Best Weed Eater

The DEWALT DCST920B 20V Brushless String Trimmer is our best weed eater. There is no need to worry about spills or smells due to the very fact that this is a cordless battery operated weed eater to consider which accepts 0.080 inch line so it is in the middle of light duty and heavy duty. It has a good bump feed that is very simple to use.

Our step-up pick is the GreenWorks 21362 G-MAX 40V String Trimmer and having a battery indicator, the weed eater can run for one to two hours of run time depending on your speed with the speed control selector. With a brushless motor, the weed eater can indeed provide more torque and power as it holds about 10 feet of spool in just one go.

The budget pick is the BLACK+DECKER LST201 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger and with up to 10 inches on its cutting swath, the weed eater packs a lot of power and it is powered up by a lithium ion 1.5ah battery. You can also treat some grass areas around posts and it works the best with 0.065 inch line. Therefore, it is understood that this weed eater is ideal for light duty work.

A Little Background

A weed eater, often called a string trimmer, is an important gardening tool and lawn maintenance equipment used around the world today. It is like the conventional lawn mower – only faster and more ideal for heavy duty work.

The idea that two strings made from nylon monofilament line can cut grass and weeds is something marvelous and revolutionary. It is a safer alternative from bladed edge tools when it comes to cutting tall grass and yard maintenance.

Many manufacturers such as Black and Decker, Ryobi, Makita and the like offer weed eaters or string trimmers. Weed eaters come in three different power sources: gas powered, battery powered and corded electric.

These different power sources work differently and are meant for various types of yard work and grass length. For instance, a gas powered one is more advisable for longer and taller grass than the electric and cordless ones.

Weed eaters are typically used for occasions where you cannot always depend upon your lawn mower due to the very fact that it is quite troublesome or too slow to cut all of the grass or weeds in your yard or garden.

In general, weed eaters are perhaps best used for bigger lawns and for super thick and tall grass that cannot be easily handled by the lawn mower alone. Getting into the smaller spaces can also make the lawn mower ineffective, in which the weed eater steps in to “cut into” the scene.

If you maintain a really large area of land, let’s say a farm or something as big as a golf course, using the lawn mower may somehow be time consuming, as a mower is more on the finishing of the grass. Consider a larger lawn or yard to be used for the string trimmer with.

You should think about the particulars first before buying the weed eater or just resorting to other means. If you think that you are not going to use the weed eater often then you’d just better rent someone to do the job.

Consider a gas weed eater even with its hassle of oil mixing and string pulling, if you want to do some heavy duty work around the house or for commercial usage. People who might have given up gas for electric types are those with bad experiences with them, such as a clogged carburetor or air filter.

You should also consider the weed eater to have a cord management system or you can buy one or build one for yourself for your safety. Preferably, you should also choose the 2-cycle or 2-stroke one if you want to go for a gas powered one because it has a lot of lifespan, does not quit easily in really long grass and really hot summers, and does the job intended very well.

How We Picked

When it comes down to choosing the best weed eater, you have to consider the following factors first:

Power source: the weed eater can be powered by gasoline, by a battery or through a power cord. Take note that for a weed eater to be of heavy duty, it should be at least gas powered or corded. For a medium to light duty weed eater, you can count on a a cordless one. Make sure you know the pros and cons of such types.

Design and features: consider a weed eater that has a couple of plus features such as a cord management system if it is corded electric as well as some other attachment options. Make sure that the weed eater has the basic functions but with a little added extras as well.

Ergonomics and handling: make sure that the weed eater is typically easy to handle with an ergonomic comfort grip. For instance, the weed eater can be handled using a rubber grip so it does not easily slip from your hands even when you have it rough at work. Consider a weed eater that is very simple to hold even when you are sweaty.

Intended usage: make sure that the weed eater is just right for the work intended such as for tall grass or for just casual small yard maintenance. Most gas powered weed eaters are ideal for bigger lawns and taller grass whereas light duty work will be sufficed by the use of cordless and some corded weed eaters out there.

Variable speed if applicable: the weed eater should have at least some variable speed so that it does not consume too much battery life, fuel or electricity. This is also an important feature so that the motor will not easily get broken or get exhausted or overheat for small jobs.

Motor power: consider knowing the amperage of the weed eater and the safety features such as if it ever overheats or if there is a protection against over-discharging. This is also important since some warranty policies do not cover the motor of the weed eater on their list.

Battery life: consider a weed eater that is battery operated that is powered up by lithium ion batteries or something with a good capacity. Lithium ion batteries do not have memory effect so a single charge can last for a very long time in comparison to ni-cad batteries and such.

Also, do consider weed eaters that are easy to charge and are rated for your specific area.
Power voltage: know the voltage of the weed eater that is just right for your needs. Consider also if the voltage rating of the weed eater is applicable to your country or area, since not all areas in the world have a 110-120 volt system.

Safety features: consider a weed eater that has an easy to access switch as well as some protective features against overheating and over-charging. In this way, you can get ahead at using your weed eater without the worry of your motor failing and the like.

Gas tank capacity: if you want a weed eater that is gas powered, make sure that the gas tank or fuel capacity will be just right for your needs. It is important that you have a weed eater that will not be too heavy when it comes to the fuel tank. Also, if you don’t want to mix fuel and oil, consider getting a 4-cycle weed eater engine. You may also need to know the fuel mix ratio, which is usually a 50:1 for most 2-cycle weed eater engines.

Noise level: the weed eater should have a decent noise level so that it is bearable. Anything that is about 83 dB can be quite loud so you should wear ear protection. Nonetheless, the noise level of the weed eater should not sacrifice its power and capacity as a great weed eater to do the job on your lawn, yard or piece of land.

Ease of assembly: make sure that the weed eater is easy to put together, especially if it is a gas type weed eater. The unit that you should have should come almost ready to go for your yard or lawn and it should have parts that are easy to attach. It should also have a clear user’s manual to make sure that you have no troubles putting it together.

Attachment capability: the weed eater may have some attachments that are okay to use on them, such as a blade attachment for mowing or an edging attachment to make it into an edging tool for your garden or lawn. A weed eater that has an attachment capability is a versatile one. In addition, the weed eater can also be attached with a strap to make it easy to carry along.

Weight of the unit: consider a weed eater that is quite lightweight so that it will not trouble the person who will use the unit overall. Make sure that the weight of the weed eater does not sacrifice power and the ability to mow or trim all kinds of grass and weeds in one go.

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Our Pick

DEWALT DCST920B 20V Brushless String Trimmer

Our best weed eater would be the DEWALT DCST920B 20V Brushless String Trimmer because it has a brushless motor that runs quietly and smoothly so it has a long lifespan to boot. It also has a unique padded grip to keep it safe and steady for the person who will use the weed eater in the long run.
Being ideally used with a 4 ah battery, the weed eater cuts in a great way so it is very good and has precise power control overall. It works well even under load and the assembly is simple for this unit. With a bump feed mechanism, the weed eater has a well balanced weight overall.
It takes down all the big weeds and its battery can fit a drill of the same brand as well. With a 13-inch cutting swath, the weed eater accelerates well and it is a great machine overall with a good run time management. You can maintain cut speed all the time with the variable trigger included.
You can be able to handle thick weeds with this weed eater and trim the front and back yard of your house. It is lightweight at only 8.5 lbs and it gives you less maintenance problems along the way. It is a long lasting weed eater that is easy to install the string of the weed eater.
Giving less stress on the user, the weed eater is very powerful with enough efficiency and durability and no pollutions and fumes. Ideal for cutting grass around fenced gardens, lawns and yards, the weed eater can even clear small brush with enough power.
With no air filters to clean up, the weed eater is so economical and versatile that you will no issues with the trimmer at all. It can do tall grass on a very large yard and is a great alternative to a gas unit. The weed eater is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some flaws about the DEWALT DCST920B 20V Brushless String Trimmer that are not deal breakers include the fact that since it is battery operated, it is not meant to tackle heavy duty jobs – that is the field and purpose of the gas powered ones instead.

Step-up Pick

GreenWorks 21362 G-MAX 40V String Trimmer

Our step-up pick is the GreenWorks 21362 G-MAX 40V String Trimmer. With a variable speed trigger, this particular weed eater preserves battery life in a smart way because it is made with a design to keep some lithium ion batteries at hand.
Using .080 inch line, the weed eater is packed with a powerful brushless motor that has a good lifespan. With a brush cutter attachment, you can run this thing up to 55 minutes on a single charge at a 4ah battery. It is great a blowing away debris and has great torque overall.
With ease of use as well as high battery efficiency, you will love the straight shaft design of this weed eater and the torque of the brushless motor is something very good without obstruction of your view. You can easily untangle weeds with this weed eater as it also starts within seconds for convenience.
The weed eater packs higher efficiency than other weed eaters out there as you can work through your yard with great ease. It is a powerful cordless trimmer that is easy to use and has gas comparable performance. It can run for up to 60 minutes for a 2ah battery and 120 minutes for a 4ah battery.
Being comparable to gas tools but without the gas, this weed eater has a satisfying trimming time and it is powerful enough for cutting through tough weeds. Its replacement spool is model 29622 and it is more efficient compared to gas tools.
With multiple usage capabilities, the weed eater provides longer life. The tool length is 68 inches and its battery and charger are included. With an easy rewinding system, you get power and performance all in one. It uses battery models 29462 and 29472.
The weed eater spins counterclockwise like with most straight shafted weed eaters out there. With a longer run time, it uses the charger model number 29482 and it is backed by a hassle free four year warranty from the manufacturer.

Budget Pick

tanakaTBC 260SF
BLACK+DECKER LST201 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger

Our budget pick is the BLACK+DECKER LST201 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger. The weed eater is also quite easy to maneuver due to being lightweight. It has the option for a 20 volts battery or as a bare tool only and it is great to use if you have a quarter acre or even a 1/2 acre lawn.
With a cutting path of 14 inches, you can use it for your lawn and garden needs and it packs a lot of versatility as it accepts attachments. You can trim some grass around walkways with this awesome and reliable weed eater. It weighs only 4.5 pounds so it is super convenient for edging of grass.
It is equipped with an instant electric start feature which makes it really convenient for multiple uses as a yard work solution. Part of the manufacturer’s 20v max system of tools, this is a light and maneuverable weed eater to consider if you want to keep in mind ideal user comfort.
To the top of handle, it measures 38 inches and it can be extended up to 48 inches all in all. Moreover, the weed eater is quite fast at 9,000 rpm on its no load speed. With up to 30 minutes of continuous use or more, you can use the weed eater around the yard as a great gardening tool.
It takes the af-100 replacement spool and it has an adjustable height for accommodating all kinds of users out there. In fact, getting a second battery is easy as the weed eater has parts readily available at the market. If you have a small yard then this is a good weed eater to consider.
Great for your style, this 20v max powered weed eater has an automatic feed spool system. Moreover, the nominal voltage is 18 volts in this battery powered weed eater. As a really nice trimmer, it comes with the charger and it is also backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

Best Weed Eater with a Straight Shaft Design

Hitachi CG27EASPSL 26.9cc Straight-Shaft Grass Trimmer

The Hitachi CG27EASPSL 26.9cc Straight-Shaft Grass Trimmer is our consideration for a weed eater that has a straight shaft design. You can be able to finish the edging in no time with this weed eater as you can perform endless tasks in the garden or lawn with it.
Moreover, the weed eater feeds trimmer line automatically so it is less of a hassle in the long run, especially when the grass is tougher to cut manually. With a 26.9cc engine, it has less vibration transfer overall and it is quite strong enough for brush whacking and other tall grasses.
You can complete your yard work in a breeze with this powerful weed eater which lasts a little longer than other weed eaters out there. It is of professional grade and it has a solid shaft so it is quite durable. With an unlimited range of work, you also get reduced fuel consumption for this weed eater.
It does a great job and it has a purefire engine system which makes it very strong, bearing classic quality and better performance. With the anti-vibration system, there is no need for no extension cords and it is also on low emission. As a good cutting machine, you get years of reliability with this weed .
As an excellent unit, you can use it to trim grass without interruption with a powerful performance. The s-start starting system is also quite tough and dependable and gives you a fast throttle response all the time with up to 50% reduction in starting effort.
This weed eater is a 2-stroke engine that starts on the first pull so it is very convenient with its comfortable operation. Also, the solid steel drive shaft adds to the durability and the anti-vibration system adds to the comfort of the user. With great maneuverability, this weed eater is sufficient.
Great for weed destruction, the weed eater is a tool for a professional with less fatigue experience for your yard and garden work. Bringing you a powerful performance with enough durability, it is backed by a 7-year consumer warranty and 2-year commercial plus a 1-year rental warranty.

Best Weed Eater with a 4-Stroke Engine

Husqvarna 224L 25cc 4-Stroke Gas Trimmer

The Husqvarna 224L 25cc 4-Stroke Gas Trimmer is the best weed eater for those who want a 4-stroke engine. Being lightweight to carry around, the weed eater has a bump feed head and it gives you 50% reduced noise and vibration.
You can be trimming the hedges with a quiet operation with this weed eater as it has a good top mount motor head to get your yard work done in no time. With a 25cc engine, it has a angled head design so it is quite flexible to target those dense and wet weeds.
As a 4-stroke engine, you will not have to mix oil and gas on this weed eater as it starts easily as well making one-pull starts. Being fairly light weight at 11.24 pounds (for a gas powered weed eater), this weed eater uses a Honda motor so it is quite powerful and is of heavy duty.
With 17 inches in its cutting path, the weed eater features easy starting and is great for light lawn edging due to its air purge system. The weed eater can be hung vertically because of its 4-stroke nature. You can also add a brush cutting blade on it and it has a smart start system for easy starting.
The quiet sound is a bit similar to a battery powered weed trimmer. The weed eater uses .095 inch line and it comes with a strong engine and starter as a 4-stroke machine. You can also be angling the head sideways without a problem and it has a 1/2 inch arbor hole size for blade installation.
The machine starts quickly with a drive shaft housing. It includes 10w40 oil and you can start it up with minimal effort. Perfect for professionals, this weed eater can cover most heavier areas with no fuel mixing at all. It does not require fuel drainage and the trimmer is 5 feet in its length.
You can add a shoulder strap for more convenience with this gas trimmer. It is also easier to control than a curved shaft trimmer and there is absolutely no need for mixing oil and fuel so it is quite the stress-free weed eater to consider. It has a straight shaft and it is backed by a one year warranty.

Best Weed Eater that is Gas Powered

M254 Shindaiwa Multi Tool Power Unit

If you want a gas powered weed eater then consider the M254 Shindaiwa Multi Tool Power Unit as a good choice. Ideal for residential edging and similar purposes, the line dispenser works great in this unit so it is convenient.
You can make a well landscaped lawn with this incredible weed eater equipped with a blow nozzle as well. It has a good gear drive design and you can easy connect with a pin connector so it is simple to setup. As a well balanced weed eater, it will get more work done in just one go.
You can attach nearly any trimmer attachment to this weed eater. You can use it for weeds and limbs and it gives you more torque overall. This weed eater runs at a 24.5cc engine and it is made of superior quality materials, given with a low speed torque to make it very easy to maneuver.
What’s more, the weed eater offers the best maximum torque possible to make it simple and easy to use. With a 2/4 stroke engine, the vibration is quite low so it is much like handling a battery operated tool. The weed eater runs well and it uses an advanced engine technology to make it work well.
As a commercial-grade machine, this is an awesome multi tool power unit in which you can add the accessories separately so it is a fully customizable weed eater that is quite powerful. It also has a quick-change coupler for your needs and it will last a long time due to the durability.
As a hybrid four stroke weed eater that is quite unique, it is of heavy duty at 16 lbs so it is advisable to get a strap for this unit. Nonetheless, it is smooth and quiet and it also greatly accommodates 9 attachments as a one of a kind weed eater.

Best Weed Eater that is Cordless

Ivation 20V 2.0AH Cordless Grass Trimmer

The Ivation 20V 2.0AH Cordless Grass Trimmer is ideal for those who want to go cordless or battery operated with their weed eater. With no lower back pain at all, the weed eater is quite simple to maneuver and is convenient using its lithium ion battery power.
It is also portable that you could disassemble for transport purposes. With no gas to use, the weed eater is so versatile that you can even use it for edging. It comes with string in it so you don’t have to worry about the nylon. With an easy start, any yard edging task can be taken on with this weed eater.
What’s more, the battery is very small and does not take too much weight. With great ideal user comfort in mind, the weed eater comes with no bumping required so it is a hassle free experience for light and medium duty trimming jobs.
The weed eater holds charge up to 18 months so it is less of a hassle to maintain unlike gas powered weed eaters out there. With an automatic feed spool, this weed eater ha a total of 4 angle adjustment options due to the adjustability of this string trimmer.
You can use it for lawn edging as well as for various angles. It has a range of up to 12 inches of cutting depth. It also has an assist handle that is adjustable and comes with 2 batteries included. It has a shaft that has a telescoping design as well.

Best Weed Eater for Commercial Purposes

[Image tanakaTBC-260SF.png]
Tanaka TBC-260SF Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer

The Tanaka TBC-260SF Commercial Grade Grass Trimmer is super ideal for those who want a heavy duty weed eater for commercial or professional usage. With a hi-lo speed control switch, trimming the outer perimeter of your lawn is easy with it. This weed eater is attachment capable so it is very versatile.
The weed eater also removes air from the carburetor to make it easy to start. Moreover, it can do some sticker bushes and it does an amazing job while being super quiet for a weed eater with a fuel system. It can do some waist-high weeds and it will edge your lawn in no time.
Get a professional landscaped lawn or area with this cost effective weed eater as it is easy advancing the line with this unit. It has a highly compatible battery and is also spool ready with a dual line spool system. It has a primer included with its Walbro carburetor system as well.
Weighing in at 12.5 pounds along with the cutting head, this beast of a weed eater runs at 1.3 horsepower and is a powerful 2-stroke engine that complies with CARB due to its PureFire low emission system. This commercial grade string trimmer is at 25cc and has a split boom design.

Best Weed Eater with Wheels

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317 Trimmer

With the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317 Trimmer, you get wheels to make the weed eater super mobile and on the go. You can cut down some ivy and other weeds with this weed eater as it screams of durability.
The dual line function makes it a heavy duty unit even as a battery powered weed eater. Its run time is approximately 25 minutes and it is compatible with multiple tools. Perfect for your weed cutting needs, the motor efficiency of this weed eater is excellent and the handle is adjustable for your needs.
This weed eater is also a wheeled tool so it is easy to maneuver. It also comes with a trimming guard for your safety. You can swivel the head from 20-30 degrees and bevel it from 5-10 degrees. It accepts lines such as .095, .105 and .155 inch ones.

Best Weed Eater with a 2-Stroke Engine

Echo SRM280T Straight Shaft All-Blade Trimmer

The Echo SRM280T Straight Shaft All-Blade Trimmer is our ideal 2-stroke engine for a weed eater. It can take care of most areas of overgrowth in your lawn or yard. It can be converted from a trimmer to edger in seconds. You can work around the borders of your house with this weed eater.
With a bump feed stringer head, the weed eater also has an air purge system so it can take out weeds without the compromise of its power. It is also easy to attach the string guard and it makes your trimming a quick and easy task overall to get tall grass. It also has an adjustable handle so it is simple to operate.

The Competition

Other weed eaters did not pass our criteria because they did not have enough safety features, durability, power and other important aspects of a weed eater. It is important that these aspects are covered so that you get more value for your money for a string trimmer.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is a weed eater different from a lawn mower?
A: The weed eater cuts grass directly without having to measure the height of the grass. It is a simple and quick solution to overgrown grass and it takes almost just minutes to get rid of grass. In contrast, a lawn mower can work on hours to make sure it gets all of the grass or turf in an even leveling height so that it does not compromise the shape and the design of your landscaping procedures.

Q: How much does your lawn or yard have to be to practically own or use a string trimmer or a weed eater?
A: Consider a lawn or yard is around 2 acres or greater, depending on the situation and you should consider if the string trimmer is going to be of heavy duty depending on how fast the grass grows on your yard, lawn or parcel of land.

Q: What kind of extension cord should I use for my corded weed eater?
A: If your weed eater is somewhere in the corded or electric line of power tools, consider buying an extension cord that is at least 100 feet or less and it should have a 14-gauge thickness to make sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand rough usage.

Q: What are some of the most popular brands of weed eaters or string trimmers?
A: The string trimmer is sometimes referred to as the weed eater and the weed whacker due to the famous brands before. However, many other weed eaters or string trimmers have been pouplar, such as Ryobi, Stihl, Homelite, Echo, Black and Decker, Oregon, Dewalt, Worx, GreenWorks, SunJoe (SnowJoe) and the lesser-known, heavy duty ones such as Robin (by Subaru), Tanaka, Husqvarna and Troy-Bilt.

Q: Can a weed eater replace a scythe?
A: The weed eater is applicable for casual lawns and fenced gardens whereas the scythe is more ideal for an open field, such as rice field or a really wide area of land because of its potential danger to the people around it. The scythe cannot be compared to a weed eater because not everyone can use a scythe in the city whereas weed eaters can still be used in the urban areas if it is less noisy and more portable.

Q: Why do some people want a string trimmer over a lawn mower?
A: The lawn mower can be too bulky to get around fences, walls, corners, around rocks and the like, which make them not very advisable for uneven land as well as small spaces. This is where the string trimmer or weed whacker is more applicable for.

Q: Is it possible to trim thicker grass and weeds that can only be worked upon with a gas trimmer with a battery powered weed eater?
A: It can be done using a different line type such as a square one or a star shaped nylon line. Most lines that you see in the market are rounded shaped in its form but there are some special ones with corners that seem to be more effective in cutting grass, regardless of the thickness or diameter of the weed eater’s line. So if you have a battery operated weed eater that can only take .065 line at maximum, you can try a star shaped line instead.

Q: Which weed eater type should I use for heavy duty, medium duty and light duty?
A: Different weed eaters are made for different purposes. Heavy duty weed eaters are the gas powered ones because they are sufficient in power and in motor, with the caveats only being the noise, the pollution and the hassle of starting. Medium duty weed eaters are usually the corded and some high quality cordless ones, which are typically used by medium sized yards and lawns. If you own a very small yard then going cordless with .065 line or so will be sufficient.

Q: Which trimmer line thickness is the best for which weed eater?
A: If you have a light duty weed eater, it will usually require about 1 mm in thickness or somewhere around .040 to .065 whereas the slightly thicker ones or the .080, .095 and .105 ones (about 2.5 mm) are for corded and gas types due to their heavy power that the light duty weed eater cannot hope to handle. Even stronger weed eaters that are for commercial usage can go for up to 5 mm or equivalent to .170 inch in its thickness, and such are quite pricey and are hard to find in the market.

Q: Is it worth it to buy yourself a weed eater or just pay for a service?
A: It roughly depends on what you want to maintain as some people have a great need to service their lawn, garden or parcel of land, whereas some will be too busy or lazy to do it by themselves.

Q: Why do some people switch from electric weed eaters to gas ones?
A: This is because gas string trimmers are more durable than the corded and the cordless ones due to their motor life.

Q: Why do some gas string trimmer owners switch from gas to electric or cordless ones?
A: This is possibly because they find it a hassle to deal with mixing oil and gas, pulling the string and many other maintenance stuff that some people are not interested in. Moreover, some people are also not very much into serious lawn maintenance and only have small yards.

Q: Why should you always turn off the string trimmer when you put it off use and on the ground?
A: The string trimmer can be quite dangerous to your hands and to someone else’s safety if you do not turn it off when it is not in use. Not only would it consume a lot of power (depending on whether it is fueled by gas, electricity or battery), it will also compromise the safety of those around you, including yourself.

Q: What is priming in a string trimmer or weed eater?
A: Priming is the act of pressing the priming bulb that is only present on gas powered string trimmers and other gas powered tools that require you to pull the string. Consult the user’s manual on how much you need to prime the bulb and other specific steps you may need to follow.

Q: Why should you wear boots when you are using a string trimmer or a weed eater?
A: The string trimmer can send flying debris to here and there and this is why it is very difficult for you to withstand such pain when you wear flip flops or sandals. Consider wearing boots and other protective gear to keep your feet safe and sound.

Q: What is the typical voltage range of a string trimmer that is battery powered?
A: Usually, you will find a weed eater or string trimmer that has around 18 volts up to 40 volts of power in maximum. Usually, these string trimmers will be powered up using a lithium ion battery and most higher voltages ones can be pricier than those with smaller voltage.

Q: Why should you not use the string trimmer against a tree?
A: The string trimmer can potentially hurt the tree and kill it if you use it near the trunk or roots. It can form string trimmer or weed eater blights which can damage the tree trunk. You can remedy this by manually cutting the area near the tree or have it mulched down as much as possible.

Q: What is the difference between a 2-cycle engine string trimmer and 4-cycle one and which is better?
A: Most people agree that the 2-cycle engine is significantly better in terms of durability, power and performance whereas the 4-cycle one falls a bit short when it comes to the horsepower and the durability. Sure, the 2-cycle one may have some inconveniences such as cord pulling, choking and priming and of course, mixing gas and oil ratios, but the end result in the long run is a superior commercial grade string trimmer.

Q: Should you edge a lawn first, mow it first or weed trim it first?
A: It largely depends on your grass and it usually begins with edging and then you may switch to either mowing or weed trimming at best.

Q: How low should the string trimmer or weed eater be positioned to be safe?
A: Make sure that the weed eater or string trimmer is positioned below your waist level and below your knees if possible, so that it does not unintentionally hurt or injure anyone, including yourself. It will also avoid the flight of debris such as small stones and the like.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the DEWALT DCST920B 20V Brushless String Trimmer is our best weed eater due to its light weight at 8.5 lbs, 13-inch cutting swath and acceptance of .080 inch line.