Best Toaster Oven

The Oster Large Capacity is our pick for the best toaster oven, which can cook up to 6 slices and has a stainless polished finish. It has digital controls for ease of use and measures 14 x 19.5 inches. It can accommodate most pizzas, cookies and casserole items.

Our step-up pick is the Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection and it is also an air fryer that has up to 0.6 cubic feet of interior space inside. The timer options are easy to operate and the unit can be used for baking, broiling, warming, toasting and many more.

The budget pick is the Hamilton Beach 31126 and it also has convection cooking and has a 30-miute timer. Its tray can be removed anytime and it has 2 rack positions for you to choose from. The design prevents crumb spills on the bottom.

Toaster Oven

A Little Background

A toaster oven is a kind of kitchen appliance that not just toasts bread but also toasts and warms other foods such as pizza, leftovers and the like. The toaster oven can be like a microwave oven but works differently in its heating concept. This kind of heating device consumes far less electricity than the regular microwave due to its design.

Heating bread, much like with any food, is important during breakfast or snack, because heat can drive the mold and mildew away, which can make your bread unhealthy. You need to heat your bread every single time that you have to eat it so that it will be safe and healthy. Besides, cold bread kind of tastes bad, anyway.

Among the foods you can heat up in this heating appliance include bread, fish, meat and similar leftovers. Bread of nearly any kind can be heated in this toaster appliance. If you have bread that does not have the shape of toast bread or don't have a pop-up toaster, you can potentially heat up your special breads such as rolls, buns and French bread.

This heating appliance is usually smaller and has a set of grills to place your food, or you can use the provided pan. The grills are great for when you want to reheat fish and similar meat but you can use the pan for smaller foods and bread, such as meatballs, hotdogs and the like.

Using the pan can also eliminate the grill marks and can be good for cooking evenly, but if you want less grease on your food, using the grill is much more appropriate.

In terms of energy consumption, toasters are much more economical. They consume less energy than regular microwaves and this is why most people who cannot afford a microwave can have a toaster appliance. This heating toaster can be great for small leftovers without heating them too much. They also have timers that are mostly dial-in formats so they have no corrosion issues compared to digital timers in microwaves.

For bread heating, toasters are the best way to go, as they do not leave your food totally dry with its heating design. With a microwave, the food gets super dry and all of the moisture of the bread gets sucked, making it dry and brittle, similar to toast garlic bread. If you want a more tender bread that is heated, you can go for a toaster oven instead due to its better heating design.

How We Picked

If you want the best toaster oven, you should know about the following criteria first:

Inner size or capacity: the inner capacity of a toaster can be small to large depending on your needs. Smaller ones are ideal for apartments and dorms but they may usually have lowered roof designs, so they only fit smaller items. Having more ceiling clearance for a toaster is important so that the top of your food does not get burnt at all. Consider higher top designs with slightly bigger space inside. The size is mostly from 9-16 inches.

Number of heating settings: the heating settings on a toaster heater can be dialed in with a mechanical dial to set the right heat setting for whatever you need to heat up in the heating appliance. Usually, there are settings for different kinds of foods as all of them can have different temperatures required, such as for meat and for pizza. You can have up to 13 settings or more depending on the model of the toaster.

Durability of the housing: consider a durable housing for the heating appliance so that it will not easily deform when it gets too hot. The outer parts of the toaster should be cool to touch, such as the handle, so that it will be easier to operate when you need to change the settings or pull out the food item from the appliance.

Manual or digital: while most are still dial controls, there are also newer brands that have digital controls to make it easier for you to program and control your toasting operation, especially for those with really busy lifestyles. This makes them a little bit similar to that of a microwave.

Durability of the pan and grill: consider a pan and a grill combination that is made from quality materials, such as aluminum, since it is a great heat conductor for heating up your food more evenly. Aluminum is also lightweight and easy to clean. They should also have the right size for the interior of the heating appliance and can fit most food items depending on the inner capacity.

Auto shut off: this is highly important in places that have high fire hazards. You should have an auto shut off for your appliance to keep it safe, especially because it is an appliance that heats up, and can potentially cause fires when it is not monitored properly.

Convection: some of these heating appliances also use convection heating, which is very even when it comes down to heating food and is also okay for your electric bill. If you want to heat up items in an appliance but don’t want to leave cold spots then convection cooking is the way to go.

Energy consumption: consider how much wattage that the appliance can consume is important to consider so that it will not take its toll on your monthly electric bill. The wattage should not be too big in the long run and should be proportion to the size and the capacity of the appliance inside the unit.

Number of slices: some can also have certain amounts of slices that you can toast or heat up in the heating appliance, such as 2 slices, 4 slices, 6 slices and even 12 slices for larger brands. This is important to know if you have a large family and need to toast as much as possible in one go.

Our Pick

The Oster Large Capacity is our top pick for the best toaster oven, which can accommodate a lot of food items, such as cookies for baking, casseroles for cooking and pizzas for reheating or even baking. The interior space is enough for up to 6 slices and it uses convection for faster heating. It has 2 rack positions and has an interior lighting.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the Oster Large Capacity has only a small con, which is the fact that it might not be big enough for certain foods, such as large pizzas.

Step-up Pick

The Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection is our step-up pick, which comes with an air fryer feature as well. It has a toast shade selector so you can make perfectly browned toasts as well. This convection toasting machine is also capable of broiling, warming foods, baking and many other functions. Consuming up to 1,800 watts of power, it has interior lighting, auto shut off, a rack and basket set, a baking pan, a thermostat and an oven rack.

Budget Pick

As our budget pick, the Hamilton Beach 31126 is capable of toasting, broiling and even baking as a portable convection machine. The tray for the crumbs can be removed at will and there are 2 rack configurations for you to choose from. The design makes it easier to clean up when needed and the convection cooking ensures evenly heated foods.

Best Toaster Oven with Toaster Slots

The Hamilton Beach Toastation is great if you want to toast bread and cook stuff inside as well. The 2 slots have 1 1/2 inches of thickness each and you can easily clean the crumb tray due to being capable of removing it. The slices of pizza you can fit is up to 2 (16-inch size) and it has an automatic shut off feature. There is also a unique lever to switch between the toast function and the oven function.

Best Toaster Oven with Digital Controls

The BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection is great for convection heating as well as for those who want digital controls. It can bake some cookies and you can use 2 rack positions for you to choose from. The timer can be set up to 120 minutes and you can fit any 12-inch pizza. The unit can help you bake bread goods such as bagels, cookies, frozen treats, pizza, potatoes and the like. It can also help you broil your favorite recipes.

Best Toaster Oven with a Compact Design

The Panasonic NB-G110P Flash is a good choice for those who want a compact designed unit. Its interior has a nonstick coating so it is simple to clean. Its digital timer can go for up to 25 minutes and from 250 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for the temperature setting. It is great for reheating foods, warming frozen foods and it has a silver finish that looks stylish.

Best Toaster Oven with Manual Dial Controls

If you want a toast machine that uses manual dial controls, you can count on the Proctor Silex 31122. It has a black finish and it can fit up to a 9-inch pizza with a temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The auto shut off feature makes it safe to operate and it can be set up to 30 minutes for its timer. There are three manual dials to operate to adjust your food’s heating settings.

Best Toaster Oven with a Grill Set

The MaxiMatic ERO-2008S Elite is a good choice if you want a grill, griddle and rotisserie combo in just one unit with the oven. This unit can be capable of up to 6 slices of toast and it has 0.8 cubic feet of interior capacity. You can choose from a wide array of functions, such as keep warm, broil and steam.

Best Toaster Oven made of Stainless Steel Housing

With a stainless steel housing, the Toshiba AC25CEW-SS Digital is a great choice for durability and for fitting in any 12-inch pizza inside. You can also fit up to 6 slices of bread with its large capacity and interior. It has an LED screen for you to check out your settings and the digital controls make it simple to use.

Best Toaster Oven with a Toast Color Option

The DeLonghi DO1289 is a great choice if you want to choose the toast color or shade. It also comes with various toast settings, can cook in a convection manner and has an interior made with enamel for ease of cleanup. It can fit up to 6 slices of bread toast or even any 12-inch pizza with its 1/2 cubic feet capacity.

The Competition

Other units did not make it to this list because they lacked in safety and durability because they get too hot too much and the ceiling designs were too low that they burned food easily. It should warm your food evenly and without causing damage to both the food and the unit.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the parts of a toaster oven?

A: This appliance has the following parts, which are all useful for heating your food:

Timer: this part lets you set the amount of time that you want to heat or toast your bread or food item. It can either be manual or digital. It is also called the knob on the manual types and the keypad on the digital types. Whether you want it manual or digital depends on your choice, but most of this appliance are manually designed.

Inner space or interior: this part is where you basically toast, cook or heat up your foods, such as bread, fish, meat and the like (see below). The interior space can vary from model to model, and can be bigger depending on your needs. Bigger models can also fit a turkey inside, much like a regular sized one. Having more headroom inside is important so you won’t burn larger foods.

Door, window and handle: this is the part that closes and opens when you process your food. The door or window should be easily visible so that you know what is going on inside and you will know when to take out your food, if it is smoking or burnt too much. The handle should be cool to touch so that it will not cause you injury when you are preparing your food.

Body or housing: the body or the housing of the unit can be made of various materials and can be durable depending on the price and should be cool to touch at some point for you to easily handle the toasting machine. The body or housing can be of any color but the usual color is white or black. The color must not easily chip off when it heats up to prevent contaminating your food.

Pan and grill: the inner part of the toasting machine is made up of a pan and a grill. The pan can be used to make it easier for you to heat up food evenly, especially for foods that might drop from the grill. The pan can be removed on most models. The grill is the innermost part of the toasting machine and is great for most larger bread sizes and foods.

Heating element: the heating element of the toasting machine can be different on various models. The importance of this part of the toasting machine is to heat up the food evenly, especially for making toast bread. This part gets the warranty the longest, much like the magnetron on the microwave.

Power cord: the power cord is the part of the toasting machine that is plugged into an outlet. The power cord can be rated for different countries and either on 110 or 220 volt systems. A long power cord is important so that it will be easy to plug in onto any source.

Q: Which controls are better: manual dials or digital keypad?

A: In any appliance, there’s always the debate between the digital and the manual dial controls, but specifically for the toaster machine, here are the criteria to compare them. Each of these controls have their own pros and cons, such as with the following:


Manual Dial

Digital Keypad


Manual dial toaster machines are always available and are the most commonly found.

Digital keypads are only mostly seen in microwaves, not in toasters.


Manual dials don’t get corrosion issues that much and are easy to replace compared to digital.

Digital keypads can have corrosion issues, which can cause them not to work later on.

Ease of operation

Manual dials can be easy to control but not that accurate with the heat settings and timer.

Digital keypads can be accurate to set the right time and heating levels, but might not be always user-friendly for the old folks.


The manual dial models are the cheaper types of machines.

The digital keypad is usually found on pricier models.

Q: What foods can I heat in it?

You can heat up a lot of different kinds of foods in this heating appliance, such as the following:

Breads - this is not just limited to bread toasts, but also involving other breads such as French breads, buns, rolls and pizza. Specialty breads that do not work on regular toasting machines. You can also do some waffles, muffins and the like.

Fish - you can heat up fish of nearly any type, for as long as it can fit well on the heating machine. This is great if you have any leftovers or want to have less grease for your fish instead of regularly frying them.

Meat - most meat products such as chicken and pork can be heated in the toasting device and can also be reheated if it is a leftover. If you have unfinished stuff yesterday then you can recycle them for the next day. They also have less grease for healthier eating, especially when you consider bacons and ham.

Starch foods - you can also consider certain starch foods like rice, cakes, noodles and the like in some models that can accept such goods. They are great for grease free eating.

Q: What's the difference between a toaster and a microwave?

A: The two types of heating machines have their own pros and cons, and their difference also say something about them. Here are the things that make the toaster and the microwave different from each other:




Technology used

Toasters use a heating element to cook food. This kind of technology cooks from the outside up to the inside of the food.

The microwave uses microwaves to cook or heat food, so the food gets heated evenly from all sides.


Toasters can take a longer time to heat up food compared to the microwave machine.

The microwave is usually faster because of its unique heating mechanism.


Toasters come in a cheaper price range, compared to the microwave.

The microwave is known to be pricier compared to the toaster.

Browning foods

Toasters are great for browning, especially for bread.

Microwave is not ideal for browning foods.

Crisping foods

Toasters are better for making meat such as chicken and bacon.

Microwave may leave your chicken or meat rubbery and hard.


Toaster is always the best for bread.

Microwaves leave bread brittle and tough in texture.

Frozen foods

Toaster can be okay with frozen foods and the like.

Microwave is the best for frozen food, especially if you are in a hurry.

Cool touch

Toasters don’t always have a cool touch body compared to microwave machines.

Microwaves may usually have a cool touch design for the body of the machine.

Keeping foods warm

Toasters are great at this capability because of the heating element.

Keeping your food warm on a microwave can be tricky.

Q: What unique features or uses can be found in a toaster heater?

A: There are many kinds of features of a toaster machine that you can use for your food, such as the following:

Warmer feature: you can heat up your items in the toasting machine but you can also warm them for later. They can go up to 200 degrees F for larger sizes of toaster machines and it depends on what you want to heat up so you can set the appropriate temperature for them. This is good if you are still waiting for your guests and then serve the food for later.

Put two at once: if you have a large space for your toasting machine or if you have side compartments for the interior. This can save you a lot of time.

Make cheese melt recipes: if you want to bake a nice plate of lasagna or anything with melted cheese on top, the toasting machine is a great option for you, since it helps to melt the cheese in an evenly manner. Basically, anything that can be melted on top of any food with a toasting machine.

Nut toasting: if you like toasting nuts, cashews and the like, you can do so with up to 350 degrees F of heat, depending on the amount of nuts that you have. They should be arranged strategically in a pan while in the toasting machine.

Roasting meat: if you have chicken, ribs, pork and the like, you can also roast some of them, especially if you own a large unit. For those smaller toasting machines, you can go for smaller pieces of meat instead.

Potato baking: when it comes down to baked potatoes, you can count on a small to medium sized toast machine as well, especially for lunch or dinner.

Frozen goods: if you need to defrost those chicken nuggets then this is a good unit to consider. They can help defrost your meat and other items from your fridge.

Reheating leftovers: the toaster is much like the microwave when it comes down to leftovers – they are great for reheating and repeating leftovers. If you want to save up on expenses then you can use your leftovers and remake them into something new.

Broiling: foods that are normally broiled can sometimes be cooked in the toasting machine because of its usability and the see through window. If your broiler is currently full right now and you don’t have much time to prepare, putting it into the toasting machine can help cook it as well.

Q: How do I operate it safely?

A: There are many things that you can do to keep your toasting machine safe all the time, such as the following tips:

Make sure you follow the cooking instructions. Not following the instructions can make your food taste bad, leave cold and hot spots, or potentially make the toast machine explore, catch fire or give you electric shock. Consider following the recipe and don’t go too much with the controls for the heat setting for each food item.

Always read the user’s manual before operating. Much like with the above mentioned tip, it pays to read the specifications and the warnings of the toast machine before you actually get into it. Make sure that the switches are working well and that all of the parts are properly installed before you use the machine for your food.

Write or post reminders on what’s not allowed in the toasting machine. There are times that we tend to forget what goes and what doesn’t go inside the toast machine, so it’s better to leave notes or reminders as to what is okay and what is not okay in it. For example, most people don’t want buttered bread in their machine, much like how bread is not suitable for microwaves.

Consider the right placement for the toasting machine. Make sure it is not on a place that can potentially cause fire hazards or electric shock hazards. The surface of the countertop or table should be ceramic or at least not susceptible to high temperatures. Avoid plastics underneath the toast machine so that it will not cause smokes and fires.

Keep all the flammable items around it away. Make sure you keep the papers and plastics away or else they can potentially melt or burn when you operate the toast machine. Steer clear of the things that can catch fire when you operate the toast appliance.

Make fridge notes on which food to heat on your toaster. Like with the previous tips, consider putting up notes as to what foods in the fridge can be put in your toaster. This is especially helpful for teens or kids who need to wake up by themselves in the morning and prepare their lunch or meal on their own.

Keep the toasting machine regularly cleaned, especially from spills and crumbs. Having too much crumbs in the bottom of the toast machine can cause the whole appliance not to work properly, especially with the heating element. This is a common problem for most toast machines, so proper cleaning is important. Do not use metal to clean it, as the heating element may cause electric shock.

Consider replacing the machine when it’s not working properly. When all is said and done and you have gotten someone to try to repair the toast machine, you can just replace if it is not working anymore. Some toast machines are not very durable for long term use, especially the smaller ones that may have substandard electronics and heating elements. However, if you invest in a high quality one, it might last for a very long time.

Q: What are the dangers that can potentially happen when operating a toasting machine?

A: The toasting machine can be dangerous if it is not handled carefully. Here are some safety threats that might happen if you do not operate the toasting machine properly:

Fire Hazard

Fire hazards can be caused by the following:

·         Something is left for too long inside the toasting machine.

·         There could be flaws in the design of the toasting machine.

·         The setting of the heat is too high.

·         The low ceiling can potentially burn food.


Burns on the toasting machine can be caused by:

·         Improper handling of the food.

·         Not using the pan properly.

·         Touching the hot parts of the toaster.


Explosions can potentially happen with:

·         Faulty toaster designs.

·         The inside getting too hot.

Electric shock

An electric shock can happen with a toasting machine because of the following:

·         Cleaning the interior using metal objects.

·         The unit is near any source of water.

Q: How do I prevent burnt spots on my food?

A: You can consider the following tips and tricks in order to prevent burnt spots on your food:

Consider getting a higher ceiling unit. This can make it hard for the food to have a proper heating space. Lowered designs that are for small spaces can potentially get burnt spots on the top, and can also make the unit smoke or have faulty when you heat up the food.

Don't set the heat too high. One of the things that make a toasting machine burn food is when you set the heat too high. This can be a problem that might cause the food to taste bad. Always ensure you use the timer properly on your chosen type of food.

Consider the size of your food. Make sure that it has enough space on your toasting machine, otherwise it might get burned because of the small space. You can cut up your food if it does not have enough space for your toasting machine or you can upgrade to a larger toasting appliance instead.

Place your food in the unit strategically. Ensure that the food does not get stacked up on top of each other to avoid cold spots and hot spots. This can really prevent your food from getting dark spots or burnt spots. This can also make the food cook and heat up more evenly.

Getting a quality pan can also make it easier to protect your food. Some pans can be super thin such that they don’t help out in evenly heating the food, causing cold and hot spots and burns. This is why it pays to upgrade your toaster pan instead of using the default one when this happens.

Q: Why should I heat up food before eating?

A:There are many benefits as to why you should cook or heat up your food before eating:

  • It gets rid of mold and mildew.

  • It makes food taste better.

  • It kills bacteria and the like.

  • It helps you absorb the nutrients of the food better.

  • It helps you digest foods easier.

Q: If my toaster does not work properly, what could be wrong?

A: As with all appliances, a toaster machine can run into different kinds of problems, such as the following:

Thermal fuse problems: you can remedy this by cleaning the contact points. You can test if it works okay with the use of a continuity tester. Without a properly working thermal fuse, overloading can happen to your kitchen appliance.

Main switch problems: consider cleaning the contact points and look for any clogs and then clean them appropriately using a cotton swab. The main switch should be regularly cleaned so that the unit will function well.

Heating element problems: use a continuity tester to see if the heating element is working just fine. Otherwise, you just need to replace this part of the toasting machine. It should be the same element with the original one and the rating should be the same as well.

Solenoid problems: the solenoid is the part of the machine that is connected to the heating element and the electrical components. It is usually replaced when you smell an oddly burning smell in the unit. The brackets need to be removed when you want to replace the solenoid of the machine.

Q: What is the usual wattage of a toasting appliance unit?

A: The usual wattage of a toaster appliance machine can be around 1,200 to 1,700 watts, so this makes them more energy consuming than a microwave, but you can find lower consumption machines out there, especially for the smaller units.

Q: What is the importance of proper shelf placement in a toasting unit?

A: A toasting unit can have different shelves and they can have an effect on your food, such as the following:

·         It can make food easier to cook.

·         It can allow more food types to be cooked at the same time.

·         They need to be strategically placed so that food will not burn.

·         Some of them can be raised or lowered depending on the model.

·         They may have a pan placed on one shelf or another.

Q: How can teens be able to use the toasting machine properly in a dorm?

A: If a teenager who wants to use a toasting appliance in a dorm, it is important that they use it properly, such as with these tips:

They should know if the toasting machine is allowed in the dorm.

Make sure they know the safety rules of operating the toast machine.

They should consider planning their meals each day.

Parents should teach their teens on some cooking tips with the toast machine.

They should consider a good quality appliance that will not cause hazards to their dorm.

Ensure that they follow the recipes directly to get the best tasting food.

Q: Is it possible to bake cookies in the toaster machine?

A: Yes, baking is possible with cookies in the toast machine if you cut the dough into portions. Here’s how you can make simple cookies with the toaster:

1. Prepare the dough ahead of time.

2. Put the dough in the freezer before you actually want to bake your stuff.

3. When you need the cookies, scoop up the dough from the fridge.

4. Bake the dough into your toaster machine depending on the recipe requirements.

Q: Where is it possible to use a toaster machine?

A: There are many places at home and in other areas that can permit a toaster machine, such as the following:

Kitchen: the toasting machine can be placed on nearly any size of kitchen, from small to large ones. Even if you don’t have a large space for a big turkey oven, you can have a toaster machine for your kitchen as there are compact sized ones that you can buy for smaller portions of food.

Common area: if your house or facility has a common area, there can be a space there for a toaster machine, which can be helpful in case someone needs to prepare a snack, a sandwich or any breakfast, lunch or dinner item.

Apartment: if you live in an apartment then a toaster machine is possible on your kitchen or small area. No matter the size of your apartment unit, there are models that are capable of fitting into tiny spaces, which makes cooking and reheating foods very convenient overall.

Dorm room: there are specifically sized toaster machines that can fit in dorm rooms. Assuming that your dorm permits appliances like the toaster, you can put one in to help you prepare breakfast or other meals during the day, so you can focus more on your studies rather than on meal prep.

Office: some office kitchens and spaces also permit for a toast machine to help you prepare your favorite sandwich or snack on the go. They can be used instead of the microwave if your choice is usually bread and other baked goods. They also take less space overall.

Guest home: most guest rooms and guest homes can also benefit from a toast machine, which enables the guests to heat or cook their own meals without the use of a stove. This is a great option for those who cannot afford a microwave with their current budget.

Condo unit: much like with dorms and apartments, a condo unit can also benefit from a toast machine due to the size and the needs to cook food or reheat leftovers really fast and conveniently. The condo unit may be small but there are smaller brands and units of the toast machine that you can use.

Q: What common mistakes am I probably doing with the toaster machine?

A: There are common mistakes that most people make when they get into the toaster appliance and prepare food, such as the following:

1.       When you leave the cord plugged in, it can potentially cause a fire hazard.

2.       You might not be using the toast machine for baking, when it can be.

3.       Not cleaning the toast machine from crumbs and the like can be a threat to your safety.

4.       If you put too much stuff in the toast machine, it can affect the food and make cold and hot spots.

5.       Don’t overheat your food, but you can under-heat it.

Q: If I bake in the toast machine with a temperature that is too low, what can happen to my baked items?

A: Much like with regular ovens, if you bake something in a toast machine and don’t put a lot of temperature to the food items, here’s what could happen:

The center can potentially fall and it may look odd in appearance due to the lack of even heating.

The texture of the baked goods can be gritty, grainy or coarse, which is due to improper heating.

The color of the crust is not too brown and is usually too soft compared to what it’s supposed to look like.

The texture of your baked goods can be dry, which can either be the fault of your toaster or your recipe. You can try to reduce some sugar or reduce flour if this is the case.

The baked goods could have a brick feeling instead of a soft and fluffy inner texture.

Q: Why should you not open the toast machine while food cooks or heats?

A: The door of the toast machine should be kept closed all the time when it cooks or heats food due to the following reasons:

·         It can cause the temperature to get lower, resulting in badly cooked food.

·         The food will not be heated properly.

·         The door could get jammed and lock the food inside.

·         You might potentially burn yourself with the surrounding temperature of the heating element.

Q: What should I clean in my toast machine?

A: To clean up your toast machine, you need to take care of the following parts:

·         Consider removing the pans and then cleaning them separately.

·         If there’s grease in any oven part, wipe it away to avoid house fires.

·         Don’t go near the heating elements when you clean it from food.

·         Crumbs should be removed from the pan and the inside of the toast machine.

·         Make sure that the unit is totally dry when you use it.

Q: What is the importance of proper placement and spacing of food inside the toast machine?

A: There are many reasons to cook or bake food inside the toast machine with the right spacing:

·         It ensures that your foods don’t have cold or hot spots.

·         It reduces the chances of your food getting burned.

·         The temperature inside the toast machine won’t change dramatically.

Wrapping It Up

The Oster Large Capacity is our pick for the best toaster oven, due to its ease of control, large interior space, accommodation of most food items and stylish design.