50 Delicious Microwave Recipes

Microwave oven recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Say what?

You’ve read correctly. It’s okay if you don’t have access to a proper kitchen. It’s okay if you don’t have fancy cooking equipment. It’s okay if you don’t have time. It’s okay if you can’t even cook.

The microwave isn’t just for heating up leftovers and TV dinners. You can make amazingly classy and tasty dishes with just the microwave.

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(The only downside is that most are single servings. But that’s okay. We don’t need to share.)

Breakfast microwave recipes

1. Gluten-free strawberry bowl

Start your day with a warm cup of berries and buckwheat. It’s gluten-free and rich in fiber and protein. You can decide if it’s a healthy snack or a breakfast treat.

Ingredients: oat bran, oat flour, buckwheat groats, flaxseed, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, vanilla, applesauce, almond milk, fresh strawberries


Combine the dry stuff. Stir in the wet stuff until everything is mixed together. Gently fold in the fresh strawberries.

Microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Let it cool for around 2 minutes and enjoy this hearty cup!

Detailed recipe here.

2. Bacon from the microwave

This is a revolution for all bacon lovers out there!

All you have to do is get a plate and put an overturned bowl on it. Lay your bacon strips on top of it all. And throw it in the microwave.

The extra fat drips down the sides (caught by the plate for easier cleanup). And you get amazingly crispy bacon!

Detailed recipe here.

3. Blueberry muffin in a mug

We love bacon. But we still need to fill ourselves with something healthy to start the day.

Try this blueberry muffin! It’s full of fresh and natural ingredients. There’s no need to feel guilty after it.

Ingredients: egg, flax meal, almond flour, sweetener, baking powder, coconut oil, blueberries


Get your favorite coffee mug. Crack an egg into it and whisk away with a fork. Add everything else into and continue whisking.

Put in a compact microwave for 1 minute and dig in!

Detailed recipe here.

4. Cheesy vegetable quiche

This quiche is a quickie. It only takes 5 minutes, tops! But it definitely doesn’t look or taste like fast food. It’s creamy, savory and packed with the good stuff.

Ingredients: chopped spinach, egg, milk, cheddar cheese, bacon, salt and pepper


Whether you’re using frozen or fresh spinach, drain them first. Add it to the mug, along with the egg and everything else.

Mix, mix, mix.

When everything is thoroughly combined, cover the mug with a paper towel. Microwave until you quiche is fully cooked.

Detailed recipe here.

5. Cinnamon maple quinoa

Quinoa is an upgraded version of granola (although granola is still good). It’s creamy with a mouthwatering cinnamon taste. But it’s much healthier than you’d think. Packed with fiber and protein.

Ingredients: quinoa, cold water, cinnamon, butter, milk or cream, maple syrup, banana slices


Rinse and drain the quinoa. Stir in the water, cinnamon and butter. Microwave for a few minutes, stirring in between.

After heating, cover it with foil and let it sit. Then fluff it up and serve with milk, maple syrup and slices of banana.

Detailed recipe here.

6. Paleo mug cake for Breakfast

What’s a paleo diet? It’s a diet that works with your genetics to make you strong and lean. This mug cake may not taste like it, but it’s definitely healthy enough.

There are only 4 ingredients! But you can include some add-ons.

Ingredients: banana, almond butter, egg, cocoa powder


Take a fork and mash that banana up. Mix everything in until the puree turns into batter. This is when you mix in any extra stuff too.

Pour the mixture into a container. Microwave on high for 2.5 minutes. When the center is set, you can enjoy it then and there. You can also stick it in the fridge for a while, or serve at room temperature.

Detailed recipe here.

7. Microwavable egg and cheese sandwich

There’s nothing special about this bagel sandwich. Except for the main component of egg whites. Which you can make in the microwave at work and wow everyone.

Ingredients: bagel thin, egg whites, spinach leaves, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, salt, hot sauce


First, toast your bagel in the toaster. (If you don’t have access to one, going untoasted might be okay.)

Mix the egg whites and spinach, seasoning with salt. Microwave and make sure the egg doesn’t overflow.

Smear cheese and place tomatoes on the bagel. Spoon the egg out, top with avocado and enjoy. You can add more flavoring with the hot sauce!

Detailed recipe here.

8. French toast in a mug

Well, we love single serving recipes in a mug!

This one here isn’t as crunchy as regular French toast. But it only takes 2 minutes and you can customize it however you want.

Ingredients: bread, egg, melted butter, sugar, milk, cinnamon, vanilla


Crack the egg into the mug. Whisk in the flavoring ingredients. Drench your cubed bread, soaking them for around 1 minute. Make sure they’re all coated evenly and microwave.

When the egg is completely cooked, top with sugar and syrup. Enjoy your miracle microwave toast!

Detailed recipe here.

9. 90-second English muffins from scratch

Whether you’re on a paleo diet or not, these English muffins are not to be missed. They’re gluten-free and a great addition to your breakfast.

Ingredients: almond flour, melted butter, egg, baking powder, salt


Mix everything in a bowl and microwave for 90 seconds. Scoop out the muffin and cut it in half. That’s it. Easy peasy!

Detailed recipe here.

10. Poached eggs in the microwave

Poached eggs are so easy to mess up. There’s the speed of swirling the water, method of cracking the egg . . .

Why not just pop it in the microwave?

Ingredients: hot tap water, salt, cider vinegar, egg, additional flavoring


Fill a bowl with hot water from the tap. Mix in the salt and vinegar for flavoring. Slowly crack the egg open in the bowl and microwave ASAP.

It’s done when you remove it and it jiggles. Don’t wait and just eat!

Detailed recipe here.

Lunch and dinner microwave recipes

11. Ratatouille in the microwave

Don’t be fooled by the fancy name. You can definitely make it in the microwave. And it’s honestly so pretty.

Ingredients: yellow onion, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper, eggplant, zucchini, squash


Season the onion, cover with wax paper, and pop it in the microwave. While it’s cooking, flavor the eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash. Gently toss it together with the plum tomatoes.

Place the cooked onions on a plate. Arrange the vegetables in a circular pattern, according to your style. Heat it until the vegetables are soft.

Drizzle on some olive oil and serve!

Detailed recipe here.

12. Risotto primavera

This is a budget meal, but with the full flavor. You can skip the stirring, use frozen veggies and get your fill of fiber.

Ingredients: risotto rice, white wine, vegetable stock, frozen peas, asparagus, goat cheese, mint leaves


Microwave the rice, along with the wine and stock.

Add in the vegetables and heat.

Add in the cheese and mint, and serve.

So simple, right?

Detailed recipe here.

13. Butternut squash risotto

Here’s another microwavable risotto recipe for you! This one uses butternut squash, which gives you a whole lot of vitamin C.

Serve it with your favorite cheese and you’ll be set to enjoy a hearty meal.

Ingredients: risotto rice, vegetable stock, butternut squash, grated Parmesan, sage leaves


Heat up the rice and hot vegetable stock. While it’s cooking, peel and cut the squash into chunks. Add it in and heat again.

After the rice and squash are tender, let the risotto sit for a bit. Before serving, stir in the sage and cheese.

Detailed recipe here.

14. Mushroom risotto

And yes, another risotto from the microwave. Extra flavor comes from the cheese, broth and wine. And of course, a bunch of mushrooms.

The recipe is versatile enough for you to add any veggies you’d like too.

Instructions: porcini mushrooms, chicken broth, shallot, garlic, cremini mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, unsalted butter, salt, Arborio rice, white wine, thyme, Parmesan, fresh parsley


Toss the dried porcini into the chicken broth and heat.

In another dish, microwave the shallots, garlic, other mushrooms, butter and salt. After 5 minutes, the vegetables should be softened.

Add in the rice and stir. Then pour in the wine and the broth. Heat until the rice is cooked but still with a faint bite in the center. Stir vigorously after adding in the rest until there is a creamy texture. The risotto should be thick but not too stiff.

Let it sit and serve with some grated cheese sprinkles.

Detailed recipe here.

15. Scandi supper in minutes

This fresh meal involves salmon and light ingredients. The effort you put in is light too. But you’ll be able to feed your guests even without a kitchen! All you need is a microwave. And a fridge.

Ingredients: salmon fillet, low-fat cottage cheese, bunch dill, spring onions, white wine vinegar, caster sugar, cucumber, beetroot, rye bread


Give the salmon a spin in the microwave until just cooked. Break it up into large flakes afterward.

Meanwhile, season the cheese, dill and onions. To make the sauce, mix the vinegar and sugar together. Add it to the cucumber.

To finish, lightly use the toaster oven to toast the bread. Put everything together and bring it to the table.

Detailed recipe here.

16. Flaky microwavable salmon

This recipe is creative and customizable. It involves adding flavor with mayo. But you can definitely swap it for some non-fat Greek yogurt.

But no matter what, it doesn’t change the fact that the salmon is healthy and delish.

Ingredients: salmon fillet, salt and pepper, mayonnaise, sriracha sauce, lemon slices, parsley


Rinse and dry the fillet. Season with salt and pepper and set it aside in a container.

Mix the mayo and hot sauce together in a bowl. Spread this hot mayo all over the fish. Top with lemon slices and parsley.

Heat the fish and check for doneness by pricking the center with a fork. Remove, garnish and you’re all set!

Detailed recipe here.

17. Leeky salmon in a parcel

Tender salmon. Fresh peas and leeks. Creamy potatoes. Mm . . .

This surely is not your typical hurried meal. It is classy and deluxe. No one will know that all it took was a spin in the microwave.

Ingredients: salmon fillet, leeks, petits pois, crème fraiche, fresh tarragon


Generously season the fillet and slice the leeks. Put the fillet in the middle of greaseproof paper.

Place the leeks, peas and crème fraiche on the fish. Sprinkle with seasoning.

Create parcels out of the paper. Then microwave on high. You can garnish it with more crème fraiche. Consider serving it with new potatoes too!

Detailed recipe here.

18. Steamed vegetables

Steamed, except not really. Popping the greens in the microwave is much easier and takes less time. Which, according to research, may be healthier. The shorter cooking time helps the veggies retain more nutrients!

As always, wash and dry the veggies. Cut them into equal sizes and place in a microwave safe bowl.

Add just a bit of water. Cover the bowl and microwave. You might need to rotate or flip the vegetables. Continue doing so until the vegetable can be easily pierced. Then you know they’re ready to be served!

Detailed recipe here.

19. Single-serve mac and cheese

“Fast mac and cheese” doesn’t have to mean boxed noodles and orange powder. Say goodbye to that!

This recipe is the real thing, but requires much less effort. You can add in some favorite vegetables for more texture too.

Ingredients: macaroni, water, salt, milk, shredded cheese


Microwave the pasta, water and salt together. Stir and microwave in intervals until the noodles are cooked.

Stir in the milk and cheese. If you want to add in extra stuff, this is the time too. Keep heating until the cheese is melted.

Eat immediately. No need to wait!

Detailed recipe here.

20. Meatloaf in a mug

A whole new world opens up after knowing how to make this meatloaf. You can use any kind of seasoning or a personal blend. Then serve the meat with salad. And enjoy a wholesome meal!

Ingredients: milk, ketchup, quick-cooking oats, onion soup mix, ground beef


Combine the milk, ketchup, oats and soup together. Crumble in the beef and stir. Pat the mixture into a microwave-safe mug.

Cover and cook until the meat is cooked through.

Let it stand and serve with some extra ketchup.

Detailed recipe here.

21. Microwaved ropa vieja

Treat yourself with this classic Cuban dish. There’s a deep, slow-cooked flavor. But the process is quick and easy!

Ingredients: onion, garlic, cumin, oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper, tomatoes, red peppers, soy sauce, bay leaf, flank steak, olives, cilantro, cooked rice


First, microwave the onion, garlic, ground cumin, dried oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper. Keep heating until the onions are soft and cooked

Add in the rest of the ingredients, nestling the steak. Cover the bowl tightly with a small slit in the center. Heat on high, stir, cover, heat again.

After letting it cool, remove the steak. Shred the steak with forks and return it to the bowl. Add in the olives and heat one last time. Then you can garnish with cilantro and serve with rice!

Detailed recipe here.

22. Microwave-safe potato soup

Sometimes soup comes in a can. Sometimes it comes in a mug, hot from the wall oven microwave.

This potato soup recipe is totally effortless. But you get much more than you bargained for. Bacon, cheese, sour cream and more!

Ingredients: water, potatoes, white onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, cornstarch, chicken stock, milk, salt and pepper


Heat the potatoes with water until they’re tender. Once cooked, stir in the bacon, cheese, onions and cornstarch. Add in the stock, milk and seasoning as well.

Microwave everything until the soup is thickened. The ingredients should all be cooked too. Garnish with sour cream and sprinkles on more bacon and chives. Enjoy the creamy soup!

Detailed recipe here.

23. Tuna sweet potato jackets

Maybe you’re already sick of jacket potatoes. But spice it up with this fresh topping! Switch to sweet potatoes for something new too. It’s friendly on both your wallet and health.

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, tuna, red onion, red chili peppers, lime, Greek yogurt, coriander leaves


Scrub and prick the sweet potatoes all over. Cook on high for 20 minutes until tender.

In the meantime, flake and divide the tuna. Place it on the potato halves and top with the rest of the ingredients. Serve while warm.

Detailed recipe here.

24. Savory and simple polenta

Polenta is much loved as a reliable base for pretty much any meal. You can also make it as a comfort food.

And guess what? You can make it in the microwave. Without taking any of the awesomeness away.

Ingredients: olive oil, hot peppers, leafy greens, garlic, water, polenta, salt, milk, shredded cheese

Sautee the greens with the hot peppers. After heating, stir in the garlic.

For the polenta, heat it with water and salt. Remove, drizzle in milk and return it to the microwave until the polenta thickens.

Pour it into a serving bowl and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Dump the greens on top and enjoy!

From Three Clever Sisters.

25. Lemon horseradish sole

Nobody has to know that this delicious thing took close to no effort to make.

Ingredients: fresh parsley, lemon zest, lemon juice, white horseradish, Dijon mustard, sole fillet, salt


Combine the flavoring ingredients. Season both sides of the fillet and spread the butter mixture on it. Fold the fillets crosswise and top with more butter.

Microwave on high for about five minutes. Before serving, make sure to spoon juice over the fillets for more flavor.

And that’s literally it!

Detailed recipe here.

26. Chicken penne al fresco

This might be cheating, since the chicken is pre-cooked. But the pasta and broth goes in the microwave. And everything goes together nicely in the end.

Ingredients: garlic, cherry tomatoes, penne pasta, chicken broth, salt and pepper, basil, cheese, chicken breasts


Mince garlic and microwave it with the tomatoes. Take out when the tomatoes are about to burst and crush them.

Add in the pasta and broth. Return the dish to the microwave and heat until the noodles are cooked.

Carefully remove and add in everything else. Mix well and serve the piping hot pasta!

Detailed recipe here.

27. Microwavable jambalaya

This recipe is seriously a dream come true! Not saying the other recipes on the list are lesser. But this is something you probably never thought you could make in the microwave.

It’s fresh, healthy and authentic. It’s a proper meal and deserves a few gold stars.

Ingredients: tomato, garlic, rice, red pepper, chorizo, sweetcorn, Cajun seasoning, parsley, sour cream


Tip the tomatoes and rice into the bowl. Fill with water and stir in the spicy sausage, sweetcorn and seasoning.

Cover with cling film and heat until the rice is done. Let it stand for a bit before adding in some parsley for garnishing.

Eat the jambalaya straight from the bowl with some sour cream topping.

Detailed recipe here.

28. Corn on the cob

With corn on the cob, you usually have to make a giant batch. What if you only want one or two? And within minutes?

Well, here you go.

Detailed recipe here.

29. Chilaquiles in a cup

We can’t emphasize enough how versatile a coffee mug can be. Look, it can even make chilaquiles!

Ingredients: egg, milk, salt and pepper, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, salsa, sour cream, queso fresco


Whip the egg and milk in your mug. Add salt and pepper to taste, as well as cheddar. Break up some tortilla chips. Stir the pieces and add salsa.

Then you can microwave and garnish as you wish. Yay!

Detailed recipe here.

30. Roasted garlic side

You can add roasted garlic to practically every dish for a pop of flavor. If you need it in a few minutes, don’t roast it. Steaming in the microwave is the way to go.

Ingredients: raw garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper


Cut the top off each head to expose the garlic cloves inside. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. Cover with a lid and microwave on half power.

Check in 3 minute intervals to see how tender the garlic is. Continue until it is soft. Squeeze the garlic out for your cooking.

Of course, you can move to the oven for a turbo-boost.

Detailed recipe here.

Appetizer and dessert microwave recipes

31. Lemon pudding within minutes

A lot of these microwavable desserts will be pudding. Because pudding is awesome. And so easy without an oven.

Ingredients: caster sugar, butter, flour, eggs, lemon zest, vanilla, lemon curd, ice cream


Mix all that together until you get a creamy texture. Spoon it into a baking dish. Microwave until the pudding has risen. Let it sit.

During that, heat up the lemon curd in the microwave. Stir until it’s smooth and pour onto the pudding. Serve with some scoops of ice cream and enjoy!

Detailed recipe here.

32. Microwave banana pudding

Warm, soft and sweet. It’s a treat for everyone and a great way to end the day. To bring things to a new level, heat up some custard to go along.

Ingredients: butter, bananas, muscovado sugar, flour, cinnamon, eggs, milk, icing sugar, toffee sauce, ice cream


Melt the butter in the microwave. Mash some of the bananas into it. Add the sugar, self-rising flour, cinnamon, eggs and milk as well.

Add the remaining banana slices on top and return it to the microwave. After 8 minutes, the pudding should have risen. Dust with sugar and drizzle on the sugary toppings as you wish.

Detailed recipe here.

33. Rice pudding in a mug

If you have some leftover rice, you can make fried rice. Or this cinnamon-laced rice pudding ASAP.

Ingredients: egg, granulated sugar, whole milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt, cooked rice


Whisk the egg and sugar to a light fluffiness. Stir in the milk, vanilla, cinnamon, salt and rice. Mix until well combined and divide between two mugs (or keep it together for a giant single serving).

Microwave until the pudding has set. You can top each with sprinkles of cinnamon or your fave toppings.

Detailed recipe here.

34. Apricot and orange rice pudding

This pudding rice might take a bit longer. But it’s creamy and filled to the brim with fruit.

Ingredients: pudding rice, skimmed milk, nutmeg, clear honey, apricot, orange juice and zest, fromage frais, almonds


Heat up the rice, milk and ground nutmeg. Let it sit for 1 minute before heating again. The rice should be fully cooked and the milk absorbed.

The honey, apricots and oranges go into another bowl to get heated up. All this goes together with the fromage frais into the rice.

Then top it with some almonds and honey. And you’re ready to serve!

Detailed recipe here.

35. Warm frothed milk

Enjoy high quality cappuccinos. Without going to Starbucks or another café.

All you need to do is pour the milk into a clean jam jar. Shake it up, heat it up, add some cinnamon and drink it up.

Why does this work? Shaking creates the foam needed for frothing milk. Microwaving makes sure the froth doesn’t collapse.

The milk becomes so thick you’ll have to spoon it into your coffee or choc.

Detailed recipe here.

36. Toasty coconut topping

We all know coconut is a great topping or on its own (for those who like coconut, that is). All you have to do is microwave it in 30-second periods while stirring. Then you’ll get toasted coconut that is perfect in every way.

Detailed recipe here.

37. One minute vegan coffee cake

There’s not much better than coffee cake. But this one is vegan and fresher than anything you can buy. Plus it takes 12 minutes in the oven. But if you use a microwave, it only takes 1 minute!

Ingredients: white flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, water, applesauce, vanilla extract, cinnamon, brown sugar, walnut


Combine the dry ingredients. When mixed well, add in the wet ingredients. Pour the batter into a mug. Create the streusel and sprinkle onto the batter.

Then all that’s left is microwaving for around 1 minute!

Detailed recipe here.

38. Molten pumpkin cake in a mug

Pumpkins and buckwheat flour are a great source of fiber. And this gooey cake can be your new fave dessert without any guilt.

Ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, oil, pumpkin, milk, Biscoff spread, cool whip


Mix all the dry ingredients until it’s muddy. Add in the pumpkin, oil and milk. The Biscoff goes right in the middle. Microwave for around 1 minute.

Top with a drop of cool whip and serve.

Detailed recipe here.

39. Chocolate mochi cake in a mug

Mochi is the most delicious part of Asian desserts. And we all know how awesome Asian food can be. This adds some Western flavors into it too.

Ingredients: glutinous rice flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, vegetable oil, soy milk


Whisk the dry ingredients into a microwave safe mug. Add in the wet ingredients and mix with a fork. Pop it in the microwave for around 1 minute. Then sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve without waiting!

Detailed recipe here.

40. Cheesecake within minutes

You get everything you’d ever need or want in this simple and low-carb dessert. Top with some fresh berries. There’s no need for any artificial sugar!

Ingredients: cream cheese, sour cream, egg, lemon juice, vanilla, sugar replacement


Mix everything together and heat for around 90 seconds. Stir in 30 second intervals. Refrigerate until time for serving.

Detailed recipe here.

41. Oatmeal cookie dough cake in a mug

This gluten-free recipe uses coconut flour as the magic ingredient. It’s also a totally healthy 5-minute snack.

Ingredients: coconut flour, quick oats, baking powder, coconut palm sugar, vanilla almond milk, egg white, chocolate chips or raisins


Combine the coconut flour, oats and baking powder. Mix in the sugar and milk and stir until clump-less. Then beat the egg white and fold chocolate chips in.

Microwave until you reach the desired consistency.

Detailed recipe here.

Snack microwave recipes

42. Sweet potato chips

If you have extra vegetables, turn them into healthy chips to snack on.

Ingredients: sweet potato, fresh rosemary, salt and pepper


Cut parchment paper into a circle to heat chips on. Arrange potato slices on the paper. Then sprinkle on the seasoning. Microwave on high until you get crispy chips.

Detailed recipe here.

43. Microwaved popcorn

Make popcorn from scratch. It’s easier and much healthier!

And it’s honestly so easy. All you need are some popcorn kernels, a brown paper lunch bag and some tape.

Pour the kernels into the bag and tape it shut. Microwave on high until they’re all popped. And you’re ready for movie night!

Detailed recipe here.

44. Skinny brownie for yourself

A healthy brownie made in the microwave. Say what? But just try it and you’ll be sold.

Ingredients: vanilla extract, agave, non-fat Greek yogurt, whole wheat flour, cocoa powder


Combine the dry ingredients in one bowl. In another, whisk together the wet ingredients. Add them together and stir.

Pour the batter into a ramekin or mug. Microwave at 40% power. Let it sit for a few minutes (patience!) before diving in.

Detailed recipe here.

45. Peanut brittle

This is a very special treat. It makes for a great holiday snack and only takes a few minutes.

Ingredients: sugar, light corn syrup, butter, vanilla, peanuts, baking soda


Create a sugar syrup and add in the butter, vanilla and peanuts. Microwave on high and stir in the baking soda. During that time, prepare parchment paper or foil. So you can pour the mixture onto it immediately.

Let it cool into the peanut brittle you love!

Detailed recipe here.

46. Microwaved granola

With this easy recipe, you now have no excuse for not being able to make healthy granola. Pair this with non-fat Greek yogurt and fruit for a parfait. Or just eat it plain for a great snack.

Ingredients: butter, brown sugar, honey, water, salt, cinnamon, old fashioned oats, bran flakes, peanuts, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, shaved coconut, sliced almonds, raisins


Get a large bowl. Pour in the butter, sugar, honey, water, salt and cinnamon. Microwave it and stop to stir halfway through.

Fold in everything except for the raisins (or other dried fruit). After heating again, the granola should turn into a golden brown. Mix in the fruit now.

Spread the granola out to dry. Store in an airtight container and enjoy whenever you’d like!

Detailed recipe here.

47. Lemon bars

These lemon bars have just the right amount of buttery sweetness and tartness. They’re perfect for the summer. But you can make them all year long with the microwave!

Ingredients: all-purpose flour, powdered sugar, lemon zest, melted butter, granulated sugar, large eggs, fresh lemon juice, baking powder, salt


For the crust, whisk flour, sugar and zest together. After adding in the butter, press this into a greased dish. Microwave at 80% power until the crust is firm. Then set it aside for later.

The filling is made by mixing sugar, lemon zest and juice, and eggs together. Beat in the baking soda, flour and salt. Pour the batter over the crust and microwave.

The lemony filling should jiggle like jello. At that point, leave it to cool overnight. The next day, cut into squares. Decorate with powdered sugar dust and extra lemon zest.

Serve and keep refrigerated when not snacking.

Detailed recipe here.

48. Sour cream and onion veggie chips

This is a budget-friendly and health-conscience recipe. And fully capable for taking care of you cravings. Just what you need!

Ingredients: powdered buttermilk, salt, parmesan, onion powder, sliced potato, sliced sweet potato, sliced zucchini, chopped chives, oil


Mix the first 4 ingredients together in a bowl. Place the vegetables onto a plate and spritz with oil. Sprinkle the seasonings over the veggies.

Then microwave until the vegetables start to turn brown. Wait so they crisp up, but not burn up. Repeat with each type of vegetable. Then they’re ready to be eaten! You can garnish with chopped chives as well.

Detailed recipe here.

49. Spiced hot chocolate

This may be a simple snack, but it’s definitely a treat. You deserve it.

Ingredients: skimmed milk, dark chocolate, cinnamon, honey


Put everything together in your favorite mug and pop it in the microwave. You’ll get a healthy but creamy choc.

Pair it with a low-fat oat biscuit for something more!

Detailed recipe here.

50. Baked apples in a bag

This recipe promises no leftovers. Even if it wasn’t single serving, the warm and soft apples would be devoured within minutes. You can eat it by itself or as a topping for other snacks. Try it!

Ingredients: small apple, sugar, cinnamon, cornstarch, water, raisins


Core and slice the apples. Put them in a zippered bag with the other ingredients. Seal well and shake vigorously to mix.

Make a small opening to vent and microwave on high. When you’re done, open the bag and your baked apples are done! You can pair it with pita or tortilla chips, ice cream or oatmeal.

Detailed recipe here.

Bonus: Microwave-dried herbs

To finish the list, let’s talk about this other microwave function. It can increase the lifespan of expensive herbs. Freshly dried herbs will also add so much to your cooking!

All you need are herbs, a plate and a microwave. After washing and de-stemming the leaves, heat them up.

If you store them in an airtight container, they can last up to 1 whole year!

Detailed recipe here.