Best Compact Microwave

The Emerson MW9255B 0.9-cu.ft. Black Microwave Oven is our best compact microwave, which is perfect for a camper or a small home as you can cook and heat up your favorite foods in no time. It has a quality made cabinet that makes it sturdy with a 0.9 cubic feet capacity inside. It features automatic cooking with the use of its touch controls and a total of 10 power levels.

Our step-up pick is the LG LCS0712ST 0.7 Cu.Ft. Compact Microwave and this compact microwave doesn’t take up many counter space and it has a total of 10 power levels for you to choose from. It works very well for heating up or cooking your favorite food and can be a great compact microwave for hot tea and chocolate and the like. It packs a total of 700 watts of power.

The budget pick is the Westinghouse WCM660B 600 Watt Microwave Oven and with a lightweight construction that makes it easy to lift from room to room, the compact microwave is greatly applicable for those living in a college dorm room, apartment, condo unit or any small space. It has traditional rotary dial controls that will less likely get broken from humid places due to its design.

A Little Background

Microwaves or microwave ovens are kitchen appliances that can be used to cook and heat up food that is usually frozen or cold. The principle of microwave uses a heating element known as the magnetron to heat up your food by sucking up the moisture, causing heat to take place inside the microwave. The food spins around so that your food is evenly heated unlike in a traditional oven toaster or large oven.

Microwaves are powered by the expensive generator known as the magnetron, which is the responsible component of your microwave to heat up food. Your food, soup or meal will sit on a spinning disc or turntable and as it spins, the microwaves will bounce back and forth in the microwave’s metal walls that help you cook and heat up your food as evenly as possible.

A leaking microwave oven can be dangerous because the radiation coming from the microwave energy source can make its way into people and can cause headaches and eye problems. Therefore, it should be inspected all the time and you should make sure that your microwave oven is closing tightly as much as possible when it cooks or heats up your food.

One of the main conveniences of using a microwave at home is the speed of cooking, heating and re-heating food. You can easily defrost meat and the like with the use of a microwave oven and you can eat right away from a frozen meal with just a few buttons on the microwave. Your favorite supermarkets and convenience stores will usually have ready to eat meals for you to defrost or re-heat in the microwave (some of these convenience stores also have a microwave).

Metal and microwave ovens don’t mix well, so be sure to take out the aluminum foil out of your fish and bread pan from your cake or bread. Make sure to take out your kitchen utensils as well, as they can cause sparks and fires in your kitchen if you let them cook with your microwavable food. It is better to be safe than sorry so you should be wary of what you put inside your microwave oven. Ceramics and the like are absolutely okay.

Microwave ovens are very versatile that you can cook a lot of items in them, such as microwavable popcorn, coffee, pasta and even potato chips. Because of the heating element of the microwave oven, it is a great way to dry up your herbs and spices as well so you can use them for cooking, such as basil leaves and the like.

When handling microwave food that has a top lid, make sure that the lid has a vent hole or it is partly uncovered (but not to the point that it might fall down the spinning turntable), so that the steam can escape properly and not get trapped and pressurized inside your cooking container, such as a bowl. Too much pressure can make your microwave heat up your lid too much and it will be nearly impossible to hold even with your oven pads.

Aside from food applications, there are many surprising benefits of having a microwave oven at home. For instance, you can keep all the bacteria away from your kitchen sponge by heating it up in a microwave. Your seedlings can also get better nutrients from microwave heated soil. You can also use microwave ovens to make crayons and dyed shirts and fabrics.

Squeezing a lemon can actually be easier if you put it in about 30 seconds in the microwave and then squeeze out the juice. In the same way, if you usually get teary-eyed with chopping onions, you can actually put them in the microwave first so the juice that makes you cry will go away when you chop it.

Microwave ovens are not really meant for baking. However, there are small ready to eat meals that come in the form of loaves or small cupcakes that can be used with a microwave as per instructions. Microwave ovens that are bigger and have the capacity to bake are the ones that allow you to bake (and also make roast chicken).

How We Picked

The best compact microwave for your needs should have any of the following important features:
Power consumption: you can get a compact microwave from 700 to 1,200 watts of power on the average. The more power consumption, the more it gives an impact to your electric bill, but it depends on your usage because having more heating power means that it will cook or heat food faster. The consumption of a compact microwave is important if you want something that is energy saving and eco friendly in general.
Internal capacity: from 1 to 1.9 cubic feet, you can have a compact microwave that can fit on most small home spaces and kitchen countertops, such as those in a dorm, apartment or condo unit. Having a decently sized compact microwave with a good internal capacity is important if you like to cook with diverse meal options and recipes that involve small and large scale items, or for both small and large batches of food.
Manual dial or digital keypad: there are usually two options for choosing a microwave or a compact microwave: manual or digital keypad. The digital keypad is handy if you want a totally and thoroughly precise heating setting for your food and the timing of your food’s heating. However, the compact microwave that has a digital keypad might get broken easily if you live in the coastline or in a humid area where rusting is a big concern. In this case, you can just switch to the manual dial option.
Timer options: having a compact microwave that has many timer options allow you to set the right time that you want your food or item to cook or heat up. The compact microwave that has a diverse timer option is good for a variety of food recipes so you do not have to do the guesswork when it comes to finding the right and optimal temperature for your food or hot drink such as tea or coffee.
Presets: most compact microwaves nowadays have a preset function that allows you to instantly heat common foods such as pizza, chicken, meat, veggies and the like. It should have different settings for various general food types such as rice and fish so you can make the most out of your time without having to figure out the right temperature for your food or drink.
Applicable foods and recipes: do know which recipes and food items are applicable for your compact microwave. Since it is a small and compact microwave, you should know that it is only okay for small to medium batches of food due to its small size so make sure you know first what you are buying if you often make larger recipes of your favorite food.
Voltage system used: do consider the voltage system that your compact microwave uses. Depending on where you live, the right voltage system should be considered, whether it is a 110 volts or 220 volts system compact microwave. 110 or 120 volts are mostly for the United States while European and some Asian countries will have 220 volt systems for your kitchen appliance.
Warranty policy: as with all microwaves, the compact microwave should have a separate warranty for the magnetron because that is the most expensive part of the whole thing. You should know the complete warranty policy of the compact microwave before you buy one.

Our Pick

Our best compact microwave is the Emerson MW9255B 0.9-cu.ft. Black Microwave Oven which is made out of food safe plastic on its outer parts. It ensures evenly cooked food as much as possible while attaining full size power even in its small size. The design has a white and black front.
You can heat up your frozen vegetable or cook popcorn instantly with a total of 900 watts of power with this compact microwave. It also has a nice time and weight defrost feature for your meat. It has a Child Safety program that locks it up to prevent children from easily opening the door.
With an LED screen display for ease of controls, the compact microwave can easily handle your microwave dishes just as you want them. The lightweight glass turntable can be removed as well so you can easily clean it up. If you want express cooking in a small package then this is the unit to do it with.
You can cook up any dinner plate or even heat up your pizza with the use of this compact microwave. Perfect for an apartment setting, the compact microwave also helps you get the optimal defrosting time for your frozen food. Its digital timer can be set for up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.
The compact microwave alerts you at the end of cooking signal. The internal plate is easy to clean up and it measures 270 mm for its turntable size. With a memory function for the settings, the compact microwave is also quite safe due to being UL listed.
You can also heat up any beverage such as tea or coffee or even hot milk and chocolate in this compact microwave. It has a nice kitchen timer function and allows you to heat up potatoes and similar meals. It has enough time for defrosting frozen meats.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not really deal breakers, the Emerson MW9255B 0.9-cu.ft. Black Microwave Oven does have a few small cons such as the fact that it might not be as bright with its digital controls, but you can fix it with the right lighting in your kitchen.

Step-up Pick

Our step-up pick is the LG LCS0712ST 0.7 Cu.Ft. Compact Microwave which is ideal for homes, apartments, condo units and dorms with limited counter space. It has an internal capacity of 0.7 cu. ft. and it is quite easy to clean for most of its parts. It is also easy to heat water with this unit.
Its clock keeps you notified so you know when your meal stops cooking or heating up. As a compact sized microwave, it has sufficient cooking power for you to reheat coffee and other beverages and soups. It is made with high quality stainless steel and it can also fit in a full sized dinner plate inside.
With many one-touch settings that simplify your usage for a small kitchen, the compact microwave is a great countertop microwave to consider for smaller spaced homes out there. The stainless steel quality of this compact microwave is good and long lasting and perfect in making delicious meals.
For those with a limited kitchen counter, this compact microwave is very convenient. You can also open it with one hand due to its stability onto the countertop. Overall, the size and the capacity of this compact microwave is not too big and not too small for a regular compact sized microwave anyway.
The compact microwave is quite easy to handle due to its design and it absolutely compact size. Moreover, you can use this compact microwave for small apartments, dorms and other smaller spaces that a regular microwave would otherwise not fit in.
You can defrost veggies with this compact microwave. You can work up a frozen dinner with the use of this compact microwave within minutes of heating so you can keep it simple whenever you need something to eat at your dorm.

Budget Pick

For our budget pick, we chose the Westinghouse WCM660B 600 Watt Microwave Oven which has a total of 6 cooking power levels so you can choose according to your food needs. Moreover, the unit is easy to clean so you can spend less time in the kitchen.
It has a 9.5 inch turntable size that can fit most food items that you need to defrost or heat up or even cook. The compact microwave can simplify most cooking tasks at home or wherever you use this compact microwave.
You can be preparing small items in an easy way with the use of this convenient appliance for your kitchen or area. It has a total of 6 power levels that can help you cook according to your needs.
The compact microwave is quite easy to operate due to its controls that are intuitive. The compact microwave measures a total of 0.6 cubic feet in its internal size so it fits most regular sized and smaller sized food items all in all as a small microwave.
It has a removable glass turntable that is easy to use and it is also easy to clean up after you have used it in the compact microwave. You can also depend on the 30 minute timer of this compact microwave for adding more heating and touch-up heating for your food or item.
You can use the compact microwave for a small apartment due to its convenient design. It allows you to heat up pizza. The unit also has an audible cooking signal so you can be alerted when the compact microwave has finished cooking your food. You can also use the lower settings for small foods.
The curved edges of this compact microwave are very attractive and the whole unit is an alternative to electronic controls. It is perfect for dorms who want to keep it as simple as can be. It is good for senior citizens due to the dials needed to reheat food. The compact microwave consumes only 600 watts.

Best Compact Microwave with an LED Screen Display

The Hamilton Beach 1.1 cu ft Microwave is our ideal compact microwave for those who want an LED screen display. It has a total of 10 power levels to choose form and it is not noisy at all when it comes to its operation. The compact microwave has a weight defrost option and you will love the color as well.
The turntable plate inside of this compact microwave is also easy to use and it is also easy to clean up afterwards. Moreover, this unit has a time defrost option for your frozen meats. The compact microwave has a total space of 1.1 cu ft inside so it can take more foods even as a small unit.
The compact microwave is powered up to 1000 watts so it can cook up food or heat it up nicely and evenly to your personal taste and needs. It can defrost frozen food easily and you can also use it for various foods due to the 6 menu buttons that are easy to use.
With a wide range of foods that you can cook or heat up in this compact microwave, it is a nice and small microwave oven for those who need a microwave but do not have enough space at home, in their dorm, in the apartment, in the condo unit or wherever they are.
You can have an easy to read display with the use of this compact microwave so you can see what you are cooking and for how long it has been cooking. There is also a child-safe lock out feature so you can keep your kids out of the compact microwave whenever they are curious.
The LED screen display of this compact microwave is super easy to read so you can easily control the foods that you want to cook or heat in this unit. It helps you heat up food in general and can be really perfect in any small kitchen. There is also a handy kitchen timer and clock in this compact microwave.

Best Compact Microwave for College Dorms

If you live in a college dorm, or even on an apartment, condo unit or any small space, you can try the Oster College Dorm Size Compact Microwave with digital controls so you can make hot coffee cups or tea in no time. With a total of 6 cooking functions, you will love its absolutely compact design.
This compact microwave is great for your reheating needs and it is has a nice turntable inside that can be easily cleaned when you finished using it. the compact microwave is ideal for college dorms and has a nice backlit display that allows you to easily see everything in the controls.
The unit also includes a glass measuring cup so you can also cook with it other than just for heating things. The compact microwave is made also for apartments and condo units and it is ideal for frozen dinners and TV dinners and the like. You can use its 700 watts of power for both cooking and heating.
It holds a 10 inch dinner plate due to its ideal size for a small area even as a compact microwave. With its intuitive digital controls, the compact microwave can fit in most food items with room to spare in its turntable such as veggies and the like.
The compact microwave offers a fast operation and a simple control as a small microwave. Moreover, the microwave can be used for a bag of popcorn to cook it up and prepare for movie time. The timer functions of this compact microwave are very good and can also cook up oatmeal.
You can make use of a lot of space efficiency with the compact microwave and it has a total of 10 variable power levels so you can choose according to your soup recipe or whatever food recipe that you have at hand. It has sufficient heating power for things such as microwaveable popcorn.

Best Compact Microwave with a Retro Design

The Nostalgia 1950s Inspired Retro Microwave Oven is a retro microwave designed even for small spaces and it consumes a total of 800 watts of power. It gives you a nostalgic touch and has a total of 12 settings at hand while giving you a vintage ambiance reminiscent of the Americana culture.
This compact microwave is a really nostalgic thing to put in your kitchen with its compact design and with its easy to use controls. It has many polished chrome details that will look classy on any kitchen with an elegant black or red finish.
Made with polycarbonate and chrome materials, this countertop microwave is really cool and 1950s-inspired that can complement kitchen’s décor. You can reheat leftovers in a breeze in just minutes with the use of this compact microwave.
You can cook up and heat up TV dinners with this compact microwave and its 0.9 cubic feet of space. It is very unique to show off to your friends and neighbors and it really add a touch of vintage Americana in your home or space. The compact microwave is a great must-have for those who are looking for something that has a classic retro style.

Best Compact Microwave for an RV

The Muave’ Compact Microwave Oven 0.7 Cu.Ft is a great RV compact microwave which has a total of 10 power levels and it also has a weight defrost feature. Made of high quality stainless steel on most of its parts, it has intuitive touch pad buttons that are easy to control.
With a push button door, the compact microwave consumes a total of 700 watts of power and is rated for 120v systems. It has a time defrost feature as well and can be used with its 6 express buttons for instant mills. With an optional trim kit included, the compact microwave is a great RV microwave oven.
You can use the 6 auto menu buttons for your commonly microwaveable meals and foods. The compact microwave is ideal for boats and galleys as well due to its compact design. The compact microwave can also help you make popcorn and other snacks in no time.
With a kitchen timer to help you out, the compact microwave has a nice interior light that cooks up food while giving a show. It can help you cook potatoes and the like and use a 30-second quick start button. The 0.7 cu. ft. compact microwave is perfect for heating up your favorite pizza or slice.
The front is stainless steel so it is durable for any house kitchen or space. The compact microwave can cook or heat up frozen vegetable and has a stainless steel wrapper. It is a nice microwave that can make beverages in no time.
What’s more, the compact microwave is CUL listed so it is safe and sound to operate. The compact microwave can help you make any dinner plate a success. It is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Best Compact Microwave with Digital Controls

The Oster OGG61403B 1.4 cu ft Microwave has a stainless steel front door and is a great digital compact microwave that measures 1.4 cu ft in total. It is great for pizza and for every kitchen possible with its digital controls. It also has an express cooking feature and it has a programmable child lock for safety.
You can cook up or heat up potatoes in this microwave oven and it has a black steel handle for easy handling. The compact microwave is also equipped with an easy to read screen for you to control the settings easier. You can cook and heat up meals quickly with this oven.
With this compact microwave, you can also do something about the leftovers last night and you’re your frozen dinners a success. Using this microwave every single day will be okay due to its great durability and sleek black finish. You can work up hot beverages with this stylish compact microwave.
Consuming 1200 watts of power so it is powerful enough to heat evenly, it has a bunch of one-touch cooking options for ease of usage. It displays the current time and it has a total of 10 variable power levels. You can make popcorn easily and make quick meals with this compact microwave which packs power and can be used for customized cooking.

Best Compact Microwave with a Child Safety Lock

The Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven 0.9 Cu. Ft. is a decently sized compact microwave which has 6 pre-programmed functions and it easily matches your kitchen due to its design. Most common foods that are cooked and / or heated in the microwave can be heated by this unit.
With a total of 0.9 cubic feet capacity, the compact microwave has just-right cooking cycles with a one touch start feature. It has an elegant design and can help cook up frozen vegetable with 900 watts of power. It cooks more evenly and it has an on/off option for the sound so it doesn’t get annoying.
As a very convenient compact microwave with a total of 10 power settings, you can heat up pizza or use it for any meal. With a kitchen timer and some preset recipes, the compact microwave can cook popcorn. It is durable with its stainless steel material and has a defrost by time or weight function.
Having a microwave in the kitchen is great with this compact microwave for your favorite hot beverage. It has a child safety lock to prevent accidents in the kitchen and has a digital control panel that is easy to use. You can heat up a dinner plate with this unit and it has an easy to grip door handle.
The power saving mode helps save energy and it has an interior LED light that looks good while your potato heats up and cooks. You can also add 30 seconds of cooking time to the unit. It has a glass turntable and gives you a quiet operation.
The compact microwave cooks up any dinner plate in its 10.6-inch diameter glass turntable that can be easily cleaned. It has a black stainless steel exterior finish.

Best Compact Microwave with a Time Defrost Option

The Insignia 0.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Microwave has nice electronic controls and it allows you to choose the settings that you want, such as a 30-second express cooking. It has a time and weight defrost feature and has a clear LED screen display to see your settings.
With a total of 6 one-touch settings, these easy to use functions can help you efficiently cook your food and work on leftovers with a total of 11 power levels. There’s also a child safety lockout feature and you can add touch-ups to your food as well.
The 10 inch glass turntable can be removed and cleaned for ease of usage in this 0.7 cu. ft. capacity unit. It has a simple and fast operation and can cater to a wide variety of meals. You can get added cooking space with this unit for snack items and prepare a meal in a short amount of time. It will most likely your meal a lot more with a total of 700 watts of power.

The Competition

Other compact microwaves, while functioning well, were too bulky and not fit for a small countertop, hence they were not compact at all. Some of them are also lacking in instructions and safety warnings and had reports of faulty switches and leaking, which can be dangerous. It is important that a compact microwave should be safe to use because of its microwave technology for your food and your kitchen.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a microwave oven?
A: A microwave oven , often shortened to microwave, is a kind of oven and kitchen appliance that uses the principle of heating the food using microwave energy by sucking up the water molecules in your food, causing it to lose moisture. Microwave can be used to heat up your frozen foods and ready to eat meals and can be an instant cooking appliance for some people.
Q: How does the magnetron heat up your food in the microwave?
A: The principle of heating used in a microwave oven is powered by the magnetron, which is an expensive and high powered generator that produces waves that bounce around the inside of the microwave oven. Your food spins on the turntable and the microwaves allow it to cook as even as possible and heat up just fine.
Q: Is a microwave oven dangerous if it leaks?
A: A microwave oven can be dangerous if you find out that the door is leaking. Effects on your health include headaches due to the radiation that the microwave oven emits. At this point, you should avoid using your microwave if the doors are leaking.
Q: Can I defrost foods in the microwave?
A: Yes, the microwave oven is mainly used for freezer microwavable products, such as meat, fish and other similar defrosting products. Microwave ovens are specifically made for on the go people who do not have time to cook, so they can just pop in any kind of microwavable food from the freezer and they’ll have a meal ready in minutes.
Q: Why should I not put metal in the microwave?
A: Putting metal in the microwave is asking for trouble. Metal such as aluminum, pans and the like can cause sparks and can eventually burn your food and the whole unit itself. If you don’t want to start a kitchen fire and void your warranty then be careful in placing items in the microwave.
Q: Aside from heating and re-heating food, can you also cook in microwaves?
A: Yes, microwave ovens are also heating appliances so it is natural that you can also cook in them. People who don’t want greasy foods can cook potato chips in them. You can also make your favorite macaroni and cheese and similar pasta. You can also make your coffee and dried herbs in the microwave.
Q: Why should I put ventilation to my covered food in the microwave?
A: A microwave oven thoroughly heats up your food and much like with cooking in the stove, you should have a small piece of ventilated area on the lid so that steam does not get trapped in the food or bowl. If it does then the lid will be so hot to touch.
Q: Can you also use a microwave oven for non-food uses?
A: Yes, the microwave oven is a versatile kitchen appliance that can go beyond food applications. For instance, some people may use it to heat up garden soils for seedlings, drying up dyed fabric, heating pads, sterilizing your kitchen sponge and so much more.
Q: Can I use the microwave for lemons and onions?
A: Yes, lemons and onions are really troublesome things to prepare in the kitchen, but with the help of a microwave oven, you can heat them up slightly and they will be easily prepared. The lemon can be easily squeezed and the onion will not make you teary-eyed.
Q: Can you bake in a microwave?
A: Generally, no , unless it is one of those instant loaf recipes that specifically tell you to put it in the microwave. A regular microwave is not really used for baking but there are specifically made microwave ovens that are also baking ovens. These are large, bulky and expensive, and can also help you roast turkey for Thanksgiving.
Q: Which is more energy efficient: stove heating or microwave heating?
A: If you frequently heat up water for your coffee or tea then it is usually faster to do it with a microwave oven. Heating water is not only faster in microwaves but also more energy efficient because you only need to heat it up for a few seconds or minutes compared to stovetop methods (or even compared to electric stovetop methods). What’s more, stove heating focuses on heating the container whereas microwave heating focuses more on the water so it consumes less energy in the long run.
Q: Why are microwaves expensive?
A: Microwaves have always been expensive kitchen appliances that not everyone can afford to buy. A microwave oven is usually so expensive because of its metal parts and especially its microwave technology powered by the magnetron, which is not easily obtainable. This is why the warranty of the magnetron is longer than the rest of the microwave parts. Not everyone can afford a microwave so not all homes have them. But if you are an on the go person then a microwave oven is a good investment so that you don’t have to cook all the time.
Q: Why are microwave ovens so convenient?
A: The use of a microwave oven can help you out when it comes to adding convenience into your household. Instead of having to use the stove, which can be a fire hazard for most, microwaves are not just safer but also faster and less of a mess. Microwave ovens are great for preparing meals, heating and even cooking them. You can also do some soups with the right microwave-safe containers. There are many quick recipes that make use of the microwave for easier heating and cooking for your on-the-go needs.
Q: Are microwaves healthy options for cooking food such as veggies and some meat?
A: Yes, contrary to popular belief , the use of a microwave oven to cook food such as vegetables and some meat can actually reduce the instance of carcinogenic char, which can affect your health in a bad way. This usually happens due to direct heat methods such as cooking on your gas stove or electric stove. Microwave ovens are also great for cooking food without losing the important nutrients due to the fact that it cooks food evenly.
Q: How does a microwave oven preserve the nutrients of my food?
A: The microwave cooks food for a significantly short time unlike in a conventional stove. This method means that you can get more nutrients out of your food because they aren’t fully destroyed by too much heat from your stovetop method. Vegetables and meat can cook better in a microwave because they don’t lose all of those important ingredients when you heat up these foods in the microwave.
Q: Does a microwave oven heat up your kitchen?
A: No, a microwave oven keeps the heat centered inside the oven, as compared to traditional stovetop methods. Using a microwave oven eliminates the hot kitchen scenario that can also cause fish odors to stain your healthy air at home. The microwave keeps the heat to itself for your food or dish to cook evenly as much as possible.
Q: Which containers are safe for my microwave oven and which aren’t?
A: A microwave oven is okay with ceramic and glass in common knowledge and is not safe for anything metal. You can also use paper plates, napkins, parchment paper, wax and towels inside microwave ovens. However, you should not use plastic containers, foam cups, aluminum foil or anything with metal bits in them. Brown paper bags are also not advisable.
Q: How do I find out if my container is microwave-safe?
A: To find out about your container if it is safe to use in the microwave, fill a measuring cup with a cup of water and let it sit beside the dish in the microwave. You will find out that it is microwave-safe if the container is not warm at all. Otherwise, it will feel warm and you should not use it in the microwave.
Q: Does a microwave cook your food inside out?
A: Many people believe microwaves cook inside out, but not exactly , as the microwave will only cook or heat up your food from its outer layers. These outer layers will then transfer the energy onto the inner layers, resulting in an evenly cooked food. There is no need to worry because microwave energy is not toxic to food as it gets converted into heat as it passes through your food.
Q: Is it safe to microwave frozen meat?
A: Not all the time , because the heat distribution will not be as even as if you defrosted the meat naturally. For speedy cooking, this is okay, but you might also want to think about the health consequences, since bacteria might eventually grow on food due to the uneven heating.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, we think that the Emerson MW9255B 0.9-cu.ft. Black Microwave Oven is our best compact microwave with 10 power levels, ample space inside and intuitive controls.