Best Heavy Bag

The Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit is our best heavy bag. Protecting your hands well, it measures 108 inches on its included hand wraps, the heavy bag has been made with rugged poly canvas material for some of its materials so it is quite durable. The bag can be hung from the ceiling so it is very simple to setup like most heavy bags out there.

Our step-up pick is the Century Wavemaster 69″ XXL Training Bag and being made with a durable vinyl cover, it weighs about 270 pounds when filled and it can be used to kick at the same time with another person. The heavy bag can take some punishment due to its durability and it can be used for martial arts training as well.

The budget pick is the Black Canvas Punching Bag with Chains and the heavy bag is also convenient to fill with your own items due to the zippered entry. It is also suitable for outdoors due to the durability. If you feel like you want to (or need to) vent some anger then this is a great bag to consider. It has a total height of 48 inches when you attach the chains for the total setup.

A Little Background

A heavy bag is a fitness or sport equipment that is also called a large punching bag or training bag for both athletes and for fitness purposes. Heavy bags are primarily used by MMA or mixed martial arts fighters as well as boxers to train on their punches. Not only does a heavy bag prevent you from punching someone you absolutely hate (e.g. your abusive boss at work) but it also keeps you in tip top shape, gives you more strength and most importantly keeps you distracted from stress as you take out your frustrations with punch throwing.
The main goal of a heavy bag is to act as a training dummy for the athlete or person to effectively land punches and strengthen their endurance. Some heavy bags can also be used to practice kick moves due to their size. The materials that make up the bag define its durability as well as strength. These training bags can help in muscle building as well as focus and endurance. It is a helpful training tool not just for athletes but also for people with fitness goals in mind.
Other than gaining self-esteem, practicing your punches on a heavy bag will also help you gain defensive tactics in real-life situations. Having both mental focus and an innate desire for combat in a sticky situation will get you through real-life physical fights with enough practice on a heavy bag.
Because the bag is resistant to punches and kicks, it will be a great way to strengthen your muscles when you strike a punch or kick and it will benefit you a lot if you’re an athlete, or just someone who wants to workout at the gym or at home and be physically fit (or lose weight, for that matter).
Boxers use heavy bags to practice on their footwork and stance so they can test out new moves to help them improve their coordination when throwing punches to their opponents while they visualize what the opponent might do in a situation in a match.
Do know that punching a heavy bag is considered as a high intensity training activity so you are bound to lose more weight and then gain more strength and endurance in the long run. It is also a great weight loss exercise for those who want to slim down or if you have a fitness goal in life.

How We Picked

Do consider these following factors when you want to choose the best heavy bag for your needs:
Weight of the bag: the weight of the bag with stuffing is important when deciding the ideal heavy bag because it will help you identify the one for your needs depending on your height, weight and skill capacity. A heavy bag should not be too heavy if you are not that much of a skilled fighter, athlete or person in training because it can cause injuries to the hands or legs. Do consider the ceiling as well, because a heavy bag that is too heavy may fall from the ceiling.
Stuffing material: most of these training bags are made with fibers for the stuffing. Do consider a heavy bag with high quality stuffing material that is not too stiff nor too soft. It should be made with quality materials that will be just right for your skill level and needs so as not to cause injury.
Height of the bag: the height of the bag, whether it sits on the floor using sand or water weight or hung from the ceiling, is a deciding factor for a heavy bag. This is because of the fact that a bag that is too tall for you may be hard to train with, and a bag that is too small will also be difficult.
Included accessories: most heavy bags are coupled with various accessories such as hand wraps and a hanging chain. These accessories are handy when it comes down to maintaining a training regimen or fitness goal with the heavy bag. Pull cords can also be included to help you train better with the heavy bag.
Shock absorbing quality: the ability to take punches without hurting your hands and feet too much would be a good heavy bag to consider. Shock absorbing means that it will take and absorb your hits and bounce it like a trampoline, so it does not put too much stress to your legs, arms, hands and feet. Shock absorbing is commonly associated with the material of the cover, as mentioned below, and the filling, as mentioned above.
Durability of the cover and filling: the cover not only defines the durability of the heavy bag but also helps keep its shock absorbing design. Durability plays an important role when training with a heavy bag. If the bag is not durable then it can easily break after days and months of using.
Style: there are two usual styles of a heavy bag: being hung up from a ceiling or bound to the ground with salt or sand filling. Heavy bags that are hung from the ceiling are ideal for boxing while those that sit on the ground can also be used by MMA fighters and the like. A bag that is hung from the ceiling should not be too heavy in comparison to one that sits on the ground, so as not to damage the ceiling too easily.
Ideal use: most heavy bags can be specifically used for mixed martial arts, boxing or general fitness training. Do choose an appropriate heavy bag that is fit for your sport or purpose.

Our Pick


Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit

If you want the best heavy bag then the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit is what we think you should have. It comes with a pair of gloves for you to train and it also has great resilient shock absorbency. The included wrist strap has a hook and loop design and it is great at giving you strength.
Being stuffed with natural fibers, synthetic fibers and sifted sand, the heavy bag is quite heavy but with just the right amount of heaviness. You can also add an anchor bag weight as an option to keep this heavy bag as stable as possible to the ground and to the ceiling.
Made with quality stitching on its fabrics, the you can perform heavy bag workouts on this awesome bag kit. It also comes with an adjustable height for the attachment to the ceiling so you can adjust it to your height and needs. It is a great heavy bag to punch around for training or for anger issues.
It comes with an installation for a bungee cord at the bottom for better stability on the go. There is also a customization chain included with this bag. If you have anger management issues then you can definitely make good use of this heavy bag.
The bag is also made with high quality synthetic leather for the cover. If you want a decent MMA heavy bag then this is the one to take at 70 pounds of weight. It is a very nice heavy bag for your purpose and the bag comes filled when it arrives. A bungee cord for adding greater resistance to the bag comes with the package as well. The heavy bag is backed by a 120 days warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not deal breakers, the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit does have a few caveats such as the fact that it may not be good for extremely rough usage and is only ideal for beginner to intermediate skill level, unlike expensive ones. However, it is still a considerable professional-level bag for those who might need it, especially for mixed martial arts.

Step-up Pick

Century Wavemaster 69″ XXL Training Bag

The Century Wavemaster 69″ XXL Training Bag is our step-up pick due to its large design that is enough to take your punches. With a freestanding bag style, this heavy bag can help you practice your techniques in a breeze without ruining the bag.
You just need to fill the heavy bag up with sand or water at the bottom. It stands up to 69 inches tall and is a great training bag to take to your home gym or some other recreational area for fitness and boxing techniques. The heavy bag has a high quality striking surface to survive your punches.
The heavy bag can hold approximately 33 gallons of water or 5 bags of sand at 50 lbs each. It has a good weight distribution so it will really help you to train well. Even kids tall enough to punch can benefit from this heavy bag. It also has a durable vinyl cover that keeps it sturdy for taking your punches and kicks.
With plenty of space for you to go sparring, the heavy bag is made with a high density foam fill inside that is just right for its hardness. Made with 18 inches in diameter, the heavy bag is so simple that you do not need to adjust the bag to set it up.
As a tough yet forgiving heavy bag, it can be a great addition to your training routines or for an athlete’s training regimen because it’s portable and can be setup in any place possible. It also has a low profile base so you can use it for your kicking practices. It is a great heavy bag for professionals as well.

Budget Pick

Black Canvas Punching Bag with Chains

The Black Canvas Punching Bag with Chains is our budget pick for a heavy bag and it is a great tool for boxing practice. It is also a nice heavy bag for kids and it can be used even in a gym with a low ceiling due to the design. It can also be setup for apartment use as well as for various smaller rooms and areas.
If you are looking to punch something then this is the ideal heavy bag that is portable. You can fill up with your own items such as saw dust for filling. It is great to relieve stress in this heavy bag because it is just right for its size and it comes with chains to hang it up (which are durable as well).
Made with good quality stitching and material, it is a heavy bag that is easy to use and setup and the bag also measures 17 inches wide. The chains will be holding strong due to its durability and material. Moreover, the composition of the heavy bag is not too heavy and not too hard for your hand’s safety.
You can set up the heavy bag in the living room and you can fill it full of old laundry. It has a white color with a black top and it is good for beginners. The quality of canvas for this heavy bag is pretty good and you can also fill it with sand or any other kind of material you want, to make the bag sturdy and usable.

Best Heavy Bag for Kids

RDX Kids Heavy Boxing Punch Bag

If you want a good heavy bag that will be used by kids then you can try the RDX Kids Heavy Boxing Punch Bag. It has a twinned layer construction which is great for its durability and resilience. You can set up this heavy bag in the dojo for your martial arts students.
Being a tear resistant heavy bag, it is great for taking some abuse from punches and kicks. It is also equipped with a rust resistant swivel for durability while hanging. The high grade steel chain has 3 strands so it is pretty sturdy against physical aggression.
The cool thing about this heavy bag is that you can also hang it from a tree to put it outdoors for training. It also comes with quality gloves for you to use and it is made with a Maya hide leather armor. Most children who dream of pursuing an MMA career can use this heavy bag for training.
It is a neat punching bag that is waterproof so you can take it outside and it will still retain its resiliency. Moreover, the heavy bag can be used in karate and taekwondo for training and can be used outdoors. With a lot of shock absorption, you get a long life out of this heavy bag.
You can hang this heavy bag over a support beam of your gym or on a tree in the backyard. It is great for work out aggression and it stands 3 feet high with chains. It can take on any weather condition due to being an outdoor heavy bag. It can also help sustain and fuel your kid’s passion for martial arts.
Measuring 28 cm in its diameter, children can vent as needed with this heavy bag as they can practice at home. Moreover, it is filled with shredded textiles so it is heavy but forgiving. Perfect for child athletes, the bag is heavy enough and it also comes with junior punching gloves.

Best Heavy Bag with a Foam Panel

Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

The Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag is a great foam-covered heavy bag in which the c3 foam panel wraps the bottom to protect against injuries due to kicking moves. The heavy bag makes a good home workout for anyone with an athletic mind or just someone with a desire for training.
You don’t have to worry about setting it up as the bag is already filled. Moreover, it absorbs low kicks just fine so it is not just a great punching bag but also a kicking bag. Spanning at 36 inches in its height, the heavy bag can be great for setting up a workout gym in your home or in an establishment.
This heavy bag has a couple of knee strike handles so it will be just fine through tough abuse from an MMA fighter. The sturdy bag weighs about 80 lbs so it is great for some boxing training or some Thai clinch training. The bag is made with cloth and sand filling so it is just fine for its material.
It can be setup to a home gym and it will be sturdy due to the synthetic leather. The included chain is 13 inches long so it can fit well in the basement. The bag construction is just right for your heavy bag workout needs and you can also be practicing knee strike and the like with this heavy bag for MMA skills.
Moreover, it’s a rugged bag to have due to the long lasting durability and quality of the material. The core pad is extra soft so it will save you from injuries all the time. With this heavy bag, all you need is a heavy bag spring to install it. With a lot of great functionality, this heavy bag is backed by 120 days warranty for its parts and everything else, provided that it was not due to misuse and neglect.

Best Heavy Bag for Boxing

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag for Boxing

The Outslayer Filled Punching Bag for Boxing is our go-to pick for a heavy bag that is meant for boxing training. At 80 pounds in its entire weight, the heavy bag spans at 14 inches in diameter so it is just right for training with most gyms and home spaces. It has no hard and empty spots due to the filling quality.
As a neat punching bag, it can be a part of your workout regimen or for your boxing training. It ships filled so you don’t have to do much when setting up this heavy bag. It can be situated in your basement for training and the like and it is made with a 300 lb capacity material so you can stuff it a lot.
There is also a vinyl cover for storage for this heavy bag to protect it from dust and the elements. You can store it in the basement or set it up. The bag is also packed very densely so it will take a punch for boxing and MMA training. Having a heavy bag that is durable enough for punches is a good thing to have.
It is filled with fabric that is of high quality. Moreover, you will enjoy working out with this heavy bag. It has a height of 44 inches and you can even put it in a larger area just fine. You can get more cardio workout when you use this heavy bag as part of your training routine.
The heavy bag measures 12 inches on the bag straps and it has a perfect density when it comes down to its filling. With just the right weight and hardness, the heavy bag will last you for years due to its material composition. In addition to that, the heavy bag allows you to add a d-ring as you like. The heavy bag is backed by a 10 year warranty.

Best Heavy Bag for Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red

The Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red is a great heavy bag for those who want to train in Muay Thai. It is made with vinyl materials which add more weight resistance to you when you punch or kick. It is made with 4 layers of straps for extra durability and to keep it hanging just fine in your ceiling or tree.
Any person can use this in a martial arts school and set it up there. You can use it for Muay Thai and most training facilities can benefit from it. The heavy bag comes with d-rings for ease of installation and the heavy bag can also be used to train for kick boxing techniques so you can feel stronger and more precise with each move you make, regardless of what your fighting style is.
The material of this heavy bag has a total weight capacity of 300 lbs so it is very durable. It is great for its ease of setup so it is ready to go as a nice punching bag for training at gyms or at home. What’s more, there are no hollow and hard spots due to the even distribution of the filling.
Standing at 6 feet or 72 inches, the heavy bag can be okay for both gym and home use. It can go as far as 130 lbs of its weight with no excess swinging at all due to the stiffness of its bag filling. A total of 7 feet of minimum ceiling height to mount this bag so it is friendly for smaller rooms as well.
It is also a filled bag when it arrives so it is very simple and straightforward to setup. The heavy bag has no additional chains required and it also measures 12 inches for the straps. Moreover, the heavy bag can be used for any heavy bag station that is provided and it is backed by a 10 year warranty.

Best Heavy Bag for MMA or Mixed Martial Arts

RDX Punching Bag Boxing Training MMA

If you want a great MMA or mixed martial arts training heavy bag then you might want to consider the RDX Punching Bag Boxing Training MMA. It is a pack that comes with a set of heavy bag gloves for you to use. It has also already been filled with shredded textiles so it is ready to use right off the bat.
These textiles are made with high strength material that is just right for its heaviness and stiffness and it will not injure you in any way. Having a heavy bag that will be okay with its filling is important so as not to cause any kind of heavy pain while you training.
You can improve your power and strength with this heavy bag. The included gloves are padded with gel foam so they will make you feel comfortable and at ease all the time. With just the right amount of durability, any person who is into any kind of contact sports can be trained well with this heavy bag.
The included wall pro bracket is powder coated and of 16-gauge steel and spans at 1.5 feet long for extra durability for this heavy bag. You can easily practice your techniques with this awesome heavy bag and the zip top design allows you to add your own filling.
It has a powder coated steel hook for the ceiling is at 18-gauge so it is durable for the elements and will not easily rust. It can be a great heavy bag for gym or home use due to its great strength and the double stitch quality makes it surpass your punches just fine.
There is also a hook for punch bag included for easy installation. The heavy bag also comes with pair of hand wraps for you to feel safe when punching. It also comes with a hand gripper as an additional accessory. It can fit your room ceiling just fine due to its steel chains.
It can be used outside due to its weatherproof qualities. It also comes with a key ring as one of its accessories. There is also a swivel and a d-shackle included in the set for your ease of setup. The heavy bag also comes with tethered straps for safety training. These accessories that are included with the heavy bag are very cool and beneficial for an additional training purposes.
Your stamina can be maintained and strengthened with the use of this heavy bag. There is also a jump rope included to further advance and upgrade your training routine. It comes with all of the mounting hardware needed. It comes with a waterproof bag as well and all of the fixture and fittings needed for this bag are included.

Best Heavy Bag for Aerobic Exercises

Century 40″ 170 lbs Aerobic Wavemaster

The Century 40″ 170 lbs Aerobic Wavemaster is a great heavy bag that is intended for aerobic workouts. Spanning at 10.5 inches in diameter, you can throw some punches at it and it will survive just fine. Great for a cardio workout, it is adjustable to your needs.
Standing at 40 inches tall, the heavy bag has a compact fit for most small spaces but doesn’t tip over easily. It has a base diameter of 22 inches and it can help you go at a faster pace for training. It is made with high density foam for its material and its weight is about 170 lbs when filled.
The heavy bag stays put on the floor and you can also make adjustments on the height which is from 53.5 to 65.5 inches. It gives you an easy relocation because of its just right weight. It is also a great heavy bag for shadow boxing and you can also use this for kickboxing training.
The heavy bag can work for kids and for adults as well and there are also red, blue and black colors to choose from. If you are an MMA fighter in training then you can use this heavy bag for throwing your kicks and punches and practices with it.
As an aerobic heavy bag that sits on the ground, it easily fills with sand or water to stay put. The heavy bag will do the job that you want it to be – take your punches and your kicks. It is meant as a heavy bag for heavy hitting due to being equipped with a poly shell for its outer construction.

Best Heavy Bag for a Gym

Ringside Boxing 100 lb Heavy Bag

If you want a heavy bag that can be used at the gym then the Ringside Boxing 100 lb Heavy Bag is a great pick for you. It is a full length sized bag that is ideal for your aerobic workout. This bag can be filled to 100 pounds due to its design so you can enjoy something that can take a lot of beating and pounds.
It is a decent heavy bag for those who want to train and show off their MMA moves and even learn new moves as well. It is a great heavy bag for both professional and amateur boxers due to its decent material, ease of setup and convenience of learning new moves and strikes.
You can throw punches comfortably with this reliable and sturdy heavy bag that will not easily break yet forgiving when it comes to punching or kicking it. Any contact sport move will be just fine when you train with this heavy bag.
In addition to that, the heavy bag can also allow you to perform body toning for building muscles at the gym. It is made with resilient power hide material that makes it a reliable fitness equipment. It can be a great boxing companion and training equipment that will help you deliver powerful assaults easily.
As a good equipment in your gym, the heavy bag can be used for muscle building as well as to practice kicks in any contact sport. The heavy bag can be used for your home or commercial gym and it can also be great for Muay Thai practices.
For boxing, you can use this heavy bag as a nice punching bag for training. It is also a well-shaped bag which comes with the top chains and it measures 15 x 72 inches. You can build strength with this heavy bag’s durability yet forgiving design.

The Competition

Other heavy bags that did not make it to our list did not have a lot of durability in terms lf materials and were also not sufficient in terms of weight and material. A good heavy bag should be a durable training bag that can withstand punches and kicks.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ideal weight of a heavy bag or punching bag?
A: The heavy bag can weigh somewhere from 60 pounds up to 90 pounds and it can be a factor for your kind of sports. Because of the force of the heavy bag and its material, it may be too intimidating at first so don’t go for a super heavy bag if you are a beginner at boxing or your preferred sport or workout routine. Go gradually from around 60 pounds then work your way up to a heavier bag so you won’t hurt yourself when you train with a punching bag like that.
Q: How does punching or kicking a heavy bag take away stress?
A: Our frustrations in life are what motivates us to physically do something to take out our anger. Each and every one of us have anger issues from time to time. Instead of taking it out on someone through a physical fight, you can save people’s lives by punching on a bag instead – a heavy bag.
Q: How does a heavy bag improve my strength?
A: The heavy bag is so tough and thick that your endurance and strength will rise to the top if you keep practicing on training on the bag for a long time.
Q: How much calories can I burn when working out on a heavy bag?
A: It depends on your weight and lifestyle but you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour of working out with a heavy bag, if you’re around 180 pounds of weight.
Q: How does heavy bag training promote coordination?
A: Your hand-eye coordination is also enhanced when you punch on a training bag because it helps you prompt a proper stance and movement to effectively throw the punch the way you want it.
Q: What else do you need when you want to hang up a heavy bag in your house or training area?
A: Aside from the heavy bag installation to your home or recreation area or even your gym, you only need a good pair of boxing gloves that will help you punch your way to a fitness goal or athletic goal without hurting yourself (especially your knuckles). You may also need good rubber shoes that will help you with footwork and balance as you punch (or even kick if you’re into MMA training). The cost is pretty minimal in comparison to large exercise machines that take up way too much space in a room.
Q: Can heavy bag training boost your confidence?
A: Yes, training on a heavy bag can actually promote self-esteem because you get to take out your anxiety and inner demons with a few punches on the heavy bag. It lets out all of the negativity inside you so you can feel worked up and have a more positive outlook in life, resulting in a boost to your overall confidence.
Q: How does heavy bag training help you in real-life fights?
A: The heavy bag simulates a real person which can help you train by yourself. If ever an attacker were to infiltrate your house or if you end up in a fist fight on the streets, your instinct is to fight but having enough strength and the right techniques is something that only comes with training and practice.
This is where a heavy bag may help you to improve your gross motor skills or the muscle activities that help us go through a fight without stressing our muscles out.
Q: How does a heavy bag improve your mental focus?
A: The heavy bag can be used for image training for boxers and mental training for just about anyone. Even though heavy bags don’t move by themselves, you can try to visualize what the attacker or the opponent might do to you so you can think of a good move to block it or to counter-attack using a good punch (or kick if you’re an MMA fighter). Heavy bag training is not just about strength because you can also help yourself become more focused and aware of the opponent’s moves through visualization.
Q: What other ways can you get the most out of a heavy bag other than punching?
A: Some athletes and fitness experts do recommend other ways of training with a heavy bag, such as resistance training by tackling a row of heavy bags to help you gain more muscle mass, endurance and strength. You can ask your coach or fitness instructor on many different ways to approach a heavy bag for training strategies.
Q: Why does a heavy bag improve your core strength?
A: The core benefits of a heavy bag is due to the fact that you are punching or even kicking and your core muscles are very much active due to the stance, posture and rotation of your body. This is an effective way of core muscle training or abdominal muscle training, other than just throwing punches and strengthening your arm muscles.
Q: Can heavy bags be used for training in Muay Thai?
A: Yes, most martial art forms and other fighting styles can make use of the heavy bag, and Muai Thai training is definitely one of them. Heavy bags give you a lot of endurance, strength and technique and this is why whichever sport or fighting style you choose to learn, a heavy bag is a good training device for you.
Q: Other than your core, hands and feet, what else muscle groups in your body are enhanced with a heavy bag?
A: The workout benefits for your body with the use of a heavy bag also include your biceps and triceps as well as a good shoulder workout. This depends on how many strikes you do on the heavy bag and the different punch and kick styles that you employ, all of which use a lot of your muscles and truly enhance your strength, body composition and also reduce fat.
Q: How long should a training workout plan be for a heavy bag?
A: It depends on your skill level and endurance. Most people should start at least 1 minute or 30 seconds of training with enough rest. If you feel more confident then you can go for up to 3 minutes and add more flavor to the mix. Make sure you get enough recovery periods and you can also use stretch bands to enhance your training program.
Q: What material usually comprises a heavy bag?
A: The
heavy bag is usually made out of vinyl or leather material for the outer cover and is stuffed with fibers. These materials need to be tough in order to survive and suppress punches but without hurting the athlete or person.
Q: Can heavy bag punching increase bone density?
A: Yes, other than a muscle workout , your bones may also benefit from punching a heavy bag. Any part of the body that you use during training on a heavy bag will have an increase in bone density. However, as with all high intensity training workouts, don’t get into it if you are prone to arthritis and bone issues.
Q: What is the difference between a heavy bag and a speed bag?
A: They are both workout bags but speed bags are smaller than heavy bags, and speed bags are more intended for, well, speed training. Heavy bags, on the other hand, are for building strength, stamina and endurance in a long 12-round fight or some other event. They are both excellent additions to any training regimen, even if you’re not a boxer or an MMA fighter.
Q: How is a heavy bag different from a free-standing bag?
A: The free-standing bag is much like a different version of the heavy bag that sits on the floor and supported by a weight full of sand or water at the bottom. It is like a training dummy that stands from the floor instead of being hung up. Free-standing bags are ideal for grappling and other MMA moves.
Q: Why should you avoid staring too much when training on a heavy bag?
A: In real-life boxing or even in real fights, staring is giving the play away with our eyes, much like in basketball. Your goal is to throw a punch as if you are trying to pass the ball to another player in basketball without the defense knowing what you are doing.
Q: What striking techniques are commonly used for a heavy bag?
A: The striking techniques that you can use for a heavy bag may include simple hook punches, jabs, strikes from the elbow and knees, uppercuts, cross punches and much more.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit is our best heavy bag which weighs 70 pounds, comes pre-stuffed and includes a bungee cord for security.