Best Microwave

The Panasonic NN-SN936B 2.2 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave is our best microwave, which has a touch button control panel that makes it easy to warm your frozen food. With its compact design, it is very fitting for kitchens and countertops of almost all sizes. It is powered up to 1250 watts in its energy consumption. The microwave can be used for heating pizza as well.

Our step-up pick is the Farberware FMO16AHTBSE 1.6 Cubic Foot Microwave and you can choose your preferred cooking settings with this microwave, which has a cooking capacity or interior capacity of 1.6 cubic foot. It comes with a kitchen timer (since it is our step-up pick, after all) and it allows you to heat up everyday items with a multi-stage cooking process that is unique and powerful.

The budget pick is the Samsung MS11K3000AS 1.1 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave and the microwave has a design that makes it easy to remove surface oil or grease. With no guesswork when you heat up your food or drinks, there is also a roller ring in this microwave. A great appliance to add to your kitchen, the microwave can be used to protect against scratches and it has a sturdy handle.

A Little Background

A microwave or microwave oven is a different kind lf kitchen appliance from an oven or oven toaster. It is a super fast heating appliance that is typically used for heating and warming foods and also for making instant meals for on the go people.

Microwaves are generally expensive so not all countries in the world and households can afford a microwave. They use a heating element known as the magnetron, which heats up the food item or coffee as the platform spins and the heat bounces in all directions inside the microwave. This makes your food, drink or soup evenly heated.

Do note, however, that since the magnetron is used for heating food in your microwave, you should not put metal items inside the microwave or it might explode or cause injury in your household. You should not use metal pans, aluminum foils, cutlery and utensils because it will get in the way of the heating element. For more information, you can consult the user’s manual of the microwave that you purchased for its safety concerns and warnings.

While there are many dangers of the improper usage of a microwave, models usually include safety warnings on the label, such as “no metal or aluminum foil” or “no plastic”. Responsible manufacturers and salespersons are all giving customers the best advice possible when using a microwave before they buy, especially if it is the customer’s first time to buy or use a microwave at home or anywhere they live or stay in.

If you don’t have a microwave at home yet, you can buy one, as the prices have slightly dropped due to many alternative manufacturers that offer a lower price for a decent quality. Microwaves are still a bit pricey, nonetheless, because of the magnetron, but it is also depending on the size of your microwave oven.

The microwave oven has been built mostly to keep your leftovers with great use. The microwave oven makes the use of the magnetron to spread out the waves (but not contaminate your food) to heat up your food, such as your potatoes, fries, pizza or fish, or your drink, such as your coffee, milk, tea or hot chocolate.

Microwave ovens are made with the magnetron, which is also the most important part of the microwave that heats up with enough voltage and produces enough microwave energy to heat up your food or drink. The rest of the microwave work together to get the energy across into heat energy that does not contaminate your food at all.

The magnetron tube sits above the front control panel where you usually dial in your options. It is at the top right of your microwave oven, and above it is the wave guide that guides or directs the magnetron’s microwaves into the stirrer fan, which “stirs” or spreads the microwaves all around the enclosed space of your microwave’s interior, causing your food to get warm. The spinning turntable also makes the heat evenly spread.

Having a microwave oven has its many advantages, such as being cheaper in terms of general cost and consumption. Even if the power consumption of microwaves are larger than electric ovens, they take less time to do your job so they are generally cheaper anyway compared to long hours of waiting for your food to get warm in the electric oven or stove.

Traditional ovens are great for baking and heating up bread and the like. However, microwave ovens are faster and are also great at some cooking – just not baking in general. Traditional ovens are for the big stuff while microwaves are for the small to medium TV dinners, snacks, coffee and the like.

Chicken, burgers, pizza and stews can be reheated in microwave ovens, but did you know that you can also cook stews in the oven? On the other hand, making anything that requires baking, such as breads, pizza or cakes, should be done in the real oven. When you work with burgers, leave the patty in the microwave and put the buns in the oven. Anything that’s baked will get dry in a microwave oven (and it won’t really taste that good since it will be extra crispy).

The digital keypad has been on microwaves for a long time but there are still microwaves that make use of the traditional dial that makes the use of a microwave oven simple enough for seniors and older people to understand. Digital keypads can be a fuss for most people and if they want it, they can have a traditional microwave instead.

Most people claim that microwave ovens that are traditional in design, with dial operated switches, are better to use than digital keypad ones. This is because you don’t need a lot of fuss to figure out the right temperature or programming for your chosen food. Highly humid areas such as coastal areas also benefit from large and bulky dials because they can be easily repaired once they’ve rusted, compared to the electronics of a digital keypad of a microwave oven. Moreover, seniors prefer dial turned appliances.

How We Picked

If you want the best microwave out there then you should consider the following factors first:
Manual dial or digital keypad: a microwave can either be manual in its controls using a dial or digital with the use of keypad controls that require minimal effort. The advantage to a keypad is that you can enter the precise number for the amount of time you desire. The disadvantage is that since it is an electronic keypad, it can get faulty or corrosion easier than with a heavy duty dial switch that is similar to an oven toaster, especially if you live near coastal areas.
Timer options: do consider a microwave that has a wide range of timer options so that you will be able to heat up more food types than on a regular oven or mini oven. Having more timer options lets you feel at ease in the kitchen when cooking or reheating any kind of food. It also lets you handle more food types and even helps you to cook more microwave recipes as you want them or as dictated by your recipe book or online recipe.
Presets: having a microwave that has a lot of presets for you to easily and quickly cook your food. It is important for any microwave to have an option for popular types of food, such as pasta, pizza and the like. This is so that you can easily heat them up in the right way.
Applicable foods and recipes: do consider a microwave that is applicable for your intended recipe because it will make it easier for you to handle your favorite food and heat or cook them. This lets you save more time in the long run if you need to prepare a specific dish or microwavable pack from the supermarket or convenience store for the best convenience in eating.
Energy consumption: having a microwave that has a low energy consumption is important because it will save you more in your electric bill. Many people use the microwave every single day on a regular basis so it should be energy efficient in general for every usage.
Internal capacity: the capacity of the microwave should be sufficient for your food needs so that it will be just right. The internal capacity should also be proportion to the size of your kitchen countertop ot wherever you intend to place it so that it does not clutter up your kitchen at all.
Voltage system used: do consider the voltage system that has been used in the microwave so that you will not get into trouble. American products usually have 110 or 120 volts and European ones will have 220 volts for their electrical or voltage standard.
Warranty policy: most warranty policies for a microwave involve separate warranty periods for the heating element or the magnetron and the unit itself, simply because the magnetron is very expensive, which generally dictates the high price of any microwave.

Our Pick

Our best microwave is the Panasonic NN-SN936B 2.2 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave and it has steady heating and cooking power for your needs. It has the ability to thaw foods easily and you can set the temperature settings just right with this microwave. It is quite energy efficient with faster cooking times.
Giving you more interior space, the microwave can be used to cook or heat up oatmeal for your breakfast or snack needs. It has a high power setting and can give you delicious results. It has a delay start feature for cooking later on and it can also heat up any soup or stew.
Using its microwave inverter technology, the microwave can also help you out with desserts with its totally wide range of cooking techniques. With an internal capacity of 2.2 cubic feet, this microwave has an inverter turbo defrost feature as well. You can enjoy delicious food without overcooking at all.
You can make pasta and similar meals with this microwave and its sensor reheat function does the rest of the job for your foods. It also gives you sufficient defrosting time for your food item while it retains the texture and nutrients that are found on your food, keeping them warm and delicious.
The microwave also adjusts power and times automatically with its automatic sensor. It has a large interior capacity for most food items and has a child safety lock to keep it leak-free in general. It also retains colors for your food so it does not stain food quality as it smartly adapts to different foods.
You can also make sauces as well as cook popcorn with this microwave. It takes less space on a counter so it is very convenient even for small homes. Giving you a simpler food preparation method, you can set cooking and reheating times easily with this microwave and use the keep warm function.
If you are looking for a new microwave that has 9 preset menu items and an inverter technology then this microwave will definitely do the trick.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While the Panasonic NN-SN936B 2.2 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave is our top pick, it does have one small drawback because it does not have a kitchen timer unlike super expensive models, but nonetheless, it’s a great model to cook or reheat with.

Step-up Pick

The Farberware FMO16AHTBSE 1.6 Cubic Foot Microwave is our step-up pick which has an interior LED lighting to make it easy to spot food inside as it cooks. With its customized settings, you can use them to set the right temperature for your food. It also has an energy saver mode for fitting the bill.
It will definitely fit your kitchen counter due to its decent amount of size and it can be used for popcorn and movie time meals. It uses inverter cooking technology and it can conserve energy to help you with express cooking without the worry on your energy bill even if it consumes 1300 watts of power at max.
There will be no loss of nutrients with this microwave and it has an LED screen display to check the settings. It has a smart sensor depending on your food item and it allows you with up to 10 power levels to choose from for anything you want to microwave. It has a clock function as well.
You can adjust the power according to your needs and use the memory function for repeated menus. The stainless steel finish of this microwave is very durable and sufficient for everyday food prep needs. It has a child safety lock to protect your young ones from the radiation of the microwave.
It also prevents overcooking due to the fact that smart sensor cooking is being used in this microwave. It is great at reheating foods and drinks in a breeze and its rotating turntable measures 12.4 inches to evenly distribute heat. You also get a 30 seconds button for touch-up cooking and heating.
The preset menu items are all very useful in this powerful but quiet microwave so you can reheat foods without much hassle. With a defrost by weight or time function, you get no guesswork when you prepare foods. It has a 1 year warranty to back it up.

Budget Pick

The Samsung MS11K3000AS 1.1 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave is our budget pick and this microwave can withstand daily use to make your most convenient meals anytime and anywhere. It has a spinning turntable that is also easy to clean and works well to distribute heat evenly throughout your food item.
If you want a microwave that thoroughly cooks your food, you will find this unit very useful as it automatically adjusts cooking time without a lot of fuss. It has a ceramic enamel interior that makes it a breeze to clean up. The blue LED screen display of this microwave makes it easy to see the controls.
Whether it’s your leftover pasta or stew last night, you can use this microwave and its vapor-sensing technology to automatically detect food and adjust accordingly on your food preparation needs. With no weird smell at all, this microwave is rated for 120 volts systems and is scratch resistant.
If you have the need to cook food evenly for any kind of recipe then this microwave can be a great unit to start with because it has an easy to use dial control. It ensures that you get fresh ingredients all the time and it can also fit on any countertop due to the small footprint.
You can add or decrease cooking time due to the ease of the dial control. It has an energy saving Eco Mode as well. There is also a good defrosting feature in this microwave for thawing food from the fridge. With many preset cooking options, you get the best convenience and precision out of this microwave.
It allows you to make healthy meals on the go with a 1.1 cubic feet inner space and a total of 3 microwave distribution points for an evenly cooked meal.

Best Microwave that Includes a Kitchen Timer

The Breville Quick Touch BMO734XL 1000W Microwave is a kitchen timer equipped microwave that uses dynamic power adjustment to make it very easy to use. It also runs very quietly unlike other microwaves out there and has a reliable turntable to evenly distribute heat throughout the food.
With pre-programmed shortcuts to make your life easier during food prep time, this microwave ensures that the food being cooked will be cooked evenly or heated evenly with sufficient power and time as you dictated it. You can also use the presets if you are unsure with heating directions for your food.
With an easy to see big lighted panel, this microwave can complete cooking cycles without a fuss and is relatively easy to use. It has a stainless steel door handle that makes it easy to handle. It also includes a kitchen timer for your other needs and it also adjusts the cooking time automatically for less hassle.
The microwave has a total of 10 power levels so you can customize according to your kitchen plans. It has a total of 1.2 cubic feet or 34 liters of capacity so you can fit in more food and most recipes and containers. With more functions than your average microwave, you can adjust the power easily.
The durable painted metal housing makes it last longer and won’t harm your food. You can also adjust the heat of the microwave with the simple and straightforward dial controls – which are an alternative to digital keypad microwaves in terms of design and ease of use.
With its smart settings and its unique sensor IQ technology, this microwave is a great gift for your grandma or grandpa who probably don’t like pushing too many buttons just to cook or heat up a meal from yesterday. Holding up to 1100 watts of power, this microwave comes in a retro finish as well.
You simply have reheat and cook functions with this microwave and you are ready to have lunch, snack or dinner with your family (or even breakfast). It cooks in different modes and the text is big enough in the display. The microwave has a 1 year replacement warranty.

Best Microwave that has a Retro Style Design

The Daewoo Retro 700 W Microwave Oven has a classic design in a retro feel that makes it unique among other microwave ovens yet it saves so much space. If you like using dials a lot compared to using digital keypads then this microwave is definitely for you.
There are a total of 4 menu items for auto cooking so you can heat up common microwaveable items on the go. It works really well with today’s technology when it comes down to either cooking or heating water, soups or food that is just right for your needs. The microwave has 0.7 cubic feet of space inside.
With its adorable design, you’ll want to give this to your parents or grandparents as a gift. With its 2-way defrost feature, food not only gets cooked evenly but also easily gets thawed if from the freezer. It has a ventilation grate system and a high quality finish for its body that will last for a long time.
Being eco friendly, the microwave has a zero standby function for energy saving as well. It looks great on the counter due to the design of this low power microwave. You can fit the microwave in a pantry due to its low footprint. With a total of 5 power levels, this is a great unit for those who do not have much counter space at home.
The included turntable is 10 inches in diameter so it is still spacious anyway. The microwave can go for up to 700 watts of power so it is energy efficient.

Best Microwave with a Compact Design for Small Countertops

The GE 0.7 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave is a great turntable based microwave that is designed as a compact microwave for small countertops. With many features for cooking, for heating and for defrosting, this unit is has an easy and convenient to open the door for your quick operation needs.
It can fit even large coffee mugs as a microwave that has a total capacity of 0.7 cu. ft. and is made out of stainless steel for most of its parts. Also perfect for popcorn, the microwave has a washable filter so it is easy to clean with convenience. You can heat up beverages in a breeze with this small footprint unit.
The cooking controls on this microwave are easy to use so you can make melting butter in a matter of minutes with its 700 watts of power. With an attractive exterior finish and design that looks good on any kitchen, it has an auto mode for most foods and does a great job at heating foods such as potatoes.
You can also put batter bowls in this microwave for your cooking or even reheating needs. It has a good interior lighting and a time defrost function plus quite a large interior space for a compact microwave that is meant for use with warming food or even cooking up a dinner plate. The microwave is rated for 120 volts usage and is a great countertop microwave oven overall.

Best Microwave Made with a Stainless Steel Door

The Sharp R-21LCF 1000 watts Microwave Oven has a gray cabinet design and is mostly a stainless steel unit. This is a great microwave to have if your country uses appliances that are rated for 120 volts systems. If you have the need to microwave stuff quickly then this microwave will do the trick.
It has a convenient heating time guide for common foods so you can quit the guesswork. The unit can also be a commercial microwave due to its 1000 watts of power that can be suitable for small restaurants, coffee shops and for general commercial use.
The microwave has a stainless steel interior that makes it durable. It reheats food in a breeze and you can put bigger dishes inside with its great space and reliability. Moreover, the stainless steel door won’t easily deteriorate yet the inside allows food to heat quite evenly.
The durability of this microwave makes it less prone to breakage as a medium duty microwave that is also relatively easy to clean. It also has a 6 minute dial timer that can light up so you can cook food or warm food without having to push a lot of buttons or controls.
When it comes to resilience, the microwave is quite resistant to scratching when it comes down to its outer and inner finish, all of which are food-safe materials. If you want something for heating water then this microwave can be a great way to do it conveniently.
Being built to last, the microwave has a really cool dial control that can be switched on 10, 15 and 30 second increments for your needs at the cafeteria or coffee shop. When it comes down to heating popular foods, there are suggested times listed on the label of the microwave as well.

Best Microwave for Cooking Popcorn

The Whirlpool WMC20005YD Stainless Look Countertop Microwave fits into small corners and allows you to make popcorn and vegetable recipes with over 10 levels of power. It also cleans easily is great for cooking leftovers with over 0.5 cubic feet of space inside. It is a relatively quiet unit to use.
You can maximize counter space with this microwave with an easy to clean interior. You can use it to warm stuff at home with over 10 power levels. It is great for a college dorm room as a nice countertop microwave that has simplicity and over 750 watts of cooking power even in a really small space.
This unit has an automatic off interior light for seeing your food and you can also add 30 seconds to your food heating. For a small microwave, this packs a lot of punch if you want to melt butter or use the quick touch popcorn button. You can have your daily cup of coffee or even thaw or defrost frozen food with this microwave with its super quick tap touch controls.

Best Microwave with a Digital Keypad

If you prefer a keypad microwave then the Magic Chef MCM1611ST 1100W Microwave Oven is great with its auto cook menus and a sturdy pull handle. You can heat up frozen dinners with this microwave for the kitchen into the dining able.
With its 9-inch turntable inside the microwave, it not only heats up food better but is also beautifully designed as a microwave oven. It has a kitchen timer included for your accurate recipe needs as well. It has a total of 11 power levels for you to set and measures 1.6 cu. ft. inside.
It has a sturdy door to fully seal in the microwaves for even heating and less leakage. It has a stainless steel front that is very durable. There is a defrost menu as well so you can thaw frozen items at home. You can customize your cooking needs with this microwave, enclosed in a black cabinet design. It consumes up to 1100 watts of heating power.

Best Microwave with a Dial Control

If you are a traditional and minimalist person and want a dial timer microwave instead, go for the Amana RMS10DS 0.8 Cubic Feet Microwave. It has a spacious interior and is great for just reheating food in a simple way. It has LED light indicators and packs 1000 watts of power.
The unit also fits a 12-inch platter so it is pretty large and sufficient for those who operate a restaurant. It is a simple microwave for fast heating with its 0.8 cubic feet of interior space. It has a simple and classic dial for the work kitchen or even for the home kitchen and is quite easy to clean.
If you have a food delivery service then you can use this microwave as well. It has sturdy stainless steel parts and very powerful electronics that are for heavy duty use. With 15 seconds up to 6 minutes of cooking or heating time, it can also be made for light duty use to warm things up or cook stews.
You’ll get no worries about complicated buttons and features for those who don’t need them with this microwave and its see-through door. It is a lot better than keypads in terms of simplicity and durability. Great for commercial use, you can easy to monitor foods and drinks with this microwave and its clean appearance is totally great for your single serving meals and even your custom dinners and foods.

The Competition

Other microwaves did not make it to our list because of the very fact that they had limited heating options, consume a lot of electricity and were too expensive. It is important for any microwave to have extensive heating and warming options and just the right capacity for your food needs.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a microwave oven?
A: A microwave oven, or also known as a microwave, is a type of kitchen appliance that uses microwaves, powered by a magnetron, to heat up your food, dish or beverage. The purpose of a microwave oven is usually to heat up the leftovers you had in your fridge.
Q: What are the important parts of a microwave oven?
A: The microwave oven is a rectangular shaped appliance in the kitchen that has a control system, a transformer and a triac that keeps the electricity flowing. The magnetron tube is powered up by the voltage and the current goes into the wave guide and converted into safer heating energy. The frame covers the microwave energy to keep humans safe.
Q: Where is the magnetron tube located?
A: The magnetron tube of a microwave oven is usually located on the top right of the oven. It is the most expensive part of the microwave and is supposed to be the one that covers the warranty the most. The magnetron tube sits above the control panel and has the wave guide above it.
Q: Is a microwave oven cheaper in cost than an electric oven?
A: Generally, microwave ovens are cheaper when it comes to the energy consumption because they are super fast at heating up your food. Instead of having to wait hours for your electric stove or oven to heat up, you can just heat your food in seconds with a microwave oven.
Q: Which is better for most food items: a traditional oven or a microwave oven?
A: It depends on what you want to do because most people use the microwave mostly for heating and leftovers but do the cooking more on real ovens. While some foods are microwaveable, cooking is more of an oven’s job. You also can’t bake in a microwave, unless it’s those instant cake rolls.
Q: What foods should be put in the microwave and which foods should go in a regular oven?
A: The microwaveable foods that are commonly put in the microwave are anything else that you would like to reheat, such as chicken, meat, burgers, pizza, stew and the like. If you are going to make meals from scratch then you’d better do it in a regular oven instead. However, making stews are also better in microwaves.
Q: Are all microwaves with digital keypads?
A: No, traditional microwaves are made with dials that look like your old 1960s television set. The purpose of these dials is to give frustration-free heating experience to seniors and those who feel confused with using a microwave oven.
Q: Is there an advantage to a dial operated microwave oven?
A: Yes, a dial operated microwave oven will get broken less because of its dial controls that are so simple and don’t require a lot of buttons to press. In highly humid places where rusting is a concern, the digital keypad may tend to get corrosion, since it is an electronic component, and can be hard to repair, whereas large and bulky dial switches can be repaired.
Q: How do I find out if a container is okay for the microwave or not?
A: If you are in doubt whether to get your container into the microwave or not, you can just perform this simple test. Pour one cup of water in a measuring cup, put it beside your container and heat it up for 1 minute at max power. Don’t pour the water into the actual container. If the container heats up, it’s a no-no in the microwave.
Different containers nowadays are made of various materials so it can be confusing to find out which is okay for the microwave and which is not. To test this, put the container in the microwave with 1 cup of water in a measuring cup (without filling in the actual container). Set it to the highest power for 1 minute. If you get a cold or just-right dish, it’s okay for the microwave, otherwise, it’s not.
Q: Is plastic safe for your microwave?
A: It depends on the type of plastic but generally, plastics aren’t allowed in the microwave for obvious reasons – they can melt and contaminate your food (and your microwave interior). Microwaveable plastics do exist, however, as alternative options.
Most plastic materials and containers are not really safe for the microwave because they not only melt but they can also emit harsh ingredients or materials that may not be food-safe. Make sure you test out your container first or look for the warning labels to see if it is microwaveable or not.
Q: What is the best way to clean up my microwave oven?
A: Vinegar is one of the best solutions to cleaning up a microwave oven. You just let it sit in the microwave for some minutes in a bowl on high heat. Alternatively, you can also use citrus mixes like limes, oranges or lemons. The microwave can be gently scrubbed after you have heated the mixture inside and the inner doors become moist. This will get your microwave clean and clear of grime and food debris.
Q: Why shouldn’t I put metal in the microwave?
A: Unless you want to start a fire in the kitchen , putting metal utensils, aluminum foils and the like in your microwave is a big no, unless the manufacturer tells you which metal is okay to put in and in a specific position or condition. Metal can get really hot inside a microwave, causing it to spark and possibly create fires (and also wreck your microwave, ruin your kitchen and void your warranty in the process).
Q: What’s the turntable in the microwave and what does it do?
A: The turntable or the spinning disc that is located in the bottom part of the microwave where you situate your food or hot cup of coffee does the spinning to help distribute heat more evenly.
Q: Why should I check if my microwave is leaking?
A: Microwaves , when they leak out, can be dangerous to humans and to everything around it. Microwave leaks are supposed to be kept inside the microwave oven and this should be the case for any microwave so its door should be tightly shut. If you suspect that your microwave is leaking radiation then it should not be used.
Q: How do pacemakers react with microwave ovens?
A: Since pacemakers are electronic devices, they can conflict with microwave ovens, leaving those with pacemakers a bit dizzy or not feeling well. However, most modern microwave ovens today do not leak a lot of radiation anymore, so most of them will not have a bad impact for people with pacemakers.
Q: How big is your regular and average microwave oven?
A: The typical microwave oven can be from 1 to 1.9 cubic feet while smaller ones, known as compact microwaves, can be around 0.5 cubic feet in its internal size. If you go for a larger microwave oven (preferably for big families or large businesses), you can go for a 2.2 cubic feet model for a microwave. With regards to the right microwave size, you should measure your countertop first so that you can pick the right microwave size for your needs.
Q: Can microwave ovens be used in an RV?
A: Yes, most RVs have their own microwave ovens that are also a mix of a microwave and a convection oven. This allows you to cook chicken and also reheat chicken in one go. The good thing about an RV microwave convection oven is that you can still use some metal, since it is partly a convection oven anyway, and can be used for baking cakes and cookies.
Q: Can microwaves be used in a tent?
A: While most people think microwaves are a luxury, some people can use them in camping. Yes, some microwave ovens can be used for tents and camping because of their low wattage and low power consumption, which makes camping a lot easier since you don’t have to use the gas grill often to heat up or cook up food.
Q: How much power does a microwave typically consume?
A: The average microwave oven can consume somewhere from 600 to 1,700 watts depending on the model that you have, the size or capacity of the interior and many other factors. They are most certainly better than electric ovens when it comes down to power consumption and they are also faster.
Q: How is induction cooking different from microwave cooking?
A: Induction cooking has been a fad nowadays, but microwave cooking is not far behind. Microwave ovens use microwave technology with the use of the magnetron that releases microwaves, while induction cooking uses the principle of magnetic fields. Both of them are absolutely harmless to the food and do nothing to contaminate your food or lessen its nutrients. They just heat up your food, that’s all.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Panasonic NN-SN936B 2.2 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave is our best microwave with up to 2.2 cubic feet of inner space, easy preset settings and sensor reheat function.