100 Best Things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country of differences. From the mountain ranges to the lowlands, from the sea to the vine hills, from the urban to the old way of life, all are packed neatly into one of the smallest countries in the world. It has been declared world’s first “green country” by the Green Destinations committee, with a 98% compliance to criteria.

Tourism is expected to boom in the following years, and despite the focus on sustainability, this might be the last time to experience the original, primal Slovenia. So don’t delay your visit – come and experience for yourself the wonders of Slovene cuisine, the beautiful sights and the cultural heritage of one of the most diverse countries in the whole world.

Below is a list of the best destinations, activities and according to our opinion. Whether you are looking for a family holiday or an adventure, we have something waiting for you.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Lake Bled (Bled)

1. Lake Bled

An hour away from the capital, once a resort for the world’s elite, Lake Bled now attracts tourists from the whole world with its stunning beauty. Experience the Bled fairytale on this half-day tour.

2. Explore the Postojna Cave (Postojna)

Explore the underworld of Postojna Cave and marvel at this unique creation of nature. Just 40 minutes by car away from the capital, you can feel like Bilbo and the dwarves as you explore the many caves it has to offer.

3. Walk Through The Ljubljana Old Town (Ljubljana)

3. Walk Through The Ljubljana Old Town

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has many sights to offer, but most of them are located right in the Old Town. In just a few hours, you can see elegant churches, magnificent statues and beautiful bridges, then sit down to have a cup of coffee next to the Ljubljanica river. After the walking, you’ll have earned it.

4. Mt. Triglav & Triglav National Park (Jesenice)

Pride of Slovenia, Triglav is the highest mountain and a symbol of the country. You can find it on the flag and every Slovenian is supposed to climb it at least once in their life. Join them and feel like a true Slovene while hiking in the breath-taking nature of Triglav National Park.

5. Soča River Kayaking (Tolmin)

5. Soca River Kayaking

Are you the adventurous type? Then kayaking or rafting on the wild Soča river will be just for you. But not only are these waters fun, they are beautiful as well, with their distinct emerald color.

6. Škocjan Caves Underground Expedition (Divaca)

The second most well known caves in Slovenia offer just as much, if not more, than their more famous counterparts in Postojna. Nicknamed the “Underground Grand Canyon”, it is sure to astonish even the most experienced travellers. Tours are available throughout the year.

7. See the Beautiful Horses at Lipica Stud Farm (Lipica)

7. See the Beautiful Horses at Lipica Stud Farm

Many people think that the white Lipizzaner is of Austrian origin; however, they have always been bred in Slovenia. A must see for horse lovers!. You can also combine the trip with either Postojna or Škocjan caves.

8. Climb to Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljana)

The best view is from above, and there is nothing above Ljubljana Castle. If you want to see Ljubljana in its fullest, climb the hill or take the funicular. One at the top, enjoy the view and if you are feeling hungry, dine in the castle’s restaurant.

9. Enjoy Cultural Events at Cankarjev Dom (Ljubljana)

9. Enjoy Cultural Events at Cankarjev Dom

The seat of Slovenian cultural activity, Cankarjev Domoffers music concerts, theatre and dance shows, movies, art exhibitions and many other events and performances. Named after one of the most prolific Slovenian writers, Ivan Cankar, it offers something for everyone’s taste.

10. Marvel at Predjama Castle (Postojna)

Predjama Castle
is quite unique in the world due to the fact that it is built within a cave mouth! The castle was once the seat of the famous robber baron Erazem Lueger. Since then, it has been turned into a museum, but some say that the ghost of Erazem still roams behind the castle walls. Since the castle is only a short way from Postojna Cave, it is best to combine both into a one day trip.

11. Get wild at Kurentovanje Carnival (Ptuj)

When you want winter to go away, what do you do? You call Kurents, of course! Wearing their heavy clothing made from fur, with cowbells ringing, they are scary enough to drive even winter away. The festival happens every year in the beginning of February – if you are visiting Slovenia at that time, put this carnival on your must-do list.

12. Visit Vintgar Gorge (Bled)

A half-day trip from Bled, Vintgar Gorge is one of the most stunning pieces of nature in Slovenia. The hike takes about two hours and is suitable for all ages, beginner and advanced hikers alike.

13. Ljubljana Summer Festival (Ljubljana)

13. Ljubljana Summer Festival

Between July and August, Ljubljana becomes a temporary home to opera, ballet, theatre and musical performers from around the world. One of the best cultural experiences and a must-see if you are visiting Ljubljana in the summer.

14. Sečovlje Saltworks (Sečovlje)

One of the oldest saltworks in the world, Sečovlje Saltworks offer a unique view into the harvesting of salt in the old days. The landscape park is also home to over 280 species of birds, some of them who nest there exclusively. Tours give you the opportunity to see and try for yourself how to make salt, and to take some of the special Piran salt home with you.

15. Triglav Lakes Valley (Bohinjska Bistrica)

No trip to the Slovenian mountains is complete without taking a look the the seven lakes of Triglav. Lodging
for weary travellers is available nearby, complete with genuine Slovenian hospitality. Enjoy the fresh mountain air while you take in the incredible surroundings.

16. Vodnik Square Open Air Market (Ljubljana)

Meat, fish, an assortment of veggies and fruits, clothes, flowers, homemade wooden toys and more. You can find all here. Vodnik Square Open Air Market is a paradise for shoppers who like fresh produce and homemade products. Knowing Slovene helps, but you can get by with a rudimentary understanding, as many sellers speak or understand English. They also won’t try to cheat you with higher prices, as might happen to foreigners in other cities.

17. Fairytale Forest in Logarska Valley (Solčava)

Logarska Valley offers some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. For families with kids, it also offers an experience for the whole family – Fairytale Forest. Learn about traditional Slovene fairytales (or monster-tails) and bond with your children in exploration of the haunted forest.

18. Watch Ski Jumping (Planica)

Slovenia is a country of sports. Despite its small population, it produced many great athletes, from Goran Dragic (Miami Heat) to Tina Maze (alpine skiing). But ski jumping holds a special place in our hearts, which you can see when tens of thousands of fans come to the Planica valley to see the best in the world. If you are travelling in Slovenia near the end of March, book yourself some tickets and enjoy the atmosphere.

19. Party in Ljubljana (Ljubljana)

19. Party in Ljubljana

Want to experience the Ljubljana nightlife? For the best experience, join a pub crawl. The local guides will take you to the hottest bars and clubs in town, where you can unleash your wild spirit and party it up. But be warned – drinking with Slovenians may result in a terrible headache.

20. Taste traditional alpine deliciousness in Jezersko (Jezersko)

After your head is ringing after a night out in Ljubljana, you might want to take a day off and visit some quiet nature. Jezersko Valley is perfect for just that. You won’t find a lot of tourists here, but not because there is nothing worth seeing. As a special, treat yourself to some authentic Slovenian alpine food at one of the tourist farms.

21. Zemono Manor Restaurant (Vipava)

A small place and a hard find, but the reward is proportionate. In this old manor, you will find one of the best boutique restaurants in Slovenia – Restaurant At Lojze’s. It isn’t well known, it doesn’t have the three Michelin stars, but it has a genuine feel and the whole experience, including the meals and the serving, is excellent – in fact, many guests say that is is the best experience they’ve had. Keep this one a secret.

22. Lendava Watchtower (Lendava)

If you want to see not only the whole of Slovenia, but three other countries as well, go to Lendava Watchtower. From the top, you can across the borders into Hungary, Austria and Croatia. Once you return down (or before), you can try the local bar and the wines. The watchtower is also the start of the Lendava touristic wine road.

23. Ptuj Castle (Ptuj)

23. Ptuj Castle

Take a walk through the beautiful castle chambers and learn about the history of one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Come and see traditional instruments, costumes and weapons from the Middle Ages. Like many other Slovenian castles, it was turned into a museum, which you can visit year round. Perfect for a half-day trip.

24. Križna Cave (Grahovo)

If the masses of tourists in Postojna Cave don’t sound too appealing, go to Križna Cave for a more authentic and natural experience. This cave is still mostly how it was a hundred years ago: no bright lights, no trains – only you and your flashlight. They offer 1-, 4- and 7-hour tours, the longer of which take you through the watery parts of the cave.

25. Vogel Ski Centre (Bohinj)

Slovenia is known for its skiing centers with a great price-to-enjoyment ratio. Whether you come during the winter to storm down the slopes or in the summer to explore the hiking trails, Vogel Ski Center has something to offer to every traveller.

26. Bohinj Railway Steam Train Ride of the Alpine Region (Jesenice)

26. Bohinj Railway Steam Train Ride of the Alpine Region

This adventure will take you through the scenic route of the Alpine region, through Bled and Bohinjska Bistrica and finally to the river Soča valley. The best part – you are going there in a steam train. Feel like Harry Potter and his friends on their way to Hogwarts as you take pictures of the unbelievable landscapes and listen to the local guides during the three hour ride.

27. Fly Like Peter Prevc – Planica Zipline (Planica)

A new addition in the already famous Planica is the new zipline. If you have ever wondered how it feels to fly on skis, this is your opportunity. The zip line reaches the same height that the best ski jumpers do, the length is 566 meters and the top speed is 85 km/h. Pretty neat!

28. City Museum of Ljubljana (Ljubljana)

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, has a long and rich cultural history. If you want to learn more about the people who contributed to the city over the last 2000 years, this is the place to go to. The museum also offers guided tours, which include the museum and a tour of Ljubljana, all packed in a day of history and exploration.

29. Lent Festival (Maribor)

Lent Festival is an internationally acclaimed performance festival, attracting famous names like Ray Charles, B.B. King and Jose Feliciano, as well as the most popular local musicians like Vlado Kreslin.. It takes place in the last two weeks of June in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city. Here you can see everything from theatre and jazz concerts to mime and magic performers. Something for absolutely everyone.

30. Tourist Farm Firbas (Cerkvenjak)

30. Tourist Farm Firbas

Tourist farms are a popular family getaway in Slovenia, where parents and children alike can learn and experience the life of their grand- and great-grandparents. Tourist farm Firbas is an excellent place for a stay – the family is warm and friendly and the farm has won multiple awards. The tasty homegrown and homemade food and recipes will satisfy your appetite, which will be high after helping with the farm duties. Children love it!

31. The National and University Library of Slovenia (Ljubljana)

Designed by the famous Slovenia architect Jože Plačnik, this library is a must see for lovers of architecture. Built in the style of Italian palazzo, it is today a hub for scholars and students, who can browse its vast collection of over 1,300,000 books. After you take a look at the exterior, stop by in the library cafe for some coffee that can keep students awake during exam periods.

32. Taste Slovenia at Open Kitchen (Ljubljana)

Every sunny Friday in the summer from 10 AM to 11 PM, the smell of delicious food brings tourists to Ljubljana’s Pogačarjev Trg, where a special event is taking place. That is Open Kitchen
– a culinary market with over 30 stands, featuring the best restaurants from around the country. From the traditional Slovenian dishes to the exotic tastes of the East, there is something new to try for everyone. Grab a bite and sit down on the many stairs surrounding the open market, and enjoy Ljubljana.

33. Hipster it out at Metelkova Mesto (Ljubljana)

If you are a fan of alternative culture, you will find your refuge at Metelkova Mesto. Built in an old army barracks is one of the largest squats in Europe, and possibly the most successful. With over 1600 events taking place there every year, everyone can find something – and everyone is welcome.

34. Celje Castle Tour (Celje)

Once the largest fortification in Slovenia and the seat of the Counts of Celje, Celje Castle stands proud over the Laško valley. Today, the organize weddings, closed group events and guided tours. The special events include Knighthood Ceremony, Count’s Reception and Medieval Feast.

35. Herdsman Village Velika Planina (Kamnik)

35. Herdsman Village Velika Planina

Velika Planina is one of the last herdsman settlements in Slovenia – and the most beautiful one. Here, you can find traditional herdsman housing and delicious traditional dishes, as well as cheese and other dairy products that farmers like to give to tourists. You can go on a day trip or rent a cottage for the true Slovenian alpine experience.

36. Oldest Instrument In The World – Divje Babe Archeological Park Excursion (Šebrelje)

This half-day excursion will take you to an old cave, where the first musical instrument was discovered. This was what is known today as the Divje Babe flute. A remnant of the Neanderthal times, it is 55,000 years old. The guided tour includes guiding to the cave where the flute was found, a multimedia presentation of the park and a snack.

37. Mostnica Gorge (Srednja vas v Bohinju)

The path along the Mostinca gorge is an excellent family hike. Since it’s mostly in the shadow, it can be done even on a hot summer day. At the end of the route you can treat yourself to some apple strudel at Voje waterfall.

38. Ski at Kranjska Gora Resort (Kranjska Gora)

Skiing is a national pastime in the winter, and many choose Kranjska Gora as their favorite destination. Skiing, cross-country, snow park, ice climbing,…it offers everything you can desire. And the best thing – the accommodations are only a few meters from the slopes, so that you can roll from your bed to your skis.

39. Beer and Flowers Festival (Laško)

Every third weekend in July, locals and tourists alike make the trip to Laško for one of the biggest festivals in Slovenia. With a tradition of over 50 years, it is also one of the oldest ones. What can you expect? Well, good music, good food and good beer. The flowers come complimentary.

40. Learn about WW1 History at Kobarid Museum (Kobarid)

On of the most important battles of the first world war took place at Isonzo front, known by locals as Soška front. This is where the destiny of the Allied forces in Italy was decided, by bullet and by bayonet. A unique opportunity to peek into the past and learn about the great men who gave their lives on the steep hills of Soča river. Guided tours of the former battlefields are available.

41. Swim in Kolpa River (Podzemelj)

41. Swim in Kolpa River

Kolpa river is one of the warmest, and also one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. In Camp Podzemelj, you can sleep right next to it – and go for a swim or a kayaking trip as soon as you wake up. With an adrenalin park nearby and every kind of accommodation you could want, from glamping to tent camping, this is one of the best locations for a weekend summer trip.

42. Tour of Picturesque Piran (Piran)

42. Tour of Picturesque Piran

Piran is a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture. In the center of it is the famous Tartini Square, which used to be a harbour. Before you go on a tour
with your local guide, make sure to get some coffee in one the chic cafes surrounding the square. For the more adventurous, take the opportunity to snorkel in the clear water of the Adriatic.

43. Take a Day Trip to Venice (Venice)

43. Take a Day Trip to Venice

Since Slovenia is a small country, it is easy to take a day trip to any of the four neighbouring countries. Venice needs no introduction – everybody knows of the Floating City. You can take off from Ljubljana, take a gondola ride on the canals while a gondolier sings Ti Amo and still make it back in time for the evening cocktails.

44. Go Mushroom Hunting (Mixed Forests)

44. Go Mushroom Hunting

One of the traditional Slovenian past-times is mushroom hunting. It is usually a family gathering, where the whole family goes to the forest and for a couple of hours looks for mushroom. Whether you find any or not, the bonding time is the real point; but, it is certainly much better when you can feast on penny buns. Don’t forget to educate yourself about what you pick though – some mushrooms found in Slovenia are poisonous and eating them can be fatal.

45. Tunnels below Old Kranj (Kranj)

Below the town of Kranj, something lurks in the dark. It’s the tourists who are exploring the tunnels below. The tunnels served as a shelter during World War 2. Nowadays, it is used for events; there is also an exhibition presenting the underground life of Kranj, a cave laboratory as well as a simulation of an artillery attack. A unique tour and experience.

46. War History Museum (Pivka)

The Pivka War History Museum houses a collection of artifacts from World War 2, the Cold War and the Slovene Independence War. It is most famous for its tank and anti-aircraft collection, but it also has aircrafts and the most popular exhibit, which is a sabotage submarine P-913 Zeta, which can be seen from the inside.

47. Party at Ambasada Gavioli (Izola)

47. Party at Ambasada Gavioli

For the party-hungry, the cathedral of dance music known as Embassy of Gavioli is the place to go to in Slovenia. With DJ’s such as David Guetta, Tiesto and local hero DJ Umek, The Embassy is a blend of traditional Istrian culture in style and young, wild and hot-blooded at its heart. As one of the top party destinations in the Mediterranean, this is where you want to spend your nights if you want them to be as wild as the stallions in Lipica.

48. Relax in Dolenjske Toplice (Dolenjske Toplice)

48. Relax in Dolenjske Toplice

A spa a day keeps the doctors away. While that may not be completely true, you will certainly benefit from spending a relaxing day – or more of them – in the Balnea Wellness Center. The Balnea offers three separate parts, dedicated to pools, saunas and massages. Rejuvenate and become young again in the spring waters of Dolenjska at Hotel Balnea.

49. Shop in Ljubljana’s Boutiques (Ljubljana)

If you want for an exquisite dress or a silk tie, hand-painted and custom made just for you, stroll in the Old Town of Ljubljana and browse the shops. There are many, between coffee and tea shops, that will keep you busy – and leave your wallet empty, if you are not careful enough. And if you are looking for vintage shopping, you are in luck.

50. Sleep in hay (Sadinja Vas pri Dvoru)

50. Sleep in hay

If you shun the linen silk beds that befit kings (or are simply looking for a new experience), you may enjoy getting down and dirty like the farmers, whose hands are full of blisters from years of hard work. Sleeping in hay
is surprisingly comfortable and offers the body a night of restful sleep. When you wake up, fresh eggs and other goodies will be waiting for you to fuel you for the next day. A great opportunity to meet a Slovene family and learn about the old days of living while learning about the culture from the very source.

51. Kozjak Waterfall (Kobarid)

51. Kozjak Waterfall

What is so special about a waterfall? Well, one: check the picture. Two, imagine yourself, in a raft, on the top of the very same waterfall, about to go over the 20-meter fall
into the emerald green water. Oh. Yep. And for the people who would rather enjoy the beauty and watch than get wet, there is a walking trail to the waterfall, which takes one hour from the nearby city of Kobarid.

52. Laško Beer Brewery (Laško)

Slovenians are very proud of our beer. There are two main brands people are divided between: Laško and Union. Laško Brewery is the largest in the country and has a long tradition, which started in 1825. For groups of 10 or more, they offer tours of the facilities, where you can see the whole process of brewing, as well as taste various brews. The tours last two hours and a half.

53. Idrija Mercury Mine (Idrija)

Don’t worry, the mercury is long gone. But the charm of the mines is still there for the travellers to discover. Go deep into the bowels of the Earth and visit the underground chapel while you learn about the harsh working conditions of mineworkers on this unique trip. While in Idrija, check out the world famous handcrafted Idrijan lace.

54. Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia (Velenje)

Ready for another underground adventure? You will go into the mine as if you were a mine worker in the last century: same clothes, helmet on head and lamp in hand. The exciting tour will take you 160 meters underground, where you will learn how the miners used to work as well as see exhibits that show the miner’s way of life, all in an hour and a half.

55. Arboretum Volčji Potok (Radomlje)

What do flowers and dinosaurs have in common? Both can be found in Arboretum Volčji Potok. With a collection of over 3,500 plants, which makes it one of the largest ones in Europe, and with exhibitions such as the one with dinosaurs, it is the perfect place for a family day trip. Guided tours are available and you can check the opening times here.

56. Vipava Wine Road (Ajdovščina)

56. Vipava Wine Road

Vipava is one of the wine regions of Slovenia. It is famous for Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and the indigenous varieties Zelen, Pinela, and Vitovska Garganja. Navigating the many cellars in the valley can be a difficult task for a tourist who doesn’t speak the local language. Therefore, it is best to go on a guided tour with a local guide – just don’t blame me if you come back slightly tipsy after the 6-hour tour.

57. Lake Bohinj Canyoning Adventure (Bohinj)

57. Lake Bohinj Canyoning Adventure

The second most beautiful lake in Slovenia, behind only the famed Lake Bled. In fact, it is only 30 minutes away from its more known, but smaller twin. On this canyoning experience, you will get to see both. Prepare for 3 hours filled with adrenaline.

58. Walk behind a waterfall (Mojstrana)

Peričnik waterfall is one of the most hailed sights in Slovenia. In the summer, the sun rays illuminate the falling water while in the winter, the frozen icicles reflect the light, creating a mirage in the air. You can walk all around the waterfall, but you might get a little wet.

59. Day Trip to Zagreb (Zagreb)

59. Day Trip to Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, Slovenia’s southern cousin. A trip from the capital take under two hours by car and is perfect for a day trip. In Zagreb, there are a hundred and one things to do, so take a city tour and relax in hands of able local guides.

60. Hrastovlje Holy Trinity Church (Hrastovlje)

A gem of medieval art, hidden in the Slovenian coastal region, the Holy Trinity Church in Hrastovlje is not one to miss. While it looks just like a regular church from the outside, the inside is what you want to see. The colorful paintings are among the best preserved and are a marvel to see. The church is however quite hard to find, so follow the instructions

61. Solčava Panoramic Road (Solčava)

If you are on the lookout for beautiful sights and scenic roads your can take your car, motorcycle or bicycle to, look no further. The Solčava Panoramic Road has what you desire. Don’t be surprised if you spend half your time stopping and taking pictures that could be on postcards. This road is truly something that can’t be told, it can only be experienced.

62. Town Hall Made From Wine (Novo mesto)

Novo mesto town hall is special in that it was built with wine. The story tells us of a summer so dry that the wine made from those grapes was the most sour anyone has ever tasted. So, in order to not waste precious water, they used the bad wine to make bricks. The hall still stands today in its original form in the main square of Novo mesto. Take a tour of the Old Town Center of Novo mesto – ideal day trip from Ljubljana idea!

63. Soča River Bridge Bungee (Solkan)

63. Soca River Bridge Bungee

Have you ever wanted to stand on the edge of a bridge, adrenalin pumping through your veins, the beautiful Soča valley in front of you and the Emerald river beneath you, and jump into the 55 meter free fall, while being safely tied to a bungee cord? Well, I sure have and I can attest to the awesomeness of the experience. Bungee season is from May to October, once a week either on Saturday or Sunday. Reserve your jump here.

64. Dr. France Prešeren Memorial Museum (Kranj)

Dr. France Prešeren is known as the greatest Slovenian poet. He is most known for penning the Zdravljica (translates to A Toast), which became the lyrics of the Slovenian hymn. He was also a jolly fellow and wrote many songs about wine and drinking. The kids called him Dr. Fig, because he always had a few dried figs to give to the children. In this memorial museum you can learn about the love and loss filled life that gave rise to the greatest poet this country has seen.

65. Ice climbing on icicles (Mojstrana)

65. Ice climbing on icicles

Do you wish to try something new? Or perhaps you are an experienced climber already? In either case, the ice near Mojstrana is the perfect place to do it. The beautiful icicles will bring a tear to your eye when you will have to break them to keep climbing. Just kidding, the whole experience is awesome. You can book for one or two days.

66. Otočec Castle, Boutique Hotel (Otočec)

Where Bled has a church on an island in the middle of a lake, Otočec has a whole castle – right on the river Krka. The castle has been restored and it is now a popular hotel, as well as one of the places to get married in Slovenia. If you would like to enjoy this unique experience of living inside of old castle walls, take a trip to Dolenjska and rent yourself a room.

67. Škofja Loka Castle and Museum (Škofja Loka)

As you can see, there are quite a few castles in Slovenia. Like others, Škofja Loka castle is a worthy sight, but the true gem is the museum inside. It hosts artifacts that tell the story of the town, back to the early days. It shows the trades which have existed in the area, extensive local culture and history and a rich art collection. Many affordable guided tours
are available.

68. Go to hell – Pekel Cave (Šempeter)

Do you want to meet the Devil? Due to the mists that rise from this cave in the winter, the locals called it Hell cave, and it stuck. Now, we of course know that there is no Devil inside, but the charm of the dark, mysterious cave is still present. The cave itself is 3 million years old and the tour of it takes about an hour.

69. Oldest Vine in the World (Maribor)

The Old Vine, as they call it, is the oldest specimen of vine in the world and is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.. It is dated to more than 400 years ago, which has been confirmed by multiple experts. Every year, 35 to 55 kilograms of the grapes is harvested and bottled in special bottles designed by famous artist Oskar Kogoj. Want to get your hands on one of them? Well, unless you are a foreign politician, it’s going to be hard, as they are used exclusively as a protocol gift. Still, you can see the vine and the rest of Maribor while you enjoy other fine Slovenian wines.

70. Rogaška Slatina – Spa Town (Rogaška Slatina)

When you say the name Rogaška Slatina to a Slovene, they will know what it stands for – health resort tourism. The area is rich with mineral water springs, atop of which the spa hotels are built. There are multiple options – something for everybody. Whether you are looking for something to boost your health and recovery or just for a relaxing bath, Rogaška Slatina is the place you want to go to.

71. The Bridges of Ljubljana (Ljubljana)

71. The Bridges of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is famous for its bridges
. It has 17 in total, but there are three main ones you don’t want to miss: the Triple Bridge, with its – you guessed it – three bridges, the Butcher’s Bridge, where you can lock your love (literally) and the Dragon Bridge, where the mighty dragons of Ljubljana breathe fire and stand guard. OK, I lied about one of those. The bridges are all neatly placed inside a half hour walk in the city center.

72. City Park Tivoli (Ljubljana)

If you are in Ljubljana and you just want to relax for the day and have a picnic with friends or family, Tivoli park is the perfect place to do it. The green fields of grass are filled with small groups on sunny days, but there is still ample space everywhere. You can play frisbee or bring a slackline – or join one of the ones already there and meet friendly locals, who are happy to help anyone brave enough to ask. There is also an open gallery and, yes, a small castle where you can have your morning coffee.

73. Vinakoper Wine Cellar (Koper)

73. Vinakoper Wine Cellar

Slovenia has a long tradition of being both a wine and a beer country. While not as known as France or Italy in the wine department, it produces some very palatable wines. The best place to get to taste some of them are wine cellars, of which Vinakoper Wine Cellar is most often recommended. With six cellars with last years’ as well as vintages, the selection is sure to please even the most demanding connoisseur.

74. Lake Cerknica (Cerknica)

Now you see it, now you don’t. The Cerknica lake is a “disappearing” lake, which means it only fills during certain periods of the year – in the summer and during heavy rainfall. When the lake is full filled, it becomes the largest lake in Slovenia. This can happen as quickly as in a few days: from a grass field to a body of water. On of the best ways to explore it is on a SUP, a stand-up paddle board. In a few short hours, you can easily explore the whole lake, depending on how fast you row.

75. Vršič Mountain Pass Sledding (Kranjska Gora)

Vršič mountain pass is on the northern border with Austria. There is the new pass for cars, which cyclists may enjoy climbing and is a sight to drive on, but there is also the old pass, which is only open to walking in the winter – and then is when you will want to go. Don’t forget to bring a sled, because the ride down the serpentine snow road is as exciting as it is dangerous. There are no safety barriers and the distance between levels is enough to make your head spin. Some experience is recommended, but if you don’t have any, still take the opportunity for a great hike and an awesome view with some warm beverage at the end.

76. Day Trip to Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt)

76. Day Trip to Klagenfurt

Only a one or two hour car or train drive from Ljubljana is the southern “capital” of Austria. There, you can see lake Worthersee, Lindwurmbrunnen square with its story, and the rest of the city center. Perfect for a day trip.

77. Stična Monastery (Stična)

The oldest monastery in Slovenia is today home to a museum of Christianity in Slovenia. Every year, young people from Slovenia come to the festival Stična mladih, a Catholic festival which takes place at the monastery in September. Not for every traveller, but worth a visit for the more religious.

78. Portorož Beach (Portorož)

While Slovenia is not as famous for its beaches as the neighbouring Croatia, it stands its own with the little coast it has. Portorož is the best place to go for a swim in the warmer months, and it is only a short one to two hour trip from the capital Ljubljana. The grassy beaches and the blue waters await.

79. Old Olimje Monastery and Pharmacy (Podčetrtek)

Olimje monastery is home to one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. You can learn how they prepared ointments in the days of old and get some homemade treatments for yourself. And not only that, there is a chocolate shop right next to the monastery as well. Mmm…

80. Nebotičnik – The Skyscraper (Ljubljana)

If you want to see Ljubljana from the above, this is second only to a helicopter. The name Nebotičnik, which literally means “touching the sky”, explains a lot. It is not nearly as high as some of the more audacious ones, but since Ljubljana is not a tall city in general, it does the job. And what a job it does. Everything, from the castle hill to the grassy fields of Tivoli and the suburbs is clearly visible, and you can enjoy the view while you nibble on your cake inside the Sky cafe.

81. Praetorian Palace (Koper)

You don’t need to go to Venice to see Venetian architecture. You can see it right in the center of Koper, a city which was once part of the Venetian Republic. Come see the beautiful front and the interior of the Praetorian palace. Today it serves as the mayor’s office and as the tourist information center as well.

82. Šmarna Mountain (Ljubljana)

If you are staying in Ljubljana and aren’t sure what to do on a sunny Sunday, climb Šmarna Mountain. Only a short drive from the city center, this is an easy hike that is rewarded with an amazing view of the Ljubljana Valley. Make sure to learn the Slovenian greeting (Dober dan), you will hear it a lot from fellow hikers.

83. Metaldays Festival in Beautiful Nature (Tolmin)

For metal fans, the Metaldays festival is something worth travelling for. With a setting as beautiful as it is, and with bands like Marilyn Manson, Megadeth and Opeth being past guests, this is one of the best metal experiences in Europe. Take a look at the official website here.

84. Technical Museum Bistra (Bistra)

There are more than 16,000 objects from various fields in this museum. From printing and agriculture to to road vehicles and wood working, this is an all-encompassing exhibition of the technical history of Slovenia. Guided tours with full explanation are available and very popular.

85. Snežnik Floating Castle Museum (Stari Trg pri Lozu)

As one of the best preserved castles in Slovenia, Snežnik Castle is a place that many tourists go to. The interior of the caste is almost completely true to the original style, as the fittings are originals from the 19th century. This makes you feel like you truly travelled back in time. The castle is open year round and the tour of it takes roughly 40 minutes.

86. Babič Mill on the Mura (Verzej)

Babič mill is the last floating mill on the Mura river. Once one of many (over 90), it remains today as a remnant of the old way of life. Over a hundred years old and made of wood, it is part of the important cultural heritage.

87. Koper Cathedral and Bell Tower (Koper)

Climb the bell tower and jump from the top like Ezio Auditore into a ball of hey. Ok, don’t do that. Still, the view from the top is well worth the climb, even if you can’t imitate your favorite assassin on the way down. But with the cathedral’s Venetian architecture, you can certainly pretend so.

88. Fonda Fish Farm (Portorož)

The Fonda family decided to embark on a quest to breed the best farmed fish in the world. No easy goal to achieve, but looking at their appearances in magazines across Europe, they are on the right path. If you would like to taste the fish straight out of the water, you can go and visit the farm on a boat, where they give a complete tour of the facility.

89. Pyramid Hill Hike (Maribor)

Piramida, as it is called in Slovenian, is a popular vantage point for visitors of Maribor. A half hour hike will take you to its top, where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the view of the region and the grape vines. You might even meet one of the animals that like to live in the vine growing hills – deer, hare, pheasants, even foxes!

90. St Nicholas’s Cathedral (Novo mesto)

St Nicholas’s Cathedral is a stone-built church atop a hill overlooking the river Krka. From the outside, the church looks like a medieval fortress and at night, when it is illuminated with yellow lights, gives off an eerie feeling. Inside, you will find many beautiful paintings, in particular the main altar painting of St Nicholas, made by famous Venetian Mannerist painter Tintoretto. Really easy to find – just climb the highest hill!

91. Štanjel Castle (Sežana)

This medieval castle from the 15th century has had many uses. Many famous families lived in it: the Counts of Gorica, the Habsburgs and even a brief Venetian rule. Before the Second World War it was a hub of social and public life under the influence of mayor and architect, Maks Fabiani. It was damaged during the war and restored. Today, Štanjel Castle is a popular tourist destination.

92. Open Air Museum Pleterje (Šentjernej)

If you wish to learn about the traditional way of life in the 19th century Slovenia, open air museum Pleterje is one of the best places to do so. Get to know the half-forgotten heritage and take a trip back in time. Also don’t forget to sample some of the famous local pear brandy at Pleterje Charterhouse, which is made with a special procedure, where the pear grows inside the bottle.

93. Mountain Bike Nomad Day Tours (Prevalje)

93. Mountain Bike Nomad Day Tours

Like mountain biking? Maybe you are curious and hungry for adventure? Nomad Tours is a company with 20 years of tradition in mountain biking. They established the first mountain biking hotel and the first mountain biking park in Slovenia. They offer many interesting bike tours, including underground bike tours.

94. Iron Forging Museum (Kropa)

Iron forging was one of the key trades in Kropa, where it has been a tradition for centuries. Kropa was the center of Slovenian iron forging. Inside the museum, the whole process is explained and exemplified: from the ore to the final product. The museum offers guided tours as well as practical classes, where you can learn how to work the iron under the eyes of master workers.

95. Snow Cave (Prebold)

95. Snow Cave

From June to October you can visit the highest cave in Slovenia. At 1530 meters, it is unique in that there are various ice structures there through most of the year, but the main attraction – giant ice pillars – only occur during favorable weather. The tour of the ice cave can last up to two hours, so bring warm clothes.

96. Golf Course Bled (Bled)

96. Golf Course Bled

If you desire to play some holes during your stay in Slovenia, you can do so on the golf course in picturesque paradise on Earth – Bled. Golf course Bled has a tradition of over 70 years. The best part, of course, is the great view you will have at all times.The great course and friendly staff are waiting for you.

97. Božidar Jakac Gallery (Kostanjevica na Krki)

Božidar Jakac is one of the most famous Slovenian painters and also one of the most prolific ones. His works are categorized under Expressionism, Realism and Symbolism. Nowadays, most of his works are kept in the Božidar Jakac Gallery in Kostanjevica na Krki and in the Jakac House in Novo mesto, where Jakac used to live.

98. Church of St John the Baptist (Ribčev Laz)

The Church of St John the Baptist on the beach of Bohinj Lake, next to the spring of Sava Bohinjka river, is a prime example of gothic architecture. Over 500 years old, the church is known for the remains of the frescoes of St John and for it’s three wooden altars, made in the 17th century. The church is currently closed for tours.

99. Terme Šmarješke Toplice (Šmarješke Toplice)

99. Terme Smarjeske Toplice

What to do in a spa? Lie down, relax and enjoy. That is what Šmarješke toplice Spa is all about. Enjoy the warm waters and the sauna rooms, or take a relaxing massage. The best reviewed hotel in the area is Vitarium hotel, which prides itself on great service and friendly staff. Perfect for a weekend to unwind and let go of stress.

100. Melania Trump’s Birth Town (Sevnica)

Since Melania Trump is now the first lady of the USA, Sevnica, her birth town might attract some Trump fans. The city is already preparing for this, but as the situation is at the time of the end of 2016, there isn’t much to do. There is the Sevnica castle, but unless your trip takes you through there, miss the trip for now.