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We all wonder what characteristics to look for in order to get the best inverter generator for your everyday use. Our dedicated screening team considered top company’s including Yamaha, Champion, Powerhouse and Honda along with Hyundai to select the very best for you. The Hyundai HY2000si is by far the best option for an inverter generator available for you in the market today. Many popular mechanics as well as owners alike swear by the efficiency of this compact, light weight, fuel sipping appliance which is not only easy to carry but is also super quiet working at only 65 decibels under maximum load! Following the selection of our top-pick is the step-up pick i.e. Honda 2000i. The ultimate Yamaha EF2000is is another great choice that comes with a sound blocking design and a pretty long running time. Following the above picks is the final budget friendly inverter generator Champion 73536icosting at a comparatively affordable price. A generator that possesses the inverter technology is by far the safest, most convenient form of alternate power that any consumer can opt for in order to protect all power-sensitive equipments present in our households. Inverter generators are a new breed of technology that are definitely more compact, durable and infinitely more efficient and long lasting then the conventional AC generators.

Our top pick, the Hyundai2000si weighs only 70 pounds. This portable inverter generator has a much larger engine in comparison to similar generators of this price point. This appliance comes with numerous outlets that provide higher amperage of up to 30amps. With noise level control, overload protection as well as an effective circuit breaker system installed.

Our runner up model step Up pick: Honda 2000i follows closely behind. Technically speaking, both these models are great with similar wattage, size, and weight yet Hyundai HY2000si edges over the more expensive HONDA2000i by nearly four hundred dollars in terms of price. If the Hyundai 2000si is not available then the most similar alternate for our best selection would always be our Budget Pick: Champion Power Equipment generator 75531i. At 80 pounds this exemplifies the concept of portability while providing its user with 2000 watt of clean power while utilizing its unique economy mode which enables this generator to automatically adjust itself to lower energy level when holding a smaller load.


Being new to the generator market can make it pretty confusing to understand the copious amount of differences between each individual model and type of existing generator. The more recently introduced inverter generator technology works by converting the high-voltage AC power it produced, in to DC voltage, and then again converted back to clean AC voltage with the help of state of the art circuitry for this multi step process. As explained by experts from Yamaha , Inverter generators are quieter, more portable, smaller in size and much more efficient then their conventional counterparts.
In detail, generators possessing the inverter technology initially work to produce high voltage multi phase AC power which cannot be used directly. This raw electricity is first converted in to the direct current. Eventually, as per the name of this machine, the inverter module changes the freshly converted DC power back into alternating current in sine instead of block waves. This final product is not only ultra-clean but can easily be used with sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions, laptops and medical devices without any fear of harm whatsoever.


Always considered to be bulky, space consuming and loud electrical tools, the inverter technology however has changed the entire perception of generators today.
1. Highly fuel efficient
Inverter generators have the capability to automatically adjust the speed of their engine in such a way that it produces only the exact amount of power that is being required to run the appliance in present use. While conventional generators run at a constant rate of 3600rpm, their inverter substitutes can run slower rpm’s while providing the same quality and quantity of power. This will enable them to save up to 40 percent of the overall fuel consumption. This benefit is not only cost effective but also minimizes exhaust emissions and thus making inverter generators much more eco friendly!
2. High quality electrical output
The precise inverter technology allows its users access to power which is nearly identical to power output of our home lines. This type of clean power can never be achieved by any other type of generators
3. Maintenance
Unlike conventional generators which require proper cleaning as well as oil maintenance on a monthly basis, inverter generators are definitely not that much of work and generally require only a battery check annually.
4. Parallel capability
A good quality inverter generator such as Hyundai HY2000si can be paired with another identical unit in order to double the power. The feature of parallel capability allows the customer to utilize two small, lightweight generators to produce the same amount of power as one huge bulky one while not having to compromise on convenience or portability whatsoever.
5. Lightweight
These newer model of generators are much more customized for the ease of their users. Such that engineers have worked to integrate different components of the engine in their strive to make the finished product much much lighter
6. Much quieter
While standard generators are infamous for their noise production, their inverter counterparts are considerably quieter. Special sound dampening materials are included in all inverter generators to make them significantly more sound friendly on the neighborhood.


Miniscule differences in features and design of different inverter generators can have a huge impact on their ease of use, maintenance as well as pricing. Therefore, the factors to keep in consideration before buying any particular brand of inverter generator are the following.
1. Fuel capacity
The first step is to evaluate your power requirement. Calculate the total load of the appliances that you intend to power with the inverter and then filter out those models which fulfill your criteria.
2. Noise level
This is a huge deal breaker. Noise levels vary largely from brand to brand even with inverters that are producing the same amount of electricity. Many latest models are coming with sound mufflers for a more convenient usage. However, when comparing just make sure to compare inverters that are operating at the same load and placed at equal distances.
3. Control panel
Control panels on some inverter generators are more high tech and provide its users with a display which allows us to better evaluate the voltage output and hours of operation while warning in case of any overload situation as well.
4. Price
Prices of portable inverter generators range widely! Make sure to select that machine which is not only affordable for the buyer but also lasts a longer period of time.
5. Weight and portability
One huge benefit of a small easy to carry generator is that it allows individuals to enjoy vacations and camping et cetera in farfetched electricity-deprived areas with ease. Weight and size largely depends upon the wattage output of your device.
6. Engine modes
Different modes of engines operate at different levels of fuel efficiencies. Therefore, opt for a more economy mode engine in order to maximize your cost saving and minimize the quantity f fuel required to run your inverter generator.
Thus, a great inverter generator is one which is not only lightweight and durable but also convenient to use, portable along with being affordable while meeting all your needs.


Since the introduction of the inverter generator technology, they have been marketed to the innumerous campers, mountain climbers, hunters, fishermen and overall to people engaging in extreme sports. This small invention has enabled people to bring the comforts of home in the great outdoors! This provides the necessary safety precaution while reducing the weight, noise and hassle of carrying a huge traditional generator with you. In addition to keeping your phone and laptop charged, invertors are also great tools used by workmen operating in quiet zones or at night time. While a conventional generator can be louder than the sound of a lawnmower, the noise generation of Hyundai 2000si for example is equivalent to that of a normal conversation!



The best inverter generator: Hyundai HY2000si is the best generator you can buy for your money and nearly all prior owners agree with our decision. This CARB compliant 2000watt inverter generator is our favorite.
This model utilizes a manual recoil starting mechanism to start off. While this might create a problem for larger sizes, a pull start is pretty convenient for the small size of HY2000si’s displacement engine even for women. In addition, the system will provide a 2200 peak starting watts as items generally require a higher amount of power at initial startup.
At an affordable price on Amazon, this 2200 watt inverter generator is fitted with a powerful 4 stroke OHV, one cylinder, 125cc engine which generates 3.8HP and 5500RPM which delivers a 2000 watt of continuous, steady power and 2200watt of surge power at any given time. Unlike other equivalent inverter generators, this small bundle packs a lot of energy enough to support quiet a lot of electronic equipment present in your homes. You can power anything from your desktop computer and television, to fridge, heaters and even a microwave oven!
These pros allow Hyundai HY2000si to be not just used exclusively for camping or boating but also as a very efficient energy source for bearing the load of higher-draw appliances during emergencies.
This inverter generator consists of two 120 volt AC outlets in addition to a single 12 volt Direct Current outlet for battery charging and other similar needs. The small 12V outlet integrates a smart power mechanism that makes the generator safe to use with sensitive equipment and devices.
This model can run for up to 5.5 hours when operating at fifty percent of its load capacity. This is a great statistic for an inverter model of this size and a small 7 liter tank of gas that Hyundai 2000si possesses. In addition to excellent power output, this generator also contains an eco-mode. The economy mode that comes with a fuel saving switch helps the engine to reduce its power in accordance to the current load on it at any given time. This feature is additionally cost efficient as it helps in saving that much more fuel and consequently allows the 2000si to run for a longer period while using much less energy.
The HY2000si comes in at 65 decibel of operating noise and that too at maximum load. This is exceptionally low as compared to conventional generators that make loud whirring sounds as high as a chainsaw! This inverter generator’s exhaust and muffler are specifically designed for minimal noise. The stated whisper quiet noise level made by our choice of inverter generator equates that of a normal conversation. This feature is super helpful for users wanting to enjoy peace and quiet during camping or fishing while not depriving themselves of the basic life necessities. The noise level is one of the best that you can find at this pricing. Moreover, despite the low decibel stat provided, many buyers have proclaimed and praised the super quiet function of their Hyundai HS2000si which further leads to the conclusion that even the reported decibel rating might be overstated as well!
Hyundai 2000si runs on gasoline. Operating on standard gasoline has the advantage of this fuel being readily available in situations of emergency. On top of that, a gas generator would always produce more BTU’s per gallon then its more expensive alternate propane.
At nearly 22.6 x 20.7 x 13 inches in size and 71 pounds in weight, this model of Hyundai is relatively convenient to carry by hand for short distances. This compact size is shaped like a briefcase for added convenience. Given the small size, HY2000si is highly portable to fit inside a small or boat or even the car trunk with ease. This 32 kg sleek case feels to be more light weight when held by its ergonomic handle on top. Also, the small size comes with a 1.2 gallon fuel tank which means this small device can punch a full three hour cycle at full load and can operate for an astonishing nine hours when working at twenty five percent of its load capacity.
This is one of the best aspects of owning a Hyundai 3000si. Usually, inverter generators are super pricey in comparison to conventional generators when matched up in form of watt to watt. In the case of our pick, Hyundai delivers near about 3.3 watt of power for each dollar of money spent on its purchase. This is a great balance in contrast to our other top picks such as Yamaha EF2000is which range at about 1.5 watt per dollar spent. This means that you will get nearly 11.6 percent more running watts per dollar on average at a smaller price.
While not all generators are allowed to be used in each of the 50 states of United States, Hyundai 2000si is however CARB compliant and therefore allowed to be sold in the state of California. This model meets Canadian emission standards as well.
Hyundai 2000si comes with a standard two year warranty for both commercial as well as non-commercial uses. This warranty can be claimed easily in case of any problem that might arise with 24 months of purchase. This 2-year limited warranty provides parts and labour for the first year, and parts-only for the second year.
Moreover, this low cost, high power Hyundai model comes with a circuit breaker protection in case of an overload. This feature eliminates the danger of any damage to your appliance in case of unmonitored load. Hy2000si comes with vehicle battery charging cables in case of any unforeseen situation as well as a low oil alert so that you can immediately know when the generator needs a refill.
In the end, the summary of all positive traits that our top pick carries on it includes features such as a higher power output, better value for your money, longer run time with the anti-wasteful eco mode feature, a computer controlled inverter to regulate clean and safe power to all your appliances as well as a whisper quiet running rate and easily transportable design. Overall, Hyundai HY2000si is a high quality, quiet generator with an impressive performance that you are going to absolutely love! This favorite pick is small, lightweight, fuel sipping as well as easy to carry. These helpful qualities make this option the best choice for tailgating and other outdoor activities of all types.


Like all merchandise, this particular inverter generator Hy2000si does have some flaws according to us. However these cons are most definitely not deal breakers.
Firstly, the manual recoil start is a downer providing the top quality and ease that Hyundai boasts off. However, although starting the engine does entail a certain amount of physical effort yet usually it will require just a single pull to enable the engine to crank up instantly. On another note, a manual pull start engine frees you of any worry about carrying extra batteries for this purpose!
Secondly, this Hyundai inverter generator is a bit heavy for a portable device. Many customers say that it is slightly heavy to lug around with ease by a single person especially when fuel is added. But the strong engine definitely more than makes up for the slightly sturdier size.
Another minor issue that many reviewers have pointed out is the location of the gas cap on the tank. The fuel cap is exactly on top of the electrical control panel. Such positioning makes refueling a bit tricky and spillage on to the control panel sometimes inevitable. Similar to above issue is the absence of a fuel gauge on the Hyundai 2000is
Finally, some buyers have complained regarding the packaging of this product. Given the sensitive machinery and the high cost of inverter generators, many owners suggest that the packaging should have been much more heftier and sturdier as compared to the flimsy covers they come in. A strong many layered covering will enable the generator to be protected against any physical manhandling that might occur during transport and shipping.
However still, in addition to complains of being slightly heavy and the location of the fuel cap location, some people reported apparent product malfunction after a set number of operating hours. Here are a few negative points regarding what buyers have to say about HY2000si.
Certain key negatives pointed out by buyers include:
• The fuel cap flap does not stay open during refueling
• The choke lever is made up of plastic instead of metal and is pretty hard to turn in the beginning
• The unit is on the heavier side especially when carried with a full tank of gas. Absence of wheels makes transport a slight hassle
• Spark plug of many consumers had come loose or was not fit properly
• In case of any overload, the inverter generator needs to be re-set all over again
Despite the minor issues yet in regard to reliability, majority of the consumers experienced easy startup and consistent performance with not much problem overall.


The infamous Hyundai HY2000si inverter generator has received raving reviews and high rating score from nearly all top online stores as well as individual customers who are currently using this product. Some top online sites to order this inverter generator include Amazon, Home depot and Wal-Mart.
• This unit has the ability to run numerous appliances including a laptop, a dsl modem, a phone set, a 42inch plasma TV, a satellite box as well as a refrigerator simultaneously for an average of five plus hours
• This is the ideal bet in situations of emergency, storm or during power outages.
• Customers claim that despite having a higher set decibel rate, Hyundai has surprised them by being quieter then even Honda generators during campsite experiences
• This efficient model has pleased buyers by running all night long when operated at light loads on its amazing eco mode
• Easy set up is another perk that clients adore in their Hyundai 2000si. With nearly no technical expertise required, from adding fuel to pulling start the device, working this inverter is a piece of cake
• Hyundai promises a low cost in addition to all the above mentioned benefits to its average user!


HONDA 2000i

Our step up pick: Honda 2000i is an exceptional pick for everyone no matter what you need to power or wherever you are, this well designed inverter generator is sure to make your life a great deal easier! This modernized technology is an absolute game changer in the market of inverter generators in terms of portability, durability, industrial design as well as the extent of user friendliness that it offers.
Honda 2000i offers numerous amazing features that make this product the ideal pick to have around your house or even to carry around in order to fulfill your power needs.
• In terms of operation, this model contains an easy pull start mechanism with minimal resistance through regular use
• Similar to the Hyundai unit, this inverter generator also comes with an ergonomic handle for easy maneuvering and an incredible small package weighing 46 pounds. Therefore, boasting of additional portability in comparison to its competitors. The miniature dimensions are further enhanced by a small 4.2 liter fuel tank providing comfortable handling.
• Noise reduction via the two tiered noise dampening system is an absolute great quality that Honda provides to its users. At 59 decibel rating, the average noise that this unit will make at maximum load is lower than even a normal ongoing conversation! This low sound inverter generator basically just hums in the background and allows campers and other serene sport enthusiasts to enjoy their adventure in peace and quiet.
• Like Hyundai, Honda 2000i can also be linked in parallel in order to double the load capacity and run high Wattage appliances without sacrificing on portability or low noise benefit.
• Honda 2000i provides added safety through the installation of a USDA-Qualified Spark Arrester which prevents the starting of fires in case of any accident during use
• With a high rated load of 2000W, this generator is not the most powerful model with its small size and limited fuel tank capacity. However, it is very much effective in keeping the house running in times of emergencies in addition to charging all of your sensitive equipment with clean power free of any problems. Honda 2000i’s power output is such that it can operate flawlessly for four hours at maximum load and for amazingly for complete nine hours at a quarter of its load capacity.
• Similar to HY2000is, Honda 2000i also has two AC outlets and a single DC outlet providing ease and flexibility to its buyers.
• The fuel saving technology i.e. Eco-throttle allows the engine to automatically adjust its speed in accordance to the current amount of load. This characteristic is super fuel saving and allows the generator to work for many hours on per gallon of oil used.
• In terms of maintenance, Honda2000i comes with a built in switch off mechanism which shuts down the unit in case of low oil in order to effectively protect the engine and other equipments from increased wear. Furthermore, easy accessibility of parts , plugs and filters allows servicing much convenient even for a layman with no expert knowledge whatsoever.
• Honda provides a standard 3 year warranty for the 2000i inverter generator valid for both residential and commercial use. This warranty is a year longer then Hyundai 2000is’s two year warranty. This long guarantee is proof enough of Honda’s long term reliability.
• Price is one aspect where the Honda 2000i model far surpasses its counterparts.
In conclusion, with sophisticated traits such as eco-throttle and clean sine power reliability, this CARB compliant unit is a star.
However, when comparing these two models i.e. Hyundai 2000is and Honda2000i, with near about identical characteristics in general, Honda has a smaller engine, much quieter and provides a lesser overall wattage in addition to a longer track record of reliability and flawless performance. On the contrary the former offers advantages in terms of increased output but most importantly cost-effectiveness. If priced the same, Honda would be the definite choice however, with a price difference of nearly four hundred plus dollars, the value for money per dollar spent changed our choice drastically.


For those seeking to buy an inverter generator when on a budget, the best deal for them is to purchase our budget pick: Champion 73536i at a much lesser price.
Discussing the overall characteristics offered by the Champion 73536i in the following bullets.
• This inverter generator provides a consistent running wattage of 1700Watts. However, as before an appliance runs at an even rate it requires a power burst therefore, 73536i’s starting wattage is 2000.
• Champion 73536i comes with a 4 stroke gasoline powered engine with a great horsepower of 3.5. This amount will enable the inverter generator to run a variety of appliance simultaneously.
• This generator is designed to run for a full 9 hours continually with a full tank of gasoline especially when operated on its economy mode. This means that the engine can run at different speeds in line with the load placed for additional fuel efficiencies and cost cutting. An additional benefit of the variable speed technology is that it aids in reduced noise production as well as extending the overall life of the device.
• At 49 pounds, this inverter generator is perfectly portable to carry around with ease. The small one gallon tank adds to the portability. Furthermore, the small form factor with a convenient handle of Champion 73536i allows easy stackable ability in situations when you might need extra power.
• The device is reported to produce only 53 decibels of sound. This low noise level is a great perk for a consumer when operating any inverter generator.
• This model offers one 120volt duplex unit in addition to one 12 volt direct current outlet both of which are overload protected and would not harm or damage your connected appliance in any way.
• Only a few generators in the market can boast of being CARB compliant. Champion 73536i is one of them and can therefore, be sold in all 50 states of America.
• Another great feature that aids in the longevity of your device’s life is the presence of a low oil sensor which enables this generator to automatically shut down in case of low oil detection.
• One issue stated by numerous of its users is the low level of energy provided by this model is not sufficient to run a wide range of appliances.
• The greatest advantage that this Champion 73536i inverter generator provides to us buyers is that this reasonable priced unit is a great alternative to its more costly counterparts.
All buyers agree on the fact that the Champion 73536i is definitely the best value for your money within the entire inverter power range made available. This is your ideal bet in case of a power outage or other similar emergency situations allowing you to power your household with high quality current and minimal risk to your family or sensitive appliances whatsoever.


• YAMAHA EF2000is

No matter what you want power. Be it a home appliance in case of a power outage, an emergency or just a sport day out camping or fishing, Yamaha will run everything for hours at end without running dry. This top quality Japanese unit is not only super quiet and eco-friendly but also packs a lot of power within a portable packaging. Despite great reviews, this model however, comes at a high cost which many enthusiasts say is a fair price to pay for the ultimate indestructible one time investment.
• GENERAC iX2000
This is a 2000watt, 126 cc 4 stroke OHV gas powered inverter generator. This great model has a pull start mechanism, an overload protective electronic circuit breaker system and a flexible power output which helps to achieve cost efficiencies and diminished noise levels. This one gallon tank unit, pumps out a continuous power of 2000watt while built pretty light for easy portability as well as a low oil shut down capability enabling it to run for upto five hours on one fourth load. Not CARB compliant Generac iX2000 costs around an affordable pirce.
• CHAMPION 75531i
This is the best for your money running at 3100-watt while operating at 58 decibels and weighing just a mere 80 pounds. A folding handle and built in wheels are added convenience for this durable and multi outlet generator.
This feature packed 2000 watt generator has a 4 stroke, 4.35 HP engine comes equipped with an electric start, an automatic choke, a fuel primer bulb as well as a variable speed technology engine to provide clean consistent energy at a fuel efficient cost. Powerhouse also provides the parallel kit option in order to double the total power output.
Briggs and Stratton 30473 earned a 3.9 on 5 rating by 50 reviewers is not as pricey as many of the other alternates. This 2000watt power providing 105cc engine comes with a computer controlled automatic inverter technology which not only regulates the engine speed but also helps in reducing the overall fuel consumption. This model’s Lo-tone muffler technology reduces generator vibrations for ease of use. A reliable 2 year warranty covers any problems that buyers may face. basic issues faced by owners is the fluctuating power output as well as constant overload shutdowns and manual restarting.


In conclusion the best inverter generator such as the choices mentioned above i.e. Hyundai 2000si and Honda2000i are the ideal option for everybody to fulfill all their power needs without the hassle of any interruptions or breakdowns whatsoever! Even so, out of the many portable inverter generators available in the market, Hyundai HY2000si is by far one of the best in accordance to customer reviews. In addition to receiving flawless feedback from majority of its users, this option is believed to have revolutionalized the generator industry with its flawlessly easy pull start and excellent power quality along with exceptional customer service and a reliable two year warrantee in case of any problem or issue. Therefore, with its confirmed track of reliability, excellent reviews and great power output all at a much lower price than its rivals, this user friendly model will most definitely pay you off in the long run.

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