Best Kids Sewing Machine

The Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine is our best kids sewing machine as it is super easy to use as making locking stitches is easy with this sewing machine, making it truly perfect for kids. It will definitely enhance your sewing experience and it can also be used for dorm rooms and similar on the go experience. Boosting creativity and innovation for kids, the sewing machine is at 12 pounds only for extreme portability due to the carrying case and cover that is protective.

Our step-up pick is the Janome JW8100 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine and the up and down memorized needle is quite useful and this can also be a portable advanced sewing machine for those who need it as a fully-featured machine. It has an easy to use built-in needle threader and you can be sewing without the foot control at all with great confidence.

The budget pick is the Brother LS2125i Easy-to-Use Everyday Sewing Machine and the blind hem is great in this machine and it is also easy to learn for embroidery enthusiasts. With 3 presser feet, this lightweight machine has zigzag stitches that will leave you very happy. Having a 4-step auto buttonhole, it is an amazing machine for the money and is perfect for basic sewing. With a built-in storage compartment, the reverse stitching lever is easily located and a couple of bobbins come along. You can use it on denim when you use a denim needle.

A Little Background

Teaching kids how to sew and mend their own clothes can be a handful, especially when it comes down to safety. This is why most parents will have their kids go through a simple and normal sewing machine that is safe and child-proof so that when they grow up, they can try to mend their own clothes by their own or even make a living or a hobby out of sewing and/or embroidery and the like.

How We Picked

Choosing the best kids sewing machine got us considering the following options first:
Ease of use and straightforward operation – the sewing machine for kids should be easy to use and very straightforward for the child who will learn how to sew his or her own clothes or mend them.
Safety and design – the sewing machine should be just right when it comes down to the design and safety features so that it can be used by kids with no worries at all.
Reliability – the kids’ sewing machine should be ultra reliable and not just a toy – it should really teach kids how to sew properly in a simple yet effective kid’s sewing machine.

Our Pick

Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Having 11 stitches, our best kids’ sewing machine is the Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine and it has a neat tension dial. You can choose between 2 stretch stitches and it also has a 4-step buttonhole that is easy to use.
As a compact sewing machine, it can be used to take to classes with its portability, quality and durability overall. It has a Hello Kitty design for kids that they will love, especially girls. It has an extra high presser foot lift for your needs and the needle plate has been excellently placed. The free arm feature is very useful and the whole thing is not an intimidating machine at all for your kids’ benefit.
It has an easy reverse lever for your needs and all of the needles and bobbins come along with this kids’ sewing machine. For those who are first-time sewers, this is a great sewing machine to train with. It also has a vertical oscillating hook bobbin for those who need it. The buttonhole foot is quite functional to say at the very least.
Coming in with 3 presser feet, this sewing machine is very portable and this adorable machine is the perfect machine for your little princess as it comes with a carry handle for the ease of portability. In addition to that, this is the perfect machine for those who want to learn how to sew properly.
Bringing you comfort for sewing for young sewers, it is great for repairing things and it is ideal for bringing to sewing class to enhance your sewing creativity. With easy portability, it has a seam ripper and is ideal for a quick repair. As a heavy duty sewing machine, the stitch quality is excellent. With an etched needle plate, the maximum stitch length is at 4 mm and it will definitely boost your creativity as well as you r sewing capability.
The snap on presser feet is definitely applicable for young learners. The quality of the machine is great with its spool holder. It is able to produce a uniform and smooth sound as a machine of 3/4 size for beginners. It works well with no hesitation and is easy to use with the push-pull bobbin winder.
As a fully functional and lightweight machine, it has a 3-piece feed dog and is also useful for the casual sewer with its ease of operation. With a zigzag foot, it is ideal for the beginning sewer and has an easy to use accessory storage that is of very good quality. In addition, the maximum stitch width is at 5 mm.
Ideal for travel, it weighs less than 10 lbs so it is truly portable for performance as a quilting machine as well. You can sew layers of canvas with this machine and it’s not very heavy at all. Also, the tension is great for repairing hems that are simple with no complaints at all.
It is a very nice sewing machine and a great way to begin sewing. It is indeed very lightweight and it exceeds expectations as a fun little machine. It is a great small sewing machine for kids and for other small projects or for a quick repair. As an excellent second machine, it is easy to use and comes with a handy owner’s manual.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Not all the time do products like the Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine have unlimited pros – they also have small shortcomings such as the fact that obviously, since it is a kids sewing machine, it is not meant to do the grown-up stuff and all the extra details and fancy stuff in between.

Step-up Pick

Janome JW8100 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

With our step-up pick, the Janome JW8100 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, threading is a breeze. It also has a backlit LCD display for ease of use. There is also an easy reverse button for convenient backstitching. It has a 7 mm stitch width and is a great value bundle overall.
In addition, the presser foot-lift works well and it has tons of easy navigation keys for your convenience. With a backlit LCD screen that is easy to use, it comes with power that will be able to handle a variety of tasks. As a computerized sewing machine, it is definitely the perfect machine for kids. With an auto bobbin winder, it has an easy start and stop button and it also has an even feed foot.
With easy convenience buttons, it has a quarter inch foot and all of the easy navigation buttons are super easy to use. With a locking stitch button, the cutting-edge technology will definitely be a fuel for your creativity for your next sewing project.
Having class 15 bobbins included in this kids’ sewing machine, it also has 7 one-step buttonholes and you will love the decorative stitches on this machine. With 100 built-in stitches, there are tons of bonus accessories such as a wide extension table with this machine.
As for the dimensions, the machine size is 16 x 7 x 12 inches so it is quite compact. Choosing stitches in this machine is a breeze and the finishing decorative stitches are quite attractive. Even an experienced user, the foot control of this machine is good for you. The machine weight is at 12.7 lbs so it is quite portable. Overall, the machine runs smooth for any child.
With large and small spool holders, there is also an instruction book for reference and some standard included accessories and an assorted needle set. The work space is at 4.3 x 6.7 inches and the machine comes with a seam ripper and a buttonhole opener as well as a stitch chart with an extra spool pin.

Budget Pick

Brother LS2125i Easy-to-Use Everyday Sewing Machine

Our budget pick is the Brother LS2125i Easy-to-Use Everyday Sewing Machine which is a full size and fast machine for kids in which the control-dial for the upper thread tension is easy to use. It can be placed on any table or desk. The bobbin is wound for you for convenience and it is a lightweight machine.
Great and perfect for sewing sleeves, this little machine has a snap on design and is a portable sewing machine that has been designed for beginners. As an innovative sewing machine, it can be used for home sewing or as an everyday sewing machine with 10 stitches.
Ideal also for denim, it is so easy to use for everyday sewing and it is great at creating buttonholes and to fix towels. You can make alterations to clothing easily with its stretch stitches and you can repair coats with its reliable features with a carrying handle.
Essentially sewing made easy, it has an auto button-hole attachment with a couple of custom-sized buttonholes. If you want to go for the basic stuff and repair a pair of pants, this is the way to go. With a built-in storage, it handles home decor items well and the buttonholes will fit your specific buttons.
Fully equipped as a kids’ machine, you can increase the tension easily and the free arm is reliable and easy to use. You can take it to classes as you like and buying this sewing machine will not be regret at all. The flat bed usage is easy to use and the bilingual instruction manual tells everything. It is basic yet it does a great job and will be better than expected with its 25 year limited warranty.

Best Kids Sewing Machine with 2 Speeds

Holidayli Mini 2-Speed Beginner Sewing Machine

The Holidayli Mini 2-Speed Beginner Sewing Machine comes in 2 speeds and it is so easy to use. With a needle threader, this sewing machine is for beginner use and is easy to operate with four shuttles and a foot pedal. The rated frequency is at 50 Hz and it is ideal for kids and beginners.
The pedal length is at 140 cm with an approach of 56 inches. It is great for students with its double thread feature. Coming with a sewing needle, this beginner machine is also convenient and is rated for 110 to 220 volts use so it is dual voltage and of good quality.
A mini sewing machine, this one’s power line length is at 115 cm with an approach of 46 inches. In addition, the power is supplied through battery or AC power. Built with a portable style in mind, it can also cater to housewives and mothers or other family members who will want to use a small sewing machine. With 6 watts of rated power, children will find it as a best gift for them to learn sewing well.

Best Kids Sewing Machine with Dual Voltage

WindMax 10.5-inch 12-Stitch Electric Sewing Machine

The WindMax 10.5-inch 12-Stitch Electric Sewing Machine is a great multifunction sewing tool for kids, measuring 10.5 inches in size and it can backstitch as well. Producing low noise all the time, it can make items of clothing for your baby when you need it.
There are tons of features for you to reinforce stitches and it also has an auto winding feature. You can easily adjust your stitch length and tension with some settings. It has a total of 12 stitches built-in so you can add a name tag in a breeze. It uses ABS material plus polycarbonate, POM and alloy. This electric sewing machine is quite handy with a foot pedal.
The input current is at 100 – 240 volts at 50 / 60 Hz and you will also love the included lighting for the work area for better visibility. It is truly a stable kids’ sewing machine that is of good quality in the long run. You can also perform a double stitch in this sewing machine.
Likewise, the output current is dc at 6 volts 1200 milliamps and you can see more clearly at night and in the dark with the lighting of the sewing machine. The power used is any 100 – 240 volts power supply and you can even use the sewing machine to repair or make pajamas of your own.
In the long run, it can seam well whether it is for kids or for grown-ups. In addition to that, you can make unique clothes with this neat sewing machine or you can transform old clothes as well. It is ideal for DIY sewing and similar hobbies. It works well on baby cloth customization as well. The 12 sewing stitches are all very useful to boot. You can even make or repair a pillowcase in this machine.
The buttonholing feature is good and you can produce more aesthetic fabrics with this machine and its stable operation. Using a straight stitch for beginners, it can meet your different needs and you can even make a new curtain or repair it with this machine. The pedal control on this sewing machine is quite excellent. Overall, it is a great machine for you and your family with ample power supply and it can hem as well for those who need it.

Best Kids Sewing Machine with a Foot Pedal

Imax LSS-202 Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine

The Imax LSS-202 Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine is available in 2 speeds for variety. It will transform or repair your delicate silks into beautiful items of clothing or home décor. With a double thread feature, it easily works on regular ordinary thin fabric as a basic sewing machine.
For your convenience, it has a light on the sewing foot area and it works straight out of the box. It can repair old shirts and it only uses DC 6V power for ease of operation. The automatic thread rewind feature is quite helpful and the double thread is also innovative as well.
With the perfect size for mending, you can use it to repair slacks. The threading the needle is easy and you can use it for your first sewing work as a beginner or for children. With the perfect stitch control, this is truly a beginner’s machine as a mini-sewing machine which can also handle denim patches.
It is the perfect gift for your child and can be used for nearly anything like mending. Even people with zero experience can use this machine well. With a double speed feature, the packaging is very nice as a mini sewing machine. It can handle silk and it works well with other materials. It is very cool in repairing pockets and it has a simple on and off control button for operation.
Denim clothing can be easily handled so you will like it a lot. With purple knobs on the machine, it is super lightweight at only 1.46 pounds and comes with 1 needle. As a basic level machine, the hand switch is easy to use for mid-sized repairs. This works great as it can provide a bit of light. The foot pedal is handy and it is easier to insert the thread to the needle than most.
With 7.1 inches in size, it is ideal for mending and repairing projects and is an easy to start machine with a manual repositioning of the bobbin for beginners. It saves your time and comes with larger thread spools. With a top drop-in bobbin, this machine works perfectly with the foot pedal and it also comes with thread and has easy threading mechanisms.
It has a small light and is well packed and portable indeed. It is suitable for a new sewing machine user or a beginner and has a screwdriver for the bobbin. It has two speeds, is of great quality and has an automatic thread rewind. You can try the machine on denim even if it’s small and light as a very basic machine.
This sewing machine is quite handy with a foot pedestal and it is really easy and arrives already threaded to make sewing easy. An apartment size basic sewing machine, the top spindle and 4 bobbins are all looking good with nice and tight stitches. Even if it’s small, this handy machine comes with 1 threader to save time and energy in a portable mini sewing machine that can be for those less than a beginner. The bobbins are super nice as well and it has easy to use features.

Best Kids Sewing Machine with a Barbie Design

Jamac Barbie Lightweight Portable Sewing Machine

The Jamac Barbie Lightweight Portable Sewing Machine is lightweight and is ideal for kids 8 years old and above who are ready to sew. With free-arm sewing, any person who wants to teach sewing can also use its endless opportunities. With an adorable design, the power switch is easy to locate for further ease. Fun to use, it includes an ac/dc adapter and can be used for your sewing projects.
With a pre-threaded needle, it is your guide to sewing even for adult beginners. This easy to use machine has a drop-in bobbin design. It fits on your desk or table to sew doll clothes for the crafty kids. As a portable sewing machine, you can start and stop the machine easily with the electric foot pedal.
Coming with a small sewing kit, it is ideal for small projects and even tote bags. A great little machine even for making pillows, this cute Barbie sewing machine runs on 120 volts ac 60 Hz and is easy to use for doll items.
A speed control is ideal for better sewing activities and seems to be working great with its drop-in bobbin system. Easier than a big machine, it uses 4 AA batteries or an included ac adapter. A great machine for making flags, younger sewers will find it lightweight at only 3.09 pounds for sewing clothes and even doll clothes.
Those curious in sewing will enjoy its free-arm stitching and speed control button. The rate of stitching can be adjusted and you will get the feeling of accomplishment. It is simple to thread with an easy-wind bobbin and receives power well. With heavy duty metal constructed lower gears, it has safety guidelines and instructions as well.

Best Kids Sewing Machine that is Portable

Didihou Mini 2-Speed Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine

The Didihou Mini 2-Speed Easy-to-Use Sewing Machine has a hand switch and can be used for crafts as a small and portable machine with 2 speeds. Re-aligning the bobbin is a simple task. The automatic thread rewind is also easy to do with its stitch control.
With easy to use features, the foot pedal is also convenient. For new sewing machine users, this sewing machine is great with an included cutter and a hand switch. This double speed and full-featured machine can handle denim and is easy to use with a brightly lit LED work area.
The double thread machine also comes with a screwdriver for anything needed. As a basic sewing machine with ease of use, the foot pedal is great I this portable sewing machine and other features as well. With a light, this machine is also jam resistant and measures 21 cm in size. It features double thread and has a built-in needle threader.
You can change the stitch in an easy way and it is ideal for ages 13 and above. An easy to start machine, it has perfect stitch control and repositioning of the bobbin by hand is easy. Great for family bonding, the top drop-in bobbin is easy to handle. It can take silk material and has a simple stitch selection and easy threading.

Best Kids Sewing Machine that uses Yarn

AXE AF27 Yarn Sewing Machine Hug

Straight from Japan, the unique AXE AF27 Yarn Sewing Machine Hug has a bobbin thread and is an authentic sewing machine with pink, yellow and white yarn for knitting. Able to take various fabrics and embroidery designs, it weighs 3.02 lbs and uses cotton fabric. Thread tension can be adjusted and it uses yarn to sew. You can carry it comfortably as the carry size and weight is light with one hand.
Ideal for 6 years and above, this sewing machine is easy on setting the yarn for hobby making. With a reasonable size as a gift for children, the instruction manual is easy to understand. The machine can be used easily for yarn sewing with various patterns and 5 piece set of needles. Threading is easy with the cotton, mascot rosette and mascot kits when you want to use it. The unit needs only 4 AA batteries.

Best Kids Sewing Machine that is Lightweight

Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic Sewing Machine

The Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic Sewing Machine is easy to use and can handle lightweight denim with multiple sewing functions. Great for doll clothing and many fabric applications, the left and center needle position makes it ideal for custom hems as a basic machine even for the experienced sewer.
The tension control dial and 10-stitch options make it great for quilt piecing. With a safety attached finger guard, you can take it to classes as it is a portable compact sewing machine for mending. With 5 straight stitches, it weighs only 5 pounds.
Great for zipper insertion the 4-point feed dog system works well for a multi-stitch zigzag. Perfect for beginners, it is lightweight but not flimsy. Sewing with friends is great and sewing on the go can be done. It can make scallop stitches as well as a crescent stitch.
With a built-in accessory tray, elastic insertion is great and also works on chiffon. The presser foot with finger guard is great with precise top stitching. Using a straight stitch by the young enthusiast makes it a very good beginning machine that is perfectly portable with a reverse lever. It protects little fingers using the finger guard.
Having two needle positions, it works for flannel and has a free arm. Also ideal for apartment and dorm living, it is great for kids to learn on a real machine. It is a fun and reliable starter machine with great speed for a learner and is lightweight and portable and less dangerous. With 11 color options, it is great for a child with a top drop-in bobbin. Great for every beginner and a perfect second machine, it has an instruction manual.

The Competition

Other kids’ sewing machine did not last long and were not competent or safe enough to be sewing machines for kids. Safety is a number one priority for any sewing machine that is made to be used for kids and the like.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is sewing a good activity for kids?
A: According to Northville Patch , it can be a great way to exercise their minds and keep them engaged in activities during the summer. It is a good life skill that people should learn not just to enhance their motor skills but also to give creativity boost to children and the like. It will also improve the hand and eye coordination of children.
Q: What are some sewing projects that parents can do with their kids?
A: According to Babble , parents and children can do items like scarves, headbands, pillowcases and much more depending on what they have in the house or a common interest that is usable or at least attractive and easy to do.

Wrapping It Up

To sew it all together, the Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine is our best kids’ sewing machine that will definitely be a great learning step for them if they want to be a dressmaker or seamstress or fashion designer in the future, or if they are greatly interested in sewing in general.