Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

The Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for hardwood floors, which weighs 10 lbs for its weight, which is lightweight for an upright/stick vacuum combo cleaner anyway. If you want meticulous cleaning then this is the way to go. It also has non-marring wheels so it won’t damage your wood floor. It can also clean up some area rugs.

Our step-up pick is the Hoover BH50020PC Cordless 18V Vacuum Cleaner and the vacuum for hardwood floors can take care of almost all everyday messes and you also get less time having to throw the dust into the trashcan. With a no cord hassle experience, it is easy to remove surface debris with this vacuum for hardwood floors as it is also great for hair pickup around furniture.

The budget pick is the VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Vacuum Cleaner and with a 19.5 foot power cord, this vacuum for hardwood floors consumes 130 air watts and gives you portability in a lightweight and compact unit. The air watts is important so that your vacuum cleaner can be great with its suction power and the vacuum for hardwood floors is safe for your flooring.

A Little Background

Like most wood materials, hardwood flooring can leave stains overtime if you don’t clean them up right away. Whether it is wet or dry stain, anything that makes a hardwood flooring system unclean may ruin the quality of the hardwood floor eventually. This is especially the case if you forgot to clean up that coffee spill onto your hardwood floor, which will turn into stain later on.
Knowing the kind of hardwood flooring that you have is important so that you don’t degrade the quality of the material by using the wrong way to clean it up. Hardwood should be treated in the right way because wood is sensitive to rotting and the like when you don’t use the proper cleaning agent for it.
Knowing the difference between the different wood sealing materials eliminates your need to vacuum more often and the need to use soap treatments or floor wax to keep your hardwood floor in tip top shape. Always consult the hardware store or supplier of your hardwood flooring to know how to properly care for them in the future.
It is important that you keep your hardwood flooring as healthy as possible by cleaning it regularly as much as possible. Cleaning your hardwood flooring is also more important if you have pets at home and dogs or cats that shed often.
Using home-based and eco-friendly materials to clean up your hardwood floor aside from vacuuming it from dust is important so that you will not smell chemicals at home, especially if you have kids and pets around. Using these materials will also be more practical and economical in terms of budgeting.
It is important to consider whether you have a laminate wood or solid hardwood flooring because both of them will require different care and maintenance tactics. Regardless of that, any wood that is not finished should be treated carefully so as not to damage the quality of the wood.
Using the vacuum cleaner on carpeted floors can be a hassle, but that is not a problem at all when you use it on hardwood floors. Most vacuum cleaners that have a suction-only mode (meaning there is no beater brush working) means that it is totally safe for your hardwood flooring.

How We Picked

If you want the best vacuum for hardwood floor, you should consider these facts:
Size of the vacuum: the vacuum for hardwood floor should be of considerable size so that it will be easy to move to any area of the house. It is important to have a vacuum for hardwood floor that is manageable in its size so it will be easy to move around the house.
Type of vacuum cleaner: a vacuum for hardwood floor can be a stick, canister, handheld or upright vacuum cleaner. Other newer types of vacuums include the robot vacuum and the backpack vacuum. We think that a canister vacuum would be the best vacuum for hardwood floor because of its just right cleaning head and power that will not damage your flooring.
Corded or cordless: a vacuum for hardwood floor can either be corded or cordless in terms of operation. A corded vacuum can be very powerful for extended hours of cleaning but the wires can distract you whole cleaning operation. On the other hand, a vacuum for hardwood floor that is cordless means that there will be less accidents around the house due to the lack of cords. However, a cordless vacuum cleaner lacks power in comparison to a corded one, so be sure you choose carefully between the two types.
Switch for the roller brush: it is important for the vacuum for hardwood floor to have a switch for the roller brush if ever it has one. The roller brush is a tool that is only important for a carpeted system and may damage your hardwood so it should be turned off when using it for hardwood, or turned to “suction only” mode.
Bagged or bag-less: choose between a bagged or a bag-less system when choosing the best vacuum for hardwood floor. A bag-less system is easier to maintain and eco friendly but some models can be a bit hard for cleaning. A bagged system will be easier to take out but can have an impact to the environment if you use plastic bags.
Attachments included: do consider a vacuum for hardwood floor that has a lot of attachments included, such as a crevice tool, upholstery tool and extension wand. The crevice tool is a great way to get in between couches and sofas and also for getting into the gaps of your flooring or in corners and edges. The upholstery tool of the vacuum for hardwood floor can be used for keeping your sofa clean while the extension wand can make it easier for you to reach the chandelier in the ceiling for additional cleaning.
Electrical safety: having a UL listed or CE certified vacuum for hardwood floor is important because it guarantees safety for the whole family and for the whole household. Having a vacuum that does not overheat to a dangerous point is important because it makes sure that your home will have a safe way to clean the flooring.
Wheels that don’t mark: consider a vacuum for hardwood floor that has wheels, casters or tires that do not mark the floor. Because hardwood flooring can be such a troublemaker for stains, it is important that you have wheels that leave nothing behind when you move the vacuum for hardwood floor from one place to another in order to clean the entire house.

Our Pick

Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for hardwood floor which is great for capturing dirt and debris and it is also not too loud to use. With great cleaning power, this vacuum for hardwood floor can be steered around furniture and it works well around carpets and hard floors.
You can perform maintenance cleaning easily with this lightweight unit. It is easy to steer around in the living room due to the swivel steering capability of this vacuum for hardwood floor. Being sturdy and effective as a unit, it uses wind tunnel technology for easily capturing dust like the way you want it.
As a stick vacuum with the power of an upright vacuum cleaner, the vacuum for hardwood floor is quite easy on floors and won’t damage wood. Great for apartments, it has a brush roll but it doesn’t damage your floor. It’s also great if you have cats or dogs around for pet hair picking.
Designed with a wide cleaner mouth to cover up more area, if you have a lot of dog fur then this vacuum for hardwood floor can work for you due to its edge cleaning bristles. With a 20 foot power cord at hand its cyclonic technology is great at picking up dust from every nook and cranny.
The design of this vacuum for hardwood floor also minimizes blowback as it picks up cat hair and other pet dander. Great for seniors, the vacuum for hardwood floor can reach under your bed easily and you can maneuver around furniture with less hassle. It is totally made for hard flooring like wood.
The included dirt cup has a bottom release function for easy emptying of dust. The vacuum for hardwood floor easily removes dirt and it is also great for low pile carpeting for taking out that cat litter on the ground and under furniture. With a reclining handle, it has a cord release and is also made for larger debris. The unit can reach far and it has a limited two year warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not really much of a deal, the Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Vacuum Cleaner does have a few shortcomings such as the fact that the power cord is short, but you can remedy that by using an extension cord anyway.

Step-up Pick

Hoover BH50020PC Cordless 18V Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover BH50020PC Cordless 18V Vacuum Cleaner would be our step-up pick for the best vacuum for hardwood floors. You can use the dusting brush included to keep away dust and dirt from lamps and for your cleaning needs. What’s more, you can also use its crevice nozzle for sofas.
It can also do a decent job on carpet and it uses an 18 volts battery for cordless operation without sacrificing power as it is capable of one pass cleaning. The vacuum for hardwood floors is powered by a lithium ion battery as a cordless stick vacuum that works without tripping you with cords around.
Using wind tunnel technology, this vacuum for hardwood floors also has great suction power and a brush roll on/off switch to keep your floors safe. With a powerful performance, the vacuum for hardwood floors is great for hardwood floors and pets around your house.
As a multi-floor vacuum for hardwood floors, it has a battery power gauge to let you know when to charge it. The vacuum sweeps away dirt in no time on your living room or kitchen area. What’s more, the electronic brush roll is okay for hard floors, unlike other brush rolls out there.
Using the smart charge battery charger, the vacuum for hardwood floors gives you more runtime for a cordless vacuum. It has a high capacity dirt cup and it also works great under furniture. You can find carpets and hard floors easy to clean with this sleek vacuum that can capture more dirt.
It is easily lifted from one place to another because it is lightweight. It can pick up any pet hair or debris lying around with its low profile design. The vacuum for hardwood floors can take care of pet fur and human hair and it is a wonderful vacuum for hardwood.
Also great for ceramic tiles, the vacuum for hardwood floors can clean effortlessly. This is important because you need a vacuum that is not just for hard surfaces like wood but also for tiles like those for the kitchen.

Budget Pick

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Vacuum Cleaner

The VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Vacuum Cleaner is our budget pick for the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Running at 5.5 amps of power, it is perfect for hardwood floors and it has great suction capabilities as a stick vacuum cleaner. It also includes a crevice tool for those sofa crevices.
It is also a convertible vacuum cleaner so you can choose full length or handheld when you remove the extension tube. Having a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner at home means that you can use it for the floor as well as for the higher places like dusting your bookshelves, lampshades or the stairs.
The vacuum for hardwood floors easily glides along your floor and it is great even for unsealed hardwood floors. It also has a small brush attachment for cleaning other parts of the house and it has a 1.3 liter dust capacity so you have to empty less often. It is great for hard to reach areas of your home.
With the capability to clean up various surfaces, the dust container is easy to remove for this unit. Great for a long-haired dog that sheds often, the vacuum for hardwood floors can work well against allergies and bacteria. It is also equipped with an easy to empty dust bin that goes straight into the garbage dump.
Great for picking up dirt, the vacuum for hardwood floors can be easy to use due to its hose adaptor. It is ideal for cleaning up stairs due to its attachments. With a HEPA and sponge filtration system for cleaning up furniture, it is also ideal for storage due to its quick release power cable.
Also capable for cleaning carpets and rugs, the vacuum for hardwood floors traps those small particles and it has a shoulder strap for your convenience and comfort. It will work on area rugs just as with a hardwood floor and it can purify the air of your home and reduce allergens.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors that is Convertible

Preup 3-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Multifunctional

The Preup 3-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Multifunctional is a great choice if you want a 3 in 1 and convertible vacuum for hardwood floors. As a handheld vacuum, upright stick vacuum and mop for wet and dry applications, you get 3 tools in one to capture those small and large dust particles.
With up to 35 minutes of run time, the vacuum for hardwood floors is a great cordless vacuum cleaner that can also target pet dander, whether you have pets at home. It is at 2.3 Kpa for the handheld suction power and 1.8 KPa for the upright suction power. It can work to target mold spores with its high suction .
You can easily sweep, mop and vacuum the floor with just one tool as a multifunctional cleaning system. Capable of cleaning up your tables and carpets, the vacuum for hardwood floors has a detachable suction nozzle for the handheld vacuum. It can trap most dust mites with its suction power.
It also has a water tank for you to clean up and mop away floors and the like. If you needed something lightweight then this is a good vacuum for hardwood floors to clean up hard-to-reach places at home. It is also great for light duty clean up jobs and has up to 0.6 liters of dust capacity.
With a rechargeable battery at 2000 mAh NI-MH, the vacuum for hardwood floors is great for low carpets as well and is also applicable for rugs and furniture. You can clean up your car and your sofa with this vacuum for hardwood floors just like you do on hardwood floors.
For households with pets, this is a good rotatable stick vacuum with up to 11 levels on its HEPA filter to trap dust and dander around the house, especially on wood floor. If you want to do the housework in the simplest way then the cyclonic system of this vacuum for hardwood floors can help.
As a multi-function vacuum for hardwood floors, you can also use the included attachments to clean up your computer keyboard and others with small gaps. Also working for both tiles and carpet, the unit spins dust away and gets dust under the bed and up the stairs. Your vacuum head remains unclogged due to its technology and can wipe away pollution of dust at home.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors that is a Canister Vacuum

Severin Special Vacuum Cleaner Corded Ocean-Blue

If you want a powerful canister vacuum for hardwood floors then you can choose the Severin Special Vacuum Cleaner Corded Ocean-Blue, which provides a lot of power in a small package. This vacuum for hardwood floors is great and effective against dust mites and pet hair.
Working silent at only 72 dB, the vacuum for hardwood floors can be used if you have dogs and cats at home that shed constantly. For deep cleaning your flooring, it comes with 2 microfiber dust bags to get started. This vacuum cleaner has good suction power as well as suction control to clean bed sheets too.
With a HEPA filter to trap dust and debris, the vacuum for hardwood floors also uses a claw collect system for dog and cat hairs. It is also equipped with a change bag light indicator so you don’t have to peek in the bag to empty it up. With an XXL upholstery tool, you can pick up dust from large spaces.
As a quiet cleaner that can reduce allergens at home, the vacuum for hardwood floors works well on both wood floors and carpet and it has a variable suction control to trap pollen even from your draperies. It can suck up dirt up to 99.95 percent with its accessories and its included filter.
Giving you maximum control while cleaning, the vacuum for hardwood floors is also equipped with a jet drive turbo brush which can combat mold spores and the like on your flooring or even a carpet. With a XL parquet nozzle to effectively clean small spaces with comfort, it has a hygiene lock for the bags.
You can trap as many household dust as you can with this nice canister vacuum. What’s more, the hygienic fleece that makes up the filter makes it ideal also for carpets and mattresses. The vacuum for hardwood floors is a good vacuum for pet owners as well as sensitive hard floors. It takes out odors and will help those who suffer from allergies.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors that is Cordless

Dibea F6 2-in-1 Handheld Cordless Vacuum

The Dibea F6 2-in-1 Handheld Cordless Vacuum is a great vacuum for hardwood floors that is cordless so you will feel at ease when moving on hardwood or on tile floors. The vacuum for hardwood floors can trap dust mites and allergens and can work even on bare floors with its 2-in-1 handheld design.
It has noise reduction technology at only less than 72 dB so you have peace when cleaning. It can also be disassembled conveniently for cleaning for convenience. You can clean everywhere with this vacuum for hardwood floors, especially for homes with pets as well as on edges and corners.
Greatly ideal for hardwood, the vacuum for hardwood floors can pick up pet hair and dander without tangling. It also uses a 2200mAh battery for a longer runtime and cleaning capability. It is only 4.7 pounds so you can move it from room to room without much effort.
You can also use the vacuum for hardwood floors for vacuuming in cars to keep your auto interior fresh and clean. It uses the cyclonic filtration system to suck up dirt. It also has a see-through dirt cup so you know when to empty the dust bin. It is great for sucking up pet hair and dust from bare floors or wood.
The vacuum for hardwood floors spin dust away and can also reach under the bed as well as on thin carpets. With up to 20 minutes of working time, the continuous powerful suction of this vacuum for hardwood floors can help reduce the time and effort that you have to clean it with.
What’s more, the dust bin is easy to empty and it has good power overall. Great for lightweight cleaning around the house, the included soft brush is anti-static and is made up of carbon fiber. It also works for rugs other than hardwood and is rated for 100-240V so it is great for other countries as well.
The vacuum for hardwood floors picks up pet hair and has a 0.35 L dirt cup capacity for less time emptying the bin. It is also applicable carpets and area rugs to take out dust and debris. You can also be add a mounting bracket as you like. It can also clean up ceilings and curtains from fine dust.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors that is an Upright Vacuum

EVERTOP 3-in-1 HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright

The EVERTOP 3-in-1 HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright features 3 in 1 cleaning as an upright vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. It is easy to clean out and is great for maintaining furniture as well. With its HEPA and sponge filtration, you can easily trap up to 99.9 percent of household dust.
With 30 minutes of run time, the vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is so convenient with no more dealing with electrical cords over the course of cleaning your home. With 265 mm of cleaning width for more reach, it also has mopping capabilities so it is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner.
Great for hardwood floors, it has from 1.8 to 2.3 Kpa of suction power depending on what tool you convert it to: handheld vacuuming, upright cleaning and sweeping functions. Providing easy clean-up anywhere you want to, it has 2 head lights to easily see the dust to prevent allergies and bacteria.
The vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors can allow you to vacuum anywhere at only 3.4 kg (7 lbs) of weight so it is portable. Great for almost any flat surfaces, the vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is made out of high quality ABS material and has a good cordless feature.
Its filter can be washed by water so it is easy to maintain. The micro-computer control also allows it to smartly act in trapping in small particles at home with its strong suction power. The vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors uses 15 volts 0.35 amps on its output and it can also be used to clean the stairs.
Working various surfaces and not just on hardwood, you get effortless vacuuming with this vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors for convenient dust cleaning. With a bag-less design, you can clean your house in no time with its powerful 2000mAh 12V battery that can last longer.
Also great for short haired carpets, the vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors has a washable dust container that is detachable and has a capacity of 600 ml. You can be able to clean in one pass with this vacuum which only requires 5 to 6 hours of charging. It also works for rugs, saving time and energy.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors that is a Robotic Vacuum

FINE DRAGON Basic Version Robot Vacuum

If you prefer robotic cleaning then the FINE DRAGON Basic Version Robot Vacuum is great for you. It is not quite as loud as other vacuums out there and it picks up crumbs easily with up to 860 Pa of suction power. It is easy to use and is great for either hardwood or tile floors.
The vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is great for cement or concrete floors and it is easy to carry with a motorized automatic sweeping system. The unit charges from 3 to 4 hours so you can use it right away. It is convenient to move around and is also great on laminate floor.
Using low noise technology, the vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is easy to lift at 5.5 lbs. It sweeps the floor effectively for pet hair and human hair removal, even on tile floors. With its slim design, you can get rid of dirt even on ceramic tiles.
The vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors also supports 110-240V (50HZ-60HZ) so it is great for international use. It is capable of taking out debris and dust with its suction power and easy to locate power button. The unit comes in red, grey and pink colors to match your home décor.
Ideal for light duty cleaning, the vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors also features a corner brush for your other needs. You can pick up your dog’s hair easily with this vacuum that has great suction. It also has an infrared cliff to avoid falling off the stairs.
The battery capacity is at 2100mAh 10.8V for this robotic vacuum. It is great for walls and stairs and can take up to 0.4 liters of dust capacity. It will turn directions when needed and it gets the job done in no time. With a portable handle for moving, the vacuum cleaner is backed by a 1 year warranty .

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors with a Bagged System

Oreck UK2200 8 Pound Upright Vacuum

The Oreck UK2200 8 Pound Upright Vacuum is great for those who want a bagged system, including a 4 bags bundle on the go. With good suction, if you don’t need a lot of attachments then this is a very good consideration. You can carry it up the stairs due to its light weight design.
You can clean up base boards as well as switch between carpets and hardwood as it easily transfers to wood floors in no time after cleaning a dirty carpet. People with arthritis will find this 8 lbs easy to maneuver. In fact, it is also easy for kids to use due to being lightweight.
If you want to clean up floors and areas by the kitchen then this is the vacuum to have. It will address back and shoulder problems just fine and is a great bagged and corded upright vacuum cleaner that can clean up hardwood floors in no time. The disposable bags work just fine and the unit is backed by a one year warranty.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors that is a Stick Vacuum

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Stick Vacuum

For edge to edge cleaning, the Bissell Hard Floor Expert Stick Vacuum is a dependable choice with up to 1,000 watts of power which easily captures dirt and debris. The unit is easy to maneuver and is also bag-less for less hassle in capturing pet hair and debris around the house.
If you have dogs that are constantly shedding then this is a good vacuum to consider with cyclonic technology. It is good on hard floor surfaces as well as on tile floors for picking up larger debris. It is a lightweight unit at only 7 lbs which can clean up edges and baseboards.
You can also work around tables and chairs as this unit has no spray back action with its center suction path. Being easily maneuverable, you can also remove grass clippings at the patio. Rated for 120V 60 HZ use, it is also great for pet hair.

The Competition

Other vacuums for hardwood floor that did not make it to our list because they lacked safety precautions and were not very friendly towards hardwood because they had no off option for the beater bar or brush roller, which is an important feature for a vacuum cleaner to be safe for hardwood.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I avoid spills on a hardwood floor?
A: A spill on hardwood floor can leave a stain and can be a hassle to clean up, even if you have a vacuum cleaner to clean it up right away. The finish of the hardwood floor can be ruined if you leave a spill on the floor for a long time.
Q: Does floor wax work on all hardwood floors?
A: Actually, it depends on the finish of the hardwood floor whether you should wax it or not. If you have a varnished or lacquered hardwood floor then you should floor wax it. However, hardwood floors that are already sealed with polyurethane or similar materials need only some mopping or sweeping and it’s done and clean.
Q: What’s the difference between oiled and polyurethane sealed wood floors when it comes to vacuuming?
A: When vacuuming your hardwood floor , it is important that you know if it has an oil finish or a polyurethane finish. A PU finish means that it should only be vacuumed whereas an oil finish requires you to do some soap treatment as well.
Q: How often should I vacuum a hardwood flooring?
A: It depends on the foot traffic in your home and other factors such as where you live and how much pollution gets into your home on a regular basis. Vacuums can be run on hardwood floors at least about every 1 to 2 weeks depending on your needs.
Q: Which kinds of cleaners are considered the best for a hardwood floor?
A: Different cleaners exist for cleaning your hardwood floor and retain its shine. You should consider a water based formula so that it will be safe for your hardwood floor. In fact, most people just prepare a homemade solution for a cleaning agent when they want to clean up their hardwood floor, usually with a blend of home-based materials.
Q: How is solid hardwood different from laminate wood in flooring?
A: A solid hardwood flooring is made of genuine wood while a laminated wood flooring is essential just fake wood laminate or photographic material, however, wood is still on the layers, but as planks. Some laminate wood may also not really be wood planks at all.
Q: Why are hardwood floors better than carpeted floors, according to most owners?
A: Having a hardwood floor instead of a carpeted floor means that it will be a lot easier for you to sweep down dust and dirt and vacuum it away.
Q: Is it safe to clean ash from hardwood floor or any kind of flooring with a vacuum cleaner?
A: Not exactly, as ash is considered a combustible material, which can result in fires and heating for your vacuum cleaner. The safety of your flooring as well as your whole house is also a concern aside from the vacuum unit itself so you should leave the ash to an old dust broom and dust pan method, unless you have something like a fire resistant vacuum cleaner.
You should consider a different kind of vacuum to clean combustible materials such as ash. You will need a vacuum cleaner that is more attuned to heat due to the steel parts and thermal hose. Such vacuums can also be used on hardwood floor anyway.
Q: Are vacuum cleaners generally safe on hardwood floors?
A: Yes, they are totally safe for as long as you don’t use a beater bar or roller brush that can damage the flooring. Most vacuum cleaners can work across floor surfaces so you don’t have to worry about that.
Hardwood floors can be easily cleaned with vacuum cleaners, provided that you do not use any roller brush or beater bar for cleaning. In fact, compared to a regular carpeted area, hardwood floors are a lot easier to clean because dirt and dust won’t stick around too much longer.
Q: What attachment should I use when cleaning a hardwood floor?
A: A vacuum cleaner may have a specific hardwood floor attachment so you can use that, or you can use the default attachment. However, do not use one with a beater bar or roller brush attachment to avoid damaging the hardwood at all times. Beater bars and rollers can have a mechanism that can ruin the hardwood flooring, so make sure there is a switch for it.
The quality of the hardwood floor can be retained if you vacuum regularly. Most hardwood attachments come with regular vacuum cleaners of all kinds so you can make use of that to easily get into areas of your home that have hardwood flooring.
Q: What cleaning products should I avoid when cleaning my hardwood flooring?
A: Avoid cleaning products that are not meant for wood floors, such as those ideal for tiles and linoleums. Those cleaning products may be harsher and can ruin the quality of your hardwood, so you should stick to subtle and gentle hardwood flooring cleaners, or as instructed by your local hardware retailer.
Q: Which is cheaper: laminate flooring or hardwood flooring?
A: Generally, the laminate flooring takes the cake when it comes down to the pricing. Laminate flooring is a lot cheaper because it is just basically a bunch of composite wood with a laminated texture whereas hardwood should be real wood from fresh trees and that makes them a lot more expensive due to forest preservation efforts.
Q: Which is easier to install: laminate wood or hardwood?
A: A hardwood flooring may be a bit difficult because of the need of a floor stapler or better yet, someone who knows how to install a hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is mostly a DIY thing so it is not much of a hassle to install.
Q: Is wood flooring a better choice for allergies?
A: Yes, allergic people are better off with a wood flooring than a carpet because of the very fact that wood flooring can be a safer flooring for pets and for those who suffer allergies such as hay fever, allergic rhinitis and pet allergies. Wood flooring won’t catch as much dust as carpets and will also be a lot easier to clean in the long run, especially for people who have less time in their hands to clean a carpet or rug.
Q: When it comes to stains, why do people prefer carpets over hardwood?
A: Any hardwood flooring which has been stained can be harder to remove in comparison to carpets, which can be washed easily. Some synthetic carpets are said to be more stain resistant, which makes people prefer them for coffee spills.
Q: Which is cheaper: hardwood or carpet flooring?
A: Generally, hardwood is more expensive than carpet flooring because carpet can be synthetic, which makes it cheaper, whilst hardwood is hard to get without having to cut down a tree and pay a certain fine for it. This makes wood materials, in general, a pricey material to consider.
Q: Which is better for my kitchen flooring in terms of cleaning: hardwood or tiles?
A: While both are easy to clean , hardwood seems to be a lot harder to clean in comparison to tiles. However, tiles require a lot of effort, money and expertise (you need a grinder to install tiles and you need to be careful not to break them). This makes people believe that kitchen flooring is best with hardwood instead, since tiles can be quite an upkeep in general.
Q: If I can’t choose between wood and tiles, what should I do with my flooring?
A: You can try a wood-like tile in which the floor tile has a wood imprint, much like laminate wood, only in tile form. It can be a bit more expensive, but you get the best of both worlds if you do settle for a wood-like tile that looks very realistic anyway.
Q: Should I use hardwood with pets around?
A: A hardwood flooring can be okay with pets but you need to make sure it is properly coated or treated, or better yet you should stick to tiles or laminates instead. If your dog makes accidents around the house then it will leave a stain on your hardwood, so consider tiles or laminate as second options.
Q: Which is better: hardwood flooring or polished concrete flooring?
A: In durability, of course, concrete is the best way to go and it requires less maintenance as well. While concrete flooring can come in a variety of colors today (unlike the regular flat gray before), hardwood is said to be much warmer than concrete, which is usually cold, even if you put linoleum over it. This is why some people like to put radiant floor heating systems if ever they want to have a house with polished concrete.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, Hoover Linx Bagless Corded Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for hardwood floor due to the easy release dirt cup, minimal blowback and low noise operation.