Best Compact Washer and Dryer

The XtremepowerUS Portable Compact is our best compact washer and dryer, which has a 150-watt spin drying rating and a 300-watt wash rating. For its spinning or drying machine, it has a capacity of 4.4 lbs. It is lightweight so it’s easy to move from one room to another but doesn’t vibrate a lot.

Our step-up pick is the Westland Splendide WD2100XC and it has a wash capacity of up to 15 lbs and a drying capacity of up to 11 lbs. It has a dry time selector and is also built for RVs and apartments. Its brushless AC motor makes it energy efficient while minimizing motor noise.

The budget pick is the  BCP Twin Tub and its motor runs quietly at 60 Hz and the housing is made with durable plastic material. It has an easy to use hose and has a portable design that saves you a lot of home space and footprint. You can also use it in dorms, apartments or even camping grounds.

A Little Background

A washer and dryer is a kind of washing machine that also features a dryer feature so that you don’t have to go on a buy a separate dryer machine for your clothing. Washer and dryer combos are usually the most expensive of all but they are very convenient when it comes down to doing laundry. They can wash and dry your clothes in just one go and you just need to pick them up.

Most American and European home shave washer and dryer combos but countries in Asia and Africa don’t always have the luxury to have these large and bulky washer and dryer combos. This is because they are pricey and are only obtained from high-end brands and suppliers. However, if you maintain a laundry shop, having a washer and dryer is necessary for better investment. They are usually coin operated so customers can easily get their clothes washed at their own pace.

It can be a bit of trouble to get a washer and dryer in your home, and this is why there are special washer and dryer combos that are compact in their design. This is so that they can fit even in small apartments and the like. Having a small but functional compact washer and dryer is important so that you can have convenience even in a condo unit, apartment or small home.

If you are thinking of having your own laundry shop or just want to have a convenient time in laundry, especially for those with kids or a busy lifestyle, you can have a compact washer and dryer at home or in your shop. This makes it more convenient to wash and dry clothes, especially on cold weather, and especially if you want to earn extra income by opening up a laundry shop.

How We Picked

In choosing the best compact washer and dryer, here are the criteria and features you should look for:

Anti-vibration: consider a compact washer and dryer that has anti-vibration features so that it will not easily get out of balance. It must not easily move about and not create noise as it washes your clothing, especially if it is a heavy duty compact washer and dryer. It should have a sturdy housing also to prevent the vibrations from happening when you wash your clothes and the like.

Capacity: a good compact washer and dryer that has a good capacity in terms of cubic feet, with most at least 2 cubic feet. The reason that it is compact is that it does not have a lot of footprint in your home but it will still hold a good amount of clothes to wash. A compact washer and dryer should be ideal for most small to medium sized households when it comes down to the total cubic feet capacity.

Size: do consider a compact washer and dryer that is not too large in size. Some compact washer and dryers are slim in design while others are just simply small in height and width. Take note where you will place the compact washer and dryer unit and make sure that the capacity in cubic feet will not be too small to hold all of your laundry and whatnot without being overloaded.

Material of the housing: the stainless steel material of the compact washer and dryer should be of high quality because it is usually a pricey and high-end washing machine that is meant for heavy use. Because a washing machine will mostly be used with water and detergent, it should be very durable against corrosion and other foreign substances that could potentially ruin the housing.

Vent-less: most compact washer and dryers are vent-less in their system so that you can connect them to any place or area in your home where there is supply of water and electricity.

Power source: while most compact washer and dryers are electric powered, there are some with gas power such as for the dryer part. Do consider a low wattage and energy saving compact washer and dryer, nonetheless, so that you will be able to save more on your monthly electric bill.

Internal components: the internal components of the compact washer and dryer should all be working properly and are made of durable materials so that the washing machine can last for a long time.

Warranty policy: do consider a warranty policy for the compact washer and dryer that is reliable and can cover more parts and components of the washing machine.

Our Pick

The XtremepowerUS Portable Compact is our best compact washer and dryer, that has a design that is applicable for apartments, RVs, condo units, dorms and smaller rooms. It has a delicate fabric setting and has a total capacity of 8.8 pounds.

The spin dryer of this unit works well despite being small, as it is a compact unit anyway. You can put in duvet covers, bed sheets and the like in this unit.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only concern about the XtremepowerUS Portable Compact is that it is a top load dryer so it can't be stacked, but it has a very slim profile so it is okay for most homes.

Step-up Pick

Our step-up pick is the Westland Splendide WD2100XC and it is a vented design so it works notably faster. It is a front loading compact washing machine and dryer all in one so it is great for laundry shops and the like.

It has 10 settings for washing and 3 settings for drying. With an auto adjusting water level feature, the electronic knobs are also user-friendly.

Budget Pick

The BCP Twin Tub is our budget pick, which has a spin cycle load of up to 5 lbs and washer load of 8 lbs. Its motor runs at 1,300 rpm and can help clean clothes in a matter of 15 minutes due to its quick wash feature for people on the go.

The twin tub design of this UL certified washer and dryer combo makes it space saving and it runs under 110-volt systems.

Best Compact Washer and Dryer that is Stackable

The GE White WCVH4800KWW is a 24-inch stackable dryer and washer combo unit that comes with a stacking kit. It is ideal for those who need a combo unit for a smaller room but has a good ceiling height to stack the washer and dryer together. It is rated for 220-240 volts for the dryer and 110 volts for the washer. It has 5 heat options, 5 wash/rinse options and automatic water level sensors.

Best Compact Washer and Dryer with a Twin Tub Design

The Della Portable Mini is great for RVs and apartments and works on any 115v outlet. It has a drain pump for easy draining from the washer and consumes 300 watts of power for the washer and 140 watts for the dryer. It has a timer of 5-15 minutes.

Best Compact Washer and Dryer for Apartments

The Do mini Portable has a capacity of 9.8 lbs and consumes 240 watts of power. It has a spin load capacity of 3.8 lbs and 6 lbs for washing. You can clean up towels in a breeze due to the various features and dual function.

Best Compact Washer and Dryer with Interior Lighting

The Speed Queen ATEE9AGP has a total of 4 temperature settings, 7 dryer settings and 9 washing cycles for you to choose from. It has an interior lighting so you can see what’s going on inside. The reversible door makes it okay for left-handed users.

Best Compact Washer and Dryer with a Venting Option

The Sekido Stackable SK824 has a 13-lb load capacity, an automatic door lock, a delay start for washing later, and leveling legs for adjustment. It has a child lock to prevent accidents and has a bright LED selection display for its controls. It spins up to 1,200 rpm.

Best Compact Washer and Dryer for Dorms

The Pyle Electric PUCWM22 is also a 2-tub design that makes it ideal for apartments and dorms. It is rated for 120-volt systems and is made with a durable plastic housing. Consuming 250 watts of power, it has a capacity of 7 lbs for washing and 3 lbs for drying.

Best Compact Washer and Dryer for an RV

The Ivation Small Compact has a capacity of 12 lbs for washing and 7 lbs for spinning or drying, making it okay for dorms and apartments with a lot more capacity. It can also be installed in RVs and has a timer, cycle selector and other settings. It is also easy to drain with the included pump.

The Competition

Other compact washer and dryers did not make it to our list because they were flimsy in material so they were open for corrosion and the like. It is important for any compact washer and dryer to be durable in all of its materials so that it will not compromise on your laundry.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key benefits of having a washer and dryer combo unit?

A: Having a washer and dryer  combo unit in your home or for commercial use has the following benefits:

They help de-clutter your space or area. For those with serious problems with space, a compact washer and dryer is the best choice for you because it only has one unit instead of two separate ones (washer and dryer). This is very helpful if you live in an apartment, condo unit, dorm or small home such as a duplex or row house. These compact washer and dryer don't have much footprint so you can put them anywhere.

They are fully automatic. Compared to top load washers, the compact washer and dryer is completely user-friendly so you basically just load your laundry, add the soap and it will do the rest. You will just have to pick up your laundry when it's done and probably hang some of them to dry if they are not completely dry yet. This adds a whole new level of convenience for those who are still using washers and dryers separately.

Most of them can be moved away when not in use due to casters or wheels. The compact washer and dryer can potentially have movable wheels so that when you want to redecorate your home or want to move the washer to another area in the house or to your neighbor's home, you can easily do so with the wheels for mobility. Because they are just one unit, it doesn't take a lot of effort to move two of them.

Most models feature a vent-less system. The vent-less system of the compact washer and dryer can be connected to any home with a stable water and electricity connection. They are not like your regular dryer that needs to vented so they make it super convenient for you to install the unit.

They have a horizontal axis that won't damage your clothing. A compact washer and dryer can be more ideal than using a top load washer or dryer because the horizontal axis does not hurt your laundry's fibers at all. This makes them better for those who have clothes that have unique or sensitive fibers that are prone to breakage from regular washers and dryers.

They are mostly energy efficient. A good thing to know about the compact washer and dryers of today is that they can be plugged onto 115-volt systems other than the 230-volt systems so they can help you save electricity in the long run, especially if you have a big household or a large family with a lot of laundry, or if you run a laundry shop with these compact washer and dryers.

They are also usually water efficient. The horizontal or front load system of the compact washer and dryer is usually more water saving than that of the top load system. They use less water so that you can be able to benefit from it when you invest in one for a business or for saving on water expenses and bills in your household.

Q: What makes a compact washer and dryer unique compared to standard washer and dryer combos?

A: A compact washer and dryer differs from the standard washer and dryer combos with the following criteria:

A compact washer and dryer is stackable. This means that it can be stacked on top of each other rather than just sit on the floor. This makes them more ideal for those with enough vertical space but short of horizontal space, such as in an apartment, condominium, dormitory or other small spaces.

They usually have less capacity than regular washer and dryer combos. This means that the compact washer and dryer is usually meant for the small to medium sized families or individuals and not for the large families. If you need a compact and fully automatic washing machine but don't really have many people in your home or a lot of space then the compact washer and dryer is a good choice. They can have as much as 1.5 to 2 cubic feet of capacity on the average.

For side to side arrangements, you can place a countertop on them. The compact washer and dryer will usually be small enough to go under a countertop so you can have an area for doing other laundry tasks such as folding and organizing them, or you can place your detergents and the like on the countertop.

The compact washer and dryer is usually more energy efficient than the regular washer and dryer combo. This is because of the fact that it is smaller in size and in capacity, so it uses less electricity and also less water for each wash and drying. Just make sure that they are Energy Star certified so that they are truly energy efficient.

Q: What are the major benefits of the stackable or compact washer and dryer unit?

A: A stackable or compact washer and dryer unit  can be beneficial to people due to the following advantages:

It saves you a lot of space due to being an all in one unit that can be stacked on top of each other. Unlike full sized units, the stackable or compact washer and dryer unit can be placed anywhere due to its size and its slim packaging. You can add more items in your laundry room with the compact washer and dryer because of the space saving design, which is a big thing for those who live in apartments.

You can save money because the compact washer and dryer is usually energy saving due to their design. They can combine washing and drying at the same time and they are fully automatic so you don't have to waste a lot of time, effort and savings. It can not only save energy but also save water because of its front load design that is more economical.

For those who don't have a lot of time when washing clothes or doing laundry, consider a compact washer and dryer for your home because it can help you to save time and effort to run two loads of laundry in a single moment. This is ideal for those who have a lot of laundry at hand, especially medium sized families who all have busy work or school duties.

The design of the compact washer and dryer is usually minimalistic and clean so that it will not only de-clutter your home or room but will also make your laundry room more attractive in the long run. This is ideal for homes that are looking for a simplistic design for their specific laundry rooms or units.

You can choose between gas or electric with a compact washer and dryer, which is ideal for homes that have a different configuration or setup. Gas powered compact washer and dryers are ideal for commercial use but there are also completely electric compact washer and dryers for you to use.

The many features that are included in a compact washer and dryer include unique wash cycles and the like. They can also potentially fit inside closets with a little tweaking so you can instantly hang your clothes after they went through the compact washer and dryer unit.

Q: How do I choose the right capacity for the washing machine and dryer combo?

A: The capacity for the washing machine and dryer combo  can be chosen with the following guide chart to know how much laundry capacity you need per unit:

Capacity Category

Weight of Laundry Load


5 kg

6 kg


7 kg

8 kg


9 kg

10 kg

Do remember that when weighing your load, it should be with dry clothes and dry laundry and not wet ones. This because wet clothes can weigh much more than dry clothes due to the water content, especially with denim.

To get 1 kilogram of laundry, you will most likely need any the following:

·         2 bath towels = 1 kg

·         a single pair of denim jeans plus 1 shirt = 1 kg

·         5 regular shirts = 1 kg

In addition to that, if you ever need a washer and dryer combo that will need to handle bed sheets, blankets and the like, you will need this chart for the size guide for different typical weights of bed sheets of various bed sizes:

Bed Size

Weight of Laundry Load


7 kg


8 kg


9 kg

Additionally, 10 kg will be the usual total weight of long curtains, so consider getting a washer and dryer that has a large capacity. There are also units that have a special cycle that is ideal for bed sheets, curtains and other delicate fabrics.

Q: What are the unique components and features of a combo washer and dryer?

A: A combo washer and dryer has the following components and features:


The pedestal is simply a platform that goes under the washer and dryer combo to make it level for ease of operation. Instead of having to bend your knees to reach the controls, you can use the pedestal to lift the washer and dryer higher up.

The humidity sensor is a part of the dryer that helps speed up the drying time automatically based on the dryness level of your clothes, which you can adjust. This helps so that your clothes or laundry do not lose too much moisture, resulting in damaged clothing, curtains and bed sheets for their fabrics.

The agitator is part of the top loading washer and dryer machine that basically turns the whole laundry load throughout the wash cycle. The agitator of a washing machine depends on its design, and is mostly found on top loads, but with a different design on front loading washing machines.


Front loading washers and dryers load through the front door and the clothes spin sideways instead of a roundabout motion. They are mostly found on high end washers and dryers and for those found in laundry shops and big families.

Top loading washers and dryers use a top load door and uses a roundabout motion to spin clothes horizontally instead of vertically, unlike in front loading washers and dryers. They are usually the cheaper types of washing machines and dryers and cannot be stacked on top of each other.

A full size washer and dryer combo is something that is bigger than 2.1 cubic feet. Therefore, if you want a compact washer and dryer, you need something that is smaller than 2 cubic feet for it to fit smaller areas. Do note, however, that full sized units can also be stackable, just like the smaller and more compact units.

The capacity is the feature or quality of a washer and dryer that is expressed in cubic feet, which refers to how much the machine can hold in just one go. Some can also have a measurement in kilograms to determine how much kg of laundry it can hold.

Q: What concerns should you watch for when choosing a compact washer and dryer?

A: A compact washer and dryer  may have the following concerns or problems:

The unit might vibrate a lot, so make sure it has some anti-vibration technology, or you can go for stacked units instead of solo units not just to save space but also to keep everything stable and not vibrating, so as not to make noise pollution in your home or laundry shop. This is important if your washer spins at a high rate.

Some brands are not stackable, so make sure you know first if there are hardware included to make the units stackable for each other. The washer and dryer combo machine should come with hardware or setup tools to make it able to be stacked on top of each unit when possible. Make sure there are no missing parts in the stacking kit.

Some units do not have a bleach dispenser, so make sure you ask first. Some brands do not recommend using bleach overall, since chlorine can potentially damage some parts of the washer, such as the plastic and rubber parts. If you often wash with bleach in your laundry routine then make sure there is a bleach dispenser included in the washer and dryer unit. If ever, you can consult the user's manual for approved list of bleach brands.

If you're buying a vent-less system, make sure you have a lot of patience. Vent-less systems are slower in operation as compared to vented systems, but the advantage is that they can be easily installed anywhere. Take note that if you don't have a lot of time for a 3 to 4 hour cycle for a single load on a compact washer and dryer then you may need to have a vented system instead.

The majority of compact washers and dryers run on electric power so you will rarely find gas powered ones (probably those by GE, as stated in our reviews). Most of these dryers are the source of power that gives way to the washer, which is ideal if your outlet is limited in space for power.

Q: What are the different features of a washer and dryer combo unit?

A: A washer and dryer combo unit has the following features, for each of its parts:

Washing Machine Unit

·         The extra rinse cycle makes it easy to remove any kind of detergent that might have been left in the laundry, which is handy if you feel like you've poured in too much detergent.

·         The extended spin cycle is ideal for bulk items like denim jeans, bed sheets, comforters and towels because they add more spin to the whole cycle for easier drying in one go.

·         The hand wash option is ideal for delicate fabrics that you don't want to damage, such as underwear, undershirts, bathing suits and the like.

·         The temperature setting is useful for when you want to adjust the temperature of the water, whether hot or cold, depending on the type of clothing or laundry items that you are going to wash and the stains given.

·         The stain removal feature is ideal for those stubborn stains that are hard to remove. For this, you will still have to add your stain remover. Nonetheless, this feature or option is great for helping to remove these stains.

·         Custom settings can also be found on some washing machines, which allow you to customize depending on the type of laundry you have at hand.

·         A sanitation cycle may be available for higher end washers, which can be helpful in clearing off bacteria and allergens, especially for those who have allergies with their clothing and the like.

·         An automatic water level feature can adjust the water level depending on the amount of laundry load that you have, so it's not only convenient but also a great water saver. It uses sensors to adjust the water level in the washing machine.

Dryer Unit

·         The refresh or wrinkle release eliminates most of the ironing efforts you need to do with clothing and other laundry items. While not totally replacing ironing, it helps so you don't have to iron them a lot to straighten the creases.

·         The extended tumble is an additional feature for those who don't want to have a lot of wrinkles in their clothes or laundry items.

·         The moisture sensor detects the moisture in your clothes and stop the cycle when the clothes are already dry. This is a helpful feature for clothes not to get damaged or dried too much, especially with delicate clothing, and it also saves you a lot of time and frustration for settings and watching on your clothes.

·         A drying rack may be available inside your dryer, which makes it ideal for hanging delicate fabrics such as underwear and thin undershirts, which might get damaged when tumble drying.

·         A stainless steel drum can also be available for most dryers nowadays. Stainless steel is not limited to washer but also dryers due its static reducing abilities and can be odor resistant for most of your laundry items.

·         An NSF certified dryer means that it can kill up to 99% bacteria in one cycle, which is good for those who need a lot of disinfecting before they can wear their clothes.

Q: What features should I look for in a washer and dryer if I want specific settings (e.g. noise reduction, fast cleaning, dry later, scheduled washing, etc.)?

A:  Washing clothes with a combo washer and dryer can be frustrating at first. However, there are many settings on a typical washer and dryer, but here is a chart of the most common features you should look for depending on the kind of action you want:

Washer Features

Washer Setting



·         For clearing out bacteria, viruses, pet dander, allergies and the like

·         Great for full steam cleaning for stain cleaning and brightening clothes

Vibration reduction

·         Great for noise reduction and homes with kids or babies sleeping

Delay wash

·         Good for when you want to wash the clothes at a later time when you’re out of the house or sleeping

Night wash, fan fresh, overnight drying

·         Ideal for those who want to dry their clothes later but want to wash them now

·         For those who don’t want their clothes to stink due to damp odors

Quick wash

·         Get your laundry done in half an hour

·         Ideal for working and schooling people with tight or busy schedules

Dryer Features

Dryer Setting



·         Keep all the wrinkles at bay

·         Great for overnight left dried laundry

·         Ideal for refreshing wash and wear clothing that you’re too lazy to rewash

Quick dry

·         Large amount of airflow makes it easier to dry clothes in a matter of minutes

Moisture sensor

·         Prevents over drying of clothes

·         Saves you energy in the long run

·         Ideal for sensitive clothes and fabrics


·         Displays how much energy your dryer is consuming so you know when to save and use it less frequently

Q: What spin speed is better for me in a washer and dryer combo?

A: A washer and dryer combo can be of different spin speeds, such as the following:

Spin Speed Category

Spin Speed

Medium spin

1,400 rpm

High speed

1,600 rpm

Having a higher speed compact washer and dryer can help reduce load laundry time but it can also make your washer and dryer vibrate a lot, so you should incorporate this with anti-vibration features or use a stackable unit instead.

Q: For larger families, what features do a washer and dryer need to have?

A: A"> large family should have the following time-saving and energy-saving features for their washer and dryer:

·         Energy Star certification: to make sure that it's eco-friendly and energy efficient so that your family's expenses on monthly electric bills don't go up with the large appliance.

·         Moisture sensor: so that your dryer automatically turns off when the clothes are already dried enough, to save up on energy and time.

·         Water sensor: automatically adjusts the water levels to make sure the amount of water is proportional to the load.

·         Bleach dispenser: automatically dispenses the bleach or detergent to make sure that the detergent levels in your load are just right.

While these are mostly found in large washers, you can also find them in smaller units that are still stackable, and even smaller families can find a washer and dryer combo with these features.

Q: Why should I leave the door of the front load washer open after use?

A: Assuming that you have kept the kids from getting inside the washing machine, leaving the washer door open  after each laundry cycle makes it less prone to bacteria, mold and other harmful things because you will allow moisture inside to evaporate to the outside area. Mold and bacteria can potentially cling onto your clothes so make sure you leave it open.

Q: Why shouldn't I overload my washer and dryer?

A: Overloading your washer and dryer is asking for trouble. Make sure you only fill water, detergent and load depending on the specifications indicated in the user's manual, or else you'll get wear and tear not just on your unit but also on your clothing items.

Q: What homemade or useful items can I potentially use with my washer and dryer combo to save money, time and the quality of my laundry?

A: If you use these homemade or useful items  when you launder with your washer and dryer combo, you can be able to save time and money:

Homemade detergent: a homemade detergent can be borax-free and may not contain harsh chemicals due to being made with home ingredients. There are many guides online on how to make your own DIY detergent to improve your laundry items and their delicate fabrics.

Vinegar and baking soda: these can also make great detergent replacements at home, especially for your towels. If you feel like your towels smell really bad, using this homemade solution can help improve the absorbency and the odor blocking capabilities.

Post-it notes or reminder board: this is actually handy to make sure you don't load up your dryer with special clothes or laundry items that may need to be hand washed instead of going to the machine.

Baby shampoo: if you find that your clothes shrunk in your washer and dryer, you can actually use baby shampoo to help relax the fabric and help it to stretch back to its original form.

Sneaker bag: if you need to put your sneakers into the washer and dryer, you can purchase a sneaker bag that ties to your washer and dryer door so that your shoes can get washed and dried without the loud noise going on inside the machine.

Salad spinner: surprisingly, salad spinners are great laundry wringers if you have sensitive items that should not go into the dryer. You can simply air dry your laundry afterwards.

Dryer balls: a step forward from dryer sheets, these really cool items can help speed up the drying process of your laundry or clothing items, especially with towels.

Aluminum foil: roll a ball of aluminum foil if you don't have a dryer ball. It reduces static cling and it also helps to soften your clothes or fabric items.

Laundry label: make sure you don't lose the laundry label of your shirt or fabric item if you want it to last longer.

Salt: this is ideal for those who want a natural way of preserving the colors of their shirts and other colored laundry items.

Fridge: you can actually keep your denim jeans in the freezer to kill the bacteria with the cold temperature and then just warm them up in the sun or dry them when you're ready to wear them.

Q: What should be done with a washer and dryer before and after every load or wash?

A: Here are things you should do  before and after each load or wash:

·         The unit should sit on a pedestal if it is not high enough to make it easy to operate.

·         The lint filter on the dryer should be regularly cleaned.

·         Make sure you use the recommended detergent brand and amount so as not to damage components on the machine or your laundry items.

·         Open the front load door after each use so you don't trap moisture and cause bacteria and mold to grow inside.

·         Keep the gaskets and door dry after each use, also to prevent bacteria and mold from forming.

·         Damp clothes should be removed right away to keep them from getting mildew or mold.

Q: What should I check when I'm going to a laundry shop?

A: When going to a laundry shop  to get your clothes done, consider the following:

·         Make sure all the pockets are empty of sharp objects or even coins and papers.

·         Consider wiping the washer's top in case of any spilled detergent.

·         Inspect the washer inside first before putting clothes to check for foreign objects.

Q: Why should I use cold water for a washer?

A: A washer unit  that uses cold water can help save you in energy costs. It may not be that effective for killing bacteria, but if your dryer has a steam option, this will suffice.

Q: How often should I clean the components of a washer and dryer?

A: A washer and dryer  should be cleaned at least once a month, especially in its attachments, dispensers and inside components to make sure your clothes stay clean and fresh. It may also depend on your laundry frequency and daily loads.

Q: What could potentially happen if you overfill a washer?

A: A washer that is overfilled can result in the following:

·         Badly smelling clothes

·         Expend a lot of electricity

·         Use too much water

·         Damage your clothes

·         Cause loud noise

Q: Do I still need to pre-soak certain items before going into the washer and dryer?

A: Yes, heavy stains that cannot be easily cleaned by the machine may need to be pre-soaked for better chances of removing them.

Q: What solution should I clean my washer and dryer with?

A: A homemade solution to clean your washer and dryer unit with is one that comprises of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda on the highest temperature cycle with an extra rinse or more, depending on smelly it is .

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the XtremepowerUS Portable Compact is our best compact washer and dryer with a quiet motor, space-saving design and good load capacity of up to 8 lbs.