Best Door Lock

The Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt with SmartKey is our best door lock. With smartkey re-key technology, this door lock is pretty sturdy and it offers you a very effective protection in the long run as a locking system for your front entry door. Moreover, re-key the lock is such an easy task as this is a complete lock set so you don’t have to provide the other components.

Our step-up pick is the HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock Card Code/Key and it has an easily reversible handle orientation and it is a great door lock to have if you need access for multiple people. There is also a unique passage mode where the lock won’t automatically lock, which is ideal for a busy door in a workplace setting.

The budget pick is the National Hardware V834 3″ Barrel Bolts and the door lock has a weather guard coating of zinc so it is very reliable for a long time. Being heavy and sturdy but easy to use, it surpasses mechanical innovation and can be operated with either the left or right hand. It is great for a tool shed and the bolts measure 3/4 inch in this door lock.

A Little Background

Locks can be installed not just on doors but also on windows and any kind of entry and exit point in your house. Sure, the lock can be picked by someone who is expert at picking locks to get in your house, but that does not mean that you can make it trickier to destroy the lock, buying you enough time to call the police or take action against the intruder in your home.

Door locks come with deadbolts other than the keys so that they can be harder to open. Deadbolts can be somewhere within 1 inch of thickness. The deadbolt is a great locking mechanism that is used on almost every home door possible to keep other unwanted people from accessing as they will be picking the lock in a more difficult way.

There are also various kinds of lock mechanisms, such as the side bar locking mechanism, the pin and tumbler mechanism and the rim lock, which uses a small latch system. There is also the mortise lock which is unique and usually comprised of a deadbolt and a latch bolt system. There are also modern locks which use electronic keypads and some even use fingerprint scanners.

Keyless door locks also eliminate the chance of burglars or thieves looking for a spare key, since homes that use a keyed system will have a spare key hidden somewhere, that of which most evildoers are very much aware of.

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How We Picked

In choosing the best door lock, you must consider the following factors first in your decision:

Type of lock: a door lock can be any of the following: electronic, mechanical (uses either keys or a latch system), keyless, fingerprint (biometric), mortise, magnetic, deadbolt or even WiFi powered. With any kind of door lock that you purchase, it should be one that will meet your needs. For instance, the door lock that is mechanical or keyed is more ideal for the regular residential people whereas electronic locks are more ideal for bigger houses and public establishments.

Type of material: most door locks are made of stainless steel so that they will not get corrosion easily. You also have to know the stainless steel grade or gauge to make sure it is of high quality. The door lock should be made of high quality material and this is why some door locks are made of brass material so that they will not get easily destroyed by elements or by intruders. Just make sure that the door lock will not be easy to remove so that if ever it is made of brass material or any kind of expensive material, the door lock will not be easily taken by thieves and the like.

Intended door location: the door lock can be placed on various places but you have to consider where you will place it. For instance, if you want to install a door lock on your main door, make sure it is totally secure compared to the inner doors in your house. Main door locks can be either electronic locks such as fingerprint locks or keyed locks, but the most commonly used door lock for main doors would be the keyed lock or an electronic lock if possible. Inner door locks can be of lesser quality but still provide enough security, such as latch locks and the like.

Number of combinations (keypad): if you have a door lock that is keypad powered or provide a keyless entry system, make sure that the door lock will have enough combinations for you to store so that many people can be able to access it easily.

Backup key system (electronic locks): consider a door lock that has a backup key system, if it is keyless such as a electronic keypad door lock, a fingerprint door lock or any similar mechanism. A backup key is very important because once the mechanism of the electronics fail, you will have yourself a safe emergency lock to open.

Ease of installation: the door lock should be easy to install onto your door. It is important that the door lock can be done with great ease, even if it might require a locksmith or a mechanic to install, especially for those with keypads and the like.

Ease of entry without compromising security: consider a door lock that makes it easy to get in and get out for authorized people but hard to access for unauthorized users. A door lock that upholds safety and security yet does not compromise the ease of entry is a good door lock to have.

Door fitting: make sure that the door lock can be easily fitted onto the door that you want to install it to. You should consider the door lock that is not too big and not too small for your intended door location.

Durability and resistance: consider a door lock that is not easy to pry open, to destroy with power tools or to take apart using other items or brute force or careful lock picking.

Our Pick

Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt with SmartKey

Our best door lock would be the Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt with SmartKey which is ideal for most exterior doors and requires very little effort overall. It is meant for any smart key lock and it is built for tough usage if you want a keyed entry door lock system.
In addition to that, you can also use it for your garage door and it is great for your existing key. In fact, you will only spend a few minutes to change the key. Moreover, your key can be changed to an old key if it is kwikset.
The door lock includes 2 keys and it is grade 3 certified by ANSI and BHMA. With a bump guard system, it adds a lot of extra reinforcement to your door and it uses standard deadbolt holes for installation. With a side locking bar technology, the door lock has great resistance to picking.
Everything is included such as the sticker plate with this door lock for your residential security needs. As a single cylinder deadbolt system with a five pin key, all you need to do is to drill a 1 inch hole to install the deadbolt. The door range is from 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches or from 35mm to 44 mm.
An emergency key can unlock the outside lock and lever with this door lock system. It has setbacks for typical doors and it can be added to a keyed knob. Fitting well on any 2 7/8 inch hole in the door, it uses the kw1 keyway key and instructions come with the lock set.
There are four finish types: satin nickel, satin chrome, polished brass and venetian bronze for you to choose from. It is better than having multiple keys and you will love the smartkey feature. Moreover, with this door lock, it can be added to a lever for better security purposes. The door lock is currently backed by a lifetime warranty for the mechanical and finish.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only concern that is not a deal breaker about the Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt with SmartKey is the fact that the lock certification is not as heavy duty as more expensive ones, but it is sufficient for a simple home security door locking system.

Step-up Pick

HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock Card Code/Key

Our step-up pick is the HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock Card Code/Key and you can easily unlock it with an m1 card. It is also very simple to code and install and it is a great door lock to consider due to the unique voice navigation. It operates under the usage of 4 AA batteries which are sold separately.
Perfect to use in a rental business, the door lock has a backset reversible latch and it has a password protect function to keep you safe. It has a standard latch that is sturdy, backed by a pass code system or a key card system.
With 2 cards included, the lock will alarm with low battery power and its template makes it easy to use and to install. Closing the door, it will lock automatically. Given a silver finish, this door lock has a total of 1020 possible users in its capacity. It also has a CE certificate for standards.
All you need to do is to have a 7/8 inch wood boring bit to drill to install this door lock. It comes with key fobs and all you need to do is to give out cards to the people who want to access this door lock. With sturdy and well made parts, it can take up to 100 codes.
Including 2 metal keys, the door lock has an adjustable latch between 2 3/8 and 2 3/4 inches or between 60 mm and 70 mm. It can take up to 800 card users and it can be used under constant use. With a hidden keyhole, the door lock is great for residential or commercial units and it has laser cut keys.
You don’t have to issue keys with this door lock and it has a voice navigation system as well for convenience. There is a stay unlocked mode for busy moments and doors that are often used. With a little effort, one can install this door lock and it has an input two open lock ways function as well (e.g. card + keys). The door lock is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Budget Pick

National Hardware V834 3″ Barrel Bolts

Our budget pick is the National Hardware V834 3″ Barrel Bolts and its steel case is quite durable. It allows you to stay warm as a supporting door lock for your main door or as a door for your bathroom. This little barrel latch gives you the additional security that you need.
Moreover, the screws are included for the ease of installation and it comes at the highest level of product quality and security at home. The bolt diameter is .32 and it is made of a high quality lock mechanism. It comes with mechanisms for installing in bedroom closets.
To have a bit of privacy in your room, this door lock can be used on your bedroom doors or for indoor and outdoor applications. With great manufacturing technology, you can use it in the bathroom and it measures 3 inches. You can use it for your shed door with all the functional hardware included.
For your trusted security purposes, the directions are easy to follow in installing this door lock you’re your standard thickness door or similar sized door. Most tenants could re-key this so easily and it is great for your other locks as well. It protects against lock bumping and it comes even with screws.
As a zinc plated door lock, it will keep your door closed from the wind. Moreover, you can use it as a window lock and it gives you an extra support on the door. The door lock comes with barrel bolts and it can be used on utility cabinets. A great lock at a fraction of the cost, it can keep those intruders away.

Best Door Lock that is Portable

Rishon Enterprises Inc. Addalock 1 Piece

Our most ideal door lock that is portable is the Rishon Enterprises Inc. Addalock 1 Piece which is a unique locking mechanism out of all our picks because it is a portable door lock that is ideal for the traveling person or the apartment dweller.
It will also work on international hotels due to the standard size of the door lock’s installation mechanisms. The door lock may only take up to 1 minute to setup due to the simplicity of this system and the thickness of the metal strip is just right due to its design and durability.
If you want a door lock that is going to be durable then this is a great choice even if it is quite portable and small. Moreover, it installs in seconds so it is great for the traveling person or those who like to stay at hotels. The striker hole measures 2 cm in this door lock.
Also applicable for a hotel door, the door lock is a great affordable option that will make you feel much safer as a portable door lock. You can also use it at home for your doors and remove it in an emergency situation. You can use it when staying in a hotel and it fits on most conventional door latches.
You can take it with you on your travels and install it on most doors that open inwards. It will work on an apartment door and it is also easy to put into place. For added security when you travel, the door lock is a great countermeasure for an attempted break in which can be installed and removed in seconds.
Also applicable for apartment living, you can remove it in less than 2 seconds and it is also great for emergency responders. Fitting well on hotels and motels, the door lock works on any flat to flat opening system and it can be used in less secure buildings.
Coming in with a carrying case and sleeve for travel purposes, you can use the door lock schools and in dorms to ensure a secure building or room. Those who are living alone will find this door lock part of their safety lock down system or for short term rental rooms.

Best Door Lock with Brass Material

Stanley Hardware CD1078 3″ Barrel Bolts

The Stanley Hardware CD1078 3″ Barrel Bolts is a great brass material made door lock to consider. With its strike and bolt system, this door lock is made of galvanized iron so it is rust resistant. Moreover, it is great for home improvement purposes, being coated by a reliable barrier to keep it sturdy.
It keeps people from breaking into your room and it will not rust when placed outdoors. The door lock can be used on light gates and it has a vertical use notch. It is a nice locking unit and it is of heavy duty that is 3 times more corrosion resistant. It holds in a locked position all the time.
You can mount this door lock in a vertical or horizontal way to add the amount of security to your home. This door lock is made with a durable steel case so that it is quite sturdy and that it is also easy to install overall. It comes with the screws and has a vertical notch design.
With a strike and bolt system, you can get the perfect barrel bolt for your intended door application. Coming in with all the door hardware needed, you will feel much safer with this door lock and it can be mounted both in horizontal and vertical form.
The material feels very sturdy as this is a reliable lock to consider. Measuring 7.7 x 5.7 inches overall, the door lock can be operated with either the left or right hand for you to configure. It comes with 2 latches and does the job very well.
With .32 in its bolt diameter, the door lock has a brass looking finish that is very nice. It holds locked position in a sturdy way and it will give you a peace of mind. As a heavy duty lock that can protect your home from break-ins, it is easy to install and it has a good appearance overall.
Made of good bolts and materials, the door lock provides a reliable barrier to your room door or other door and stays shut for as long as you want it to. It can be used on the door to the basement and all the mounting screws are included. The door lock is backed by a lifespan limited lifetime warranty.

Best Door Lock with a Deadbolt

Honeywell 8111409 Single Cylinder Deadbolt Bronze

The Honeywell 8111409 Single Cylinder Deadbolt Bronze is our ideal door lock to consider that has a deadbolt design. With the wave silhouette design of this door lock, the finishing is just right and all installations will be easy with this system.
This deadbolt door lock comes in various finishes and passed grade 3 standards for residential security. It is also bump resistant and comes with two keys for easy entry and locking. Whether you have left-handed or right-handed doors, it will adapt to it.
As a basic deadbolt door lock, it can fit a door with two holes. The door lock also has a flat smooth satin finish and a very clean appearance as well. It is great for contractors and the outside key operates the deadbolt. It takes about 5 minutes to set it up because it has all the right tools.
Great for security in mind, it can be attached to the right side of an entry door and you can easily and effortlessly put this on a closet door. With an adjustable latch, the door lock gives you a smooth operation and it comes with a good looking deadbolt system as well.
You can be replacing your locks with this door lock. Moreover, the lock comes with a key. It is a more cost effective solution and it may fit all standard door sizes. Installation is a breeze with this door lock and it has great resistance to drilling. It may also fit well for pet sitting homes.
This door lock comes with an extender so it is very simple to setup in the long run. It is also a simple lock system for most residential homes and it only takes about 3 easy steps to re-key the lock. With this door lock, you can control access to your home so it inevitably gives you security all the way.

Best Door Lock with a Keyed Entry System

Brinks 2101-109 Tulip-Style Keyed Entry Knob

The Brinks 2101-109 Tulip-Style Keyed Entry Knob is a great keyed door lock to consider because it passed ANSI Grade 3 standards which technically means that it is a high grade lock to consider. Made of antique brass. With 2 matching keys included, it comes with a square spindle drive,
Working well on an exterior door, it has great pick resistance and it can also fit on a variety of door sizes, making it versatile. With a smooth operation, the door lock has a great grip and it has a good drill resistance. You can install the door lock on a home business.
In fact, installation takes about 10 minutes or so with this door lock. You can use it for a closet and it doesn’t jiggle at all so it is sufficient for security and stability. With enough bump resistance, the finish is beautiful so it is also good looking as a door knob. With good strength, it also protects your valuables.
The door lock gets the job done and it is also easy to install as a fully functional lock. The all metal construction is durable and it is quite easy setting up to replace an old door knob. With a 4-way adjustable latch, the door lock only requires little maintenance.
With this door lock, the doors that have a thickness from 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inches can benefit and fit it well. This mechanism can help you protect your family and it also fits any backset from 2 3/8 to 2 3/4 inches. Moreover, you will feel safer with this door knob and it is also nice and shiny in its finish.
Bearing a round shape, the door lock is a keyed entry style lock that can stay as sturdy as possible under the elements. It also comes with an anti-pry shield and it can also function as a bedroom door lock. With all of the directions are provided, the door lock has a tulip style knob design. Coming in with a few screwdrivers, it has a lifetime warranty.

Best Door Lock with a Swing Bar System

Prime Line
Prime-Line U 10308 Swing Bar Lock

Our best swing bar style door lock to consider is the Prime-Line U 10308 Swing Bar Lock. To give you that additional safety, the door lock has a tough latch bolt and it is easy sliding the locking plate with this door lock. It works on any kind of door that opens inwards and it can be used on an interior door.
Giving you a lot of security, it works on a bedroom door to give you privacy. You can use it as a secondary security lock and all you need to do is to measure the frame and molding of your door first. With all necessary fasteners included, the door lock measures 3 7/8 inches in its bar length .
It will work well on a sliding door and an additional lock can be attached to it as well. Complete with fasteners, the door lock is of heavy duty and it also comes with a padding system. It allows 2 inches of viewing and you can also adjust to the level of the frame of your door.
The door lock can be used on metal doors and it has an included shim for ease of setup. You will be very satisfied as it comes with enough ventilation. You can also level the knob easily with this door lock. Made with a zinc die cast construction, it has a beautiful satin nickel finish.
Great for the security of your home, the door lock comes with plastic shim spacers for you to install. You can also put this door lock under mounting plates and it can be used for a screen door as well. You will feel safety similar to being in a hotel with this door lock.
The unit comes with spacers for molded doors and it gives you a safe viewing space as well. Quite easy to install, you can put this in swing in doors and it will keep your door locked at all times for privacy purposes and for adding extra security. It also includes screws from 1 to 3 inches.
Made from die cast zinc, the door lock is almost impossible to open up by force and measures 2 1/2 inches in its height. With its quick and easy installation, the door lock is backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Best Door Lock with a Chain

Prime-Line Chain Door Guard 3-5/16 Inch

The Prime-Line Chain Door Guard 3-5/16 Inch is our ideal door lock for those who want a chain. Great for home use, the door lock can be added to a door to a basement and it also fits on most doors and frames. Most colleges and schools can also use this door lock.
As a travel friendly lock, you can even use it in the shower room or when you travel alone for safety. It has a chain length of 6 inches and has a total of 8 links that have been welded together. With a plated finish of satin nickel, all fasteners for easy installation comes with the door lock.
With a thickness of 1/16 inch, it also gives you sufficient ventilation and viewing. The brass plates on this door lock are extruded in its design. The total width of this lock spreads at 3 5/16 inches. Its chain holder measures 3/4 inch and can be used for various types of doors out there for privacy purposes.
You can typically used it for a single door but you can also use it for a double door, given that one of it can be closed most of the time. It can also be installed on an RV with a fiberglass door using self tapping screws. It is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Door Lock with a Keypad

Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt Nickel

The Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt Nickel is our ideal keypad door lock. It is more convenient than keyed systems although it also has a mechanical key system for backup. With all the installation materials included, it has a half a year of battery life. This door lock has a keypad illumination so it is easy to see in the dark at night.
With no tools required to set it up, you can use the door lock to lock up your apartment or any other mobile home. Made of tough metal material, you can install this door lock on the front door and it is great for your personal business or home security purposes.
Changing the code periodically can be easy with the double user function of this door lock. With this functionality, you can add or delete user pass code. It has a couple of extra security features that will help keep your facility or home safe. The handle switching can be either right or left with this door lock.
You can use this door lock to keep your toddlers and children safe and secure in a door. It is of heavy duty and is quite simple to put together in just about any door possible. You can also keep your pets from entering certain rooms. You can also put it on a metal door with great ease.

The Competition

Other door locks did not make it to our list because they had substandard quality. The fact that a door lock should not compromise security yet make it easy to access the door if the user is authorized means that it is a great door lock to consider.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a door lock and why is it important?
A: In every home, the door lock is very important because it keeps your home safe from intruders, burglars, thieves, unwanted people and other threats to your security. A proper door lock can help you stay protected from outside elements and will also provide your home a peace of mind.

Q: What are the different kinds of door locking mechanisms to consider?
A: The door locking mechanism can vary between brands and types depending on their mechanism of locking. The most common lock is the mechanical lock that can be used with a proper key so that it will be opened. Mechanical locks can be made of metal or stronger material. The tubular lock is mostly used on bathrooms, bedrooms and the like and are actually much more common than the mechanical lock, but are more advisable for use indoors rather than on the front door of your house.

Q: What makes fingerprint door locks more convenient?
A: The fingerprint door lock is really convenient because it will help you a lot in case you forgot your keys somewhere. The latest in fingerprint scanning technology is a good cause for your home security because biometrics can really help you keep your home safe even if in case you lost our home keys. Fingerprint scanners are said to be more economical because each of us have a unique set of fingerprints, which cannot be duplicated at all, unlike keys.

Q: Why should you also choose a good lock for your garage doors?
A: Consider locking your garage doors very well so that it will not compromise your home’s security. The burglar or thief can get into your home using the back door so make sure that if you have a back door leading to the garage or some other part of the house, make sure it is thoroughly secured and locked in the best way possible.

Q: What are some of the most well-known brands of door locks to choose from?
A: Among the best known locks for doors include ones from Yale, Chubb, Schlage, Prime-Line, Kwikset and many others. It also depends upon what kind of door lock you want, as some will be mechanical but some will involve keypads and fingerprint scanners.

Q: When should you lock your home doors?
A: Locking your home doors should be done when you are out of the house, doing something in the yard, currently in the bathroom or shower room, working on stuff in the garage and other possible places where you might not monitor your door’s status. Locking your doors makes you feel at ease in case someone else goes inside that you don’t know. This is highly important for folks who live alone, especially women, children and seniors.

Q: What is the advantage of using a keyless door lock?
A: By using a keyless door lock , you are leaving behind the frustration of having to worry about losing your keys or when you don’t know where to find them (e.g. you left them in your house and you are locked outside).

Q: What is a deadbolt and why is it important to have in a door lock system?
A: The deadlock is an important part of a door lock system because it hinders the chance of your door lock getting picked. The deadlock, when the key is turned and used the right way, will have to turn in order for the latch to move and the door to be fully opened.

Q: Where are digital door locks best used for?
A: The digital door lock is more advisable to use on commercial establishments or in a place that is filled with many people, such as an office building, a hospital and other similar public places. In this way, those with different working shifts can easily enter and exit a room. In the same way, schools and other administrative establishments can have digital door locks to prevent unwanted access from people by putting in a security code combination.

Q: Can doors be locked to prevent children from accessing a place?
A: Yes, a door lock can be used for childproofing or to prevent children from accessing doors that they are not allowed to enter into, such as in the garage or some cabinets that contain harmful chemicals such as cleaning agents and the like. If you have a gun storage compartment in the house, be sure to lock the doors other than locking the gun safe, if you have one.

Q: What makes electronic card access door locks convenient?
A: The door lock that requires an electronic card access is important for most establishments that require a time-in and time-out period for workers. Because an electronic card access system stores data electronically, the door can be opened and at the same time, the time that the door was opened or closed will be recorded using the electronic card access system.

Q: How do you know if your door lock switch needs to be replaced?
A: The door lock switch should be replaced once you find out that the lock switch doesn’t work when you press it whether you try to open the lock or try to lock the door. Most door lock switches can be bought from the hardware store and can be installed by a mechanic if you’re unsure on what to do about it.

Q: Can many people at once use a keypad door lock system?
A: Yes, keypad door lock systems are designed for places that have many people, so that they don’t have to share the same key all the time to open or lock the door. The keypad lock system can be easily programmed like passwords on a computer so that the intruder will have a hard time to access a certain door or building.

Q: How did Yale start the door lock selling business and why are they the pioneer in door locks?
A: Yale as a company is very much known for selling door locks and locking systems. The works of Linus Yale, Sr., who started a business for making bank locks, were transformed by his son, Linus Yale, Jr., who made the pin tumbler cylinder lock of his father’s design better and thus, the Yale company became widely known as a pioneer in door locks. Aside from keyed locks, they now also offer combination locks today. The cylinder lock is perhaps what makes Yale special among other lock offering companies.

Q: What is the job of a locksmith or locksmith firm?
A: The locksmith has the task of arranging doors and lock systems in your house, making sure that they are safe and secure. Locksmiths are the best to call when it comes down to home security with locks. They also make sure that your door locks adhere to your locality’s standard rules and regulations and recommendations for security.

Q: What are fail-safe and fail-secure door locks?
A: The fail-safe and fail-secure door locks are the two types of electronic locks. The fail-safe cannot be secure even when there is blackout whereas the fail-secure lock can be kept locked even with the loss of power. Fail-safe locks are also more ideal for areas with large amount of people such as public places like schools, gyms, offices and the like, whereas the fail-secure ones aren’t ideal for those places because they may block emergency responses.

Q: Why should you lubricate door locks on a car?
A: The door lock cylinders on your car can get stuck whether you use your remote to open or your keys to open your car’s door. Consider lubrication at least every 15,000 miles or at least once a year so that the door lock’s security will not be compromised at all.

Q: Aside from installing or repairing door locks, what else can a locksmith do?
A: The locksmith’s job is quite diverse so they are not limited to just door locks. They can also cut keys on the go, install safes and even provide locks for windows and other places you need to lock.

Q: What deadbolts are the best to use for your door lock system?
A: The best deadbolt for your door lock should be at least a 5-lever system, with a night latch and passed the British Standard 3621 so that it will be solid and secure.

Q: What is a swing lock?
A: The swing lock is the most basic type of mechanical lock for your door. While it is not meant to be your primary lock, it should still be placed somewhere in the door, to keep your main lock safe and secure in case of an emergency. It adds more security levels to your door in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt with SmartKey is our best door lock due to the smartkey feature, adjustable door range and re-key system. It also comes with two keys and has great picking and drilling resistance.