Best Clothes Dryer

For our roundup of the best clothes dryer, the Panda Portable Spin seems like a great choice, which can spin up to 3,200 RPM, which is pretty fast. It is pretty lightweight at only 22 lbs and is portable in terms of design. It is rated for use in 110v systems and it is ideal for smaller rooms such as apartments, dorms, RVs, boats and the like.

Our step-up pick is the Panda Compact Laundry and this one is rated for use in 120v systems. It has a capacity of 3.75 cubic feet or 13 lbs of laundry items and is also portable at only 48 lbs in total weight. It has a stainless steel drum that is quite durable.

The budget pick is the Laundry Alternative Nina and this one can produce dry laundry items within 3 minutes due to the good speed of 1,800 RPM. It is a ventless system so it will fit most apartments, dorms and the like with little space needed. It has a load capacity of 12 lbs.

A Little Background

A dryer is a great appliance to have at home to dry clothes.

A clothes dryer is a kind of laundry room appliance that dries clothes instantly and quickly without the need for the outdoor sun to dry them up. This machine has a spinning mechanism that is quite similar to that of a washing machine, which wrings the cloth items dry as much as possible. Some of them also have a heating mechanism to speed up the drying process.

The biggest benefit of this drying machine is to help you in laundering and drying laundry items that you need to wear or use right away.

If you are in a hurry and you need a certain dress or suit for a meeting or occasion, you definitely need this kind of drying machine to help you dry the item that you want even without having to wait for sunlight or for hours being hung dry. It is a quick fix for anything you need to wear on the fly.

hanging clothes
Hanging clothes to dry can take a lot of time (and sunlight).

If you live in a cold climate then you definitely need this drying machine to help speed up your laundering process. The sun’s rays are still the best for drying anything thoroughly, especially laundry items. However, not everyone has the privilege of sunlight all the time.

For instance, those who live in mountainous areas or in the north may only experience a few hours of sunlight, and that is why a drying machine can help them out with laundry items.

Not all dryers are the same – there are those who are ideal for small amounts only and those that are for heavy duty purposes. For smaller apartments, dorm units, RVs, camping trailers, evacuation centers and condo units, a portable unit is more ideal because you don’t really need a big capacity one for fewer laundry items.

On the other hand, bigger families who may have more laundry needs may want to get a bigger drying machine. A dryer that is also of heavy duty in nature can be helpful if you run a laundry shop.

dryer inside
The inside of a dryer.

These drying machines spin like a washing machine, and that is what makes them work. Each of them has different speeds depending on the manufacturer.

The speed is measured in RPM or rotations per minute. The higher the speed of the drying machine, the quicker it can process laundry items at hand and the faster you can get off laundry work in the long run. However, high-speed machines may cost more electricity to run.

Drying your clothes thoroughly is important to keep them away from mold and mildew (and bad smells). A thoroughly dry item of clothing will have less likelihood of forming those black spots of the mold when you store them or wear them. If you live in an area where mold is an issue when you store cloth items, and the sun is not enough to dry them, you should consider getting help from a drying machine.


How we Picked

In choosing the best clothes dryer, you need to look into the following criteria first in order to choose the appropriate one for your needs:

Speed: the drying machine has speeds that are measured in RPM or rotations per minute. Some have 1,800 RPM while others have 3,200 RPM. The speed is important to consider whether you need more laundry items to get done or just need to toss in a few shirts and personal items of clothing.

Higher speeds can save time but they may also cost more electricity to run. Lower speeds, on the other hand, are ideal if you are only using it for a few items.

Durability: the housing of the drying machine must be made of durable material, either quality plastic or stainless steel. The inner parts must be durable as well. Just like a washing machine, these dryers can be pricey so you should look for one that will have value for your money in terms of durability.

It is not always good to buy something that is cheap but not very durable, because it will often need replacements or repair.

Load capacity: you should know how much load is required for the drying machine, and how much it can take. Try measuring how much laundry items you usually process in one washing so that you can have an idea as to what load capacity would work the best for you. Oftentimes, higher load capacity is ideal for bigger families and for business establishments like laundry shops.

Portable design: if you want to save up on laundry room space, this is a feature that you must consider as well. If you need something for an RV, dorm, apartment, or trailer home, you need to consider one that is just the right size for you.

For bigger laundry rooms, you can definitely have fewer problems in terms of fitting in most bigger sized drying machines. However, it still pays to know the dimensions of the machine before buying, just in case, to avoid unwanted returns.

Voltage system used: as with any other appliance, you should know whether the drying machine is a 110-volt or a 220-volt before buying. The 110v system is ideal for those who live in the United States or similar countries, while the 220v system is ideal for those in Europe and some parts of Asia. Make sure that you know your country’s voltage system first before buying any appliance for your home or business.

Ease of draining water: if you don’t have access to a drain or sink, the drying machine might have helpful features for you to just catch the water with a bucket underneath or something like that. An easy to drain drying machine will be much easier to set up and to maintain overall. This also helps if you don’t have a lot of knowledge in terms of venting out a laundry appliance.

Settings: the settings and buttons of the drying machine should be simple, straightforward and easy to use overall. Usually, there will be two to four settings for a drying machine depending on the heat settings that you prefer, and also depending on the amount of laundry that you currently have at hand. The settings can also vary depending on the intended usage of your laundry appliance – either for home use or for commercial use.

Warranty: as with all appliances, a reasonable warranty can make you satisfied. The usual norm in the industry for the most drying machine is from 1 to 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty. You should also read the user’s manual as to what is included in the warranty policy to avoid inconveniences during the event of an item return.


Our Pick

The Panda Portable Spin is our top pick for the best clothes dryer because of the high speed of 3,200 RPM, which can be enough to spin dry clothes faster than other models of drying machines out there.

This one also has a design that makes it portable to carry around, which is perfect for smaller laundry rooms. It is plugged into any 110V outlet, as for its power source.

Made with a stainless steel drum, this makes the overall durability great for the years to come. It is also portable enough to be used on most RVs and boats for camping and off-grid living.

It even has a mirror finish surface for an aesthetic look so that you can match it with your other laundry appliances and the like. It has a total capacity of 22 lbs, which is perfect for most small to medium sized laundry loads.

Also perfect for dorms and apartments due to the small size, it has a brake to stop the spinner right away so that you can easily pick up the laundry items after the spin. It uses 300 watts of power so it is quite powerful even for appliances that are intended for travel use. You can dry small hand washed items easily with this unit and the size of 25 x 13 inches makes it portable.

It saves up on space and it weighs only 26 lbs so it is portable to carry. As a time-saving unit, it is a good clothes dryer for its features. Additionally, for those who don’t have a sink, it uses gravity draining using a drain spout.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

The only con but not a deal breaker with the Panda Portable Spin is that the packaging and initial hardware setup can be a bit off, but this is a case to case basis and it depends on the seller. It does not affect the quality of the drying machine.

Step-up Pick

As our step-up pick, the Panda Compact Laundry has a total of 13 lbs of capacity or 3.75 cubic feet, which can be enough to handle most loads from small to medium-sized, especially for small to average sized families. It is meant for 120v systems and is ideal for most small living spaces due to the portable and aesthetic design.

It also has a high and low heat selector so that you can choose according to what laundry items you have and how much you need to get them dry. The internal drum is made of stainless steel material so it might last for a very long time if you take care of it. The unit also includes a wall mounting bracket so that you can easily place it in your laundry room and keep it there.

The unit also has an automatic shutoff feature to save energy and reduce your monthly electric bill expenses. It even has a transparent lid so that you can see what is going on within the unit as it works to spin your laundry items to dryness. It can be installed without taking up a lot of room due to the low profile design.

At 48 lbs, this unit it is quite easy to carry around. Its drying programs include: cool, warm, hot and air dry, which you can select on the fly. It bears up to 1,500 watts of power so it is pretty okay in terms of drying power. It also comes with a lint filter for special cloth items and it is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Budget Pick

The Laundry Alternative Nina is our budget pick, which uses a ventless system, which is ideal for smaller rooms and is great for small apartments and laundry rooms.

It easily dries items within 3 minutes or less (up to 90% dry) so you can get back to your other household chores or take care of the kids. It has a load capacity of 12 lbs, which can be sufficient for small to mediums sized homes and families.

Like most of our picks here, it is rated for 120v systems only. It is pretty portable with the light weight of 15 lbs, so you can move it around easily, especially if you only live in an apartment or frequently move from place to place. It has a spin speed of 1,800 RPM, which is powerful enough for most cloth items. It has a capacity of 0.6 cubic feet which can be sufficient as well for most laundry items.

With a portable design, the unit is great for RVs as well and for off-grid living. It has two colors: black and white, so you can match your interior design depending on what’s given there. It uses 136 watts only so it is super economical in terms of energy savings while helping you to dry your clothes. It is also ideal for shirts and even some jeans and it is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Clothes Dryer for an Apartment

The XtremepowerUS Portable Tumble is perfect for apartment dwellers due to the small and portable design. It is powered at 1,400 watts so it is quite ideal for small to medium-sized laundry batches. It runs on electricity so it is pretty quiet overall, as compared to a gas powered unit. It runs on any 110V system outlet as a laundry appliance.

You can also use this in an RV due to its portability and size. In addition to that, to let you set the unit to its ideal cycle, the dryer’s knob is a cycle indicator and a timer as well, so you can monitor your drying cycle. As for the setup, the XtremepowerUS Portable Tumble includes screws with the plastic vent for ease of assembly.

This unit holds up to 8.8 lbs of load capacity, which is ideal for those who have minimal to medium-sized laundry in one go. It also has a timed dry setting so that you can feel at ease when timing your cloth items in terms of drying so that they do not get too dry overall. The included lint collector is easy to clean as well.

In this unit, there is a see-through window so that you can know what is going on inside the drying unit. Additionally, you can order the filters as a replacement if it gets broken or congested even after cleaning. This unit can also skip the drying cycle for small items if you want.

Best Clothes Dryer that is Gas Powered

The GE GTD65GBSJWS is a good choice if you want something that is gas powered, specifically for saving up on electricity and focusing more on a heavy duty drying unit. It is made of an aluminized alloy drum so that it is quite durable and does not take up too much weight wherever you put it in. As a gas powered unit, the GE GTD65GBSJWS is able to handle bigger laundry items on the go.

You get up to 4 heat selections with this unit, which is useful if you want to customize the heating capability depending on the dryness that you need for your cloth items. The vent capability is up to 120 feet, which is convenient for large laundry rooms. It has up to 12 drying cycles for you to choose from, which can depend on the type of laundry that you have at hand.

In addition to that, you can also use the HE Sensor Dry technology to monitor moisture. In this way, you are preventing the clothes from becoming too dry. At 27 x 46 inches in size, it has a total of 7.4 cubic feet of capacity. It is also greatly compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Google Assistant for easy control of the appliance.

Being an Energy Star rated unit, it has up to 22,000 BTU per hour for its natural gas rating. It also has an anti-bacterial mode and towels and sheets for the specialty cycles and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty for the whole appliance.

Best Clothes Dryer with a Glass Door

The Frigidaire Affinity is a good choice if you want a glass door for your unit, to make it easy for you to see what is going on inside. There is a one-touch wrinkle release mode to make your life easier when operating this unit. At 7.0 cubic feet, in its total capacity, the Frigidaire Affinity is quiet and solid so that it will not disturb other members of the family and other neighbors as well.

The drum is very large for its capacity, as a front load dryer, which is a good thing if you want to process more items along the way. It only takes about 48 minutes for most towels for its drying time or cycle. It is also easy to clean the lint trap for better maintenance.

As a gas dryer, the Frigidaire Affinity also features specialty cycles for removing allergens and washing without shrinkage. It can be useful for a load of towels and other cloth items. It also has preset settings for various types of laundry load. The included sanitize cycle does not require washing as well for convenience.

At 27 x 43 inches in its size, the Frigidaire Affinity uses DrySense technology which prevents over-drying to have healthy clothes and fabrics. The door on this unit is reversible for convenience, and there is also an energy saver option.

Best Clothes Dryer with a Steam Cycle

If you want a clothes dryer that has a steam cycle, the LG DLGX3371R can be a good choice for you. It has a total of 7.4 cubic feet in the capacity as a gas dryer and it also has 4 adjustable legs for you to adjust depending on where you intend to place this unit. Bearing intelligent electronic controls, it also has a stacking capability, which is perfect for small areas.

Having a quiet operation, the LG DLGX3371R has manual dry times from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, with the option to add or subtract time. It also has a wrinkle care mode to keep your items smooth and less likely to go through the iron anymore. It has various drying levels as well and has a sensor dry mode to make sure that the optimum drying level is achieved.

There is also a child lock to keep your little ones safe, and the temperature settings can help with the steam drying process just fine. The LG DLGX3371R also has a duct clogging indicator to help in cleaning and maintenance. The drum light also lets you see what’s going on inside. With up to 10 drying cycles to choose from, the vent option is for 4-way and 3-way settings.

It is made of an aluminized alloy steel drum so it is quite durable, plus it also has a dual LED screen display for convenience in operation.

Best Clothes Dryer with a Dehumidifier

The Panasonic Global Eco is a dryer, dehumidifier and also a desiccant system all in one. Its power consumption is at 460 watts so it is not very consuming in terms of energy. It can be an ideal drying machine for humid summers due to the dehumidifying feature.

Being rated for 100v systems, the unit measures 458 mm x 352 mm so it is quite ideal for those with little floor space. The tank capacity is about 2 liters so it can be enough for small to medium sized laundry items to reduce the level of humidity. It is made with strong ABS material that will not easily deteriorate.

Best Clothes Dryer that is a Front Load Design

If you want a front load design for your drying machine, the Electrolux EWMGD70JSS Wave-Touch may be a good choice for you. It has an LCD screen display that lets you see the settings on the fly. There is also a setting for delicates so you can wash your underwear and hankies just fine on it. The total capacity is at 8.0 cubic feet so it is pretty huge for a drying unit.

Measuring 27 x 38 inches overall, this front load dryer is easy to maintain and to use due to the fact that the door to this dryer is also reversible. It is also gas powered so you can save up on electricity in the process. It has many settings to choose from and has a steam option with temperature control as well.

There are a total of 92 total drying cycles, with unique wave-touch electronic controls that let you control the drying levels.

Best Clothes Dryer for Heavy Duty Use

For heavy duty purposes, the Speed Queen ADGE9RGS is a good choice for a front load gas dryer, which can be helpful for those who are in businesses. It has a total of 7 preset cycles to choose from so that your customers can pick the right settings depending on their types of clothing.

At 7.0 cubic feet in terms of capacity, it has a moisture sensor as well to keep clothes from getting too dry. It also has an eco dry mode to keep the costs low on electricity. It is an easy to operate unit overall and you can also save your favorite cycles for frequent use. It measures 27 inches in its size so it fits most laundry shop rooms and laundry rooms in general.

The Competition

Other drying machines did not make it to our list because their outer and inner parts were not durable enough. They also did not have enough speed and power to dry laundry items quickly as compared to our picks here.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different kinds of clothes dryers?

A: The clothes dryer can be either of the two:

  1. Powered clothes dryer – this one is the main appliance that is used in most households. It uses electricity but some others use gas as the power source. The powered drying unit is further divided into two subtypes, namely the following:
Tumble dryer The tumble dryer is the most common type of dryer, which spins in a certain direction to keep the moisture away and to wring dry the clothes in the way of the machine. The only problem with the tumble dryer is that it may cost some electricity more than the ventless dryer.
Ventless dryer The ventless dryer has a heating capacity, which makes it different from the tumble dryer. It is more efficient in terms of energy consumption and will also dry your clothing items much faster than the tumble dryer.
  1. Unpowered clothes dryers – these are the ones that do not use any kind of power source at all. They are simply like racks or cabinets that can be used to help keep your clothing items dry when hung up, especially in the sun or in a hot area.

Q: Can a dryer be integrated with a washing machine?

washer dryer
Laundry shops often have washer-dryer combos.

A: Yes, there are many drying units that are also part of the washing machine. They have the following features:

Ventless A ventless system is a great choice if you live in an area that does not have sufficient supply of water or electricity since the ventless system is more eco-friendly in the process.
Power source Some of these compact washer and dryers are made with electricity on both sides, but there are also differences on some units when it comes down to the dryer part, as sometimes, it uses gas instead of electricity in the package and design.
Capacity The norm of at least 2 cubic feet is a good minimum capacity for a combo unit if you are planning for this kind of appliance.
Less vibration There are combo units that have less vibration or anti-vibration features to keep the noise to a minimum.

Q: Is it worth it to get a washer and dryer combo unit?

A: There appear to be many advantages to getting a combo unit instead of just one of the other:

  1. It can help save up on electricity costs.
  2. You don’t have to sacrifice too much space in your home or area.
  3. Most of them have better load capacities.
  4. It is a 2-in-1 unit that can make the job easier.
  5. Most are front-load machines that will not ruin your delicates.

Q: What are the differences between the various washer and dryer mechanisms?

A: There are three types of washer or dryer mechanisms:

top loading
The inside of a top loading washing machine.

Front loading This one allows you to load on the front, which is great for those who have delicates that don’t want too much aggregation.
Top loading Top loading ones are cheaper and are more ideal for families with less space in their laundry area, and those who just want to get the laundry done in no time.
Twin tub The twin tub is a kind of hybrid that combines both the washer and the dryer mechanism in just one go. It is useful if you absolutely want a space saver in your laundry room or area.

Q: What is the sensor dry feature?

dryer settings
The sensor feature is one of the settings on a drying unit.

A: The sensor dry feature basically helps you to keep the clothes in the right drying temperature to avoid over-drying. This can be helpful if you have delicate items like silk and velvet, which may become brittle and ugly if you leave them too dry after you have washed and dried them.

Q: Should my clothes dryer have a steam option?

A: The steam option can sometimes be present in certain models of the drying machine. In this case, it has the following benefits for your laundry items:

Gets more work done This is important if you are trying to save up time for doing other things like household chores, cooking and looking after the kids. You don’t need to iron most clothes often due to the steam option.
Wrinkles get erased If not all, then most wrinkles will be erased with the power of a steam option. This is similar to the power of an iron and akin to spending hours trying to iron your clothing items.
Use it for delicates Steaming is great for delicates that cannot be ironed. It gets the work done in terms of reducing the creases and wrinkles on them without damaging the fabrics.

Q: Are there cons to owning a 2-in-1 washer and dryer combo?

washer dryer 2
Washer dryer combos can take a lot of space.

A: While there are advantages to the combo unit, there are also some downsides, such as the following:

  1. There are certain models that actually take up more space than others.
  2. It usually takes more time in the washing and the drying process.
  3. The drying part may need more cooling water to operate properly.
  4. The load capacities may not be as big as the standalone versions.

Q: Is the hose of the laundry unit important to consider?

A: Yes! The laundry unit’s hose should be made of durable material so that it will be just fine even with using heated water. Common materials that can make up this kind of hose include stainless steel, plastic, and rubber, and all of them, regardless of the design, should be durable in terms of laundering and drying items.

Q: What kind of liquid detergent goes best with washer and dryer combos?

A: For a combo unit, you’d be best to work with a liquid detergent. This is because they are easy to dissolve unlike the powder or solid counterparts. If you have a combo unit or even if you just simply have a front loading unit, a good choice would be liquid detergent. If you also have a fabric softener then that will go into the dryer part.

Q: Will an RV have a washer and dryer at hand?

rv 1
Some RVs have a washer and drying combo unit.

A: If you are planning on renting or buying an RV, you should go for a Class A type. This type of RV has almost every amenity that is possible during camping, including washers and dryers. This is crucial if you really want to have convenience when washing your clothes and the like.

Q: How is a towel warmer different from a clothes dryer?

A: The two look similar in function, but they really have different specific purposes:

Criteria Towel warmer Clothes dryer
Purpose To warm up a towel To dry laundry items after washing
Size Usually smaller Usually bigger to medium sized
Power consumption Usually lower Usually higher

Q: Can clothes drying machines be connected to Internet-based smartphone apps?

home automation
Some of these drying units are applicable for home automation.

A: Yes! Home automation is a thing nowadays, and one of the appliances that can have that feature is a clothes drying machine. Many famous brands of these units can have the option for you to integrate the unit into your smartphone app to control and manage the cycles even when you’re away for a trip.

Q: If my clothes get mold, what should I do to remove them?

A: Clothes that do not get dry enough can develop mold eventually. Here are ways to remove the mold:

  1. Try scrubbing the mold away using an old toothbrush, then launder and rinse.
  2. Use hot water when you are washing the clothes in question to kill the mold spores.
  3. Try using bleach, borax, white vinegar and other mold removing solutions.

Q: Which items of clothing should not go into the dryer?

A: If you want to wash your clothes, you can do so in a washing machine. But certain clothes and items of clothing cannot go into the dryer because they might get damaged eventually:

bathing suit
Bathing suits can get ruined in the clothes drying machine.

  1. Anything with lace
  2. Bras and lingerie
  3. Suede material
  4. Bathing suits
  5. Running shoes
  6. Velvet and silk
  7. Rayon (to avoid shrinking)
  8. Faux leather
  9. Tights
  10. Chiffon clothes

Q: I got a stain from crayons onto my clothes drying machine. What is the best way to clean it up?

A: Stains from crayons can happen if your kid accidentally put some crayons in the pocket of their shorts and now it’s messed up your drying machine’s interior tub. To clean it up, you can try a stain remover of any brand but check the instructions first on where it is intended to be used on. You can just wipe it off after you have applied the stain remover in the process.

Q: What are the ideal drying temperatures of clothes?

A: The following are the most recommended drying temperatures for clothes:

Delicates like silk and velvet 110 to 120 degrees C
Cotton blends, synthetic fabric clothes 140 to 150 degrees C
Cotton, towels, jeans, shirts, bedding 150 to 160 degrees C

Q: What could be wrong if my drying machine doesn’t start?

A: Failing to start for your drying machine may be caused by:

  1. Not pushing the start button deep enough (or the switch is broken).
  2. The plug is not thoroughly plugged into the outlet.
  3. The door of the dryer needs to be closed firmly.
  4. Look for any fuses or circuit breakers that are blown.
  5. Check if you have set the settings for temperature, cycle, etc.

Q: Should I get a pedestal drawer for my drying machine?

A: In most cases, yes. If you need to have a good height in terms of loading and unloading clothes onto the drying machine, you will need a good pedestal drawer for that. This also saves you from the trouble of back aches and the like.

Q: Is the door of this drying unit reversible?

A: Yes! Most of these drying units have a reversible door option. This is helpful if you have a laundry room or area that is pretty skimpy and cramped in space, so you can choose the installation method for the door to either go from the left or from the right at your best convenience.

Q: Should I go for gas or electric dryers?

A: In terms of picking the right source for your drying unit, you need to consider the following pros and cons of gas and electric units:

Gas unit
Pros Cons
– more energy efficient

– can be a bit cheaper

– ideal for heavy duty use

– less safe than electric ones

– not always available in many countries

Electric unit
Pros Cons
– usually safer than gas ones

– more available than gas ones

– ideal for apartment/home use

– less energy efficient

– can sometimes be pricey

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Panda Portable Spin is our pick for the best clothes dryer, due to the powerful spinning rate of 3,200 RPM, the light weight of only 22 lbs and portable design. Having a very powerful yet portable clothes dryer is important for most households who cannot sacrifice space just to get their laundry items done in a breeze, and for those with little average monthly sunlight in their area.