Best Hedge Trimmer

The BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer is our best hedge trimmer which cuts like butter with up to 2,400 cutting strokes per minute. Moreover, the battery size is significantly smaller so it gives you less user fatigue in the long run. The dual action blade measures 24 inches for a quick work for the hedge.

Our step-up pick is the Poulan Pro 967044601 40V Hedge Trimmer and this hedge trimmer measures 24 inches on its dual action blades and it is able to take down most 6-foot tall ornamental grass in its way. With a hassle-free recharging ability, the hedge trimmer has superb weight and performance that will not tear you apart.

The budget pick is the GreenWorks 22102 2.7 Amp Hedge Trimmer and with the lithium advantage, the hedge trimmer also gives you less user fatigue and an adequate power drive transmission made for the summer season and a long runtime to keep it steady. With a 2.7 amp electric motor, you can use the hedge trimmer also without polluting the air.

A Little Background

Pruning is a very important gardening skill and it can also be done by a pair of hedge shears or even a hedge trimmer whenever possible. Pruning can also be done in an aesthetic way to create a design with the use of a hedge trimmer. Remember that you are not really killing the plant – you are merely cutting of its “hair” by trimming the excess stems to make them bloom again.
A hedge trimmer works like most power tools and can be used with different power sources: petrol/gas, electricity or battery. Hedge trimmers, like most sharp tools, can be dangerous when they are not operated properly so the user must keep in mind the safety of the operation and wear proper gear.
The square or rectangular hedge is by far the easiest kind of hedge cut that can be done easily with a hedge trimmer due to the flat surface. However, for those who are more of an expert level competitor when it comes to gardening and landscaping, they might take the challenge of going for a rounded hedge instead of a square one.
Safety is very important when it comes to choosing the best hedge trimmer and keeping it safe and sound, just like everyone around you. This is why you need to consider a hedge trimmer that is just right for your needs and will not compromise your safety at all times.

How We Picked

When we chose the best hedge trimmers, we consider the following factors:
Power source: consider a hedge trimmer that is the best for your suited needs. There are generally 3 kinds of hedge trimmers: electric types, gas powered types and battery powered types. The hedge trimmer that is gas powered is most suited for heavy duty, the hedge trimmer that is battery powered is for light duty while the trimmer that is electric or corded is for medium to heavy duty.
Voltage (for electric): make sure that the hedge trimmer has the right voltage, somewhere between 20 to 40 volts in its maximum voltage. Most of these trimmers that are electric or battery operated will have a rated voltage level.
Fuel tank capacity (for gas): if the hedge trimmer is a gas powered tool, make sure that the fuel tank capacity of the trimmer is just right for your needs. You need to match up the capacity of the hedge trimmer to the land area of your lawn, piece of land or landscape.
Battery life and charge rate (for battery powered): the hedge trimmer that is battery powered should have a quick charge rate so that you can easily use them whenever possible and the charge of the hedge trimmer should hold for a longer period of time without the memory effect, such as those with lithium ion battery for longer lasting battery life.
Cord management (for electric): if your hedge trimmer is a corded electric one, consider a hedge trimmer that is good on its cord management. Having a good cord management is important so that you do not cause injury to the people who are around you while you are using the hedge trimmer.
Trimming capacity: this can be referred on how much square feet of hedges it can trim in one charge or even on how much cutting strokes per minute it can perform. Make sure that the hedge trimmer has enough trimming capacity, especially if you want a hedge trimmer that will be used for larger hedges.
Blade type: most hedge trimmers have dual action blades, which makes the job faster. The type of material used for the blade should be sturdy and stainless steel so that it will not rust and will need less maintenance in the long run. The sharpness of the hedge trimmer blades should be good and just right.
Ergonomics and handling: consider a hedge trimmer that is quite ergonomic when it comes to the handles and other safety features. User fatigue should be reduced when you are using the hedge trimmer so make sure that it is a trimmer with enough rubber grips that do not slip at all.
Versatility and flexibility: the hedge trimmer can also be flexible when it is capable of attachments and the like. You can also consider a trimmer that has a pivoting head for you to reach areas that are normally cannot be accessed so easily with other trimmers. You can also consider a hedge trimmer that is tall enough for a really tall hedge plant to reach and trim.
Easy starting: make sure that the hedge trimmer is easy to start, especially if the hedge trimmer is gas powered. You should also make sure that even if the hedge trimmer is an electric trimmer, it should be still very simple to start and run.
Durability: make sure that the body and housing of the hedge trimmer is well built so that the hedge trimmer will last for a very long time. Consider a hedge trimmer that will suffice for years of usage and for many trimmings sessions in your garden, yard or lawn.
Weight of the hedge trimmer: make sure that the hedge trimmer is easy to lift with only a few pounds of weight but should not sacrifice this number to its durability and in its operational power. The hedge trimmer that is just balanced in weight should adhere to your needs of power in the process.
Safety features: make sure that the hedge trimmer has blade guards and the like to make sure that everyone around you and you yourself will be protected from the blades of this hedge trimmer. Having safety features for a hedge trimmer is very important because it can cause injury to many people and pets as well.
Noise levels: consider a hedge trimmer that is not very noisy at all, even if it is a gas powered hedge trimmer. However, it is inevitable that a hedge trimmer will still be noisy so make sure you wear ear protection. You should, however, pick an appropriate hedge trimmer that is suitable for the noise levels of your community, such as urban life.
Easy to assemble: make sure that further instructions to assemble the hedge trimmer are included and should be easy to put together. If not, there should be easy access to online manuals, YouTube tutorials and answers from the manufacturers themselves on how to troubleshoot on some parts.

Our Pick

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Our best hedge trimmer is the BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer and it is quite powerful as the housing is of heavy duty. Moreover, it has the versatility to share batteries with other B&D tools and it also cuts cleanly . moreover, the hedge trimmer is quite lightweight.
Great for other large shrubs as well, the shearing blade is super sharp for shrubs or hedges and it also accommodate gloves for ease of use. Made with rust-resistant steel blades, the hedge trimmer fits in your hand comfortably for making cuts on branches up to 3/4 inch thick.
The hedge trimmer will work well even on 4 foot tall hedges and it has a small and compact battery for ease of lifting it. Made with hardened steel on the blades, the hedge trimmer can produce less vibration than other hedge trimmers out there.
With up to 6,000 square feet of hedges per charge, the hedge trimmer is perhaps one of the best yard equipment out there as it works on pampa grass and similar species of plants. The blades can be cleaned using wd-40 and the hedge trimmer also runs much quieter than others.
Weighing it at only 6.9 pounds, the hedge trimmer has safety features to avoid accidental unplugging. The charger can also perform trickle charging. It is sufficient to trim the bushes and it includes a fast charger for your needs. Its battery work on any Black & Decker tool as well.
Do take note that this hedge trimmer is configured for 120 volts AC but it works well on a tree branch that is 1 inch thick. Coming in with operating instructions, most azaleas and camellias can be pruned with this hedge trimmer.
The battery and charger are included in this package and you can easily store it in the garage or car trunk due to the portability. You also don’t need to drag the cord around with this hedge trimmer. It is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer may have some cons but they are not very serious, such as the fact that the battery may not last long for some people, so it is advisable to get a better battery or a second battery. This con is true for most battery powered tools anyway.

Step-up Pick

Poulan Pro 967044601 40V Hedge Trimmer

Our step-up pick is the Poulan Pro 967044601 40V Hedge Trimmer. Using lithium ion rechargeable battery that goes at 40 volts of power, this hedge trimmer is quite secure in its grip while trimming and has a longer life cycle overall.
You can set different angles for this hedge trimmer to add to its extended reach. Weighing only 11.5 pounds, the hedge trimmer is very quiet and it won’t disturb the neighbors at all. It is also equipped with a lightweight and compact design and it works flawlessly on most hedges.
It can be trimming branches up to 3/4 inch and it has good comfort and control with no harmful emissions at all. With a sufficient battery life, this light and tough hedge trimmer has an instant start feature. It also has a rotating rear handle to keep it ergonomic at all times.
The instant start button makes this hedge trimmer super convenient with its 40-volt battery running well. Using no gas or oil at all, it packs a lot of power and performance for a battery operated hedge trimmer that is very versatile.
For your maximum comfort, the hedge trimmer can be easily and conveniently stored or plugged for the easy recharge method. It can take care of most plants like viburnums with less user fatigue and the bush hedge can be trimmed well with this hedge trimmer.
With quick and easy starting, the hedge trimmer works very well on all bushes and especially on the wax leaf ligustrums. With sufficient cutting capacity, the hedge trimmer is very convenient without the use of cords and it gives you the ideal hand position due to its comfortable gripping area.
With this very versatile hedge trimmer, it can be a great tool for sculpting for an outdoor power equipment for your garden with a good runtime. It can handle any yard and help you work with less strain. It is backed by a 4-year warranty with 2-year battery and charger warranty.

Budget Pick

GreenWorks 22102 2.7 Amp Hedge Trimmer

Our budget pick is the GreenWorks 22102 2.7 Amp Hedge Trimmer. Made for small home jobs, the hedge trimmer has a fast charge for the battery and delivers power unlike any other. The hedge trimmer recharges the battery in about 1 hour and the trimmer is well-balanced as well.
This hedge clipper has a couple of dual action steel blades that measure 18 inches each. As a great little trimmer that will get the job done, you get no vibration at all from this hedge trimmer and it has a 3/8 inch cutting capacity so it is tough.
This hedge trimmer has a lock-on button for continuous trimming and it is a step further from harmful gas-powered mowers. It is also easy to play with the shapes so you can experiment. Giving you less user fatigue, the maximum capacity is 3/8 inch for this hedge trimmer.
You can sharpen the blades so easily and you will also have less tune-ups and maintenance due to this hedge trimmer being battery operated and rated for 120v. the cord is about 8 inches long and it can also work on small thin trees.
Any person can prevent accidental unplugging using the included convenient cord lock. Working well on large laurel bush branches, the hedge trimmer is excellent on trees for edging and making even rounded corners. With 18 inches or 9/16 inch on its cutting length, it can work on a free standing shrub or tree.
It leaves a nice edge as a hedge trimmer and your arms will not get tired due to the no vibration scheme and the low weight of 7.26 pounds. There are also 18 inches pigtails where you can attach an extension cord. The hedge trimmer allows you to work well around the bushes.
It is very sturdy and made well for shrubs and larger plants. This hedge trimmer cuts through the stems easily and you can also add an outdoor extension cord such as a 100-foot cord. It has an industry standard four-year warranty.

Best Hedge Trimmer that is Battery Operated

DEWALT DCHT820B 20V Max Hedge Trimmer

If you want a battery powered hedge trimmer then go for the DEWALT DCHT820B 20V Max Hedge Trimmer. Made for your best arsenal of garden tools, the hedge trimmer hold a charge 5 times longer than ni-cad batteries and it is great for plant maintenance.
Moreover, it is light but powerful and you just plug the battery charger into any normal outlet – it’s that simple! The battery is interchangeable with the sting trimmer of the same brand. The charger and battery are included so you can get to work fast in no time.
Powered up to 20v max in its battery life the hedge trimmer can take care of blackberry bushes as well as various hedges for its ability. With a comfortable gripping area, the light indicates when the tool is fully charged.
This hedge trimmer accepts any high capacity 5ah lithium ion battery and there is no decrease in the battery power at all so it is very time saving and energy saving. Moreover, the hedge trimmer has the capability to cut up to 3/4 inch thick branches.
Being equipped with a hooked tooth blade design, the hedge trimmer is one of the best cordless tools out there for overgrown bushes. It has a 22 inch laser cut blade that eagerly cuts through any stems using a smooth trim. It is also significantly lighter than a gas trimmer.
The hedge trimmer works with all Dewalt 20v batteries and it also uses lithium ion battery so there is no memory effect or self-discharge happening. Working quickly and efficiently for your hedge, this brush-clearing machine weighs 7.5 pounds so it is very lightweight.
The power is excellent as it makes clean and fast cuts with no pollution from gas fumes at all. As a nice and smooth hedge trimmer, it can last up to 5 years or more with proper maintenance. Moreover, the included blade guard is designed well. Able to do well on all cutting orientations, it is perfect for anyone wanting to trim the hedges.
Do keep in mind that this is a bare tool item so the battery is sold separately but you can also order batteries. The hedge trimmer is backed by an industry standard 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service and 90-day money back guarantee.

Best Hedge Trimmer with Titanium Blades

Remington 1
Remington RM5124TH Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

The Remington RM5124TH Dual Action Hedge Trimmer is a great titanium bladed hedge trimmer to consider. With a superior performance, you will be able to finish in no time any garden or hedge with this hedge trimmer that is equipped with fade-free power.
Moreover, this electric hedge trimmer is powered by a strong 5-amp electric motor and there is a loop in the handle for easy handling. With less hand and arm fatigue to handle, you can have the hedges shortened with this simple hedge trimmer.
The dual action blades measure 24 inches and are titanium coated. Running at 18 volts of power, you can go through hard dead wood with the dual action blades of this hedge trimmer and change position of the handle for your ease of use as you sever any branch or small tree.
As a heavy duty piece of equipment, the hedge trimmer is equipped with a cushioned grip for your yard work with great ease. Featuring smooth trimming, this hedge trimmer can go for up to 3/4 inch thick branches and shaping the tops will be very easy with it.
The hedge trimmer works very well for most taller hedges and it can also go through tough hedges with simplicity. Weighing only 9.8 pounds, it has a good cutting performance due to the swivel blade. Going at up to 3,600 strokes per minute, even very small hands can handle this hedge trimmer.
With a 180-degree rotating handle, the durability of this trimmer is quite good and it also has a couple of safety features and an ergonomic design. With profound versatility, trimming the bushes becomes so simple with the strong blades of this hedge trimmer.
Creating precise and clean cuts, the hedge trimmer can take down stiffer stems as well as some grass. Rated for 110v to 120v use, it makes up and down strokes so simple with its titanium coated blades. You can also cover the blade using the included cardboard storage scabbard for safety purposes.
With this hedge trimmer, you can add a long cord to extend the operation of this unit to your use. You can also hold the trimmer sideways for its flexibility and durability. This particular hedge trimmer is currently backed by a 2-year limited warranty for customer satisfaction.

Best Hedge Trimmer that is Corded Electric

GARCARE 4.8-Amp Multi-Angle Corded Hedge

The GARCARE 4.8-Amp Multi-Angle Corded Hedge is what you would want if you want a corded electric hedge trimmer. It has a full wrap around front handle for ergonomics and it has superb cutting power that is worth the investment.
Its blade cuts through everything and the whole hedge trimmer is ergonomically designed for the best comfort possible. It also matches traditional gas-powered tools and it gives you professional looking results for pruning and trimming.
Bearing a lightweight design, this hedge trimmer is especially good with the smaller branches and it can also trim a bougainvillea bush. It cuts shrubs quickly in a clean way and it has an ergonomic cushioned grip for the best comfort. You can use it as a pruner for branches with great ease.
Working well on any task that involves vertical cuts as well, the trimmer easily cuts through branches and has an instant push-button start for convenience. With less maintenance overall, you get clean and sharp cuts and get the job done with this hedge trimmer to trim your bushes.
Because of its design, it is enough to say that it is a great trimmer to consider during a big trimming job. With 4.8 amps on its motor, it can extend to various lengths and is polished by diamond grinded cutting teeth. Getting high branches is easy as you can trim small hedges close up.
It works on hedges and shrubs for sculpting and includes a shoulder belt. With easy shaping, it has a 3/4 inch cutting capacity and is great for cutting tall bushes. With a 6-position pivoting head, it has an extension tube of up to 9.2 feet.
With a 20 inch laser cutting blade, this pole trimmer has a multi-position head and a rust-resistant hardened steel. There’s a cord lock to avoid accidental disconnecting of the cord. It can reach the tall section of the hedge.
With a blade cove, the lock on feature can be triggered by the thumb. Being comfortable to trim with, it has an aluminum telescopic tube and a dual-edge trimming blade for you to cut on right or left hedge side. It saves you from falling off a ladder and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Hedge Trimmer with Low Noise Levels

Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Hedge Trimmer

With power and convenience, the hedge trimmer is made for your acre lots and it has no cord to worry about. With significantly less vibration, this hedge trimmer is equipped with an energy star qualified charger for the batteries. Taking down large overgrown grass, it gives you less operator fatigue.
This hedge trimmer is made for reasonably thin branches and also to trim decorative grasses. It gets the job done easily and it is EPA certified for eco friendliness. Made excellent for light jobs, the hedge trimmer can trim creeping ivy efficiently and it can also take good care of large shrubs to trim.
As an incredibly effective tool for the garden, the battery lasts more than 30 minutes and it is also sufficient for decorative bushes. There is no need to mix gas and oil due to being cordless. In fact, most of the back yard can be taken care of with this hedge trimmer.
You will have no more worrying about premixing gas and oil with this hedge trimmer and it has a compact and lightweight design to make things easier for the operator. It is also sufficient in power during the growing season over something large like a 10 acre property.
Being quite easy to start up, it will work most of the back yard hedges in a breeze. You can also use a diamond file to sharpen the blades of this hedge trimmer. In addition to that, there is a battery charger with this one if you order with batteries.
There is also no need to worry about spark plugs, air filters or carburetors because it is powerful even as a battery operated hedge trimmer. There is no need for mixing and storing fuel and it produces even cutting results as a hedge trimmer with serious power.
Having a versatile build for all cutting orientations, the hedge trimmer is significantly better than trimming with hand tools and it can guarantee you up to three hours per charge. With pre-hardened blades, the battery endurance of the tool is fine.
Moreover, the hedge trimmer will work for trimming pampas grass and it doesn’t overheat when in use due to its good internal components. Bringing you optimal performance, the hedge trimmer can even work on a vertical concrete wall and it can guarantee you some light to moderate trimming.

Best Hedge Trimmer with a Pole

Earthwise 1
Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8-Amp Hedge Trimmer

If you want a pole hedge trimmer to reach taller hedges then you can go for the Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8-Amp Hedge Trimmer. It also works great for honeysuckle shrubs and will not ruin your weekend at all.
You can complete the toughest jobs with this hedge trimmer as it has a good pruning mechanism and a cord retention system to keep things organized. The battery works for multiple outdoor tools on this hedge trimmer and it runs on a quiet operation compared to others out there.
This hedge trimmer doesn’t seem loud at all so it is okay for urban landscapes. Being extremely lightweight, the hedge trimmer is great for maneuvering and it is also applicable for the arborvitae hedge.
In fact, this hedge trimmer is super dependable on trimming of large hedges with great comfort and ease. It also feels almost like using a chainsaw but with reduced vibration overall. In fact, grooming the base of hedges becomes very simple with this hedge trimmer.
The blades are razor sharp and this hedge trimmer is perhaps one of the best garden tools out there for trimming most stems and branches.

Best Hedge Trimmer for Professional Use

Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

The Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer is made for professional or commercial use where light duty tools won’t work well. This hedge trimmer has no assembly required whatsoever and it is easy to maneuver overall with no vibration at all.
The hedge trimmer can work with fewer strokes and you will have no problems with the motor most of the time. It will cut through the toughest branches and it can also work on larger trunks. It is easy creating a cleaner cut with this hedge trimmer, slicing like butter.
The reduction of noise is present in this hedge trimmer is great along with its lightweight design. You can trim the entire landscape with this unit and it has a very powerful high output motor to boot. It is great at trimming all hedge plants and it is powered by hardened steel blades.
As a hand held hedge trimmer, you may want to do some fancy cuts with it due to the versatility. You can trim hibiscus bushes with this unit and wok on lightweight and softer branches.

Best Hedge Trimmer that is Gas Powered

Tanaka TCH22EPAPSM 21c 58-Inch Hedge Trimmer

For those who want a heavy duty gas powered hedge trimmer then look no further than the Tanaka TCH22EPAPSM 21c 58-Inch Hedge Trimmer. It will most certainly work for cutting tall thick weeds and it is narrow enough on most plants.
It trims all hedges with ease and it has a lightweight design for those woody and tough branches. The hedge trimmer also comes fully assembled and you can simply apply lubricants for maintenance. The unit gives you better handling than other trimmers out there.
The longer blade lets you reach unreachable places so if you are looking for lawn tools then make this hedge trimmer a great consideration for making straight corners on hedges. This hedge trimmer provides plenty of power than your average hedge trimmer.
Great for bushes and shrubs, the hedge trimmer gives you effortless trimming for some of the widest bushes and you can even trim against a wall and have it perform at the highest level.

The Competition

Other hedge trimmers did not pass our test because they did not have a lot of safety features. It is important to have a hedge trimmer that is not just powerful and versatile but also safe because a hedge trimmer is still a cutting tool which can cause injury when not properly used.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a hedge trimmer and what is it used for?
A: A hedge trimmer is a trimming tool that helps you maintain a hedge or a bush that has a shape like a wall or border. Most medium to large gardens have hedges and this is why they must be maintained using a hedge trimmer in order to keep them in shape and in landscaping form.
Q: Which kinds of plants does the hedge trimmer work the best on?
A: The hedge trimmer works best for perennials and ornamental grasses such as the lilyturf, catmint, hostas and the like. The job of a hedge trimmer is to trim the perennial plants to make them bloom again by cutting off the old stems or the dead stem tissue.
Q: How do I handle tall hedges with a hedge trimmer?
A: You will need a hedge trimmer that has a long reach or a tall height. It is not advisable to carry a tool or especially a power tool with you when you use it above the ground while on a pedestal or scaffolding so it is more advisable to use a hedge trimmer with an extendable height.
The hedge trimmer that you should be looking for is one that has a cutting head that has a swivel function so that you can easily reach the top of the hedge and turn it as necessary without a lot of problems at all. Flower borders can also be easily reached with a hedge trimmer with that kind of height.
Q: Can a hedge trimmer also trim weeds?
A: Yes, a lot of hedge trimmers also have specific blades that are the best in targeting the weeds that get into the hedge. Clearing brushes can also be done with a hedge trimmer, provided that you have the right attachment and the right blade to do the job for your trimmer.
Q: What are the different kinds of hedges that you can create with a hedge trimmer?
A: The hedge trimmer is mostly used to cut a square or rectangular hedge that is flat on the top and on the sides. However, some will be going for a sloped or rounded top or making rounded hedges on most small trees and bush to make the impression of a uniquely cut and landscaped garden, lawn or yard.
Q: How is a hedge trimmer different from a chainsaw or power saw?
A: The hedge trimmer is only meant for branches and small twigs whereas the chainsaw or power saw is more for the lumber cutting. If you have a couple of thick trees and thick branches then it is okay to use a chainsaw instead but if you just have a couple of plants and not much trees on the way then it is the best to just get yourself a hedge trimmer instead.
Q: How long does a hedge trimmer usually span in terms of length?
A: The regular hedge trimmer has an average length of about 9 inches to 12 inches depending on what you want to cut. For a bigger and taller hedge, you would need something that is longer for you to reach it easier. Most of these hedge trimmers are equipped with a dual blade system which makes them easy to cut through a hedge in no time.
Q: What kind of safety gear should I prepare when I am going to use a hedge trimmer?
A: Make sure you prepare eye protection and wear safety goggles because the debris of the plants and the leaves can go straight into your eyes. You should also wear boots, gloves and clothes that are thick enough to protect you but not to discomfort you, especially on a hot day. Ear protection is also advisable if you are using a large and heavy duty hedge trimmer that is meant for tough jobs due to the noisy motor.
Q: Is it safe to use a hedge trimmer that is corded?
A: The hedge trimmer that is corded or electric powered can be hazardous to the people going around the garden or lawn and this is why you need to keep the cables organized as much as possible to keep them from getting in the way or causing injury in the process. Q: What is pruning and why is it important?
A: Pruning is cutting off some stems, branches or leaves of a tree, shrub or plant. This is not exactly killing the plant but rather making it “young again” in the process of making it healthy and possibly bloom flowers or fruits again. Q: What plants can be trimmed for making a hedge with a hedge trimmer?
A: There are many kinds of hedge plants such as the boxwood, the yew and the privet. Any of these plants may be used as a hedge for you to trim and shape using your hedge trimmer. The Japanese holly as well as the mountain laurels can also be used as a hedge for your garden, lawn or yard and you can trim it well with a hedge trimmer and maintain it.
Q: What is a hedge trimmer tip protector and what does it do?
A: The tip protector is very important because it will protect the end of the hedge trimmer from getting damaged should the hedge trimmer be accidentally rested onto the ground or come in contact with anything that’s hard. The tip protector can be bought separately but some hedge trimmer packages will have them for free.
Q: When should I start using the hedge trimmer to trim the hedge plant?
A: You should start around 1 to 2 years after you have planted it, if it is a new hedge plant. If it is for regular maintenance, you can maintain the hedge plant about 2 times a year for formal hedges and once a year for the hedges that are informal. The summer and spring seasons are the best pruning and hedging times to consider.
Q: How should I prepare the hedge plant for trimming with the hedge trimmer?
A: The hedge plant should be cleared off leaf deposits, branches, twigs and other debris such as foliage. This will get in the way of your hedge trimmer and can cause accidents, so it is best to clean it off before you start shaping your hedge plant with the hedge trimmer.
Q: Why should I lubricate my hedge trimmer?
A: This is so that it will not evidently rust and will keep working sharply all the time. The lubrication process of a hedge trimmer is similar to most power tools. If your hedge trimmer becomes sluggish or fails to start or having a hard start, you can remedy this by applying the lubricant onto your hedge trimmer. Make sure the motor is off and unplugged when you put on the lubricant to avoid catastrophes.
Q: How far away should people be to keep them safe from the hedge trimmer?
A: The hedge trimmer user should be at least 40 to 45 feet away from people and pets to make sure that everyone is safe. Also, you should not work while on a stool, a pedestal, a ladder or a scaffolding to make sure that you are safe with a power tool.
Q: How much gas and fuel ratio mix does a gas powered hedge trimmer require?
A: Like most gardening power tools , a mix of 50:1 is the most common formula for fuel and oil mix for most gas powered hedge trimmers, especially if they are 2-cycle or 2-stroke engines. This is also true for other power tools for gardening such as a chainsaw or a string trimmer or weed eater.
Q: Why should I not use water to clean up the hedge trimmer if it is cordless or electric?
A: Such hedge trimmers are not very much built for heavy duty and could rust and get the internal components damaged if you washed them off with water. Most gas powered hedge trimmers and similar gas powered tools are okay to be washed with water because of their rust resistant mechanics, components (e.g. aluminum parts) and capabilities.
Q: When trimming a shrub or hedge, where should I avoid?
A: The hedge trimmer should avoid the branch collar because it can possible damage the plant instead of making it feel better when you prune or shape it.
Q: What cleaner should I use to clean up my hedge trimmer blade?
A: Consult your user’s manual to make sure you have the right cleaner for the job. Most will use a resin solvent to clean up your hedge trimmer’s blades.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer is our best hedge trimmer due to the 3/4 inch cutting capacity, 24-inch blade and 2,400 spm speed.