes 10 cu. ft or 283 liters of cargo volume and is quieter than most. At 96 x 27.5 x 11 inches, it cuts through air in an efficient and convenient way. Installation is a breeze as it has 110 lbs. of weight limit or 50 kg. It also reduces drag and easy to setup before you drive off for total convenience.
With great box features, it reduces noise and it weighs 40 lbs or 18.1 kg and it can take 4 to 6 skis or 2 to 3 snowboards. Opened and locked easily with the rear-angled base, transport your gear easily as the crossbar installation is easy. It is fuel-efficient and it has expanded vehicle mounting points that fit nicely. It exceeds expectations with a secure hold and it can maximize trunk clearance in a quick and easy way.
The hatch clearance is solid and it has a dual side opening. It produces not much noise at all as you hit the road and is quite convenient and simple to reduce drag to ensure your box is secured. Fitting family of 6 with the extra storage space, you’ll be happy with the locking system as it is secured to the rack or for wide aero crossbars.
It has a oversized secure lock and is easy to open on both sides. The box is closed securely and can be performed by one person on setup. This box fits great for most vehicles with the dual-side opening to keep it secure. The length and the width is just fine for easy loading and unloading and great for the end user with the aerodynamic design and rear-angled base. It can be opened from either side of the vehicle.

Best Cargo Boxes made with ABS Material

Thule Pulse ABS Cargo Box Black

Highly durable, the Thule Pulse ABS Cargo Box Black has additional space you need with a cargo volume of 14 cubic feet or 396 liters. It functions without breaking the bank in a rugged way. It measures 67 x 35 x 16 inches in its dimensions and has an ABS plastic construction which fits most factory racks.
When driving in the rain, it is worth every penny due to the ABS material and stylish design. With the included locking functionality, it works great and is lightweight as it weighs 34 lbs or 15.4 kg. For long lasting durability after thousands of miles, anything you pack stays dry inside so you could live in it if the box was a bit bigger.
Coming in with mounting knobs, it protects contents and seals out the rain all the way. The weight limit is at 110 lbs or 50 kg, including weight of the box. Ideal for any rack configuration with a tool less mounting mechanism, the max ski length is at 155 cm with a variety of sizes available. With an easy-grip mounting in less than 5 minutes, it fits a factory roof rack with plenty of extra room.
It is also lightweight and assembles in minutes. It fits 3 to 4 snowboards with a ton of additional features. The box is incredibly strong and it easily attaches the box. It also ensures it is completely closed when locked and it is ready for the road trips ahead. The aerodynamic design and the secure lock are both great and the box is awesome due to its dimensions.
Carrying a good amount of items, it has extensive rack compatibility and it ensures safety. This is very roomy as a box and is very easy to install. It also has secure lock lid technology and the box is securely closed. It fits great and the box’s construction is solid. Easy for one person to setup, it is flexible with its single-side opening and can handle longer skis and snowboards.
Vehicle fuel efficiency is awesome and the latching system works great. You get safe items as the box’s floor grooves protect your stuff. The tail gate does not interfere and it is ideal for cost-conscious people. With hands-free access, you get 3 size choices (alpine, medium and large) and it is mostly in-demand due to the smart design. Working well on the highway, loading and unloading of items is easy and can be stable in highway driving.
The locking functionality on the side of box is pleasing for your vehicle as it also fits thule rack systems. Installing in less than 5 minutes, it has a low profile design and a single side box opening scheme. It also fits round bars very well.

Best Cargo Boxes for use in an ATV

Plano 1510-01 Rear-Mount ATV Storage Box

With elastomeric straps, the Plano 1510-01 Rear-Mount ATV Storage Box has a foam rubber seal and u-bolts are included. Installing without hassle, it has a thick foam interior and with a much larger capacity than most. The foam seal is great and it has good storage space plus straps.
Ideal for hunting supplies, it keeps out debris and works well with bungee straps. Highly water resistant for protection, it keeps dust and grime away as a storage box for an ATV for a day trip. You will like this box a lot as it is economical and useful to last 2 seasons or more as a sturdy box.
With a removable steel hinge, it measures 39 3/4 x 20 1/2 x 12 inches and has a double wall lid. If you hunt, this is recommended as it is easily mountable and durable with latches and mounting. With enough strength, it remains totally waterproof as a great ATV box of very heavy duty that will stack heavy items with zero issues. You can use the u-bolts to get it easily mounted.
Setting up without any drilling is a breeze and with zero movement on every single ride, it will last a very long time. Ideally better than most ATV racks, your gear stays dry in it and you can attach it to your rear rack. This box is very strong for a rear mount with plenty of room to spare and a huge amount of room inside. Using this box makes it easy and quick to store anything within rock solid storage.
It can have enough room for a drink cooler at your fingertips as it is really a great cargo box that is worth your while and it is really good for the price. In addition to such as feature, the latching system is also a plus factor for the cargo box and it will really meet most people’s expectations with it.
So to top it off, if you are looking for something sturdy for a cargo box then this is probably what you are hoping for in terms of durability and reliability. It is really ideal for a day trip or any vacation needs when you need a solution for storage problems that would be common for travelers.
This cargo box can significantly protect from most dust and dirt so it is a really effective and reliable cargo box to have, especially if you go often to climb mountains or perform some skiing or snowboarding and the like.
In addition to that, the tension is adjustable and the cargo box is so simple to operate because of the very fact that it opens to the rider. The cargo box can also pass most quality control issues and you can easily mount it to the ATV with no problems at all.
The cargo box stays clean and dry without many problems at all. Overall, the cargo box is not that bad for the price and the features and is significantly better than most cheap cargo boxes or even cargo baskets out there. With a lot of storage for you to spare, it can potentially keep the dust out during your trip to the beach or to the mountains.

Best Cargo Boxes with U-Bolt Attachment System

Prorack 10 Cubic Foot Cargo Box

As a cargo management solution, the Prorack 10 Cubic Foot Cargo Box is easy to use to fit your roof rack with a very light weight. The contents will stay safe and dry and it is great for the price and quality. At 58 x 34 x 15 inches in its dimensions, it handles luggage and is one of the best car rack solutions for storage space out there with only around 10 minutes of setup time and a single side opening.
Serving you on very heavy rain storms on any family adventure, driving through the rain is not a problem. It is also easy to install and the extra noise is minimal. Weighing 25 pounds, it comes fully assembled and it exceeds all expectations even at highway speeds. It uses u-bolts and keeps itself secure during the trip.
It handles sleeping bags and is a great roof storage that is very aerodynamic with the integrated key lock. It also fits 2 golf sets and has a good locking mechanism with no problems whatsoever. It is easy on your wallet if you have a roof rack. Made of quality materials, it has a 3-year limited warranty.

Best Cargo Boxes for Snowboards and Skis

Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite Cargo Box

With room for everything, the Yakima SkyBox 21 Carbonite Cargo Box has better quality than most boxes with a wider clearance for loading. The clamps on the cargo box are useful to give you the safest way to access anything for biggest families. The hatch on your car opens normally with this box and it also fits a jogging stroller for a growing family.
Ideal for road tripping, it fits factory cross bars and has a carbonite top with plenty of space for up to 5 campers. Very sturdy at 92 x 36 x 11 1/2 inches, it works well on the highway and is great for snowboards. It weighs 62 pounds and you just need at least 52 inches from the cross bar center.
With its aerodynamic design, it fits skis up to 215 cm and fits a Toyota Highlander. At 21 cubic feet, it is easy to install by yourself or for having two people helps set this up. For long trips, it is aerodynamic and a well-designed product for golfers and is easy to clean.
It doesn’t get in the way with the rear cargo door and it fits square bars. Easy to mount with a pretty slick look, it gives you no noticeable wind noise and easy to mount onto the factory rails. It uses the SKS locking system.
The size of the box will definitely be a great deal for people who absolutely want plenty of space to spare with their cargo box. It can only give you up to 10 minutes of setup time so it is hassle-free as a cargo box. With no loud buzzing sound at all and no noticeable wind noise, it is a really bearable cargo box to have.
The max weight limit of the box is around 150 pounds or so. With a lot of room, driving with a loaded box like this is so easy even when unlocking it as you only need to flip up the locks. You can adjust clamps with great ease. This cargo box is very sturdy and it is easy to strap everything. It works for big Crosswinds.

The Competition

Other cargo boxes simply do not fit the bill and are not very sturdy when it comes down to the construction levels and reliability. A good cargo box should have a reliable design and cargo boxes should be easily set up in no time at all.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are rooftop cargo carriers or cargo boxes and how do they work?
A: Most cargo boxes are made by Thule, a well-known cargo box maker, is giving us the low-down on cargo carriers. They are typically used for rooftops of cars and will usually fit snowboards, skis and the like.
Such cargo boxes can be used for people who have an active lifestyle or just want to have a ton of space for their luggage. People who are hitting the beach of the snowy mountains can depend upon a cargo box for their vacation needs.
Rooftop cargo carriers can be divided into usually three types: the roof box (cargo box), the cargo bag and the carrier basket (or cargo basket, which is the cheapest of all). Cargo carriers can range from medium to XXL sizes and will also depend upon the model, make and year of your car or vehicle if it fits.
The desired length of your cargo box is your choice – there are short ones for normal cargo but there are usually long ones for skis and snowboards. There are also medium sized ones for the in-between packers. Whichever kind of cargo box you choose, it should adhere to the kind and quantity of cargo you need to carry across towns or cities or to your destination.
Q: What are some of the best known features of cargo boxes for automobiles?
A: The load capacity of a cargo carrier is the most important and distinguishing feature to consider for your car or vehicle’s cargo box. The top load capacity should not be exceeded at all costs so you should choose an appropriate cargo box first.
The easy locking system, mounting mechanism and operation of opening and closing are all very important for the cargo box. This greatly ensures that the cargo box is not a hassle at all to load and unload, mount and dismount and lock and unlock. The design should also call for great aerodynamics and great fitting of the vehicle.
Q: What are some cargo box tips?
A: There are many ways for you to mount a cargo box . For instance, cargo boxes can be mounted on a rack, platform or a top rack depending on your vehicle design.
Cargo boxes can be mounted on an SUV, minivan or onto your car or truck with the use of your regular luggage rack or roof rack. This is the most common scenario for most regular vehicles that roam around because it is also the most space-saving solution. However, it can take its toll on your gas mileage.
Consider a cargo box that is good on its aerodynamics so that you can save more on fuel. Crossbars may also be present in your rack so you can install a cargo box or even a roof basket with great ease. It helps you speed up the setup time in the long run and it gives you assurance that your luggage and gear will be safe on the road.
The back bumper can also be a great solution for your cargo box and luggage by using the steel square-shaped construction (a.k.a. the receiver) for attaching your cargo box or basket. Racks can also be attached onto this back bumper for total convenience during your road trip.
A car back carrier is the last resort if your car was not built with such features that were mentioned above. It is important to have a nice cargo carrier for your cargo box that will not occupy a lot of space and make the vehicle feel too bulky all in all.
Wherever you go, keep safety a top priority because it is very important all in all to have a packed bag or luggage that is efficient on your gas mileage so that you can focus more on getting to the destination rather than worry about the luggage and cargo that you have in your car.
Speed limits must be known and exercised by every driver. This is to not let the cargo box down because of its heaviness. We all know that cargo boxes can really slow down a vehicle, even if it does have aerodynamic shapes in it as a nifty luggage carrier for your car.
It is very important to check the speed limit for most people who are carrying cargo boxes to make sure that you stay safe on the road. Usually, roof racks weigh 75 pounds up to 250 pounds so you should slow down a bit when you know that the load is too much to keep you staying safe.
Q: What car adjustments to I need to consider when using a cargo box?
A: There are many things you need to consider for your car when using a cargo box such as you should take good care of your tires. Make sure that the tires are good when it comes down to the inflation pressure.
Too much pressure makes the tire really bumpy and can cause accidents in the future. You should also not let the cargo box obstruct your rear view so that you can still see what is going on behind you like you are regularly driving.
Cargo anchors are also a good way to keep your cargo box safe so that your items will not jangle around when your car hits a bumpy road. SUVs can also enjoy a beneficial security check so that it can combat wind resistance and will not spoil your gas mileage at all in the long run. Swaying gear above or at the back of your car can be quite annoying and nerve-wrecking, so consider anchors.
Q: How do I prepare for the worst case scenario for low clearance?
A: In the first place, you should the typical vertical clearances in your area or locality before you go on ahead on a road trip. Know if there are many low bridges or parking garages that might require you to step out of your car to get rid of your cargo box or else it will not fit in there.
Make sure you also take down notes by noticing overhang signs on the road so you can measure beforehand before going on a road trip. People who travel with bicycle and similar gear may need to consider this so that their bicycles stay intact altogether.
Q: Which is better, a cargo box or a cargo basket?
A: Usually, when you use a cargo box or a cargo basket, there are many choices out there however it depends upon what you need , as cargo boxes can be a bit expensive but they are worthwhile solutions for bigger gear whereas cargo baskets are cheaper.
Cargo boxes are great because they can be used to place heavy duty items and bulky gear so that you can depend upon it during rough road trips. Adding to the plus factor is that a cargo box is quite easy to load than most baskets. Cargo boxes are also quite straightforward and can be a bit stealthy when it comes down to storage problems.
Keeping things dry is the duty and purpose of a cargo box. If you often travel with skis and snowboards then a cargo box would definitely do the trick, since usually, cargo boxes are shaped like so for your travel adventure needs. Some may also use a bike rack but most people use cargo boxes, especially for the chilly winter season.
While being really effective at keeping your gear dry, cargo boxes are quite expensive and more valuable than baskets but they are a great investment when the time comes at hand. However, for people who are saving their money, they can still go for a cheap cargo basket if they are not very meticulous about their gear.
If you absolutely need to get something on the roof then a cargo box is your best bet. Otherwise, you can still just settle down for a cargo box which is quite cheaper. You literally have a lot of choices out there for your cargo system for your vehicle to choose from.
Q: Why do some people don’t really invest on a cargo box yet?
A: Some people think that cargo boxes can be a hassle to take down from the roof of your car, SUV or any vehicle whatsoever. They can also be quite pricey when it comes down to the value in comparison to other mounting options.
Some cargo boxes are also flimsy in construction and have locks that don’t really do their job well. This has lead people to believe that majority of cargo boxes are not really worth the money. This can be remedied by choosing the right brand from most suggested ones from real users of cargo boxes, such as snowboarding people.
It is true that some models and / or brands of cargo boxes do have their fair share of disadvantages more than their advantages, but that is why some people do give their own insight and reviews of such cargo boxes. Most people recommend getting the older Thule models because they were built better and less flimsy than most of the ones being made today.
If you are also not very satisfied with the cargo box that you have owned then you can also resort to building your own roof box. Most people have done it using pine or similar wood, if it is locally available in your vicinity. All you need to do is to get some carpentry job done and you’re good to go.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it all up, the SportRack SR7018 Vista XL Cargo Box is our best cargo box with its features, durability, dimensions and easy fitting and assembly all together.