Best Garage Alarm

The Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm is our best garage alarm which also fits on any door or window and it is ideal for both home and office use. It comes with a cr2032 battery for the remote control so you will know what to replace it with. Moreover, it can also work on sliding glass doors. It is quite a sturdy garage alarm to consider.

Our step-up pick is the BRK Brands HD6135FB Hardwire Heat Alarm and the garage alarm is ideal for a woodworking area and it has a great silence feature. With screw slots for ease of installation, the garage alarm works at 120v AC 60 Hz and the total length should be less than 1000 feet for the wire. With a battery backup, it has a BRK and first alert feature set.

The budget pick is the SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm and you can use this garage alarm as an addition to a currently operating saber alarm system and it is better than other products as a consumer preferred alarm to protect the inside of your home other than the garage. As a home security tool, the garage alarm can reach for up to 750 feet or 230 meters.

A Little Background

A garage alarm is a kind of alarm system that powers up or triggers when an intruder or someone who moves passes by the location of the alarm. The garage alarm is usually a motion sensor powered system which detects people but may also detect animals depending on its accuracy. Therefore, some garage alarms can be coupled with other monitoring systems such as a camera and facial recognition to know if it is a human or a dog, cat or bird.
False alarms are more frequent if the garage alarm is not very accurate. However, it depends upon your needed level of security in the long run. One of the main goals of a garage alarm is to scare off the person who will intrude the garage or house. While it is not meant to fully keep the intruder away, it is a good countermeasure so that you will know when someone wants to break in the house and garage.
The goal of a garage alarm is to know if there is someone who is currently trying to enter or trespass your property and to keep them away using the alarm sound. The alarm system will detect the motion of the intruder and sound an alarm to alert the homeowner. In fact, some garage alarms can also be used on simple homes due to the alarming sound to ward off the intruders.

How We Picked

In choosing the best garage alarm, you must consider the following factors first:
Accuracy: the garage alarm should be highly accurate in terms of detecting the person who will enter or intrude the house or garage. The accuracy of the garage alarm is highly important because it can really prevent false alarms in the long run. The garage alarm that has a good accuracy will help you differentiate real intruders and pets.
Detection system: the garage alarm can usually use motion detection system in terms of detecting an intruder in the garage or in the house. Since most thieves will go to the garage to steal things, it is important to consider a garage alarm that will be accurate. The garage alarm can be backed by a camera to detect whether the movement is a person or an animal.
Ease of installation: you should have a garage alarm that is easy to install and to set up. The garage alarm should come with user instructions that are very easy to follow, especially for the person who may not have prior knowledge to garage alarms.
Ease of use: the garage alarm should very simple to use overall and should not be hard to maintain as well. Because it is an automated system, it should be made with quality electronics. A garage alarm that is simple to setup and use is a quality alarm to consider.
Durability and resilience: you must have a garage alarm that is very durable against the elements because it will be installed partly outdoors to detect the movements and events in your front garage. You must consider a garage alarm that is also very resilient against smashing, drilling and whacking and should be low profile so as not to be easily seen or noticed by the intruder.
Alarming sound: a garage alarm will usually have the standard school bell or fire alarm sounding mechanism but high tech ones will have other types of alarming mechanisms that are more manageable and customizable such as with custom sounds and voices.

Our Pick

DobermanSE 0119A
Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm

Our best garage alarm would be the Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm because of its magnetic trigger technology. It takes approximately 130 seconds of making an alarm sound and it is also easy to configure the remotes.
With easy installation, the garage alarm produces a 100 dB alarm so it is quite loud. It is also applicable for an apartment building and it is also easy to activate and deactivate the alarm. Taking up to 5 remote controls, it will notify you when someone enters the door.
Being manual or remote controlled, it has a sturdy magnet system that is easy to install. You can use the garage alarm in the office and it only takes less than 2 minutes to install. It alerts you eagerly and is attached by a 3m adhesive backing.
A total of 2 remote controls are included with this garage alarm. It has a compact design and it only requires 3 AAA batteries for the main unit. You can also use up to 5 devices with same remotes with this garage alarm. It also detects entry without failure.
The perfect batteries to use for this garage alarm would be the Energizer or Duracell batteries. With no tools needed when it comes down to installation. You can really prevent intruders from breaking into your house or garage with this garage alarm.
A warning sticker is included with this garage alarm. You can use it for your dorm room or apartment room. Because it is quite loud, it can alert a neighbor as well. It has a peel and stick installation method with an operation range of +/- 32 feet. Also ideal for RVs, the garage alarm has a silver and black finish.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm may have some cons but they are not deal breakers, such as the fact that it can be too loud for other people, but this is seen as an advantage for some people who often sleep deeply and are hard to wake up.

Step-up Pick

BRK Brands HD6135FB Hardwire Heat Alarm

Our step-up pick would be the BRK Brands HD6135FB Hardwire Heat Alarm. There are keys on the remote control included with this garage alarm. Having very simple instructions for you to follow and use for setup, the alarm that works very well.
Moreover, the alarm can be programmed in an easy way for your house safety. This garage alarm is rated for 120 volts usage and it is also ideal for garages as well. It is totally great for fire safety and it can really help you escape a fire overall.
It has a Thermistor heat sensor and it is significantly better than standard smoke alarms. With a quick connect plug, it work when connected with a similar fuse or circuit breaker. The garage alarm can detect smoke and carbon monoxide.
Having a test and silence button, the garage alarm meets UL requirements and it is a great heat sensing alarm to consider with a low battery silencer. With a total of two silence features, the garage alarm is easy to install and it senses and alarms as intended.
With a maximum of 18 compatible devices, the garage alarm works with a 9-volt battery. You can also attach the garage alarm with an existing system and it has a remote controlled test feature. It can detect and alarm at 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
It also comes with 8-inch pigtails for ease of installation. This garage alarm is a complete warning system and it gives you no false alarms at all. It can sound a horn at 85 decibels and it is a sturdy hardwire heat alarm with a latching alarm indicator. You can install it in some laundry rooms.
With a good build quality, the alarm has an IR remote control. The garage alarm is also interconnect able up to 12 units and you can simply install it in a garage without a lot of fuss. The garage alarm can run up to 8 hours on the battery silencer. It has a user’s manual and a 10-year limited warranty.

Budget Pick

SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm

Our budget pick for the best garage alarm would be the SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm as this garage alarm is ideal for most rooms and it is also applicable for a wooden shop door. It is also compatible with Defiant and it is a great home security tool to consider.
If you live in a condo then this garage alarm is applicable. The included sensor measures 1 1/2 x 3 3/8 inches and it is a nice DIY capable alarm to have as part of your home alarm system. Sounding a loud 120 dB alarm, the garage alarm also gives you a battery status update since it is wireless.
As an alarm system that is reliable with greater coverage, the inner components are very durable due to the very fact that it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified garage alarm that is wireless.
Moreover, the chime will sound every 1.5 seconds with this home alarm system so it is extremely reliable and a countermeasure if an intruder will attempt to enter. Most of all, the garage alarm complements with most home decor styles.
With no wiring needed in its do-it-yourself installation, from the main control panel, it can be situated for up to 500 feet or 150 meters.
Bringing you easy setup, the garage alarm can help you add an extra level of security in the house as you mount it to your preferred place. Using the remote key fob, the alarm can be turned off. The garage alarm only requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).
You can also add another siren to the system if you feel that it is not noisy enough. The garage alarm can easily scare off burglars around the home and it is equipped with 3 adjustable settings. You can even use this garage alarm on freezers and integrate it with the wp-100 system.

Best Garage Alarm that is Weatherproof

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

Our ideal garage alarm that is weatherproof and is sturdy against the elements is the 1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway. With 2 PIR transmitters, you can expand this system for your needs. The garage alarm can ring up to 100 dB your property and it can also work for multiple receivers.
The garage alarm has a communication range of up to 100 meters or 328 feet and it can detect any movement quite easily. The garage alarm can work well for up to 50 additional sensors and it is ideal also for an outdoor storage area.
With a detection range of approximately 5 to 8 meters or 16 to 26 feet, the garage alarm works great in the backyard and it is also an ideal solution if you have more than one driveway. The garage alarm flashes for 30 seconds for the battery compartment and it has an infrared sensor.
As a battery operated garage alarm for your driveway, the alarm consumes 3 type c batteries at 1.5 volts each and it will keep you safe in the long run to give you that extra warning due to the alarm system. It has an auto-learning code button and it will keep you informed of intruders.
It brings you dependable technology and it also comes with 4 wall plugs so you can use it for a corded electric option. It also comes with 4 screws for ease of installation. As a passive infrared garage alarm, it also comes with a weatherproof sensor so you can use it outdoors.
With up to 3 mode choices, the garage alarm also comes with a moving heat sensor and it uses a state of the art technology. With an LED flash for additional scare tactics for the intruder, those who would like to monitor their shed will like this garage alarm.
The weatherproof sensor of this garage alarm helps it keep it durable against outside weather conditions. With 3 alert choices to choose from, you can even use the garage alarm near the pool and it gets the job done all the time.
With an AC power adapter for a corded operation. The garage alarm also comes with an instruction manual for your ease of installation. You can also use the alarm for a high or low volume chime setting. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Best Garage Alarm with Different Ringtones

EOWJEED Wireless Driveway Alert Security Alarm

If you want a garage alarm that has many ringtones to choose from then you can choose the EOWJEED Wireless Driveway Alert Security Alarm. The garage alarm provides you with maximum security overall. What’s more, the sensor installs easily so you can use it right away.
You can use the garage alarm for a business as well as for some hidden driveways. With an infrared sensor equipped, installation is easy with this garage alarm. It also has a volume adjustment feature. Being sturdy and reliable, this PIR sensor and alarm can also monitor a supply closet.
It detects motion easily and it can also configure silence modes. With an international voltage of 110 to 240 volts, the garage alarm can also act as a motion sensor doorbell and it can easily send signal to the receiver without problems. Those getting onto your property can be detected.
You can also adjust the sound for this garage alarm so as not to disturb others. You can use it as a warehouse monitor and it allows you a choice of up to 38 ringtones. You can configure the garage alarm for use from room to room in your house or near your front door.
This garage alarm will detect any movement and it has a wireless battery operated sensor. It has a bright LED light and the garage alarm can also help you get alerts for that morning newspaper delivery. Only using 3 AAA batteries for the motion sensor, it has a working range of up to 70 meters.
You can use the garage alarm anywhere in the house or in your garage and it is great for walkway detection. The infrared distance is from 3 to 7 meters and it is easy to configure the receiver switch settings. You can use it as an alleyway alarm and it can be used for your home safety.
Most hotels can even use this garage alarm with its included 2 mounting accessories for ease of setup. Also applicable for a tool shed, the garage alarm is a plug-in receiver unit and it can be used as an alarm for critters to keep them off your shed tools.

Best Garage Alarm for Flood Detection

FirstAlertWA100 3
First Alert WA100-3 3-Pack Water Alarm

The First Alert WA100-3 3-Pack Water Alarm is a great flood detecting garage alarm to consider. The garage alarm is quite attractive in its design and yet is a great addition to your home security plan. It alerts the home and it can be used on any of the exterior doors with easy installation.
As a general alarm system, you will feel at ease even if your door is a sliding glass door when installing this alarm. The alarm can sound at up to 85 decibels of volume and can reach up to 10 feet in its distance range.
With a universal mounting bracket, the garage alarm is perfectly used in the garage ceiling and it works with a wired system as well. It is ideally used on temperatures between 30 and 120 degrees F and can resist being dropped to the ground due to its shock resistance of 3 feet.
The siren will sound immediately when you install and activate the alarm on garages. Made of superior quality materials, the garage alarm is a comprehensive system equipped with a magnetic sensor. Perfect also for cabinets, the alarm can guarantee the security and protection for your home.
You should store this flood alert system within -20 to 150 degrees F and it is best kept with a relative humidity of up to 80% in its storage area. Each alarm requires a 9-volt battery, which also already comes with the pack.
You can definitely use it in attached garages and it is a nice hardwire heat alarm to consider. There is a latching alarm indicator with this garage alarm which can fit on most crawl spaces. Moreover, it is great for the garage and it can take out most fumes and dust.
The garage alarm helps deter entry and it is a great additional system to keep your home safe and sound. You can also use the garage alarm in the dorm due to its versatility. The garage alarm also notifies neighbors due to the loud sound and it can be a door and window sensor as well.
You can use this garage alarm for laundry areas, garages, basements, bathrooms and so much more because of its diverse operation. You will protect your garage and home from the instance of flood with this unit. It is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Best Garage Alarm with a Keypad

Skylink KP-434W Wireless Remote Burglar Alarm

If you want a garage alarm that can be secured with a keypad then you can go for the Skylink KP-434W Wireless Remote Burglar Alarm. You will feel the ease of installation for this garage alarm and it gives you added protection as well.
It can be installed easily and has a low battery status indication. As a wireless unit, it accepts pass codes of up to 4 varieties depending on how many individual users you need to have in your home or establishment. It is also a nice DIY garage alarm that you can install by yourself.
Passing quality assurance testing, the garage alarm works during power outages due to being battery operated. It also looks great in terms of design for your house. It also works for sheds and it can also be used for second floor windows. The garage alarm may also work for attics and for office use.
It is also easy to mount anywhere due to the simple design. You can install this garage alarm to your door and window and integrate it with an existing wireless system. As an easy to use alarm that works well in any weather, there is a huge selection of ringtones for this awesome unit.
With enough battery backup, this garage alarm is a must for your garage and it has a universal mounting bracket. You just simply enter your pin code so you can enter without it chiming. This burglar alarm has a total of 100 feet in its probable range of detection.
You will be able to use this garage alarm with your swing door openers and other garage security models and items of the same brand. It uses lithium batteries, which are included in the package. It is a considerable DIY alarm for your garage to have.
As a low maintenance garage alarm, it is great for those homes with multiple entry points and is quite easy to program the codes. It is a nice garage security system that will prevent intruders from trespassing your home. A keychain transmitter is also included with the unit.
As a battery operated garage alarm, it uses CR2032 batteries. You can easily disarm or arm the alarm system using the remote keypad by entering the right combination. You can add more of this alarm system to different parts of the house. It is backed by a warranty of 1 year.

Best Garage Alarm with an Infrared Sensor

DOBERMAN SECURITY SE-0104 Motion Alarm Detector

The DOBERMAN SECURITY SE-0104 Motion Alarm Detector is a great garage alarm that uses an infrared sensor. The garage alarm is so easy to use that you just mount the sensors on either side of the door or window and it is ready for action.
Being quite loud at 100 decibels, it uses an infrared sensor and has a wide coverage of up to 15 feet with an angle of 60 degrees. A mounting bracket with a swivel motion is also included in the installation kit in which you can mount the garage alarm in either a horizontal or vertical way.
As a versatile garage alarm and home security system, you will be impressed with the sensor’s accuracy and the alarm being loud for a small size. You can also connect with another unit to work but can also work as a standalone alarm system.
Working well also for other buildings, the garage alarm can be used when guests are approaching to alert you. The alarm is a great must-have gadget for your garage and it can also act as a driveway alert for potential and possible intruders out there who might steal your stuff.
The garage alarm is super effective not just for your garage but also for a mobile home such as an RV or moving vehicle that has security threats. You can add a better security line with this garage alarm system and order two instead of one, especially if you have more places to secure.
The long battery life is what makes this garage alarm interesting and will pay for itself in the long run. It only uses a 9-volt battery and activates for up to 2 minutes more or less. It serves its purpose quite perfectly and is great for its motion detecting benefits.
Being an accurate and loud alarm system, it will shatter the eardrums of the intruder once activated. If you want a super sensitive garage alarm then this is for you because it might also pick up shadows on the ground. You can also add Velcro on the brackets make it resistant to weather and the elements. It is backed by a warranty of 90 days.

Best Garage Alarm for Fire Detection

First Alert SC7010BV Hardwired Smoke Alarm

The First Alert SC7010BV Hardwired Smoke Alarm is a great garage alarm for detecting fire and smoke as well as carbon monoxide levels. As a police recommended garage alarm, it will definitely bring you a peace of mind overall and it is a burglar alarm made simple.
You can easily wake up and alert the homeowner with this garage alarm and it has superb and reliable sensors that are accurate enough to deter threats. In addition to that, it will work well when a door or window is opened.
With user-friendly features, the garage alarm can be used for both home and office purposes. There is a sturdy and loud alarm in the receiver and it can also be used on hidden driveways. The transmitter works with the receiver so you have nothing to worry about.
It is one of the best additional components for your home security and can also be used for side doors. You can use on windows with great ease and it is a premium white sensor which adds an extra level of security. As an effective security system, the garage alarm can be used for doors.
The garage alarm is also an expandable product for multiple placement of alarms. This garage alarm does a different job as it detects the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide in your garage. It is a hardwired unit and it screams out a pretty decent alarm at 85 decibels when smoke has been detected.
With a backup battery pack of 2 AA batteries, this unit can detect carbon monoxide which is poisonous and smoke to ensure that your garage won’t be the fire starter in your neighborhood. There is a silence and test button that works flawlessly.
Adhering to UL 217 and UL 2034 standards, this hardwired garage alarm is battery operated so it still works even when the power runs out. There are also voice warnings to alert the homeowner of what kind of danger has been detected, whether it is carbon monoxide or smoke.
Rated for use in 120-volt system, it will be a great garage alarm to consider if you keep hot stuff and flammable items in your garage. It is a photoelectric unit that really works to alert the homeowner. It is backed by a warranty of 10 years (limited).

Best Garage Alarm that is Wireless

Reusable Revolution Wireless Home Security System

For those who want a wireless garage alarm, you can try the Reusable Revolution Wireless Home Security System. It can prevent potential break-ins and it is ran by battery power for a convenient security device. Moreover, you can also set alarm to the fob.
As an easy to install garage alarm, it is capable of up to 328 feet of coverage and a 5 to 8 meter distance of infrared induction. It uses 3 AAA batteries (1.5 volts each) and the alarming tone can also be adjusted to your preferences.
It helps you alert others due to its loud sound and it is also a user-friendly device that is quite easy to install for most people. With a low battery indicator, the garage alarm can be used in an apartment to prevent break-ins. It also secures large areas and it is ready for use in minutes.
Giving you a wide coverage, the garage alarm detects motions on the go and it is suitable for both home and office use. It is a great room protector and garage saver due to its heavy duty alarming capabilities. You can choose between chimes and alarming sounds.
The garage alarm helps you get alerts for deliveries at your doorstep or act as an intruder alarm for your office or shop. It is also applicable as a mailbox sensor while providing minimal false feedback. This garage alarm can be used for your entrance to your driveway.
As an expandable garage alarm, it allows you to choose between an alarming siren or a playful chime so that you can feel at ease. You can also add another receiver with the transmitter so that you can place the whole system around the house and not just in the garage.

The Competition

Other garage alarms that did not make it to our list were not very durable against the elements and are also not very accurate in detecting people. It is important for a garage alarm to have profound accuracy and strength.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a garage alarm?
A: The garage alarm is an alarm system or a security system that helps your garage or shed stay as secured as possible. It is one of the most common security systems for homes and can protect against thieves and intruders. The garage alarm will usually make up of an alarm or siren and a motion sensor that can be installed on doors, windows and other parts of the house.
Q: Who should install a garage alarm?
A: The garage alarm can be installed by anybody as long as they have high valuables in their shed or garage. For example, if you keep a car, a bike, some power tools and other important items in the garage or shed then it is advisable to use a garage alarm. Everyone who has a garage should install a garage alarm.
Q: How loud can a garage alarm sound?
A: The garage alarm can be quite loud and most garage alarms can sound up to 120 dB so that it can wake you up whenever there is an intruder or potential intruder in the house. The garage alarm can also sound as far as up to 200 meters or more, which is up to 700 feet. Usually, the garage alarm can be triggered not just with motion detection but also with the opening of a window or door in the house.
Q: Can a garage alarm be associated with a lighting system?
A: Yes, a lighting system can be associated with your garage alarm. The benefit of an automated lighting system is that the burglar will be surprised and he or she will feel that there is someone awake in the house. Even if you did not wake up as soon as possible or if you are out of the house, consider a lighting system along with the garage alarm system.
Q: Can you use a garage alarm with a camera system?
A: Yes, the camera system is quite valuable so that your garage alarm will be much more functional and you can be able to record who attempted to come to your house. Having a CCTV or camera system can also become an evidence in the court if ever someone broke into the house. Camera systems can also add facial recognition so that your garage alarm system will not have a false alarm for pets.
Q: Can garage alarms be operated with the use of a smartphone?
A: Yes, a lot of modern garage alarms can be controlled and setup using a smartphone which can be operated even if you are far away. Your mobile phone serves as a remote control so that you will be able to use the garage alarm from a distance or while you are away or at work or in another place to secure your home or shop.
Q: What can you do if the garage alarm turns open while you’re at home?
A: You will have more time to contact the police in case you look outside and spot the culprit if ever. You will have more time to dial 911 when you hear the alarm and become alerted by the garage alarm system. If you have someone else in the house, you will be able to divide the task as someone dials while you check on the intruder’s status.
Q: What are the different kinds of garage alarm sensors?
A: Different sensors can be installed on a garage alarm system for it to work. The most common type of sensors would be the passive infrared, in which the heat source is detected to tell if something is moving, such as a human being. There’s also the active infrared, in which the interruption of the beams will mean that a motion has been made.
Other types of garage alarm sensors would be the ultrasonic ones. The active ultrasonic sends out high frequency waves while passive ones detects those waves and then triggers the alarm. All of these garage alarm sensors help deter crime and theft in your house by sounding the alarm to alert the homeowner and the neighbors as well as the authorities as you’re given more time to dial the police.
Q: Why do you need backup power for your garage alarm?
A: The garage alarm needs a power backup in case of an emergency. Let’s suppose that your power goes down because of an unwanted catastrophe such as a fire, an earthquake or a power outage. You should give your garage alarm enough power so that it will work even during emergency situations to keep out those intruders.
Q: Are garage alarms easy to install?
A: Yes, most garage alarms may only require some assembly depending on the user instructions and depending on the type of garage alarm that you want to consider. Most garage alarms can be screwed to the door and it will function as long as you already have the batteries in the compartment.
Q: Do you need a professional to install the garage alarm?
A: Not necessarily, as a garage alarm can be easily installed by most people with the right tools and user instructions. Most wireless garage alarms can be installed by any home owner due to the straightforward design. However, if you are an advanced user then you might also go for a wired sensor – which requires professional electrical knowledge.
Q: Will a garage alarm be enough to keep your garage secure?
A: Not exactly, unless you purchase or upgrade your garage door lock and keep it as secure as possible. Most garage door locks can be opened with a garage door opener while some can have a garage door lock to keep it as secure as possible.
Q: What battery types does a garage alarm usually require?
A: The usual garage alarm might use a standard AA battery but this depends upon the unit itself. Some may require more amounts than others and it is only required if it is a wireless system. You should always check the battery levels and consult the user’s manual so that you know what kind of battery does the garage alarm require.
Q: Can a garage alarm increase the resale value of your home?
A: Yes, the garage alarm is another addition to the resale value of your home. Consider installing a garage alarm for future purposes in case you may need to resell your home someday. Other than your landscape and your home projects, security systems for your home are also a valuable asset for the next homeowner.
Q: Is it okay to use a garage door opener with a garage alarm system?
A: Yes, in most cases , a garage alarm system will not interfere with your garage door opener. But to be sure, you should check the user’s manual of your garage alarm system, especially if it is wireless and uses some infrared technology to work properly.
Q: What items in a garage should be protected with a garage alarm?
A: If you keep lawnmowers and power tools other than cars and bicycles. Anything that you believe is expensive and precious to you should be protected with a garage alarm as well as a garage door lock.
Q: Why is a wireless garage alarm easier to install than a wired one?
A: The wireless garage alarm is easier because it is usually a plug and play system that does not require wiring and drilling and the like. The wireless garage alarm is more advisable for users who want a simple installation for their alarm system to protect their garage and their home altogether.
Q: How do you keep the garage door alarm from vibrating and getting a false alarm?
A: The garage alarm can be secured using a locknut that has a size from 6 to 32 and you can also use some lock washers as well as regular nuts. They are great for securing your garage alarm as much as possible in your area. Alarm magnets can make the use of a reinforcing material such an aluminum strip. Caulking can also be used for the mounting hardware to add security.
Q: What tools will I need to install a garage alarm?
A: The garage alarm may require some screws and a wrench if it is wireless but most wired ones will require some power tools such as a drill and a drill bit.
Q: What should I check on a garage alarm overtime?
A: The garage alarm should be checked frequently for loose screws and parts as well as for signs of corrosion. This is important for keeping the garage alarm working functionally as it should be.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm is our best garage alarm that is easy to setup, alarms at 100 dB and is remote controlled.