Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

The Bissell HandVac Green Pet Hair Eraser is our best vacuum for dog hair, which includes a bunch of specialized pet tools for your dog hair infested area to be clean and fur-less when you want to keep your home clean. It also includes an upholstery tool for your sofa or couch so you can easily capture pet hair and dirt and even kitty litter.

Our step-up pick is the Bissell 1954 Bolt Lithium Ion Pet Vacuum and being an easy to handle vacuum for dog hair, you can keep your air cleaner with the regular use of this vacuum to treat pet food that has spilled on the floor. It also works well on sawdust and it has the capability to reduce allergens.

The budget pick is the IB SOUND Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner and the vacuum for dog hair can remove dust and dander around your house with its dusting brush for better cleaning. It is great for cleaning up kibbles as well as anything above floor surfaces due to the attachments. Being specifically made for pets, the whole machine is quite sturdy and drives easily.

A Little Background

Dog allergy is a serious thing to consider because it is a truly annoying thing to have, whether you are a kid or an adult. Similar to hay fever, dog allergy can occur if you keep sneezing at the sight or feel of dog dander or fur. This mostly occurs if your upholstery, furniture and carpets are filled with irritating dog dander or hair. Dog allergy can cause excessive sneezing, which is pretty bad.
Dog hair can stick into places such as upholstery, especially if you don’t have leather upholstery, so you need to consider maintaining your upholstery with a vacuum cleaner or some lint roller device to make sure that your guests or family members do not catch the sneezes when they sit on the couch or chair in the living room. Having dog hair around your house can trigger dog allergies so it is important to keep your space clean.
Carpets can be delicate so you need to treat it right before you vacuum clean it. Most pet hair can get into carpets but you can get the most out of it you do the right method, such as dampening it and collecting hairs manually before you vacuum the rest of the pet hair. Dampening the carpet is a great way to collect more hair but it should be done sparingly to avoid mold on your carpet.
Dog allergy is something that is not avoidable. It is also not the fault of your pet but your body’s own reaction due to some miscalculation from your immune system. Pet allergy, in general, is a very hard thing to cure, but you can lessen it if you clean up your upholstery and carpets regularly, especially with a vacuum cleaner at hand.
Keeping the dog hair away from your sofa, couch and carpet is a tricky task. You can do this, however, if you regularly groom your dog with a great shampoo formula and if you also regularly clean your carpets and upholstery using a vacuum cleaner. If it doesn’t do much, you can also train your dog not to lounge a lot on the couch or on the carpeted floor and go elsewhere, such as outdoors.
Pet allergy in general is different from asthma, but they can be interrelated if you look at it another way. Pet hair is a trigger for asthma patients but some who don’t have asthma can also get sneezing attacks if they inhale dog hair too much.

How We Picked

The best vacuum for dog hair for your needs should have the following:
Good filter quality: the filtering quality of the vacuum for dog hair should be good because it is supposed to suck out pet hair and dander out. The filter usually installed with a vacuum cleaner nowadays is a HEPA filter so it is great in removing allergens in the air. Having a good filter for any vacuum cleaner is important so that it will be able to filter out the dust and debris thoroughly for a safer environment that is allergen-free in your home.
Suction power: consider a vacuum for dog hair with great suction power so that it will be able to pick up more dust and debris and especially pet hair around the house, in carpets and on upholstery. You can also choose a vacuum for dog hair that has a variable suction power so that it will also be applicable for cloth items such as bed sheets, curtains and the like.
Variable floor application: a vacuum for dog hair that is okay for both carpeted and hard floor is a good choice because it will be a versatile unit to have. If you ever have a house that has both carpeted and hardwood floor then this kind of vacuum for dog hair will be the best choice for you. This usually means that the vacuum for dog hair has an on and off switch for the roller brush option.
Type of vacuum cleaner: know if you want to have a vacuum for dog hair that is a stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, canister vacuum or upright vacuum. Generally speaking, if you want to pick up more dog hair then you should go for an upright vacuum cleaner because it sucks more dirt and dust and is able to pick up dog hair easily. You can also go for any kind of vacuum for dog hair that has a pet hair attachment for easy pickup of dog hair around the house.
Corded or cordless: do consider if you plan on a vacuum for dog hair that is corded or cordless in its operation. Going for a cordless vacuum for dog hair means that you sacrifice some power in exchange for portability, and the opposite is true if you have a corded vacuum for dog hair. Make sure the vacuum is just right for your needs, as corded operations are much more powerful than cordless ones in general.
Electrical certifications: safety is a priority with all electronics and electrical items in your home, so do consider electrical certifications as part of the vacuum that you want to have. Consider a vacuum for dog hair that is UL or CE certified and also passed certain tests of appliance governing bodies.
Bagged or bag-less: a vacuum for dog hair that is bag-less is much more convenient if you don’t like the inconvenience of purchasing bags and replacing bags all the time. However, some bag-less systems can be a bit of a hassle to clean if they are not designed in the right way. Consider a vacuum for dog hair that has a lot of capacity, regardless if it is bag-less or bagged.
Portability: having a vacuum for dog hair that is highly portable is important so that you can vacuum almost anywhere without a lot of problem. You can have a handheld vacuum for dog hair if you want to clean up only a few places in the house and you can also use a canister vacuum if you want to clean up dog hair on the stairs.
Easy to handle: having a maneuverable vacuum is important because it adds to the convenience of cleaning. The handle of the vacuum for dog hair should be ergonomic and it should have some sort of attachments that have a good center of gravity to reduce the risks of injury when handling them. Consider a vacuum for dog hair that puts not too much stress on your arms.
Included attachments: do consider a vacuum for dog hair that is equipped with a ton of attachments, especially a pet hair remover attachment, either for upholstery or for other places other than your flooring. Having an attachment for taking out your dog hair from your couch or other areas around the house means less trouble cleaning up after your dog’s shedding mess.
Good filter quality: aside from pet hair, the vacuum for dog hair may also have a good HEPA filter that can not only pick up your dog’s hair from the sofa, but also thoroughly eliminates dust and dust mites that may lurk within the pet hair, so it’s good to have a vacuum for dog hair that has a thorough filter, even more with 3-stage filtering for a cleaner air indoors that is allergen-free.

Our Pick

Bissell HandVac Green Pet Hair Eraser

Our best vacuum for dog hair is the Bissell HandVac Green Pet Hair Eraser which is a great unit if you have dogs and need to take out some large debris. It is great for general pet hair cleaning on your couch or on the floor, delivering power whenever you need it as a vacuum for dog hair.
It also has complete sealing technology so it is great for alleviating allergies around your house. If you have to switch from cleaning carpets to bare floors then this is a good vacuum for dog hair to consider because it is made for all surfaces. In addition, the included motorized brush is detachable.
Moreover, if you have a cat or dog at home, you can get rid of pet fur and hair around the house with the use of this vacuum, especially on most carpets and hard surfaces. In addition to that, this vacuum cleaner is lightweight so it is very simple to remove dog hair whenever you need to.
If you want to go for extended cleaning then this is a good vacuum for dog hair to consider with its upholstery tool and capability to clean up with ease. You can get into all the tight spaces with the use of the detachable brush included with this vacuum for dog hair. It has a good duration for cleaning.
For cleaning up couches and the bed, the vacuum for dog hair is a dependable unit that allows for easy clean-up when you are finished using it. With a hard nozzle included, it has a good battery life that will save you time when it comes to treating problem spots for your dog hair around the house.
It holds a charge well and can clean any mess if you have pets. With an easy on/off switch , most dry messes can be cleaned with this vacuum for dog hair. Having multi-layer filtration so you can also eliminate the dust mites, it also works well for auto interiors as well as under furniture.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Bissell HandVac Green Pet Hair Eraser may have some small cons but they aren’t deal breakers such as the fact that since it is battery operated, it may not have as much power as a corded vacuum cleaner, but this is true to all cordless units anyway.

Step-up Pick

Bissell 1954 Bolt Lithium Ion Pet Vacuum

The Bissell 1954 Bolt Lithium Ion Pet Vacuum is our step-up pick for the best vacuum for dog hair, which maneuvers with ease. It works well on wood floors just as on carpets and hard floors. It can remove any pet hair or dog hair with great ease.
In addition to that, the included attachments are easy to use to make removing fur easy and simple. You can also clean up armrests with this vacuum. With sufficient run time, the vacuum for dog hair also comes with a crevice tool for getting hair out between the crevices of your sofa or couch.
Great for getting into difficult places, the vacuum for dog hair is completely allergy friendly with a 2 in 1 design. It can get rid of cat litter as well and is a powerful vacuum for dog hair that comes with a pet hair nozzle tool. It targets hard-to-reach areas and you can use the sweep tool to make things easy to reach.
With a run time of up to 25 minutes, the vacuum for dog hair is a great unit that comes with a removable hand vacuum that has a compact storage. Including some specialized tools for ease of cleaning such as the pet hair brush roll, it leaves a lasting suction for your pet hair.
Great for pet hair cleaning and upholstery needs, it also has a 2-way folding handle and can really work on carpets as well due to being a powerful stick vacuum. As a unit that holds more debris than others, it includes a crevice tool as well as a extra large dirt bin. With a convenient charging base, the vacuum for dog hair is powered by a 14.4v lithium ion battery.
The vacuum for dog hair allows for less time spent when you empty the dirt bin due to its design. With its capability to clean up area rugs, it comes with a fine and convenient storage for tools to clean up large messes on the go. It can also pick up some hair and debris and gives you a rapid recharge.

Budget Pick

IB SOUND Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

The IB SOUND Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner is our budget pick which makes it easy to clean up the mess your dog has made underneath furniture and the like. It is a great pet hair attachment on a budget scale and works well for hard floors as well as some carpeted areas around your house.
As a light weight vacuum for dog hair, it comes with various attachments to make it easy for you to clean dust and pet dander with its multi-layer filter system. As a portable vacuum, it is powered by radial cyclones that can also treat the corners of your car, allowing you for free movement while cleaning.
It is an easy to setup vacuum for dog hair that really works well for the pet hair. With a current of 6 amps, the cyclonic suction easily sucks dirt and dog hair without a lot of hassle. Great for its hand-free emptying procedure for the dust bin, it comes with a storage case as well.
The vacuum for dog hair is a quieter system than most even if it runs on a 90w motor. With an ergonomic handle as well as a crevice attachment included, you can use it to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter for auto detailing. You also get no fatigue while cleaning with the handle of the unit.
Measuring 16 feet for the length of the cord, the vacuum for dog hair uses mechanical damping principles to keep it as quiet as possible at less than 70 dB. It is an easy to wash unit that is also amphibious for both wet and dry applications. It can vacuum up more dust on the go.
With powerful suctioning, the vacuum for dog hair comes with a high quality brush attachment and that makes vacuuming the entire vehicle so easy. It can get rid of pet hair with a powerful motor in a breeze.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair that is Bag-less

Dibea SC4588 600W Corded Stick Vacuum

Bearing 600 watts of power, the Dibea SC4588 600W Corded Stick Vacuum is a great bag-less vacuum for dog hair that you should consider. Cleaning the stairs will be so easy with this vacuum and it can also go under furniture just fine. As a stick vacuum cleaner, it is very lightweight.
Using its HEPA filtration system, the vacuum for dog hair can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. It is a versatile hand vacuum with up to 15 kpa suction so it is just right for cleaning tile floors. It also has a large dirt cup which is removable and has a capacity of 1.0 liters.
Including a crevice tool for cleaning up your sofas, the vacuum for dog hair gives you an efficient vacuuming in the long run. It is only 4.6 lbs so it is lightweight to carry around. It can also take care of cat litters on carpets. It is great for vacuuming on carpets without ruining their quality.
Also working great for ceramic floors as well as for area rugs, the vacuum for dog hair sucks up dust in a breeze and you can also use the suction adjustment button to clean up those messes made. For homes with pets, the vacuum is great for hardwood floors.
Having an advanced cyclone feature, the vacuum has a quick release power cord that measures 19.7 feet. It is also a great vacuum for cleaning up cars as well as for area rugs. It can handle all kinds of food debris from your dog and it can combat allergies and bacteria with its suction power.
The vacuum has an LED front light to make it easy to spot the fur around your house. It is also able to handle vinyl floors or linoleum floors. With a powerful suction capability, the vacuum is great for eliminating pet hair in general. It is backed by a 12-month warranty.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair that is a Robotic Vacuum

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a great vacuum for dog hair that is a robotic vacuum. For simple home cleaning, it can detect a gap without question for easy navigation and it automatically cleans up your dog or cat hair around in a wireless way.
The vacuum for dog hair can also get under the bed without a problem. It comes with 2 side sweeper brushes for easy and thorough cleaning. With its HEPA filter, it traps dust as a robotic vacuum cleaner. Great for working under the couch, the vacuum for dog hair measures 0.2 liters on its capacity.
With a removable dustbin, the vacuum for dog hair easily cleans tiles as well and any area needed. It is small enough to fit into tight areas and is a pet friendly vacuum. Also made for hardwood flooring, the vacuum for dog hair is great for removing pet hair and allergies around the house.
Being an easy to clean vacuum for dog hair, it is okay for a short carpet and along walls. It also uses cliff detection to detect where it will go and to avoid falling off the stairs. The vacuum for dog hair can go through any room without a lot of effort and it uses a 1-touch activation.
Great for alleviating allergies around the house, the vacuum for dog hair can be running through the stairs without falling. What’s more, it does not clog with its brush design. The low profile look makes it fit underneath beds and the like.
The washable dust filter makes it very easy to maintain for trapping fine dust particles after cleaning and sucking it up. As a vacuum robot, the vacuum for dog hair is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair that is a Canister Vacuum

Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog

Having an electro brush attachment, the Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog is a great canister vacuum for dog hair running at 1,200 watts of power. With 5-level height adjustment for convenience while cleaning, the air clean system of this vacuum for dog hair is powerful enough to reduce pet allergens. It is also great a cleaning carpeted steps and a rotary dial controls the suction levels. Moreover, the vacuum for dog hair can absorb pet odors.
Made with several attachments, there is a parquet floor brush included with this vacuum for dog hair. With great upholstery furniture capabilities, it comes with 3 standard accessories for you to remove crumbs and kitty litter on the floor.
Using its active charcoal layers, the vacuum for dog hair not only removes dog hair but also removes foul dog odor in your carpet or couch. The mini turbo brush also allows you to attain a floor carpet and living space throughout your home. Sucking up to 99.9% of particles, it is also great for deep pile carpeting.
Including an upholstery tool, the vacuum for dog hair can suck up to 180 degrees of rotation whenever you need to clean up the house. It is great at sucking up debris from hard-to-reach places ad it easily removes pet hair so you can worry less when your dog sheds hair all over the house.
The vacuum for dog hair also works well for smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors. With an telescoping extension tube for an easier reach, the vacuum for dog hair has a total of six different power settings so you can also clean up cloths and linen from pet dander.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair that is an Upright Vacuum

Shark Rocket Powerhead Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Rocket Powerhead Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a great upright vacuum for dog hair that features heavy-duty cleaning power. With its telescoping handle, the vacuum is quite easy to push so it is okay to use even for older people. It uses a 25-foot power cord for mobility and portability.
There is no need for heavy lifting with the lightweight design of this vacuum for dog hair. What’s more, the dust compartment is very easy to empty, making it less of a maintenance problem using a dynamic power steering, the vacuum for dog hair can get rid of dirt and dust.
It is an easy to use vacuum for dog hair that is lightweight and is great for most soft carpets. It is capable of both fast and slow spinning for your needs and has a strong suction for carpets. Taking good care of all of your dirty work, the vacuum for dog hair adheres to every type of floor.
The vacuum for dog hair works great for under the furniture and it also cleans up area rugs in a breeze. Including 2 brush rolls, the maneuverability of this vacuum is good. It also has some easy to remove the attachments that give your rug or floor a gentle touch.
The cord is long for extended cleaning that doesn’t make a mess at all. With a hard floor brush roll, the vacuum for dog hair allows you to switch between floor types as it also has a deep clean carpet brush roll. Reaching under beds will be easy with the dog vacuum’s design and 2 speed settings.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair also for Carpets

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner/Handheld Combo

The Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner/Handheld Combo is our ideal vacuum for dog hair for carpets with its adjustable vent system. It comes with an upholstery tool for cleaning that old sofa and a 2-piece wand maneuverability. As a floor tool is included, it is easy to wipe the floor from dog hair.
With a multi-speed motor for taking out dirt and dust and pet hair from all places, the vacuum for dog hair is safe for soft style carpeting and also includes a dusting tool. With a 35 feet of power cord length, the vacuum for dog hair uses a 800-watt motor and includes a nylon brush roll with soft bristles.
Using sonic cleaning technology, the vacuum for dog hair has a stretch hose for you to easily clean things at up to 200 vibrations per second. It is effective and great for allergy sufferers as a vacuum which consumes 50% less electricity.
With a shoulder strap to keep you comfortable at all times, it is gentle on soft carpeting and has a turbo tool and crevice tool included. With a HEPA sealed filtration system, the vacuum for dog hair is friendly for allergies. It uses a jam sensor technology to prevent jamming.
The large front wheels make this vacuum ideal for mobility. Great for longer fiber carpets, the 15 feet of power cord makes it easy to move around. A canister vacuum is included as well with this unit. Working great on thick carpets, the vacuum also comes with a tote bag for accessories. Being easy to push and pull, the vacuum is backed by a 1 year warranty for parts and lifetime warranty for the belt.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair with a HEPA Filter

Ovente ST2620 Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

The Ovente ST2620 Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum is a HEPA filter vacuum that consumes 1400 watts of power and includes a sofa and pet brush. With an automatic cable rewind, the vacuum can be used to clean up wooden floors as well. It can effectively clean surfaces and is not too loud at all.
Using a HEPA filter for filtering out hard to reach areas, the accessories included are great for pet hairs and dust removal. As a lightweight vacuum with a very easy to clean filter, it adheres to different floor types and has a multi-angle brush for easy cleaning.
The vacuum weighs 13.2 lbs so it is fair for a large vacuum. It also has a 20ft power cord for further mobility. It also has a telescopic wand to reach spaces and a speed control to clean curtains. The vacuum works for 99 percent of dust and allergens and can also make use of the carpet and floor combination brush to remove dog hair. With its bag-less design, you can get rid of allergies and asthma in your home with this vacuum.
Having an automatic cord re-winder for easy storage, the translucent dust compartment makes it easy to know when you need to empty it. With a lot of bonus accessories, it has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair with a Lithium Battery

Dirt Devil Power Swerve Stick Vacuum

Powered by a 16v lithium battery, the Dirt Devil Power Swerve Stick Vacuum easily snaps together for a quick setup for its parts. Being cordless and lightweight, the swivel steering capability of this vacuum makes it very mobile. It also has a longer runtime for you to pick up dog hair around the house.
Great for any mess your dog made, it features faster charging so you can clean around the house easily as it picks up all the hair with the included brush roll. Being a highly portable dog hair vacuum, it has an XL sized dirt cup for more capacity as well as mobility.
You can use it for a dog grooming shop for dog hair clean up. It also has an easy access to the brush roll. With great energy-saving capabilities, it traps fine particles to make the air clean.

The Competition

Sadly, the other vacuums for dog hair did not make it to our list because they were ineffective and not too powerful to pick up dog hair from the couch or from the carpeted ground. They also didn’t have a good filter inside, which is important if you want to keep a good indoor air quality even with pets around.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is dog allergy and why does it occur?
A: Dog allergy is loosely defined as being allergic to dog hair or dog dander that your dog leaves behind in your home, such as around your furniture, upholstery, on the carpet, on the rug, on your bed, on your sofa and the like.
Q: Which upholstery picks up more dog hair than most?
A: If you have upholstery that isn’t made out of leather then it is more likely to pick up dog hair and dander. This is because like carpets, anything that is made of fiber can be a place for your dog’s hair to scatter around and make you sneeze some more and get watery eyes.
Q: When there’s dog hair on my carpet, should I vacuum immediately?
A: You can actually pick up more pet hair if you dampen your carpet first and then broom it into a fur ball. If you feel like the carpet reeks of odor then you can add a baking soda solution before you vacuum it 10 minutes later on.
Q: Is there a dog breed that is considered hypoallergenic?
A: Unfortunately, no , as all dog breeds will tend to have some pet hair, even a short coat, such as pit bulls and the like. All dog breeds will definitely sit on your couch or carpet and this can be trouble if you’re maintaining an allergen-free environment.
Q: How do I lessen the pet hair falling into my upholstery?
A: A dog that is shedding can really bring pain to your cleaning spree, but you can minimize this with a good shampoo that is made for your pet’s breed and specifically for shedding dogs. Vacuuming on a regular basis is another great thing to consider.
Q: What symptoms can indicate that I am allergic to dog hair?
A: A dog allergy instance that is caused by dog hair lying around your sofa and living room, can produce symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose. You may also experience watery eyes, coughing, itchy throat, nasal congestion and most other signs and symptoms of a nasal allergy.
Q: Where is it best to find pet hair in your home?
A: It depends on where your dog usually goes around to sit or play. Usually, it is the place in your home that has less air flow so that dog hair will keep gathering there. Dogs like to roll around your sofa or couch as well as on high traffic areas of your living room that has carpets because they like to get comfortable.
Consider where your dog often goes to so you know where to clean up the dog hair and dander. If your dog likes to get into the couch more often, then clean up that area with a vacuum cleaner. If your dog tends to roll around the carpet on a certain spot then you should clean up the carpet more often.
Q: What kind of flooring works best with dogs?
A: If you can, use solid hard flooring instead of carpeted flooring if you have dogs around the house. This minimizes the maintenance frustration that you need to do when vacuuming pet hair around your living room or play area for the dogs.
If it is inevitable to change flooring once you decide to keep a dog then you should be prepared to clean up your carpeted floor with the dogs lying around. But if you can, you should definitely change your flooring into hard flooring, such as tiles, linoleum or hardwood, to minimize the chances of air pollution and dog allergy indoors.
Q: How does a vacuum cleaner pick up pet dander and hair in general?
A: If you have a vacuum cleaner at home and you have a carpet at home, then chances are you own an upright vacuum cleaner, as it is most preferably the vacuum for carpets due to the roller brushes and the like.
Roller brushes are the way to go for a vacuum cleaner, specifically most upright vacuum cleaners, to get rid of pet hair and dander that your dog may leave behind, regardless of what flooring you have. Roller brushes work the best for carpets, however, and should be turned off when using on hardwood floors for safety and to keep your hard floor scratch-free.
Q: How do you remove dog hair from upholstery with a vacuum cleaner?
A: Any dog hair left behind on your couch, sofa, loveseat or any upholstery around your house can be cleaned if your vacuum cleaner has an upholstery attachment. This makes it easier for you to vacuum higher places other than your flooring.
Most upright vacuum cleaners come with such an attachment, and even canister vacuums also come with it. Using an attachment like that makes it a lot easier for you to clean up messes your dog has made on the couch or sofa, especially if your dog sheds a lot.
Q: Who can have dog allergies?
A: Everyone can have dog allergies regardless of age and gender, much like getting hay fever or asthma. Pet allergies aren’t just limited to those with dogs at home but also especially true if you have cats, birds, rabbits and the like. The fur or dander from your pet can cause allergic reactions much like inhaling dust and pollen that can cause hay fever or allergic rhinitis.
Q: Aside from vacuuming, how else can you clean your upholstery from pet hair?
A: If regular vacuuming cannot clean up your sofa or couch thoroughly then steam cleaning by professionals is a good choice for you to consider. If it can’t be cleaned by professionals then it may be time to replace your sofa for good.
Q: Does dog hair itself cause allergies?
A: It is actually the dust, pollen and small particles that reside in dog hair that makes us sneeze. Dog hair acts like the woven fibers of a carpet or clothed upholstery, which makes dust and debris easy to circulate in the air, making the indoor air quality poor.
Q: What kind of upholstery design should I consider if I have pets around?
A: If you keep a dog or two, you should consider a sofa or chair that has raised legs. Having raised legs is importat so that pet dander doesn’t gather under the sofa, making it easier to clean in the long run.
Q: Can dust mites get in your dog’s hair?
A: Yes, and this is why you need to vacuum your home, especially on places with high traffic and lots of carpet or clothed upholstery where dust mites might gather. Dust mites are considered dangerous for dogs, which can also cause allergies to them and may also catch inflammations and excessive itching, much like in humans.
Q: Aside from dog hair, what else can a dog leave behind in your carpet or upholstery?
A: If you keep dogs in your house then you are bound for a roller coaster ride trying to get rid of dog hair, dander and even dog “accidents” other than shedding. This is why you not only need to train your dog to relieve outside of the house, but you should also consider having solid floors instead of carpets if you decide to keep dogs around.
Q: Aside from vacuuming, how else can I keep a carpet clean from dog hair and dander?
A: You can also shake-out the carpet if it is a small scale carpet or rug and you can also hire a professional cleaner to get rid of dog hair and stains.
Q: How does regular dog grooming prevent shedding fur around the house?
A: If you groom your dog outdoors , they tend to shed all of the loose hair that might get into your couch or carpet. It also keeps your dog’s coat healthier with the right shampoo and skin product that can reduce shedding for your dog.
Q: Which carpeting is best for allergy sufferers and pet owners?
A: If you have nylon carpeting then that is a good solution for dog allergy sufferers. You can also use olefin carpets as they are great for lessening the symptoms of sneezing. Other seemingly hypoallergenic solutions would be synthetic fibers or, if you can afford it, natural wool carpeting.
Q: Do I have to give up my pet if I realize I’m allergic to dog hair?
A: It doesn’t have to end that way if it is not too serious, because there are still many ways. You can emphasize more on cleaning the house, have a hard flooring instead of carpeting, get anti-allergy medicine, clean up your dog and groom more often and many more ways to reduce dog hair.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Bissell HandVac Green Pet Hair Eraser is our best vacuum for dog hair due to the motorized brush, easy on/off switch and a ton of attachments and nozzles for picking up your dog’s mess around the couch or carpeted flooring.