Best Step Platform

The Step Original Aerobic Platform Circuit is our best step platform which has the option of 2 or 4 risers so you can adjust it according to your needs. If you want to do some aerobic and strength exercises then this is a good step platform to start with as a home fitness tool for your personal space or for your local gym as well. Measuring 25 x 44 inches in its size, you can adjust your workout difficulty with this step platform due to the customizable risers.

Our step-up pick is The Step Health Club Aerobic Platform and you can burn more calories and feel fit with this step platform as it is also used in fitness clubs due to its durability and full size at 40 x 14 inches. Using the included risers, you can adjust the height from 4 to 6 and up to 8 inches high. Moreover, it’s nonskid such that it does not scratch your wooden floors.

The budget pick is the Tone Fitness Adjustable Height Aerobic Stepper and with a non-slip surface to keep you as safe as possible, it is a great cardio workout platform to consider due to its size. It can allow you to modify your workout plan as you need due to its removable risers. You can tune up your workout routine in any way due to its customizable options.

A Little Background

Step aerobics uses music as a form of motivation and with each step, you feel like you are in rhythm, especially if you love the music so much. Step aerobics make use of a step platform for you to step in and out, which is usually a bench-like person. The main goal of step aerobics is to enhance your footwork, your cardiovascular system and various parts of the body while having fun with the music and the fun of stepping on and off the platform.
A step platform is a small bench-like platform that is used for training and workout programs. Step platforms are used for gyms and at home. They are small and lightweight and can be used anywhere. A step platform’s height plays a vital role in keeping your form just fine without getting tired too much. Having a platform that is too tall can get you injured or hurt so make sure it is just right for your skill level before you use the step platform.
The use of a step platform is by making repeated steps onto the surface, similar to climbing up and down a ladder. It is great for strengthening your leg muscles and can also be great for core workouts. It is also a good weight loss routine and can help a person to have better endurance.
Your heart becomes more attuned to physical workouts so you get tired less often when you go for a step aerobics program. Because you use your feet and legs to step on and off the platform, you mostly take your whole body weight to that step platform so you’re using a lot of strength, which helps tone your muscles to become stronger as well.

How We Picked

To choose the best step platform, you can try to use the following criteria in making up your decision for a product:
Adjustable height: not every person has the same height and stepping height so you need a step platform that will be adjustable to your needs. The height can be raised or lowered depending on the user’s needs. Having an adjustable height is helpful for those who have more than one user in their house or gym.
Durability and material: polyethylene material is commonly used for a step platform due to its ease of shaping yet durability. Most step platforms are lightweight yet stable on the floor to help you climb up and down safely. Consider the PE material of the step platform being of good quality so that it will not easily break from excessive use and from sunlight exposure.
Non-slip surface: safety is an important issue to tackle when you choose the best step platform. The surface should be just right and not slippery at all so you can feel balanced and safe when you step on the platform itself. A good step platform should have nonslip markings much like stairs so you are stabilized with each step.
Non-marking feet: having a step platform that has rubber feet that do not mark the floor, especially if your flooring is made with wood. This is also important if you want to keep the step platform as stable as possible. Rubber feet with high quality nonskid material is helpful for the stability of your step platform.
Fitness level: consider a step platform that is just right for your fitness level. Some platforms are ideal for a professional athlete while some are best for beginners who want to work out.
Intended workout usage: whether you intend to use it for cardio workout or some other fitness training regimen, consider a step platform that fits well for your intended workout. The shape and the design of the platform can be different when it comes to a specific purpose.
Dimensions: do know the dimensions of the step platform so that it will be just right for your feet to step on. A small platform can give you difficulty when stepping on and off so you should choose the right size for your platform to make sure you won’t fall off.
Supported weight: a step platform can have a weight limit from 200 to 300 pounds. The weight rating of a step platform is important because it will help keep the unit durable for longer periods of time and it will ensure that it will not break when you step on it. The weight rating is important for any step platform.

Our Pick

The Step Original Aerobic Platform Circuit

The Step Original Aerobic Platform Circuit is our best step platform due to its features. Most athletes will benefit for this step platform for its strength. It will help you condition your body with the right workout and routine. It is great for enhancing your footwork.
You can increase your speed and power with the use of this step platform for everyday training. This step platform can endure the rigors of your training and it is made out of high-density polyethylene so it is super tough for any workout program that you may desire. Having a customizable step platform is great due to its ability to adjust to different people’s weight and height for stepping.
If you want to consider strengthening your abdominal muscles then this step platform will do the trick. It will not be scratching floors due to the safety of the materials at the bottom. Coming with original black risers, it has a good size for regular step routines and it is adjustable from 4, 6 to 8 inches in its height.
As a very stable step platform, its nonslip top is grooved for an extra grip to keep it as safe as possible during workouts. Both beginners and experts alike can benefit from this step platform due to its design. Even homes and gyms with wood floors can use this step platform which supports up to 275 lbs weight.
This can even take people up to 400 pounds with risers due to its durability. If you want to burn more calories, then you can use this step platform for your needs. It has a total of 4 nonskid feet to help you keep yourself stable when you use it in fitness training.
There is also a resistance band notch for you to upgrade your exercise program as you use the step platform. All of the features in this step platform prevent sliding for safety. It is backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Step Original Aerobic Platform Circuit may be our top pick but it does have a few non-deal breaking caveats such as the fact that it can be a bit small for some people, but it still depends on your weight and height among other factors for a step platform.

Step-up Pick

The Step Health Club Aerobic Platform

Our step-up pick is The Step Health Club Aerobic Platform and it is safe to use during exercise as an aerobic platform that will hold you up high. It is great for step platform cardio exercises and is a low impact but high intensity workout plan. The material is made out of high-density polyethylene.
Performing aerobic exercises on this step platform will be a breeze due to the non-latex top that will make you feel comfortable without slipping. You can adjust the workout difficulty on this step platform for your aerobic platform needs. It is quite customizable yet it prevents sliding from your workout.
With 4 risers in total, it has a padded top that is forgiving on your feet. The platform is nonslip so it is very safe. It can be used on concrete, carpet or hardwood floors due to the bottom design. Adjusting the platform height is easy on this step platform as the risers are stackable for ease of storage as well.
There is a cushion top to help you achieve a low impact exercise experience at home or in the gym. The step platform supports up to 300 lbs and the platform can also take up to 500 pounds with risers. This ensures that you can worry less about who uses the step platform for its weight rating.
Having stability is important in any step platform so that it can last for a long time without worrying about safety. Moreover, you can expect the platform to be used in step classes as well. With 4 nonskid feet to hold it together, the step platform is backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Budget Pick

Tone Fitness Adjustable Height Aerobic Stepper

Our budget pick would be the Tone Fitness Adjustable Height Aerobic Stepper which is a great step platform to consider that is secure, safe and won’t break the bank. You can use it for exercise routines due to its ample size of 26 x 11 inches. This kind of size is easy to fit in most homes and apartments as well as condo units, dorms and other similar smaller spaces so you can work out at home.
Great for its storage ability due to the simple size, the step platform is also adjustable for 4 inches or 6 inches on its height level so you can use it for different difficulties. The step platform can be used while listening to music or watching TV and it is safe as it reduces the risk of falling off.
Perfect for all fitness levels, the risers are detachable for ease of tweaking. If you can’t make it to the gym then this step platform is a good alternative. It is sturdy and stable and it can help you build endurance when you work on it. You can also choose between blue or black/pink color combinations.
As a great exercise routine platform, it can help you build strength, stamina and focus. It is light but stable so it won’t slip easily. The step platform’s bottom has a 2-inch removable part to make it adjustable for its height. It can also improve your fitness routine and outlook in life.
There are other things you can use this platform for. As a matter of fact, the step platform can also help old people climb up and down a high vehicle or stairs with this step platform. In addition to that, a free workout chart is included for your reference in exercises and workout routines.

Best Step Platform with 2 Steps

High Country 2-Step 19″ Mounting Block

If you want a 2-step style step platform then we recommend the High Country 2-Step 19″ Mounting Block. It is made with high quality polyethylene that will make it a good step platform for both indoors and outdoors. It only weighs 14 lbs and you get a multitude of colors to choose from.
The step platform can also double as a stepping ladder for barn or field work, such as attending to horses. There is also a window cutout for storage of your other equipment. These features make this step platform a great addition for any home and not just for sporting, athletic or aerobic purposes.
When it comes down to the weight rating, do know that the whole platform holds up to 500 lbs so it is sturdy enough for various fitness levels and user weights so it is quite a flexible one. Having a really durable step platform that can hold large weights will be helpful for various tasks and users.
You can use the step platform in your home due to its simple size at 19 inches in its overall height. The step platform is also light enough to carry and can be stored in your garage. Measuring 15 x 26 inches in total, you can use the step platform for your trailer or RV for easy on/off to and from your mobile home.
The wide base is sturdy enough to hold you for multiple tasks and for aerobics as well. You can find this step platform useful for hard to reach items in the house or office. With up to 13 inches depth for each step, the step platform can even be used by a senior citizen to help them climb up and down tall vehicles.
It has a carrying handle so you can transport it anywhere, such as in a camping site. The step platform can help you safely mount and also perform stepping exercises on it. The step platform is a great multi-purpose ladder and aerobic stepper in just one package.

Best Step Platform with 3 Steps

High Country Plastics 22″ 3 Step

The High Country Plastics 22″ 3 Step is a unique 3-step platform that will be a great addition to your home and garage or even a home gym or large gym. Being made out of thick heavy duty plastic (polyethylene), the step platform can be used anywhere you need a step, such as at home.
With a nice height, this three step mounting block is unique due to its design and it holds up to 500 lbs so it is great when it comes to its capacity on weight. The step platform can be used on your local country farm or barn other than exercises. It measures a total of 31 x 18 inches.
Great for multiple tasks, the step platform is quite lightweight to carry (25 lbs) even for a big step. The step platform is also equipped with a base that is durable, wide and stable for it to carry you with safety. It can work on all types of terrain due to that kind of base.
You can step in and out of a tall vehicle, a horse or use it for exercise programs. The step platform also has neat storage purposes due to the window cutout. With a total of 10 inches for the depth of each step, you can use this step platform for a trailer or RV and it can also be used by children.
This step platform can be easily positioned with one hand due to its ample weight. You can also easily access items inside the step platform due to the storage option. It is a lot safer than a short ladder for household and repair purposes, which is very significant because safety is important in home repair.
As a neat step platform, it is also applicable for horseback riding enthusiasts as well due to its ample height and strength. A carrying handle is included so that you can move the step platform from place to place without a lot of hassle. The step platform measures a total of 22 inches in its height so it can also be helpful while tending to your garden or farm, other than being at the gym or home fitness studio.

Best Step Platform for Body Toning

Trademark Innovations High Step Training Device

The Trademark Innovations High Step Training Device has a total of set of 4 risers and it is our ideal step platform for body toning and muscle workout. It takes almost zero space in anywhere you place it due to the slim profile but wide enough design to step on.
Great for calf stretches and a lot of other different exercises, the risers measure 16 x 16 inches on this step platform. If you want to get in a full workout then this is a considerable platform to have. It also gives you black/blue and pink color choices for a cool look at the gym.
The top part measures 2 1/2 inches so it is just right. Great for most routine exercises as well as for training in youth sports, the risers can be stacked up to 12 inches. It is a nice and compact stepper that can be taken anywhere and can be easily stored away.
What’s more, safety is a number one priority with this step platform due to the rubber non-slip gripping surface for each riser. It is great for almost any kind of aerobic exercise as it is sturdy and stable enough to accommodate various user heights and weights. The height of each riser is approximately 3 inches.
The step platform is an ideal platform to use for toning calves and various similar muscles. It is a stepper with increments so it is highly adjustable. It is also a better alternative to bigger exercise equipment that are spacious at home. The step platform can be used for knee recovery purposes as well.
For those who want to do some glute and thigh toning, this is a good and considerable step platform for the gym or for the home workout enthusiast. It has up to 440 lbs in its weight capacity so it is just fine for various user weights. In fact, more muscles are involved when you use this step platform for your lower body strength training.

Best Step Platform with a Convertible Design

Escape Fitness Deck Workout Bench Station

If you want a convertible multi-purpose step platform then you can go for the Escape Fitness Deck Workout Bench Station, which can be used for professional purposes at the gym or at home. This aerobic stepping platform can be tweaked in many ways possible for your intended workout purpose.
You can perform various bench moves with the help of this step platform. In fact, most personal trainers may be able to use this for their gym club or at home. The platform is so simple and compact that it can be easily folded down to size for storage purposes. Moreover, it’s easy to adjust due to the components.
Ideal for home and gym use, the step platform is a great strength training bench for your portable needs at home or at your gym club. It can be configured in 16 different variations due to its folding mechanisms, giving you total body strength with just one workout training system.
The step platform has a total of 30 lbs on its approximate overall weight so it has just the right amount of heaviness. You can definitely use this for commercial fitness clubs due to its ability to transform into a lot of workout benches. It can be used for cardio workout programs as well.
The ability to be stored in a small space is a great thing for this step platform so you can take it on the go. It allows you to do step ups and use it as a weight bench as well. As a finely adjustable step platform for your home gym or gym club, it has a total of 3 inclined positions in its design.
As a step and ramp convertible platform, you will be able to improve your workouts with this multi-purpose step platform. In fact, you can even use this step platform for a plyometric box.

Best Step Platform for Outdoor Use

KLB Sport 28″ Aerobic Stepper Platform

A good outdoor consideration if you want to work out in the great outdoors at your patio or lawn then you can consider the KLB Sport 28″ Aerobic Stepper Platform. It is a great step platform with a set of 2 risers that makes the platform convertible and adjustable to your needs.
As a neat workout platform that will benefit you for your cardiovascular fitness, the step platform measures 16 x 16 inches for the risers so it is just right. As for the design, it has 3 heights that you can adjust into so you can find this step platform usable for all fitness levels and weights of users.
In addition to that, the included risers snap in place so they won’t move, much like snapping Lego blocks together. This enables a lot of stability for the step platform. It is a good tool for step exercising as well as other aerobic purposes. With a non-slip surface, it will keep you safe as you maintain your routine.
The stackable design of this step platform makes it easy to store and also very stable when you exercise at the comfort of your own home. The step platform is very durable that it supports up to 550 pounds of weight. It will help you keep yourself fit due to its sturdy and reliable design that will help you achieve your fitness goals such as getting rid of fat or toning your muscles.
With this step platform, you get an adjustable design due to the risers, from 4 to 6 inches of height. Moreover, you can count on its durability as it meets CPSIA, CE, ASTM and GS standards. The step platform can be used in workout classes as well.
The good thing about this step platform is that it measures 28 x 11 inches so you can use it even in cramped spaces such as in condo units, apartments, dorms and the like. Moreover, it easily slides under your couch or bed conveniently so you can pick it up later for use.
As a custom workout step platform, it easily accommodates various user heights due to the risers. There is also a free exercise workout guide included. If you want a step platform that can be used for gym clubs and even homes and offices then this is a good option. It is backed by 3 years warranty.

Best Step Platform for Athlete Training

Movement God Aerobic Fitness Workout Step

A good step platform to consider for athlete training would be the Movement God Aerobic Fitness Workout Step which can support up to 500 lbs of weight. If you are an athlete and want to train yourself further then this is a good consideration to have. The large weight rating means it’s okay for big people.
You can achieve great footwork exercises and expect a firm footing due to the stability of the surface of this step platform. What’s more, you can use it for sports massage as well as other workout styles due to its nonskid surface and easy setup. This allows you to stay as safe as possible in the step platform.
It has an adjustable height from 4 to 6 inches so it is fine for various workout routines. The step platform can be used on wood, tile and carpet flooring due to its nonskid surface. You can practice your endurance skills and improve it with the 28 x 11 inches surface of this step platform.
Great for your sporting workout needs, you can work on your chest and back muscles with the help of this step platform while you do workout activity safely with the nonskid surface. You can start your training as soon as possible due to the ease of setup, simple design and straightforward instructions.
Giving you cardiovascular benefits, working out on this step platform can help strengthen your lower body in the long run, which is definitely great for athletes in training. The non-marking feet allows you to place it on just about any flooring possible so you can worry less about messing up the gym’s floor.
By doing pushups on this step platform, it is a good athlete companion to have or for aerobics purposes. You can put this on any type of floor due to its nonskid base and you can shape your hamstrings as well with this step platform’s adjustable design. It has a 3 year warranty to back it up.

Best Step Platform for Gym Workouts

Giantex 30″ Fitness Aerobic Exercise Stepper

If you want a go-to step platform to use at a gym, you might consider the Giantex 30″ Fitness Aerobic Exercise Stepper with its ABS material for great durability. The height is adjustable from 4, 6 to 8 inches high so it allows you to easily change levels depending on your preferences.
As an exercise stepper, it can withstand up to 550 lbs (or 220 kg) of weight. Moreover, the step platform has a non-slip surface so it stays safe for you to perform your fitness aerobic step exercises. As a durable platform, it can help you strengthen your legs in any workout possible that you desire.
It is also easy to carry due to its ample weight and it is also shock absorbing so you get tired less. The step platform can be okay for home use and for workout classes at the gym. The step platform will be okay to use on any floor due to the nonskid bottom.
Being a simple to assemble step platform, it is a considerable exercise equipment for you to choose as it is okay for both indoor and outdoor use for a nice breather outside. The whole step platform measures 31 x 10 inches so it is extra long and wide for bigger gyms and homes.
The material of this step platform makes it easy to keep clean. You can also store it under your bed or couch in the quickest way possible. This particular convenient storage method makes it reliable as it is compact and easy to store while leaning on its side.
Proving you with excellent traction on any floor due to the non-stick platform, the included risers measure 11 x 4 inches each. Having a sturdy and reliable step platform is important for any exercise activity so you can worry less about potential accidents. This particular platform also includes an exercise booklet for your workout reference.

The Competition

Other step platforms that were not included in our list were lacking in safety features such as the feet and nonslip surface. It is important to have a step platform that is safe and secure because your entire body weight depends on it.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is step aerobics?
A: Step aerobics is a type of workout in which you step on and off a ladder in coordinated movements as set by an aerobics leader or something that you choreographed yourself. Usually, step aerobics are done with music, much like regular aerobic exercises and workouts.
Q: How can step aerobics help your cardiovascular health?
A: The cardiovascular benefits of going into step aerobics is similar to that of walking, running and climbing on and off the ladder. It is great for getting your heart worked up and raise your endurance. Step aerobics equates to 7 miles or running in just 1 hour of working out in a step platform.
Q: What is the usual height of a step platform?
A: The step platform can lie somewhere between 6 and 20 inches when it comes down to its height. In fact, some step platforms today can be adjusted depending on the height that you want and need for your training routine or choreographed aerobics as instructed in the gym or for your own preferences.
Q: Can step aerobics help in depression and anxiety?
A: Yes, any workout program or physical routine that involves music such as step aerobics can uplift your mood and make you less depressed and give you a stress-free environment during your workout session. Presenting a happy mood for someone will help fight depression and anxiety and you will feel invigorated with happiness if you get into step aerobics, much like in your Zumba class.
Q: What are some of the steps that are commonly done in step aerobics?
A: A couple of stepping moves that are common and popular among step aerobics enthusiasts include the A-step, V-step, I-step, as well as the basic and tap-up steps. Other steps may include the grapevine and the repeater. These aerobic steps can be repeated as needed or depending on your needs or the recommendation of your gym instructor. They can be attuned to the music since it is a form of aerobics.
Q: How much does step aerobics make me lose weight?
A: The step aerobics program is a great exercise routine that can help you burn from 200 to 300 calories depending on your factors such as your weight, the length of time spent for the workout and many other factors. Losing weight can be done with step aerobics because it is a great exercise routine that will not just improve your cardiovascular system but also trim down the excess fat.
Q: Which muscles are exercised and enhanced in step aerobics?
A: When you work on a step platform while doing step aerobics, most of your lower body muscles will start to function and get enhanced, such as your legs and other lower muscles. Your upper body can still have a good workout if you incorporate various moves as well.
Q: Where can step aerobics be done?
A: The local gym is a good place to start your step aerobics journey or even at the comfort of your own home with family and friends. Step aerobics can be done alone but it is more motivating and challenging if you have a friend or colleague with you or an entire group at the gym. A fitness instructor from a gym or sport club may hold step aerobics programs from time to time.
Q: Can step aerobics be incorporated with real-life dance styles?
A: Yes, most step aerobics programs can be incorporated with various dance styles such as salsa and Latin beats like meringue to add to the flavor and fun, especially if there is a popular song or style of music that people would love to dance to. Having specific dance styles along with your step aerobics can be another form of motivation to workout, much like in a Zumba class.
Q: What is the ideal tempo for music done with step aerobics?
A: The ideal tempo when you pick good music material for step aerobics would be somewhere between 125 and 140 BPM and can also be from 118 to 112 BPM if you are a beginner at step aerobics. Start with a slower song at first so that you don’t get tired easily if you are new to this kind of aerobics and workout program.
Q: How does a step platform correct your posture?
A: The workout program on a step platform engages you to help correct your posture. The right steps are important for you not to get injured when you perform a step on and step off the platform. If you feel like having a curveted figure, presumably due to old age or slouching often then a step platform can correct that problem.
Q: Can step platforms be done by people of all ages?
A: Yes, a step platform is a great workout or exercise routine for all ages because of its slightly low impact moves (depending on the workout program that you get into and the height of the platform) that only require you to step on and off a platform. Step aerobics are great for weight loss but are also great for keeping a person in tip top shape, regardless of age. Everyone who wants to slim down can benefit from step platforms, regardless of age and gender.
Q: What makes step aerobics different from Zumba classes?
A: The difficulty of the workouts is what makes the two different from each other. While Zumba classes focus more on high intensity beats and choreography, step aerobics take it nice and slow because of the step height of the platform, which can be dangerous if you move around too fast. The tempo of most Zumba music is extremely fast whereas step aerobics music can just be nice and slow and just fine for people to follow.
Q: Can you also incorporate other aerobic moves with basic steps in a step aerobics routine?
A: Yes, the stepping moves are not the only things you can do with a step platform during a step aerobics routine. You can also combine it with some push-ups, squats and the like. It depends upon your needs and in your physical skill level and capacity on what you can do with a step platform.
Q: Scientifically, how does a step platform help your body in mood boosting?
A: The release of endorphins is what triggers us to feel happy and refreshed during and after an exercise or workout routine or even in any physical activity. These natural painkillers that occur in the body only get release once we get into some kind of physical activity.
In fact, most athletes become “in the zone” if they release endorphins in their body, and this is what gets them to focus more on their goal. This is the same and true for step platform as the rhythm and music gets you going and the physical intensity releases these painkillers, allowing you to enjoy working out on the step platform.
Q: How can people of old age benefit from a step platform?
A: Most people of retiring age or even those in their 40’s may find it hard to go for a fitness program for them, but step platform aerobics is actually a good way to control various factors that come with old age. You can have a lower blood pressure, lower sugar levels, increase your good cholesterol or HDL, keep yourself away from a heart disease, get more cardiovascular health (get tired less) and lose weight.
Q: Why is it better to be on a group step aerobics class than alone at home?
A: The benefits of socialization come along with the step aerobics class that you attend to. Much like going in a Zumba class and meeting new people, having a step platform class can be challenging and motivating because you get to see other people have the same goal as you do.
Q: What safety precautions should you know when stepping on a step platform?
A: The posture of your knees should be taken into consideration and only step with an angle not more than 90 degrees to reduce the risk of getting a knee injury. Moreover, people with joint problems should seek medical advice first.
Q: What are propulsion steps?
A: Doing a propulsion step is step platform technique in which you step on and off the platform with both feet together, much like “jet propulsion”. It is an advanced stepping style and should be done with caution.
Q: What footwear should I use for step aerobics?
A: You can use any comfortable gym shoes or workout shoes. Today, most step aerobics instructors may advise you to go for an almost barefoot style pair of shoes so you can feel lighter.

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, The Step Original Aerobic Platform Circuit is our best step platform which measures 25 x 44 inches, can be adjusted with 2 to 4 risers, has nonskid feet for stability and can hold up to 275 pounds in its weight rating.