Best Mortise Lock

The Prime-Line Products E 2495 Mortise Lock is our best mortise lock which can be set to reverse as needed for your specific kind of door construction. Being an amazingly solid keyed mortise lock, it is capable of being installed on any home with narrow doors. Moreover, the cut outs measure 1 1/4 x 1/2 inches so they are pretty standard.

Our step-up pick is the Marks Hardware 91A-RH Mortise Lock Right-Hand and it is quite sturdy and rugged and is a right hand (but can also be configured for the left hand) mortise lock. It is best to be installed in the front door of your house and it measures 4.5 x 10.9 inches for the entire lock. It is set to work with different types of key sets.

The budget pick is the National Mfg. V8095SN Mortis Lock Set and as a plumbing and lighting complementary mortise lock set, it comes with the keys that are needed to open it up. Moreover, the mortise lock comes with strike plate so it is ready to be setup. It comes with 2 keys for you to use for this door lock.

A Little Background

A mortise lock is a unique kind of lock that requires some slightly complicated installation. This is why only locksmiths or someone with good knowledge of doors and carpentry can properly install a mortise lock, since it requires mortising as well. Most mortise locks come in brass and stainless steel materials and roughly have a similar durability to the usual deadbolt lock but have a different locking mechanism and installation method.
A person with both knowledge in basic carpentry and locksmith skills can easily install a mortise lock. However, for the other home owners, it is wise to consult a locksmith or an expert when it comes down to installing a mortise lock.
A mortise lock usually consists of a lock part and the mortise panel in which is installed onto the door. Most mortise locks are installed on wooden doors but some can be installed in other door types as well. Mortise locks can be either using door knobs or handles.
Commercial establishments can also benefit well from a mortise lock due to its strength, durability and longevity compared to most other locks out there. Mortise locks are also slightly harder to lock pick. However, if you find it too intimidating or complicated to install, you can always call a profession to do the job for you. You can also close the door without locking it up with the use of a mortise deadlock.

How We Picked

When you want to consider a mortise lock for your door, it should pass the following factors clearly:
Door thickness: measure your door first before you go on ahead and buy a mortise lock so that it will neither be too big nor too small for it. Having the right door thickness range is important when considering on buying any lock such as a mortise lock, especially during the installation process, so that you (or your locksmith or carpenter) will be able to work smoothly on your door system.
Materials used and durability: most mortise locks can be made of stainless steel materials or even brass for longer lasting durability. Some mortise locks can also have a beautiful finish coating that can complement your door and home decor as well as outdoor setting so you should consider that factor as well. However, both the finish and the material should contribute equally for the durability of the product.
Knob style and material: the mortise lock can have a wide variety of knob types, depending on the style of the whole door or the lock system and if it complements the surrounding furniture or outdoor setting. If you want an elegant looking mortise lock then we suggest something made with cut glass (or diamonds if you want absolute luxury) but there are cheaper options like stainless steel and brass with added finishes and coating depending on your preferences.
Included hardware and assembly level: consider a mortise lock that comes complete with hardware and other things that you will or might need during setup. While most mortise locks may require the presence and expertise of a locksmith, there are some few ones that can be worked around by a regular homeowner.
Included keys: you should know the number of keys that are included in a mortise lock and if it is possible to re-key the lock. Most re-keying methods can be done by a locksmith but some packages of locking systems allow the end user to simply DIY the re-keying process with a self-learning tool for added convenience.
Applicable door type: not all mortise locks are used for entry doors. Some of them can be used for cabinet doors, closet doors and the like. Also, if you want to install a mortise lock for a full fledged door, consider if the door will be an interior or exterior door so you can pick one that will shield against the elements.
Mechanical or digital: consider a mortise lock that will suit your needs of either mechanical entry (keyed) or digital entry (keyless). You can also have a double system in which the keyed entry mortise lock is backed by a keyless system such as card entry, pass code entry or biometrics / fingerprint entry and scanning.

Our Pick

Prime LineE2495
Prime-Line Products E 2495 Mortise Lock

The Prime-Line Products E 2495 Mortise Lock is our best mortise lock which is okay to use for either left or right hand installation due to the reversible design of this lock. Moreover, you can definitely sue this mortise lock for the front door of your house for ease of installation and protection against burglary.
If you have locks in an old house that need to be replaced then this mortise lock will do the trick. It has a classic bronze knob and is made of true brass hardware that will last a lifetime or for a long time. In fact, both the lock and latch are brass so they stand out in durability.
In fact, the latch bolt is reversible for this mortise lock. What’s more, it is the standard size for a mortise lock cutout. Moreover, the key works smoothly (included key is a skeleton key) and it has a tough steel case. Measuring a total of 2.4 x 7.6 inches, this mortise lock can be a total upgrade for your door.
It comes with a skeleton key and the entire mortise assembly needed to set it up. With inside and outside locks, you can also spray the knobs and face plates with any color you want to complement your house or establishment. This mortise lock works great for most old doors and is a replacement for the old locks in your house.
The upper nail to lower nail measures about 3 1/2 inches. With this mortise lock, there is a 2 3/16 inches on its distance between the knob hole and the keyhole. Moreover, it has a lock bolt and is quite easy to install. In fact, any skeleton key will work for this mortise lock to lock and unlock the door.
As a key activated mortise lock, it has a back spacing of 2 3/8 inches and it is backed by a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not really deal breakers, the Prime-Line Products E 2495 Mortise Lock does have a few concerns such as the fact that like most mortise locks, it can be a bit difficult to install for the average homeowner, so you should get an expert to do the job if ever.

Step-up Pick

Marks Hardware 91A-RH Mortise Lock Right-Hand

Our step-up pick for the best mortise lock would bet he Marks Hardware 91A-RH Mortise Lock Right-Hand. Made with a polished brass finish, if you live in an old house then this mortise lock is a good option.
Being constructed from steel, it can be used to replace an old broken knob in any house or establishment that you are in. Made with a polished brass finish, the mortise lock is truly a commercial quality knob and you can reverse it as well.
A total of 2 keys come with the lock and you can use this to replace your old lock. Moreover, the mortise lock measures 2 1/2 inches in its backset and it can be keyed so easily. The inside cover plate is built to last and its solid brass material is very strong.
The mortise faceplate at the door edge is at 7 5/8 x 1 inch. What’s more, it measures 1 inch in its throw deadbolt. With set screws included in this mortise lock package, the unit can work with a multi lock cylinder system to add an extra level of security.
There is a rocker switch alongside this mortise lock and it also comes with a striker plate for installation. With a 9/32 inch steel swivel spindle, the mortise lock fits any knob with a spindle and it is very simple to lock or unlock outside the knob.
The exterior plate measures 2-3/4 x 10 inches and it has been made with quality. With a 2-piece threaded spindle, the mortise lock can be using a modern key system even with an antique look. The interior plate is at 2 1/4 x 7 inches.
With a 5-pin solid brass, the mortise lock will not have any issues at all and you can also replace the cylinder. It measures 1 1/4 inches in its cylinder while keeping the antique look with a durability to last a lifetime as a replacement for an old lock. With a solid polished brass knob set, the mortise lock comes with an instruction guide.

Budget Pick

National Mfg. V8095SN Mortis Lock Set

The National Mfg. V8095SN Mortis Lock Set is our budget pick for the best mortise lock. It has been given a satin nickel finish for durability for the longer run, it turns clockwise and counterclockwise so it is a very versatile mortise lock to consider.
With easy installation, it comes with a deadbolt for locking easily and it also fits doors from 1 to 1 1/2 inches so it is quite a standard mortise lock that fits on a lot of doors. This unit comes with the locking mechanism and it is made f quality materials to last a lifetime.
Including a regular latch, the mortise lock is made with die cast zinc material for the durability to last for a very long time. It has a mechanism in which it releases on downward pressure. Moreover, the mortise lock has a thumb turn for locking as a standard mortise lock.
With a polish brass design, the mortise lock will definitely complement homes that have a penchant for beauty and aesthetics. In fact, the whole set up is included and easy to put together to provide exceptional security to your home, especially if it is an old home.
The mortise lock locks on one side and it comes with door handles for you to install. The locking mechanism may also be disabled for your other needs. Bearing a quality finish, the mortise lock can upgrade and improve the locks of your home, especially for heritage homes.
All of the hardware and installation items needed to install or put together this mortise lock is included. You can use it for both left and right hinged doors. If you have Schlage keyways then you can also use this mortise lock to re-key it.
If you have storm doors then this mortise lock is also a good pick to consider. Sliding screen doors that require an upgrade will definitely have this mortise lock a perfect fit for them.

Best Mortise Lock with a Metallic Finish

Wright Products VMT115VB Serenade Mortise Latch

Our best metallic finish mortise lock would be the Wright Products VMT115VB Serenade Mortise. It is made with a heavy duty solid brass construction and it is definitely made for those mortised storm door locks in most homes. It has the ability to be installed onto any retractable screen door.
It also fits 3/4 inch backsets and it will give you peace of mind for its installation process. Fitting an aluminum storm door, the mortise lock can be customizable due to the interior and exterior levers that are included with the package.
If you have a Larson storm door then this mortise lock is a great replacement for the lock. It has a ton of reversible levers for you to setup and customize. What’s more, it is worth noting that the lock set is heavy and durable. In fact, the holes are spaced 7 1/4 inches apart for ease of setup.
The mortise lock will fit most doors with 1 to 1 1/2 inches of thickness and it also fits both left and right hinged doors. Made only of very high quality materials, you can also make some modifications for other thicknesses if you refer to the instructions.
What’s more, this mortise lock has a latch up in its packaging for ease of installation. Giving off a high luster finish, the mortise lock takes only about 15 minutes to install and is made of solid brass material. It is a good replacement for Larson hardware such as mortise locks and door locks.
Given a metallic finish, the mortise lock comes with a keyed deadbolt for safety and security. The unit lock measures 5.1 x 8.5 inches and it has a good internal main mechanism. Moreover, the design of the mortise lock complements any décor in your house and/or storm door.
With simple drilling and chiseling needed for the installation of this mortise lock, the lock is on the bottom. The mortise lock can fit on a door that is 1.5 inches in thickness and as wide as up to 36 inches, such as a Larson storm door. The handle of this door lock is quite unique and easy to operate. There are also two keys included for the deadbolt function of this mortise lock.

Best Mortise Lock for Sliding Doors

CRL Mortise Lock for Sliding Doors

The CRL Mortise Lock for Sliding Doors is our ideal mortise lock that is highly capable for sliding doors. It has a mortise latch design for added security and it can replace an old lock set in your home. It has a venetian bronze finish and all of the instructions are included to set it up properly.
Measuring 45 degrees in its keyway, the thickness of the mortise lock measures 1/2 inch. Moreover, this mortise lock holds a nice latch for its simplicity yet durability. The mortise lock can work well on a glass door lock and it has screw holes that measure 4 5/8 inches.
The wide mortise latch measures 1/2 inch or 12.7 mm and is made of steel and it can work well on an old door as a replacement. The mortise lock will not lift the door off of its track so it is very safe and secure. Moreover, the mortise lock can be used for sliding doors in installation.
Working well foe either 45 degree or 90 degree doors, the mortise lock has a depth of 1 1/8 inch when installed into the mortise hole of your door. This mortise lock seems well constructed and the profile of the door jamb of just about any door will be just fine for this mortise lock.
Perfect for glass doors, the mortise lock can withstand about 1000 pounds of horizontal force due to its extreme durability so it is a lock that is theft deterrent all in all. Fitting well even on 48-inch doors, the mortise lock works smoothly and can be used for most patio doors.
With a 1/2 inch face plate, the mortise lock can be used for a sliding lock and it can really resist a pry bar attack. Built with a round end face plate, the mortise lock measures 3 3/16 inches on its mortise shaft and it can be installed on a Pella slider.
Built with an adjustable bolt throw, the mortise lock contains one lock per package when you order. It only takes roughly two minutes to install and it makes you feel much more secure when you adjust a sliding door. Also perfect as a deck door, the mortise lock can be an exact replacement for your old door or old broken lock.

Best Mortise Lock with a Deadbolt Function

Global Door Controls 1-1/8in. Mortise Lock

Measuring 1 1/8 inches in its backset, the Global Door Controls 1-1/8in. Mortise Lock is our best and most ideal deadbolt powered mortise lock. However, you may need to install a separate deadbolt for this, but it is deadbolt capable.
It is great for a commercial door and it has a long deadlock function so it is very hard to pry open or to wreck for intruders and thieves alike. With a concealed hardened steel pin in its construction, the mortise lock can be used for aluminum doors as well due to its versatility.
Equipped with a lock body that is hard, heavy duty and durable, the mortise lock is quite compatible with Adams Rite (A/R) cams. Moreover, you can use this mortise lock to replace the old locker of your home. It is an excellent DIY solution and it has a greatly constructed flat face plate.
With a deadbolt function, the mortise lock can be used on most steel framed entry doors and it will accept most thumb turns. What’s more, it is non-handed so you can install your appropriate latch or door knob for either a left hand door or a right hand door.
Measuring a total of 1.8 x 7 inches for the whole unit, it has a solid build and is also easily tweaked for reversing. All of the nuts and bolts are included in this package as a quality set of a mortise lock. It will also fit on most standard mortise cylinders and is a less expensive solution.
This mortise lock can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes with a good level of setup. Moreover, all of the installation hardware is included. You will feel even more secure with this mortise lock and its Duronotic finish. Including two keys, you can add a mortise cylinder that is keyed to this system for it to work.
The lock provides maximum security and it has a laminated steel bolt construction. The mortise lock may have a standard lock body that fits on most doors but it is quite durable. On any old hook lock, you can find it as a great aftermarket replacement that can be installed in a quick and easy way.

Best Mortise Lock for a Glass Door

FPL #3-45-S Glass Door Mortise Lock

The FPL #3-45-S Glass Door Mortise Lock is our ideal glass door mortise lock which also works for a vinyl door. It measures 6 1/8 inches from top to bottom and can also work for an aluminum door. It can take many loads of 1000 lbs because of its durability.
In fact, you can also add a security adapter to this mortise lock and it has a thickness of 1/2 inch overall. With a round end face plate in its construction, the lock can be used for a wooden door and has a good corrosion resistance. Made with a yellow zinc dichromate finish, the mortise lock is made of stainless steel material and can be used for a sliding door as well.
It is quite easy to install and between the two holes, it measures 3 11/18 inches in the strike plate. The mortise lock comes with the keeper and strike and there are various plating choices to choose from such as oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, satin nickel, polished chrome and bright zinc.
Moreover, as one of our best mortise locks, there is a flipper on the latch for ease of operation. Also applicable for coastal applications for corrosion resistance, the lock mechanism of this mortise lock is quite easy to use and install while removing the old lock of your house or establishment.
Being quite durable, the mortise lock has an adjustable hook and it measures 1 1/8 inches in its mortise body or shaft. As a perfect fit on most doors, the strike plate is at 3/4 inch in thickness. Moreover, it can be used to replace a Pella lock with its all steel construction.
Able to withstand high humidity areas, the mortise lock can work well for sliding glass doors. In fact, there are also other screw hole sizes to choose from, such as 3 11/16, 4 5/8 and 5 3/8 inches for you to choose from for the mortise lock that fits your needs and that can match your door hardware.
Including installation screws, the mortise lock comes with an adjustable hook and it can withstand forced entry. It has a 45 degree hub for the keyway and an adapter plate. As a mortise lock with all of the installation hardware included, it also comes with instructions on installing and a 30 day return policy for its guarantee or warranty.

Best Mortise Lock for a Patio

Vision Hardware Patio Sliding/Gliding Mortise Lock

The Vision Hardware Patio Sliding/Gliding Mortise Lock is our ideal mortise lock that can be used on a patio or garden gate or door. With an adjustable hook, it is meant for any sliding door lock as a mortise lock that measures 6.1 inches on the strike plate.
Working well on most sliding door systems, it provides you with better security than other locks out there and is a perfect replacement for most mortise locks that are in a sliding door system. As a very secure mortise lock for your gliding door, it measures 4.6 inches on the first holes of the strike plate.
Made with an all metal construction, the mortise lock has a single point mortise construction of good quality and can be used for a Home Depot Slider and it is equipped with a lot of durability due to its door hardware. With easy installation, the mortise lock can be a repair part for your door.
The plated dichromate finish of this mortise lock makes it an applicable mortise lock for a sliding door outdoors. It measures 1/2 inch on the thickness and it is a great mortise lock for the design. It also fits truss head machine screws and it is greatly applicable for most patio doors.
If you gave locks that are not repairable in your household then this mortise lock is the best bet. It also exceeds AAMA requirements for its quality construction and it can be used to replace the broken one in your house.
The thickness of the plating is a 0.118 inch and the mortise shaft or body measures 3.2 inches in total. It is also worth noting that the mortise lock part has a total depth of 1.15 inches. Its plated dichromate quality is also a top notch because it can be used for the great outdoors without a lot of fuss.
As one of the best door locks for your patio gate or door, it measures 3.6 inches on the second holes of the strike plate. With a screw adjustable hook, the mortise lock comes with all of the needed mounting hardware and it has a total thickness of 3/4 inch.

Best Mortise Lock with a Glass Knob

Prime-Line E2311 Glass Knob Mortise Caselock

The Prime-Line E2311 Glass Knob Mortise Caselock is our ideal mortise lock that has a stylish glass knob for those who want to use it for luxurious homes or hotels. It is capable of being installed in either left or right hand doors.
With an easy installation method, the mortise lock comes with two keys for you to use. The mortise lock measures 5 1/2 inches in its side length and it has a polished brass trim. The mortise lock comes with the door lock and handle set.
A screwdriver can be used to open up the lock to turn the bolt around for configuring whether it is a left hand or right hand mortise door lock. Moreover, the backset measures 2 3/8 inches and it has a steel case that is very durable. The mortise lock is keyed for both inside and outside use.
The front plate measures 0.87 x 5.5 inches and the mortise assembly has been built with a strike plate that has a width of 7/8 inch and a length of 4 inches. Made of a combination of glass and steel in a stylish way, the mortise case lock measures 7 inches from top to bottom.
With its case lock assembly, the front plate knob centerline from top lock is at 0.73 inch or 3/4 inch. Including a lock bolt for ease of installation, it is a solid mortise lock that is made to be reversible. The side covers are at 2.21 x 7 inches.
Being key activated as a mortise lock, it will adhere to the style of the house that you have. It measures 2 1/4 inches in its mortise case lock assembly width. Moreover, it gives you trouble free installation and it has a stylish fluted glass knob. It has a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Best Mortise Lock with a Handle Set

Veranda Sliding Glass Door Handle Set

The Veranda Sliding Glass Door Handle Set is our ideal handle set mortise lock that has a bunch of screw holes at 3 15/16 inches each. The mortise lock is applicable for a sliding door, a glass door or just about any door that requires that kind of locking mechanism.
Adhering to door thicknesses of 1 1/2 inches, the mortise lock is available in various colors and finish such as white, dark brown, bronze and many more. It has a strike plate, a key cylinder, a thumb latch and pulls for both inside and outside. Doors with 3 to 4 holes will be accommodated by this mortise lock.
The mortise lock is also available for door thickness up to 1 3/4 inches. The exterior handle has a classic but modern design and can be set to either left hand or right hand doors. There is also an interior handle along with the package for inner doors.
The finger clearance of this mortise lock is quite good as the offset handle placement is strategized. The back plate measures a total of 8 1/4 inches and it has a 45-degree keyway. With a width of 3/4 inch in its strike plate, the mortise lock measures 6 1/8 inches in the strike plate.

The Competition

Other mortise locks did not pass our test because they were lacking in safety and security and were much of a trouble when it comes to installation. Most of them also had substandard components which is not good at all.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a mortise lock?
A: A mortise lock is a type of lock in which you have to cut out a mortise or pocket into the door for it to be installed. Mortise locks came from Europe but are also used in America and other countries. Mortise locks are usually installed by experts, locksmiths and the like because they require a lot of woodworking and measurements that most homeowners do not know how to perform.
Q: What kind of keyed systems does a mortise lock use?
A: The cylinder keyed system is by far the most common keyed system that you will most commonly find in a mortise lock. There are also levered keyed systems that can be used for a mortise lock.
Q: What are the kinds of cylinder mortise locks?
A: The cylinder mortise lock can be classified into various types such as the mortise deadlock, which is very much resistant to lock picking. There is also a Euro cylinder type mortise lock that is used on other countries as well. Moreover, a cylinder mortise lock can be in an oval shape that has a thumb turn mechanism. The Euro type and the oval type cylinders can be keyed from both the door sides which makes them more ideal for extra protection.
Q: Where are mortise locks best used in?
A: The mortise lock is best used in busy places such as business offices, buildings and large homes. If you live or work in a place where door locks need to be of heavy duty then a mortise lock is a good option. Q: Does a mortise lock come in one piece or in pieces when you order it?
A: Most mortise locks need to be assembled because it comes disassembled when it arrives. Since it is a heavy duty lock, a mortise lock needs to be installed by an expert in locks or a locksmith as well as someone who is into DIY home repairs and the like. Mortise locks may take someone with experience but the result is worth it.
Q: How is a mortise latch different from a mortise deadlock?
A: The mortise latch is powered by the spring mechanism as well as a latch so that it can close and lock a door. Most mortise latches are the common types of mortise door locks out there. The deadlock mortise is opened with a key, in comparison to the mortise latch, and can be used with a mortise latch to combine them into a super secure locking mechanism for your door.
Q: What makes a mortise lock different form a cylindrical lock?
A: The mortise lock requires a harder level of installation whereas some cylindrical locks can be from easy to medium level of installation. Cylindrical locks go through a door while mortise locks require the cutting of a mortise as well as the installation of a strike plate. Cylindrical locks come in one piece while mortise locks are disassembled so you need expert installation for them.
Q: Can mortise locks be used on hospitals and schools?
A: Yes, if your school, institution or hospital requires a lock system that will be of heavy duty and can last for a long time then a mortise lock is a considerable option. Mortise locks aren’t just for offices and homes but also for other establishments such as hotels or government offices.
Q: What door width is the best or the requirement for me to install a mortise lock into it?
A: The door width that you should be looking for when it comes to installing a mortise lock is somewhere at 1.75 (1 3/4) or 45 mm in its minimum width. This is because a mortise lock can be bigger than your usual cylindrical or deadbolt lock.
Q: What tools will you need in order to install a mortise lock properly?
A: The mortise lock may require a mortising saw or some other mortising tool in order to cut through the door. Most mortise locks are only installed in wooden doors because only wood can be mortised. Measurement instruments such as rulers, tape measures, levels and the like should also be prepared if you want to DIY install a mortise lock.
Q: How many levers does a mortise lock usually have?
A: The average mortise lock will have from 5 to 6 lock levers for it to be a theft deterrent lock system. Most mortise locks come in various lever amounts and this number can also be supplemented if you combine a mortise lock with a deadbolt or cylinder lock to make it safer and more reliable.
Q: What are the parts of a mortise lock and how do they work?
A: The many parts of the mortise lock have different important functions. The strike plate is where the bolt goes into when you lock the door securely. The door knob, lever or handle, is the mechanism that helps you pull or push the door forward or backward depending on the orientation of the door in order to open or close it when it is unlocked or about to be locked.
The lock body is an important part of the mortise lock because it is what makes it a “mortise lock” due to having to be mortised into the door’s siding for it to work against the strike plate. Installing the lock body requires mortising and this is why most people hire an expert when installing a mortise lock. The keyed cylinder lock is the part of the mortise lock where you put in your key to either lock or unlock it up.
Q: Which doors should a mortise lock be best used on?
A: The mortise lock is perhaps best used on the front door where a burglar or intruder might enter. The safety and security as well as the durability and the longevity of a mortise lock is what makes it advantageous over other locking mechanisms out there. You can also put it in interior doors but it is best to just put it in the outdoor setting for stopping intruders from breaking in.
Q: Does a mortise lock get a grading system like deadbolts?
A: Yes, mortise locks also have a grading system like deadbolts. As a matter of fact, some mortise locks can be rated from grade 1 to grade 3 by governing bodies such as the EN 12209 or the ANSI / BHMA certifications. This technically means that mortise locks are of higher grade and can be reliable when it comes down to security and quality as well as for heavy duty and foot traffic purposes.
Q: What makes a mortise lock more durable than a cylinder lock?
A: The mortise lock is built usually with bigger sets of bolts which make them harder to disassemble and to destroy. The lock body is also very secure due to being associated with the deadbolt or keyed mechanism. Mortise locks also come in bits and pieces of heavy duty material which make them ideal for durability.
Q: What materials usually make up a mortise lock?
A: Almost every mortise lock out there is made of solid brass or stainless steel, because of the very fact that they are made for heavy duty purposes. They are also usually precision milled so that they will stand up to weathering. They are also a bit more expensive than other lock types because they are made to last for years or decades of use. They are also extremely weatherproof.
Q: Are mortise locks great when it comes to the finishes and design?
A: Yes, this is what makes a mortise lock expensive because of its finish material, precision milling and durability. Most mortise locks can only be found on high-end security homes and will usually complement places with sheer beauty and aesthetics.
Q: Can a mortise lock be in a dual lock system?
A: Yes, a lot of mortise locks nowadays use a dual locking system which works like a dual cylinder deadbolt in which you can lock the mortise lock either from the outside or from the inside or even both ways for security. Like dual cylinder deadbolts, you should make sure that the key is nearby in case of a fire or emergency.
Q: Can kids’ rooms be installed with a mortise lock?
A: Yes, most mortise locks also work like deadbolt locks in which you can use a passage mode for high traffic areas to often check on your kids.
Q: What is the Euro profile mortise lock?
A: The Euro profile mortise lock is a special and stylish type of mortise lock that has been used in Europe for narrow doors with a thick depth. Their only drawback is that they are not suitable for modern door thicknesses and profiles.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Prime-Line Products E 2495 Mortise Lock is our best mortise lock that has a back spacing of 2 3/8 inches, with a solid brass construction and including a skeleton key.