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When you are facing endless mounds of just washed clothes to be dried, there is no better machine than Jen’s Top Pick: Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer to make you forget your troubles. It’s a front loading, portable clothes dryer that is of minimal fuss and easy to use.
For thousands of years we dried our washing out in the sun. When there was no sun or in places where it was perpetually cold, washing and drying clothes was a rather unpleasant business. But now whether you have sun or not you can dry your clothes in a mere hour with no fuss. The basic models do just that.

As technology evolves, we now find that our clothes dryers can do so much more for us. The modern clothes dryers can eliminate germs from our clothes. They can remove wrinkles from our clothes. They have different settings for different kinds of clothes. You can dry a king size comforter with ease. With the same and in less time you can dry your delicates without harming them in the drying process.

Using the best of the smart technology, you can now program your clothes dryer to dry clothes when you want it to. This way, you can come home after an exceptionally tiring day to lie down in your now clean, dry and warm bed linens. Some new clothes dryers even have remote functions which are coupled with either Bluetooth or mobile technology. You are thus now able to change the settings on your clothes dryer remotely.

As we are all worried about our energy consumption, wastage of energy and the size of our electric bills, washer and dryer manufacturers are continuously making new models that with reduced energy consumptions. And these same models dry clothes so much faster. Some can be made to run in sync with your washing machines somewhat reducing your washing day migraines. Some of these washing machines can be fixed up so that heated up air is vented or re-circulated giving the consumer an option. Our best pick for a clothes dryer is such a one.

The Best Clothes Dryer: Avanti 110 Volt Automatic Dryer

Avanti 110Volt Automatic
Jen’s Top Pick: Avanti 110 Volt Automatic Dryer

This portable clothes dryer has attracted a lot of positive reviews from those who bought it. It really is the best for its price. Even though it does not look cutting edge, it does the work it’s meant to with no fuss.

Our budget pick: Panda Portable Clothes Dryer

Budget Pick: Panda Portable Compact Cloths Dryer

The Panda Portable Compact Cloths Dryer, a little wonder of a clothes dryer seems to be everyone’s favorite. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, it’s also compact, making the Panda a good choice for apartment dwellers.

Step up pick: LG DLEX8000W Electric Steam Dryer

Step-up Pick: LG DLEX8000W Electric Steam Dryer

Our step up pick, the LG DLEX8000W 29″ Electric Steam Dryer with 9.0 cu. ft. Mega Capacity is more than three times the price of our top pick, but the extra money paid is completely worth the investment. To compensate for its high price, the LG DLEX8000W dries clothes three times faster than your regular clothes dryer. Even the look of this clothes dryer is ultra modern.

Read through the article to see what we deemed the best clothes dryers for different prices are. We have also categorized them according to their functions and new and special features which adorn them.

A brief history of clothes dryers

People have been drying their clothes on clothes lines and racks in the sun for eons. The first mechanical clothes dryer was invented in the 1800s in France by M. Pochon. It was a hand cranked clothes dryer. It was called a ventilator and was made with a barrel shaped drum with holes bored into it. Clothes were put into the drum and turned by hand over a fire.

This basic ventilator type clothes dryer was improved upon by the American inventor George T Sampson to use the heat from a stove instead of an open fire.

In the early 1900s, an American inventor named J.Ross Moore designed plans for an automatic clothes drying machine. His plans included both electric and gas versions. The electric version of this clothes dryer made its first public appearance in 1938. It was in 1940 that the first glass fronted electric clothes dryer was made.

Types of clothes dryers

There are basically two types of clothes dryers. Powered clothes dryers and unpowered clothes dryers. Unpowered clothes dryers are what we have been using for thousands of years, a rack or cabinet used for hanging and air/sun drying clothes.

The powered clothes dryers are what we use in our homes now. They are also twofold. There are tumble dryers and there are ventless dryers. Tumble dryers have been in use for years. Even though they are wasteful of energy, they are reliable and durable. Tumble dryers draw air into the dryer and heat it up while tumbling the clothes in the drum inside the dryer. However, the heated air does not get re used or recycled. New air is again drawn in and heated. The heated air is vented out of the drier through an air vent. The moisture collected from the clothes are cooled and collected into a tray or passed through a pipe.

To solve the problem of the wastage of energy in the tumble dryers, ventless dryers were invented. These mainly use a drum that spins very fast. The centrifugal action caused by the spinning causes the moisture in the clothes to evaporate faster. Most of the ventless dryer machines have a heat component as well, that provides heat to the load while spinning, cutting down on drying times.

There is another variety of ventless dryers that recycles the air being used. The heated air passes through a heat exchanger by which the water vapor is condensed and collected into a pipe. The dried up air passes through the drier again.

In relation to the kind of power used by the dryer, there are two kinds of dryers. One is the electric dryer. The other is the gas powered dryer.

Because in any kind of a clothes dryer, there is a drum that needs to be spun and air to be heated and be passed through the spinning drum, a lot of power is needed to work the dryer. In an electric dryer, when plugged into an electrical outlet, electricity is used to power the drum and to heat up the air. In a gas dryer, this is done by using typically propane, or alternatively natural gas. However, both electric and gas dryers use electricity to distribute the heat inside the dryer.

Gas dryers tend to have less running costs than electric dryers because they tend to heat up faster. According to

How we picked

Clothes dryers have come a long way from their inception. Not too long ago, both the washing machine and the dryer in your home would have been noisy, making your clothes all wrinkled and unsightly. They would have used so much energy that you would have wondered if there wasn’t a way to cut down on your laundry costs. They would have also been big. Most of the washing machines and dryers of yesteryear came in a standard size. If you lived a big house, that would be alright. However, if you lived in an apartment or a condo that simply would not work for you and going to the nearest laundromat would have been easier for you.

All that has changed now. Therefore, we took all these changes into consideration when we did our research for a best clothes dryer.

First we looked at the size and capacity of the dryer. There are some pretty large clothes dryers out there. And then there are ones which are compact. In fact there seems to be quite a demand for compact dryers in the market. Most of the clothes dryers sold have been compact ones. This tells us one thing. People do not like large appliances cluttering their floors anymore. These days, people liked to be minimalist. People like to be free in their homes and not bump into large appliances in every corner. Also because families tend to be smaller than they previously used to be, it makes sense that even families would opt for smaller dryers.

Then we looked at drying times and drying cycles. Some of the dryers we looked at has more than 90 drying cycles. These dryers are definitely far more sophisticated than their predecessors. You can use cycles that run faster with higher heat or cycles that run slower with lower heat. Because high heat usually tend to damage garments and cause wrinkles, these dryers come also equipped with some sort of de-wrinkling function. Some use cool air being circulated into the dryer at the end of each cycle to prevent clothes being tangled and wrinkled. Some other dryers use steam to remove wrinkles from garments.

You can also choose the drying cycle depending on the clothes you dry. For example, to dry your towels you can a high temperature cycle, to dry your shirts you can use a cycle with a moderate temperature and to dry your intimates you can use a steam setting.

However, the ease of use should also be taken into consideration. It does not matter if a dryer is of cutting edge design with a plethora of functions, if the user gets lost trying to navigate the control panel. The functions should be simply stated and should be easy to understand.

Most of the new dryers have lights so that you will not leave any clothes in the drum by accident. They also have transparent or glass displays on the doors. Customers also seem to prefer reversible doors so that they can open the door from either side or place the dryer on any side.

We also looked at energy efficiency in our research. Not so long ago, when home appliances were made, manufacturers didn’t pay that much attention to saving energy. Now however companies have realized the importance of saving energy and are taking efforts to decrease energy consumption of their appliances. Gas clothes dryers can be certified by energy star when they reduce their energy consumption to a certain level. However, even now, after so many innovations a clothes dryer is the second most energy using appliance in a house. It is only second to a refrigerator.

On these lines, most clothes dryers now have sensors that pick up on the moisture levels of the clothes and when they are almost dry, the air is stopped from being heated. The benefit of this twofold. First less energy is used. Secondly, it helps clothes not be clumped together.

The last thing we looked at was how new dryers have incorporated new smart technologies to their designs. The best of the new dryers can be remote operated by smart phones. This was a new function introduced to refrigerators and ovens sometime back. Now this function can be found in dryers as well. You can now use your smart phone to delay start your dryer, change its settings, change the cycle from steam to tumble so on and so forth. You can even buy a dryer that will use your smart phone to contact the manufacturer if it confronts a problem.

Another aspect we looked at was customer support from the manufacturer. Unfortunately we found out that most dryer manufacturers did not have good customer service. Whether it was a well-known high end brand or a basic no fuss brand, there just wasn’t good customer service. This also seemed to be a problem for many customers as plenty of them had complained about bad customer service of practically all dryer manufacturers even though they had good things to say about the dryers themselves. This meant that customer service was not an aspect we could use to determine the best clothes dryer as it was the same across the board.

How Big a Dryer do I Need?

Depending on the size of the dryer, there are two kinds of dryers, standard dryers and compact dryers. Standard dryers are usually 27″ or 29″ wide and 36″ high. Compact dryers are usually 24″ wide and 34″ high. Compact dryers can have a depth ranging from 24″ to 27″. On the other hand, standard dryers can have a depth ranging anywhere from 25″ to 32″.

The size of the dryer you require will also depend on the capacity of the dryers available, the amount of washing you do and the space you have for installing the dryer. For instance, a larger (standard) dryer will also have bigger vents on the back of the dryer requiring you to leave more space between the dryer and the wall. The average capacity of a clothes dryer ranges from 5.8 cu.ft upwards. If you have a bigger family you can even get a dryer of a 8 cu.ft now. A good rule of thumb before you pick your dryer would be to know exactly what the capacity of your washing machine is and multiply that by two.

Our top pick

Avanti 110Volt Automatic
Jen’s Top Pick: Avanti 110 Volt Automatic Dryer

Our top pick Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer is the favorite of many. It’s fairly inexpensive. This Avanti electric clothes dryer works on 110 Volts. You can use it either free standing or if you want to free up valuable floor space, you can mount it on the wall. It quickly became our favorite for a number of reasons too.

Like most residential grade clothes dryers, you can change the setting on the dryer so that the heated air is vented outside. It your home doesn’t have space and facilities for outdoor venting, the settings can easily be changed so that the air is re-circulated. Overall, the amount of heat that is transmitted out of the clothes dryer is minimal. The water output is also much smaller compared to other dryers.

As we mentioned before, the winning point of this dryer for us is its weight and compactness. This Avanti clothes dryer weighs only 40lb, making it perfect choice for small apartments or condos. If you are just starting out in your own place or tend to move around a lot, this dryer is perfect for you. It is light weight, compact and portable.

With this electric clothes dryer, your clothes will last longer too. When you take the clothes out of the dryer, they will be wrinkle free and soft even without the use of dryer sheets. Because it does not use ultra high temperatures to dry up your clothes, the chances for your clothes to get damaged are slim and they don’t come out burning hot. The dryer detects when the clothes in it are almost dry and cuts off providing heat. From then onwards cool air flows into to the dryer to finish off the drying process. It also comes with a window so that you can check on your drying load and a stainless steel drum with next to nothing noise.

Flaws not deal breakers

If the Avanti compact dryer seems to have a flaw, it is just that. It’s compact, which means that you can only dry small loads at once. It is also best to dry like clothes together, for example t-shirts together, jeans together etc to speed up on the drying process. In addition, because of its smaller size, the dryer does take longer to dry than other larger models.
But as the dryer is named ‘Compact Dryer’ it really is no surprise that you can only dry smaller loads. Therefore we didn’t think this fact was a deal breaker.

The only other seemed to the less than best customer service customers had received from the Avanti customer service centre. However as Avanti parts can easily swapped for Haier parts and because the set up of the dryer is fairly straight forward, even a novice DIYer could easily figure out problems and fix them at home himself.

Our runner up choice

Amana NED4655EW Top-Load 30 Electric Dryer

Our runner up clothes dryer, Amana NED4655EW Top-Load 30 Electric Dryer is only slightly more expensive than our top pick.

The difference between the Avanti and the runner up Amana NED4655EW is that while the Avanti is a front loading dryer, the Amana is a top loading dryer. As front loading dryers have a definite advantage in energy efficiency as illustrated in

Our budget pick

Budget Pick: Panda Portable Compact Cloths Dryer

Our budget clothes dryer choice, the Panda Portable Compact Cloths Dryer is actually pretty fantastic. It has the following specifications. It has a capacity of 8.8lb and a stainless steel drum. The Panda portable dryer is a front loading dryer with a transparent lid.

Its compactness and portability scored the same marks from us as the top pick Avanti did. To add to that the Panda portable dryer, which a very low price for a dryer. Even with its low price it does all the work it’s supposed to seamlessly. Something else which we noted was that one would have to spend more for another dryer that would perform the functions the Panda did. Which is saying a lot because that means the Panda is more than worth its money.

When you purchase the dryer it comes with a wall mounting kit, if you want it to be hung on the wall, freeing up your floor space.

Our step up picks

Step-up Pick: LG DLEX8000W Electric Steam Dryer

Unlike our top pick and budget pick, our step up pick LG DLEX8000W 29″ Electric Steam Dryer with 9.0 cu. ft. Mega Capacity is large, large, large. It has 14 drying programs, 5 temperature settings and a neverust stainless steel drum. It is also equipped with a reversible glass fronted chrome door.

Its extra capacity means that it will hold up more clothes than a regular clothes dryer. Because of that and having faster drying cycles means that you can be done with your laundry in the blink of an eye. Unlike most other clothes dryers it’s relatively quiet. The steam option de-wrinkles your clothes and eliminates any germs that your garments might have picked up. The energy star status this dryer has gained means that it will save you power costs per year according to LG DLGX8501V
LG DLGX8501V SteamDryer

While the above step up pick is an electric clothes dryer, for those do not like or do not have facilities to accommodate an electric dryer, we wanted to present a gas dryer option as well. It is the LG DLEX8000W’s gas version, the LG DLGX8501V SteamDryer 9.0 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel Stackable With Steam Cycle Gas Dryer.

This one is slightly more expensive than its electric counterpart. However, gas dryers tend to save you money on energy in the long run, so what you spend extra can easily be recovered according to this report on energy consumption.

Another compact clothes dryer

XtremePowerUS StainlessSteel
XtremepowerUS Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer

You might have noticed by now that we have a thing for compact dryers. They save us space. As our apartments keep getting smaller and housing prices keep getting bigger, we think that space-saving appliances are a godsend. If you think like us, here is another compact clothes dryer, the XtremepowerUS Stainless Steel Tumble Dryer for you to keep your eye on.

The Xtremepower runs on 110 V voltage for 1400W power. It is lightweight. It also has auto dry and timed dry settings. It also has a transparent door. Just like our budget pick, the Xtremepower comes with a wall mounting kit making it even more space saving. The Xtremepower US is a tumble dryer.

Other noteworthy dryer options

Speed Queen ADE3SrGS
Speed Queen ADE3SRGS 27″ Electric Dryer

The Speed Queen ADE3SRGS 27″ Electric Dryer is a commercial grade electric clothes dryer. The Speed Queen ADE3SRGS comes with 3 temperature settings and has a capacity of 7 cu.ft.

Lectrolux EWMGD70J
Electrolux EWMED70JSSWave-Touch 8.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer

The next choice we have for you is a real winner too. However, the Electrolux EWMED70JSSWave-Touch 8.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer tends to be more on the expensive side. It has an unbelievable 92 drying cycles and specialty drying cycles. There is also a steam setting for drying delicates, and the machine is stackable, saving you precious space. It’s steam function de-wrinkles clothes and removes germs. It is a state of the art, modern dryer.

Samsun DV
Samsung DV52J8700GP 7.4 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer

The next one on our noteworthy list, a Samsung gas dryer with a steam cycle. However the Samsung DV52J8700GP 7.4 Cu. Ft. Platinum With Steam Cycle Gas Dryer has gained an energy star status confirming that it is an energy saving clothes dryer.

The next clothes dryer on our list, the Frigidaire Affinity, also comes highly recommended.

Affinity 7.0 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Front Load Gas Dryer

The Affinity 7.0 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Front Load Gas Dryer has a lot going for it, but it is the low price that attracts at first glance.

It is a big dryer with 7 cu.ft capacity. It is a gas dryer with a one touch wrinkle release function. This is done by tumbling your clothes without heat at the end of each cycle so that the wrinkles will not set in. You can also program it to run in sync with your washing machine so that there are no delays in your laundry cycles.


There is no doubt that the best clothes dryer in the world is the sun. However, if your local regulations prevent you from drying your washing outside, or you get barely any sunlight or in the winter months, or for any reason that you can’t use sunlight to dry your clothes, you need to invest in a good clothes dryer. It should fit your space, shouldn’t take up too much energy (considering sun light is practically free), shouldn’t make much of a noise and should be relatively maintenance free.

You will find all these requirements fulfilled rather nicely in our top pick for a best clothes dryer. Avanti 110-Volt Automatic Dryer is portable. It’s compact. It’s easy to troubleshoot. It has simple knobs so that anyone can use it without a fuss. You can use it either mounted on a wall on standing on your floor. All these features make up for a rather nice compact dryer that is sure to make your laundry days a breeze for years to come.

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