Rustic Pinto Bean Chili Recipe

One of my favorite comfort foods is a quick and easy bowl of chili. Packed full of flavor, nutritionally dense, and loaded with fiber– it’s the perfect guilt-free comfort food.

Low-Fat Virgin Chicken Marsala Recipe

It’s time for some Chicken Marsala. Oh yes, this dish is simply delectable and also a superb amalgamation of Italian and American cuisine. Essentially, this dish is quite fancy and

Tangy Chickpea Samosa Recipe

Samosa is an appetizing Indian snack and loved by everyone. Served as a quick treat at homes and parties, this decadent deep-fried grub is basically a crispy patty filled with

How to Cook Ground Beef

When we say weeknight favorite, nothing beats a classic recipe that contains ground beef like tacos, nachos, meatballs, sloppy joes, spaghetti, etc. There are a lot of varieties of ground