Best Deadbolt Lock

The Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt SmartKey is our best deadbolt lock. Being easy to install and not hard to change at all, this deadbolt lock features the smartkey system and an automatic door locking option. It also locks after 30 seconds automatically for safety. With a strike plate, there is no hard wiring needed.

Our step-up pick is the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Century Trim and including an Apple HomeKit, this deadbolt lock is made for the highest industry standards due to its features which allow you to add or delete codes on the go using combinations on the keypad. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology, you will have no trouble installing it overall.

The budget pick is the Kwikset 991 Cameron Entry Deadbolt Combo and it can protect against lock bumping and it can be used for your front door and the like. You can choose between polished brass and satin nickel finishes. As a keyed entry deadbolt lock, you can control access to your home as all the locks in your house work with one key.

A Little Background

A deadbolt lock is a locking mechanism that only opens once it is rotated by the correct key. The deadbolt lock is one of the safest kinds of door locks to consider for your door or entryway. It uses a mechanical way and uses a key to open it up.

If you want a simple but sturdy keyed system for your door lock then you should definitely go for a deadbolt lock system because it is safe and secure and not to mention affordable. A twist knob allows a person to lock up the door (or unlock it) from the inside and will require a key to enter from the outside.

It can be a single cylinder or a dual cylinder one, which is trickier to unlock. The single cylinder is the most common door lock compared to the dual cylinder lock, which is not often used by most areas and countries due to fire safety issues and emergency purposes.

The main difference between the single cylinder and a double cylinder is the fact that the single cylinder has only one keyhole while the double cylinder has two keyholes, both inside and outside. The single cylinder can be locked and unlocked from the inside using the turning knob while the double cylinder requires two keys to lock and unlock from both ways.

How We Picked

In choosing the best deadbolt lock, you should consider the following factors first:
Ease of installation: the deadbolt lock should be fairly easy to install so that the lock can be used right away. Most deadbolt locks can be installed in most doors and may require a mechanic, locksmith or at least someone who has knowledge in door locks and similar mechanisms. It is important that a deadbolt lock should come with a good set of user instructions to make sure that it will be a breeze to install, even for a regular person who has limited knowledge of door locks and deadbolt locks.

Included Hardware: the deadbolt lock should come with a set of hardware that will help you to install the deadbolt lock so easily. The set of hardware such as screws and pieces that are important to install your deadbolt lock should come in the packaging to prevent user frustration.

Ease of use: the deadbolt lock should be fairly easy to install for the average homeowner or user. The deadbolt lock should also be easy to open and close or lock and unlock when it is needed to be. Having a deadbolt lock that does not compromise safety yet allows ease of access is something to look forward to.

Material used and durability: consider a deadbolt lock that is totally durable against lock picking, drilling and destroying by most power tools or mechanisms. Brass locks are the most high end of all while the stainless steel ones are good as well. Galvanized ones are also great for corrosion resistance.

Intended usage: consider a deadbolt lock that will match your intended usage. For instance, know if the deadbolt lock is meant for use on the front door or main door, or if you want to use it for inner doors instead. Make sure that you know what kind of door you want to install it in for it to fiy perfectly for the situation given.

Keys included: most deadbolt locks already come with a key or two. In fact, some brands of deadbolt locks have a re-keying system to make it easier for you to access or duplicate keys and the like.

Our Pick

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt SmartKey

Our best deadbolt lock is the Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt SmartKey. With a motorized deadbolt system, it is a smart code lock designed to protect your home. It takes approximately 10 minutes to install so it is quite a breeze. With an adapter ring, the deadbolt lock comes with a back-lit keypad and a sturdy lock construction and design.
You can also set the direction of the strike plate with this deadbolt lock. With only 3 steps in re-keying the lock, it is easy to use and install and it gives you increased visibility. With a 4-digit password needed to enter, the deadbolt lock is easy to program and you can also turn off the beep for stealth purposes.
It also flashes green when unlocked and red when locked and it will give you a peace of mind overall. The inner chip can be used online as well. With the 6 digit keypad, it is easy to enter the code on this deadbolt lock. With up to 8 customizable access codes, the deadbolt lock allows you to input a code and then open it up.
In this deadbolt lock, the outside part of the lock has a depth of 1 3/16 inches and it also installs in minutes. With a back-up keyway design, the mounting plate is easy to put into place and the numbers on the keypad won’t fade anytime soon.
It fits standard doors from 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inches and can be activated at the push of a button. With an Allen wrench, it will save on the battery life and you can choose from satin nickel, venetian bronze and lifetime polished brass.
With the step by step instructions included, it is ANSI and BHMA grade 2 certified so it is of high quality. As a secured keyless entry, the deadbolt lock requires 4 AA batteries and is backed by a 1 year warranty on the electronic parts and a lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts and the finish.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con but not a deal breaker to say about the Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt SmartKey is the fact that it can be a bit loud for some people when they use or operate this deadbolt lock system for their home or establishment.

Step-up Pick

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Century Trim

Our step-up pick would be the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Century Trim. With a sleek metal design, it gives you a clean appearance and it comes with fasteners for easy installation. It is strong and durable for a residential door such as the front door.
It has a low battery indicator as well as an installation manual and it can also program numerous numbers. It has great durability and has a grade 2 residential security rating or higher. You can remotely lock the door with this deadbolt lock with enough strength and durability. Using your phone to lock this system, it can also be used for the back door of your house.
The deadbolt lock can automatically lock after a time period and you can choose from satin nickel, aged bronze and matte black finish choices. It also comes with a key for backup and it has an illuminated touch screen for easy visibility and an advanced security feature that will stay locked.
With a good alarm technology, the deadbolt lock is applicable for iPhone, iPod, aAple TV and iPad integration so it really allows you to unlock remotely using Bluetooth smart technology. The deadbolt lock can guard you against potential door attacks and it responds to Siri very well.
As a pick proof deadbolt lock, you can use it as a traditional deadbolt and it holds up to 30 codes in its system. It works flawlessly to lock and unlock your door with great ease. Being an easy to set up deadbolt lock, it supports iOS 8.4 or later and has a good laminate quality finish.
Being easy to program and connectible within the Bluetooth range, the deadbolt lock can be used even when you’re wearing gloves. The deadbolt lock can be integrated with the schlage sense app and it also has a regular key for backup.
It only needs 4 AA batteries to run and it has a good home app integration. The deadbolt lock is backed by a 3 year warranty on the electronics and an awesome limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical and finish parts.

Budget Pick

Kwikset 991 Cameron Entry Deadbolt Combo

Our budget pick is the Kwikset 991 Cameron Entry Deadbolt Combo. The deadbolt lock will fit most standard door knob and locks and it has a dedicated lock button as well as two keys included. With no screw holes required, the interior assembly is superb.
This deadbolt lock uses the smartkey learning tool and you can also change codes in 2 minutes as you want it with a master code option. You can re-key your lock easily with this lock. Instead of just one entry knob and lock system, you get a total of two deadbolt locks in just one package.
With a great style and design, the deadbolt lock is quite durable due to the stainless steel construction. The overall look of this deadbolt lock is just fine and it is a single cylinder deadbolt so it is quite simple to setup but with great and superior security.
You can change the locks of your house door(s) as it is easy to install. It is also part of the kwikset signature series and it is very easy to set to give you a peace of mind overall. As a heavy duty deadbolt lock, it only takes up to 15 minutes of setup time and can be used for your exterior doors.
Being burglar proof, the deadbolt lock gives you a clean appearance whenever security is needed. Moreover, it brings a modern feel for most homes. As a quality lock set, it works even on a security door. It is great for tenants and it uses the smartkey re-key technology.
With an adjustable latch, the smart technology works well to secure the door from the exterior of the house. It is also easy to re-key the lock with this deadbolt lock and it will fit all standard door preparations. Keys that are compatible with kwikset will work on this lock.

Best Deadbolt Lock with Z-Wave Technology

Yale Z-Wave Amazon Alexa Touchscreen Deadbolt

If you want a deadbolt lock that uses z-wave technology then go for the Yale Z-Wave Amazon Alexa Touchscreen Deadbolt. It is easy to program and it can be used for your front door. Being bump proof, programming the lock is so easy.
Working well with Amazon Alexa, this deadbolt lock accepts 4 to 8 digit codes and it works well on standard doors. Each person can get a unique pin code for each user with this deadbolt lock. It also has voice control and has a lot of customizable features.
When you’re not home, you can operate this deadbolt lock. You can install it with no new screw holes required. With a tamper alarm, it installs on standard doors easily and has a low battery alert feature. You can share the lock system with family and friends and it has an auto re-lock feature.
The deadbolt lock requires only from 1 3/8 to 2 1/4 inches on its door specification. With no hard wiring required, it is a grade 2 certified deadbolt lock that you can lock and unlock from anywhere. Powered up by a 9v battery backup, it provides keyless entry with the help of z-wave automation apps.
It is auto relock capable and there are 3 languages for the voice guided programming. You can use the SmartThings app for this deadbolt lock and it also has a privacy mode. With a motorized tapered deadbolt design, you can also integrate with an alarm system.
With a fingerprint resistant screen, the interior hardware is good and sturdy and the included app controls user codes. With great security and connectivity, the deadbolt lock also features a quick lock feature for the whole family.
The deadbolt lock brings a modern feel and there is a bump guard to make it bump proof. Being easy to open and change codes, this deadbolt lock also includes a screw driver and it is very easy to install for home and rental purposes.
The deadbolt lock works with a regular door handle key and it has a sturdy exterior keypad that is easy to press. If you want to go keyless then this is the deadbolt lock to consider. Being easy to install, the deadbolt lock accepts up to 250 unique pin codes.

Best Deadbolt Lock with a Low Profile Design

Kwikset 258 Downtown Low Profile Deadbolt

The Kwikset 258 Downtown Low Profile Deadbolt is a great low profile designed deadbolt lock. The inside part has a thumb turn and you can also give someone a copy of your key with this door. If you are house sitting then this is perfect as it has a lock and thumb twist system and an adjustable latch as well.
The re-key tool is already included in the package for your ease of setup. In fact, there are only 3 steps to re-keying the lock. You will find the time to re-key very simple and straightforward and it can work on most exterior doors.
It features the Smart Key re-key technology for its uniqueness. With a smart design, the deadbolt lock is great for its awesome residential security rating and its bump proof properties. It has an 6-way adjustable latch and it locks and unlocks smartly and protects against lock bumping.
Being nice and elegant in terms of design, this slim and square deadbolt lock is highly compatible with most exterior doors and has a smartkey learn tool at hand. It is also ANSI grade 1 certified so you can be assured that it is a high quality deadbolt lock that can provide protection at the greatest point.
It allows 1 3/8 inches on its minimum door thickness requirement and fits most standard round hole door openings. The deadbolt lock can be easily installed with just a screwdriver and it can be re-keyed with 3 easy steps.
With its smart key re-key technology, the deadbolt exterior and interior parts are all of high quality but with the smart modern look for your home. The smartkey technology makes it easy for you to re-key the lock whenever and wherever you need it to be.
Made with round and square strikes included, you can choose from satin nickel, venetian bronze, polished chrome and iron black finishes for this deadbolt lock. It also includes screws for the ease of installation and the included plates measure 2 9/16 inches.
Including the round and square faceplates include, you can use it for a school house. With great impact resistance, the deadbolt lock comes complete with all of the installation instructions. It has a neat drive in collar and it is backed by a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

Best Deadbolt Lock with a Single Cylinder

Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Deadbolt is a great deadbolt lock to consider if you want a single cylinder one. Giving you superior security all the way, it has a contemporary lever design and a good locking mechanism.
Working well on most entry door keys, you can simply change keys with the help of this deadbolt lock. If you have roommates or dwell in an apartment, this deadbolt lock is great. It has a turn latch and it also complements most home designs.
With sufficient pull strength, the deadbolt lock comes with very clear instructions for the ease of setup. It also uses a thumb turn inside and it has a low profile deadbolt design. It is truly a working deadbolt that has a good key torque cycle.
Providing a smooth installation, it works for most pre-drilled doors and there are various finishes to choose from. You can use it for 2 3/8 to 2-3/4 inches of door thickness and it can work well on aluminum clad doors as well for additional security.
The left to right handle change is easy with this deadbolt lock and it can be installed in 5 minutes. There are also strike plates included with this deadbolt lock along with the adjustable universal latch. With a snap ‘n’ stay design, it can replacing existing locks in a simple way.
Most existing pre-drilled holes will be fitted well by this lock and it can work well on wood doors with easy installation as well as security protection. If you have never installed a deadbolt before then this will be very easy for adding maximum security to your home.
With included instructions so you never get lost, the deadbolt lock comes with steel screws and other hardware. It will fit most standard doors. As a ANSI/BHMA grade 1 deadbolt lock, it is of the highest standard. Removing the old locks is easy and you can use a hole saw to install this deadbolt.
Most homes and businesses will love this deadbolt lock due to its superior protection. It is also compatible with a Schlage re-key kit and comes with a good pivotal piece. It greatly resists hammers, lock picks, crowbars, kicking, saws, wrenches and others and has a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical and finish parts.

Best Deadbolt Lock with an Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Lewis Hyman 1735095 Atlas Single-Cylinder Deadbolt

The Lewis Hyman 1735095 Atlas Single-Cylinder Deadbolt is a considerable deadbolt lock that has an oil rubbed bronze finish for a sleek design. Perfect for a home accent, lock picking will be a thing of the past with this deadbolt lock. It comes with all the mounting hardware.
For the style-conscious home owner, this deadbolt lock is a great consideration. It has a total of two keys are included in the package and has a drive-in collar as well. It can be easily operated by the key outside and it is a great way to update your entryway and provided added security overall.
As a reasonably priced deadbolt lock, it is also easy to change the locks and it has a universal handing design. There is a latch on the inside to keep it secure. It can even be installed without hiring a locksmith and it also fits right and left-handed doors.
This deadbolt lock can be keyed on one side and it is easy to use for your family and other people in the house. As a single cylinder deadbolt, it possesses strength and security and it can also fit on a standard exterior door. The lock sets work well and it can be adjusted for interior doors.
With an entry set, the deadbolt lock can add extra protection to your home. It is very easy to install with up to 1 3/4 up to 1 3/8 inches of door thicknesses in its capacity. It works with common key ways and it has a smooth operation along with a dead latch protrusion.
Given a true oil rubbed bronze finish unlike other brands, it has a 5-pin system that is difficult to lock with a modernized design, there is a twist lever on the other side to keep it functional as smooth as possible. You can use the deadbolt lock for a side entry door and it has an oil rubbed bronze finish.
The deadbolt lock can be re-keyed so it is very convenient. You can install this deadbolt lock on either a right handed or left handed door and keep your entry ways as secure as possible. The deadbolt lock gets the job done and can work for right and left side door. Furthermore, this deadbolt lock is backed by a 10 year mechanical warranty.

Best Deadbolt Lock with a Re-Key System

Baldwin 354ATK RDB 15 SMT Knob

The Baldwin 354ATK RDB 15 SMT Knob is our ideal re-key system deadbolt lock to consider. As a keyed entry deadbolt lock, it has tough resistance against forced entry and can also work on an RV door. As a sleek deadbolt design, it offers the best security possible even for a wood door.
This deadbolt lock operates smoothly and it is great for your door security due to the thumb turn on the interior. With a good style and design, it is easier to install than others for your exterior doors and even for vinyl clad doors.
Bearing a traditional style but packed with enough security, the included side locking bar is made of stainless steel. All of the included hardware is solid and the smartkey re-key technology does it job very well. Most new doors can make the use of the drilling template and it also fits all standard doors.
In 3 easy steps, you can re-key this deadbolt lock by yourself within seconds. This deadbolt lock can give most homeowners a peace of mind and it can also work for garage doors for adding more security. With its solid zinc construction, there’s a lot of durability at hand with this deadbolt lock.
There are a variety of design styles can be complemented with this unique and reliable door lock. Strongly ideal for exterior doors, the unit comes with easy installation instructions. As a round knob shape deadbolt lock, you have a choice of either lifetime polished brass or satin nickel finish.
The latch and strike are included and are adjustable and the deadbolt lock can also work on side doors. With the smartkey learn tool, it is easy to re-key with this deadbolt lock. Being ANSI and BHMA grade 2 certified, the included latch can fit a backset that measures 2 3/8 up to 2 3/4 inches.
This particular deadbolt lock offers great protection against lock bumping and it accepts up to 1.75 inches of door thickness. With great flexibility, the deadbolt lock also provides improved security and it measures 2.8 inches across with a diameter of 2.3 inches.
Moreover, most doors measuring 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inches can be installed with this deadbolt lock. With an aluminum or plated steel construction, it can protect against lock bumping attacks. It is backed by a lifetime warranty on mechanics and finish.

Best Deadbolt Lock with Keyed Entry

Ideal Security Inc. SKGLKW Keyed Deadbolt

If you want a keyed deadbolt lock then you can go for the Ideal Security Inc. SKGLKW Keyed Deadbolt. Fitting well for most contemporary doors out there, the pin and tumbler design of this deadbolt lock makes it difficult to pick and bump overall.
It is a very inexpensive deadbolt lock to install to your home door and it seems sturdy and pick resistant all the way. It is part of the Baldwin prestige collection and it is quite easy to install with enough operational strength for most heavy duty houses with added convenience.
The deadbolt lock compliments most home doors and it gives you less worry when you leave the house. You can use it along with the SKGL series and it is perfect for a storm door frame made of metal. Measuring 1.75 inches on the bolt hole centers, it makes you feel safer as a deadbolt lock.
Simply drill 3 new holes through the door when you want to install it. It is as good as the storm door original lock and is made of die cast zinc. Perfect for storm screen doors and for out-swinging doors, the deadbolt lock comes with a drilling diagram and gives you a secondary level of security.
When you leave the home, this locking mechanism makes it sufficiently safe in your home. What’s more, you have a choice of antique brass, black, white, oil rubbed bronze and satin chrome finish. It measures 2.76 inches and a strike plate comes with this deadbolt.
The deadbolt lock requires a tape measure and a screw driver to install and it has a half inch bolt throw design and a spindle lock mechanism. Most doors from 1 to 2.125 inches thick can be installed with this deadbolt lock for that extra layer of security.
You will feel secure with this deadbolt lock as the main door operation does not get compromised. With a contemporary style, all the instructions are straightforward. The lock cylinder is a 5 wafer style, adding security to your home. You can install the deadbolt lock above or below the handle and it is backed by a limited one year warranty.

Best Deadbolt Lock with a Double Cylinder

Design House 791673 Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The Design House 791673 Double Cylinder Deadbolt is our ideal deadbolt lock that has a double cylinder design. In addition to that, it has a locking sidebar and it gives you improved key control all the time. There is no need to worry about lost keys with this deadbolt lock due to its design.
It fits all door thicknesses and is a single cylinder deadbolt lock that can fit most screen and Plexiglas doors. You can adds security to your doors with this lock and have a peace of mind. Working well for exterior and interior doors, it can also work for an aluminum camper door.
As an ANSI grade 3 certified latch deadbolt lock, it can be used for both interior and exterior doors alike, because it can be keyed both inside and outside. Backsets ranging from 2 3/8 up to 2 3/4 inches can fit well with this deadbolt lock.
The deadbolt lock can work on most exterior doors and it has an adjustable latch for ease of installation and usage. With improved drill resistance to make it sturdy against home intrusions, the deadbolt lock is a keyed entry lock that has bump guard protection and can be used on the front doors. A warranty of 5 years for the finish and lifetime warranty for the mechanical parts is given.

The Competition

The other deadbolt locks did not pass our test because they lacked in quality and in safety features. Some of them also did not have enough or clear instructions on how to install or use them. It is important for any deadbolt lock to be usable in the easiest way possible and should be reliable at all times.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a deadbolt lock and why is it beneficial?
A: The deadbolt lock is a type of lock that is used for most doors as an affordable solution. The deadbolt can be easily secured because it requires a key to turn a mechanism and cannot be opened without the proper key. The deadbolt lock is also harder to pick and drill away in comparison to other standard locks that are keyed.
Q: What are the two types of deadbolt locks?
A: The 2 types of deadbolt locks include the single cylinder one and the double cylinder one. The single cylinder is the most common type of deadbolt lock because it can be installed in the easiest way possible in comparison to a double cylinder one. Single cylinders are easier to lock from the inside than the double cylinder one.
Q: Can deadbolts have a keypad system?
A: Yes, there are unique deadbolts that can be locked and unlocked with the use of a pass code system. This works by entering a pass code through the keypad that is situated in the deadbolt system to open it up. In addition to the keyed system, the keypad system adds a layer of security and safety to the door and the room or house that it is protecting.
Q: Why is it not advisable to lock your deadbolt lock if you have a double cylinder deadbolt lock?
A: Because in emergency situations , the deadbolt lock can become a hindrance for you to get out of the room or house. If your deadbolt lock has a double cylinder design, make sure that you do not lock the inside lock or you should have the key near the deadbolt lock itself for easy access.
Q: What kind of drill bit should I use when installing a deadbolt to a door?
A: You can use a 7/8 inch drill bit for the door edge and a standard bit for the actual deadbolt hole. In addition to the drill, you should also have a mortising tool such as a wood chisel to shape the faceplate of the door.
Q: What does ANSI grade standards mean in door locks and deadbolt locks?
A: The deadbolt lock that has passed ANSI grade standards mean that it is of high quality and is meant for commercial grade and the like due to its durability and functionality. Ideally, if you want a grade 1 specified ANSI certified deadbolt lock, it should go through 10 hammer blows, come with a 1-inch bolt for the frame of the door and can withstand up to 250,000 instances of opening and closing.
Q: How is a deadbolt different from a latch bolt system?
A: The deadbolt system differs from the latch bolt in the way that it locks. For instance, manual locking is mostly the case for a deadbolt system while a latch bolt can have an automatic locking system. Latch bolts seem to fall behind in terms of durability in comparison to a deadbolt system. However, ease of entry during emergencies can be a downside to the deadbolt in comparison to the latch bolt. Therefore, it is wise to combine both systems in your home.
Q: What is the difference between a rim lock and a deadbolt lock?
A: The difference that sets apart a deadbolt lock and a rim lock is the way it is installed. It takes a while for you to install a deadbolt lock in comparison to a rim lock. You only need one hole to drill with a rim lock while you need 2 holes to drill with a deadbolt lock system. In addition to that, a rim lock may only need one mortise while deadbolts require 2 mortises in its installation, making it quite tedious for some people.
Q: What makes high priced deadbolt locks more advantageous over regular deadbolt locks?
A: The higher priced deadbolt lock may have a pin configuration that is a little tricky for the intruders to pick. It is also hard to reproduce the key for the deadbolt lock that has a high price and the cylinder can also be made of tough material that is almost impossible to break apart.
Q: Is it really difficult to pick the lock of a deadbolt system?
A: Yes, at the very most , picking a deadbolt lock is a tedious task which can slow down your intruder. The pin configuration of the deadbolt lock can be different from regular door locks so it can be difficult to pick. Even if it opens and locks like a regular door lock, the pin configuration is what makes it different.
Q: What are the dimensions and measurements that you need to consider when choosing a deadbolt?
A: Consider the distance from the backset of the deadbolt lock system as well as the size of the cylinder hole. The backset refers to the distance that is given between the door edge and the center of the hole.
Q: What is the strike plate and what should I consider about buying one?
A: The strike plate is a needed component in installing a deadbolt lock system for your door. This is so that your door lock can function properly, especially if the door is not made of sturdy materials. The strike plate that is ideal should measure 10 cm or about 4 inches and can be elongated in its design. The hinges should also be secured if you have an outward opening door design.
Q: Why do you need a locksmith to properly install your deadbolt lock?
A: Because locksmiths can do it better due to the fact that they are more knowledgeable in terms of the mechanisms inside the deadbolt lock and most lock types. It is more advisable to consult a locksmith to install the deadbolt lock.
Q: Where is a deabolt typically installed into?
A: The a href=””> deadbolt can be installed on most exterior doors and interior doors as well. You can use it for your main door or you can use it for your inner doors in your home. Deadbolts can be installed on almost any kind of door due to its diversity and can be done easily with a locksmith to help you out.
Q: Why should you drill the two sides of a door when installing a deadbolt lock system?
A: The deadbolt lock should be installed with both sides getting drilled. This is so that splintering will not happen at all when you finish installing the whole deadbolt lacking system. You can use a hole saw when you drill the door edges.
Q: How long does it normally take a deadbolt lock such as a Kwikset lock to re-key?
A: The re-keying process of most deadbolt locks such as the Kwikset lock can vary between 15 and 25 minutes. This depends upon the skill level of the person who will perform the re-keying, the instructions given and provided by the manufacturer and the tools needed.
Q: Can a deadbolt lock system be used on both residential and commercial applications?
A: Yes, a deadbolt lock system is highly applicable on both commercial purposes and residential applications. The main purpose and objective of a deadbolt lock is to hinder or slow down the lock picker that might intrude your home, office or business space. Deadbolt locks are systems that are diverse and are highly recommended by locksmiths in all kinds of applications.
Q: What kind of deadbolt lock should be used on back doors?
A: Most back doors can have a one sided cylinder deadbolt lock system that has an exterior trim. It is a great way to keep those unwanted visitors from accessing the back door of your house. This deadbolt lock type is special and it only allows the operation of the lock from the inside.
Q: What makes a deadbolt lock resistant to drilling?
A: The element that makes the deadbolt lock resistant to getting drilled away is if it is made with steel chips that have been embedded into the system and are case hardened so that it can withstand the regular drill bit, and maybe even destroy it altogether, putting a shock to the person who wants to break the lock system.
Q: Can you use a card system to open up a deadbolt lock?
A: Yes, some deadbolt locks make the use of an RFID card or similar mechanism that uses card swiping to open, close, lock and unlock the deadbolt lock system. This is a great system to have for offices, buildings, commercial establishments and the like with many people around and many employees with different shifts. It can also work for schools to prevent access to unauthorized places.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt SmartKey is our best deadbolt lock which is a grade 2 certified by ANSI, fits on most standard doors and provides secure keyless entry options using the input code system.