Best Ice Machine for Knee

The Artic Pain Management is our pick for the best ice machine for knee, which can be great for local cold therapy and can give relief to joints and muscles. It is very effective and easy to use and it is lightweight and portable. Our step-up pick is the Kit Cold Rush and it can also help your joints … Read more

Best Neck and Shoulder Massager

Chronic pain is a major health problem in the United States with an estimated 50 million people suffering from long-term issues in various parts of the body. Persistent pain over an extended period of time can lead to even more serious forms of suffering like anxiety, depression, restricted mobility, opioid dependency and overall reduced quality … Read more

Best Massage Gun

When it comes to back pain and sports therapy for strained, or sore, muscles there is nothing like a good massage to reduce pain and stiffness. But as many of us know, it is not always easy to find a good masseuse when you need one. Luckily, modern technology has once again come up with … Read more

The Best Greens Powder for Your Body Needs

Whether you’re just starting a weight loss program or planning out major fitness goals for the year, the immensely popular “greens powder drink” is sure to be highly recommended by your friends and trainers alike. Yet, understanding the products available, as well as the key health properties greens powder provides, can seem a little daunting … Read more

The Best Meal Replacement Shakes

The best meal replacement shakes provide a quick, convenient and nutritious alternative to a full meal. In many cases, they’re healthier than most classic meals in the standard American diet.   However, not all meal replacement shakes are created equally. Some are actually incredibly bad for you and frequent consumption of these could even lead to … Read more

The Best Air Purifier

After more than 120 hours of battery testing on more than 20 air purifiers, we are pleased to share our shortlist of the best air purifiers in the market. In this ultimate guide, we will start with a primer on the key factors you should consider and air purifier related terms you should know when … Read more

Heartrate Calculator

Heart rate has been used for many years as a way to determine exercise intensity.  While it does have its limitations, with the best heart rate monitor it can be useful for anyone completing steady-state exercise (exercise at the same pace). Exercise intensity is usually prescribed based on a percentage of maximum heart rate.  Traditionally, maximum … Read more

Best Heart Rate Monitor

You want something that effectively collects your heart rate data, monitors it, and keeps track of how much you’re progressing for the sake of fitness. The Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband is your only best shot at for efficient heart rate fitness tracking and exceptional display. It has become the foundation for many consumers … Read more

How to Build Bigger Biceps

The biceps are without doubt the most trained muscle among average joe gym goers. Chances are when you walk into your local gym, at least half of the people in there, whether male, female, in great shape or not, will perform some variation of a bicep curl during their session. There is a fitness industry … Read more